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TBC Bestmed Club is a Community driven Club with unlimited possibilities. A family orientated club with a caring attitude. Our focus is mainly on cycling, but life is too short for only one sport, so we have included running, swimming, triathlons, on road and mountain biking. We cater for the beginner right through to the serious athlete.

The Bicycle Company (TBC) is the original bicycle retailer in South Africa driven by passion and concentrating on providing exceptional service, quality products and sound advice in the local cycling community. TBC originated from a passion for cycling and the goal to make cycling fun and enjoyable as the local bike shop by involving the whole family in the cycling life style.

The values we live by

  • Friendly Service
  • Passionate staff
  • Caring
  • Service Excellence
  • Knowledgeable
  • Proudly South African

TBC s Vision is to provide exceptional service, a variety of quality products and sound advice to all our customers in order to support and help assist them in living the healthy cycling life style.

TBC is committed to providing exceptional service to our clients by always being friendly, helpful and caring. We will always act with integrity by providing the best quality products and sound advice for the best possible price. We will continue to support our customers by giving exceptional after sale service as well. We will also support our customer s healthy cycling life style by providing an actively and socially involved club to be a part of.

Frequently Asked Questions

At the Bicycle Company we aspire to always provide the best quality products and advice to all our customers.
While we know that we have the best staff by far, we also realise that we might have missed some of your important questions.
Please feel free to navigate on the right and check out our FAQ s.
If we still haven t answered all of your questions please don t hesitate to drop us an email.

Over and out, Time to Ride

How do I know what type of bike to buy?

We suggest you visit one of our stores. We ve got great bike models for every type of cycling and we can explain the differences.

In making a selection, it helps if you can tell us how you ll use the bike, where you d like to ride and approximately how much you want to spend. Talk to friends who bike to find out what types they prefer, where they ride and what they recommend. If you plan to ride with these friends, you ll probably want to get the same type of bike that they ride.

Do I need a dual suspension bike to ride off-road?

Dual-suspension bikes or full-suspension bikes, as they re also called, are lots of fun and they can make your off-road rides more comfortable and provide additional control making you a better mountain biker. But, they re not absolutely essential and plenty of people ride even challenging trails on bikes with only front suspension.

Still, there are enough benefits for most mountain bikers that we recommend considering dual suspension if you enjoy trail riding often. We mentioned increased control and comfort. Having front and rear shocks also allows you to safely tackle technical terrain that you might have avoided before, so the feature can extend your riding. Maybe better, because these bikes reduce the beating you take, you re less tired during and after long rides and you re a lot less likely to suffer back and neck pain, a common problem for some mountain bikers.

How much air do I put in my tires?

Almost all tires have the maximum pressure written on the tire side wall, never inflate it more than the maximum pressure.

For road racing tires, pump it before every ride, tires and tubes is porous and will lose pressure over time. Most road racing tires perform the best under pressure of 8bar or 120psi. If you over inflate the tire, there is a risk of damaging the rim and tire sidewall. However, underinflated tires on the other hand slows you down on a road ride when more than necessary tire is in contact with the ground.

Mountain bike tubeless tires pressure can differ from 2bar to 1.1bar, it depend on the rider weight. The heavier rider usually should pump his tire harder while the lighter rider should run a lower tire pressure. In MTB’ing the more contact there is with the ground the better grip the rider have, the tire also serves as a second shock absorber for the rider. Also remember to pump your MTB tires every day and check the level of sealant every two to three months.

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