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Shopping Center Retail Security

AGS offers expert retail security services to shopping centers, malls, lifestyle centers, and more. n expert in handling the unique challenges of your industry We are your shopping center/ retail security specialist.

American Guard Services, Inc. offers uniformed protection services to a diverse clientele, including government agencies, military installations, Fortune 500 companies, high tech companies, heavy manufacturing sites, educational institutions, and Class-A offices. AGS s uniformed officers will help you ensure better safety and security of your people and assets, ultimately protecting the integrity of your organization s reputation and operations.

The AGS Advantage

With on-site training and staffing, systems customized to your properties and personnel who support your company image, you can have complete confidence in your partnership with American Guard Services, Inc. and focus on your core business.

We understand the complexities in shopping center security. That s why we customize our services to the conditions of each property and align procedures to portfolio standards. As a result, everything from our customized programs to the professionals who deploy them is based upon a deep understanding of the shopping center marketplace.

We Bring A Diverse Range of Retail Center Clients an Integrated Approach to Security.

The company provides a range of services and a proven level of reliability to meet both the conventional and extended security needs of the field, including a-customer-specific hospitality program.

Professionals from American Guard Services, Inc. provide its clients with comprehensive guidelines for security, focusing on threat assessments, situation analysis, and meticulous planning to identify problems and issues before they arise. That approach is particularly important in these days of terrorist threats and concerns.

At each property, emergency readiness for critical security threats and events, both natural and man-made, is our top priority. American Guard Services, Inc. readiness for critical security issues is built into all levels of our operations, from site to regional to corporate support.

Our Clients

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Retail Security

Churchill Security offers an experienced and reliable retail security division with a dedicated team delivering results driven strategies. Today, Churchill work with some of the biggest names in retail, guarding stock, managing and improving internal processes and ensuring your business has the tools to protect valuable assets and prevent crime.

Whether you realise it or not, your retail space is exposed to countless threats and the latest research shows these threats are becoming more and more sophisticated.

In the face of a retail crime ten year high in the UK, there’s never been a more important time to consider your retail security requirements. With loss or damage to property, anti-social behaviour and organised crime all being named as contributing factors to retail crime in the UK, reports have found that customer theft accounts for up to 81% of all retail crime. This alone demonstrates the various angles you need to be protected from and Churchill Security can offer you a full range of retail security services available across the UK.

Furthermore, we understand the many challenges retailers face outside the ‘crime’ bracket, such as waste management, an issue we can help you combat via our profit improvement and loss prevention services.

Retail Security Guards and Security Officers Churchill Security has a team of dedicated retail guards with years of experience working in the industry alongside supermarkets …

Loss Prevention Churchill Security offers a range of tried and tested loss prevention services designed to reduce retail shrinkage within your business. Looking after your …

Profit Improvement Services Churchill Security’s profit improvement division offers value-add services to retailers looking to improve internal processes, review systems and increase profits within the …

Store Detectives Offering the ultimate protection when it comes to your retail business, discreet store detectives can take your security to the next level and provide your …

Retail CCTV Churchill Security understands the importance of keeping your retail space secure which is why we offer CCTV surveillance services specifically designed to monitor …

Our Retail Services

Retail crime comes in many different shapes and sizes therefore you can’t just rely on a one size fits all solution. At Churchill Security, we deliver static and mobile guards, discreet store detectives, theft deterrence, CCTV surveillance, handling of suspicious individuals as well as key holding and alarm response. Beyond everyday retail crime threats, we can deliver comprehensive services to tackle issues surrounding waste, profit improvement and loss prevention.

Delivering a hands on approach to your challenges, we will meet your problems with tried and tested solutions that will put you back in control of your retail space. Managing retail shrinkage, reducing vandalism and addressing all your areas of vulnerability, our retail services will add a much needed layer of protection to your business.

  • Seamlessly delivering the most comprehensive and results driven retail security package you could ever require, our clients value our proactive solutions that keep their customers happy and unwanted crime at arm’s length.
  • Delivering intelligent security solutions combined with profit improvement services, our retail security package is much more comprehensive than anything else available on the market today.
  • Head and shoulders above the rest, we are an SIA Approved Contractor, Investors in People, IAO 9001 Registered, Safe Contractor Approved and we have been awarded with the ACS Pacesetters accreditation meaning we are achieving levels set by the regulating body.
  • We have a firm understanding of industry trends, risks and variables that affect your retail business and our solutions are shaped by the latest activity so you can be sure we’re always delivering fresh ideas.

Working alongside our dedicated security officers, our reliable and friendly office staff will happily help you with any enquires you have regarding your security needs. Call our office today and you’ll be guided through a simple step by step process resulting in a safer working environment for everyone. Give your staff the freedom to do the job you’re paying them to do and let us worry about your retail security, because after all it’s what we do best.

Pick up the phone or fill in a contact form now and together, we can make your retail space a safer and more profitable place.

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Exclusively Retail.
Extensive Solutions.

Advisors to the Best Names in Retail

At SRS, retail is our passion, and helping our clients be successful is what we work for every single day. We are unique in that we offer four multifaceted retail-specific service areas that can be used together or separately to create the innovative, customized solutions to meet each of our clients’ unique needs.

Tenant Representation

SRS has a proven track record of identifying and securing new store locations that exceed sales forecasts thanks to our expert retail real estate brokers and senior research team. With more than 30 years of retail real estate experience we work with our clients to develop market plans, identify target sites, negotiate LOIs, prepare sites for real estate committee review, and negotiate lease terms.

Find the Perfect Retail Location

Start here to find flagship locations, institutional grade investments, and everything in between.

Find Your Retail Expert

Our professionals cover every retail category and are ready to help across North America and in select global markets.

Do you represent a great available site?

It just so happens we represent expanding clients looking for new locations.
Submit a site and we’ll let you know if they are a match.

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Retail And Consumer Goods And Services ETFs

  • These ETFs cover the provision of consumer goods and services and their distibution and retailing. The sector is often split into two: consumer discretionary (also known as cyclical) and consumer staples (also known as non-cyclical). An alternative is to split it into consumer goods and consumer services.
  • Sector ETFs come in four levels of granularity: (1) global, (2) US or international, (3) the main industry sub-groups that comprise the sector, and (4) narrower groups of companies within the sector.
  • Specialty ETFs are also available for the Retail and Consumer Goods Services sector, including leveraged, inverse, quant strategy, fundamental index and equal weighted ETFs. These ETFs are explained in their own sections of the ETF Finder ; you can find the relevant links in Further Reading below. They usually use the primary US sector index.

Why How To Use Them

  • Sectors go in and out of style but tend to trend upwards at the same rate, so rebalancing between sectors can provide attractive opportunities. Long term investors may therefore want to build a diversified portfolio with enough granularity to provide opportunities for rebalancing using one of the sector ETF families listed in Primary US Sector ETFs or Global Sector ETFs. For more on rebalancing, see Further Reading below.
  • If you believe that a particular sector will outperform, for example due to population aging or energy shortages, even as a long term investor you may want to overweight that sector. There are two ways to do that: (1) Assemple a diversified portfolio of broad ETFs (such as a total US market ETF. a broad foreign stock ETF and a broad bond ETF ), and then add one or more of the ETFs on this page to increase exposure to this sector. (2) Build your portfolio using US sector ETFs or global sector ETFs and overweight one sector.
  • Sector ETFs are popular with short term traders and momentum investors.

What to Look Out For

  • Sector ETFs tend to be more concentrated than broad index ETFs. That means they can be more volatile, and can involve greater long term risk if the largest stocks in the ETF performs poorly.
  • Sector ETFs tend to have higher expense ratios than broader index ETFs.
  • Avoid Merrill Lynch HOLDRs: they’re fixed baskets of stocks that become less and less representative of their sectors over time. The Internet HOLDRs ETF, for example, doesn’t include Google.
  • Articles on some Retail And Consumer Goods And Services ETFs: Claymore Targets Luxury Retail (Heather Bell).
  • Narrow sector and theme ETFs tend to have higher expenses and spreads than broader index ETFs. See Matt Hougan’s Watch Expenses Spreads For HealthShares, PowerShares, WisdomTree ETFs .
  • It’s generally agreed that expenses have a significant impact on long-run returns. However, Michael Krause argues that ETF Fees Are Largely Irrelevant and Roger Nusbaum agrees .
  • Rebalancing is discussed in How to Make Money By Rebalancing and Rebalancing Rules. The case for and against sector ETFs for long term investors is outlined in Should You Use Sector ETFs? .
  • For examples of sector-oriented commentary for short term traders and momentum investors, see articles by David Fry and Nick Perry .
  • Read more about equal weight ETFs. fundamental sector ETFs. quant strategy ETFs. leveraged ETFs and inverse ETFs .

This page is part of The Seeking Alpha ETF Selector which sorts ETFs by type, highlights how to use them and what to look out for, and provides links to articles that discuss key issues for investors.