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Asos.com :- ASOS was the most followed fashion retail brand in social media with a combined following of nearby 300,000 on twitter and facebook.

Polyvore.com :- Polyvore.com is a social shopping site that helps you make interactive fashion collages of with product photos and other pictures. If you love fashion and/or scrap booking you re going to love Polyvore. Here you get the opportunity to create and ensemble your own garment by dragging from the items given and you also get suggestions and appreciation from other customers.

Boutiques.com :- From the makers of Google.com. The visual-search technology behind the online fashion store uses complex algorithms that look for clothes in your style. On boutiques.com you can choose from wide range of garments and then seek for the visually similar garment to that particular dress and select from the one in your range.

Zappos.com :- The world’s largest online shoe store. Owned by Amazon.com and known for their terrific customer support, this is one store that should be in your bookmarks.

Newlook.com :- UK based online retailer that is known for its loyal following.

Yoox.com :-The company’s concept is to buy up overstock or unsold items from previous seasons in a direct relationship from renowned fashion houses including Dolce Gabbana, Diesel, Gucci, Armani and Cavalli. manufacturers or retailers and sell them on line at discounted outlet prices.

Net-a-porter.com :- An on line luxury fashion retailer. Since launching in June 2000, net-a-porter has established itself as a purveyor of luxury brands, successfully blending content and commerce. The site has a distinctive editorial format, features leading designers, iconic packaging and close attention to service and customer care.

Styloot.com – A new way to shop for fashion. Coming this Summer.

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