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Premium Retail Services Reviews

We have a flexible schedule with reliable hours (in 21 reviews)

The pay and work-life balance is really great but this isn’t meant for someone to work full time or as a main part time position (in 8 reviews)

Very positive working atmosphere, flexible hours and lots of challenges (in 14 reviews)

Very flexible work schedule and good communication with management (in 13 reviews)

This is a Great company to work for (in 11 reviews)

As a merchandiser you will never get a raise,not paid for mileage or wear and tear on your vehicle (in 5 reviews)

Unstable work hours assigned, less than part-time hours through the majority of the year (in 8 reviews)

Understand working for a third-party marketing firm is not highly stable — it can be for upper management but not everyone else (in 8 reviews)

Low pay with unannounced changes in assignments (in 7 reviews)

More Pros and Cons

Management, HR, and recruiting have been excellent to deal with over the years. I have always been treated very well, PRS treats their employees with much respect.

I ve never had an issue with payroll in form, which is wonderful. PRS has the best reporting system (Q-Trax) in the business — daily mobile reporting is extremely easy and helpful.

I think their pay structure is very fair both for hourly and salary employees. Being able to work remotely from a home office is wonderful and having the autonomy over my daily schedule is great.

We use countless forms of digital communication and I feel the company does a great job of keeping up with the constant change and evolution of technology.

My favorite part thus far has been the people I ve worked with, I couldn t say more about them all.

Depending on the program you work on, your job can be gone with no notice. I ve worked on a few programs that ended with no notice. I was lucky enough to be transitioned to another program but not everyone will experience that. This is the nature of the business and nothing that PRS can do to fix.

Understand working for a third-party marketing firm is not highly stable — it can be for upper management but not everyone else.

Also don t expect to get discounts on the products you represent, clients don t offer employees discount portals on products which is a bit odd considering you re in the field to support, sell and grow their market share. You would think the client would want employees in the field to have real life experience with their product but that is not the case for most clients/brands that work with PRS in my experience.

Qtrax mobile has an auto-scroll down feature that makes me sick.

Advice to Management

Upper management (above regional managers) needs to do a better job of getting face to face with people in the field to get feedback from the horses mouth and get a better idea of what goes on in the field. Sometimes things are done by people who don t spend time and the field and don t make much sense for those that do.

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About Premium Retail Services

Fleet-of-footwear NIKE, named for the Greek goddess of victory, is the world s #1 shoe and apparel company. NIKE designs, develops, and sells a slew of products and services to help in playing basketball and soccer (football), as well as in running, men s and women s training, and other action sports. Under its namesake brand, NIKE also markets sports-inspired products more. for children and various competitive and recreational activities, such as golf, tennis, and walking, and sportswear by Converse and Hurley. NIKE sells through more than 800-owned retail stores worldwide, an e-commerce site, and to thousands of retail accounts, independent distributors, and licensees. Chairman Philip Knight controls the company.

NIKE s operations are divided among six geographic segments: North America, Western Europe, Central and Eastern Europe, Greater China, Japan, and Emerging Markets. Almost all footwear and apparel is made by third-party manufacturers outside of the US, mainly Vietnam, China, and Indonesia. In 2012 US sales generated approximately 42% of total sales. Foreign sales accounted for 58% of sales.

Broadly, the company s strategic operations consist of its NIKE-brand retail and wholesale businesses, and other business. Retail business, albeit 17% of all NIKE brand sales, continue to grow faster than wholesale business (83% of NIKE-brand sales). NIKE s other businesses (13% of sales) include affiliate brands Converse (known for its classic and retro-style shoes); Hurley (sports apparel for skateboarding, snowboarding, and surfing); NIKE Golf; Umbro (UK soccer related footwear, apparel and equipment); and Cole Haan dress and casual shoes. Although revenues for other businesses increased by 11% in 2012 versus 2011, NIKE reevaluated its long-term growth strategy and announced plans in late 2012 to divest its Cole Haan and Umbro businesses. Indeed, NIKE has agreed to sell Umbro to Iconix Brand Group for $225 million. The sale is expected to close by the end of 2012. The company is also in talks with investment fund Apax Partners to sell Cole Haan for about $500 million.

Sales and Marketing

NIKE markets its footwear and other products globally through diverse advertising and promotional programs and campaigns, including print, social media, online advertising, and endorsement contracts with celebrity athletes. In fiscal 2012 (ends May) the company spent more than $2.7 billion on advertising and promotions, up from nearly $2.5 billion the prior year. (Endorsement compensation totaled $294 million for the year.) The firm is known for its use of celebrity endorsers, including golfer Tiger Woods and quarterback Michael Vick, in its campaigns. In 2012 NIKE cut its ties to cyclist Lance Armstrong in the wake of a doping scandal.

Over the past 10 years, NIKE s sales and earnings per share have increased 9% and 15%, respectively, compounded annually. In fiscal 2012 (ends May) earnings rose 4% atop a 16% jump in sales over the prior year. Despite the economic downturn that has slowed consumer spending, results were buoyed by an upswing in demand for NIKE brand products coupled with higher prices (aimed to counter increased material and labor costs) across all NIKE brand geographies, sports, and product categories. Earnings growth, or the lack thereof, was attributed to an increase in the company s tax rate.

In addition to brand strength, NIKE has fueled momentum by launching a stream of new products, including the NIKE Fuelband, a digital device to track daily activity, and the Flyknit, a technology designed to lighten footwear weight and improve fit. In anticipation of replacing rival Reebok as the maker of NFL-branded apparel and uniforms, NIKE also expanded its offerings with new high-performance uniforms for all 32 NFL teams.

NIKE is led by Mark Parker, a longtime brand executive with the company, who was named president and CEO in 2006. Parker succeeded short-lived CEO Bill Perez, who replaced NIKE co-founder Philip Knight in 2005.

Co-founder and chairman Knight controls the company with about 75% of NIKE s Class A common stock. less

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Since 1982, Diamond Comic Distributors has helped comic book specialty retailers grow their businesses, their customer bases, and their sales. By offering a comprehensive slate of products and services – and by improving them in response to retailer feedback – we enable retailers to operate their businesses efficiently and profitably. Diamond works with more than 1,000 vendors to offer in excess of 2,500 new products each month, at competitive prices, and packed and delivered with an attention to detail that has resulted in an accuracy rate exceeding 99%.

Our success depends upon the success of our customers, and we’d like to share that success with you.

How may we help you? Here are just a few of the many ways.


PREVIEWS Our full-color catalog/magazine for you and your customers packs a wealth of product information and entertaining features into 400+ pages every month! A great way to generate in-store orders for comics and other high-priced products, PREVIEWS reduces the uncertainty you face when committing your purchasing dollars.

PREVIEWS Order Forms We publish both Retailer and Customer versions to make ordering from PREVIEWS a quick and easy process for you and your customers. The Retailer version contains special items and promotional incentives available only to retailers, as well as pricing for items listed with Suggested Retail Prices in PREVIEWS. This special retailer-only information does not appear on the Customer Order Form.

Electronic Ordering You can complete and tabulate your order in a snap with Diamond’s Retailer Services website, whether it’s an initial order or a reorder. You can also use our PREVIEWS on Windows program to place and track your Initial Orders every month! Retailers also have the option to download each month’s Order Form from the Retailer Services website.

Important Information We keep you updated on products, suppliers, industry news, and retailing tips every day in Diamond Daily. our e-newsletter that is free to all Diamond customers with an email address. This information is also provided on a weekly basis in Diamond Dateline. and at Diamond’s online Retailer Services Area, helping you keep up-to-date on all the news that can affect your business.

Diamond Websites Our websites contains numerous features for both retailers and consumers. At your customers can receive the latest information on comics-related happenings, PREVIEWS editorial features, and more – all of which are designed to drive them into your store. Our Retailer Services Area. has many services – including electronic ordering, online order entry and editing, account history review, and more. You can use the site to download advance lists of titles scheduled to ship; your weekly Invoice; and text and art files from each month’s PREVIEWS catalog – approximately one week before the issue ships – to create in-house newsletters, subscription catalogs, and other informational materials for yourself and your customers. Plus, you can download weekly in-stock lists of product currently available from our Star System backlist service and more!

Retailing Aids For a nominal fee, Diamond can email you an advance PDF of PREVIEWS and its companion Order Forms. You can also become part of Diamond’s monthly PREVIEWS artwork FTP service, where you’ll receive the art and copy descriptions for every product listed in PREVIEWS that month. We also offer you a free printout of your monthly order to ensure data entry accuracy.

Inventory Liquidation Lists Every week – via Diamond Daily email – we give you a chance to take advantage of great savings on excess inventory.

Shipping This Week/Next Week Lists These valuable lists tell you and your customers what’s coming to your store. They can be placed in your weekly shipment, or downloaded from our web site.

Overship Program If you choose, you can receive extra quantities of selected products on a risk-free basis. Keep them on sale for a specified period of time, and then pay only for what you sell and return the rest!

Credit Diamond assigns each customer to a personal Credit Analyst, a qualified advisor standing by to help you meet your obligations.

“One-Call” Customer Service Whether you need to ask a question about your shipment, report a shortage or damage, place a Reorder, or suggest something to help us improve our service, your personal Customer Service Representative is just one convenient toll-free phone/fax/email away!

Field Sales Managers (Reps) One of our Reps can periodically visit your store to offer retailing advice and merchandising suggestions, and to transmit your feedback to Diamond’s Home Office.

Inside Sales Reps Home Office Reps routinely call you to bring your attention to special offers, or to a product you might have missed or under-ordered.


Comic Shop Locator Service Created and promoted in cooperation with numerous suppliers, our store locator website and number (443) 318-8001) has sent millions of referrals into comics shops across North America. Available online at . the service allows you to customize your own web page to provide additional information and attract new customers.

Co-op Advertising By utilizing materials provided by suppliers to promote their products in your store, or by designing your own ad (with supplier approval), you can be reimbursed for your advertising expenses by Diamond, in as little as two weeks!

Industry-wide Advertising Our ads for PREVIEWS. PREVIEWS Exclusive items, and our line of collecting supplies run in various industry publications – and direct consumers to your store to find them! We help you spread the word about comics to consumers with our free monthly PREVIEWS bag slicks, PREVIEWS Top 100 Comics ToyChest Must Haves Poster, and our annual PREVIEWS Gift Certificates.

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Retail: Supply chain management services

The supply chain is a critical component of retail organizations, enabling the delivery of the right products to customers, at speed. Being seamless, dynamic and agile across all channels and at every node of the supply chain can help retailers optimize product availability and increase profitability.

Retailers need to evolve their supply chain to holistically manage inventory at the enterprise level, with real-time visibility, dynamic fulfillment and returns management to achieve seamless retailing. Additionally, customer-facing employees should be trained and have these skills, in the stores, at distribution centers and in call centers.

Why Accenture

We help retailers create a seamless supply chain model, built on a combination of fast innovation, integrated planning and agile, best-practice supply chain management capabilities.

To win in what is arguably the toughest environment the industry has ever faced, retailers need to sharpen their ability to innovate, offer product assortment and exceptional services that stand out from the crowd—faster and more efficiently than their competitors.

Accenture’s supply chain management services help accelerate our clients’ performance by focusing on being right, being fast and being efficient.

Customer-led insights: Harnessing customer insights to enable retailers to create better products, leading to higher margins.

Culture of fast innovation: Accelerating concept-to-shelf time and shifting the way retailers approach product innovation.

Partner network enabled: Forging innovative arrangements with network partners to collaborate on more differentiated products.

Repeatable platforms: Finding synergies—from product to product and season to season—for faster, more flexible production.

Integrated planning: Combining plans that connect each stage of the product value chain—from merchandising to assortment to replenishment.

Multichannel supply chain: Developing a multichannel supply chain backed by a dynamic order management system, allowing cost-effective fulfillment across channels.

End-to-end awareness: Driving awareness and implications of key decisions that may lead to inefficiencies across the value chain.

Results-oriented culture: Minimizing approval layers, accelerating decision making, avoiding excessive meetings and ensuring that true decision-making power is not aggregated at very low or high levels.

Lean execution: Avoiding poorly connected processes, information gaps and operational silos that create waste, lead to rework and contribute to suboptimal cost structures.


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Are you sure you want to disconnect with account?

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  • The Shale Oil and Gas Revolution has changed the energy world. Intertek has kept pace by providing crucial and timely exploration, production, quality, quantity inventory, compliance, certification, training, inspection and logistics support and expertise to an industry in radical transition.
  • Demand for non-destructive testing (NDT) has grown and Intertek is meeting the growing market for these services.
  • We are living a connected life, and Intertek works to ensure and optimize those connections via its testing services for the Internet of Things.
  • The world has rules, and Intertek’s constant and continuing work in regulatory compliance brings you the services you need to meet any and all regulatory standards.
  • British Retail Consortium (BRC) Food Services

    Food safety is of critical importance when working in the food supply chain. The BRC Global Standard for Food Safety certification gives your brand an internationally recognised mark of food quality, safety and responsibility.

    Food safety is of critical importance when working at any stage of the food supply chain to protect consumers, meet legal obligations and safeguard your brand. The British Retail Consortium (BRC) is a globally recognised UK trade organisation. Which established a series standards to help companies comply with food safety legislation, and to provide guidelines for the manufacture of safe, quality food products. The standards soon became a worldwide benchmark for best practice in the food industry and have evolved into the internationally recognised BRC Global Standards.

    Intertek is a fully UK accredited certification body, authorised to carry out food safety audits and award BRC Global Standard for Food Safety certification, Consumer Products and the IoP Packaging Standard. The BRC Standard demands high levels of compliance and the certification programme is wide ranging, including food safety planning, site and process controls, and gaining management buy in. You can also bolt-on the new BRC Food Safety Culture Excellence module to your next audit. As your partner, we can support and guide you through the whole process

    Gaining BRC Global Standard for Food Safety certification gives your brand an internationally recognised mark of food quality, safety and responsibility. The programme is fully approved by the Global Food Standard Initiative (GFSI) and is designed to be efficient, reducing the need for multiple audits and helping you to improve your processes and save time and resources. Becoming part of more than 18,000 BRC certified manufacturers in 100 countries, you will benefit from increased consumer confidence and open your business to new opportunities.

    Send us a request

    Need help or have a question? +49 421 65727 390

    Food for Thought Webinar Series

    Register for our webinar series for key topics related to the food industry

    Upcoming Events:

    Meet with our global food experts and learn more about how Intertek can help your business succeed.

    Food Services Mailing List

    Need help or have a question?

    Send us a request

    +49 421 65727 390

    Asia Pacific +852 2173 8888 Americas +1 800 810 1195

    White Papers – Auditing & Certification

    MSC ASC Chain of Custody

    BRC FOOD ISSUE 7: Understanding the requirements to become certified

    What is Gluten-free Certification and its Labelling Requirements?

    Intertek Group plc


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    Online Coupon Services Reviews

    Online Coupon Services Review

    Why Online Coupon Services?

    An online coupon service should provide savings to you on anything from groceries and clothing to electronics and travel. The sites we chose offer printable coupons, online coupon codes or rebates. We did not include sites that require you to download and install anything on your computer, except coupon printer browser add-ons. Most of the coupon services require you to sign up, and they place cookies, or tracking information, on your computer to better serve your couponing needs. You can read more about couponing in our articles on online coupon services .

    The best coupon websites offer savings in a variety of categories such as extreme couponing, online bargains and printable coupons. Of all the free coupon websites, we found the ones that offer the best deals.

    Best Online Coupon Services for Extreme Couponing

    Extreme couponing is a method in which shoppers combine sales with coupons, deals and savings cards to pay as little as possible for items. It takes a lot of research and organization to effectively save as much as you can. Coupon sites that offer printable coupons, weekly sales ads from stores, and online deals can help you get on the road to extreme couponing.

    The best coupon websites for extreme shoppers also have links to offers from manufacturers. You won’t have to download anything, but you usually have to sign up with your email address or like a Facebook page or some other social media site to print a coupon. To save you time and paper some of these sites let you load coupons onto a savings card, which you can scan at your grocery store to automatically receive savings on products.

    Recommendation Coupon Services for Extreme Couponing Grocery Smarts

    Best Coupon Websites for Overall Savings

    If couponing is a way of life for you, ‘you probably try to find savings wherever you can. You make use of the coupons you receive in the mail, in your Sunday newspaper and through weekly circulars, manufacturer sign-ups and store sales. You can find coupon websites that offer a little bit of everything so you can save on groceries, clothing, electronics, travel and more.

    These coupon websites let you print coupons that you can use at grocery stores, retail shops or online. Theoretically, you can save on absolutely everything you buy if you time your purchases right. Many of these money-saving websites let you sign up for newsletters and notifications so you can stay on top of the latest coupons or deals.

    Recommendation Coupon Websites for Overall Savings,RetailMeNot

    Best Online Coupon Services for Printable Coupons

    If your goal is to save dollars on items you buy the most, like groceries and toiletries, you probably pick up your Sunday newspaper. Those booklets of coupons that you clip are unique and can be paired with store coupons for even more savings. Red Plum, Smart Source and P G are all familiar names if you habitually clip coupons. These are big names in money savings, and you can get coupons for the same brands online.

    Additionally, there are websites that pool all of the available printable coupons in one spot including manufacturer deals. Usually all that’s asked of you is an email address to sign up for savings.

    Recommendation Online Coupon Services for Printable Coupons,,

    Best Couponing Websites for Online Deals

    You don’t have to clip coupons to save money. Several coupon websites offer coupon codes and promotional deals for various products. You can save money on car rentals, jewelry, clothes, kitchenware, gift cards and more. The best couponing websites include the expiration dates with the offers or remove the offers when they expire so you don’t waste your time.

    In order to save money on these items, you can browse categories or search for specific stores. If you find a coupon code, you just copy it and then go to the website that is offering the promotion, shop for what you need and, if your purchase qualifies, add the code to a specific field and your total will be discounted.

    Recommendation Couponing Websites for Online Deals FlamingoWorld,CouponChief

    How to Save the Most Money With Coupons

    When you combine money-saving methods with sales or clearances, you can get the most for your money. In addition to printing out coupons, loading your store loyalty cards with coupons and signing up for manufacturer’s discounts, be sure to save your Catalina printouts, the coupons that print at checkout. Keep your eye out for coupons hanging from shelves at your grocery store, and if you subscribe to any magazines, clip and save coupons from those, too.

    The trick to saving the most money is waiting for the right sale for your coupons. Sales tend to run in cycles based on seasons, holidays and trends. So, in January you’re going to find sales on diet foods, snacks, soda, soups, exercise equipment and items for organization, thanks to New Year’s Eve resolutions, the Super Bowl, cold weather and everyone putting away their holiday decorations. Just as in October, you’re going to see sales for candy, baking products and nuts because of Halloween and the start of holiday baking season.

    A little bit of knowledge of the sales cycles, a lot of coupons and discounts from the websites we listed and a strong commitment to saving money will net you a big return on investment.

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    Retail Merchandising and Installation at its Best



    We Are Hiring

    Click here to apply now

    About Canada’s Best Merchandising Services

    Your store’s image and visual appearance is a representation of your business. To stay competitive, your store’s visual presence must evolve and improve with the changing needs and trends of your customers. However, if you have strict time constraints, you may feel intimidated by the amount of work put into remerchandising your store. This is why Canada’s Best Merchandising Services (CBMS) offers you a unique opportunity to merchandise your store at a competitive price, within a fast time period, and without compromise.

    This is made possible by CBMS’s customized merchandising and installation solutions on-demand. Our experienced installers, merchandisers, and craftspeople are all prepared and ready 24/7 to work with speed and precision towards a familiar goal – turning your retail concepts into results.

    • Access to a national network of installers, merchandisers and craftspeople
    • Access to available labour 24/7
    • Access to a wide range of union and non-union labour profiles to suit your needs
    • Access to unique perspectives from our senior management team who have worked both on the client-side and trade-side
    • Access to online, real time reporting available via our secure portal technology

    We re environmentally friendly


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    Our goal is to mitigate all security violations and to discourage theft, vandalism, graffiti, loitering, and other unwanted activity for your business or event.

    Our security coordinators are trained to handle react to all of your security needs.

    Our extensive client lists includes Retail Chains, Restaurants Property Management Firms.

    Emergency response service 24 hours a day / 7 days a week / 365 days a year.

    We will work together as a team to coordinate with all necessary parties to meet your national rollout//project needs.

    Retail Security Services (RSS) is a leader in the facility industry. We provide services to America’s top Brands. Our goal is simple: Total Customer Satisfaction. Our programs are aimed at providing prompt, reliable, quality service with proven results. We offer custom designed programs to meet your needs and budget. We realize there are many options for your security guard needs, and making the right decision is critical to your business. With our 24-hour service, unlimited real time web based data access and our commitment to excellence, let RSS show you why our clients say we are the best in the business.

    Rhonda – RSS Service Partner ( Florida)

    Very Professional and amicable staff. Attentive and thorough management of all posts and ongoing assignments. Expedient follow through on any questions, issues, or concerns that may occur. Communicable and detailed regarding all assignments for both officers and clients.

    Excellent program with paperwork work tracking and quality control

    RSS has an excellent program with paperwork work tracking and quality control. It’s has been a pleasure working with them on multiple projects and they have an exceptional team of professionals.

    Jasmeet – RSS Service Partner (Canada)

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    Retail Security Solutions

    A Better Choice for Exceptional Customer Service

    Protection 1 is a national leader when it comes to delivering retail business security that does more for you. We have built solid relationships with our retail clients by delivering an exceptionally high level of customer service. We know that each year almost $40 billion worth of merchandise is stolen, and understand how organized retail crime, shoplifting and internal theft can dramatically impact your bottom line.

    Operating with razor-thin margins and tight security budgets, today’s retailers are faced with a long list of issues that center around loss prevention and inventory control. Customer and employee safety are always a concern, as well as protection against fire, hold-ups, burglary and unauthorized access to stock. Fraudulent slip and fall claims, shrinkage, gift card fraud and sweethearting can have a huge impact on resources and profits.

    Retail Experience

    We have a breadth and depth of experience and can serve needs that range from burglary protection and fire monitoring to access control and state-of-the-art event triggered video solutions. Our goal is to help you maximize ROI for your loss prevention programs by leveraging your current legacy equipment while quickly incorporating new integrated solutions.

    • With multiple personal customer information data breaches in the news headlines, PCI compliance is a huge concern. Protection 1 can help you to implement the physical security requirements of your PCI compliance plan at your stores and data facilities. More

    Our Commitment is Unmatched

    If you operate a single retail location or have a national chain of retail stores, Protection 1 will provide outstanding security differentiated by careful attention to detail—from installation through ongoing services, like data monitoring and accurate billing. We offer a security program for national retailers that is managed through our national account center in Dallas, Texas.

    Customer Service Drives Us

    Our focus on employee training enables us to consistently deliver a great customer experience. We received our industry’s highest honor, 2012 SDM Dealer of the Year, for “unmistakable success, innovation, use of industry best practices, and notable growth and accomplishments.” Protection 1 is growing because we take care of our retail customers—and, as you know, in this industry word gets around fast!

    A national footprint guarantees that Protection 1 will service your existing sites across the board—with an eye to consistency in pricing, installation, service, monitoring and billing.

    Professional installation and service deliver what you need on time and on the money. We even offer online site inventory reports of security equipment at your locations, which is incredibly helpful when you are dealing with thousands of sites.

    One point of contact for premier customers streamlines system setup, pricing, scheduling and proactive management of your day-to-day activities. Our unique national account service team configuration is called the 1 Touch Pod and it was an industry first.

    Experienced technicians who are certified to service retail security systems will be dispatched to service your stores. You can even track technician progress via email or text alerts.

    Same-day service is always the rule and not an upcharge.

    Live phone support enables you to reach a retail customer service professional directly without transfers or telephone prompts.

    Security Solutions

    Video Solutions

    Event-triggered video solutions have become the cornerstone of retail security efforts. Video helps to ensure employee compliance with your operating procedures while guarding against theft and inventory shrinkage. Video plays an important role in monitoring customer service delivery levels and can take your employee training to a higher level. New IP technology can provide very high resolution images, which are critical in identification and apprehension of thieves and organized retail crime groups.

  • Intrusion Detection Notification

    Intrusion systems provide front line protection for retailers by sending alarm information to the Protection 1 UL Certified Central Station. We also provide additional features, like holdup buttons and environmental warning sensors for water damage or out of range temperatures.

  • Access Control

    Access control systems can serve as an effective method of deterrence at the individual retail store level. Our hosted access control options allow you to edit door and area permissions at all of your retail locations via any internet-connected computer on a 24/7 basis and eliminate the costs associated with re-keying. Access control can also be used to restrict employee/vendor access to critical areas such as stock rooms and cash offices and to help meet PCI compliance standards.

  • Fire and Life Safety

    Fire detection systems are the backbone of a retail business security program, protecting inventory along with employees and customers. To stay in compliance, your system must be maintained and inspected on a regular basis. Dependable monitoring of the systems in your stores and on-time inspections are critical to reduce liability and promote public safety.

  • Communications Systems

    When it comes to delivering a high level of customer service, your phones play a key role. Protection 1 can upgrade your phone system to reduce the cost of your current phone bill. Through the power of the Internet, your retail operations can be connected by a single, integrated communications system.

    Read More About Our Solutions

  • Retail Security – American Guard Services, Inc #container #store #coupon

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    Shopping Center Retail Security

    AGS offers expert retail security services to shopping centers, malls, lifestyle centers, and more. n expert in handling the unique challenges of your industry We are your shopping center/ retail security specialist.

    American Guard Services, Inc. offers uniformed protection services to a diverse clientele, including government agencies, military installations, Fortune 500 companies, high tech companies, heavy manufacturing sites, educational institutions, and Class-A offices. AGS s uniformed officers will help you ensure better safety and security of your people and assets, ultimately protecting the integrity of your organization s reputation and operations.

    The AGS Advantage

    With on-site training and staffing, systems customized to your properties and personnel who support your company image, you can have complete confidence in your partnership with American Guard Services, Inc. and focus on your core business.

    We understand the complexities in shopping center security. That s why we customize our services to the conditions of each property and align procedures to portfolio standards. As a result, everything from our customized programs to the professionals who deploy them is based upon a deep understanding of the shopping center marketplace.

    We Bring A Diverse Range of Retail Center Clients an Integrated Approach to Security.

    The company provides a range of services and a proven level of reliability to meet both the conventional and extended security needs of the field, including a-customer-specific hospitality program.

    Professionals from American Guard Services, Inc. provide its clients with comprehensive guidelines for security, focusing on threat assessments, situation analysis, and meticulous planning to identify problems and issues before they arise. That approach is particularly important in these days of terrorist threats and concerns.

    At each property, emergency readiness for critical security threats and events, both natural and man-made, is our top priority. American Guard Services, Inc. readiness for critical security issues is built into all levels of our operations, from site to regional to corporate support.

    Our Clients