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Compare Home Security

Everyone wants their home to be a safe place and to protect their loved ones from harm. Even if the crime rates in your neighborhood are not very high, anyone can fall victim to burglaries and invasions, so it is important to be proactive to ensure your home is safe. While you may already have locks on your windows, a well-lighted porch, or a reinforced door, you can still come home to a broken window or door jam and missing valuables. The best way to protect your home, your family, and your belongings is to invest in a home security system. Usually the warning signs and the sheer volume of an alarm will deter potential burglars and intruders, but if that is not enough, an alert will automatically be sent to the central monitoring station, where a team of alarm specialists is on duty and ready to dispatch the local police if you’re in trouble. With a home security system, you can also have the peace of mind of knowing that even when no one is home, you will be protected against unwanted entry and property loss. It is therefore extremely beneficial for homeowners to seek the services of a home security company.

In addition to an alarm system, many home security companies will provide a combination of safety devices, ranging from fire detectors and carbon monoxide monitors to flood protection and freeze sensors. These devices will work together to protect your home and can help save your life in an emergency situation. They can even help you save on home insurance costs—homeowners may get up to a 20% discount on home insurance premiums for having a monitored security system. In many cases, the discounts can cover most of the costs that come with installing and using a top-notch home security system.

While the benefits of having a home alarm system are evident, it is more difficult to identify the specific provider that will best meet your needs. Each home security company has several plans to choose from, with different features and monthly fees that go along with them, and it is often hard to see where the best value lies. FindTheBest makes it easier for you to decide by allowing you to compare companies side-by-side and examine their similarities and differences. To ensure you select the right home security system provider for your needs, consider the following factors when weighing your options:

  • Monitoring Services. You should first determine the type of monitoring services you require. Some home security companies simply provide the basics, while others have everything from remote automation and wireless video to geographic services and text and email alerts. There are even companies that offer 24-hour monitoring systems, which means that the alarm company has a monitoring facility staffed by real people 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Staff members will always be watching your system, and in the event of a break-in, they will quickly contact the local authorities. See the various other monitoring services available and narrow your home security options from there.
  • Security Devices. It is also important to consider the security devices offered by the company. A keypad and control panel, contact sensors on your doors and windows, an audible siren, and a monitoring system are all included in most of the basic home alarm systems installed by the major alarm companies. But there are many other home alarm system features you can consider for your home, and the price difference is often marginal, especially considering that these devices provide additional protection. For instance, some home security companies offer more sophisticated security equipment, including heat sensors, surveillance cameras, and recessed door sensors. Many security systems even go beyond detecting burglary threats by acting as home safety devices, such as smoke detectors, carbon monoxide monitors, and flood sensors. It is therefore beneficial to browse through the numerous different security devices available and determine the ones you need in a home security system.
  • Price. An additional element to take into consideration is the cost of using the home security system. Home alarm systems carry monthly monitoring fees which are usually locked in for three to five years, depending on the contract length . Your monthly fee will typically include basic equipment—such as door and window sensors, motion detectors, glass break sensors—for free. However, more advanced security features like two-way monitoring, key chain remotes, pet sensors, and fire alarms will usually cost you a little extra. Also keep in mind that even with free equipment, a vendor may charge you for system installation, and certain equipment warranties can add a few dollars per month. A good way to find the best security system with the best possible price is to get estimates from at least three different home alarm companies that serve your area. Compare not only the monthly fees . but also the features and services offered by each company to ensure you make the most economical choice without sacrificing your safety.
  • Company Reputation. Before making a final decision, you will need to investigate the home security company that may be installing the alarm system. You want a company that is certified and that has a good rating from the Better Business Bureau (BBB), as this indicates that the organization is dedicated to providing quality customer service and care. It is also beneficial to choose a home security company that has been in business for several years. Some companies have been around for decades and are practically household names, and this is a fairly good indicator that they have reputations to uphold. It even helps to keep an eye open for signs and stickers in your neighborhood. You may see the same alarm company name on various businesses and houses, which suggests that many people find it to be a superior home security system provider.

Given the number of options available on the market, choosing the best home security may seem overwhelming, but remember that even the most basic system will help protect you and your family. Just ensure you choose a company that will provide a suitable alarm system at an affordable price. Read the rest of the guide for more information on how to choose a home security system, or start your search now and find the right one for your needs.

Monitoring Services

The states in which the home security company provides its services. Most alarm companies only have central monitoring stations in certain locations, so it is imperative to verify that your preferred monitoring service provider offers its services in your state or region.

The chart above displays the percentage breakdown of states served across all Home Security Services on Credio.

Free Wireless Key Finder – WirelessKeyView #wireless #key #finder,wireless #network #key


Free Wireless Key Finder – WirelessKeyView

I came across this free and handy wireless key finder (WirelessKeyView) recently, and found out it’s useful to recover wireless encryption key or wireless network key stored on your computer.

Please note this tool can only recover the wireless encryption key if you use Wireless Zero Configuration service in Windows XP or WLAN AutoConfig service in Windows Vista, 7, 8 or 10, therefore you won’t see any recovered keys if you use wireless utility provided by wireless adapter manufacturer to connect to wireless network.

If you are interested, you can download this WirelessKeyView tool here. After successfully downloading the tool, you don’t have to do any installation, it is click and play as this is just a small tool.

Once you run the tool as admin user, instantly it displays the recovered wireless encryption keys stored on computer, and you can click on Properties icon to let you copy the key easier. Also please note only long WPA-PSK hex key will be displayed in Windows XP (no ASCII key displayed), but you can still key in this hex key to join wireless network.

Note. As shown on NirSoft website, some Antivirus programs detect WirelessKeyView utility as infected with Trojan/Virus, but this is just false alert. Please click here to know more about this false alert.

Welcome to BRG Emergency MAss Notification – The Leader in Wireless Emergency Mass Notification Systems, wireless phone systems.#Wireless #phone #systems


wireless phone systems

Emergency Mass Notification in Seconds

Wireless phone systemsBRG’s Emergency Mass Notification (EMN) System instantly sends text and/or audio messages throughout a facility or across an entire campus in a matter of seconds, not minutes.

BRG can accomplish this with our Wireless UHF System or with our Voice-over-IP (VoIP) System. A Combination of UHF and VoIP may be deployed to custom tailor the system to meet specific requirements.

BRG’s EMN Systems are used to immediately communicate threats across the entire campus. When cell phones, land lines, email and other publicly shared communications become overloaded, this dedicated emergency broadcast system will continue to function.

Whether you choose Wireless UHF or Wired VoIP, each method has advantages over the other.

Wireless Emergency Mass Notification

  • 25-100 Watt UHF FM wireless transmitters
  • Complete campus coverage
  • No data wiring required for secondary alert devices
  • Wireless indoor/outdoor speakers systems
  • Wireless indoor text displays in various sizes
  • Wireless hybrid text display with strobe and audio
  • Wireless indoor speakers with LED strobes
  • Wireless signal monitor
  • Up to 255 addressable zones for testing
  • Wireless PA amps for wired speaker systems
  • Wireless Fire Alarm Interface
  • Live audio announcements, text-to-speech, pre-recorded emergency messages
  • Interfaces with text/dialing systems with an RSS feed
  • Plug Play installation of secondary devices
  • Message delivered in 25-45 seconds
  • FCC License Required

VoIP Emergency Mass Notification

  • No Master Transmitter
  • Complete campus coverage
  • Ethernet connection required for secondary alert devices
  • VoIP indoor/outdoor speakers systems
  • VoIP hybrid text display with strobe and audio
  • VoIP indoor speakers with LED strobes
  • Up to 255 addressable zones for testing
  • VoIP PA amps for wired speaker systems
  • VoIP Fire Alarm Interface
  • Live audio announcements, text-to-speech, pre-recorded emergency messages
  • Interfaces with text/dialing systems with an RSS feed
  • Optional PoE available on select items
  • Message delivered in 1-2 seconds
  • No FCC License Required

Home Security Cameras, Home Video Surveillance Systems, Nanny Cam, Security Camera Systems, Hidden Camera, Nanny Cam, Outdoor Hidden Cameras #home #video #surveillance #system, #wireless #hidden #camera, #nanny #cam, #video #intercom, #video #surveillance #system, #surveillance #camera #system, #wireless #baby #monitor, #video #surveillance #equipment, #night #vision #security #camera, #security #dvr, #infrared #camera


Save time and money with the easy to install, complete video security systems found on this site.

Or iginally developed to provide the ultimate in security for banks, and traditionally used by security intensive operations like casinos and airports, today s video surveillance systems are inexpensive and simple enough to be used at home. Now that this powerful technology is within the reach of the average consumer, it makes an effective part of any home security system, as well as a small business everyday video surveillance.

We recognize the significance of having world class, proven technology to assist you in building legal cases in the field or providing security for your home and family or office. Having quality equipment can mean the difference between successfully gathering information and having it slip away due to inadequate equipment.

Affordability and product reliability drive most markets. Whether you re a seasoned private investigator, law enforcement officer, small business owner, parent, suspicious spouse or homeowner, we have the video security equipment you ll need.

Our web site is continually growing and evolving with new products. We continue to strive to provide our customers with what they need, at highly competitive prices – and always with no ground shipping costs added to the price of the equipment.

If you are looking for something specific and do not find it on our site, please let us know and we ll do our best to find it for you.

Guardian Security Systems, Inc – Welcome To Guardian Security Systems! #guardian, #security, #services, #free, #alarm, #technology, #keypad, #motion, #adt, #brinks, #protect #america, #wireless, #pir, #glassbreak, #control


Thank you for visiting Guardian Security Systems, Inc your “24/7 Guardian” . Proud AccreditedBetter Business Bureau Member Since 1996.

Our remarkable systems have the power to protect you in ways you never imagined! It used to be that a burglar alarm was all you needed to feel safe. Well, times have changed. and so have your security options! In keeping with new times and new technologies at Guardian Security Systems, Inc we’ve redefined the meaning of AFFORDABLE security and translated this broader definition into powerful new systems that will keep you, your family and/or business safer in ways you never imagined! No “cookie cutters” here! Our systems are custom designed – around a FREE basic/core package – that allows you to integrate a multitude of convenience and life safety features, affording you the peace of mind you’ll experience for years to come!

Easy To Use. A security system is only effective if it’s easy to use. Our systems offer 5 one-touch function keys with one word commands. So when you’re rushing out the door, the push of a single button will ensure your home is safe. And with the special ‘Exit” button, there’s no need to disarm or rearm the system every time you leave the house or let the dog out. Each keypad offers adjustable tone and convenient backlight. The programmable LCD keypad walks you through the system, giving you key information at a glance. Optional modules allow you to add more zones and features easily as your future needs change.

Wireless Control. Add a wireless key to give you single button, convenient control of your security system. Simply press 1 of 4 programmable buttons to arm the system, disarm it, or to perform other system functions as programmed.

Remote Telephone Access . While on vacation or traveling on business, there’s no need to worry about your home. With worldwide telephone access you can control your system and instantly check on its status. Talk about control and peace of mind!

Motion Glassbreak Detectors. Today’s most accurate and reliable detectors are passive infrared (PIR) and microwave/PIR motion detectors and glassbreak detectors. Our advanced technology systems provide immunity from interference and false alarms.

Smoke Alarm. Our photoelectric smoke alarm provides superior sensitivity to all types of smoke, and is designed to send an alarm to the system in case of smoke detection.

Wireless Components. Our wireless components can act as replacements or additions to your existing wired system. Multiple Security Systems In One. Protect 2 or 8 separate areas, e.g. your home plus a workshop, a valuable collection, or an in-law/rental apartment. If you have a tenant, their security system will work independently of yours so your keypad won’t beep when they enter their apartment.

Home Automation. Imagine a security system that controls your home appliances!

Monthly Monitoring Services. Do the math! We’re confident you’ll enjoy the quality and professionalism of our services! We’re also confident you’ll be pleasantly surprised – and pleased – with our AFFORDABLE monthly monitoring services!

No Phone. No Problem ! We also offer state-of-the-art cellular monitoring services!

Day or night, holidays, weekends. 24-hours, 365 days a year. our professional staff are available to provide your home or business with unsurpassed customer service so please don’t hesitate to contact us – today – at 478/329-9211 for a NO-OBLIGATION installation visit!

Source Safe House Burglar Alarm System( ZAB-168) on #safe #house #burglar #alarm #system( #zab-168), #cheap #burglar #alarm #systems,best #burglar #alarm #system,wireless #home #burglar #security #alarm #system


Safe House Burglar Alarm System( ZAB-168)

8 wireless zones, each zone can arm/disarm independently


8 LED display, alarm location is clear.

6 group voice alarm phone number for alert calling, numbers saved inside EEPROM without lost upon power failure;

Support ISD automatic voice mailbox for playback message upon alert. Maximum length of voice message is 10 seconds.

Telephone (phone) long-distance telecontrol for arming, disarming, monitoring, and deterring function.

Wireless intelligent study coding, compatible with PT2262 normal encoding and a million groups encoding, convenient and flexible for adding or reducing accessories.

Each zone can set sound or silent alarm.

Friendly keyboard design with LED back light, suitable for work at night without the assistance of illumination

Password function, avoid operating illegally.

Control Panel(with backup battery and siren) 1

PIR Motion Detector 1

Plastic Remote Control 2

Input Voltage: DC9V-12V

Standby Currents: 25mA

Alarm Current: 450 mA

Wireless Frequency: 315/433/868/915MHz, 2262/1.5-4.7M, EV1527/300K

Backup Battery: NI-HI AAA*6 DC7.24V

Siren Volumn: 110dB

We are special to produce wireless remote control, wireless receiver and transmitter modules. wireless receiver controller, infrared detector, door sensor, gas and smoke detectors and home anti-theft alarm system.

Our organization consists of three main departments: R D, Manufacturing and marketing. We hire more than 200 employees, including top engineers to invent more innovative and quality products.

We have advanced equipment in our factory. At the same time, we ensure that our wireless products and security and protection systems are of the highest standard to meet international market.

Our products are sold in North America ,South America ,Southeast Asia, Western Europe and Africa. Moreover, we can rapidly develop and manufacture wireless RF products as every customers requirement on OEM or ODM basis.

If you have any question, please feel free to tell me, you can send email or chat online with me by MSN, SKYPE(zhianbao3), Trademanager (cn220097172) etc. Normally you can get response within 5 minutes.

We emphasize our reputation and appreciate your feedback.

Types of Wireless Network Security keys; How to secure them #manage #wireless #networks, #type #of #wireless #network #security #keys, #secure #wi-fi #network, #windows #7


Types of Wireless Network Security keys and how to secure them in Windows

Security of your Wi-Fi network is as much important as of your computer. All your personal information and files on your wireless network can be seen by people who are connected to your Wi-Fi network signal. This can lead to identity theft and other malicious acts.

Wireless Network Security keys

A network security key or passphrase can help protect your wireless network from this type of unauthorized access. It s easy to set up a secured Wi-Fi connection in Windows 7, the Set Up a Network wizard will guide you through setting up a security key.

If you already have a configured device, then go to Network and sharing center. in the left pane, click on Manage Wireless networks and then select the network for which you want to configure the security key. Click on properties and then click on Security tab and change the security key.

I don t recommend using Wired Equivalent Privacy (WEP) as your wireless security method. Wi Fi Protected Access (WPA or WPA2) is more secure.

Difference between WEP and WPA/WPA2 encryption methods for wireless networks

Wi Fi Protected Access (WPA and WPA2)

WPA and WPA2 require users to provide a security key to connect. Once the key has been validated, all data sent between the computer or device and the access point is encrypted.

There are two types of WPA authentication: WPA and WPA2. WPA2 is the most secure. In WPA-Personal and WPA2-Personal, each user is given the same passphrase. This is the recommended mode for home networks. WPA-Enterprise and WPA2-Enterprise are designed to be used with an 802.1x authentication server that distributes different keys to each user. This mode is primarily used in work networks.

Wired Equivalent Privacy (WEP)

WEP is an older network security method that s still available to support older devices, but it s no longer recommended. When you enable WEP, you set up a network security key. This key encrypts the information that one computer sends to another computer across your network. However, WEP security is relatively easy to crack.

There are two kinds of WEP: open system authentication and shared key authentication.

Neither is very secure, but shared key authentication is the least secure of the two. But a hacker can easily hacks it using some Wireless network analysis tool.

For this reason, Windows 7 / 8 doesn’t support automatically setting up a network using WEP shared key authentication.

If, despite these warnings, you still want to use WEP shared key authentication, you can do so by following these steps:

To manually create a network profile using WEP shared key authentication

Hope you find the post useful.

Windows 10 how to: Managing wireless network connections #wifi #sense,windows #10,wireless #networks


Windows 10 how to: Managing wireless network connections

Windows 10 means new settings and options to learn and get used to. One of those is managing wireless network connections. In Windows 10 you can easily manage your network connections and can share those connections with your contacts using Wi-Fi Sense.

To manage wireless settings, go into the Windows 10 settings menu and select Network and Internet. You can also right click the wireless icon in the action center or type Wi-Fi into Cortana. Once there you can turn Wi-Fi on or off and connect to local networks by clicking them and selecting Connect.

In Advanced Options you can set your device to be discoverable or hidden from other PCs on the same network. You can also turn on and off a metered connection, this is important if you have limited data, for example if you re using the new Surface 3 with LTE .

There’s also a feature in Windows 10 called Wi-Fi Sense. This allows you to store your passwords on various networks across your devices. It also lets you share your Wi-Fi connection with your Outlook, Skype, and Facebook connections without giving them your network password. If you prefer to not share your connection with your contacts you can easily uncheck the boxes in the Wi-Fi Sense menu. At the moment you cannot select specific individuals to share your network connections with over Wi-Fi Sense. Hopefully that feature is available in the future.

Managing wireless networks is pretty easy in Windows 10 and all of the settings are easy to find and are clearly labeled. Jumping between networks with Wi-Fi Sense is easy and most of the settings are easy to personalize, though there are a few customizations not yet available.

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Network Planning Tools Software – Free Download Network Planning Tools #wireless #network #planning #tools


Network Planning Tools Software

Package of network monitoring tools for Windows, including CurrPorts for viewing all opened TCP/IP connections, SmartSniff for easily sniffing and viewing the TCP/IP data streams, AdapterWatch to get general information about your network adapters.

  • File Name:
  • Author: NirSoft Network Tools
  • License: Freeware (Free)
  • File Size: 573 Kb
  • Runs on: Win2000, Win7 x32, Win7 x64, WinServer, WinVista, WinVista x64, WinXP

Network Boot Tools offers a pre-OS and network boot management solution that helps business enterprises lower their total cost of ownership of their networks. This product allows network administrators to remotely manage client PCs on their network.

  • File Name:
  • Author: emBoot Incorporated
  • License: Shareware ($149.99)
  • File Size: 1.96 Mb
  • Runs on: Win 95, 98, NT 4.x, XP, 2000

Network Diagnostic Tools is a client server program that provides network configuration and performance testing to users’ desktop or laptop. The tool provides a collection of 15 different state-of-the-art network diagnostic tools on a single.

  • File Name: network_diagnostic_firefox.z ip
  • Author: Network diagnostic tools
  • License: Freeware (Free)
  • File Size: 688 Kb
  • Runs on: Win95, Win98, WinME, WinNT 3.x, WinNT 4.x, Windows2000, WinXP, Windows2003, Windows Vista

We provide complete network management tools that help diagnose network problems and get information about users, hosts, and networks on the Internet. Tsarfin Computing is a privately held company specializing in network management tools and.

  • File Name: computing_network.exe
  • Author: Tsarfin Computing Ltd
  • License: Freeware (Free)
  • File Size: 1.55 Mb
  • Runs on: Win95, Win98, WinME, WinNT 3.x, WinNT 4.x, Windows

Network Time Tools (NTT) is a set of networktools designed to provide monitoring of a network and the services on that network. and provide various reports on the hosts/services and optional alerts via email, pager, and cellphones. It also has the.