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Six Elements of Strong Software Sales

Our Top Tips for Selling Software

Whether you are a software sales professional, or just selling software on the side, it is important to follow these critical guidelines for success. Keep reading to learn the six key tips for sales success. Also check out this article about selling software online.

Software sales cycles are changing. With the existence of Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), cloud computing, and open source options, in many cases this can shorten the overall decision process for the customer. If you’re still selling a traditional software license the “old fashioned” way, you may find that your customer has made a buying decision with someone else before you even have a quote together or the pilot finished!

In today’s competitive software marketplace, it is critical to focus on 6 key elements to keep your software sales growing:

Do you have the right business model and pricing structure? With the changes occurring in the software industry (SaaS, open source, outsourcing, mobile software, etc) it may be time to revisit the way your software product is positioned, priced and/or productized (the 3 P’s!). For example, moving to or adding services revenue or subscription licensing can drive increased software sales. Check out our article on software business model planning. Also, if you have a multiple product strategy (eg, a traditional software license approach, and also a SaaS offering) then you need to be very careful to avoid channel conflicts in your pricing strategy, and make sure you are positioning the right product for your customer’s needs, using this SaaS readiness checklist. If you need some additional input, then we offer an affordable sales & marketing strategy audit. Find out more details here.

  • Have a Strong Value Proposition.

    What is your company’s and your product’s biggest strength (in the eyes of the customer, of course) and main advantage against your competition? That is your value proposition. Keep it simple. You should be able to communicate it without even a moment’s thought, and it must be communicated convincingly and with passion! If you don’t believe it, then you won’t be able to make your customer believe it.

    Make sure that your value proposition clearly differentiates your product or service from your competition in the customer’s eyes. Remember that your “competition” may not be selling exactly the same type of product you are. If you are a licensed software vendor, your primary competitor may become a SaaS provider or perhaps open source software. Each requires a different type of value proposition.

    Make sure your value proposition is clearly spelled out in the beginning and end of your software proposal. Having a compelling software sales proposal is critical to come across as professional and convince your customer that your product or service will meet their specific needs. You can download our Software Proposal Template Package here to use as a starting point to developing your own professional sales proposal. It will really increase the effectiveness of your proposals, help you build credibility, and speed up your turnaround time to close the deal faster.

  • Identify your Profitable Customers.

    You must be able to write down exactly who your customer base is: are they in a specific industry? Are they in small, medium or large companies? What other common characteristics do the right customers have? And who are the specific purchasers and stakeholders within your customer? Take the time to put together detailed target customer profiles for each of your software products or services.

    Sales time is valuable. Make sure you have a software sales strategy to reach these specific target customers. Do they have particular conferences they go to? Do they read particular publications or visit certain sites? If you have a lead outside of this target, you should think long and hard about whether you want to spend your time chasing it. Focus your sales efforts on the right customers.

  • Build Strong Customer Relationships. Know who within your target customers you need to build relationships with, and have a software sales process that supports that. These should be the individual purchasers, stakeholders and influencers of your product or service purchase. Depending on the typical fee for your software or service, they might be at the CXO level or not, but make sure you are developing relationships high enough up in your customer organization to be able to influence the purchase decision.

    You may have great relationships at the IT manager or business unit manager level, and those may get you some good insight and information…. But don’t kid yourself that that is enough to influence the sale unless you really do have a low-cost product with a one-off purchase decision.

    Your relationship-building efforts must include reaching out regularly to stakeholders at both existing clients and new leads. Getting face-to-face can be time consuming and expensive. However, excellent web conferencing tools exist that make it possible to hold effective sales meetings and presentations online. In addition, make sure you understand the impact the internet is having on B2B sales and the customer purchase cycle. More and more, B2B buyers are relying on the internet for their product research and evaluation, which means that when you get that first sales call they have already gathered quite a bit of product data and done a preliminary vendor short-list. The worst thing you can do in that case is to start with a “generic” sales pitch.

    A final critical part to developing strong customer relationships is established a strong channel network. This could include working with a software reseller, distributor, or complementary software vendors and service providers.

  • Reinforce your Value Proposition with ROI and Client Examples.

    So you’ve got a strong product and value proposition, identified the right customers and built relationships with them. Isn’t that enough to get them to buy your software or service? No!

    Now you need to convince that customer that you really can deliver on your value proposition for them. That means communicating a strong and convincing ROI, taking into account both hard ($) and soft benefits.

    Many software vendors do not take the time to think through and quantify all the possible areas of ROI, but in fact a strong ROI methodology is critical to your software sales success. Unless, of course, you have such a stunning value proposition that customers are willing to pay for it regardless. And make sure you have customer examples or case studies that reinforce your value proposition and ROI message also.

  • Ensure your Sales Channel or Organization and your Sales Compensation Drives the Right Behavior.

    Both your sales organizational structure or channel program and individual ownership/reward must be structured in a way that supports engagement with the right target customers in the best way to sell effectively. Sales process is absolutely necessary, but make sure it does not get in the way of your sales people doing their job, and make sure the comp plans are rewarding the right behavior.

    Your sales channel or organizational structure should be as effective as possible in reaching your target customers. Consider using a software reseller, making software resell rights available, or building an affiliate program.

    For more detail on commission planning, check out these tips for putting together an effective software commission plan that drives the right behaviors from the entire sales team.

  • Most of these software sales points may seem obvious… but without explicitly prioritizing these six areas it is easy to get defocused and not recognize the wasted effort that results.

    Next Steps to Ramp Your Software Sales

    Next, develop a strong, professional, customer-focused sales proposal that will convince customers to purchase your product or service. Use our Software Proposal Template as a starting point.

    For additional sales tools, templates, coaching and master classes, check out the Software Marketing Toolkit here. You’ll have access to all the tools you need to increase your software sales expertise and help you drive revenue from your software.

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  • SocNetV – Social Network Analysis and Visualization Software #social #network #analysis #software, #social #network #visualizer, #social #network #analysis, #socnetv, #sna, #social #networks, #graphs, #social #network #visualization, #network #layout, #social #network #analysis #tool, #dimitris #kalamaras,gpl, #windows, #linux, #mac, #social #network #analysis #datasets, #centrality, #graph #theory


    Free and Open-Source Tool for
    Social Network Analysis

    Social Network Visualizer (SocNetV) is a cross-platform, user-friendly free software application for social network analysis and visualization. With SocNetV you can:

    • Draw social networks with a few clicks on a virtual canvas, load field data from a file in a supported format (GraphML . GraphViz . Adjacency. EdgeList, GML, Pajek. UCINET. etc) or crawl the internet to create a social network of connected webpages.
    • Edit actors and ties through point-and-click, analyse graph and social network properties, produce beautiful HTML reports and embed visualization layouts to the network.
    • Standard graph and network cohesion metrics, such as density . diameter . geodesics and distances . connectedness . eccentricity . clustering coefficient . reciprocity, etc.
    • Matrix routines: Adjacency plot, Laplacian matrix, Degree matrix, Cocitation, etc
    • Advanced measures for social network analysis such as centrality and prestige indices (i.e. eigenvector and closeness centrality. betweenness centrality. information centrality. power centrality. proximity and pagerank prestige).
    • Fast algorithms for community detection. such as triad census . clique census ,etc.
    • Structural equivalence analysis, using hierarchical clustering. actor similarities and tie profile dissimilarities, Pearson coefficients.
    • Layout models based either on prominence indices (i.e. circular, level and nodal sizes by centrality score) or on force-directed placement (i.e. Eades Spring Embedder. Fruchterman-Reingold. etc) for meaningful visualizations of the social networks.
    • Multirelational network loading and editing. Load a social network consisting of multiple relations or create a social network on your own and add multiple relations to it.
    • Random network creation using various random network generation models (Barabási–Albert Scale-Free. Erdős–Rényi. Watts-Strogatz Small-World. d-regular, ring lattice, etc)
    • Famous social network analysis datasets. i.e. Padgett’s Florentine families.
    • Built-in web crawler to automatically create “social networks” from links found in a given initial URL.
    • Comprehensive documentation. both online and inside the application, which explains each feature and algorithm of SocNetV in detail.

    Source code, packages and executables for Windows, Linux and Mac OS X are available in the “Downloads ” page.

    The program is Free Software, licensed under the GNU General Public License 3 (GPL3) .
    You can copy it as many times as you wish, or modify it, provided you keep the same license. The documentation is also Free, licensed under the Free Documentation License (FDL).

    Do you want to contribute?

    • If you are a C++/Qt developer, you can help our project by commiting your patches (new features and bugfixes) to our source code development tree.
    • If you are a proud SocNetV user (person or institution), you can help us by reporting bugs. proposing new features in our Launchpad ‘blueprints’ page or even donating whatever amount of money you like to the project. If you want to donate some money, click on the “Donate” button (in the page footer). You will be redirected to our Paypal donation account.

    In any case, thank you for using and contributing to SocNetV! Have fun with social network analysis.


    The Social Network Visualizer project is happy to announce that a brand new version of our favorite social network analysis and visualization software application has been released. SocNetV version 2.3, released on Jul 5, has the eloquent codename “fixer” and it is now available for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux from the Downloads page. What the new

    We are pleased to announce that a new version of your favorite social network analysis and visualization software application has been released. SocNetV version 2.2, codenamed “beyond”, brings many new features and it is available for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux. Visit the Downloads page to get it! Here is a brief list of all new features and

    Today is a wonderful day, because we are happy to announce that a brand new version of our favorite social network analysis and visualization software application has been released. SocNetV version 2.1, released on Sep 28, has the quite eloquent codename “fixer” and it is available for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux from the Downloads page. What the

    The Social Network Visualizer project has released a brand new version of the Social Network Analysis application which brings major code overhaul, new GUI layout, significant improvements and lots of bugfixes. SocNetV v2.0 brings stability, great performance boost and nice new features for easier social network analysis such as separate modes for

    This video, uploaded to YouTube by Micheal Axelsen, takes on the dreaded social network analysis by using SocNetV.

    SocNetV Features

    Explore the nice features of SocNetV to make
    your social network research real fun!

    Easy User Interface

    Navigate yourself and use the application either with the mouse or the keyboard.

    File Formats

    Load and save to GraphML, but you can also import most network file formats (GML, Pajek, UCINET, GraphViz, Adjacency, EdgeList etc).

    Network analysis

    Compute distances, eccentricity, connectedness, clique census, triad census, and Prominence indices (i.e. eigenvector, betweenness and information centrality, promixity prestige, pagerank and more)


    Apply intuitive visualization layouts on undirected/directed graphs, based on prominence scores or force-directed models.

    Famous networks

    Automatically recreate known social network datasets such as Padgett’s Families

    Random networks

    Create random networks using one of the supported models (scale-free, Erdős–Rényi, lattice, small worlds)

    Web Crawler

    Easily visualize and analyze networks of linked web pages and sites through the built-in web crawler.


    Work with multiple relations concurrently. SocNetV supports loading, editing and saving multirelational social networks.


    Learn to work with SocNetV and make use of Social Network Analysis methods by reading our Manual

    Free Software

    SocNetV is Free and Open-Source Software, use it everywhere. Have a feature request? Ask us!

    Have fun with Social Network Analysis

    Use the buttons to download Social Network Visualizer for your OS or to learn more about Social Network Analysis and Visualization reading the Manual .

    Private Investigator License #software #licensing #attorney



    There is no P.I. licensing requirement in Alabama, although some cities, such as Birmingham and Mobile, have their own, and a state business license is required to operate any business in Alabama.
    Web Site | License Check NEW! Coming May 1, 2014!
    State P.I. Association | State Law

    There is no P.I. licensing requirement in Alaska, although some cities, such as Fairbanks, have their own, and a state business license is required to operate any business in Alaska.
    City of Fairbanks | Anchorage Private Detective Licenses
    State P.I. Association

    Arkansas Board of Private Investigators and Private Security Agencies
    #1 State Police Plaza Dr.
    Little Rock, Arkansas 72209
    (501) 618-8600

    The Office of Private Investigator Voluntary Licensure
    Colorado Department of Regulatory Agencies
    1560 Broadway, Suite 1550
    Denver, CO 80202
    (303) 894-7855

    State Licensing | State Law
    Check License Status (Voluntary licensing) Mandatory Licensing Effective 6-1-2015 | State P.I. Association

    Department of Public Safety, Division of State Police
    294 Colony St.
    Meriden, CT 06450-2098

    District of Columbia
    Security Officers Management Branch, Metro Police
    Security Unit 2000
    14th St. NW
    Washington, DC 20009
    (202) 671-0500

    Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services
    Division of Licensing, Bureau of License Issuance
    P.O. Box 6687
    Tallahassee, Fla. 32314-6687
    (850) 488-5381
    Web Site | License Check
    State Law
    State P.I. Association

    State Board of Private Security Agencies
    237 Coliseum Drive
    Macon, GA 31217-3858

    (478) 207-1460

    Board of Private Detectives Guards
    DCCA, PVL, Licensing Branch
    1010 Richards St.
    P.O. Box 3469
    Honolulu, HI96801.
    (808) 586-3000 or (808) 586-2701

    License check (Use code PD for individuals, PDA for firms)

    No license required by the state.

    Office of Kansas Attorney General, Private Detective Licensing Unit
    1620 SW 10th Avenue

    Topeka, KS 66612
    (785) 296-4240

    Massachusetts State Police
    Special Licensing Unit
    485 Maple Street
    Danvers, MA 01923
    978-538-6128 voice
    978-538-6021 fax

    Board of Private Security Patrol Officers and Investigators
    301 S Park, Room 430
    PO Box 200513
    Helena, MT 59620-0513
    (406) 841-2387, Fax: (406) 841-2309

    Web Site | License Check

    New Mexico
    Bureau of Private Investigators
    P.O. Box 25101
    Santa Fe, NM 87504
    (505) 476-7080

    New York
    Department of State
    Division of Licensing Services
    84 Holland Avenue
    Albany, NY 12208-3490

    Council on Law Enforcement Education Training
    Private Security Division
    P. O. Box 11476-Cimarron Station
    OklahomaCity, OK 73136-0476
    (405) 239-5110
    State Law | State Website
    State P.I. Association | No Online License Check Available

    Puerto Rico
    Policia De Puerto Rico
    GPO Box 70166
    San Juan, PR 00936
    (787) 793-1234

    Rhode Island
    There is no statewide licensing. Licenses are issued by town halls. Applicants must have 2 of the following: Prior law enforcement experience; a college degree in criminal justice; 5 years of documented experience working for a licensed private investigator.
    State Law

    South Dakota
    No P.I. license, but business license through Department of Revenue required.
    Main Department of Revenue Office number: 800-829-9188
    State Revenue Offices

    Texas Commission on Private Security
    4930 S. Congress, Suite C-305
    Austin, TX 78745
    P. O. Box 13509
    Austin, TX 78711
    FAX: (512) 452-2307

    Department of Public Safety Law Enforcement Services
    Bureau of Regulatory Licensing
    4501 South 2700 West
    Salt Lake City,UT 84119
    (801) 965-4544 Direct | (801) 965-4445 ext 0 Use if Direct Unavailable

    Department of Criminal Justice Services
    Private Security Section
    P.O. Box 10110
    Richmond, Virginia 23240-9998
    (804) 786-4700

    Regulated by local jurisdictions.

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    Help Desk and Live Chat Software

    Implementing help desk software and live chat software is one of the easiest changes you can make to quickly improve customer service and loyalty. The H2Desk help desk is intuitive, user-friendly, and extremely easy to learn and use. It was designed to make your support operation more efficient and help improve client satisfaction by delivering best-in-class service. You and your team will be able to quickly and efficiently resolve customer inquiries received via email, ticket, or live chat. Support emails are automatically converted into actionable tickets and tracked to ensure issues are resolved and closed in a timely and professional manner. Live chat is fully integrated so website visitors can receive real-time support without leaving your website.

    Implementing self-service customer support software allows clients to take advantage of knowledge base articles, tutorials, and tips, and reduces your helpdesk team’s work volume. Customer’s get immediate results and your helpdesk has one less support ticket to handle. It’s no surprise that most successful companies long ago discovered that impatient customers and profitable businesses both love self service. It’s a win-win! Our customer service software delivers instant feedback and status updates to both clients and agents. When a support ticket is generated, clients receive an automatic confirmation that allows them to easily check the status of the ticket and communicate back to your support team. Notifications are also automatically sent to appropriate agents so they will know a support request needs attention. Additionally, clients can view all of their tickets via the online help desk software system’s customer portal. So, their support history is available in one central repository, making it easy to know the status of each case.

    Managing support tickets and customer inquiries can be tedious and time consuming. A review of surveys from customer service software buyers shows that most companies think ticket management, self-service, and live chat are essential components of the best customer service software. Using the built-in automation in the H2Desk software, you can reduce and even eliminate certain manual functions so you can focus on your customers. Say goodbye to manually assigning tickets to agents. When a ticket is created, the system will assign it, set the required SLA due time, and send out reminders if an unresolved ticket is expiring. The system also allows you to create specific tasks from within the ticket to ensure all necessary actions or steps are completed before the ticket is closed. Below are some additional examples of how our web based customer service software helps automate support functions:

    • Creates recurring tickets for scheduled or repetitive functions
    • Tracks service level agreement compliance
    • Automatically assigns support tickets to support team agents
    • Creates scripted canned responses for frequently raised issues or questions
    • Knowledge base with as-you-type searching encourages customers to use self-service options before generating a ticket
    • Provides real-time customer support using built-in live chat functionality

    We’ll take care of the techie stuff

    Get instant secure access to your own online helpdesk running on our SSL secure servers. Or, if you prefer an on-premise solution, you can install the software on your own server.

    Ticket alerts without a browser

    Our desktop software application instantly notifies you of new tickets. No need to keep your browser open!

    Fully customizable help desk software

    We provide complete access to CSS stylesheets and HTML templates. Make your customers feel right at home with a design that matches your existing website’s look and feel.

    Developers – use our API

    Powerful API let’s you design your own user interface, execute database search queries, and build custom reports.

    While our online help desk software allows you to efficiently resolve issues and improve customer service, it also allows you to track the internal performance of your helpdesk team by department and individual. Easily identify and reward your top performers, and discover areas that need improvement. Set the expected resolution time by department and priority level and ticket due dates are automatically set by the system for every ticket that’s created. Want to be notified when a ticket is past due? No problem. You or a designated staff member receive an email if a ticket exceeds the assigned due date. You can also set predefined resolution due dates by customer company, allowing you to give higher priority to your most important customers. It’s all configurable to work the way you want your helpdesk to work. You decide your work rules, and we help you execute them, seamlessly and automatically. So, what are you waiting for?

    We can help you determine which support solution provides your operation to the highest level of success.

    Learn more with a quick tour. or better yet, sign up for a 30 day free trial.

    Call Logs for Android, iPhone, BlackBerry mobile #call #logging #software, #call #logs, #mspy


    Call Logs

    mSpy provides you with a chronological log of all incoming and outgoing calls.

    • Instantly see:
    • The time a call is placed or received.
    • Call duration.
    • The number of calls made.
    • The name or number of any caller (provided it is saved in the device’s address book).
    • Call Logs without jailbreaking an iOS device.

    Why will you find this feature useful?

    Sometimes knowing whom your children or employees are talking to can prevent unwanted trouble from occurring. Schoolmate bullying or employee data leakage are but a few real-world scenarios where having this feature would certainly come in handy.

    All call logs are neatly organized into your Control Panel for you to access at any time.

    Start monitoring now

    mSpy is unrivalled all-in-one solution for:


    Legal info


    Secure online payment

    Approved by


    SOFTWARE INTENDED FOR LEGAL USES ONLY. It is the violation of the United States federal and/or state law and your local jurisdiction law to install surveillance software, such as the Licensed Software, onto a mobile phone or other device you do not have the right to monitor. The law generally requires you to notify users/ owners of the device that it is being monitored. The violation of this requirement could result in severe monetary and criminal penalties imposed on the violator. You should consult your own legal advisor with respect to legality of using the Licensed Software in the manner you intend to use it prior to downloading, installing, and using it. You take full responsibility for determining that you have the right to monitor the device on which the Licensed Software is installed. My Spy (mSpy) cannot be held responsible if a User chooses to monitor a device the User does not have the right to monitor; nor can My Spy (mSpy) provide legal advice regarding the use of the Licensed Software.

    2017 My Spy (mSpy). All trademarks are the property of their respective owners.

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    Piecing together your eCommerce business:
    The SMART way

    At SmartWin, they make it possible to run B2B or B2C business in my own terms. Their unique eCommerce platform takes care of all the leg works of standard functions, leaving me a user-friendly template to simply adopt and customize.

    Regardless of the size or type of your business, with SmartWin, you will find the Solution that is all you need. Our software scales from a handful number to millions of products.

    SmartWin Technology has specialized in Microsoft IIS-based eCommerce solutions since 1997. Over the years we have developed a range of advanced technologies and software components that are adaptable, reliable, and scalable, with a proven track record. They are generic programs which can be customized to fit any applications.

    Additional Services from SmartWin

    Our unique SEO methodology is built on top of our own eCommerce software and can be applied to any Website using a third-party eCommerce program. The services utilize the ” franchise ” feature of our eCommerce platform. Together with some other advanced techniques, we will be able to build your site an automation of progressive search engine ranking improvements.

    More reasons to employ SmartWin SEO automation.

    Need a Web developer to improve your site or an admin to assist you managing your site? We are Microsoft specific and our custom programming covers ASP.NET 4.0, MVC 3.0, AJAX, JQuery, MS SQL 2008, LINQ to SQL, WCF and more.

    Internet Marketing Services
    Looking for an SEO service provider to progressively boost your Page Rank that actually works?
    Read more.

    Web Management Services
    Need a Web developer to improve your site or an admin to assist you managing your site?
    Read more.

    Shopping Cart Software
    All-in-one online/phone ordering system + real-time payment after-sales management. Adds to an existing site with a few lines of codes.
    Read more.

    Online Warehouse Builder
    Got a large inventory and wanted to sell to different groups of customers? This database driven software handles every aspect of online sales. One database, many storefronts, multiple prices.
    Read more.

    Franchise Mall Builder
    Offers a way to expand your business to a multi-vendor, multi-storefront B2B B2C shopping mall. Plus, franchise stores can run under their own domains.
    Read more.

    Copyright SmartWin Technology 1997 – 2012. All Rights Reserved.

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    Work Management Software

    TrackerSuite.Net provides integrated Web applications that simplify Project Management, Time, Purchasing, HR, IT, CRM and more.

    Experience TrackerSuite.Net! Would you like a hands-on evaluation of TrackerSuite.Net? Register today for immediate access to a demonstration site.

    TrackerSuite.Net Web work management applications are accessed via Microsoft Internet Explorer, or through Firefox. TrackerSuite.Net can integrate with other project management software applications including Microsoft Project, most popular CRM applications and virtually any other Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) compatible enterprise platform.

    TrackerSuite.Net is well suited for organizations seeking high-speed, Web based solutions over WANs, or as a powerful component of an enterprise Intranet strategy.

    Advantages of TrackerSuite.Net

    TrackerSuite.Net offers several competitive advantages for organizations looking for Web based work software solutions for project management, billing, CRM, HR and reporting. It provides customers with a flexible licensing model and the ability to better capitalize existing IT resources and applications. These key advantages include:

    1. INTEGRATED, MODULAR APPLICATIONS. Select the applications you need to cost-effectively assemble the solution you want. Licensing is based upon the number of modules deployed and the number of named users. Hosting options are also available .
    2. SOURCE CODE INCLUDED WITH LICENSE. TrackerSuite.Net utilizes non-proprietary, established Web technologies, including LDAP, SOAP and XML. Utilize your own IT resources to customize Tracker applications to your needs. Customization services are also available from Automation Centre, the creator of TrackerSuite.Net.
    3. INTEGRATES WITH EMAIL. TrackerSuite.Net leverages email to streamline workflow, with automatic reminders for late timesheets and project status reports, as well as approval routing for timesheets, expense reports and vacation requests. TrackerSuite.Net integrates with leading email platforms, including Lotus Notes and Microsoft Outlook, as well as Web based email services such as Gmail.

    Automation Centre News

    Read our news and press articles to learn more about Automation Centre and our product, TrackerSuite.Net.

    Project Portfolio Management, Job Costing, Sarbanes Oxley and More

    The modular, integrated nature of TrackerSuite.Net work management software allows organizations to assemble a wide array of business process solutions. including Project Portfolio Management, Time and Billing, Sarbanes Oxley Compliance, Project Financial Management, IT Service Management, DCAA Timesheet Compliance, Improving Resource Pool Visibility and much more.

    TrackerSuite.Net is also capable of integrating with other software applications, including QuickBooks Online Edition, Lotus Notes, Microsoft Outlook, Great Plains and Oracle.

    Role Based Solutions

    TrackerSuite.Net applications provide a role based experience. with a configurable interface that provides users with the tools and information they need to work efficiently and effectively.

    Executives: TrackerSuite.Net provides dashboards for projects, services and resources, and facilitates the organization’s EVM and SOX initiatives.

    IT Administrator: TrackerSuite.Net provides solutions that deploy without a massive reorganization of IT and associated down-time. Administrators can better track and align projects and resources, and streamline and secure processes for time, expenses and purchasing.

    Project Managers: Tools to managing projects and teams effectively. Simplified workflow with centralized project information and automated routines for status reporting and tasks.

    Purchasing Managers: Streamlined, secured procurement that ensures projects and operational routines run smoothly, uninterrupted by delays.

    Accounting: A system that streamliens and secures time and billing, and simplifies customer invoicing.

    General Users: Easy to use applications that can be configured to personal preferences and needs, that integrate easily with workflow.

    435 East 9th Street | Tucson, AZ 85705 | 520.882.9287 | Email Automation Centre

    Copyright 2017 Automation Centre.

    TrackerSuite.Net is a trademark of Automation Centre.

    What is tuple? Definition from #composite #software #data #virtualization



    1) In programming languages, such as Lisp. Python. Linda, and others, a tuple (pronounced TUH-pul ) is an ordered set of values. The separator for each value is often a comma (depending on the rules of the particular language). Common uses for the tuple as a data type are (1) for passing a string of parameters from one program to another, and (2) representing a set of value attributes in a relational database. In some languages, tuples can be nested within other tuples within parentheses or brackets or other delimiters. Tuples can contain a mixture of other data types.

    Here’s an example of a tuple that emphasizes the different data types that may exist within a tuple data type:

    The above example is sometimes referred to as a 4-tuple, since it contains four values. An n-tuple would be one with an indeterminate or unspecified number of values.

    2) A tuple is analogous to a record in nonrelational databases.

    The term originated as an abstraction of the sequence: single, double, triple, quadruple, quintuple. n-tuple. Tuple is used in abstract mathematics to denote a multidimensional coordinate system.

    This was last updated in April 2005

    Related Terms

    COBOL (Common Business Oriented Language) COBOL (Common Business-Oriented Language) is a programming language created in 1960, and was the first to run on multiple. See complete definition DevOps In its most broad meaning, DevOps is an operational philosophy that promotes better communication between development and. See complete definition DNN Platform (DotNetNuke) DNN Platform, formerly called DotNetNuke Community Edition, is a free, open source content management system (CMS). See complete definition

    Keylogger Software Download Free Key Logger Monitor Computer Parental Control #software #spy #computer


    Keylogger Software Download Free Key Logger Monitor Computer Parental Control

    Keylogger Software free Key Logger surveillance Parental Control spy software download monitor computer parental control PC Laptop monitoring download keyboard keystroke logger free key logger downloads.

    Keylogger – KeyStroke Recording Software

    Keylogger software is computer monitoring system that allows you to record entire activities performed on your computer system. Key logger software has ability to monitor online chat conversation details, visited websites, incoming and outgoing emails and other online activities performed on your pc.

    Computer monitoring software works in invisible mode and does not appear on the Desktop, Add/Remove Programs, Control panel and even hidden in installation path folders. Keyloggers software provides facility to send details of recorded activities at user specified email address. Free keylogger download is available on the website. Download keylogger software to evaluate software features and capabilities before purchasing licensed version software.

    Advanced Keylogger – Keystroke Recording and Visual Surveillance

    Advanced key logger software easily monitors all activities performed on your pc in your absence. Computer system monitoring program not only tracks entire keystrokes activities but also captures screenshots periodically. This PC monitoring tool can record voice chat conversation, clipboard activities, accessed application and other activities performed on your computer system.

    Internet monitoring program works as a parental monitoring as it is useful for monitoring internet activities performed by your children on computers. Now you can easily find out what is going on your computers behind your back with this PC monitoring tool. Download key logger software to understand software features. after getting satisfied you can purchase full version of keylogger download program.

    Mac keylogger software is developed to track and record overall activities performed on Apple Macintosh OS X installed computer machine. Mac keystroke logger software records overall activities including online chat details, typed keystrokes, clipboard contents, USB removable media insertion activities and other activities performed on your Mac machine. Keyboard key logger software captures screenshots at regular time of interval so that you can easily know what is happening on your mac computers in your absence.

    Parental control software is useful for monitoring the internet activities performed by the users on Mac computer. Key logger download program is available on website to evaluate software working features.

    Mac keylogger free trial
    Download and evaluate free keylogger software trial version for mac for 30 days. Place order to get full featured mac osx keylogger software licensed version at cost-effective price.

    keylogger Software

    • Record Keystrokes
    • Captures Screen Snapshots (visual surveillance)
    • Monitor all users accounts
    • Records application activity
    • Captures Skype video screenshots
    • Employee Monitoring
    • Family member’s activities monitoring
    • Generate Reports
    • Runs in secret invisible mode
    • Invisible in Startup menu
    • Easy installation process
    • Clipboard Monitoring
    • Sends Log by e-mail
    • Records Passwords
    • Unicode Keystrokes
    • System Administrator
    • Office Managers
    • Hotkey and Run Command feature
    • Provides Backup of records
    • Hides installation files and folders
    • Invisible in Add/Remove program list
    • View captured data
    • Windows Vista Compatible
    • Records voice chat conversations
    • FTP Settings
    • Records chat conversation
    • Records USB removable media insertions
    • Parental Monitoring
    • Surveillance Purpose
    • Automatic startup
    • Password Protected Application
    • Invisible in Task manager
    • Skips and bypasses all major Anti-keylogger security
    • Customized for specific targets

    What does an Oracle audit look like? This one certainly wasn – t pretty #software #licensing #compliance


    What does an Oracle audit look like? This one certainly wasn’t pretty

    Oracle is at least as well-known for its aggressive licensing tactics as for its namesake database technology, and a recent dispute makes it clear that that reputation isn’t entirely unfounded.

    In September 2014 Oracle launched what it calls a “license review” of customer Mars Inc. the confectionery company. That’s a common enough occurrence. but this one turned particularly ugly. After providing a whopping 233,089 pages of documentation at its own expense in its efforts over several months to satisfy Oracle’s demands, it said, Mars finally filed a lawsuit last fall in a San Francisco Superior Court petitioning the court to order Oracle to scale back its audit efforts.

    [ VMware Workstation and Oracle VirtualBox duke it out for desktop virtualization dominance — find out which comes out on top in InfoWorld’s review. | Get a digest of the day’s top tech stories in the InfoWorld Daily newsletter. ]

    Mars dropped the case in December, likely signifying that it was settled out of court.

    Oracle did not respond to a request for comment. Mars declined to comment.

    However it ended for the parties in question, one particularly notable result is that a trove of documents are now in the public domain that wouldn’t have been there otherwise, shedding considerable new light on Oracle’s licensing strategies.

    “Oracle demanded information to which it is not contractually entitled regarding servers that do not run Oracle software and Mars personnel who do not use Oracle software,” Mars’ complaint read. “Oracle made these demands under false pretenses under false premises that non-use of software nonetheless somehow constitutes licensable use of software for which Mars owes Oracle.”

    In particular, Oracle asserted that because Mars was using VMware version 5.1 or higher, even servers and clusters not running Oracle must be licensed as well, Mars manager Eloise Backer explained in a declaration.

    Oracle also threatened to terminate its agreement with Mars in October if its demands weren’t satisfied.

    The case may be the first to focus specifically on Oracle licensing on VMware, noted Dave Welch, CTO and chief evangelist with IT consultancy House of Brick Technologies, in a Sunday blog post that links to many of the court documents.

    “I’m sorry that it appears Oracle opted not to appear in court,” Welch wrote. “I’m also not the least bit surprised. In my opinion, Oracle appears interested in trying to see if it can get any more money out of any of its Oracle on VMware customers. It also appears to want to do that without a court’s evaluation.”

    If Oracle had any contractual merit behind its VMware licensing assertions, it would have used a court case years ago to “send a clear message to the world that it would protect its intellectual property rights” rather than quietly “arguing the point one customer at a time,” he added.

    Mars’ audit experience was not uncommon, said Robert Scott, managing partner with Scott Scott LLP .

    “Those are the standard letters that any customer being audited by Oracle would see,” Scott explained.

    What’s less common is Mars’ decision to fight back, and “frankly, more of Oracle’s customers should assert these rights,” Scott said.

    There’s nothing in the Oracle license agreement that requires a customer to spend the time and effort Mars did in its attempts to satisfy Oracle, he added. In fact, audits are supposed to be conducted at Oracle’s expense.

    Scott had plenty of advice for all the other Oracle customers out there.

    “The biggest thing you can do is be very careful about the agreements you get into,” he said. “Sometimes with Oracle it’s very difficult to get a full appreciation given all the complexities and ambiguity, but that’s an important place to start.”

    Particularly important — and highly relevant to the Mars case — is avoiding arrangements that require you to count processors or cores, for example, when the basis for such counts isn’t completely clear, Scott said.

    “Virtualization is one of the biggest areas of risk,” he said. “I’ve helped clients avoid that issue by negotiating unlimited agreements with Oracle.”

    Oracle has also reportedly been offering what’s known as a Perpetual User License Agreement with flat-rate pricing for unlimited use of its database in perpetuity.

    For agreements that are already established, “get your arms around them” and try to negotiate any parts you don’t like. In fact, “with each order you make, you should be demanding additional concessions from Oracle,” Scott said.

    Finally, fighting back is an option Scott wishes more companies would use.

    “If they’re coming at you in a way that seems unreasonably heavy-handed, there is a mechanism, but it’s underutilized because people are afraid of Oracle,” he said. “I commend Mars for stepping up and doing the right thing.”

    Katherine Noyes has been an ardent geek ever since she first conquered Pyramid of Doom on an ancient TRS-80. Today she covers enterprise software in all its forms, with an emphasis on cloud computing, big data, analytics and artificial intelligence.