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Kids have to buy a Webkinz plush pet with a code to gain access to this website. There’s also a “deluxe” membership that allows kids access to extra features, which can be bought online after purchasing the plush pet. Ads for Webkinz products appear on almost every page, and third-party ads (for things like shoes and cell phones) appear on the site, too. Parents can block third-party ads for 30 days by locating the tucked-away turn-off button. All third-party ads still appear on the main login screen.

Drinking, drugs, smoking

Parents Need to Know

Parents need to know that Webkinz allows kids to “adopt” their store-bought plush pet and care for it in an online virtual world for one year. Some of the games here are casino-style “pull-a-lever” games, while others are somewhat educational. Kids play them for points to buy stuff for their pet. Ads for Webkinz features and plush toys are plastered all over, and third-party ads (which can be shut off by parents for 30 days at a time) seem to populate the site now more than ever. Cheat codes for Webkinz are available online, so parents should talk to kids about how cheating online is the same as cheating in real life.

User reviews

Is it any good?

This site is a favorite for many elementary school-age kids because of all of the colorful, fun things to do that mimic real-world responsibilities. It does promote shopping and spending — there are plenty of ways to earn and spend KinzCash (to buy clothes and furniture for the pet’s room), on- and off-line. The ads for Webkinz products and other third-party ads are all over the place, and the site doesn’t make it easy for parents to find where to turn the third-party ads off. Overall, Webkinz is slightly educational and mostly fun, which adds up for lots of repeat visits. Time limits are a must.

Online interaction: Kids can participate in KinzChat, which is a controlled, pre-scripted chat that prevents kids from sharing personal information. In regular KinzChat, you can only chat with others in games, unless you know your friends’ — then you can mail letters to them, and visit their Webkinz online “house.” Even in KinzChat PLUS, which is a filtered chat that parents must approve, members can report other members who aren’t chatting age-appropriately.

Families can talk about.

Kids may be tempted to play in virtual worlds for long periods of time. Families can also talk about setting computer time limits .

Families can talk about the prevalence of cheating and how Webkinz secrets and cheat codes are offered freely on the Internet. Ask your kid whether they think it’s OK to use cheat codes in a virtual world.

Love Hate relationship with this game.

As in my kids LOVE it. and I hate it. I first bought a webkinz toy as a b-day gift for my daughter. My kids love stuffed animals to death, so stuffed animal gifts are pretty common around here. I did not even REALIZE the whole online aspect of the toy when I first bought it, though it does help explain the price of such a small stuffed animal, lol. So my daughter gets it, falls in love with it, shows me the tag with the online code etc. that I totally failed to notice when I purchased it. (this is when I think, Oh cool! Bonus! She can play online games with this thing too! ) So feeling pretty good about my purchase I get her set up online, and she goes to town. At first I did not mind it so much, the music is a little annoying but I thought it was pretty cool that you have to buy things to take care of your pet (like you would in real life!). but the consumerism of the game really drives me nuts at times. I almost feel like they are tyring to brainwash kids into spending, spending, spending! Creating the NEXT generation of people who spend beyond their means and live in massive debt. On one hand, this can be a GREAT learning tool. As in how NOT to live real life, how to SAVE money, etc. (though I see no incentive in this game TO save. ONLY to BUY that really super expensive exclusive item. Yep that is right, they are teaching exclusivity too!) On the other hand, how many parents are using it as a teaching tool? Another thing I don t like about it is how EASY it is for them to get this kinz cash. Go work a job for like ten seconds and you have a full paycheck. Or go play a game to earn cash? (not just a little cash, but like thousands of dollars for a quick game!) Better yet, buy something and resell it for a super high price? All so these kids can earn obnoxious amounts of money to buy obnoxiously priced goods! (lets get them used to seeing a $95 price tag on a dress and buying it. So what? So when WE go shopping in the real world this looks like a reasonable price to my daughter. Or so they have no appreciation for how hard most people have to work for that kind of money. ) THIS is not how the real world works. You have to WORK for your money (well, for most people anyway, unless you have managed to have others work for your money or have your money work for your money!) playing games to win money is a form of gambling and if you buy something you do not get to resell it for loads of cash (you can try, but no one in their right mind will BUY it from you in the REAL world, lol) Add all these things to the annoying nature of the music ect. (if I hear that I wanna run, run, run. run. horse song one more time. ) it makes it REALLY hard for me to want to sit and teach my kids anything with this game. (though I fully admit there are some really good life lessons here to be learned) My daughter has 2 cousins and 1 real life friend she chats with on this game. I let her do it, because they all love it and its a time for them to chat and have fun. (and as my head is splitting from annoyance, I smile and pretend its all good while I try to teach her the lessons to be learned from this game. because, sigh, she is my daughter. and she loves this annoying game.) Now I make it a point to monitor this game with super vigilance, because quite honestly, I think this game unmonitored can be more harmful in the long run to a kid than other games that look far less innocent. (and I am not even getting into the whole buy more stuffed animals or deluxe membership etc. consumerism) But I actually heard an exchange between my daugher and her cousin (they were on speaker phone while both playing online, because like I said, this game needs monitoring) talking about, Sell your pets MEDICINE AND CAN OF SOUP to buy me that video game. And my daugher was going to do it, because you can! Can you imagine what this game could do to kids if left to play unmonitored. I think it is horrible. I understand that these are just kids playing, but I do not think you are doing your kid any favors by encouraging them to play things that allow them to earn easy money (hence giving little appreciation for how hard most people actually DO work. especially in this economy!) so they can spend, spend, spend. Go play games to earn money (umm, prelude to gambling?) so they can spend some more. Oh and lets not forget, go to fashion shows where other kids online can tell them how great or how ugly their clothing choices are. ugh. For me, the cons outweigh the pros. I think there are more constructive ways (that I find FAR less irritating) for my kids to spend their time learning these lessons. If they need some mind numbing down time, I think there are better ways to do this too without all the potentially negative influance.

What other families should know

Too much consumerism

Common Sense is the nation’s leading independent non-profit organization dedicated to empowering kids to thrive in a world of media and technology. Families, educators, and policymakers turn to Common Sense for unbiased information and trusted advice to help them learn how to harness the positive power of media and technology for all kids.

Common Sense, and Common Sense Media are registered trademarks, and Common Sense Education, Common Sense Kids Action, and other associated names and logos are trademarks of Common Sense Media, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization (FEIN 41-2024986).

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Samsung Expands Smartwatch Portfolio with Gear S3

Samsung Gear S3 delivers a sophisticated, timeless design and enhanced standalone features August 31, 2016

Samsung to Acquire Viv, The Next Generation Artificial Intelligence Platform

Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd. today announced that it has agreed to acquire Viv Labs, Inc. the intelligent interface to everything. October 6, 2016

  • French Paralympian and World Record Holder, Arnaud Assoumani, Visits The Samsung Galaxy Studio in Olympic Park to Try Samsung’s Mobile Accessibility Technology

    French Long Jumper, Arnaud Assoumani, visited the Samsung Galaxy Studio in Olympic Park on Thursday, September 15th. September 15, 2016

  • Spain’s Most-Decorated Paralympian, Teresa Perales, Visits The Samsung Galaxy Studio in Olympic Park to Experience Samsung’s Mobile Technologies

    22x Paralympic Medalist from Spain, Teresa Perales, visited the Samsung Galaxy Studio in Olympic Park on Wednesday, September 14th. Teresa, the most decorated athlete in Spain, took a tour of the Galaxy Studio and experienced Samsung’s latest mobile products such as Galaxy S7 / Galaxy S7 edge and Gear VR immersive technologies. September 14, 2016

  • First-Time Paralympic Medalist From Kazakhstan, Zufiya Gabibullina, Visits The Samsung Galaxy Studio in Olympic Park

    Paralympic medalist from Kazakhstan, Zufiya Gabibullina, visited the Samsung Galaxy Studio in Olympic Park on Tuesday, September 13th. September 13, 2016

  • Paralympic Medalist From Brazil, Ver nica Hip lito, Visits The Samsung Galaxy Studio in Olympic Park

    Brazilian T38 Sprinter, Ver nica Hip lito visited the Samsung Galaxy Studio in Olympic Park on Tuesday, September 13th. September 13, 2016

    • Samsung to Acquire Viv, The Next Generation Artificial Intelligence Platform

      French Paralympian and World Record Holder, Arnaud Assoumani, Visits The Samsung Galaxy Studio in Olympic Park to Try Samsung’s Mobile Accessibility Technology

      Spain’s Most-Decorated Paralympian, Teresa Perales, Visits The Samsung Galaxy Studio in Olympic Park to Experience Samsung’s Mobile Technologies

      First-Time Paralympic Medalist From Kazakhstan, Zufiya Gabibullina, Visits The Samsung Galaxy Studio in Olympic Park

      Paralympic Medalist From Brazil, Ver nica Hip lito, Visits The Samsung Galaxy Studio in Olympic Park

      Samsung Continues to Celebrate Paralympic Games Spirit of Ability with Support of #FilltheSeats Campaign

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    Complete Ecommerce Website Builder

    Easily Manage Products

    Create detailed product listings with images, videos and more. Prevent headaches by always knowing how many items you have in stock. Simply enter your product count and our innovative tools will precisely monitor your inventory levels, even providing alerts when you’re running low.

    more shoppers

    Built-in marketing, social media and SEO tools let you promote your business and drive more customers to your store. Optimize your content, post to social networks, send emails and create daily deals, all from inside your admin. More about Marketing Services »

    Helpful Payment & Order Processing

    Make it easy for your customers to purchase by accepting all major credit cards. Also, offer other convenient payment options like PayPal and Google Wallet. As the orders roll in, you can quickly process payments, update stock and manage your shipping options.

    Stay Connected 24×7

    Our native iOS, Android and smartwatch apps make it easier than ever to manage your store on-the-go. Process orders, view real-time sales results, add/edit products and even contact customers with our mobile and smartwatch apps.

    What our customers are saying

    Red Fox chose to hire Volusion to complete a custom site build prior to our launch in December of 2013. It is one of the best decisions we’ve made as a start-up business.

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    As a retail business owner, one of the most important business decisions you will make these days is whether to sell or promote your product online. It can be a costly process and very time consuming with a lot of pitfalls. At Jigsaw Design, we will make this process as easy and painless as it can possibly be by guiding you through the entire e-commerce process, setting up merchant accounts and secure certificates. Another frustration with e-commerce sites is the limitations of out-of-the-box e-commerce solutions. This is why Jigsaw Design only builds custom e-commerce websites built to your specifications, taking away any limitations other e-commerce products have in place.

    With our custom e-commerce solutions, you will have the ability to receive and process orders online, add a resellers login section with alternate pricing, customer database so returning customers can login and check on past orders or purchase with stored payment details. You, the client, will be able to add/edit/delete products, as well as add/edit/delete content via a custom content management system that can be securely logged onto from any web browser.

    Not all retail businesses have a need for e-commerce. For some businesses, selling their products online is impractical. Our retail website design services can work with you to find the way to best promote your products or retail store online to generate foot traffic to your brick and mortar business. This is done by effectively showing your product and location and plugging in easy-to-find maps with directions so people can easily find your location.

    Recent Retail Website Design Samples

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    Unlike most websites, when designing a website for a restaurant, the sole purpose is to get people in the door. With this in mind, Jigsaw Design will create a website that not only recreates the atmosphere of your location, but also gives enough information so the customer knows what to expect when they arrive and, more importantly, they will know how to get there.

    The four main elements to a successful restaurant website are to: recreate the atmosphere, show menus, customer reviews and location.

    Recreate the atmosphere This is done by duplicating the colors used inside the restaurant and showing happy customers, as well as showing high quality images of the food.

    Show menus Every restaurant website should show an up-to-date menu as well as wine and beer lists. This whets the customers appetite and hungry people tend to make decisions based on what their stomach wants.

    Customer reviews A lot of restaurant websites make the mistake of linking to 3rd party websites to show reviews instead of having the best reviews on their own website. This is a mistake because, on a 3rd party website, people have the ability to write anything, including bad reviews. It is better to have no reviews than bad reviews.

    Location Another mistake some websites make (and not just restaurant websites) is having standard directions on their website instead of an interactive map that will give the user turn by turn directions right to your door. Not only does this give more detailed directions, but also allows the user to plan for parking. Showing this kind of consideration on your website gives the user a sense that they will get this same standard of treatment when they arrive to eat.

    At Jigsaw Design, we will create your restaurant website in such a way that it will, not only be positioned high on search engines, but also turn your website visitors into patrons.

    Recent Restaurant Website Design Samples

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    Website Design for Retail Industry

    Submitted by agreen on Thu, 09/13/2012 – 15:50

    In today’s world, an effective website design and online strategy is a crucial ingredient to achieve success in the Retail industry. The website is your online storefront to the world and is one of the most important marketing assets of your company. When designed correctly, your website will quickly generate positive returns for your business by lifting your brand profile and increasing your customers.

    Whether marketing the retail experience to the time poor online shopper or to the discerning real-world shopper – the experience needs to be both enjoyable and safe.

    Retailers – whether eCommerce or real world, have a big job to do. They need to create buyer excitement, while simultaneously conveying large amounts of information in a clear and concise manner. Be it an eCommerce shopping site, or an online product catalogue, your retail website also needs to draw shopper loyalty.

    Online shoppers should enjoy browsing the virtual shopping precinct while making their selections and then proceeding with ease and confidence to the secure, yet frustration free e-commerce check-out.

    Real world shoppers should enjoy the same seamless, safe shopping experience, after planning their shopping trip online. They can then proceed with ease to their local store; locate a convenient parking spot, find that favourite shop or grab a bargain and know when and where to find entertainment, baby change and disabled facilities.

    Infinity makes all this possible using our Magento eCommerce website solutions. We can provide creative, dynamic website solutions for both online and real world retailers. Our retail clients include:

    We offer training to help manage all aspects of online retailing and can provide you with business and marketing advice to help launch and direct your eCommerce retail business.

    We can also provide:

    • Online eCommerce Strategy
    • Magento Website Design and Development
    • Systems Integration (ERP, Accounting, Shipping providers, POS, CRM, Email Marketing, Payment Gateway)
    • Secure Payment Options
    • Online Advertising including SEO, PPC and Social Media, Mobile Friendly sites, Reporting and more
    • Advise Suitable Web Hosting Solutions

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    Retail Website Designers

    If you are looking for a new website for your retail shop from professional retail website designers then look no further!

    With online retail sales soaring it is imperative that you have an e-commerce shop that generates sales online and also drives customers through the door with promotions and discounts.

    Being in Retail you’ll understand the value of time better than anyone. There’s never enough hours in the day to manage the day to day running of your shop, plan staffing and promotions, let alone ensure your digital marketing is working as hard as it can for you. So let Fat Media help.

    Recently awarded Lancashire’s Creative Business of the Year, we are used to generating award-winning e-commerce websites for the retail sector that drive sales.

    We have over 600 clients in the UK and are happy to travel to you, where ever you are, to help you with your retail website design, development, marketing, website, advertising or even your social media campaigns.

    We use the latest e-commerce content management systems that can integrate with your internal stock management or CRM systems to ensure seamless data flow.

    Our team of over 120 website design and marketing specialists offer the full range of proactive, marketing and web design services for your shop. For those who want to expand, our e-commerce sites are second to none and allow you to trade at any time of the day or night and we have great experience in helping retailers export online in different countries too!

    Lots of sites with clear instructions and easy payment methods get our retail website design clients great sales in Europe as long as the online value proposition is correct for each target country.

    Think of your retail e-commerce website as a virtual extension of your terrestrial shop and an easy way to generate more sales and ultimately more revenue! Your new website can let your customers know about special offers and promotions, your opening times and location and also drive more people in through your doors. 91% of the top retail sites use email marketing campaigns to keep in touch with their customers and we have sent email marketing campaigns for clients such as Conlons Opticians, Gamestation and even Europe’s largest retailer of dice and games, The Dice Shop.

    A successful regular email marketing campaign is simple to achieve, doesn’t take much time or investment and is something that Fat Media can handle on your behalf. Also, our bespoke retail website designs are easily updateable and easy to use for both yourselves and your customers.

    Call one of the team on 020 3340 5198 to see how Fat Media can make your retail website work better for you without breaking the bank.

    Contact Us Today

    Fat Media have been an absolute pleasure to work with. They are experts at what they do and have offered guidance, advice and a fantastic service. Our website is now something that we are proud to show off, and the design really reflects who we are and what we want to show our members and visitors.”

    Downtown in Business Head of Marketing Communications, Mark Asquith, Downtown in Business

    Fat Media is a specialist website design and digital marketing company recognised by top British corporations as the ‘go to’ company for high-end website design and development and tactical digital marketing campaigns.

    Based in the North West, the team of over 90 digital marketing experts display an impressive range of skills in website design, programming, SEO and digital marketing.

    Our results-driven approach to website design, development and digital marketing embraces the crucial concept of listening to and understanding clients’ aims and desires.

    And through this principle, working with clients as an extension of their marketing teams, we consistently deliver dynamic and effective digital marketing campaigns that get results.

    We provide all digital marketing services including website design, content management systems. ecommerce systems, web apps, i-phone apps, bespoke software development, hosting. email marketing, viral games, search engine optimisation, social media marketing, pay per click marketing, affiliate marketing, flash animation, digital marketing consultancy and branding and print design.

    We are proud of our high-powered client list of more than 700 national and regional companies that include Lakeland, Warburtons, NHS, Lancaster University and Yotel.

    We take great pride in the knowledge that the majority of our new client work is triggered by recommendation as it shows our clients appreciate what we do for them.

    But there is no room for complacency and we believe passionately that our ‘can do’ mentality sets us apart. From day one, our philosophy was simple; to meet with all clients face-to-face and design websites of the highest quality possible using the latest technology.

    To achieve this we research numerous industries to ensure we not only understand our clients but also their marketplace. From producing website design and development work to such a high standard also comes recognition in the form of industry awards and we have won dozens of awards for our websites and also won Creative Business of the Year at the Red Rose Awards.

    We are proud to be early adopters of the latest technology and keep ahead of the competition by continually developing our advanced content management systems which give our clients the ability to edit every aspect of their website. We are also using new technology such as HTML 5 and CSS 3 which benefits our client’s websites both from a visual and interactive perspective.

    We also constantly seek to improve our knowledge of website design, digital marketing tactics, content management systems, IT infrastructure and search engine optimisation skills. Another reason to choose us is that we have hand-picked people who, of course, have the expected level of technical abilities but, more importantly, have excellent communication skills.

    Most companies in the web design industry have a marketing team who are client facing and a technical team who are not but we decided at an early stage to buck this trend to ensure all team members go out and see clients to build long and lasting relationships.

    This ensures that all digital marketing team members can liaise directly with our clients throughout the whole website design or digital marketing campaign process. This enables us to deliver website projects ahead of deadlines and results in our clients getting the most return on investment from each campaign.

    We have also instilled a real culture of wanting to deliver results for our client’s websites. This involves all members of the team showing initiative and having the right and the ability to challenge the way in which things are done to provide our clients with the best possible website design or digital marketing service every time. Creating this desire to innovate within the team has paid dividends for our clients and we now have a reputation for being truly ahead of the game.

    We insist on adopting a completely bespoke and personal approach, tailoring all website or mobile products and services to suit an individual customer’s needs. To successfully achieve this though we take the following approach:

    • Developing a detailed understanding of a client’s needs from the initial contact/phone call – the team who take first calls are well trained to extract detailed information
    • A guaranteed face-to-face visit with prospective clients, regardless of size, by a senior member of staff to understand thoroughly the nature of the work and needs
    • Taking a good, solid, reliable brief to enable the digital marketing consultants and web designers to undertake their job right first time
    • Researching potential clients’ organisations, their target markets and competitors prior to first presentation – this may well include a focus group approach
    • Regular communication throughout creative and production stages
    • Thorough evaluation of the results of every digital marketing campaign

    We are also proud of why clients choose us for services in Website Design, Content Management Systems. E-commerce website design, Bespoke Development, Hosting. Email Marketing, Viral Games, Search Engine Optimisation, Social Media Marketing, Pay Per Click Marketing, Flash Animation, Digital marketing consultancy and Branding and Print Design.

    We work nationally with hundreds of website design and development clients in Lancashire, Cumbria, Manchester, Cheshire, Lincolnshire, Yorkshire and nearly every other county in the UK.

    We also work nationally with many public sector organisations on website design and digital marketing projects.

    From viral games for NHS Yorkshire to Road Safety websites for Cumbria, Lancashire and Cheshire, we have delivered hundreds of successful digital marketing projects for the public sector and fully adhere to all necessary brand guidelines and accessibility requirements.

    The reasons are simple as we have;

    • An enviable reputation for customer service excellence
    • Outstanding cutting edge technical skills which are constantly updated
    • An open and positive team culture which encourages fresh creative thinking
    • A strong reputation as a caring employer
    • Rolling investment in team development
    • Care for the community – supporting many local charities

    Call us on 01524 548948 to see how we can help you get more from your website and digital marketing.

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    This site is a job board specifically for jobs in retail positions. Users may use a job search tool to search the site for jobs by location, category and keyword. Search results may be further refined by distances ranging from five to one hundred-fifty miles. Users may also browse from a list of general categories.
    The home page displays a brief overview of the company under the heading of ‘Who We Are’. A link list of ‘Recommended Jobs’ near the user’s location is also displayed with a ‘see all jobs’ link. Attempting to view all jobs leads user to a registration page where they are informed this feature is only available to members.
    Company logos are displayed under ‘Now Hiring’ and leads to a description of the company and a link list of available job openings. Specific job pages include the type of position, the job location address, and candidate requirements when applicable. An ‘Apply’ button is displayed but no further information can be accessed without becoming a member. Some job listings display a website address to apply directly to the company, or suggest an applicant apply at a local store.
    Registered users may save job searches and post resumes. Registered employers may list open positions.

    Google Analytics is a free tool which gives you possibility to analyze the statistics on your website, ie: the number of visitors to your website, traffic sources. the time spent by visitors on your website, etc. Google Analytics also allows you to collect data on conversion rates and ROI.

    Google Webmaster Tools

    Google Webmaster Tools is a free tool which provides webmasters with detailed reports about their site and its visibility in the Google search engine. It also gives you the possibility to verify positions of individual phrases, indexing service and possible errors encountered when pages are indexed. Google Webmaster Tools also provides information about the pages that contain links to your site.

    JQuery is a library designed for JavaScript language to facilitate its use. It allows you to create effective animations, perform AJAX queries, and create galleries, banners, slide shows, etc.

    jQuery UI is the official library of user interface used in jQuery. It provides a variety of patterns, themes, and advanced and multi-level effects, which are necessary for creating web applications.

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    Welcome to Diamond Comic Distributors’ Retailer Services Website!

    Welcome to Diamond online Retailer Services Area, your entry point to the many web-based services offered by Diamond Comic Distributors, including online ordering, data files, breaking news, art downloads and much more!

    Whether you’ve decided to sell comic books as your core product line, or as a sideline to your store’s existing entertainment product lines, you’re about to enter a highly lucrative arena. The universal consumer recognition of many comic-book and pop-culture characters means that you already have a massive pre-sold audience and Diamond is uniquely qualified to deliver these products and consumers to you!

    Founded in 1982, Diamond is the world s largest distributor of English-language comic books, graphic novels and related pop culture merchandise. It s also the exclusive distributor to the comic book specialty market for Dark Horse Comics, DC Comics, Image Comics and Marvel Comics, as well as many others. Diamond’s three Distribution Centers, 14 drop-ship/local pick-up points in North America and its United Kingdom facility are strategically positioned to deliver all of these products and a multitude of services to support them to your store.

    • Interested in becoming a Diamond customer? Explore the sections at left to learn how!
    • Already a Diamond customer? Click here to login

    Thank you for doing business with Diamond. We look forward to serving you!

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    Explosion of colors by Ice-Watch

    Ice-Watch causes an avalanche of colors around the globe: Kolorów Festiwal in Poland, Color me Rad 5k by Ice-Watch in France, The Colour Run Beijing in China.


    Discover the delicious world of the Ice-Chamallow collection. Four vibrant, super-trendy colours (neon blue, cockatoo, neon pink and purple) combined with orange hands that contrast and even slightly clash with the dial.


    Ice-Watch continues to establish presence in the world’s most prestigious cities. We recently opened several new stores in Japan, Malaysia, and Germany. Today we have 11 Flagship stores, 78 Ice-Stores and 56 Kiosks around the world.

    New Flagship store in Osaka (Japan)

    Ice-Watch brand sets a new Flagship store in Osaka. You were many to join us for the event and discover the identity and the universe of our new collections.

    Premium Partner of BMW Motorsport

    Show off your passion for sporty driving on your wrist: in the race against time, Ice-Watch is launching a premium collection in the livery of the prestigious motor manufacturer, BMW.

    State Visit in China

    On the occasion of the State Visit of Their Majesties the King and Queen of the Belgians to the People’s Republic of China from 20 to 27 June, Jean-Pierre Lutgen, CEO of the Belgian watch brand and CASEY International Limited (The Beauty Group), represented by Ms Helene Liu, Executive Director, will sign a declaration to open 210 points of sales and 10 monobrand Ice-Stores in China’s major cities.