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7 easy ways to get more visitors to your retail website

Any retail consultant knows that more traffic to your brick and mortar retail store means more sales.

But when people ask me as a retail expert how they can attract more customers, they often forget about their website. And that is a big miss.

This simple fact has left a lot of smaller boutique retailers left in the dark when they should be thinking about how to attract more eyeballs to their websites. And by the way, I’m not talking an online store, I’m talking your website – your digital calling card.

If you don’t have a website by now, what on earth are you waiting for? I doubt this Internet thing is going away.

The most effective strategies to attract new customers to your site revolve around boosting your website’s placement in search engine rankings. This has been known as search engine optimization (SEO) and it’s a concept that causes many indie retailers to just throw up their hands in despair. Don’t.

What makes many of these tips easy is that they are just time to create the content, not expensive one-time-only marketing materials.

While it may be fun to play on Facebook, Pinterest or Twitter, that won’t help you attract new customers to your store in that moment they are looking for products you carry or services they are searching for on their phone, laptop or computer.

Being found on the ‘net is the realm of SEO professionals use complex analytics to exploit the methods used by search engines to rank results. While best practices are in a near-constant state of flux, here are seven simple ways you can get started on improving your website traffic volume without being an SEO expert.

Make sure the words you choose to put on your pages, your content, offers valuable information to visitors in search of the answer. Instead of just stating the simple facts about your business, you’re family run, blah, blah, blah or using discounts to try to sell your products, position your business as the solution to a problem the consumer is having. Describe your services in a way that answers their questions to position yourself as the expert. Use lots of “you” and little “we.” This is a very easy adjustment to make on your site, and it only requires that you remain conscious of your approach.

2. Update your website regularly

Just like customers search your retail store for what’s new, the search engines favor websites that have fresh, recently added content. The key here is to choose a web hosting service or site platform that allows you to update your site easily and often. The Retail Doctor is all built on WordPress and easy to maintain without being nickel and dimed by developers or the straight-jacketing by the free platforms.

3. Maintain a blog on your website

OK this isn’t the incredibly easy part but you should be the expert in your field. Just put your thoughts concisely in an article on timely topics that will attract new customers and keep your one-time visitors coming back. For example, if you run a retail clothing business, an article like “5 Must-Have Fashion Trends for Fall” is a good option.

You can run similar features seasonally, and if you provide your reader with value, he or she will keep coming back. Yes you can use Blogger and other sites but you want the blog to live on your site. That would mean you want to use WordPress.org which is self-hosted versus WordPress.com which hosts the blog.

Here’s the difference, self-hosted blogs get all the credit for hits directly for your website while the other gives the credit for all your hits to them. With self-hosted blogs you make your rankings go up, in the other you make their rankings go up. Make sense?

Oh yes, that also means adding fresh content at least once or twice per week.

4. Don’t always be selling

I know, from the guy who makes a significant part of his living doing retail sales training, I’m the last guy you’d think would say that. Here’s what I mean.

So many retailers sites scream price and product that nothing stands out. In the attempt to “sell” something to us you lose our interest because you are shouting either: a) We’re desperate and need the sale or b)We’re only interested in what you can do for us right now. The trick is coming up with content, features, articles and the rest that make your site, and by extension your brick and mortar store indispensable. Once you have that trust and interest, by all means, sell them.

You can use your blog to link to your website, but you should also include links in email newsletters to subscribers and on your social media feeds. Your goal is to build traffic to your website so you show up higher in results. This link building is very easy – all you have to do is add links to content across all the digital platforms you use. You can also comment on local news sites with a link to content on your site. This drives people ultimately to your retail store.

Submit your blog articles and website content to authoritative third-party sources of related information. Local news websites, industry-related blogs, consumer forums and online communities are all great places to re-post your blog articles and build links to your website. It replaces trying to send out a press release about an event – again your goal is to be the authority on home improvement if you are a hardware store or the expert on dog grooming, cooking or para-sailing. Your blog articles, if crafted to show that expertise in bite-sized posts becomes shareable.

7. Invest in professional writing and web design

This will improve the quality and relevance of your site content and make your website more appealing to visitors, both of which can help you generate higher traffic volumes without lifting a finger. Again, free is nice but if you want to attract more traffic to your brick and mortar store, you have to attract more traffic to your website.

These are by no means all the ways to attract customers to your website and then to your brick and mortar retail store but it sure beats sitting around wondering what you can do to attract customers.

Bob Phibbs / Bob Phibbs, the Retail Doctor, is a popular motivational speaker and small business Consultant who has transformed thousands of businesses throughout the world with his straightforward, proven advice. His success at making over businesses has been featured on PBS Life Times, in the Los Angeles Times, Entrepreneur magazine, and the New York Times.

Creating a New Retail Website #retail #jobs.com

#retail website


Creating a New Retail Website

Today most retail businesses have a website for their company. If you own a retail company and want to expand your marketing strategies to include a retail website, then you need to learn how to properly create one. This process will include finding the right website development software, signing up for a domain name and hosting service and designing the look of your online store.

Things You’ll Need

Website Design Software

Hosting Service Subscription

Merchant Credit Card Account

Create a New Retail Website

Buy your domain name and sign up for a hosting service. This is the first step of developing any type of commercial website. Usually the companies that offer domain registration will also offer hosting services. GoDaddy and Yahoo! both offer domain name registration and hosting services for retail businesses. When you select your domain name make sure it is as simple as possible and that it works for your retail business. For example, if your company name is “Bears and Dolls” then you will first want to see if www.bearsandolls.com is available. Other domain names that would work include www.bears-and-dolls.com and www.bears-and-dolls.net.

Select website design software for your retail website. Start with a basic website designing program like FrontPage. However, you can also utilize e-commerce templates. Template Monster offers a great selection of e-commerce templates that you can use when creating a new retail website. Finally, you will want to buy a shopping cart program. Volusion and 3D Cart offer some of the most respected shopping cart programs on the market.

Pull together a price list and a product description list that include all the items you plan on carrying on your retail website. You will be using both of these lists when setting up your retail website. For each item you want to host on your retail website you will need a clear color digital image. For more advanced websites you will want to include multiple photographs of each item, with special shots taken of important product details.

Use your website design software to create the basic layout of your new retail website. You will need to use the import image option to upload your product graphics to your website. Then use the text editing tools to name your products, assign them a product number and to enter a product description. Also make sure you assign each product a price.

Upload your shopping cart program to your hosting service. You will most likely need to set up a database of item numbers, prices and inventory. At this point you will also want to link your shopping cart program to your current merchant credit card account or to your Paypal account. This way, your customers will be able to make purchases online and the payments will be processed using these accounts.

Manage your retail website. To keep your retail website functional you will need to monitor orders, keep the inventory data up-to-date and you will need to add and modify text, graphics and supplemental information posted on your website periodically.


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    Korean Fashion Online Shopping Website | Korean Clothing

    Where Will Your Life Take You Today?

    Here at KOODING we know you love up-to-the minute style. From play to work to travel and beyond, you need fashions and lifestyle products that go everywhere you do with beauty, comfort, and affordability.

    Welcome to KOODING, the leading global provider of Korean fashion online.

    Looking for Korean dresses. Korean skirts. Korean shirts and blouses. Korean jeans. or Korean sweaters. We feature authentic Korean fashion clothing from high quality brands you love…names like Cherrykoko, Dabagirl, Liphop, Sugarfun and Cherryville.

    KOODING also carries a wide selection of clothing and accessories for special occasions. Come here first for cute maternity fashions, sleepwear and swimwear. We carry one of the most complete selections anywhere of innerwear and shapewear.

    In addition to a complete line of women’s clothing. bags. shoes. accessories. we also offer styles for men, children and the home.

    Need something special for your active life? You’ll find an inspiring collection of travel bags and tags, gifts, stationery, organizers, and tech accessories. We even have special clothing for your pet, so you and your furry friend can be the best dressed pair in town!

    KOODING makes it easy to enjoy the best Korean fashion online shopping experience anywhere. We offer fast, free worldwide shipping and returns. We pride ourselves on our 24-hour, best-in-class customer service. For your convenience, we offer secure payment options including all major credit cards, Paypal, and UnionPay.

    We are the total Korean fashion website. Our aim is to bring quality Korean fashions for everyone in the world. Check out our blog and other social media for inspiration.

    So get a cup of tea, take some time and browse the offerings of Korean fashion online at KOODING. We think you’ll agree we have everything you need to live your best, stylish life.

    From Our Blog

    Say hello to fall, our favorite season to cozy up in soft, comfy knitwear. Warm clothes are essential when it comes to tackling the colder season, and snug knitted pieces are perfect to create anything from casual to stylish outfits. Knitwear is a perennial trend in Korean fashion, and here at KOODING.com we’ve got plenty.

    There is one fabric we bet every fashionista has in her closet: denim. Super-versatile, easily dressed up or down, and always on trend- denim can be worn 24/7. So, since you already are a denim fan, here are the key Korean fashion pieces that will help you upgrade your fall wardrobe. Jeans This season is.

    True fact: online shopping has improved our fashion lives considerably. Being able to purchase anything from women’s street fashion to haute couture whether it’s 3 a.m. and we are fighting insomnia, or on our lunch break, is amazing. A fantastic mood booster, online shopping is massive all over the world. If you happen to have.

    Fast fashion is God’s gift to women. Trendy women, that is. The term refers to catwalk fashion designs that are quickly found in stores in order to capture the latest trends. This means that every spring and autumn Fashion Weeks from Paris to New York are the real inspiration behind fast fashion clothing collections. The.

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    How to Create a Coupon Website

    Consumers love coupons. One way to tap into this market to generate a revenue stream is to create a coupon website. It is surprisingly easy to do. One of the easiest ways is to use a WordPress theme called “Clipper.” Just because you can click and build a coupon website from the theme doesn’t mean that is all there is to be done. There are several things you also need to do that, while not complicated, will help make your site a success.

    Love the coupon, hide the tracking

    Themes are similar to the old templates, which is how most people built websites a decade ago. A theme is different because it gives unity to your pages without restricting them, and with a theme like Clipper, often comes bundled with targeted functions. Coupon Management Software (CMS) powers themes like Clipper. Its purpose is to drive buyers to product sites and to collect data on them. It is the latter that can make visitors run away before they click on anything. For this reason, you need to learn how to mask the domain name so you can replace the obvious CMS name with one of your own design.

    When you host coupons on your site you are engaged in an affiliate relationship with the product seller. This can take several different forms. You may get a small fee for everyone who clicks through from your site to the product. They may have to buy the product using the code you were given in order for you to be paid. Some affiliate programs are based in payment per visit, and not purchase. Your coupon website would have to get an awful lot of visitors each day that click on the links for that to be viable.

    Getting people to come back

    Unless you know you are going to generate a very high volume of daily unique traffic that will click and buy the first (and only time) they visit your site, when you create a coupon website you need to consider how you will gain loyalty with visitors so you become a first choice for coupons. There are two key ways to increase retention. The first is to add social media widgets when you create your coupon website so that as people find good deals they can share them with their friends. Also, you can give them a way to follow your site via social media and offer special flash deals. The second way is to create a blog to accompany the site. Blogging is very unique in what it can do to increase your traffic, retention and raise your search ranking.

    You would think that when you create a website and blog. the blog would talk about the coupons. That is not the case. You will gain better social standing with your visitors if you talk about the lifestyle that the products you are offering coupons for represents. By letting them creatively imagine living a certain life, your site becomes associated with its reality and the products listed become more attractive.

    RetailMeNot Website Coupon Codes #retail #wholesale

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    RetailMeNot Website Coupon Codes

    RetailMeNot is a website that has coupon codes for over 50,000 online stores. These coupon codes get you free products, free shipping and discounts on orders you make online.

    How To Find the Coupon Codes

    Visit RetailMeNot and type the name of the website you want to find a coupon code for in the search box and click Search .

    If there are coupon codes available, you ll see a section called Active Coupons .

    You ll see a percentage and the higher it is, the better chance the code will work. To the right of this you ll see the coupon code and description of what it can be used for.

    Under the active coupons, there may be a section called Unreliable Coupons. There s less of a chance that these coupon codes are valid but they may still work for you.

    How To Use the Coupon Codes

    Click on the coupon code that you want to use. This will copy the coupon code and open up a new window for the website you want to shop at.

    All websites work a little differently when applying coupon codes. Sometime during the checkout process, you ll find a place to enter the coupon code. You should see a recalculated order total reflecting your coupon code discount before you submit your order.

    If you have trouble applying the coupon code to your order, you can find more detailed directions on how to use coupon codes from Donna L Montaldo, Expert to Coupons/Bargains.

    How To Leave Feedback

    RetailMeNot works so well because visitors like you share how well a coupon code worked. You can click the green checkmark if the coupon code worked on your order or the red X if it didn t work. You can also leave a comment sharing your experience.

    How To Post New Coupon Codes

    If you know of a coupon code that isn t already listed at RetailMeNot, you can post the new coupon code so other shoppers can take advantage of it.

    Click on the yellow Share the love. box on the right side of the homepage to get the Share Your Coupon form. Enter the name of the store, type of code, code and discount details.

    Retail Focus -The industry leading magazine and website for retail design news, projects and opinions

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    Details 24 Oct Written by Lyndsey Dennis

    International luxury fashion house Viktor Rolf is showcasing some of its spectacular and avant-garde creations in a new exhibition developed in collaboration with the National Gallery of Victoria. Viktor Rolf: Fashion Artists opened on 21 October and will run until February 2017 at the NVG in Melbourne, Australia, exploring the brand’s career-defining ethos of wearable art.

    Details 24 Oct Written by Lyndsey Dennis

    Gift list provider The Wedding Shop has unveiled a luxurious new makeover and increased service offering at Selfridges on London’s Oxford Street. The company has created a dedicated space for its new GIFT LISTS service on the fourth floor, as well as a new retail space in Selfridges Home Department on the lower ground floor.

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    A pop-up space has been unveiled at Selfridges London in celebration of limited edition collection, All Saints Limited. Millington Associates worked alongside set designer Jack Flanagan who created the concept.

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    Frizzenti has opened a pop-up Fizz! Bar at Bluewater shopping centre in Kent for the festive season. Located in Bluewater’s Lower Guildhall, the bar will serve shoppers a range of cocktails, Frizzenti Prosecco and sparkling wines by the glass, on tap, as well as top quality coffee and pastries.

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    Japanese retailer MUJI opened its first store in Europe outside Liberty London in 1991, and is now celebrating its 25th anniversary with a series of events across Europe, inviting customers and fans of the brand to recall their all time favorites.

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    Company Overview

    Explore How It’s Made. The Ashley Way.

    Ashley Furniture Industries is the #1 Furniture Manufacturer in the World. But our products aren t the only heroes. The people of Ashley Furniture Industries also help this company truly define itself. Our team lives and breathes a “dirty fingernail” approach that breeds success unlike any other. And it gets the job done. That s what we re made of and what it means to be Ashley made.


    Furniture Design

    Ashley Furniture Industries in-house designers and engineers react quickly to consumer tastes, and have conquered the ability to make style and selection affordable. Talented and ambitious, they travel the world to gain an understanding of the latest trends and discover emerging materials, constructions and technologies.



    Residential Bedding, Case Goods, and Upholstered Furniture comprise the three major manufacturing divisions at Ashley Furniture Industries. that support our customer’s needs.


    Supply Chain

    Ashley Furniture Industries Global Supply Chain blends and optimizes domestic and foreign production efforts to the maximum benefit of our customers, providing quality products on time and at an exceptional value.


    Quality Control

    Our clear and comprehensive approach to improving the quality of our products adds to our reputation as a “World-Class Furniture Manufacturer”. Drawing from over 65 years of innovation, Ashley Furniture Industries has become the largest manufacturer of quality furniture products.


    Information Technology

    Ashley Furniture Industries information systems unite an expert staff with state of the art technology to serve internal and external business partners 24/7 across the globe.

    Webkinz Website Review #rapid #rewards #enrollment #promotion #code

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    Kids have to buy a Webkinz plush pet with a code to gain access to this website. There’s also a “deluxe” membership that allows kids access to extra features, which can be bought online after purchasing the plush pet. Ads for Webkinz products appear on almost every page, and third-party ads (for things like shoes and cell phones) appear on the site, too. Parents can block third-party ads for 30 days by locating the tucked-away turn-off button. All third-party ads still appear on the main login screen.

    Drinking, drugs, smoking

    Parents Need to Know

    Parents need to know that Webkinz allows kids to “adopt” their store-bought plush pet and care for it in an online virtual world for one year. Some of the games here are casino-style “pull-a-lever” games, while others are somewhat educational. Kids play them for points to buy stuff for their pet. Ads for Webkinz features and plush toys are plastered all over, and third-party ads (which can be shut off by parents for 30 days at a time) seem to populate the site now more than ever. Cheat codes for Webkinz are available online, so parents should talk to kids about how cheating online is the same as cheating in real life.

    User reviews

    Is it any good?

    This site is a favorite for many elementary school-age kids because of all of the colorful, fun things to do that mimic real-world responsibilities. It does promote shopping and spending — there are plenty of ways to earn and spend KinzCash (to buy clothes and furniture for the pet’s room), on- and off-line. The ads for Webkinz products and other third-party ads are all over the place, and the site doesn’t make it easy for parents to find where to turn the third-party ads off. Overall, Webkinz is slightly educational and mostly fun, which adds up for lots of repeat visits. Time limits are a must.

    Online interaction: Kids can participate in KinzChat, which is a controlled, pre-scripted chat that prevents kids from sharing personal information. In regular KinzChat, you can only chat with others in games, unless you know your friends’ — then you can mail letters to them, and visit their Webkinz online “house.” Even in KinzChat PLUS, which is a filtered chat that parents must approve, members can report other members who aren’t chatting age-appropriately.

    Families can talk about.

    Kids may be tempted to play in virtual worlds for long periods of time. Families can also talk about setting computer time limits .

    Families can talk about the prevalence of cheating and how Webkinz secrets and cheat codes are offered freely on the Internet. Ask your kid whether they think it’s OK to use cheat codes in a virtual world.

    Love Hate relationship with this game.

    As in my kids LOVE it. and I hate it. I first bought a webkinz toy as a b-day gift for my daughter. My kids love stuffed animals to death, so stuffed animal gifts are pretty common around here. I did not even REALIZE the whole online aspect of the toy when I first bought it, though it does help explain the price of such a small stuffed animal, lol. So my daughter gets it, falls in love with it, shows me the tag with the online code etc. that I totally failed to notice when I purchased it. (this is when I think, Oh cool! Bonus! She can play online games with this thing too! ) So feeling pretty good about my purchase I get her set up online, and she goes to town. At first I did not mind it so much, the music is a little annoying but I thought it was pretty cool that you have to buy things to take care of your pet (like you would in real life!). but the consumerism of the game really drives me nuts at times. I almost feel like they are tyring to brainwash kids into spending, spending, spending! Creating the NEXT generation of people who spend beyond their means and live in massive debt. On one hand, this can be a GREAT learning tool. As in how NOT to live real life, how to SAVE money, etc. (though I see no incentive in this game TO save. ONLY to BUY that really super expensive exclusive item. Yep that is right, they are teaching exclusivity too!) On the other hand, how many parents are using it as a teaching tool? Another thing I don t like about it is how EASY it is for them to get this kinz cash. Go work a job for like ten seconds and you have a full paycheck. Or go play a game to earn cash? (not just a little cash, but like thousands of dollars for a quick game!) Better yet, buy something and resell it for a super high price? All so these kids can earn obnoxious amounts of money to buy obnoxiously priced goods! (lets get them used to seeing a $95 price tag on a dress and buying it. So what? So when WE go shopping in the real world this looks like a reasonable price to my daughter. Or so they have no appreciation for how hard most people have to work for that kind of money. ) THIS is not how the real world works. You have to WORK for your money (well, for most people anyway, unless you have managed to have others work for your money or have your money work for your money!) playing games to win money is a form of gambling and if you buy something you do not get to resell it for loads of cash (you can try, but no one in their right mind will BUY it from you in the REAL world, lol) Add all these things to the annoying nature of the music ect. (if I hear that I wanna run, run, run. run. horse song one more time. ) it makes it REALLY hard for me to want to sit and teach my kids anything with this game. (though I fully admit there are some really good life lessons here to be learned) My daughter has 2 cousins and 1 real life friend she chats with on this game. I let her do it, because they all love it and its a time for them to chat and have fun. (and as my head is splitting from annoyance, I smile and pretend its all good while I try to teach her the lessons to be learned from this game. because, sigh, she is my daughter. and she loves this annoying game.) Now I make it a point to monitor this game with super vigilance, because quite honestly, I think this game unmonitored can be more harmful in the long run to a kid than other games that look far less innocent. (and I am not even getting into the whole buy more stuffed animals or deluxe membership etc. consumerism) But I actually heard an exchange between my daugher and her cousin (they were on speaker phone while both playing online, because like I said, this game needs monitoring) talking about, Sell your pets MEDICINE AND CAN OF SOUP to buy me that video game. And my daugher was going to do it, because you can! Can you imagine what this game could do to kids if left to play unmonitored. I think it is horrible. I understand that these are just kids playing, but I do not think you are doing your kid any favors by encouraging them to play things that allow them to earn easy money (hence giving little appreciation for how hard most people actually DO work. especially in this economy!) so they can spend, spend, spend. Go play games to earn money (umm, prelude to gambling?) so they can spend some more. Oh and lets not forget, go to fashion shows where other kids online can tell them how great or how ugly their clothing choices are. ugh. For me, the cons outweigh the pros. I think there are more constructive ways (that I find FAR less irritating) for my kids to spend their time learning these lessons. If they need some mind numbing down time, I think there are better ways to do this too without all the potentially negative influance.

    What other families should know

    Too much consumerism

    Common Sense is the nation’s leading independent non-profit organization dedicated to empowering kids to thrive in a world of media and technology. Families, educators, and policymakers turn to Common Sense for unbiased information and trusted advice to help them learn how to harness the positive power of media and technology for all kids.

    Common Sense, and Common Sense Media are registered trademarks, and Common Sense Education, Common Sense Kids Action, and other associated names and logos are trademarks of Common Sense Media, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization (FEIN 41-2024986).

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    Samsung Expands Smartwatch Portfolio with Gear S3

    Samsung Gear S3 delivers a sophisticated, timeless design and enhanced standalone features August 31, 2016

    Samsung to Acquire Viv, The Next Generation Artificial Intelligence Platform

    Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd. today announced that it has agreed to acquire Viv Labs, Inc. the intelligent interface to everything. October 6, 2016

  • French Paralympian and World Record Holder, Arnaud Assoumani, Visits The Samsung Galaxy Studio in Olympic Park to Try Samsung’s Mobile Accessibility Technology

    French Long Jumper, Arnaud Assoumani, visited the Samsung Galaxy Studio in Olympic Park on Thursday, September 15th. September 15, 2016

  • Spain’s Most-Decorated Paralympian, Teresa Perales, Visits The Samsung Galaxy Studio in Olympic Park to Experience Samsung’s Mobile Technologies

    22x Paralympic Medalist from Spain, Teresa Perales, visited the Samsung Galaxy Studio in Olympic Park on Wednesday, September 14th. Teresa, the most decorated athlete in Spain, took a tour of the Galaxy Studio and experienced Samsung’s latest mobile products such as Galaxy S7 / Galaxy S7 edge and Gear VR immersive technologies. September 14, 2016

  • First-Time Paralympic Medalist From Kazakhstan, Zufiya Gabibullina, Visits The Samsung Galaxy Studio in Olympic Park

    Paralympic medalist from Kazakhstan, Zufiya Gabibullina, visited the Samsung Galaxy Studio in Olympic Park on Tuesday, September 13th. September 13, 2016

  • Paralympic Medalist From Brazil, Ver nica Hip lito, Visits The Samsung Galaxy Studio in Olympic Park

    Brazilian T38 Sprinter, Ver nica Hip lito visited the Samsung Galaxy Studio in Olympic Park on Tuesday, September 13th. September 13, 2016

    • Samsung to Acquire Viv, The Next Generation Artificial Intelligence Platform

      French Paralympian and World Record Holder, Arnaud Assoumani, Visits The Samsung Galaxy Studio in Olympic Park to Try Samsung’s Mobile Accessibility Technology

      Spain’s Most-Decorated Paralympian, Teresa Perales, Visits The Samsung Galaxy Studio in Olympic Park to Experience Samsung’s Mobile Technologies

      First-Time Paralympic Medalist From Kazakhstan, Zufiya Gabibullina, Visits The Samsung Galaxy Studio in Olympic Park

      Paralympic Medalist From Brazil, Ver nica Hip lito, Visits The Samsung Galaxy Studio in Olympic Park

      Samsung Continues to Celebrate Paralympic Games Spirit of Ability with Support of #FilltheSeats Campaign