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Hawaii State ID Card Applicants Can Now Schedule an Online Appointment to Get a State ID Card

Update: This service was retired on 11/30/2012 and is no longer available. To make an appointment online, please visit the new system:

In a move to lower wait times at the Hawaii State ID office for online applicants to a matter of minutes, the Hawaii Criminal Justice Data Center, HCJDC, announces the enhanced Hawaii State ID Card Express website ( Online applicants are now able to use the Internet to schedule an appointment at the State ID office at 465 South King Street, Room 102, prior to arriving and completing the application process.

Originally launched in December 2007, Hawaii State ID Card Express allows users to apply for a Hawaii State ID card online, pay via credit card, and obtain a list of required documents needed to complete the process prior to visiting the State ID office. Web applicants are given priority and directed to an express line at the State ID office. With the growing popularity of the online applications, the number of online applicants has tripled since inception.

With this latest enhancement, web applicants can now use the Internet to schedule an appointment. This is a significant enhancement because rather than simply showing up at the State ID office and waiting in line, web applicants with appointments who arrive at the State ID office will be processed at their scheduled time. Applicants, however, must be present within 5 minutes of their appointment time or their spot may be released.

“Our use of web-based technology will cut down on wait times and make life easier for our State ID customers,” according to Attorney General David Louie. “This kind of better, faster, and smarter service is an example of this Administration’s commitment to transforming government.”

Online State ID applicants who have not yet scheduled an appointment should go to the website to do so now at and choose the option at the top of the page to “schedule or reschedule appointment.”

Hawaii State ID Express was developed and is maintained via the program, a public-private partnership between the State of Hawaii and Hawaii Information Consortium LLC. The partnership does not require appropriations or General Funds to manage the web portal and develop eGovernment services. This service was developed at no cost to the state and is completely self-funded. This partnership has allowed Hawaii to deploy award-winning applications such as: Hawaii Business Express, Hawaii Electronic Bench Warrants, Statewide Camping Permits, and Online Motor Vehicle Renewals all at no development cost to the state or counties.

Hawaii Information Consortium, LLC (HIC) is a Hawaii corporation and wholly owned subsidiary of eGovernment firm NIC Inc. (NAS DAQ: EGOV). HIC works with state and county agencies to enable them to conduct state business online and improve public access to government information.

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Hawaii State ID Card Applicants Can Now Schedule an Online Appointment to Get a State ID Card

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