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The 10 Best Mobile Games of 2013

The 10 Best Mobile Games of 2013

1. Plants vs Zombies 2

PopCap took a few years to release its follow-up to the hugely popular Plants vs Zombies. but the sequel is well worth the wait. Plants vs Zombies 2 builds on the original’s ideas in delightful ways, with new plants, new foes and new challenges across three different time periods. It’s a natural and highly addictive addition to the franchise.

  • 2. Cut the Rope: Time Travel

    Another sequel, another time-bending adventure! Cut the Rope: Time Travel follows the adorable critter Om Nom in his quest to eat candy and make friends through the ages. From the Middle Ages to the Disco Era, you’ll face new physics challenges to getting your character fed.

  • 3. Strata

    This game involves layering ribbons into different patterns. Sounds simple enough, but Strata is actually a delightful blend of spacial challenges, soothing music and peaceful visuals. It’s a relaxing and zen take on a puzzle game.

  • 4. Sorcery!

    No matter the platform, game creators emphasize storytelling: a strong plot is just as important as great graphics or compelling combat. This app by UK game designer Steve Jackson reinvents the tried and true days of Dungeons Dragons. for the mobile age. Sorcery! takes the player through a fantasy choose-your-own-adventure of fighting evil monsters and exploring strange lands.

  • 5. DEVICE 6

    This game gives a puzzle bent to an innovative story. DEVICE 6 is a text-heavy game that makes brilliant use of the smartphone and tablet as an interface. You’ll be turning your device and swiping your way through complex puzzles, accompanied by an amazing sound design. Think of it as an interactive, mind-bending mystery novel.

  • 6. Star Command

    Form allegiances with different alien races and complete your quests across galaxies known and unknown, all while protecting Earth from traitors. Complete with goofy writing and plenty of Star Wars jokes, Star Command is a great game for the geeky set. Start on Easy to get acquainted with the gameplay, but all the other difficulty levels will offer a real challenge.

  • 7. rymdkapsel

    Where the zany Star Command lets you specialize and level up your ship and individual crew members, rymdkapsel encourages more thoughtful planning and strategy for a similar end. This game is more about managing your resources to build a space station, using efficiency to beat out wave after wave of alien attacks. With a minimal design and immersive music, rymdkapsel offers a unique approach to a classic game style.

  • 8. Deus Ex: The Fall

    The Deus Ex franchise has attracted many fans for its stealth-meets-RPG gameplay, and this iOS game shows just how much is possible on a mobile platform. With graphics to rival those on a console, Deus Ex: The Fall takes you back into a dystopian world of human augmentation, shady goings-on and moral dilemmas. Sleuth out the truth however you can in this pint-sized powerhouse.

  • 9. Heads Up

    One of the most exciting trends in mobile games is when developers find creative ways to use a smartphone’s built-in features. Heads Up makes excellent use of your device’s motion-sensing abilities to create a party game in the vein of Taboo. Plus, Ellen DeGeneres is involved, so you know it’s got to be good.

  • 10. Ridiculous Fishing

    The name says it all. This is a game about fishing, and it’s pretty darn ridiculous. In Ridiculous Fishing . you’ll cast a line, move your device to maneuver it as deep into the water as possible, then toss your catch into the air and shoot them all up. Weird? Yep, but totally addictive. The more fish you catch, the more kooky power-ups you can buy for bigger, badder fish destruction.

    As mobile hardware and game developers push the limits of technology for entertainment, more thrilling games feature experiences as fun as PC or console titles. This year was no exception. Dozens of excellent releases hit app stores in 2013.

    This list doesn’t include remakes of games first released on other platforms. Although many are worth your time (think XCOM or Limbo ), we wanted to recognize the best in titles specifically designed for mobile play, since the platform presents a unique set of challenges for game creators.

    In no particular order, here are the 10 best mobile games we played in 2013.