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Dear Prospective Training Candidates,

CBS Information Systems, Inc. is fast growing software development and training company offering mission critical solutions to businesses through cutting-edge technologies since year 2000.

We are in the process of accepting candidates for various training programs. The training can be taken in class room style or remote (online) with live instructor.

If you are qualified, available, interested, planning to make a change, please RESPOND IMMEDIATELY. In considering candidates, time is of the essence, so please respond ASAP.

Here are our offerings:

  • Certified Trainer with real time experience.
  • Unlimited Lab Access during non-training hours.
  • Aggressive Placement Assistance.CBS will assist in job placement.
  • Fee Reimbursement upon successful placement by CBS.
  • No contract.
  • Real time Project Exercises and Step by Step Procedures with handouts.
  • Assistance in Resume and Interview Preparation.
  • Training from hands on consultancy experience.
  • Talk with experienced real time consultant available for comments and guidance.
  • Open for candidates with any visa status.
  • We provide the best possible trainer for each course
  • We offer most competitive pricing for our training programs.
  • We offer 100% online training with live instructors
  • You get trained from comfort of your place
  • We use state of the art learning management system
  • You are also connected via phone with live instructor during the class in a conference fashion

Sell Your Life Insurance Policy for Cash #sell #your #life #insurance #policy, #selling #life #insurance #policy, #sell #my #life #insurance, #how #to #sell #your #life #insurance, #can #you #sell #your #life #insurance #policy, #selling #your #life #insurance, #sell #a #life #insurance #policy, #sell #life #insurance #policy #for #cash


Interested In Selling

Your Life Insurance Policy?

If you are selling your life insurance policy, then you want to get the best offer available. At Welcome Funds, that’s our only job. We know all the buyers and we conduct a formal auction to secure the best price for your policy. It’s fast, easy & free to determine eligibility.


How do you know if you will receive the best offer when you sell your life insurance policy? The only way to know for sure is to apply to every licensed buyer in your state, which could be 10-35 different companies. And those direct buyers do not have your best interest in mind, they represent their investors. At Welcome Funds, we’ve leveled the playing field for policy owners. We negotiate the best offer for you by conducting an auction with these buyers. One application, one company, it’s what we call. Life Settlements. Simplified.


Founded in 2000, Welcome Funds is a nationally licensed broker that represents policy owners who want to sell their life insurance policy in the secondary market. Our institutional buyers compete in an auction bidding process to ensure that we secure the highest offer from the market. We’ve negotiated over 10,000 offers and provided more than $450 Million in sales proceeds to our clients. Please review our website to learn more about how we can provide professional representation and expert advice on selling your life insurance policy.

  • It’s Absolutely FREE to Find Out if You or Your Loved One Is Eligible
  • There’s No Obligation at Any Time
  • Our Qualification Process is Completely Confidential
  • We Provide a FREE Personal Consultation & Appraisal Complete our Quick Online Qualifier or call us toll-free at 1.877.227.4484 to speak with a Client Care Advocate.


Traveloris: Online Trip Planner #online #trip #planner, #london #trip #planner, #paris #trip #planner, #trip #planner #london, #plan #your #trip #to #london, #trip #planning #london, #plan #your #trip #to #paris, #trip #planning #paris, #trip #planner #online, #planning #your #trip #online, #trip #planning #online, #online #trip #planning



To create The Ultimate Trip Planner
we had to start by selecting the best attractions
and tours. We spoke to locals, talked to travel experts,
read blogs, reviewed itineraries, and personally visited cities so
that we could hand-pick our attractions with confidence. From Markets to
Museums, and Fun Activities to Tours, you choose from the best, not from a
a random list of 1000’s.


Choosing the right attractions is only the beginning. What makes us truly unique is how our Interactive Scheduler has been integrated with Google Maps. We take away the pain of holiday planning by giving you a visual snapshot of where things are, sorting out the navigation. recommending the length of visit, indicating opening hours, as well as calculating the cost.

However, unlike most online itineraries, you are in complete control. Simply select your favourite attractions and then click and drag them into our Interactive Scheduler. After all, Traveloris is designed to be intuitive and simple with no wasted features.

As a final touch, you can book your holiday and retrieve your personalised itinerary.
for free. So, regardless of whether you want to use
Traveloris as a London Trip Planner, a Paris Trip Planner, or to
plan a trip to any other one of our cities, we’re here to ensure
planning the perfect trip is a fun and easy part of your holiday,
and ultimately, that you experience more.

Don’t Just take our word for it

Combine The New York Pass with Traveloris and you’re set!

The New York Pass

I planned my trip to Paris using Traveloris. It saved me time, money, and a heck of a lot of frustration!

Their hand-picked attractions make planning your perfect trip extremely easy. Traveloris really is the perfect Paris trip planner, I’ll be using them again.

Julie Beckers, Travel Blogger,
A Not So Young Women Abroad

When I went to London, Traveloris made planning my trip really easy and stress free! I absolutely love their click and drag scheduler.

Traveloris is the best London Trip Planner and thanks to them I saw and experienced things I wouldn’t have otherwise. Awesome work!

Tom Poland, Happy Customer

Let’s get Started!

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Here you can find courses to suit all needs. Be it full-time. part-time. evening. distance learning. college diploma. university degree. or corporate training. all age groups and educational levels are catered for in one central database .

Are you looking for Dancing classes in Wexford for 10 year olds? College information for 2009? Evening courses in Louth, Safe Pass in Cork, Beauty courses in Dublin, get that Diploma in PR Event Management. take a Chinese language course, or learn how to tile. Whatever the course, wherever the location! will connect you with a training organisation that will provide for your learning requirements .

Learning has never been so easy to achieve. has over 3000 tuitors, trainers, coaches teachers and learning organisations listed from all over the country.

Find the course, the classes, or the lessons you want using our easy to use search engine and as W.B.Yeats said “Education is not the filling of a bucket, but the lighting of a fire ” so go on and light your fire and find the course for you.

If you’re searching for courses, evening classes or adult courses, visit Ireland’s largest course finder.

Latest Course News

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Recruiter training online #recruiter #training, #increased #billings #in #30 #days, #guaranteed #or #your #money #back!


Claim Your FREE Copy of the “Recruiting in Tough Times” Training Manual and MP3

“This fast-moving book shows you how to bounce back from business slowdowns, sell against determined competition and take control over your financial future.”

– Brian Tracy, Chairman and CEO, Brian Tracy International
Best-selling author of “Maximum Achievement” and over 45 books
on sales and peak performance

Discover dozens of tips, tactics and strategies to help you
maximize your billings, whatever the economy.

In this powerful program, you’ll learn:

  • 3 keys for turning objections into opportunities
  • 11 tried-and-tested pitches for winning new business by telephone
  • 17 steps to turn cold prospects into paying clients – and get them to call you first!
  • 5 ways to attract new clients without cold calling
  • 3 ways to get motivated and increase your mental toughness
  • And much more!

Fill out the form below right now and you’ll receive
your FREE training materials within minutes

Directions: Just type-in your First Name Primary Email below and then click “Free Instant Access “. Go ahead and do it now.

IMPORTANT: Please use your primary email address because you will be receiving the download instructions for your free report via email. I’ve found that with free email accounts such as Hotmail and Yahoo, often legitimate emails get blocked and are not received.

“The best training I have received in years”

“Recruiting in Tough Times is really excellent. I have signed up with a number of websites offering recruitment advice over the years, but yours is the best training I have received yet. Thank you and I look forward to hearing more words of wisdom from you!”

– Caitriona Griffin, Owner
Armstrong Recruitment, Ireland

“I listen to it again and again”

“Well, I have to thank you for providing this valuable audio and publication. With the audio presentation, it allows me to listen it again and again as well as make notes along the way so I don’t miss out any information. Thank you again.”

– Jason Chua, IT Recruiter

Thought it was absolutely fabulous

Thought it was absolutely fabulous. we actually printed off the script and split it between the team and each person presented their own version of your teachings.

We have gone through our sales marketing strategy through the recession a number of times with everyone here and thought of ways of overcoming the new objections and other ways of reaching new clients. Your document consolidated our thoughts, giving us reassurance that we are doing what we should be doing. Thanks once again and we look forward to receiving more of your tips!!

– Julie Whitehouse MREC CertRP, Director
Plum Personnel, United Kingdom

You are a genius and so generous.

You are a genius and so generous. Completely enjoyed your recruitment advice audios and thanks for giving away such invaluable tips at no cost. I have recommended your website to all of my staff members to visit.

– Ryan Shrestha, Managing Director
Budding Talents Recruitment Pty Ltd

Life Insurance Policies Flashcards by ProProfs #life #insurance #policies #flashcards, #create #online #flashcard, #make #your #own #flashcard, #online #flashcards #creator


Preview Flashcards

“When level premium insurance is renewed, the premium amount rises to reflect the increased mortality risk of the insured’s older age.” What phrase best describes this approach to increasing premiums?
A. Variable rate
B. Targeted rate
C. Step rate
D. Seniority rate

Which of the following statements describing whole life insurance is correct?
A. The face amount of the policy gradually increases the longer the policy remains in force.
B. The shorter the premium period, the slower the cash value will grow.
C. Whole life insurance is designed to mature at age 100.
D. The policy’s cash value decreases each year the policy is in force.

All of the following statements regarding basic forms of whole life insurance are correct except
A. generally, straight life premiums are payable, or least annually, for the duration of the insured’s life
B. the owner of a 30-pay life policy will owe no more premiums after the 30th year the policy is in force
C. limited payment life provides protection only for the years during which premiums are paid.
D. a single-premium life policy is purchased with a large one-time only premium

Which of the following statements regarding modified endowment contracts (MECs) is correct?
A. a 1988 revenue act, commonly known as TAMRA, greatly increased the popularity of MECs
B. Congress has granted the MEC the most favorable tax status among all life insurance policies
C. To avoid being classified as an MEC, a life insurance policy must satisfy the “7-pay test.”
D. According to the “t-pay test,” if the total amount a policyowner pays into a life contract during its first 7 years is less than the sum of the net level premiums that would have been payable to provide paid-up future benefits in 7 years, the policy is an MEC.

Which of the following whole life insurance policies attempts to make insurance premiums more manageable by offering lower premiums during the first few years following issue?
A. Minimum deposit whole life
B. Indexed whole life
C. Modified whole life
D. Indeterminate premium whole life

Local plumbers near you – save time finding plumbers #your #local #plumber


We have 76,806 recommended Plumbers

The qualifications your electrician needs

Gas Safe

If a tradesperson carries out gas work, they have to be Gas Safe registered. They’ll carry a personal ID card which you can ask to see, so check their licence number and expiry date. When tradespeople join us, we also check this, as only Gas Safe registered tradespeople are able to purchase these types of job.

What is Gas Safe?

Gas Safe is the official list of gas engineers who are registered to work safely and legally on boilers, cookers, fires and all other gas appliances.

By law all gas engineers must be on the Gas Safe Register. The Gas Safe Register replaced CORGI as the gas registration body in 2009.

Planning permission for plumbers

In general, internal works don’t require planning permission unless you’re in a listed building. This includes kitchens and bathrooms, except when they’re part of a house extension.

Insurance for plumbers

Anyone who works on your home, including plumbers, should have valid public liability insurance, which protects both tradespeople and homeowners should anything go wrong while on the job.

Accidental damage insurance is also important, so that your house is safe in the event of any unexpected problems.

Questions you should ask a plumber

  • How long have they been trading?
  • What qualifications do they have?
  • What experience do they have carrying out similar work?
  • Will they supply all materials?
  • Will they be using sub-contractors?
  • Reasons the work could be delayed?
  • Do they need to move furniture or clear a room?
  • Will they tidy up each day?
  • Is a skip required?
  • Does the work require:
  • Planning permission.
  • Conservation officer.
  • Building regs compliance.

See the latest questions that our community of homeowners have been asking about plumbing .

Plumbing ideas

See how you can add an extra bathroom – perfect to stop those morning arguments when everyone wants a shower at the same time. An extra bathroom helps with growing families or for rental properties with multiple tenants.

Posted by Chris on 07/08/2017

Right from getting a quote from Matt he was the only choice. The detail he gave when pricing up the job was first rate. He answered all questions I had and offered great advice throughout the quote and the job itself. Weather hampered the job but he still turned up and patiently waited in the van until the rain cleared. Great communication when he was unable to turn up due to persistant rain and gales blowing. I advise all users to use Matt. The cheapest quote and excellent workmanship. Thanks Matt .

Posted by Jennifer on 07/08/2017

Very impressed with work – finally I got someone who was able to diagnose fix long-standing problem with overflow. Would definitely recommend!!

Posted by Jamie on 07/08/2017

Punctual, Professional and good value, will use HEating again and recommend rated people for finding quality tradespeople.

Supershuttle – ExecuCar – The Official Travel Resource for the San Diego Region #plan #your #trip, #getting #around, #taxis # # #shuttles, #limousines #and #towncars, #group # # #charter #transportation


Supershuttle – ExecuCar

Transportation Solution

Let us make your event a magical one!

Supershuttle/ExecuCar service and reliability are a company-wide mission. We provide door-to-door ground transportation to more than 8 million passengers per year. Our friendly drivers, comfortable vans and reasonable rates take the hassle out of getting to and from your destination. Supershuttle/ExecuCar provides service to and from more than 40 airports and over 50 cities and surrounding communities!

Our fleet consists of 70 shuttles, 15 town cars, 15 SUV’s, 6 wheelchair equipped vans and our sister company has 18 full size coaches just in San Diego!

If you’re a meeting planner or corporate travel manager, Supershuttle/ExecuCar is your one-stop shop for group or employee ground transportation. Supershuttle/ExecuCar can help you fulfill the ground transportation needs of your group, whether they include company meetings, conventions or other types of special events. And for your VIP delegates or executive travel, Supershuttle/ExecuCar offers a private sedan service serving many of the cities where we offer SuperShuttle services.

We are experts on the facilities, hotels, and transportation, so let us help you plan and execute your next event!

SuperShuttle/ExecuCar benefits from state of the art reservation and dispatch facilities, allowing you to place your reservations for services to and from all Southern California Airports, Cruise Ship Terminals, and Train Depots. SuperShuttle/ExecuCar also provides point to point and charter transportation for any size group.

We offer Customized services and great discounts for large groups or conventions. We provide a link to your designated web site to accommodate attendees to book their reservations and to receive an online discount.

We’re available 24 Hours a day, 7 days a week
ADA-Wheelchair accessible vans, for transport anywhere anytime
Shared Ride or Direct Service, individual or group, anywhere any time
Credit Card, Direct billing option is available for our valued corporate clients
For travel agents, a commission based program is available

Reasons to Use Us:

More Reasons:

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US- RN planning to transfer to Canada #canada, #canadian, #what, #dont, #just, #about, #planning, #from, #dynamics, #mind, #curious, #hope, #excited, #much, #practicing, #requires, #through, #will, #department, #citizen, #your, #move, #there, #@dishes, #tell,, #the, #departments, #toronto,, #dynamics, #patients, #transfer, #work


US- RN planning to transfer to Canada

Thank you loriangel! You have been a big help! Can you give me the site of the Canadian Forum youre telling me about? I want to read up on the forum under the International Nurses.

I was referring to the Canada section of allnurses. If you go to the top of this page and click on the regions tab and select international nursing you will find the International Forum( the one we are right now) and the tab for the Canadian Forum.

Hi. I am a US-RN and is thinking of trying to migrate to Canada. Can somebody give me advice if its true when they say that if you pass youre an NCLEX passer, you can just apply for a reciprocity in Vancouver? Is this true? Please help me.

Canada isn’t the 51st state. You can’t just transfer here.

The NCLEX isn’t worth anything up here. As an independent nation we have our own exams.

You need to go through the appropriate channels with the provincial college of RNs. Besides what is a US-RN ? Which state do you live in?

Posted by aubreytherese; (Hi. I am a US-RN and is thinking of trying to migrate to Canada. Can somebody give me advice if its true when they say that if you pass youre an NCLEX passer, you can just apply for a reciprocity in Vancouver? Is this true? Please help me.) To :aubreytherese You didn’t mention if you are presently working in USA. No more reciprocity between US-Canada RN. If you are from the Philippines who wanted to migrate in Canada. Under the Canadian Immigration skilled worker Registered Nurse is included. As you mention you are US-RN being RN in any States of US in Canada you have to take the CRNE in which provice you intend to work. Check also in your internet about Provincial nominee program in each provinces in Canada for RN. Before taking the exam there is requirement like in Vancouver if you are a Foreign Graduate Nurse and if your mother tongue language is not English you have to take TOEFL,TSE, or IELTS, then few days Clinical test at Kwantleen Polytechnique University. If you pass those requirement then you are already qualified to take the Test for CRNE. If you pass the CRNE There is a program for foreign graduate nurses to have clinical practise in any canadian hospital to have canadian experience before applying for a job. As you mention that you are US-RN if you work and live in US for several years you can apply to wave the English test but still not so sure if the nursing committee of CRNBC well approved to wave the english test. Inquire CRNBC this is in vancouver you google search :college of registered nurse of british columbia. Good Luck.

taken from the crnbc website:

[color=#333333]to practise as a registered nurse in british columbia, you must be registered with crnbc.
british columbia law requires that anyone using the title nurse must be a registrant of crnbc, the college of psychiatric nurses of british columbia, or the college of licensed practical nurses of british columbia.
new applicants for crnbc registration are required to write the canadian registered nurse examination (crne).

applicants may be required to undergo a substantially equivalent competency (sec) assessment.

[color=#333333]to be fair and equitable to all applicants, each application is assessed individually. as a result, the time required for registration to be established can vary significantly from applicant to applicant.
crnbc cannot fast track applications from individuals who have secured jobs in british columbia.

we strongly encourage that you do not move to british columbia or commit to an employment start date until your application for crnbc registration has been assessed and you are aware of the requirements you must meet to become registered.

i am planning on moving back to bc in a few years after i complete my degree and obtain some experience. it doesn’t seem as hard as everyone is making seem.

Sell Structured Settlement Life Contingent Payments #life #contingent #structured #settlements, #your #keywords #here

Sell Structured Settlement Life Contingent Payments | Non-Guaranteed

You have a structured settlement life contingent payments and it entitles you to two opposite types of payments.

The first is thought as secured Sell Life Contingent Payments.

Guaranteed Payments – could be a payment or payments that square measure created bent on you from the insurance firm. This happens whether or not or not you’re living at the time payment is owed. Thus if you depart this world you’ll still have payments that are available in and are paid to your beneficiaries. Your estate heirs would possibly be the candidates that receive the monthly check.

This type of structured settlement payment is that the opposite of the bonded mark out higher than the situation in insurance corporation which is simply attending to build payments if the beneficiary resides at the time payment is owed so if you die tomorrow your family, heirs, and trustees can receive completely nothing succeeding time a life contingent payments comes due.

There are also cases wherever a structured funding company purchases a life assurance policy to safeguard their settlement transfer just in case of a death once the policy has been transferred. If and once this happens it’s not one thing that ought to be upset regarding as this helps people who are in would like with a life contingent payment structured settlement to sell it once they otherwise wouldn’t be ready to.

Your structured settlement life contingent payment can possibly entitle you to receive a mixture of each several insurance corporations might induce sneaky tricks to urge out of paying you which extremely vital to dump these annuities for a payment to specialists like America here at Einstein Structured Settlements with a life contingent payment or not we are able to assist you get funded quicker, quicker, and additional profitable than anybody else.

There are manner too several reasons why you ought to live fully currently however we are able to justify all of that over the phone to you.