GPS Fleet Tracking System Reviews, fleet tracking system reviews.#Fleet #tracking #system #reviews


Customer Spotlight Milestone Electric

Milestone Electric™ started out as a small company with around 10 vehicles, but with the help of GPS fleet tracking they were able to expand their operations to a fleet of 150+. Watch their success story and see how Fleet Trax can help you grow your business and realize its true potential.

Fleet tracking system reviews

Easy-to-Learn Systems

I m not the best with technology, but the user interface here is as easy as it gets. Vehicle reports are right on time and simple to read, and other features like geofences are a cinch to set up.

-Al Chaney, Glenwood Beer Distributors

Fleet tracking system reviews

Saved on Maintenance

GPS assures our drivers are following the speed limit and other driving safety protocols. The wear and tear our vehicles take over time is kept to an absolute minimum.

-Hugh Shields, Gold Coast Eagle

Fleet tracking system reviews

Increased Driver Morale

Our company now saves AT LEAST 10% on fuel expenses per month, and we take that extra money and distribute it among our drivers as a bonus for their adherence to protocol.

-Travis Johnson, Pro Oilfield Services

Fleet tracking system reviews

The Units Pay for Themselves

Fleet tracking has really cut down on unnecessary costs like excessive speeding and idling engines. These savings alone have easily paid for the cost of the units themselves as well as monthly charges.

-Robert Zogbi, Select Energy Services

Fleet tracking system reviews

Saved on Overtime

GPS tracking has easily cut down on our drivers overtime. Before Fleet trax, some drivers were spending an hour or so at fuel stops — now it’s about 20 minutes on average.

-Jimmy Dale Mayfield, Milestone Electric

Fleet tracking system reviews

Maintains a Healthy Fleet

Diagnostic reporting is a very useful tool. I can get reports on battery voltage and oil levels, and these readings help us make sure our vehicles are in the best shape possible.

-Josh Walton, EXSIF

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These are just a few of the GPS tracking reviews from our customers detailing how GPS helped them succeed. You can also become one of our success stories by utilizing the features and advantages our systems provide. Contact us today so we can schedule a demo of our systems and customize a solution specific to your business’ needs.

Fleet tracking system reviews

Find small business phone systems providers in my area #voip #for #business, #ip #phone #systems,

Welcome to the world’s only real-time business T1 Service Provider quote tool! Use our free service to perform unbiased price research to find the best service at the best possible price. Once you select a plan that interests you, a member of our sales team will contact you to discuss the details of your quote, confirm pricing, and assist you with any questions. You can also call our toll free help line at 800-880-2001 (Ref. Number: 3576 ) for live assistance and use our online search tool for residential Internet services.

Real-Time VAR Search Engine can assist in locating business telephone system providers in your local area. We have active partnerships with local service for:

  • Panasonic phone systems
  • Avaya Partner phone systems
  • Lucent phone systems
  • Merlin phone systems
  • Nortel Norstar phone systems
  • Comdial and Vodavi (Vertical) phone systems
  • NEC phone systems
  • Toshiba phone systems
  • Mitel phone systems
  • Shoretel phone systems

and more. With VarSearch you can easily find the best equipment dealer and/or technician nearby.

Enter your ZIP Code:

  1. Enter your zip code in the form above
  2. Select the General Services you are looking for
  3. Select the Specific Services you are looking for
  4. Enter in your contact information and preferred contact method
  5. The most qualified VARs will be sent your information so that they can contact you, assess your situation, and compete for your business

Our VARs Service the Following Manufacturers:

Business Telephone Systems – Does Your Business Need an IP Phone System?

Written by: Jim Green – May 28, 2017

This article explores the advantages of an IP phone system for business needs. We consider the possible systems that are available today, including PC phone systems. We then cover some considerations for small to medium business needs analysis when upgrading to an IP phone system.

One extremely crucial feature important to understand is the advantages IP interfaces provide to a business telephone system. IP connections will improve the flexibility of a business telephone system, particularly in managing extensions. This greatly facilitates moving phones easily within the office. An IP interface also provides support for locating compatible phones in home offices and making connections when travelling. In addition, systems with a built-in Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) feature allow connecting over the Internet without any additional hardware for analog to digital conversion. Some of the most popular commercially available systems today are Panasonic, Avaya Partner, Lucent, Merlin, Nortel Norstar, Comdial and Vodavi (from Vertical), NEC, Toshiba, Mitel, and Shoretel phone systems. Not all of these systems support IP features, so we suggest consulting your local provider for the latest offered features. In addition to a “traditional” phone system, any PC or computer can be used as an IP phone system with downloadable free software. Keep in mind that “free” systems will require a significantly greater level of skill on your staff (or from your local provider). How can you most effectively choose from among these available business telephone systems. In fact, most any of these systems would be an acceptable choice for the average small business. If you already have experience with one or more systems, then you can make a list of important features that your business cannot live without, should you change systems. And for some, engaging a consultant to perform a detailed systems analysis would be in order. But for most, the key selection criterion will be choosing a good local dealer who can sufficiently support your business needs.

Also, keep in mind that directing your voice traffic over the Internet may necessitate an upgrade of the company’s Internet connection, in order to support voice as well as data. Integrated voice/data services are useful for this, particularly if provided with a Quality of Service (QOS) attribute, which efficiently prioritizes voice traffic over less critical data traffic. Thus when employees are downloading large files or watching online videos, business telephone conversations will not be affected.

If the business must have a very consistent phone service, then you should consider a T1 connection, which is delivered with a Service Level Agreement (SLA), to minimize downtime. Since T1 lines have come down significantly in price from only a few years ago, when the average monthly cost would have been over $1000 to at present often under $300, a T1 has become a much more realistic solution. The available features and number of vendors supplying T1 services have also increased dramatically in recent years. A telecommunications broker can assist with choosing the best T1 service provider according to your needs.

2017 Home Security Costs #installing #security #system


Safety & Security Cost Guides

You can’t put a price tag on the safety and security of your home and family, and yet you need to consider your budget when deciding upon the best security plan for your home. How much your safety and security features will cost, will depend entirely on the complexity and scope of your home’s safety plan. Whether you decide to simply upgrade the locks on your doors, install fencing around the perimeter of your property, or invest in a comprehensive security system, there are many safety and price levels to choose from. Here are a number of things to consider when figuring out the budge for the safety and security feature of your home.


On of the simplest, but most effective things you can do to your home is to guarantee that the locks on your doors and windows are working properly and replace them if they are not. Consult a locksmith about which types of locks make the most sense for your home. The most expensive may not always be the most effective for you. One thing to consider when looking to upgrade or replace you locks is the quality of the doors and windows themselves. Make sure to inspect them for old. splintering or rotting wood. You an outfit your home with the newest and strongest locks, but if they are placed in old rotting doors an intruder could simply push them in. although replacing doors and windows will add to your costs, it may be the only way to assure your safety and security. Continue Reading

Gates and Fencing

Adding fencing and gates to your home is often an effective security measure. It does as much to discourage would-be intruders as it does to actually block their access. The price of fencing depends almost entirely on the size of the fence that you need. Both the length and the height influence the cost of the materials and the labor to install it. But the gate that you choose will have a much wider range in price. If you choose to have an electronic gate that can only be opened with a code or remote control you will have a very effective security measure, but a much higher price tag as well.

Security and Alarm Systems

Alarm systems are effective at scaring off intruders, as they cause an alarm to sound when they are set off. However, an alarm system does nothing more than trip the alarm, unlike a full security system, which notifies the security company and the police if you have an intruder. Security systems. are often expensive because they involve both an installation fee and a monthly fee to the security company. However they are a very effective weapon against intruders.

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Senstar – The Trusted Choice for Perimeter Intrusion Detection and Security Solutions Home Page #intrusion


Senstar Announces Enhanced Warranty Program
Standard warranty expanded to three years and no-cost five-year extended warranty introduced
Learn More »

  • The world’s largest portfolio of perimeter intrusion detection systems
    now combined with world-class VMS and analytics
    Learn More »

  • FiberPatrol-PL
    Detect Third Party Interference of Pipelines
    Learn More »

  • Introducing FlexZone®, Senstar’s new ranging fence-mounted intrusion detection sensor
    Cost-effective for large and small sites
    Learn More »

  • FiberPatrol™: ranging fiber optic intrusion detection system
    Pin-point detection for long perimeters now up to 50 km (31 mi) per processor
    Learn More »

    Perimeter intrusion detection and security solutions

  • Digital & Analogue Phone Handsets, digital pbx system.#Digital #pbx #system


    Telephone System Handsets

    Communication is a central part of most businesses today. Building and maintaining professional relationships with your customers is vitally important for any organisation. Here at Panasonic we understand the importance of this and your need to ensure your business is using the most reliable communications solution, with superb reliability and sound clarity. Our range of telephone system handsets provides you with everything you would expect from a world leading communications solutions organisation capable of meeting your communication needs.

    Our telephone system handsets consists of six different product ranges, including IP handsets, digital handsets, analogue handsets, DECT handsets and SIP desktop telephone terminals. By offering a broad product range, there is sure to be a telephone handset system to meet the needs of your business which is compatible with your current phone system.

    Our industry-leading range offers stylish, compact, lightweight, durable, intuitive and comfortable designs. Ergonomically designed with large alphanumerical touch screen displays to enhance users’ daily productivity, our sleek and ultra-modern designed handsets are also available in different colours to suit a number of office decors.

    Product usability and the ability to provide quality communication is the foundation all of our telephone system handsets are built on. A host of comprehensive and advanced features are incorporated into all of our telephone handsets designed to improve user experience.

    Intuitive technology, innovative features and applications set our handsets apart from any other.

    All models are available with a range of key features*, including:

    – High visibility back-lit LCD display screens

    – Large alphanumeric displays

    – Easy navigation keys

    – Multi-tilt angle adjustment

    – Optional hands-free communication with Bluetooth headsets

    Featuring superb voice quality with voice cancellation, Panasonic telephone system handsets offer the level of quality your business deserves. Integrating wireless headset support, full duplex hands free speakerphone and Bluetooth ensures efficient and flexible call management.

    *- Features vary by model – please see individual specifications for full details.

    To find out more about individual products in our Telephone System Handsets, please select from the options below. Alternatively if you would like to talk to a Panasonic representative, simply click on the contact button below.

    Control Systems for Home Automation, Campus – amp; Building Control by Crestron Electronics, home automation


    True Blue Service Support

    Our award winning team is always available to assist you in any way necessary, from live chat support, to phone and email service, to on-site assistance.


    Sales Support Services

    Our solutions engineers are standing by to assist you in planning and designing an integrated Crestron solution. We stand behind and validate our designs, so you know your system will work as intended.

    Featured Product Lines


    Download Software

    Simplify installation of Crestron software by using Crestron MasterInstaller. This single download will automatically install/update all Crestron software on your computer.

    Product Resources

    All our product resources are now easily accessible through our resource library.

    • Product Manuals Guides
    • Cut-Out Templates
    • Firmware
    • EASE Data
    • Software
    • Application Diagrams
    • Internal Block Diagrams
    • Spec Sheets
    • Example Programs
    • CAD Revit Files
    • Engineering Specs

    Home automation security system integration Download 0″> <> <>

    Home automation security system integration Download 0″> <> <>


    Crestron Training Institute

    Access CTI exams and questionnaires, view your upcoming classes, and verify certifications and training history

    AIA/CES Seminars

    Integrated Building Technology

    Manufacturers & Industry Training

    By Product Types

    Audio / Video

    Multi-room A/V, presentations, and digital signage

    Lighting Control

    Integrated lighting automation

    Commercial Lighting

    Lighting automation and energy solutions for the Enterprise


    Motorized window shades and drapery track systems

    Control Devices

    Touch screens, remotes, keypads, and mobile

    Systems Management

    Building, energy, and room management

    By Market

    Luxury Transport


    Home automation security system integration

    Now shipping! Crestron Mercury

    The game-changing room solution that makes meeting and collaborating easier than ever is here.

    Company Info

    Company Overview

    Learn more about Crestron’s business, history, and leadership

    Press Center

    Latest company news and featured articles about Crestron


    Experience Crestron at upcoming events around the world


    Join a global company built on innovation and service

    Partner Info

    Crestron Service Providers

    Commercial Lighting Consultant

    Home automation security system integration

    Now shipping! Crestron Mercury

    The game-changing room solution that makes meeting and collaborating easier than ever is here.

    Contact Us

    TrueBlue Service Support

    24/7/365 technical and sales support for dealers and partners

    True Blue Support Chat
    General Inquiries

    Customer support, sales inquiries, and other questions

    Find A Sales Rep


    Elite Dealer Locator

    Find an Elite Crestron Partner

    Crestron Locations

    Find a Crestron Experience Center, Design Showroom, or local office

    Home automation security system integration

    Now shipping! Crestron Mercury

    The game-changing room solution that makes meeting and collaborating easier than ever is here.

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    Featured Product Lines



    Crestron Named Official A/V, Lighting, and DigitalMedia™ Partner of the Pro Football Hall of Fame

    The 100-acre Johnson Controls Hall of Fame Village in Canton, Ohio, a nearly $800M mix-used development, is set to be completed in 2020 to coincide with the National Football League’s Centennial.

    Home automation security system integration

  • Get the InfoComm 2017 Recap

    Couldn’t make it to the show, or missed any part of our booth? We’ve got you covered. Visit our InfoComm 2017 Recap.

    Home automation security system integration

  • Crestron Mercury

    Our groundbreaking new room solution is easy to use, easy to deploy and manage, and supports any video conferencing application.

    Home automation security system integration

  • Crestron and Sonos® expanded partnership

    Now buy Sonos products direct from Crestron!

    Home automation security system integration

  • Now Shipping: DigitalMedia™ NVX Series

    The only 4K60 4:4:4 HDR 1Gb network AV solution

    Home automation security system integration

  • New Crestron Color Match

    Thanks to our exclusive new Color Match service, award-winning Crestron Shades are now available in any color you desire.

    Home automation security system integration

  • Now Shipping: Best-in-Class Modular Amplifiers

    AMP-1200 and AMP-2100 provide easy installation, professional audio, and Energy Star® certified efficiency.

    Home automation security system integration

  • DM-DGE-200-C

    The ultimate room solution: auto-switching, 4K scaling, auto-display on/off, custom graphics, room calendar display, control UI, H.264 video decoder.

    Home automation security system integration

  • Home automation security system integration

    Home automation security system integration

    Home automation security system integration

    Home automation security system integration

    • Home automation security system integration

    New Release of Crestron Pyng® Software Features Native Support for Sonos® and Amazon Alexa®

    Latest version elevates the user experience to an unparalleled new level while making integration even easier for Crestron Technology Professionals (CTPs)

  • Home automation security system integration

    Crestron Named Official A/V Automation, Lighting, and DigitalMedia™ Distribution Partner of the Pro Football Hall of Fame & Johnson Controls Hall of Fame Village

    Crestron to work together with Pro Football Hall of Fame and Johnson Controls Hall of Fame Village to develop the first-ever sports and entertainment ‘Smart City’ in Canton, Ohio.

  • Home automation security system integration

    Crestron Expands Partnership with Sonos

    Crestron dealers in the United States can now purchase Sonos® products directly from Crestron

  • Home automation security system integration

    Crestron Honors Montclair State University Teacher with Summum Bonum Award for Excellence in Teaching

    Professor of Secondary and Special Education receives esteemed teaching award

  • Supply Chain Software #waerlinx #warehouse #management #system #for #netsuite, #waerlinx #wms #for #netsuite, #waerlinx #warehouse


    WAERlinx is a powerful cloud-based warehouse management system (WMS) that’s supported some of the world’s most complicated supply chains. It includes more than 20 bi-directional interfaces into NetSuite. The (often difficult) integration work is done.

    Purchase orders, return authorisations, and receipts.

    Sales orders, inter-company transfers, order updates, picked inventory, shipped orders, supplier returns, and proof of delivery.

    Master data
    Part records, customers, ship-to destinations, suppliers, and kit BOMs.

    Warehouse adjustments
    To keep track of changes that affect your total inventory quantity.

    WAERlinx supports all barcode and RFID tag formats, so you can input data faster and process transactions more accurately.

    Supermarket-style check-in
    Scan goods into the warehouse item-by-item – ideal for validating high value product as it comes in.

    Advanced shipping notices
    Simplify your receiving processes and get complete visibility over all your inbound deliveries.

    Quality and inspection
    Bring these two functions together to deliver quality performance measurement.

    Giving you the flexibility to fast track inventory from receiving to shipping.

    Bulk putaway
    Save time by taking full pallets to deep storage without the need to break them down.

    Task driven putaway
    Let WAERlinx direct your teams, to make putaway more efficient and accelerate the process.

    Automated putaway
    Maintain an accurate sequence of material storage in your warehouse, without depending on local operator knowledge.

    Walk sequences
    Drive your pick rate and improve operator efficiency with optimised travel routes around your warehouse.

    Operator control functions
    Handheld devices give operators more control and help them work smarter.

    Supervisor management
    Equip your supervisors with real-time visibility over all warehouse activity, so they can prioritise more effectively, based on business need.

    WAERlinx replicates your entire supply chain in one place – with real-time visibility of all your warehouses, zones, racks, and shelves, anywhere in the world.

    Stock count and perpetual inventory
    Don’t leave any doubt – keep an accurate track of what’s on your shelves at any given moment.

    Product management
    There’s no need to depend on spreadsheets to control pick order. WAERlinx supports your product management by FIFO, expiry date, serial number, batch number, lot number, or manufacturer’s serial number.

    Bulk storage
    Replenish a dynamic pick face from a nearby bulk storage area, optimising throughput and lowering the cost to serve.

    Flexible rules
    Align picking with your business needs, and pick using rules that make sense whether that’s by customer, destination, date, or product family.

    Task-driven picking
    Use intelligent task prioritisation to direct operators to the most urgent items first – maximising flexibility while retaining complete control.

    A choice of picking policies
    Pick one after the other or in waves; track reusable pick containers and validate activity with scanning. Just choose the policies that make sense for your business and let WAERlinx ensure they’re followed.

    Optimised walk sequences
    Save time and increase efficiency by giving operators the shortest route around the warehouse.

    Supervisor controls
    Use demand-prioritisation and work-task-prioritisation together to give your supervisors complete control over the work schedule.

    Barcode-driven packing
    With support for all barcode formats, WAERlinx helps you keep track of goods during the packing process.

    Supermarket checkout
    Say goodbye to customer discrepancies. Use supermarket-style checkout to validate that orders are complete as they ship.

    Validate the packing process
    WAERlinx can generate your packing list, record the packing materials that are used, scan picked items into packing containers, and scan packing container labels to confirm a pack.

    Auditable packing transactions
    Get more visibility over the packing process – and when it’s complete – to make any delivery issues or order discrepancies easier to investigate.

    Execution of dispatch
    Selectively dispatch individual or multiple orders by order due date, delivery route or customer.

    Packing and shipping functionality
    Optionally print labels and documents to match your pick, pack and ship processes.

    Courier interfacing
    Speed up your processes and eliminate manual arrangements with couriers. WAERlinx can integrate with third party couriers, automate the booking, and print the labels while ensuring NetSuite is updated with this information too.

    Confirm shipping events
    Log an auditable transaction when goods are shipped; ideal for investigating customer discrepancies and after-sales service.

    When stock comes back into your warehouse, your efficiency stays the same. With WAERlinx, reverse logistics come as standard.

    WAERlinx supports all barcode and RFID tag formats, so you can input data faster and process transactions more accurately.

    Android HHT
    The handhelds for scanning with WAERlinx are Android smartphones either with an incorporated scanner or a small Bluetooth scanner. This ensures hardware costs are kept low, operators are happy and transaction volumes are high.

    Mobile Apps
    Waer can build mobile apps to complement WAERlinx. For example, WAERpod – a phone based proof of delivery app so that your fleet of drivers can get a signature at each drop – no more missing goods.

    Our worldwide customers

    WBC is a fast-growing distributor
    that uses WAERlinx to run its
    extensive new warehouse. Since
    installing WAERlinx, WBC has
    seen a 40% increase in warehouse

    2Pure is a flagship UK distributor of
    outdoor leisure products, running
    NetSuite as its main business system.
    With WAERlinx, the company
    efficiently manages its warehouses,
    stock, shipments, and replenishment

    William George is a leading UK
    auctioneer, using NetSuite as its ERP.
    With WAERlinx managing the receipt,
    management, and shipping of all
    inventory across 14,000 warehouse
    SKUs, the firm has dramatically
    optimised its performance.

    “Waer made big promises and have
    delivered on all of them, in fact, they
    have gone beyond them”

    Part of the Healthcare Limited group,
    DeliverNet uses WAERlinx for
    warehouse management, proof of
    delivery and inventory control.
    Crucially, DeliverNet gets real-time
    integration with NetSuite – and realtime visibility across the company.


    Something specific you’d like to
    know? How can we help?
    Use the chat or give us a call.


    Like what you see and want to
    discuss it further? Let us call you
    back when it’s convenient. Just
    complete the form below.

    Give us a call and we can arrange
    a demo at your office or take you
    through WAERlinx via WebEx.

    Best Home Security Systems – Services, Fees, More #security, #home #alarms, #burglar #alarm, #home #protection,


    Compare Home Security

    Everyone wants their home to be a safe place and to protect their loved ones from harm. Even if the crime rates in your neighborhood are not very high, anyone can fall victim to burglaries and invasions, so it is important to be proactive to ensure your home is safe. While you may already have locks on your windows, a well-lighted porch, or a reinforced door, you can still come home to a broken window or door jam and missing valuables. The best way to protect your home, your family, and your belongings is to invest in a home security system. Usually the warning signs and the sheer volume of an alarm will deter potential burglars and intruders, but if that is not enough, an alert will automatically be sent to the central monitoring station, where a team of alarm specialists is on duty and ready to dispatch the local police if you’re in trouble. With a home security system, you can also have the peace of mind of knowing that even when no one is home, you will be protected against unwanted entry and property loss. It is therefore extremely beneficial for homeowners to seek the services of a home security company.

    In addition to an alarm system, many home security companies will provide a combination of safety devices, ranging from fire detectors and carbon monoxide monitors to flood protection and freeze sensors. These devices will work together to protect your home and can help save your life in an emergency situation. They can even help you save on home insurance costs—homeowners may get up to a 20% discount on home insurance premiums for having a monitored security system. In many cases, the discounts can cover most of the costs that come with installing and using a top-notch home security system.

    While the benefits of having a home alarm system are evident, it is more difficult to identify the specific provider that will best meet your needs. Each home security company has several plans to choose from, with different features and monthly fees that go along with them, and it is often hard to see where the best value lies. FindTheBest makes it easier for you to decide by allowing you to compare companies side-by-side and examine their similarities and differences. To ensure you select the right home security system provider for your needs, consider the following factors when weighing your options:

    • Monitoring Services. You should first determine the type of monitoring services you require. Some home security companies simply provide the basics, while others have everything from remote automation and wireless video to geographic services and text and email alerts. There are even companies that offer 24-hour monitoring systems, which means that the alarm company has a monitoring facility staffed by real people 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Staff members will always be watching your system, and in the event of a break-in, they will quickly contact the local authorities. See the various other monitoring services available and narrow your home security options from there.
    • Security Devices. It is also important to consider the security devices offered by the company. A keypad and control panel, contact sensors on your doors and windows, an audible siren, and a monitoring system are all included in most of the basic home alarm systems installed by the major alarm companies. But there are many other home alarm system features you can consider for your home, and the price difference is often marginal, especially considering that these devices provide additional protection. For instance, some home security companies offer more sophisticated security equipment, including heat sensors, surveillance cameras, and recessed door sensors. Many security systems even go beyond detecting burglary threats by acting as home safety devices, such as smoke detectors, carbon monoxide monitors, and flood sensors. It is therefore beneficial to browse through the numerous different security devices available and determine the ones you need in a home security system.
    • Price. An additional element to take into consideration is the cost of using the home security system. Home alarm systems carry monthly monitoring fees which are usually locked in for three to five years, depending on the contract length . Your monthly fee will typically include basic equipment—such as door and window sensors, motion detectors, glass break sensors—for free. However, more advanced security features like two-way monitoring, key chain remotes, pet sensors, and fire alarms will usually cost you a little extra. Also keep in mind that even with free equipment, a vendor may charge you for system installation, and certain equipment warranties can add a few dollars per month. A good way to find the best security system with the best possible price is to get estimates from at least three different home alarm companies that serve your area. Compare not only the monthly fees . but also the features and services offered by each company to ensure you make the most economical choice without sacrificing your safety.
    • Company Reputation. Before making a final decision, you will need to investigate the home security company that may be installing the alarm system. You want a company that is certified and that has a good rating from the Better Business Bureau (BBB), as this indicates that the organization is dedicated to providing quality customer service and care. It is also beneficial to choose a home security company that has been in business for several years. Some companies have been around for decades and are practically household names, and this is a fairly good indicator that they have reputations to uphold. It even helps to keep an eye open for signs and stickers in your neighborhood. You may see the same alarm company name on various businesses and houses, which suggests that many people find it to be a superior home security system provider.

    Given the number of options available on the market, choosing the best home security may seem overwhelming, but remember that even the most basic system will help protect you and your family. Just ensure you choose a company that will provide a suitable alarm system at an affordable price. Read the rest of the guide for more information on how to choose a home security system, or start your search now and find the right one for your needs.

    Monitoring Services

    The states in which the home security company provides its services. Most alarm companies only have central monitoring stations in certain locations, so it is imperative to verify that your preferred monitoring service provider offers its services in your state or region.

    The chart above displays the percentage breakdown of states served across all Home Security Services on Credio.

    Boat Docks – Piers #pier, #dock, #piers, #docks, #easy, #aluminum, #aluminum #dock, #north, #boats, #boat


    Are Roll-Ins Really Easier?

    Roll-in docks have become almost the default, standard choice for those looking for easy installation and removal. Their prevelence in the marketplace would seem to validate their utility. But is their reputation justified? If your yard is too small to support the entire length of your pier, then their advantage becomes a disadvantage, even a hinderance.

    Roll-ins come in a variety of unit-sizes and general capabilities. Some can be hauled out of the water in their entirety with a vehicle or winch, and others are made to be handled a section at a time. Some work either way.


    If your shoreline permits your entire pier to be pulled onto shore in one piece, and if you (and possibly your neighbors) don’t mind the pier stored that way in your yard, and if there is vehicular access over your lawn, then a roll-in pier might make perfect sense. Only very short roll-ins can be removed by hand, which means that you have to have a yard that accommodates a vehicle, or you will need some kind of anchor for a (long) winch. A winch works fine for removing your pier, but a winch that will push your pier into the water in the spring is probably a few years off.

    Some roll-in piers allow for L s and T s at the end that have their wheels oriented so that they roll in right along with the main (outbound) sections. While this method works fine for a certain length of pier, it begins to be a problem for longer piers and very short piers. For a longer pier with an L at the end, the additional drag on that side will tend to pull the pier in that direction. Eventually your pier will have to be repositioned. If your pier is long enough, that additional drag on one side will actually make your pier curve.

    For a very short pier the winch method or a rope attached to your vehicle has problems because the drag caused by the L will tend to pull the shore end of your pier toward the L. Attach a string to a paper L cutout and pull on it to see what we mean. These L limitations are obviously magnified for softer bottoms and bottoms with rocks.

    Even with shore-facing wheels, an L is going to be limited to one or maybe two sections in length. The lopsided torque on the other sections will make a longer L feature or especially a U shape unfeasible for a one-shot pier. The roll-in manufacturers solve that issue the same way sectionals do with separately installed sections.

    Last but not least, there is a practical limit to how long a one shot pier can be. That maximum depends on the manufacturer and on your lake bottom.


    There are a whole host of reasons why you might have to install, remove and/or store your roll-in pier as sections or parts, such as limited storage space, courtesy to neighbors, terrain, weight, or for the configuration reasons cited above. In such cases, the advantage of the roll-in diminishes, and in many cases becomes a disadvantage.

    Roll-in sections are usually fairly long compared to the sectionals. That’s because they are only lifted at one end. There are two disadvantages with this. First, long sections require trusses to reinforce them (otherwise they would be too heavy), which makes them look like the old TV towers laid on their side. Second, each section must be rolled out and then “parked.” Longer sections require more to-and-fro movement to achieve alignment with the connection hardware.

    Although “parking” seems intuitively easy, remember that you are in the water, and there’s going to be water resistance. The deeper you go, the more resistance (mostly on yourself) you will encounter. But that’s not the biggest problem. When you push or pull a roll-in section, you obviously have to lean toward or away from it in order to make it go. That works fine in shallow water, but in deeper water, where you are neutrally buoyant, leaning no longer works as well, if at all. It goes without saying that most installations and removals occur precisely when you do not want to be in the water anyway. Roll-ins that require you to install your pier in separate parts will, in most cases, require in-water maneuvering.

    There are roll-ins whose installation method takes “advantage” of floating aids to keep you from having to enter the water. Putting a flotation piece in place, slowwwwwly moving the section into position, and then removing the flotation piece (before it floats away) seems small justification for a pier that’s supposed to be easier than a non roll-in. And would you ever believe that to be practical for one person? Incidentally, there are sectional piers which employ the same strategy for installation and removal. One wonders what the real difference between these two piers would actually be. Keeping the installer out of the water while requiring hour upon hour of work hardly seems like a worthwhile tradeoff. Worst of all, imagine installing this way in rough or windy conditions.

    When you consider that wheels cost more than footpads and have more that can go wrong, roll-in piers that are installed piecemeal offer little or no real advantage over even regular sectional piers. When compared with Pier of d Nort, these roll-ins don t stack up at all, figuratively or literally.

    To sum it up, unless you can drive a roll-in pier in and out, Pier of d Nort stands alone as the easiest pier on the market come spring and fall.

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