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Life is Fantastic Tea Towel by David Shrigley

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    Magis Cu-Clock

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    Eames Molded Plastic Armchair Rocker Base

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    Eames Compact Sofa with pressed plaid avocado fabric

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      Sarah Oppenheimer: S-337473

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      Cindy Sherman: Imitation of Life

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      Nancy Rubins: Drawing, Sculpture, Studies

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      James Baldwin. The Fire Next Time. Photographs by Steve Schapiro

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      OD-11 ortho directional wireless loudspeaker

      Welcome to the Wexner Center Store

      Browse the region’s best collection of books on contemporary art and artists, architecture, film, performing arts, fashion, and design, and discover an always fresh mix of additional merchandise from gifts to jewelry, housewares, and toys for all ages.

      All purchases support the programming of the Wexner Center for the Arts.

      Wexner Center members receive discounts in-store and online. Not a member? Join now.

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    Simplifying IT for Print Industry

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    Magento print shop Magento print shop

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      Configurable designing experience as per end-user’s need An ability to offer personalization

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    Richmond Eye Associates #richmond #eye #associates, #p.c., #barry #e. #roper, #m.d., #d. #alan #chandler, #m.d., #david #m. #bowman, #m.d., #bryan #m. #brooks, #m.d., #bryan #m. #brooks, #m.d.. #harold #a. #bernstein, #m.d., #malcolm #magovern, #m.d., #donald #w. #lumpkin, #o.d., #cindy #koza, #o.d., #richmond #va, #glen #allen #va, #ophthalmologist, #optical #shop, #glaucoma #treatment, #macular #degeneration #treatment, #anatomy #of #the #eye, #contact #lenses, #diabetic #eye #disease #treatment, #lens #implants, #cataracts #treatment, #cataract #surgery, #laser #vision #correction, #lasik, #nearsightedness #treatment, #vision #tests, #cornea #disease #treatment, #color #vision #tests, #nutritional #supplements #for #eyes, #eye #redness #treatment, #eye #pain #treatment, #blurred #vision #treatment, #loss #of #vision #treatment, #ocular #conditions #treatment, #ocular #itching #treatment, #ocular #tearing #treatment, #eye #sensation #treatment, #eyelid #treatment, #double #vision #treatment, #eyestrain #treatment


    • Markel Plaza – Suite 120+Glen Allen+VA+23060+’ >Richmond Eye Associates
      Innsbrook Office & Optical Shop:
      4600 Cox Road Innsbrook Corporate Center
      Markel Plaza – Suite 120 Glen Allen VA, 23060
    • Winchester Building – Suite 127+Richmond+VA+23235+’ >Richmond Eye Associates
      Midlothian Office & Optical Shop:
      10800 Midlothian Turnpike Koger Center South
      Winchester Building – Suite 127 Richmond VA, 23235
    • Building 2, Suite 1E+Mechanicsville+VA+23111+’ >Richmond Eye Associates
      Mechanicsville Office & Optical Shop:
      7575 Cold Harbor Road Mechanicsville Medical Center
      Building 2, Suite 1E Mechanicsville VA, 23111
    • Richmond Eye Associates
      Innsbrook Office & Optical Shop: 804-270-0330
    • Richmond Eye Associates
      Midlothian Office & Optical Shop: 804-270-0330
    • Richmond Eye Associates
      Mechanicsville Office & Optical Shop: 804-270-0330

    Personalized Eye Care in Richmond

    Thank you for choosing Richmond Eye Associates for your eye care needs.

    Our goal is to provide you with the finest eye care possible. For your convenience, Richmond Eye Associates offers full service eye care at three locations in the Richmond area. Our Ophthalmologists are certified by the American Board of Ophthalmology.

    Our Optometrists are members of the American Optometric Association. Licensed opticians are available to assist you in our three optical dispensaries with new or replacement frames and lenses, adjustment at no charge, and quality guaranteed service at competitive prices.

    Our Mission

    “At Richmond Eye Associates, we specialize in family vision care. The mission of the doctors and staff of Richmond Eye Associates is to provide you with professional, state-of-the-art medical and surgical care for your eyes. From performing routine eye examinations to complex new Laser Vision Correction, cataract / implant, and advanced glaucoma and corneal procedures, we strive to maximize and preserve your vision.”

    Before Your Appointment

    Visit our Patient Information Page prior to you appointment with Richmond Eye Associates to make sure that you have everything ready for your eye exam:

    • Download forms to fill out to bring with you for your exam.
    • Check the list of insurances and vision plans that are accepted by Richmond Eye
    • Review the Check List of things to do before your examination
    • Review information about the different types of eye examinations and privacy information.

    We are pleased to announce the opening of our new refractive surgery suite. Services provided include LASIK and photorefractive keratectomy (PRK). Please call 804-270-0330 to schedule a consultation with Dr. Brooks for further information.. read more

    Offices Closed on Monday, September 4th, 2017 – All Richmond Eye Associates offices and Richmond Eye Optical Shops will be closed on Monday, September 4th. If you are having an emergency and need to talk to the on-all physician, please call 804-270-0330 to reach the answering service. If you need . read more

    Dr. Greene is a board certified ophthalmologist (American Board of Ophthalmology) specializing in cataract extraction with lens implantation, corneal transplantation, laser surgery, and the diagnosis and treatment of corneal and external diseases of the eye. Dr. Greene performs routine eye examinations as well as those for the management of advanced corneal . read more

    Currently, we are accepting applications for Front Desk Personnel and for Ophthalmic Technicians. Richmond Eye Associates is a busy ophthalmic practice medically, surgically, and in providing routine eye care for glasses and contact lenses. Every employee at Richmond Eye plays a key role in our success in delivering the highest . read more

    Protecting your business from credit card fraud #small #business, #store, #gift #shop, #fraud, #see #id


    Protecting your business from credit card fraud

    Elaine Pofeldt is a journalist whose articles on entrepreneurship and careers have appeared in Fortune, Working Mother, Money and many other publications. She is a former senior editor at Fortune Small Business magazine and an entrepreneur herself, as co-founder of 200kfreelancer.com, a website for independent professionals. She writes “Your Business Credit,” a weekly column about small business and credit, for CreditCards.com.

    Dear Your Business Credit,
    I recently opened a gift shop and am accepting the major credit cards. I have one employee. What practices are most effective in avoiding credit card fraud? — Danielle

    Dear Danielle,
    I’m glad you asked this question early in the life of your store. Many business owners don’t pay enough attention to fraud prevention — until it’s too late.

    If your business makes a sale to someone who makes a fraudulent charge, you could lose the cost of the goods, according to Wells Fargo. There may also be charge-back fees to pay if the legitimate cardholder disputes the charge.

    How can you prevent this? Wells Fargo recommends training your employees to detect whether a card is legitimate or not. One sign that a card is fraudulent is that it is missing the magnetic stripe on the back. You or your employee should also check to makes sure that the card is not expired and that the signature on the receipt matches the signature on the back of the card.

    Some of your customers may not be happy to slow down long enough for you to scrutinize their cards, but if you explain that you check the cards to protect your clientele from fraud, they should understand. Personally, I am always grateful when a store scrutinizes my card and signature, because I know the employees would be likely to do the same if a criminal stole my card.

    Occasionally, you may run into a card that says See ID on the stripe where the signature should be. The customer wants the cashier to look at their ID photo instead of comparing the signatures on the card and receipt — usually because they think they’re protecting themselves against forgeries. But Visa and MasterCard both stipulate that merchants should not accept unsigned cards. According to Wells Fargo, you may be liable for the charge if the customer has not signed the card.

    If you’re considering asking for ID in addition to examining the card signature, be warned. Some card networks ban this practice, so you’ll need to check with them. Also consult your state attorney general’s office to make sure it’s legal in your state.

    Be aware that credit card fraud isn’t always perpetrated by people we commonly view as criminals. A substantial amount is committed by family members of the victims, such as a teenage child or a relative with a drug problem, according to Experian. The victims don’t always report family members’ charges as fraudulent, but in case they do, it’s a good idea to stick with your credit card verification procedures for all customers and refuse to accept credit cards for a purchase from a family member who is not a cardholder.

    There are some types of credit card fraud you need to tackle with technological solutions, because they involve the theft of consumers’ credit card information through your point-of-sale system. This kind of threat is growing. Verizon’s 2013 Data Breach Investigations report says more than 47,000 security incidents were reported by organizations around the world in 2012. Verizon was able to confirm that data was disclosed to perpetrators in 621 of the cases. Among those 621 cases, Verizon confirmed that the largest number, 193, happened at small firms with 1 to 100 employees. Among the confirmed breaches, 24 percent happened in retail environments and restaurants.

    Point-of-sale fraud was one of the most common types of breaches among the 621 cases. A particular hazard to small business is what Verizon calls the POS smash-and-grab. It involves a combination of brute force password guessing attacks and malware. About 111 of the 621 verified attacks fell into this category.

    There are many ways to prevent this type of fraud, according to Verizon. For instance, you probably hired an integrator to install your point-of-sale system. If you did not change the default password for your system, you should. For other suggestions, see Hackers up the ante for small-business data security.

    Good luck with your business, and be safe!

    Meet CreditCards.com’s reader Q A experts

    Does a personal finance problem have you worried? Monday through Saturday, CreditCards.com’s Q A experts answer questions from readers. Ask a question . or click on any expert to see their previous answers.

    Sally Herigstad,
    To Her Credit

  • Todd Ossenfort,
    The Credit Guy

  • Barry Paperno,
    Speaking of Credit

  • Elaine Pofeldt,
    Your Business Credit

  • Erica Sandberg,
    Opening Credits

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    Three most recent Your Business Credit stories:

    • How to know when a credit card charge is a scam As a small-business owner, fraudulent transactions can be disastrous to the bottom line. When accepting cards online, there are some ways to protect yourself.
    • How reimbursement works for airline miles purchases If you purchase airline miles for a business trip with your own card, how do you calculate the value for reimbursement.
    • Can I transfer my balance from a personal to a business card? Some business cards allow you to transfer a balance from a personal credit card to a business credit card, but it comes with a liability risk.

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    Pawn Shop NYC

    We give loans for all types of jewelry including gold, silver, diamonds, coins, watches antique and estate jewelry. We have certified diamond gemologists and our watch team is second to none. We have a refinery on site and cut out the middleman when pawning or selling.

    Pawn Gold NYC

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    Pawn Watch in NYC

    If you have a luxury watch that you would like to keep but need the money then look no further, we are highly specialized in dealing with the premiere luxury watch brands such as Rolex, Cartier, Breitling, Patek Phillipe, Panerai and more .

    Diamond Loans

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    Pawn Gold Coins

    We specialize in pawning coins. We are interested in all gold and silver coins in any denomination or from any country. We will loan based upon the value of your coin so the more rare it is the more you can get for it. We also want 1964 half dollars and junk silver coins.

    Why foreign companies are shutting shop in China #business, #china #business, #why #foreign #companies #are #shutting #shop #in #china


    Why foreign companies are shutting shop in China

    US-based Seagate, the world s biggest maker of hard disk drives, closed its factory in Suzhou near Shanghai last month with the loss of 2,000 jobs, in a move that has rekindled fears that China is becoming increasingly hostile towards foreign firms operating in the country.

    A passionate speech presented by Chinese president Xi Jinping at the World Economic Forum meeting in Davos in early January had been hoped to address the issue, and reassure investors that China s remained open to foreign investment.

    Xi defended globalisation and promised improved market access for foreign companies, a positive sign seen by many that China is still sticking firmly to its opening up policies, first rolled out by late leader Deng Xiaoping in the 1980s.

    Yet, Seagate joined a spate of foreign companies to shutter operations in China in recent years, for various reasons, but most have attributed the country s high tax regime, rising labour costs and fierce competition from domestic companies.

    Panasonic, for instance, stopped all its manufacturing of televisions in the country in 2015 after 37 years of operating in China.

    China doesn t need foreign companies so badly now in terms of acquiring advanced technology and capital as in previous years, so of course, the government is likely to gradually phase out more of these preferential policies for foreign firms

    Professor Chong Tai-Leung, Chinese University of Hong Kong

    When it first opened in 1979, the Japanese home electronics corporation was the country s first foreign firm, tempted by generous benefits not offered to its Chinese competitors, including lower taxes and land prices and easier access to local governments.

    But almost four decades down the road, this certainly isn t the case anymore.

    In November last year, Japanese electronics conglomerate Sony sold all its shares in Sony Electronics Huanan, a Guangzhou factory that makes consumer electronics, and British high-street retailer Marks Spencer announced it was closing all its China stores amid continuing China losses.

    Add to that list Metro AG, Home Depot, Best Buy, Revlon and L Oreal ; and we start to see more than a trend developing.

    Once considered Beijing s most-welcomed guests, bringing with them the money, management skills, and technical knowledge that the country so badly needed, foreign companies now appear to have fallen out of favour.

    China doesn t need foreign companies so badly now in terms of acquiring advanced technology and capital as in previous years, said Professor Chong Tai-Leung from the Chinese University of Hong Kong, so of course, the government is likely to gradually phase out more of these preferential policies for foreign firms.

    Echoing Chong s comments, Shen Danyang, a spokesperson for China s Ministry of Commerce accused some foreign corporates last September of only wanting to make quick money , had become too dependent on preferential government policies in China, and were starting to feel the pain of what he called a deteriorating environment for business in the country.

    But for those who had insight and courage , Shen insisted China is still a good place to invest.

    We are seeing more Chinese companies becoming champions in other countries, and of course that adds a lot of pressure on foreign corporates

    While it s still open to discussion whether those who have now retreated from China lacked insight and courage , there are certainly some common factors emerging on why.

    Keith Pogson, a senior partner at Ernst Young who oversees financial services in Asia, said the major one is quite simply fierce competition from Chinese rivals.

    We are seeing more Chinese companies becoming champions in other countries, and of course that adds a lot of pressure on foreign corporates. he said, agreeing that the gradual phasing out of preferential policies for foreign firms was certainly in China s self-interest.

    Chinese TV brands, for example, for the first time overtook their South Korean rivals last year, ranking first in global sales, with the market share of TCL a household name in the domestic home electronics market increasing more than 50 per cent in Northern American market in the past year.

    With the rise of such home-grown firms, the Chinese authorities have been leaning towards their own children , said Pogson, and this gradual phasing out of preferential policies for foreign companies is likely to continue.

    Preferential treatment towards foreign firms goes back to 1994 when they were included under the country s general tax regulations.

    Until 2007, firms that received foreign investment were subject to 15 per cent income tax while domestic companies paid 33 per cent tax.

    But in recent years Beijing has stepped up its efforts to tighten such policies, with the new Enterprise Income Tax Law and Implementation Rules, effective since 2008 unifying the rate for domestic and foreign companies at 25 per cent.

    Unclear laws and inconsistent interpretation of them have also been blamed for the flight of some foreign firms.

    A survey last year by consulting firm Bain Company and the American Chamber of Commerce in China (AmCham-China) highlighted those were the two top factors hindering foreign firms ability to invest and grow in China.

    High labour costs and a lack of qualified employees were also among the top five challenges, the study showed.

    An example of the type of regulation that is now hindering foreign progress is the new cyber security law, approved by parliament last November.

    It sparked fears that foreign technology firms would be shut out and subjected to contentious requirements for security reviews, and for data to be stored on Chinese servers.

    Despite more than 40 international business groups signing a petition to amend some sections of the law, the final draft approved by the parliament remained unchanged a clear indication of Beijing s determination to toughen its stance against foreign firms.

    A quarter of the AmCham-China s 532 member firms taking part in the survey said they had either moved or were planning to move operations out of China by the end of last year, with almost half moving to parts of developing Asia .

    If more overseas companies want to develop in China at this stage, Chong said, I would suggest they consider second- and third-tier cities.

    (The article has been amended to remove Sharp from the list of companies closing their China operations)

    Explore the Taj Mahal – 5_STARS! SundayTimes_London #explore #the #taj #mahal, #online, #virtual #travel, #360 #degree, #photographic #panoramas, #movies, #narration, #music, #english, #french, #japanese, #taj #mahal, #india, #online #vr #tour, #islam, #muslim, #monument, #princess #diana, #pictures, #tajmahal,taj, #mahal, #india, #tajmahal, #taj #mahal, #taj #mahal #india, #taj #mahal #armchair, #travel, #explore,award,free,traffic,special,love,travel, #virtual, #movie, #quicktime, #agra, #taj #mahal #india #agra, #armchair, #explore, #360, #photo, #panorama, #vr, #surround, #virtual #reality, #mughal, #mogul, #moghul, #mongol, #palace, #mausoleum, #monument, #shah, #jahan, #mumtaz, #gemstone, #yamuna, #inscriptions, #koran, #mosque, #quran, #raj, #conservation, #preservation, #uttar, #pradesh, #dome, #building, #princess, #diana, #paradise, #cenotaph, #tomb, #calligraphy, #garden, #marble, #inlay, #minaret, #emperor, #virtual #travel, #muslim, #islam, #tour, #tourism, #history, #art, #architecture, #music, #shop, #cd, #cd-rom, #audio, #ghandi, #clinton, #hilary, #chelsea, #bill, #wolfenson, #king, #queen, #prince, #museum, #temple, #jewel, #mosque,


    5-Stars. Wow. Thrilling. Sumptuous.
    Exotic. Ravishing. with Astonishing detail

    review by Sunday Times, London

    Over 12 million visitors to date
    Views from the Taj Mahal’s Roof, Minarets Crypt
    (areas normally closed to the public) –
    – Includes 360 Panoramas, Movies, Photos,
    Descriptive Narration, Maps, Music and Text –

    Downloadable Assets (here) for School Projects
    with integrated Text for Hearing-Impaired visitors

    In December 1631, the fifth Mughal Emperor, Shah Jahan, commenced the construction of one of the greatest monuments of all time, the Taj Mahal. It is a mausoleum built in the memory of his beloved and favorite wife, Mumtaz Mahal, fulfilling one of the promises that he made to her as she lay on her deathbed:
    To erect a monument to match her beauty.

    Our online virtual tour enables visitors to interactively explore the UNESCO World Heritage Site , the Taj Mahal at Agra in India. Visitors may tour 22 different areas of the monument and gardens through 360 panoramas, maps, narrated mini-movies, music and text. A preview 360 panorama below a clickable map allows a quick view of any area. Having spotted something of interest, visitors can then click to open a window with a much larger and higher quality 360 panorama, and then zoom in and pan around for a detailed inspection. For example: To view the inlaid semi-precious stones on the Dome itself. At any point, visitors can view narrated mini-movies about the people, architecture, politics and history of the site (also includes full Text for the hearing-impaired).

    An easy-to-follow map also ensures that, unlike a real tourist, our virtual tour visitors can jump around the gardens and monument with a single click. There are even exclusive 360 panoramic views taken from the Roof and in the Crypt of the monument – these areas are completely Off-Limits to the public. All of our panoramas have descriptive narration, music, integrated text for the hearing-impaired, and MS Word files with pictures.

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    North Star Chevrolet – Pittsburgh AND Moon Township, PA Area Chevy Dealer


    When you’re shopping for a new Chevrolet near Pittsburgh, remember: we’re closer than you think! Our Moon Township Chevrolet dealership boasts Western Pennsylvania’s largest Chevrolet inventory, and is standing by to assist you with all of your questions about purchasing a Chevrolet near Pittsburgh. We look forward to your visit, and to demonstrating why more of our Bellevue Chevrolet customers continue to choose North Star Chevrolet for affordable cars and trucks in the Pittsburgh, PA metro area.

    #1 VOLUME Pittsburgh Chevrolet DEALERSHIP SINCE 2010 – North Star Chevrolet IN Moon Township

    Still wondering why you should choose North Star over other Chevy dealers when you’re shopping for a Moon Township Chevrolet dealer? Pittsburgh Chevrolet customers know that we will work with you to take advantage of any available incentives and discounts towards the purchase of a new Chevrolet vehicle from our inventory. With a great selection of the popular models – Cruze, Impala, Sonic, Malibu, Suburban, Camaro and Silverado – we’re sure to have what you’re looking for when you’re shopping for a Chevrolet near Pittsburgh. As your premier Moon Township Chevrolet sales destination, we look forward to helping you find the perfect vehicle to suit not only your needs, but your finances as well. Feel free to contact us with any questions you may have during your search for your next Chevrolet near Pittsburgh.

    SHOPPING FOR USED CARS IN Moon Township NEAR Pittsburgh, PA?

    If you are looking for used cars, SUVs or trucks, we have you covered. We offer a great selection of used and preowned vehicles to choose from at North Star Chevrolet Pittsburgh used car customers will be impressed with our specials on Chevy vehicles and more. If you’re looking for a used Chevrolet dealer in Moon Township or the greater Pittsburgh, PA metro, rest assured that every used car or truck we sell has been carefully inspected to ensure you’re purchasing a safe and dependable preowned car. At North Star Chevrolet, we pride ourselves on not only providing quality for our Pittsburgh used car customers, but affordability as well.

    Pittsburgh Chevrolet Service and Parts at North Star Chevrolet in Moon Township

    The fantastic dealership staff in our service and parts departments are just one more reason to choose North Star Chevy for all of your Pittsburgh Chevrolet service needs. Our GM certified service technicians are highly trained and trusted by customers throughout the greater Pittsburgh area. Discover the Pittsburgh Chevy service difference at North Star Chevrolet. We offer evening and Saturday service hours so that it’s easy to maintain your Pittsburgh area GM vehicle in Moon. Prefer to get Chevrolet service while you’re at work? Simply fill out the service appointment form and then let the North Star shuttle service help you get to work on time. We exist to serve all of your Pittsburgh Chevy service and parts needs!

    Chevrolet financing near Pittsburgh – North Star Chevrolet in Moon Township and Pittsburgh, PA

    At North Star Chevrolet customer satisfaction is our top priority. When you’re in the market to purchase a new Chevrolet, being mindful of a budget can sometimes affect what you’re looking for. If you have any questions about financing a Chevrolet near Pittsburgh, please feel free to contact us or simply fill out our finance prequal form to get the process started. Take advantage of our finance calculator, investigate the difference of lease vs finance and take advantage of our helpful finance experts when you’re considering Chevrolet financing near Pittsburgh. We look forward to your visit to the dealership and in helping you find the perfect car that fits not only your needs, but your finances as well.

    Looking for an unbeatable deal on your purchase of a car or truck in Moon Township?

    North Star Chevrolet is proudly offering Chevrolet specials in the Pittsburgh area. Explore our specials online to get a feel for what we’re offering, or come straight to our Moon Township dealership for a test drive. Don’t settle for anything less than the best deal on your new car: Shop North Star Chevrolet today.

    North Star Chevrolet

    5854 University Blvd Moon Township PA 15108 US



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    Shopping Cart Designer Pro 3.9

    Powerful tools to design a beautiful store.

    You ve created a store in Shopping Cart Creator, you want it to have its own unique style, and you want some serious design muscle on your side. Shopping Cart Designer Pro has the tools you need to edit every single nitty-gritty aspect of your online store design, all in an intuitive WYSIWYG environment. Just click the page element you want to edit, and then use the controls on the right to customize backgrounds, text and links, borders, margins, and other properties. Whether you re tweaking an existing Shopping Cart Creator theme or creating something that s all you, Shopping Cart Designer Pro can make it happen.

    Take Control of Your Store Design

    Shopping Cart Designer Pro gives you control over every single little detail of your Shopping Cart Creator theme design. It comes with the same capabilities as Shopping Cart Designer — customize backgrounds, modify text and link properties, and tweak borders for all the major page elements in your store — but it takes things a step further. We’re talking about the really nitty-gritty aspects of your design, like margins, padding, individual links, the search box and breadcrumbs, and more. You’ll also be able to edit the area surrounding your page elements, allowing you to create more complex, beautiful designs. The software is with you every step of the way, whether you need to make a few minor changes, overhaul an existing store design, or create something that’s all you.

    With so many design aspects at your fingertips, so many impressive tools to play with, and so many awesome things to try, we figured you might want to trace back your steps every now and then. That’s why we gave you a powerful Undo/Redo function. Enjoy risk-free creativity and go wild with your online store designs!

    Create Your Own Themes

    The way we see it, our themes are your themes, so naturally Shopping Cart Designer Pro lets you make edits to the preexisting Shopping Cart Creator designs we’ve whipped up for you. But what if you want to create something from scratch? No sweat. The program includes five blank layouts in two different sizes that provide the basic structure for an online store, but with no styling. Fill in the blanks with your own images, colors, margins, padding, and borders, until you’ve designed a theme that fits your unique vision for your online store. With all the extra features that come with Shopping Cart Designer Pro, you’ll have the power to create a one-of-a-kind design.

    Seamless Compatibility With Shopping Cart Creator

    The built-in export tool saves your themes directly to Shopping Cart Creator with the click of a button — meaning they’ll appear right in the Themes window. From there, just select your theme the same way you would select one of the predefined themes, and your custom design will be applied directly to your store. We also added a feature to Shopping Cart Creator Basic and Pro that allows you to open a theme directly in Shopping Cart Designer Pro. This is a great option for making quick changes to your design.

    Standards-Compliant Designs: Behind the intuitive user interface, Shopping Cart Designer Pro is hard at work brewing up a standards-compliant CSS file that styles your store. The cool thing is, all the software functions correspond almost directly to CSS variables, so if you’re familiar with the language, you’ll pick up the ins and outs of the program in no time.

    Visual Interface: Let’s face it: Writing out code and then uploading it to see your changes is a pain — especially if something goes wrong and you have to track down the culprit. Save time and see your changes as you make them in Shopping Cart Designer Pro’s unique, real-time WYSIWYG interface.

    Export As Image: If you’re designing a Shopping Cart Creator theme for a client, you can bet they’ll want to see the work-in-progress or the finished product before they apply it to their store. That’s why Shopping Cart Designer Pro gives you the option to export your design as an image.

    Flawlessly Organized Workspace: Because Shopping Cart Designer Pro offers a wider range of options than the basic version, we broke up the controls into four tabs on the right-hand side of the program. This keeps things organized so you don’t have to spend time hunting for the tool you need.

    Jump start your store with our fully customizable themes

    Cost of Medicare Supplemental – Consumer Information and Prices Paid #medicare #supplemental, #medicare #supplemental #cost, #medicare #supplemental #prices, #shop #medicare #supplemental, #medicare #supplemental #costs, #medicare #supplemental #price, #cost #of #medicare #supplemental,how #much #medicare #supplemental #cost, #average #cost #medicare #supplemental


    Medicare Supplemental Cost

    Traditional government-run Medicare (Part A and Part B) doesn’t pay for everything, so private insurance companies sell Medicare Supplement policies, also called Medigap plans, to bridge at least some of the “gap” between what Medicare covers and the actual cost of health care.

    Medigap policies cover the copayments, coinsurance fees and deductibles that Medicare requires each patient to pay, but only for medical services covered by Medicare. Medigap policies do not cover medical services not included under Medicare Part A and/or Part B. Medigap polices are only issued with traditional Medicare (Part A and Part B), and are not available with private Medicare Advantage plans.

    For an overview of all the Medicare options, see How Much Does Medicare Cost .

    • There are 10 standardized Medigap plan categories that private insurance companies can offer. Each plan is identified by a letter — A, B, C, and so on — and Plan A is the most basic. All plans with the same letter name must provide exactly the same benefits — so every Plan A must offer identical coverage regardless of the premium.
    • Although the coverage is standardized by plan category, premium costs vary widely between insurance companies and even within the same insurance company by region. Premiums for Medigap plans might cost $300-$6,200 or more a year, depending on the insurance company, what’s included under the plan and local rates. Search the Medicare Plan Finder tool [1 ] by zip code for Medigap plan availability and pricing in a specific area.

    Related articles: Medicare Part A. Medicare Part B. Medicare

    What should be included:

    • A person must have traditional Medicare (Part A and/or Part B) to buy a Medigap policy. Because Medicare Part A and B only cover a portion of the total health care costs, a supplemental Medigap policy is the only way to get relatively comprehensive coverage through the traditional Medicare plans.
    • As long as the premium is paid, an insurance company cannot cancel a Medigap policy, even if the person develops major health problems. Medicare.gov charts the circumstances when insurance companies cannot legally deny Medigap coverage [2 ] to an individual.
    • Medigap plans must comply with state and federal laws, and some states dictate which plans can be offered in their area. Some states allow Medicare Select Medigap policies, which cost least but require patients to go to specific doctors and hospitals. Insurance companies are allowed to choose which Medigap policy they sell, but if they offer any Medigap policies they have to also offer the basic Plan A.
    • Some Medigap policies were previously allowed to include coverage for prescription drugs, but no new Medigap policies can be sold that include prescription drug coverage. For information about what type of drug coverage is available, see How Much Does Medicare Part D Cost .

    Additional costs:

    • Anyone buying a Medigap policy must also pay any premium charges for Medicare Part A and Part B. Medicare Part A is free for most people. See How Much Does Medicare Part A Cost. The standard monthly premium for Medicare Part B in 2012 is $99.90. but it can be $139.90 -$319.70 a month if total income is more than $85,000 for a single person or $170,000 for a married couple. See How Much Does Medicare Part B Cost .


    • Find out if retiree health insurance is available through a former employer or union. Retiree health insurance may cost less than a Medigap policy and include benefits such as prescription drugs.

    Shopping for medicare supplemental:

    • Medicare.gov explains how to compare Medigap policies [3 ]. California Health Advocates lists questions to consider [4 ] before choosing a Medigap policy.
    • Not all Medigap plans are offered in every state. Medicare.gov provides a Medigap Policy Search tool [5 ] listing details of local Medigap plans available by zip code or by an individual’s Medicare information.
    • Medigap policies can only be bought in conjunction with Medicare Part A and B, and only at certain times, which vary by state. The nonprofit Medicare Rights Center explains Medigap enrollment times [6 ] based on state rules and whether the person is younger or older than 65.
    • When choosing a Medigap plan, it’s important to understand how insurance companies set premiums based on location or age. With “no-age-related” or “community-rated” plans, the premium is tied to location rather than age, and remains the same as the person gets older; with issue-age-related policies, the premium is always based on the age the person was when first buying the policy (although there will be increases for inflation); and with an attained-age-related policy the premium is initially set by the age the person is when they purchase the policy, but the premium will increase as the person gets older. Attained-age-related premiums will typically be the lowest at the time of initial purchase, but cost the most over a lifetime.