How Edge Data Center Providers are Changing the Internet’s Geography #top #data #center #providers


How Edge Data Center Providers are Changing the Internet’s Geography

Yevgeniy Sverdlik on August 26, 2015

As people watch more and more of their video online versus cable TV or satellite services, and as businesses consume more and more cloud services versus buying hardware boxes and software licenses, the physical nature of internet infrastructure is changing. Whether your drug is Bloodline on Netflix or Duck Dynasty on Amazon Prime, the web content companies go to great lengths to make sure you can binge in high def. The same goes for cloud services, for whom performance on the user’s end means everything in their busy, competitive market.

In recent years, the big push has been to improve the quality of these high-bandwidth web services to users outside of the top metros like New York, Los Angeles, or San Francisco. And the best way to do it has been caching the most popular content or web-application data on servers closer to the so-called “tier-two markets,” places like Phoenix, Minneapolis, or St. Paul. This push has created a whole new category of data center service providers that call their facilities “edge data centers.” These are facilities that quite literally extend the “edge” of the internet further from the traditional internet hubs in places like New York, Northern Virginia, Dallas, or Silicon Valley.

Examples of companies that describe themselves as edge data center providers include EdgeConneX. vXchnge. and 365 Data Centers. Building something that can be truly called an “edge data center” requires a different set of considerations than building your standard colocation facility. It’s about creating interconnection ecosystems in cities away from the traditional core markets.

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That EdgeConneX went from zero data centers two years ago to two dozen today and growing. and that vXchnge bought eight Sungard data centers in tier-two markets in one go earlier this year illustrates just how quickly demand for edge data centers is growing.

The Edge is a Place

Ultimately, location is the main way for companies like EdgeConneX to differentiate from the big colo players like Equinix or Interxion. Edge data center providers are essentially building in tier-two markets what Equinix and its rivals have built in the big core markets: hubs where all the players in the long chain of delivering content or services to customers interconnect and exchange traffic. These hubs are where most of the internet has lived and grown for the bulk of its existence, and edge data center companies are building smaller hubs in places that don’t already have them but are becoming increasingly bandwidth-hungry.

Take for example CloudFlare, a Content Delivery Network and internet security services company. To host its infrastructure in all the top markets, CloudFlare uses the big colos, including Equinix, Interxion, and TelecityGroup, which Equinix recently acquired. But it also recently became an EdgeConneX customer, because EdgeConneX could extend its network to places where the likes of Equinix don’t have data centers, Joshua Motta, director of special projects at CloudFlare, said.

You don’t see Equinix facilities in places like Phoenix, Las Vegas, or Minneapolis, he said. The distinction isn’t as clear-cut as it may seem at first, however. While it’s true that Equinix doesn’t have facilities in those three markets specifically, it does have presence in other cities that can be considered second-tier markets: places like Boston, Denver, and Philadelphia. But the size of Equinix data centers in those markets is very small compared to its marquee facilities in Silicon Valley, New York, London, or Frankfurt. Compare, for example, the nearly half a million square feet across seven Equinix data centers in the New York metro to 13,000 square feet in a single facility in Boston, and you’ll get the idea.

Transport Versus Peering: a Question of Cost

Boston is also an example of a market without a good data center option for CloudFlare, Motta said. There are plenty of data centers in town, and there is even an internet exchange, but there isn’t a data center where transit providers (companies that carry traffic over long distances), access networks (the home or business internet service providers), and content companies come together and interconnect, he said. It’s possible that this problem is specific to CloudFlare, he warned, since the company prefers not to pay for peering with access networks.

Earn a Degree in Multimedia and Graphic Design or Video, Red Rocks Community College: Earn a Multimedia or Graphic Design Degree at RRCC, top graphic design colleges in the world.#Top # #graphic #design #colleges #in #the #world


Earn a Degree in Multimedia and Graphic Design or Video

Top  graphic design colleges in the world

If you’re a creative and want to learn to become a professional, earning a living while doing what you love, we have a program just for you.

Red Rocks Community College’s Multimedia Department (MGD) presents a range of certificates and degrees in Graphic Design, Photography, Video Productions and Journalism. Our program provide cutting edge learning outcome and opportunities for students in pursue of their creative careers. Our faculty is devoted to providing better experiences to fit your needs. We strive to help students find their creative talents, and open their minds to a beautiful world of design processes and applications. Whether you plan to work for a business, improve your person or professional skills, or launch into industry as an entrepreneur, MGD wants you to feel confident and ready to succeed.

Now is the time to pursue your dreams!

The mission of the Multimedia Graphic Design department at Red Rocks Community College is to provide students with relevant and real world training in media and design production experience through use of current technical, creative, and software trends to prepare students entering the commercial arts workforce.

Why MGD at Red Rocks Community College?

  • Cost – By completing all or part of your journalism education at RRCC you avoid starting your career with a crushing amount of debt. For what you might pay for a semester at a major university you can nearly obtain a degree at RRCC.
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  • Personal attention – At RCCC our staff of instructors with real world experience in their fields offers personal attention to each student to help with planning and success in their education. Our class sizes are small unlike large universities that offer classes with hundreds of students.
  • Equipment – Our computer labs, video and photo gear are state of the art and allow students to pursue their education using equipment that is used in the industry. This makes them competitive from the day they graduate.

Career Paths / Multimedia Graphic Design and Video Production Program

  • Graphic Designer
  • Art Director
  • Desktop Publishing
  • Web Designer
  • Multimedia Artist
  • Videographer
  • Video Editor
  • Printing and Prepress Operator
  • Package Designer
  • Animator
  • Interactive Writer
  • Sound Producer
  • Web Content Producer
  • Webmaster
  • CD-ROM Developer/Software Developer
  • Interface Designer
  • Video Producer
  • Web Developer

Degrees and Certificates in Multimedia Graphic Design

Top  graphic design colleges in the world

  • Digital Media Journalism AAS Degree
  • Graphic Design Print Production AAS Degree
  • Video Production AAS Degree

Top  graphic design colleges in the world

  • Camera Operator Certificate
  • Graphic Design and Print Production Certificate
  • Introduction to Graphic Design Certificate
  • Introduction to New Media Certificate
  • New Media Journalist Certificate
  • Video Production Technician Certificate

Gainful Employment Information

The US Department of Education requires colleges to disclose a variety of information for any financial aid eligible program that “prepares students for gainful employment in a recognized occupation.” The information provided here is the best available to us but represents one year’s data only. However, we hope that this information is helpful to our current students and to prospective students as they make their career and educational choices.

Film Schools #top #rated #film #schools


American Film Schools

26k views 64 items

List of all film schools in the U.S. These are the notable institutions of learning in the field of film theory, film analysis, and filmmaking, training the next generation of filmmakers, critics, experts, and professors. Choosing the right accredited film school can be a challenge, not only in determining your preferred field of study and planning for a lengthy academic career, but also in terms of choosing a school in the right location, with the right class size, that is going to fit your own personal academic plans. It is also important to check on the film school requirements, common cinema program tuition and the difficulty level of this course of study before applying to any programs.

So what are the top film schools in America? Every one listed on here is considered one of the best film schools period.

The hope is that this list can help you organize and and seek out all available undergraduate programs and post-graduate schools available in a particular field of study. Read on for a list of institutions in the United States offering degrees in film. If you know of any good film schools not listed, please include them in the comments below.

1 New York Film Academy New York City, New York

2 University of North Alabama Florence, Alabama

Film Digital Media Production. Located in Florence, Alabama

3 Arizona State University Tempe, Arizona

School of Theatre and Film. Located in Tempe,Arizona

4 Collins College (Phoenix)

School of Film, Video and Visual Effects. Located in Phoenix, Arizona

5 University of Arizona Tucson, Arizona

Jack and Vivian Hanson Arizona Film Institute. Located in Tucson, Arizona

6 Yavapai College Prescott, Arizona

Zaki Gordon Institute. Located in Sedona, Arizona

7 University of Central Arkansas Conway, Arkansas

Mass Communication and Theatre. Located in Conway, Arkansas

8 Southern Arkansas University Tech Camden, Arkansas

Multimedia Technology. Located inCamden, Arkansas

9 Academy of Art University California, United States of America

School of Motion Pictures and Television. Located in San Francisco, California

10 American Film Institute Los Angeles, California

American Film Institute Conservatory. Located in Los Angeles, California

11 Art Center College of Design Pasadena, California

Film Studies. Located in Pasadena, California

12 Brooks Institute Santa Barbara, California

School of Film. Located in Santa Barbara, California

13 Chapman University Orange, California

Lawrence and Kristina Dodge College of Film and Media Arts. Located in Orange, California

14 California College of the Arts California, United States of America

Film Program. Located in Oakland, San Francisco, California

15 California Institute of the Arts Santa Clarita, Valencia

School of Film/Video. Located in Valencia, California

16 California State University, Los Angeles Los Angeles, California

Cal State LA Studios. Located in Los Angeles, California

17 California State University, Fullerton Fullerton, California

Radio-TV-Film. Located in Fullerton, California

18 California State University, Long Beach Long Beach, California

Department of Film and Electronic Arts. Located in Long Beach, California

19 California State University, Northridge Los Angeles, California

Department of Cinema and Television Arts. Located in Northridge, California

20 Columbia College Hollywood Tarzana, Los Angeles

Columbia College Hollywood. Located in Tarzana, California

21 Los Angeles Film School Los Angeles, California

Los Angeles Film School. Located in Hollywood, California

22 Loyola Marymount University Los Angeles, California

Loyola Marymount University School of Film and Television. Located in Los Angeles, California

23 San Francisco Art Institute California, United States of America

School of Studio Practice (film). Located in San Francisco, California

24 San Francisco State University California, United States of America

Cinema Department at San Francisco State University. Located in San Francisco, California

25 San Jose State University

Department of Tv, Radio, Film Theatre. Located in San Jose, California

26 University of California, Los Angeles Los Angeles, California

UCLA School of Theater, Film and Television. Located in Los Angeles, California

27 University of Southern California Los Angeles, California

USC School of Cinematic Arts. Located in Los Angeles, California

28 University of Colorado Boulder Boulder, Colorado

Film Studies Program. Located in Boulder, Colorado

29 Wesleyan University Middletown, Connecticut

Center for Film Studies. Located in Middletown, Connecticut

30 American University Washington, D.C.

Film and Media Arts Studies. Located in Washington D.C. District of Columbia

31 Howard University Washington, D.C.

Film and Media Arts. Located in Washington D.C. District of Columbia

32 Florida State University Tallahassee, Florida

FSU College of Motion Picture, Television and Recording Arts. Located in Tallahassee, Florida

33 Full Sail University Winter Park, Florida

Full Sail University. Located in Winter Park, Florida

34 Ringling College of Art and Design

Digital Filmmaking. Located in Sarasota, Florida

35 University of Central Florida Orlando, Florida

Film Program. Located in Orlando, Florida

36 University of Miami Coral Gables, Florida

Motion Picture Program. Located in Miami, Florida

37 East Coast Film Institute

Online Film Making Institute. Located in Miami, Florida

38 Prince of Prestige Academy

School of Digital Motion Picture Production. Located in Maitland, Florida

39 Savannah College of Art and Design Atlanta, Georgia

School of Film, Digital Media and Performing Arts. Located in Savannah, Georgia

40 Columbia College Virginia, United States of America

Film Video Department. Located in Chicago, Illinois

41 DePaul University Chicago, Illinois

School of Cinema and Interactive Media. Located in Chicago, Illinois

42 Northwestern University Evanston, Illinois

Department of Radio, Television + Film. Located in Evanston, Illinois

43 Southern Illinois University Carbondale Carbondale, Illinois

Department of Cinema and Photography. Located in Carbondale, Illinois

44 University of Iowa Iowa City, Iowa

Department of Cinema and Comparative Literature. Located in Iowa City, Iowa

45 Towson University Baltimore, Maryland

Department of Electronic Media and Film. Located in Towson, Maryland

46 Boston University Boston, Massachusetts

Department of Film Television. Located in Boston, Massachusetts

47 Fitchburg State College Fitchburg, Massachusetts

Film/Video. Located in Fitchburg, Massachusetts

48 Emerson College Boston, Massachusetts

Television, Radio, and Film Production. Located in Boston, Massachusetts

49 Minnesota State University Moorhead Moorhead, Minnesota

Cinema Arts and Digital Technologies. Located in Moorhead, Minnesota

50 Missouri State University Springfield, Missouri

Department of Media, Journalism Film. Located in Springfield, Missouri

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Top 100 B-schools in India 2015 #top #100 #b-schools #in #india #2015, #top #public #b-schools #in #india #2015, #top #private #b-schools #in #india #2015, #top #100 #mba #colleges #in #india #2015,


Top 100 B-schools in India 2015

Careers360 conducted a nation-wide survey of management institutions to find a comprehensive list of top 100 B-schools in India. This year, however, we went beyond Top 100 B-schools in India as the outcome of our ranking process include a list of top 41 public MBA institutes and top 72 private MBA institutes. On the basis of ranking survey data, Careers 360 has also created list of top rated B-schools in different states and union territory.

Like last year, the public and private schools have been rated separately, primarily from the point of view that these institutions are endowed differently and hence are amenable to comparison only among themselves. But the parameters have been kept the same and scoring based on the same algorithm, though we have changed the weights of two parameters slightly.

The ranks now represent what the students seek. We have also attempted to group the institutions based on natural clusters as per the aggregate scores. All the schools ranked have been rated as well. And those schools that did not meet the cut-offs to be ranked have also been rated. We have also included another 100-odd schools, which did not participate during the current year, but on whom we had sufficient data to rate them. Thus 113 management institutes have been ranked, and 300-odd have been rated.

Post scrutiny of available data, we used our INPUT-PROCESS-OUTPUT methodology to arrive at broad parameters like diversity of students and faculty members; infrastructure; accreditation and recognition; placement statistics; programme fee; and admission test score cut-offs. For more details on the survey process, read B-Schools survey methodology of Careers360 .

Public B-schools are those institutes which are run by central or state governments. Private B-schools are owned, run and funded by private trusts. They are not aided by the government unlike public B-schools. The Missing Schools refer to those B-schools which did not participate in the ranking process but are institutes worth mentioning.

Click on the tabs below to know more on the rating of different states under five regions of India – North, South, East, West, Central.

Top Online Universities with Accredited Programs #top #online #university, #top #online #universities


Top Online Universities with Accredited Programs

School Overviews

For students who want to earn an online degree or certificate it is often important to chose an accredited school. We’ll look at some well-respected universities that offer accredited programs. Three top universities with high-quality online programs include Harvard University in Massachusetts, Johns Hopkins University in Maryland, and Michigan State University in East Lansing. These institutions are nationally recognized for academic excellence by U.S News and World Report and they offer online course options at the undergraduate and graduate levels.

1. Harvard University in Cambridge, MA

Online students at Harvard University will be permitted to choose their own courses in a variety of different ways that will fit differing schedules.

Although best known for its traditional on-campus courses, this university also offers accredited online courses through the Harvard University Extension School. These types of courses include live web-conference courses, online courses with a required weekend on-campus, an active learning weekend, and video courses.

Harvard University was ranked #2 in the country by U.S. News and World Report for 2017.

2. Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, MD

Johns Hopkins University offers online courses for credit, and some courses are free.

Choose from myriad online courses that award certificates, undergraduate and graduate degrees, and training at the university’s School of Education, School of Public Health, School of Nursing, Carey Business School, School of Arts Sciences, and School of Engineering.

In addition, there is an online system, called Coursera that allows students to choose from more than 45 online courses. Those choosing courses via this provider will not be required to have been registered with the university.

U.S. News and World Report ranked Johns Hopkins the tenth-best school in the country for 2017.

Find schools that offer these popular programs

  • Agriculture
  • Architecture
  • Biological and Biomedical Sciences
  • Business
  • Communications and Journalism
  • Computer Sciences
  • Culinary Arts and Personal Services
  • Education
  • Engineering
  • Legal
  • Liberal Arts and Humanities
  • Mechanic and Repair Technologies
  • Medical and Health Professions
  • Physical Sciences
  • Psychology
  • Transportation and Distribution
  • Visual and Performing Arts

3. Michigan State University in East Lansing, Michigan.

Michigan State University offers more than 100 online classes that can be applied toward online or hybrid degree programs, mostly at the graduate or professional level.

Michigan State University offers degree and certificate programs entirely online and in blended formats, which require some in-person contact. Programs are available in a wide range of topics, from pharmacology to game design to homeland security, so they can meet the needs of students regardless of their interest area.

There are also programs that prepare students for careers in particular fields, such as nursing or education. For 2017, the school was ranked tied at #33 among public schools by U.S. News and World Report.

Top Accredited Online Programs

Now, let’s take a look at other institutions that offer accredited programs online:

Free online courses are offered by real schools. Learn which courses are available, what topics they cover and which ones lead.

Free online courses in science are offered by real schools. Learn which science courses are available, what topics they cover.

See our list of the top schools offering free courses online. Learn about what types of courses are available to find the.

Learn about important considerations when selecting an online master’s degree. Get an overview of common program types, career.

  • Master
      • MSHS in Health Care Quality
      • MA in Education and Human Development in Secondary Special Education and Transition Services
      • MA in Education and Human Development in Special Education for Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Learners
      • MA in Education and Human Development in Educational Leadership and Administration
      • MA in Education and Human Development in Educational Technology Leadership
      • MA in Education and Human Development in Organizational Leadership and Learning
  • Non-Degree
      • Graduate Certificate in Health Care Quality
      • Graduate Certificate in Multimedia Development
      • Graduate Certificate in Special Education for Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Learners
      • Graduate Certificate in Transition Special Education
      • Education Specialist in Educational Leadership and Administration
      • Graduate Certificate in E-Learning

Get Started with The George Washington University

9 Northcentral University

Minimum eligibility requirements:
  • Masters degree applicants must have a Bachelors degree
  • Doctorate degree applicants must have a Masters degree

  • Master of Arts in Organizational Leadership Online
  • Master of Business Administration Online
  • Bachelor of Arts in Applied Psychology Online
  • Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration – Entrepreneurship – Online
  • Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration – Human Resource Management – Online
  • Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration Online
  • Bachelor of Arts in Human Services Online
  • Bachelor of Arts in Organizational Leadership Online
  • Associate of Arts
    • Doctor of Business Administration – Management
    • Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP)
    • EdD in Organizational Leadership – Health Care Administration
    • EdD in Organizational Leadership – Special Education
    • Ph.D. in General Psychology – Cognition and Instruction
    • Ph.D. in General Psychology – Industrial and Organizational Psychology
    • M.S. Psychology with an Emphasis in Gerontology
    • M.S. in Psychology with an Emphasis in Human Factors
    • MA in Curriculum and Instruction
    • MS in Criminal Justice: Legal Studies
    • MS in Psychology: General Psychology
    • M.B.A. with an Emphasis in Project Management
    • Bachelor of Science in Business for Secondary Education
    • BS in Applied Management
    • BS in Psychology
    • B.S. in Psychology with an Emphasis in Performance and Sports Psychology
    • Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education
    • BS in Accounting
    • Graduate Certificate of Completion in GeroPsychology
    • Graduate Certificate of Completion in Industrial and Organizational Psychology
    • Graduate Certificate of Completion in Forensic Psychology
    • Graduate Certificate of Completion in Health Psychology
    • Graduate Certificate of Completion in Human Factors Psychology
    • Graduate Certificate of Completion in Life Coaching
    • View more
    • MSHS in Health Care Quality
    • MA in Education and Human Development in Secondary Special Education and Transition Services
    • MA in Education and Human Development in Special Education for Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Learners
    • MA in Education and Human Development in Educational Leadership and Administration
    • MA in Education and Human Development in Educational Technology Leadership
    • MA in Education and Human Development in Organizational Leadership and Learning
    • Graduate Certificate in Health Care Quality
    • Graduate Certificate in Multimedia Development
    • Graduate Certificate in Special Education for Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Learners
    • Graduate Certificate in Transition Special Education
    • Education Specialist in Educational Leadership and Administration
    • Graduate Certificate in E-Learning
    • View more
    • Master of Science in Communication
    • Master of Science in Education in Special Education
    • Master of Science in Engineering Technology
    • Master of Science in Hospitality and Tourism Management
    • Master of Science in Education in Learning Design and Technology
    • Graduate Certificate in Strategic Communication Management
  • Show more schools
  • Find your perfect program

    What is your highest level of education?

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    Accredited Healthcare Schools Online #healthcare #schools #online, #accredited #healthcare #schools, #online #healthcare #degrees, #top #healthcare #schools


    Healthcare Schools and Colleges Inside Guide is a comprehensive guide to the best possible academic opportunities in this industry giving you a gratifying career and a sense of self-achievement. We have designed this website particularly for individuals who aim to opt for a career in healthcare and work towards the betterment of present and future generations.

    We have gathered all the possible courses in healthcare and put them in one place for your convenience. You can browse through wide selection of campus and online health care schools offering these degrees and select the one that suits you the most. You will find a diverse range of programs to choose from depending on your interest and natural aptitude. All of schools and colleges listed on our website are accredited and recognized thus giving you value for your time and money.

    If you are already a healthcare professional and hoping to enhance your growth opportunities then you have come to the right place, our carefully listed degree programs will give you plenty of time, and course flexibility to continue with your job while you focus on acquiring a higher degree.

    Accredited Online & Campus Schools

    Matching School Ads

    Healthcare Career Outlook

    The healthcare sector has seen a rapid growth rate in the last two decades and is now on the hunt for experts and professionals to make certain this industry carries-on efficiently. From traditional employment opportunities in hospitals, clinics, research centers to a few unconventional ones in correctional facilities, food technology centers, and home healthcare services you will find an ample amount of posts to make a reasonable living.

    The Bureau of Labor Statistics confirms that by the year 2014, the healthcare industry will open almost 4,700, 000 new job prospects which means an increase of almost 30% from its current on-going progress. ( In order to make a prolific position in healthcare we must come prepared with the right kind of education and expertise that is required when it comes to dealing with something as priceless as human life.

    Whether you want to become a dental technologist, physical therapist, chiropractor or a medical billing specialist, or any other kind of healthcare worker you will need the backing of an accredited degree to flourish. Locating viable and high paying employment options becomes quite easy when your level of education and skills set accompanies you. There is never been a better time than now to enter this field of work and get your dream job.

    Copyright © 2017 All Rights Reserved. No part of this web site may be reproduced or transmitted without permission in writing from the publisher. Program outcomes vary according to each institution’s curriculum and job opportunities are not guaranteed. This site is for informational purposes and is not a substitute for professional help.

    Logan is a non-profit university founded in 1935. Logan University has remained grounded in chiropractic education, while continuously enriching academic options with degree offerings in health sciences since 2012.

    Program Mode: Online

    Top Tax Deductions for Your Small Business #top #tax #attorneys


    Top Tax Deductions for Your Small Business

    It’s simple: The more tax deductions your business can legitimately take, the lower its taxable profit will be. Also, in addition to putting more money into your pocket at the end of the year, the tax code provisions that govern deductions can also yield a personal benefit: a nice car to drive at a small cost, or a combination business trip and vacation. It all depends on paying careful attention to IRS rules on just what is — and isn’t — deductible.

    When you’re totaling up your business’s expenses at the end of the year, don’t overlook these important business tax deductions.

    1. Auto Expenses

    If you use your car for business, or your business owns its own vehicle, you can deduct some of the costs of keeping it on the road. Mastering the rules of car expense deductions can be tricky, but well worth your while.

    There are two methods of claiming expenses:

    • Actual expense method. You keep track of and deduct all of your actual business-related expenses.
    • Standard mileage rate method. You deduct a certain amount (the standard mileage rate) for each mile driven, plus all business-related tolls and parking fees. Check the IRS website for the current standard mileage rate .

    As a rule, if you use a newer car primarily for business, the actual expense method provides a larger deduction at tax time. If you use the actual expense method, you can also deduct depreciation on the vehicle. To qualify for the standard mileage rate, you must use it the first year you use a car for your business activity. Moreover, you can’t use the standard mileage rate if you have claimed accelerated depreciation deductions in prior years, or have taken a Section 179 deduction for the vehicle. (For more on Section 179, see “New Equipment,” below.)

    If your auto is used for both business and pleasure, only the business portion produces a tax deduction. That means you must keep track of how often you use the vehicle for business and add it all up at the end of the year. Certainly, if you own just one car or truck, no IRS auditor will let you get away with claiming that 100% of its use is related to your business.

    To learn more about deducting driving expenses, see Nolo’s article How to Deduct Your Local Business Driving Expenses.

    2. Expenses of Going Into Business

    Once you’re running a business, expenses such as advertising, utilities, office supplies, and repairs can be deducted as current business expenses — but not before you open your doors for business. The costs of getting a business started are capital expenses. and you may deduct $5,000 the first year you’re in business; any remainder must be deducted in equal amounts over the next 15 years.

    If you expect your business to make a profit immediately. you may be able to work around this rule by delaying paying some bills until after you’re in business, or by doing a small amount of business just to officially start. However, if, like many businesses, you will suffer losses during the first few years of operation, you might be better off taking the deduction over five years, so you’ll have some profits to offset.

    3. Books and Legal and Professional Fees

    Business books, including those that help you do without legal and tax professionals. are fully deductible as a cost of doing business.

    Fees that you pay to lawyers. tax professionals, or consultants generally can be deducted in the year incurred. However, if the work clearly relates to future years, they must be deducted over the life of the benefit you get from the lawyer or other professional.

    4. Bad Debts

    If someone stiffs your business, the bad debt may or may not be deductible — it depends on the kind of product your business sells.

    • Goods. If your business sells goods, you can deduct the cost of goods that you sell but aren’t paid for.
    • Services. If, however, your business provides services, no deduction is allowed for time you devoted to a client or customer who doesn’t pay.

    5. Business Entertaining

    If you pick up the tab for entertaining present or prospective customers, you may deduct 50% of the cost if it is either:

    • directly related to the business and business is discussed at the event — for example, a catered meeting at your office; or
    • associated with the business, and the entertainment takes place immediately before or after a business discussion.

    Make notes. On the receipt or bill, always make a note of the specific business purpose — for example, “Lunch with Joyce Slater of Ace Manufacturing Co. to discuss widget contract.”

    6. Travel

    When you travel for business, you can deduct many expenses, including the cost of plane fare, costs of operating your car, taxis, lodging, meals, shipping business materials, cleaning clothes, telephone calls, faxes, and tips.

    What about combining business and pleasure? It’s okay, as long as business is the primary purpose of the trip. However, if you take your family along, you can deduct only your own expenses.

    To learn more about deducting travel expenses, see Nolo’s article Operating Expense: Deducting Travel Costs.

    7. Interest

    If you use credit to finance business purchases, the interest and carrying charges are fully tax-deductible. The same is true if you take out a personal loan and use the proceeds for your business. Be sure to keep good records demonstrating that the money was used for your business.

    Talk to a Tax attorney.

    Life Insurance Leads That Convert – NetQuote Insurance Agents – NetQuote Insurance Agents #top #insurance #leads #providers


    Life Insurance Leads

    Take a Look at the NetQuote Benefits:

    • Life leads and final expense leads proven to convert
    • More self-service options and flexibility than ever before
    • Real-time life insurance leads from interested prospects ready to buy
    • Real-time life insurance leads delivered via email the first industry mobile app
    • Easily manage your account 100% online through our new agent portal
    • Why Use a Lead Provider?
    • Why NetQuote?
    • About Our Leads

    What Are Online Life Insurance Leads?

    There are many places, services, and sources available to find life insurance leads as an insurance agent, but if you want to stay competitive in today’s economy, there’s no denying what your top source for leads needs to be – the Internet.

    Potential buyers are turning to the Internet more and more to obtain quotes, compare and price out their life insurance policies. Using a reputable online lead generation service like NetQuote can help take you online easily to get higher quality leads and increase your sales.

    Online life insurance lead services offer agents the distinct advantage of collecting quote request information from consumers immediately after each quote request is submitted. Online life insurance leads have taken the place of older, long-standing insurance lead generation methods like cold-calling and searching through the phone book.

    Likewise, life insurance consumers see the benefit in finding the most competitive quotes from the comfort of their own home and in their own time. An online insurance lead company, such as NetQuote connects the two in great unison to result in high- quality leads from interested consumers that are more likely to result in more insurance sales for you!

    Staying competitive will help your insurance business be more successful, and the best way to stay competitive today is with an online lead generation service to help obtain and send quality leads directly to your inbox, iQ Agent mobile app, or integration partners.

    The Benefits of NetQuote Life Leads

    Using a reputable online lead generation service like NetQuote offers more high-quality, real-time leads to help increase your sales and close ratio. Each NetQuote life insurance applicant completes a detailed questionnaire to determine their insurance needs that allows you to create a competitive quote starting seconds after the lead is submitted.

    You’ll feel confident when contacting potential life insurance prospects using NetQuote, as questions from our lead form provide insight into the habits, medications, and medical history of each individual insurance applicant. Working with NetQuote insurance leads ensures you are working with the top-quality leads online.

    Contact us to sign up today to start leveraging a new, modern solution for a transforming industry.

    An independent association comprised of companies in the online lead generation space.

    Our A+ BBB rating represents our 20 + years of commitment to providing a resource to grow your business.

    Choosing a Life Insurance Lead Provider

    When choosing a life insurance lead provider, you want to ensure that you are receiving the best return for your money. This translates into searching all top insurance lead companies for the best systems and technology that enables you to receive relevant, timely life insurance leads. Features you would want to look for in a trusted insurance lead provider include lead filtering technology by location, risk type screening, and detailed applicant information.

    As an insurance agent, you want ready-to-buy, interested insurance shoppers, not just those curious or searching for the future. NetQuote life insurance leads come from the industry s largest network owned and operate sites and strategically selected partners who continue to meet or exceed our ongoing high-quality thresholds.

    When you sign up for the industry s freshest, smartest customer acquisition solution you can rest easy knowing that the hard work of obtaining and gathering quality insurance leads is taken care of for you – leaving you more time to market your services and sell life insurance to customers.

    Katz MBA (Pittsburgh) vs Fisher MBA (Ohio State) – Business Schools Comparison #business, #b #school, #b #schools, #business #school, #business #schools, #mba, #mba #programs, #mba #program, #b-school, #mba #degree, #online #mba, #top #mba, #executive #mba, #mba #ranking, #mba #rankings, #part #time #mba, #top #business #schools, #international #mba, #executive #education, #business #school #rankings, #business #school #ranking, #business #school #mba, #executive #mba #programs, #business #universities, #top #business #school, #best #business #school, #top #mba #schools, #mba #rank, #business #school #admissions


    Things to consider between Katz (Pittsburgh) and Fisher (Ohio State):

    • Katz (Pittsburgh) is more difficult to get in. (24.9 percent vs. 31.2 percent acceptance rate)
    • Fisher (Ohio State) has a higher average GMAT score for enrolling students. (664 vs. 608)
    • Fisher (Ohio State) has a higher average GPA for admitted students. (3.5 vs. 3.3)
    • Fisher (Ohio State) has a larger full-time entering class. (119 vs. 81 students)
    • Fisher (Ohio State) has a higher average post-graduation salary. ($100,000 USD vs. $88,027 USD)
    • Katz (Pittsburgh) has a lower in-state total program cost. ($45,532 United States dollars vs. $60,254 United States dollars)
    • Katz (Pittsburgh) has a lower out-of-state total program cost. ($59,648 United States dollars vs. $96,465 United States dollars)
    • Both schools have similar summer weather.


  • Both schools have similar winter weather.

    Continue exploring this page to learn more about these business schools.



    University of Pittsburgh (Katz) (PA)

    Ohio State University (Fisher)

    Average Undergrad GPA


    In-state Total Program Cost

    $45,532 United States dollars

    $60,254 United States dollars

    Out-of-state Total Program Cost

    $59,648 United States dollars

    $96,465 United States dollars

    Full-Time Employment

    Average Post-graduation Salary

    $88,027 United States dollars

    $100,000 United States dollars

    Most Common Full-time Industry

    Most Common Full-time Function

    Employment by Industry

    Percent of Employed Graduates

    Student Body

    University of Pittsburgh (Katz) (PA)

    Ohio State University (Fisher)

    University of Pittsburgh (Katz) (PA)

    Ohio State University (Fisher)

    University of Pittsburgh (Katz) (PA)

    Ohio State University (Fisher)

    Most Common Educational Background

    Average Work Experience


    MBA/MA Intl Development

    MBA/MIB (Intl Business)

    MBA/MMIS (Mgmt Info Sys)

    MBA/MSE Electrical Eng

    MBA/MHA (Health Admin)

    MBA/MPA (Public Admin)

    MBA Areas of Concentration

    Health Care Management

    Supply Chain Management


    372 Mervis Hall

    Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 15260

    2100 Neil Avenue

    Columbus, Ohio 43210

    Average Monthly Temperature

    Vendor Sites and AACSB. As of 2015. Show details Hide details

    Add to your comparison

    Carnegie Mellon University (Tepper) (PA)

    University of Michigan-Ann Arbor (Ross) (MI)

    Syracuse University (Whitman) (NY)

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