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More Power. Less Pain. Higher Profit.

The Complete Solution for
Digital Marketing and Sales

Build your audience with articles, audio, and video, grow your email list faster, earn more with marketing automation, craft killer landing pages, start profitable membership programs, sell online courses and digital products, and much more.

There s virtually nothing you cannot do.

Even better, never waste valuable time searching for plugins and worrying about themes and forget hosting, maintenance, and security updates.

Focus on your business more, and your technology less.

Super-fast and Secure with a Results-Oriented Interface and Simple Development Tools

Speed, uptime, and security are the beginning benefits of your hosted Rainmaker website. Experience the server-level optimization, our new distributed caching technology, and the peace of mind that comes from never having to worry about updates, theme breaks, outdated plugins, and site-specific security threats ever again.

Our deployment technology allows you to instantly start building a powerful marketing and sales website without the frustration that comes with do-it-yourself WordPress.

I come from WordPress and for me Rainmaker was like switching from PC to Mac: a much smoother experience and big amounts of time and energy saved from not having to bother with under-the-hood stuff. And the strange paradox is, you can actually do a lot more with Rainmaker than with just WordPress and plugins.

Mobile Responsive HTML5 Themes, Landing Pages, and Membership Areas

The Rainmaker Platform design tools give you tons of choices, flexibility, and the option to go custom if your heart so desires.

Choose from a bountiful selection of great designs to start with, then customize them to work for you using our built-in tools. If you prefer to use your own custom Genesis child theme, there’s more information in the last item of this page.

Rainmaker makes it easy to focus on content and to produce it with confidence. The user interface is so approachable that you have no excuse but to just dive right in and start creating.

Content Creation Tools that Make You Look Good

Focus on what matters. The Rainmaker Platform gives you the tools to research, optimize, and reach out to other site owners about the content you create so you can attract the audience you’re after.

It’s a multimedia world. In addition to the standard posts and pages you’re accustomed to, the Rainmaker Platform also features a full suite of podcasting tools and storage for audio files.

I recently moved to the Rainmaker Platform, because I wanted to work more on my business, and less on the details of maintaining a website. I can create all different types of content, like private membership forums, podcasts, and more. It’s just push-button simple to get most things started. I vouch for it. I trust my business to it. I believe in the company who supports it. Get some.

Traffic Tools that Help You Attract More of the People You’re Looking For

We’ve already told you about the included keyword research tools.

Beyond that and Rainmaker’s crystal clear code that Google loves, you can also show one title to people and another to the spiders, add meta descriptions, and perform a variety of other SEO tasks without code or even leaving the content area you’re working in.

The keyword tool helped me rank a YouTube video in a day. Good stuff.

Turn Traffic Into Money

Perform cutting-edge lead generation and email list building, sell ebooks, software, audio, video, and other digital products. Plus, build membership sites with community forums and dripped training content.

Whether you’re creating a free content library to build your list or selling digital goods, the Rainmaker Setup Wizard will help you accomplish your goals quicker than ever.

I love Rainmaker because it allows me to focus on the marketing and content creation, not a ton of tech. I can have a member portal, protected downloads, private forums, and more without hiring a tech team.

Track the Fundamental Metrics that Matter

The Rainmaker Platform gives you easy access to the metrics that matter. Traffic, leads, sales … see how you’re doing and drill down deeper for great insight.

Google’s free analytics service is smarter than you think, if you know how to carve it up correctly. Rainmaker does the heavy lifting for you so traffic and website usage data is instantly useful.

What I love most about Rainmaker is the seamless integration of literally every element I need to efficiently run my online business. No more struggling with multiple plugins, dealing with updates, or compatibility issues -– and the days of worrying about the security of my site are long gone. Rainmaker is the total package, and I can’t imagine running my business without it.

Carin Kilby Clark

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