Feb 16 2019

Tax Relief Services – Tax Relief Services

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US Tax Shield provides our clients with outstanding tax professionals. Our seasoned tax attorneys / tax lawyers and enrolled agents have years of tax resolution experience helping thousands of clients – individuals, sole proprietors, partnerships, and corporations – solve their IRS and state tax liability problems.

Regardless of your current IRS tax problem. US Tax Shield has a solution to meet your needs – a tax relief solution that will not only get the IRS off of your back, protect your assets, and remove stress, but potentially save you thousands of dollars as well.

If you have any problem with the IRS. contact us today at 877-829-3535 for a FREE, NO OBLIGATION 15 minute consultation with a professional tax consultant .

Tax Relief Company

When we started working with US Tax Shield we were worried that we would pay a grip and end up owing the same amount as before with the lien still in effect. Because our back taxes were only to the IRS, it ended up being easier than we thought. I really didn t know much about it and my wife didn t either. However, we decided to give US Tax the opportunity since they are rated pretty high among other firms. At first we were frustrated with how slow it was and we rarely heard from our attorney. However, the result exceeded our expectations! They were able to pitch the IRS an offer that was lower than what we could actually afford, thinking that they would counter offer in the middle. When we received news that our first offer was accepted, we were elated! I would recommend US Tax Shield to anyone with a tax problem regardless of their situation.

After receiving word from my payroll department that the IRS was demanding them to garnish almost all of my wages starting with the next pay period I immediately called US Tax Shield. I had seen their commercial on TV and had been considering calling them but had not gotten around to it. I spoke with a very knowledgeable consultant and he assured me, after some investigation, that they would be able to help me. The attorney they assigned to me was very helpful and worked hard on my behalf. Within 2 days they were able to send my payroll department a document from the IRS so that I would not be garnished. I got them back my financial information and after some time they were able to work out a pretty good deal for me with the IRS. In the end my paycheck was never garnished and now I am compliant with the IRS. The folks at US Tax Shield called me with every update that happened and I had no problems getting ahold of my attorney and case manager when I felt the need to. They were always patient and professional. I would highly recommend this company to anyone in a similar situation.

“As a business owner, I was terrified when I received a formal letter from the IRS that claimed that I owed over $70K taxes. I was shocked and frightened at the thought of owing this much money and wondering how I could possibly pay that kind of money back. I called the IRS and tried to negotiate a deal myself but the settlement amount was still too high. I shopped around and found dozens of companies in California claiming to help with IRS tax problems. I was so happy and relieved when I found US Tax Shield! They took over negotiation and reduced the settlement amount significantly. I am grateful to the stellar team at a US Tax Shield for saving my business! Without them, I would have been in serious financial trouble, or possibly would have been forced into bankruptcy. I highly recommend US Tax shield to anyone who has a back tax issue!”

“I am very pleased with the work that US Tax Shield did for me and my husband. They went the extra mile for us and even helped us plan our future tax payments to avoid the mistakes we had made in the past. They helped us through a very difficult time, always making time to answer our questions and take away a lot of our fears. Everyone we spoke with at US Tax Shield was courteous and professional. I recommend you talk to this company if you are in need of their services, I m sure you will be as satisfied as we are with them!”

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