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Our Goal

Are you tired of clicking on some link from a web portal, only to find that the website is temporarily off-line because thousands or millions of other users are also trying to access it? Does your network have a really low-bandwidth connection, such that everyone, even accessing the same web pages, suffers from slow downloads? Have you ever run a website, only to find that suddenly you get hit with a spike of thousands of requests, overloading your server and possibly causing high monthly bills? If so, CoralCDN might be your free solution for these problems!

Using CoralCDN

Taking advantage of CoralCDN is simple. Just append to the hostname of any URL, and your request for that URL is handled by CoralCDN! Try our project page. or any other site:

Current Deployment

What is CoralCDN?

CoralCDN is a free and open content distribution network based around peer-to-peer technologies, comprised of a world-wide network of web proxies and nameservers. It allows a user to run a web site that offers high performance and meets huge demand, all for the price of a $50/month cable modem.

Publishing through CoralCDN is as simple as appending a short string to the hostname of objects’ URLs; a peer-to-peer DNS layer transparently redirects browsers to participating caching proxies, which in turn cooperate to minimize load on the source web server. CoralCDN proxies automatically replicate content as a side effect of users accessing it, improving its availability. Using modern peer-to-peer indexing techniques, CoralCDN will efficiently find a cached object if it exists anywhere in the network, requiring that it use the origin server only to initially fetch the object once.

One of CoralCDN’s key goals is to avoid ever creating hot spots in its infrastructure. It achieves this through a novel indexing abstraction we introduce called a distributed sloppy hash table (DSHT), and it creates self-organizing clusters of nodes that fetch information from each other to avoid communicating with more distant or heavily-loaded servers.

CoralCDN has been continuously operated since March 2004, running on 300-400 servers on the PlanetLab testbed, spread worldwide. As of 2011, it receives 25-50 million requests per day from a few million unique clients.

( What’s with the Google ads? Our Illuminati measurement project sought to understand how IP addresses and public information characterize Web clients. One related question is how such information plays a role in pay-per-click advertising, so we decided to run some ourselves to better understand how such systems work.)

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Reverse phone lookup

This is a user supplied database of phone numbers of telemarketers, non-profit organizations, charities, political surveyors, SCAM artists, and other companies that don’t leave messages, disconnect once you answer, and simply interrupt your day.

If you received a strange call, unwanted SMS message, or just came across a number you don’t recognize and want more information about, most likely you are not the only one. Search for this phone number to see the reports of others. If there are no reports yet, leave your comment to start a conversation.

Dee – a few seconds ago

this and other DC numbers have called me a ridiculous amount of times today.

Pat – a few seconds ago

It’s possible they don’t know your home address, and they’re hoping you’ll give it to them.

Has called ten times today so far. No message.

Keep getting calls from 814-310-9469- totally ignore- SCAM

Kevin – 5 min ago

Same # rang my cell at 7:33 pm, yesterday. I didn’t pick up. again today at 7:38 pm, again I didn’t pick up. I put the # on the auto-reject list of my S-4; fingers crossed that puts a stop to it. If not, I’ll pick up and prank the hell out of them for as long as they like.

sophie – 6 min ago

called left no message. ignored..

Carol – 7 min ago

Call showed Bubba Jones on ID. I answered but no one spoke then hung up.

Rick in NH – 8 min ago

Make Money FAST! SCAM!

Lyeah – 9 min ago

same thing keller just left voicemail asking about FSBO house

Alaina Ullman – 9 min ago

This phone number has been calling my grandmother for the past week and today I am here and happen to answer the phone and they are laughing and joking on the phone! I asked my 84 year old grandmother if they play on the phone she said that they ask her several questions about what’s in her home.

Linda – 9 min ago

Receiving calls from this number. They do not leave a message. I have now blocked the number.

BEING SCAMMED – 11 h 18 min ago

Any charity who calls looking for a donation is forever removed from ever receiving a penny from me – includes veterans, illness, etc.

This is Loan Depot. They are associated with Lending Tree. If you have ever gone to and put in any info just to get an idea of their rates, their associates will bug you endlessly.

Eliizabeth – 16 min ago

4th call today from an unidentified number. No message left when I don’t answer. Don’t these people have anything else to do?

Long-term Disability Insurance for Employees #what #is #long-term #disability #insurance


Long-term disability insurance

Protect your paycheck from accidents and illnesses. Long-term disability insurance replaces a portion of your income while you recover. And your benefits continue for the policy s benefit period or until you are no longer disabled, whichever comes first.

Coverage you need; support you deserve

  • We help you get back to work, with a vocational rehabilitation program that includes personalized plans to help you recover
  • If you re only able to do part of your job or work part time, you can receive partial benefits. When you put your part-time earnings and a partial disability benefit together, you could receive up to 100% of your predisability earnings
  • You don t have to pay premiums during periods of approved disability under our policy
  • We ll pay a lump sum to your beneficiaries if you die while on disability
  • If you re unable to return to work, Lincoln s Social Security legal experts guide employees through the complicated Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) process at no additional cost. On average, it takes three years for a disabled employee to be notified of their Social Security benefit award decision; Lincoln s award rate at three years is 93.5%.
  • Support services are included in every Lincoln long-term disability plan, with access to counselors and other assistance for personal, legal and financial issues

#4: Lincoln is the fourth largest group disability provider in the United States, as measured by new contracts sold. 1

1 LIMRA, 2014 year-end premium sales results.

How long-term disability income insurance works

Two months ago, Mike was injured in a traffic accident that resulted in a covered disability. His plan has an elimination period of 90 days, which means he has to wait for 90 days after his injury. If he s still disabled after that time, he s eligible to begin collecting benefits.

The policy provides a maximum benefit of 60% of pay, up to $5,000 a month, and a maximum benefit duration to age 65. If Mike s disability prevents him from working for 10 months, here are the benefits he could collect:

Sample benefit Statement

Long-term disability insurance

When recovery takes longer, see how LTD helps protect your income.

Did you know?

  • Back and other musculoskeletal disorders cause more than 28.6% of all new disabilities among America s wage earners. 1
  • More than 25% of today s 20-year-olds will become disabled before they retire. 2
  • The average long-term disability claim duration is 34.6 months. 3

1 Council for Disability Awareness, 2014 Long-Term Disability Claims Review.
2 U.S. Social Security Administration, Fact Sheet October 13, 2015.
3 Gen Re, U.S. Group Disability Rate Risk Management Survey 2012, based on claims closed in 2011.

Are you fully covered?

Ask your employer about your benefits.

Are you an employer?

Combined, short- and long-term disability insurance can help protect your income.
Find out more about short-term disability coverage .

EmployeeConnect SM and EmployeeConnect Plus SM services are provided by ComPsych Corporation, Chicago, IL. ComPsych is not a Lincoln Financial Group company. Coverage is subject to actual contract language. Each independent company is solely responsible for its own obligations.

Insurance products (policy series GL3001) are issued by The Lincoln National Life Insurance Company (Fort Wayne, IN), which does not solicit business in New York, nor is it licensed to do so. In New York, insurance products (policy series GL3001) are issued by Lincoln Life Annuity Company of New York (Syracuse, NY). Both are Lincoln Financial Group companies. Product availability and/or features may vary by state. Limitations and exclusions apply.

Lincoln Financial Group is the marketing name for Lincoln National Corporation and its affiliates. Affiliates are separately responsible for their own financial and contractual obligations.

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How to Drive a Car (with Pictures) #what #to #do #when #you #re #in #a


How to Drive a Car

Learning how to drive is a lot easier than it looks. It looks intimidating from the passenger’s seat, or in films, but once you get behind the wheel and gently put your foot on the pedal, the process becomes very intuitive. If you’re a defensive driver and learn to take things slow in the beginning, you’ll be well on your way to mastering the basics. This article assumes you’ll be driving a vehicle with an automatic transmission. If you’re not driving an automatic, you’ll need to read about the basics of driving stick-shift (manual transmission) instead, although the general process will still be similar.

Steps Edit

Part One of Four:
Getting Comfortable with the Car’s Controls Edit

Adjust the seat so that your feet comfortably reach both pedals. You can adjust your seat forward and backward, as well as up and down. Some cars will have electronic controls (usually on the left side of the seat), while older cars will usually have a lever underneath the seat that lets you control the position of the seat. But you can tell the difference.

Familiarize yourself with the foot pedals. In an automatic car, the two foot pedals control acceleration and braking, respectively. The rightmost pedal (which is usually smaller than the other pedal) is the accelerator, and pressing down on it makes the car move forwards; the harder you press it, the faster the car will move. The pedal to the left, which is usually larger than the accelerator; is the brake pedal, and pressing down on it slows the car down.

  • Even if you feel more confident using your left foot, always use your right foot to reach both pedals. It will feel strange at first if you’re left-footed, but getting used to it is very important because it’s proper technique and ultimately much safer.
  • Never use both feet at once to reach the pedals. Only use one foot — your right foot — to use each pedal. This will make it impossible to accidentally press down on both pedals at the same time.

Adjust your car’s mirrors so that you can see through them clearly and effectively. Your car should have three mirrors: one rear-view mirror, which allows you to see directly the rear windshield behind you, and two outside mirrors which let you see to either side of the car and protect you from blind spots. [1]

  • Your rear-view mirror should be positioned so that when you’re in your normal driving position, you can see directly behind you and as much of the rear windshield as possible.
  • The Society of Automotive Engineers has one recommendation for how to position your outside mirrors in order to eliminate blind spots. It recommends positioning the mirrors further outward than normal, so that they just overlap with the viewing angle of the rear-view mirror. [2] Although disorienting at first, this positioning actually allows the driver to see cars in their blind spots which they might otherwise only be able to spot by looking over their shoulder.

Know where the parking brake (also called a handbrake, e-brake or emergency brake) is and what it does. The parking brake is a longer lever with a button on it’s very tip. When the parking brake is pulled up, it helps lock the car into place on the ground, ensuring that it doesn’t move. When the brake is let down, it is disengaged and the car can freely move. Make sure that your parking brake is disengaged before you start driving.

Get a feel for the gear stick (also called: shift lever, gear lever, shifter or simply, “the stick”). The gear stick is usually positioned in between the two front seats of a car, and it controls the gearbox (park, neutral, drive, reverse). Sometimes in certain vehicles, the shift lever is on the right-side of the steering wheel.

  • If your gear stick is engaged in Park and you turn your ignition on, the car won’t move forward no matter how hard you press down on the accelerator.
  • If your gear stick is in Neutral. your car’s natural momentum will continue to move it forward.
  • If your gear stick is in Reverse. your car will move backwards instead of forward when you take your foot off the brake.
  • If your gear stick is in Drive. your car will move forwards when you take your foot off the brake.

Understand your the basic dashboard controls/symbols. These gauges display to the driver how much fuel the engine has left, how fast the car is going, how hot the engine is, and how many RPM (revolutions per minute) the engine is clocking.

  • The speedometer is probably the most important dashboard display in the car. It tells you how fast your car is traveling, in either miles per hour (mph) or kilometers per hour (kph).
  • The RPM gauge tells you how hard your engine is working. Most RPM gauges will have red areas starting at 6,000 or 7,000 RPM. When the dial in the gauge, travels into the red, learn to ease off the acceleration.
  • The fuel gauge tells you how much fuel your car has left. It usually has a dial, like the hand of a clock that travels between “F” and “E,” with “E” signaling “empty” and “F” signaling “full.” Some more modern cars have digital fuel gauges; where electronic bars are displayed like the battery symbol on a mobile phone, and gradually decrease in quantity depending on how much fuel is in the car.
  • The temperature gauge in the car tells you whether your car’s engine is overheating. It usually has a dial that travels between “H” and “C,” signaling “hot” and “cold.” Your dial should normally be in the center of the gauge.

Street racing is dangerous, and illegal in most countries. If you wish to race your car, then taking your car to a track day would be the best thing to do. These are usually well supervised.

Always enforce that people who are passengers in your car must wear seatbelts. If they refuse, don’t drive them. You’re better off to create an awkward situation than to be held liable for bodily injury they sustain if you’re in an accident.

Make sure you practice uphill starts when learning to operate a manual car. Because starting a manual from a stop requires letting off the brakes and engaging the clutch (essentially placing the car in neutral), the car will roll backwards until first gear is engaged. To stop this from happening, apply the handbrake, then release it as you release the clutch and the car begins to move forward. Otherwise, you risk rolling into the car behind you. Practice this technique on a sloped driveway or car park where it’s safer to make mistakes.

Avoid the temptation to use your mobile phone, a few seconds distraction can cause a serious accident, so the best way to do it is to turn off your cell phone until you get to your destination. Better yet, park your car in a safe location when there is a need to answer a phone call.

Do not drink and drive. That’s the worst thing you could possibly do. You could kill yourself or someone else. It is also illegal to drive with more than a certain amount of alcohol in your body e.g. in the UK you must not drive with a breath alcohol level of more than 35 micrograms per 100 ml or a blood alcohol level of more than 80 milligrams per 100 ml. This is roughly the equivalent to 2 cans of strong lager. If you are going to drink this much alcohol, arrange another means of transport.

Never shift into low gears at high speeds (i.e. 1st gear at 50 mph/80 km/h). This will greatly damage or destroy your car’s engine and transmission.

Suing Your Lawyer for Malpractice #what #is #legal #malpractice


Suing Your Lawyer for Malpractice

When you reach the point of needing an attorney’s expertise, it usually means that some situation — whether at work, in the neighborhood, with the family, or elsewhere — has gotten too complex to resolve on your own. You turn to a lawyer and trust she will help. But what do you do when the lawyer makes things worse instead of better? If you’ve lost confidence in your attorney and are considering suing for malpractice, here are some things you should know.

Proving Malpractice Isn’t Easy

If your attorney made serious errors, you may consider suing the lawyer for malpractice. Unfortunately, it is very hard to win a malpractice case. Malpractice means that the lawyer failed to use the ordinary skill and care that would be used by other lawyers in handling a similar problem or case under similar circumstances. In other words, it’s not malpractice just because your lawyer lost your case.

To win a malpractice case against an attorney, you must prove four basic things:

  • duty — that the attorney owed you a duty to act properly
  • breach — that the attorney breached the duty: she was negligent, she made a mistake, or she did not do what she agreed to do
  • causation — that this conduct hurt you financially, and
  • damages — that you suffered financial losses as a result.

In practical terms, to win a malpractice case, you must first prove that your attorney made errors in how she handled your case. Then you must show that you would have won the underlying case that the lawyer mishandled. (This second part is not required in Ohio.) Finally, you will have to show that if you had won the underlying case, you would have been able to collect from the defendant.

Example: Dorian is hit by a car while he is walking across the street. He hires a lawyer who doesn’t file the lawsuit on time. As a result, the judge tosses out Dorian’s case and he is unable to refile it. Dorian sues his lawyer for malpractice. He can prove duty (he signed a representation agreement with the lawyer). He can prove breach (the lawyer failed to file the lawsuit within the proper time). He can prove causation (witnesses and a police report attest to the driver’s liability ). However, to prove that the lawyer’s misconduct harmed him financially, Dorian also must show that the driver had money or insurance so that Dorian could have collected the judgment if he’d won.

When Is a Bad Job Malpractice?

Here are some common complaints that clients have about their lawyers, along with an analysis of whether the lawyer’s action (or inaction, as the case may be) constitutes malpractice. (For more tips on dealing with a deadbeat attorney, read What to Do When You’re Mad at Your Lawyer .)

Your lawyer stops working on your case. The longer your attorney ignores you and your case, the more likely it is to amount to malpractice. You must act quickly to see that your case is properly handled and get another lawyer if necessary. Writing or faxing a letter expressing your concerns and asking for a meeting is a good first step.

Your case is thrown out of court because your lawyer did no work. This may be malpractice. Your difficulty will be in proving not only that your lawyer mishandled the case, but that if handled correctly, you could have won and collected a judgment. If you are successful and obtain a judgment against your lawyer, then the lawyer is responsible for whatever money you could have won had the case been properly handled.

Your lawyer recommends a settlement for far less money than she originally estimated your case was worth. This is not malpractice. Your lawyer may have given you an inflated estimate of the value of your case to encourage you to hire her.

Get your file from your lawyer and get a second opinion on your case. If another reputable lawyer believes you are being advised to settle for too little, consider changing lawyers.

Your lawyer settles your case without your authorization. This is malpractice, because a lawyer may not agree to a settlement without the client’s approval. To succeed in a malpractice case, however, you will have to prove that the settlement your lawyer entered into was for less than your case was worth.

You see your lawyer socializing with the lawyer for your opponent. This is not malpractice or a breach of attorney ethics. There is nothing ethically wrong with opposing attorneys playing tennis, bridge, or golf, or enjoying other common social interactions.

If the opposing attorneys talk about your case (on the tennis court or anywhere else), however, and your lawyer lets slip something that you said in confidence, that would be a clear violation of your attorney’s duty to you.

You suspect that your lawyer has misused money you paid as a retainer . Stealing a client’s money is malpractice, because your lawyer has a duty to use your funds only for your case.

If you seriously suspect your lawyer has misused any money he holds for you in trust, complain to your state’s attorney regulatory agency right away. Although regulation of lawyers is lax in most states, complaints about stealing clients’ money are almost always taken seriously, so you should get a prompt response. All states, except Maine, New Mexico and Tennessee, have funds to reimburse clients when lawyers are caught stealing.

If your complaint to the state attorney regulatory agency is unsuccessful, you may also consider suing the lawyer for malpractice in order to get the money back.

For more information on suing a lawyer for malpractice, see Nolo’s Encyclopedia of Everyday Law: Answers to Your Most Frequently Asked Legal Questions . by Shae Irving and the editors of Nolo (Nolo).

Talk to a Litigation attorney.

IBM – What is cloud computing? #hybrid #computing, #what #is #cloud #computing


What is cloud computing?

Computing as a service over the internet

Cloud computing, often referred to as simply “the cloud,” is the delivery of on-demand computing resources—everything from applications to data centers—over the internet on a pay-for-use basis.

  • Elastic resources—Scale up or down quickly and easily to meet demand
  • Metered service so you only pay for what you use
  • Self service—All the IT resources you need with self-service access

Software as a service (SaaS)

Cloud-based applications—or software as a service—run on distant computers “in the cloud” that are owned and operated by others and that connect to users’ computers via the internet and, usually, a web browser.

The benefits of SaaS

  • You can sign up and rapidly start using innovative business apps
  • Apps and data are accessible from any connected computer
  • No data is lost if your computer breaks, as data is in the cloud
  • The service is able to dynamically scale to usage needs

With SaaS, you no longer have to purchase, install, update and maintain the software.

Platform as a service (PaaS)

Platform as a service provides a cloud-based environment with everything required to support the complete lifecycle of building and delivering web-based (cloud) applications—without the cost and complexity of buying and managing the underlying hardware, software, provisioning, and hosting.

The benefits of PaaS

  • Develop applications and get to market faster
  • Deploy new web applications to the cloud in minutes
  • Reduce complexity with middleware as a service

Deploy and migrate applications to both public and private clouds.

Infrastructure as a service (IaaS)

Infrastructure as a service provides companies with computing resources including servers, networking, storage, and data center space on a pay-per-use basis.

The benefits of IaaS

  • No need to invest in your own hardware
  • Infrastructure scales on demand to support dynamic workloads
  • Flexible, innovative services available on demand

Get up and running more quickly while cutting costs.

Public cloud

Public clouds are owned and operated by companies that offer rapid access over a public network to affordable computing resources. With public cloud services, users don’t need to purchase hardware, software, or supporting infrastructure, which is owned and managed by providers.

Key aspects of public cloud

  • Innovative SaaS business apps for applications ranging from customer resource management (CRM) to transaction management and data analytics
  • Flexible, scalable IaaS for storage and compute services on a moment’s notice
  • Powerful PaaS for cloud-based application development and deployment environments

Flexibility to access the resources you need, when you need them.

Private cloud

A private cloud is infrastructure operated solely for a single organization, whether managed internally or by a third party, and hosted either internally or externally. Private clouds can take advantage of cloud’s efficiencies, while providing more control of resources and steering clear of multi-tenancy.

Key aspects of private cloud

  • A self-service interface controls services, allowing IT staff to quickly provision, allocate, and deliver on-demand IT resources
  • Highly automated management of resource pools for everything from compute capability to storage, analytics, and middleware
  • Sophisticated security and governance designed for a company’s specific requirements

The additional level of security you want with the benefits of cloud.

Hybrid cloud

A hybrid cloud uses a private cloud foundation combined with the strategic integration and use of public cloud services. The reality is a private cloud can’t exist in isolation from the rest of a company’s IT resources and the public cloud. Most companies with private clouds will evolve to manage workloads across data centers, private clouds, and public clouds—thereby creating hybrid clouds.

Key aspects of hybrid cloud

  • Allows companies to keep the critical applications and sensitive data in a traditional data center environment or private cloud
  • Enables taking advantage of public cloud resources like SaaS, for the latest applications, and IaaS, for elastic virtual resources
  • Facilitates portability of data, apps and services and more choices for deployment models

Freedom to have your apps, data and services where they are most effective and deliver value faster.

Business Intelligence #business #intelligence,what #is,definition,business #intelligence #software,business #intelligence #solutions,buisness,inteligence,busines


Business Intelligence

An enterprise Business Intelligence solution must satisfy the reporting and analysis needs of everyone in the organization, from front line workers to executives to analysts.

Business Intelligence (BI) is a broad category of computer software solutions that enables a company or organization to gain insight into its critical operations through reporting applications and analysis tools. BI applications may include a variety of components such as tabular reports, spreadsheets, charts, and dashboards. Although traditional business intelligence systems were delivered via host terminals or paper reports, the typical modern deployment of a BI application is over the web, via Internet or intranet connections. It is also possible, and becoming more popular, to develop interactive BI apps optimized for mobile devices such as tablets and smart phones, and for e-mail.

Well-designed BI applications can give anyone in your company the ability to make better decisions by quickly understanding the various “information assets” in your organization and how these interact with each other. These assets can include customer databases, supply chain information, personnel data, manufacturing, product data, sales and marketing activity, as well as any other source of information critical to your operation. A robust BI application, which includes integration and data cleansing functions, can allow you to integrate these disparate data sources into a single coherent framework for real-time reporting and detailed analysis by anyone in your extended enterprise – customers, partners, employees, managers, and executives.

Check out these live Business Intelligence demos for examples of reports, charts, scorecards and dashboards that satisfy diverse end user requirements on both mobile devices and desktop computers.

WebFOCUS – Information Builders’ comprehensive suite of BI software and the industry’s most secure and flexible solution – provides comprehensive BI functionality for many different classes of users, from the corporate executive to the assembly line worker; from the financial analyst sitting at his desk to the sales rep who’s always on the road. WebFOCUS allows organizations to leverage any data source, transform it into useful information, and deliver it in an actionable format to any end user, both within and outside the enterprise.

WebFOCUS reduces the cost and time for development and deployment of BI applications, while providing powerful, scalable, enterprise-wide BI solutions.

WebFOCUS BI software will empower your organization to:

  • Process requests quickly, intelligently, and efficiently
  • Respond faster and more efficiently to changing conditions affecting your organization
  • Make your greatest asset – information – part of your organization’s natural culture
  • Transform raw data into intuitive, illustrative enterprise reports quickly and easily
  • Enhance reporting systems by incorporating transactional forms, as well as data maintenance and update capabilities
  • Deliver usable information to both local and remote workers in the format that works best for them, whether it’s html, Microsoft Excel, Adobe PDF, e-mail or active technologies with built-in analytics capabilities.

To find out more about BI, read our white paper “Worst Practices in Business Intelligence: Why BI Applications Succeed Where BI Tools Fail .” In it you’ll see the most common mistakes made in BI deployments and how to avoid them so your BI applications will be as successful and effective as possible.

Houston Fleet Wrap #what #is #a #fleet #vehicle


Houston Fleet Wrap | Vehicle Wrap Houston

Need any vehicle wrapped with high resolution graphics, logos, lettering BAYOU Graphix gets your vehicle wrap done right great prices! Sample of our work below:

John Moore BAYOU Graphix Customer

Fleet Wraps Houston

Vehicle Wrap Houston . BAYOU Graphix creates high quality, high resolution car, truck and fleet wraps. With a car wrap, you can maximize the area your advertising reaches by making it move. Our vehicle wrap are cost effective and can provide your business with a new look. Traditional advertising methods would suggest the more money you spend, the more advertising you will receive; but with a moving vehicle wrap, you only have to pay a one-time fee to advertise and be seen by a whole city! Vehicle wrap allow you to control who and where your wrap will be seen. The more you drive, the more exposure you business will get.

Cost Effective Marketing Branding using Houston Fleet Wrap

Houston Truck Wrap Prices | BAYOU Graphix

When purchasing a car, truck or RV wrap for you or your business, it comes down to one thing: how much do you want your business to be seen? With our in house graphic design, we make low, competitive prices and stay within your budget to get your new vehicle or fleet wrap on the street. A study from the American Trucking Association says that 91% of people notice words and pictures when displayed on trucks. By investing in a vehicle wrap, you are widening the area of impact of your advertising 3-fold. Houston Fleet Wrap | Vehicle Wrap Houston by BAYOU Graphix allows your company to advertise safely, without increasing your spending.

Vehicle Wraps offered by Houston Fleet Wrap Vehicle Wrap

We offer a wide range of car, truck and van wraps. It doesn t have to be a full vehicle wrap either. You can choose from a quarter wrap all the way up to a full car wrap. Whether you want to advertise your business, or just yourself, BAYOU Graphix Vehicle Wraps Houston has the options. We can wrap your car, truck, van, motorcycle, sport bike, semi-truck, scion, and even your boat! Vehicle wraps are one of the most popular out of home advertising methods in the market today. Whether you need BAYOU Graphix Houston Fleet Wrap or Vehicle Wrap Houston! For one car or a fleet of trucks or vans to wrap, contact us today and let us put your ideas in motion.

Company Fleet Assets Houston | Fleet Graphics and Vehicle Wraps Houston

Coca Cola Fleet Wrap BAYOU Graphix Customer

Think about the time your corporate fleet trucks spend on the road whether on a job, picking up material or grabbing lunch your custom fleet wrap graphics are out there letting prospective customers know about your business. Every vehicle in your fleet provides you with an opportunity to advertise your company. Whether it s a logo to reinforce your brand or a full coverage advertisement, your company will benefit from the power of fleet and corporate vehicle branding and graphics.

iWrap Graphix provides complete and comprehensive services for all of your fleet graphics solutions. Our capabilities include graphics, quick print and shipping services, design on the fly changes, and quality packaging and shipping.

iWrap Graphix | Nationwide Fleet Graphic Installation Services

The name and phone number of your business isn t enough in this competitive environment. You need to create a mobile billboard that turns some heads and grows your business. BAYOU Graphix creates customized fleet wraps and graphics that grab consumer attention and generate new customers whether you have one truck or fleet of hundreds! We offer a variety of vehicle graphics from full fleet truck and trailer wraps to partial wraps. All designed for maximum impact.

Ceva Fleet BAYOU Graphix Customer

Fleet and Vehicle graphics and corporate vehicle wraps represent a number of choices depending on what you want to accomplish. Often, gauging your competitive environment can influence your decision. If you’re the only plumber in town, your customers need to be reminded of how to reach you in a colorful, attention-getting manner. Fleet branding and identification and graphics present a forum second to none to provide mobile branding for your company.

Most small and medium size businesses operate in highly competitive environment. So consider Houston fleet wraps as a way to grab the attention of your prospective customers quickly. Fleet Graphics and corporate vehicle branding have far more staying power than just words. Fleet graphics tell the world who you are and how seriously you take your business and your customers loyalty. Whether you need van fleet graphics, trailer fleet graphics, or other services vehicles, we have you covered.

BAYOU Graphix | Vehicle Wraps Houston. 832-912-8200

Free Estimate Vehicle Wraps Houston

Environmental Science Degree Online – Bachelors of Science – University of Phoenix, what can you


Bachelor of Science in Environmental Science

This program is not available based on your location. Please edit your location above or search for an alternative program that is available in your current location.

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The Bachelor of Science in Environmental Science offers the interdisciplinary education you need to become a well-rounded professional and start making a difference in the world. With a science background, you can prepare for unique roles in government or the private sector, helping combat today’s environmental challenges.

This curriculum — through courses that cover current environmental events, concerns and controversies — will help you develop a deep understanding of how scientific principles and the environment impact each other. You’ll study topics like biology and chemistry and take courses that reveal the nuances of environmental issues like environmental law and risk assessment. Additionally, you’ll expand your critical thinking, information utilization and analytical skills.

If you’re looking to help governments or businesses tackle environmental issues or prepare to pursue a graduate degree, explore the program offerings and information below to see how this program can help.

Requirements and prerequisites

You’ll need XXX credits to complete this program, which may be earned from a combination of required and elected courses. However, required courses may vary based on previous experience, training or transferable credits. View general requirements.

There are no prerequisites for this course.

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Introduction to Environmental Sciences

00:17 Are you looking for a career that reflects that passion?

00:20 How much do you know about environmental science and its related careers?

00:24 Let’s explore the field and talk a little about what you can expect from a bachelor’s degree in environmental science from University of Phoenix.

00:31 Environmental science is an exciting area that brings together the natural sciences, environmental law, policy, and ethics to improve the way we interact with our world.

00:39 Throughout your degree program, you’ll learn about environmental protection, restoration, sustainable energy, and pollution control.

00:46 Increasing interest in environmental issues, combined with a growing need for sustainability, have expanded opportunities in this already thriving field.

00:54 Let’s take a look at some of the areas you’ll be learning about.

00:57 Ecology is the study of the interaction between living things and the environment.

01:02 Through research, ecologists provide vital information for the preservation and restoration of species and landscapes.

01:10 This basic information is essential for land managers and policymakers as they make decisions regarding species and ecological communities.

01:18 There is currently a huge need for this research.

01:20 Only 15 percent of species in the United States have been studied accurately enough to judge whether they’re endangered.

01:25 At a time when extinction rates are on the rise, understanding the ecology of species and landscapes is essential to their preservation and restoration. 01:34 A career in ecology might take you to a private consulting firm or government agency.

01:38 You may help monitor plant and animal communities, restore degraded landscapes, or provide data for construction and other projects to ensure they’re environmentally safe.

01:47 Keeping our environment safe isn’t always easy.

01:50 Pollution affects our ecosystem and human health.

01:54 Fortunately, efforts over the last 50 years, including the Clean Air and Clean Water Acts, have reduced the release of pollutants in the atmosphere and waterways.

02:02 Prior to the Clean Water Act, only one-third of waterways in the United States were clean enough to swim in. 02:07 Forty years after the act’s passage, 65 percent of waterways are safe for swimming.

02:12 This is thanks in part to the work of environmental scientists employed both by industry and agencies to ensure compliance with the law.

02:18 Jobs in pollution monitoring and mitigation include stormwater and wastewater management.

02:23 In these careers, you may guarantee compliance by collecting samples in the field for lab analysis.

02:28 Some positions focus on administrative roles, ensure that projects follow procedures and meet expectations.

02:35 You may even be asked to create a remediation plan for polluted sites. 02:39 Our society is dependent on energy.

02:41 Without energy, there can be no electricity, refrigeration, or transport. 02:46 Produce, meats and dairy, could not be shipped.

02:49 Businesses and hospitals could not operate effectively, and computers cannot function.

02:55 Energy is essential for our way of life.

02:58 Over half of our energy comes from nonrenewable fossil fuels, which contribute significantly to air pollution.

03:04 Coal fired power plants provide an incredible 40 percent of our electricity, making it the single biggest source of air pollution in the United States.

03:12 Our overdependence on nonrenewable sources has become more apparent in recent years.

03:17 When combined with the effects of global climate change, renewable clean energies such as hydropower, wind, and solar have become very attractive, but even these energy sources have their drawbacks.

03:27 Environmental scientists play a role in promoting such clean energies from their positions in industry, nonprofit organizations, and agencies.

03:36 Potential careers in energy include consulting about energy management and efficiency, as well as ensuring compliance with environmental regulations.

03:43 An environmental scientist is a critical thinker who analyzes problems, collects and interprets data, and works in teams.

03:51 You’ll learn how to improve these skills through collaborative and analytical projects.

03:55 As you pursue your degree, faculty will encourage you to think critically and holistically about environmental issues.

04:01 You’ll also receive a lab kit for chemistry to provide you with hands on experience in data collection and interpretation.

04:07 A degree in environmental science will allow you to use your passion for the environment in the best ways possible.

04:12 There are many opportunities in this field, and they can all make an impact in the protection of the environment.

Post Abortion Healing and Help, Post Abortion Stress Syndrome Support, what is it like to


what is it like to have an abortion

What is it like to have an abortion

What is it like to have an abortion

What is it like to have an abortion

What is it like to have an abortion

What is it like to have an abortion

What is it like to have an abortion

What is it like to have an abortion

What is it like to have an abortion

What is it like to have an abortion

What is it like to have an abortion

What is it like to have an abortion

What is it like to have an abortion

What is it like to have an abortion

What is it like to have an abortion

What is it like to have an abortion

What is it like to have an abortion

What is it like to have an abortion

What is it like to have an abortion

By age 45, 1 out of every 2.5 women in the United States has had at least one abortion!*

How you feel after an abortion should not be a ‘political’ or ‘religious’ issue – if you have a need for support, want to talk, or have emotional or physical problems, they should be treated just like the issues with any other medical procedure.

How many women are talking right now on the message boards? Hundreds! How many stories can you go read right now, that have information and answers to questions you might have about post-abortion recovery? Literally, millions! As of 2/23/2015, the message boards have over 2,779,557 posts and 38,687 members! Because we have members from around the world in many different time zones, there is always someone on-line either posting or chatting, and they’d be happy to talk with you! Even if you don’t want to talk, there are almost 2.5 million posts you can read through, to find comfort and support. You are not alone and your feelings are shared by thousands of women around the globe. Our boards cover every aspect of life after an abortion, and we have a lot of different topics to explore. Click Here to go join the message boards and find information and instant friends who truly understand!

For any questions or help with using this website, send an email to [email protected]

  • How to feel better after an abortion – Physical and Emotional Healing for the few days, weeks and months. – This book helps you through the physical and emotional recovery process in the first few days, weeks and months after an abortion. Based on the experiences shared by thousands of women at the Post Abortion Stress Support Website, online since 1998, you will read examples from women, and have guidelines on what is normal afterwards, such as how much cramping, and bleeding to expect, activity levels, and what to do and not to do while you are recovering. This book is also helpful if you are planning for an abortion. You can read through the guidelines ahead of time and be familiar with what will occur afterwards, and make yourself as prepared as you can be before your abortion.

  • How to feel better after an abortion – PASS Recovery Steps – This book is for women who had an abortion 3 months or more ago, and are not feeling better, and are having persistent problems with getting back to normal.
  • You can also buy a print version of the PASS Recovery Steps below, from Cafe’ Press. Individual Recovery Steps Workbook

    What is it like to have an abortion

    We have a special section on our message board system for women working on the Individual Recovery Steps. If you want help, have questions or need input or support on a particular step, please post at the Individual Recovery Steps Message Board.

    Is This A Pro-Choice Or Pro-Life Site?

    This site is neither, it is “Politically Neutral”, and is devoted to healing and recovery for women who’ve had abortions. This site does not endorse any political view about abortion, or endorse any specific religious view about abortion. It is strictly a neutral place of healing, information and support for women, their families and friends after an abortion. We treat this as a medical issue for women, not a political or religious one. Therefore at our message boards and chats there is no discussion allowed on prolife vs prochoice issues, judgement or questioning of women’s reasons, or discussions about the “morality” of abortion. If you choose to participate in our interactive groups, please respect our site policy on these issues. Our site is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization, and is not financed or supported by any political or religious groups. It is supported solely by the members at the message boards, and profits from the sale of products.

    What Is “Post Abortion Stress Syndrome?”

    Post Abortion Stress Syndrome (PASS) is the name for a condition that can affect women after an abortion. Just like any other condition, PASS does not affect every woman who has an abortion. Some women who have abortions feel peaceful about their decision beforehand, have a pain-free and physically easy experience, feel relieved afterwards, and then live the rest of their lives with no problems or regrets. Other women may have a different experience, and may have a more difficult time with the physical procedure itself, and the emotional and physical recovery process. Those who are affected can find themselves having problems with a common set of physical or emotional issues. After an abortion it’s possible that a woman will have some normal feelings of grief, guilt, sadness, crying and loss. If the feelings become severe, interfere with her daily activities, persist for a long period of time, or lead to other more serious problems, she may be suffering from PASS. Click Here for a list of detailed symptoms of PASS, lists of common problems, and more specific information.

    Doesn’t having PASS problems mean I am “prolife”, or “regret my decision”?”

    NO! PASS is a collection of physical and/or emotional issues that are common to women after an abortion. It is not expereinced only by women who are prolife, or who regret their abortion. There are plenty of prochoice women who have experienced PASS. There are also plenty of women who feel their abortion was the right choice, and don’t regret it, yet still have problems with PASS. PASS is a medical condition, and has nothing to do with politics or religion.

    What about you and the people who run this site?

    My view on abortion is neutral. The volunteers who help run this site and the message boards and chats have many different views – but the important thing is that everyone who helps out here has a strict devotion to neutrality, and our support and help is totally neutral. What is it like to have an abortion Click here to donate money directly to hosting costs for

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    What is it like to have an abortion

    What is it like to have an abortion