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Sachem Global, LLC is a Washington, DC based company established to provide
its Network, Ideas, Strategy and Execution for small organizations with big hearts
and large organizations with big mandates. Sachem Global prides itself on
working with some of the most game-changing visionaries who believe global
business and shaping livelihoods intersect.

  • Sachem Global guides Visionaries to achieve their goals while charting a course for building an enduring,
    respected and stakeholder-led organizations.

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    At Sachem Global, all of our Partners and Clients sign a clause on Integrity. We can give advice on Governance without engaging it ourselves. Leadership Integrity Clause While I recognize that power is fleeting; my sphere of influence and legacy are lasting. I wholeheartedly provide, seek and accept counsel, advice, wisdom, expertise and guidance for [ ]

    Sachem Global’s primary focus is identifying and closing solid business deals. We also know our work impacts communities and we want to keep them engaged. Corporate Social Responsibility: Give-Back and Paying It Forward And, we know that we must have good impact on the communities in which we work. Via in-kind services, pro bono advice, [ ]

    At Sachem Global, our Core Values are SIMPLE and serve as the foundation of what we do: Scalability – We work with our clients to contribute to a world-class body of knowledge. Instinct – We value instinct as much as quantitative and qualitative data. Movement – We continue to progress forward to ultimately make meaningful [ ]

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    Evolution: The Game of Intelligent Life Download (1997 Strategy Game)

    To beat your opponent, you have to evolve to the highest species, to the fastest. To evolve, move your species across the continent to eat the best vegetation, or to munch on your opponent. You, as the player, control your creatures’ feeding, reproduction, and fighting. Choose your path through the specie chain ladder. Be a carnivorous or herbivorous creature to be better prepared for the future. If you evolve too quick, you increase the chance that you may go extinct.

    Evolution requires a different type of strategic thinking than any other game. There is no battles or bloodshed–just peaceful creatures coexisting in a peaceful atmosphere. Just beware of the other creatures you do not control.

    The game evolution, game of intelligent life is all about the player, a being at the beginning of the creation of earth, evolving to become an intelligent sentient life form. There are five life forms you need to become to win and every second is a long 30,000 years in the game, there are about two hundred creatures to become or evolve too.

    As you play, historic events happen like falling of the asteroid that killed all of the dinosaurs. There is barely any fighting which kind of ruins the game. But for a non violent game, excluding all of the deaths of the dinos and battles , it is still very good. Unlike other games like it, the game of intelligent life is real time, increasing your adrenaline.

    The graphics on the game are kind of stupid, they are even worse than the graphics of run escape, which has a cube outlook. If you overlook that fact, you will like the game. It is kind of like civilization and a sim game.

    The reproducing parts get a bit too tedious and make you bored with the game quick. The part of the game that is exciting is the *zoic eras, the dinosaurs make the game a lot more exciting and thrilling to the max. It is very cool that the eras’ endings are marked by catastrophic things, for example, like I said before, the asteroid that annihilated the dinosaurs. The moving of the continents will screw you up if you don’t know what you’re doing but you will catch on pretty quick and beat it.

    The game is so cheesy that anyone can play it without being offended. It does suck that the game is very, very, very educational and make you loathe it with all you got. The third person perspective might get on your nerves if you don’t like seeing things far away, it is still good for an evolution game. Half of the screen is taken up by an info bar and the top still has a toolbar.

    These facts and the isometric graphics tell you it’s an old game but playing it will change your mind. This is a realistic strategy game and it is well balanced. Anyone who likes RTSs will like this game. You can play with up to six other players in this game.

    In my opinion the most realistic and fun strategy game ever made about scientific evolution, Evolution from Greg Costikyan is a unique, well-designed, and very well-balanced real-time strategy game that brings the concepts of evolution to gaming in such a way that makes the game both engaging and educational. The premise: More than 360 million years ago, life crawled out of the ocean. Yesterday, a hairless plains ape learned to talk and to make fire. In between, amphibians, dinosaurs, pterodactyls, mastodons and saber-tooth tigers came and went. Welcome to Evolution, where life evolves at breakneck speeds 30,000 years per second! You are thrown into this evolutionary maelstrom. To survive, your creatures must fight ferociously and strategically to evolve into intelligent life. You battle up to five other players, attacking them, crowding them out of prime feeding ground and striving to grab key positions on the Tree of Life. As if your opponents aren’t challenge enough, the Earth itself is in constant flux. Continents drift and collide, sea levels rise and fall, glaciers advance and retreat, comets and asteroids strike the earth, enormous volcanic eruptions spew lava in all directions, supernovae irradiate the world. Can creatures thrive or will competitors and the elements wipe you out?

    Although it is similar to SimEarth and SimLife in many aspects, Evolution is fundamentally a different game because of its emphasis on strategy – and therefore probably the world’s first program based on evolution to be qualified as a game (as opposed to Maxis’ software toys ). There is a pre-defined goal: be the best survivor in this historic world. You do this by accumulating score: similar to Civilization, the game ranks you using several criteria. These include size of population of your clade (i.e. your original species and all the species that descend from it), number of times your clade evolves a new species, and evolving the first intelligent species. Although you do not have to be the first to evolve the first intelligent species to win, it is much easier to win if you do because doing this gives you 50% point increase. This goal is easier said than done, since you have to deal with a myriad of natural disasters (including dramatic meteor showers and volcanic activities, to name but a few) in addition to opponents (which can be either computer- or human-controlled). Crucial to your success is the decision on what species to evolve next. While there are more than 170 unique species available, only one player in the game can evolve into a specific species at a time, making it a real challenge to evolve those critical species before other players in the game beat you to it. Many in-game charts and graphs are indispensable to your strategy, as well as the complex and awe-inspiring Tree of Life that gives you exact breakdown of requirements for evolving species. The Tree of Life is a bit hard to read because the text and the lines are so small, but that is a minor gripe compared to the overall excellence of the game.

    Similar to most real-time strategy games such, you control and manage all ‘units’ of your species directly. Battles are unavoidable, especially when someone beats you to a species that is critical for evolving into that intelligent race you are researching. True to history, while you are busy trying to survive, the environment constantly changes – tectonic plates and whole continents shift, resulting in dramatic changes in the survivability of your species. This requires you to constantly monitor the environment and adjust your strategy accordingly, making for an exciting and rewarding experience. I learned a lot more about evolution while playing this game than I ever did in school 🙂

    The bells and whistles components are all up to par, and add to the experience. Graphics is very good – you can tell which species it is by its icon and animation. Discovering your species’ characteristics and preferences is half the fun, and evolving them into new species is the other half. To round things off, up to six players can compete via serial modem, LAN, or the Internet. Despite a major omission in the first release that saw the curious absence of historical Earth scenario, you can still download that from the game’s official website at Discovery Channel among other places. When all is said and done, this is one of the few RTS games I played into 3-4 a.m. – and I never learned this much while playing Starcraft 😉 Highly recommended to RTS fans and anyone who is interested in evolution of life on Earth.

    This game has been set up to work on modern Windows (10/8/7/Vista/XP 64/32-bit) computers without problems. Please choose Download – Easy Setup (282 MB) .

    2016 San Pedro Software Inc. Contact: , done in 0.002 seconds.

    What is redact? Definition from #strategy #- #definition



    To redact is to edit, or prepare for publishing. Frequently, a redacted document, such as a memo or e-mail message, has simply had personal (or possibly actionable) information deleted or blacked out; as a consequence, redacted is often used to describe documents from which sensitive information has been expunged.

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    Looking to establish accountability across disparate project teams? Trying to automate processes or allow for lean methodology support? Hoping to enable business consequence modeling or real-time reporting? If you answered ‘yes’ to any of these questions, then you need to download this comprehensive, 68-page PDF guide on selecting, managing, and tracking IT projects for superior service delivery.

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    You also agree that your personal information may be transferred and processed in the United States, and that you have read and agree to the Terms of Use and the Privacy Policy .

    The term is appearing more frequently in that usage because as technology has enabled information to be stored and shared more widely, legal, security, and privacy issues have arisen. As, increasingly, legislation (such as HIPAA. the Sarbanes-Oxley Act. and the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act ) is drafted to control the handling of personal information in public sources, it is likely that usage of the term redact will continue.

    This was last updated in September 2005

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    e-procurement (supplier exchange) E-procurement is the business-to-business purchase and sale of supplies and services over the Internet. See complete definition migration In information technology (IT), migration is the process of moving from the use of one operating environment to another operating. See complete definition Six Sigma Six Sigma is an approach to data-driven management that seeks to improve quality by measuring how many defects there are in a. See complete definition

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    IAM Project Best Practices #identity #management #strategy


    IAM Project Best Practices

    This document presents best practices for deploying and operating an identity management infrastructure. It builds on Hitachi ID Systems ‘s years of experience in deploying password management and user provisioning into some of the largest and most complex organizations in the world.

    The document is organized as follows:

    • Overview: Defining Identity Management:

    Some basic definitions that help clarify the subsequent material.

  • Long Term Commitment:

    Identity management is more accurately described as a change in the IT organization and business processes than a finite project. Deployment can reasonably be expected to continue indefinitely, with more features and integrations are added over time.

  • Focus on Business Drivers:

    Given the long-term investment in identity management, it makes sense to identify and focus the highest priority business drivers first.

  • Deliver Early and Often:

    To minimize project risk and to ensure a positive return on investment, it is essential to deliver tangible results early in the project, and keep delivering new benefits regularly.

  • Usability and Adoption:

    Identity management is focused on the user — a human being represented on multiple IT systems, by a combination of identity attributes and privileges. It follows that user adoption is a prerequisite to success.

  • Critical Path and Common Interdependencies:

    Some integrations and features depend on others. This section identifies major interdependencies, which impact project timelines.

  • Project Management Methodology:

    A typical methodology for delivering a given project milestone.

  • Typical Timeline and Deliverables:

    Pulling all of the above together, a sample project timeline is developed, step-by-step.

  • Retail strategy #retail #branding

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    Retailers find themselves facing a welter of uncertainty as they wait to see how changes in credit availability, commodity prices, and consumer demand will pan out. The one thing that is clear, however, is that waiting is the last thing they should do. It is only by taking decisive action now that companies will offset pressures on their top line, enhance their profitability, and emerge in a stronger financial position to make the investments required for long-term value creation as the economy rebounds.

    Spotlight on:

    Don t assume the new entrant in your market is a disruption. Learn to recognize different types of threats and design the best strategic response.

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    The implications of five trends driving novel changes in consumer spending and behavior could alter the trajectory of retailers and consumer goods companies for decades.

    Using customer experience (CX) to create value for your customers and business in an Age of Experience.

    Consumer packaged goods companies spend billions of dollars each year on trade promotion but few really understand what they get in return, since getting a clear picture of spending and ROI is a complex undertaking. Strategy Chief Retail Strategist Tom Blischok and Partner Nick Hodson look at the implications of Clay Christensen s recent analysis of retailing.

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    European grocery retailers currently face a significant and growing problem of overcapacity, which threatens their future earnings.

    Digitization presents a fundamental challenge to established store chains that have long considered information technology to be an operational support function, not a source of competitive advantage.

    Addiction to discounts is costly for retailers, but in moderation, promotions can boost profits and brand value.

    read more on strategy+business

    How we help our clients

    PwC s strategy consulting team Strategy has a broad and deep set of capabilities to address the issues faced by retail companies. We support our clients with a global team that has experience in all major retail industry sectors, including big-box category killers, department stores, drugstores, e-commerce sites, specialty retailers, and supermarkets.

    Client examples


    Meet our experts

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    Get powerful and vital business analysis, insights, commentary, and other ideas direct from strategy+business .

    Strategy is a global team of practical strategists committed to helping you seize essential advantage. We do that by working alongside you to solve your toughest problems and helping you capture your greatest opportunities. We bring 100 years of strategy consulting experience and the unrivaled industry and functional capabilities of the PwC network to the task. We are part of the PwC network of firms in 157 countries with more than 223,000 people committed to delivering quality in assurance, tax, and advisory services.

    2016 PwC. All rights reserved.

    PwC refers to the PwC network and/or one or more of its member firms, each of which is a separate legal entity. Please see for further details.

    Apple s Retail Strategy Is Still Paying Off in a Big Way #online #shopping #discounts

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    Apple’s Retail Strategy Is Still Paying Off in a Big Way

    NEW YORK (TheStreet ) — Apple (AAPL ) no longer breaks out the sales of its retail store business as part of its quarterly results, but industry analysts who follow the consumer-electronics leader say the rest of Apple’s report suggests its retail operations remain strong at a time when the company is launching its most anticipated product in years.

    Apple’s retail stores received attention recently for having only display models of the Apple Watch and only allowing customers to place orders for the device. The practice was promoted in an email and video by Angela Ahrendts, Apple’s senior vice president of retail. She encouraged retail employees to push consumers to purchase an Apple Watch through Apple’s online store.

    Ahrendts’ method of promoting the Apple Watch was seen by some as a change in Apple’s retail strategy. Historically, the company has hyped up the first-day sales of new products, leading to long lines outside Apple’s stores.

    But analyst Tim Bajarin of Creative Strategies said the absence of the Apple Watch in the Apple stores was more of a “one-off” event than a change in the company’s retail direction.

    “You can’t glean any retail information from the Apple Watch,” Bajarin said. “That had to do with their supply chain. But you can get a pretty strong understanding that since their [overall] numbers did well, you have to believe that retail is stronger than ever.”

    For the fiscal second quarter. Apple said it earned $13.6 billion, or $2.33 a share, on revenue of $58 billion. In the same quarter a year earlier, Apple reported a profit of $10.2 billion, or $1.66 a share, on $45.6 billion in revenue. Sales of the iPhone and Mac were among the quarter’s highlights, with iPhone revenue rising 55% from a year ago to $40.3 billion on the sale of 61.2 million units. Mac revenue rose 2% to $5.62 billion on 4.6 million units.

    Retail Strategy: A New Focus on Hazardous Waste Regulations – EPA Connect #coupons #for #department #stores

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    By Assistant Administrator Mathy Stanislaus

    America’s hazardous waste management program ensures the safe management of hazardous waste from the “cradle to the grave”. Many of these regulations were developed more than three decades ago, so it is important we ensure they continue to effectively protect human health and environment into the future.

    These regulations were developed primarily for industrial and manufacturing settings, but apply to any non-household facility generating and managing hazardous waste—including some facilities that may surprise people. For example, hospitals, schools, and retail stores all generate hazardous waste and are subject to our regulations. However, because these types of facilities aren’t industrial in nature, sometimes the design of the hazardous waste regulations can pose compliance challenges. In recent years, we began to explore how we can update these important safeguards for a retail setting and address the potential challenges these regulations present for retail.

    You might not think of consumer goods at retail stores as especially hazardous, but some household cleaners, automotive products, batteries and other items meet the definition of hazardous waste when disposed. These goods are important parts of our everyday lives and may require special disposal when they are no longer able to be sold. We want to ensure that these items, if they are not sold and must be disposed, are managed safely and properly.

    Recently, EPA and other regulators focused increased attention on the retail sector. Instances of hazardous waste mismanagement and non-compliance by major retailers led us to seek information and solicit feedback by issuing a Retail Notice of Data Availability (NODA) in 2014. Feedback on the NODA, as well as information gathered from our continued engagement with the retail sector and regulatory community, not only increased our understanding of how retailers handle consumer goods that cannot be sold but also shed light on the challenges retailers face when managing goods that are hazardous wastes when disposed.

    I’m excited to announce that we are unveiling a cohesive strategy to address these unique issues and to ensure that retail stores comply with hazardous waste regulations. This strategy takes into account the feedback we received in 2014, as well as our knowledge of how unsalable items are managed in the retail sector. It builds upon regulatory efforts underway, including proposed updates and improvements to existing hazardous waste generator regulations and a proposed set of regulations designed to allow flexibility in the management and disposal of hazardous waste pharmaceuticals.

    As laid out in the strategy, we’ve taken these actions to ease the burden of managing hazardous wastes in a retail setting while maintaining important protections to human health and the environment, and furthering the President’s goal of reducing regulatory burden across the government (EO 13610). The strategy outlines our next steps, which include:

    • issuing the final generator rule in fall 2016;
    • working on finalizing the pharmaceuticals rule;
    • issuing a guide on recycling aerosol cans;
    • proposing a universal waste rule for aerosol cans; and
    • issuing a policy on reverse distribution and RCRA.

    This retail strategy is an important next step in our journey to explore options for reducing management burdens, ensuring compliance with hazardous waste regulations and protecting human health and the environment. Our strategy is available at Take a look. We’re interested in your thoughts as we move forward in partnership with all stakeholders to implement this strategy.

    Editor’s Note: The opinions expressed here are those of the author. They do not reflect EPA policy, endorsement, or action, and EPA does not verify the accuracy or science of the contents of the blog.

    Please share this post. However, please don’t change the title or the content. If you do make changes, don’t attribute the edited title or content to EPA or the author.


    I am glad to see this moving forward. And will review and comment on the strategy. I would also be willing to work with you on doing a similar strategy for law enforcement. They get trapped into generator status due to the restrictions on household haz waste disposal. Having work for region 5 as an epa rcra permit writer i hope we can discuss and resolve this problem too in the near future.

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    thanks for giving a such a wonderful things to get more knowledgeable information of everyone to stay on this entire healthy environment. keep sharing more information with us.

    The waste management plan is an issue that we defiantly need to ensure the environment is healthy. The enforcement of strict laws will assist, but not neutralize the problem with most companies still harming the environmental health of the planet. The propose plan for aerosol cans is a great start in building a foundation for other proposals such as liquid radiation waste.

    The waste management plan is an issue that we defiantly need to ensure the environment is healthy. The enforcement of strict laws will assist, but not neutralize the problem with most companies still harming the environmental health of the planet. The propose plan for aerosol cans is a great start in building a foundation for other proposals such as liquid radiation waste.

    thanks for shared wonderful information of giving best information.its more useful and more helpful. great doing keep sharing

    I wonder what the typical practices for waste management is at large retailers such as Walmart or Target. Perhaps there is a specific example of a company that does it very efficiently. It really depends on the retail store.

    thanks for shared wonderful information

    Great Article. Very good this article, find lots of interesting information, I am always visiting this site, and I have learned many good Coias.

    Article I find very interesatnteenfoque about the new approach that gives on Hazardous Waste Regulation

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    Nice to see things are going to the right direction!

    I appreciate this information provided about the new focus on hazardous waste regulations. It is interesting to learn that consumer goods found at retail stores can pose danger. It is a good idea to keep track of household cleaners, batteries, and other items to avoid accidents. Something to consider would be to have monthly inspections of the home to dispose of this material regularly.

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    Retail Strategy – Javelin Group #coupns

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    Retail Strategy Practice

    Retail Strategy

    Javelin Group is Europe’s leading specialist retail strategy consultancy, helping retailers and brands to plan and implement winning strategies for the new age of retail.

    The second decade of the 21st century is seeing a dramatic transformation in retailing driven by economic, technological and consumer change. More customer information, rising consumer expectations, new ways of shopping, increasing global competition and declining margins are just a few of the hallmarks of this transformation which is changing the competitive landscape.

    With our help, major retailers are reviewing their retail strategy and reinventing themselves for this new age along six strategic axes:

    In addition to our enterprise retail strategy engagements, we help retailers and brands in specific areas as follows:

    Omni-Channel Retail Planning

    For many retailers, the central question is How should we respond to and exploit the retail channel shift? We have more experience in this arena than any other consultancy. Omni-Channel Retail Planning .

    Omni-Channel Organisation

    We help retailers and brands to transform their organisational design (structures, people, culture and KPIs/incentivisation) to support the requirements of the future digital and omni-channel world. Omni-Channel Organisation .

    International Retail

    We develop and implement international retail store, ecommerce and omni-channel expansion plans which include: retail market planning and entry strategies, retail offer development, and retail operational planning. International Retail .

    Digital Strategy for Brands

    We help consumer brands optimise online and offline channels to drive engagement and ultimately higher sales, in the age of omni-channel retail. Digital Strategy for Brands .

    Digital Performance Review

    We audit and benchmark the digital retail offer covering customer experience (online and mobile), marketing, and omni-channel services, and then provide detailed recommendations and actionable insight in order to improve financial performance. Digital Performance Review .

    Customer Journey Mapping

    We help retailers and brands to understand and optimise their customer journeys to deliver an excellent experience at every touchpoint. Customer Journey Mapping.

    Cost Optimisation

    We draw on our unique combination of retail sector expertise to analyse and benchmark a retailer s full range of operational costs, identifying actionable opportunities for cost optimisation. Cost Optimisation .



    Retail Consulting, Retail Consultants, Retail Consultant, Retail Strategy, Retail Consulting Firm #shoes #retail

    #retail consulting


    Retail Consulting

    Our Retail Consulting approach combines fact-based analysis, leading practice expertise, innovation and deep-industry execution experience. This produces fast results by leveraging the power of our client’s knowledge with our expertise, new ideas, best practices and insights. This approach has led to long-lasting relationships with some of the world’s leading companies.

    We have a portfolio of offerings based on 200+ years of experience working in supply chain, merchandising and customer engagement initiatives. Contact us to learn more about our approach and services.

    Case Studies

    Integrated Merchandise Planning

    A roadmap and plan for the build out of an integrated planning organization, improved business process and integrated planning solutions.

    Defining pricing capabilities and solution choices, including markdown optimization technologies and processes to improve accuracy, localization and margin.

    International Retail Transformation and Expansion

    Program Management and industry expertise to support an international retail planning, forecasting and replenishment transformation and expansion, encompassing multiple merchandising systems, processes and teams.

    Inventory Service Levels and Exceptions

    Detailed evaluation of inventory management processes and systems that dramatically improved the retailer’s inventory position.

    Sourcing strategy to improve quality, design and execution of new products to market, including the roll-out of integrated customer insight tool.

    Streamlining product development business processes and aligning the organizational responsibilities of a private label.

    Organizational Model Transformation

    Redefining merchandising processes, roles, responsibilities & reporting structures to support domestic and international channels and banners.

    Merchandising Training Program

    Designing and delivering a comprehensive merchandising training program to enhance merchandising team capabilities and support strategic initiatives.

    Multi-Channel Planning Strategy and Process

    Articulation of a global, multi-channel planning strategy including innovative processes and a four-year roadmap for implementation.

    Store Inventory Management Assessment

    Identifying areas of maximum opportunity related to the handling and merchandising of products in physical stores.

    Field & Field Support Organization Design

    Designing a new field organization with infusion of industry leading practices to enhance the company’s ability to provide support for store operations and associates.

    Comparable Store Sales Improvement Initiative

    Assessment and identification of store level improvement opportunities to drive growth and consistency in comparable store sales performance.

    Retail Marketing Strategy – Retail Concepts #multi #channel #retailing

    #retail marketing


    For All Businesses

    Retail Marketing Strategy Inventory Management

    Want to drive traffic and turn sales? You need an effective retail marketing strategy to drive traffic to your store or website and achieve retail success.

    What we do

    We believe retail marketing strategies should be approached holistically: every contact with your customer should be viewed as a marketing opportunity. We will develop a tactical plan to help your retail business reach the right target with an easy to understand and consistent message. This plan would include:

    • Developing a competitive retail marketing review
    • Targeting customer behaviors
    • Integrating marketing into retail layout and design
    • Branding and identity strategy

    What you get

    After working together to flesh out all of the components of the plan, you will receive a detailed written report outlining the strategic recommendations based on the areas detailed above.

    What you pay

    One figure does not fit all for this service. Options can range from a snapshot tactical retail strategy to a full positioning, branding and marketing plan. Prices typically can range from $7,500 to $15,000, depending on scope and services provided.

    HoW to start

    Partnering with Retail Concepts was one of the best decisions I ever made. The team’s ability to bring new concepts to market, while thinking of and mitigating EVERY potential roadblock along the way, makes them an invaluable partner for any brand launch. They remain trusted business advisors to me and my team and I look forward to a continued and long-lasting relationship.

    Trae Nunnink, Boltwell

    Going forward in the world of retail without Retail Concepts as a guide would be like shooting the rapids blindfolded and without a paddle likely to end up smashed on the rocks without ever seeing it coming.

    Rick Lombardi, The Vin Bin

    Sometimes, I think that a single encounter can change your life—and that first meeting with Retail Concepts was one of those encounters for me. From that day on, through the whole business planning process, they really helped me take this dream and make it a reality!

    Sarah Johnson, Luna Boston

    We helped create a whole new way to look (and shop) for disaster prep.