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Retail Design

Retail Design Services

There is an old saying “you never get a second chance to make a first impression”.

At Ignite Retail Design, we believe that the design of your in-store brand expression is key to driving business in-store and that our strategic design is fundamental to increasing customers’ perception of your brand.

  • Are you struggling with keeping profits up?
  • Have you tried to improve the look of your retail environment?

Talk to our expert in retail interior design, Paula Dowie, for a FREE Consultation / Critique about the design of your retail store and how to increase business.

On a busy high street, where there are stand-alone shops, department stores with competitive brand concessions, only a few shops are noticed by the average consumer.

Which is why commercial retail design has a significant role. It attracts the maximum number of people and converts them into browsers customers.

For every business or retail store, customers’ perception is vital and should not be ignored; your interior design and the look of your store impacts customer’s decisions. Prioritising resources on store design really helps to ensure that your existing customers stay loyal and also persuades instant purchasing for your new customers.

At Ignite, we have a team of expert designers whose vast experience in successful retail design, will give you the best retail store design for your brand. Creative, yet practical.

Paula Dowie and her team have worked with many big brands like Procter Gamble, Harrods,Marks Spencer. Paul Joe, D olce Gabbana, Gucci, Lancome, Diageo, Olay and many more.

See how Ignite Design’s creative and flexible approach together with its record of delivering above expectation, has helped many of the world’s leading beauty brands in improving store designs and converting into their customers.

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What Our Clients Say

Thanks for all your hard work, you landed on an amazing 4.3 for a final store operations survey score – That’s something to be very proud of. The stores have also shared that this has been a pretty quiet reset, which is the best kind of compliment we could possible receive. You and your teams played the major role in making that happen. You’re great partners to work with.
S.G. Category Resets Administrator

I have been present for numerous resets both consumable and hardgoods alike and I can honestly say that this reset was hands down the best organized. The third party vendor that completed the reset was wonderful.
B.L. Retail Store Manager

Customized Reporting

We provide customized field reporting with the real-time data you need to track, analyze and manage the merchandising or installation projects. This valuable tool helps you reach high compliance.

Project Specific Training

TrainingMax is our project specific training program for in-store field reps that will be executing your project scope of work. We develop the processes to ensure a high level of compliance.

Nationwide Coverage

Looking for quality over quantity? We a have team of qualified merchandisers and installers to cover all regions of the United States. not just a bunch of useless bodies that don’t know what they are doing.

Merchandising Reports

Retail Merchandising is a dynamic industry that requires timely and useful knowledge. Access our free reports that examine the issues you must know before launching your next program.

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Retail Banking Services

  • Domestic Markets

Domestic Markets comprises the Group s 4 retail banking networks in the Eurozone and 3 specialised business lines. The retail banks are French Retail Banking (FRB) in France. BNL in Italy. BNP Paribas Fortis in Belgium and BGL BNP Paribas in Luxembourg. The 3 specialised business lines are: Arval (full-service, long-term corporate vehicle leasing); BNP Paribas Leasing Solutions (rental and financing solutions); and BNP Paribas Personal Investors (online savings and brokerage). Cash Management and Factoring round off the services offered to corporate clients. BNP Paribas Wealth Management is developing its privatebanking model in the Group s domestic markets.

Domestic Markets in key figures (2015)

employees in 27 countries

More than 15 million

Nearly 1 million

professionals, small business and corporate clients

  • International Financial Services

International Financial Services (IFS) comprises diversified, complementary business activities and is present in more than 60 countries. BNP Paribas Personal Finance offers credit solutions to individuals in around 30 countries through strong brands such as Cetelem. Cofinoga and Findomestic. International Retail Banking encompasses the Group s retail banks in 15 non-eurozone countries, including Bank of the West in the United States and TEB in Turkey. BNP Paribas Cardif provides savings and protection solutions in 36 countries, insuring individuals, their personal projects and assets. In addition, IFS has 3 specialised business lines that are leaders in asset management and private banking: BNP Paribas Wealth Management (private banking); BNP Paribas Investment Partners (asset management); and BNP Paribas Real Estate (real estate services).

International Financial Services in key figures (2015)

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What is a Retail Bank?

Updated June 03, 2016

A retail bank is a bank that works with consumers, offering basic banking services like checking accounts, savings accounts, loans, and more. Retail customers are members of the general public taking care of personal needs (as opposed to organizations such as governments and businesses that might need more complex services).

Retail Banking Services

Retail banks handle financial needs for everyday spending as well as life events like buying a home.

These banks are often the household names you’re familiar with (with branches on busy street corners), but small institutions also offer retail banking services. Local community banks and credit unions offer many of the same services as the big banks. Online-only banks are also an option, especially for keeping fees to a minimum.

Bank accounts like checking accounts, savings accounts, and retirement accounts. Checking accounts often come with a debit card for making purchases and the ability to pay bills online or electronically. Money market accounts pay slightly more, with a few restrictions on how often you can spend the money .

Certificates of deposit (CDs) pay more than savings accounts. but you usually need to leave your money untouched for at least several months to avoid early withdrawal penalties .

Safe deposit boxes keep small valuable safe within the bank’s walls (so they can’t be stolen or destroyed while in your home).

Home loans help people buy a home, and second mortgages allow borrowers to refinance existing loans or take cash out of home equity .

Auto loans help people buy a car, and can also be refinanced.

Unsecured personal loans can be used for any purpose and do not require you to pledge collateral. Revolving lines of credit (including credit cards) allow borrowers to spend and repay repeatedly without applying for a new loan.

These services make it easier for individuals to handle their finances. It is possible to live without a bank account. but life is more difficult. Without banks and credit unions, you might end up spending more time on routine tasks and paying more fees for one-off transactions.

Cost of Banking

Banks exist to make a profit, and credit unions also need to bring in revenue to pay the bills. How do they do it? The most basic way banks earn money is to make loans with customer deposits and charge a higher interest rate on those loans. The reality is a bit more complex. and service fees also boost banks’ bottom lines.

For example, banks earn overdraft fees when you spend more money than you have available, and they charge modest fees to print cashier’s checks or send wire transfers for customers.

Other Types of Banks

It might help to contrast retail banks against other types of banks and talk about what retail banks don’t do. This can be confusing, because some banks work in several markets: they are retail banks, and commercial banks, and investment banks.

Commercial banks focus on business customers (and you might be able to open a business account at the same bank you use for your personal needs). Businesses have different needs, such as the ability to borrow for operations and the need to accept various types of payments from customers.

Investment banks are also different. They help businesses operate in the financial markets. For example, an investment bank might help a business raise money by selling bonds to investor.

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The Right Retail Partner

Retail Services

Consumers don’t like to wait, nor do they have to today– it’s all one click away. This new reality makes it essential for retailers to think faster and respond faster to changes in consumer demand and behavior.

Multi-channel, cloud computing, mobility, and social media, combined with a new generation of digitally savvy consumers put an immense amount of pressure on retailers. Those that adapt and build an effective OmniChannel strategy, focused on the convergence of innovative business processes with a fully integrated set of enabling technologies, will be the ones that outperform the industry.

Retailers are searching for innovative solutions to create value, while actively reducing operating costs, mitigating demand and supply chain risks. To meet this industry need, SPI provides application development resources and maintenance of legacy systems. We can deploy robust quality assurance and testing services, and enable our clients to focus on their business all the while keeping costs under control.

SPI has been serving leading retailers since 1994 and understands how to translate business requirements into the most innovative technical functionality. We understand that every client and project differs and requires unique skills and solutions; that’s why we offer customized solutions and deliver exceptional support across a wide range of capabilities.

Prime Digital Retail

The Road to Retail Success Begins with Omni-Channel Strategy.

Enterprise Application Integration

The Road to Retail Success Begins with Omni-Channel Strategy.

Quality Assurance and Testing

Behind every quality product is an exceptional QA Team.

SPI Infrastructure

SPI is a premier IBM Business Partner that offers a full suite of cutting-edge hardware, software, and services. We assist retailers in the implementation, migration, and management of.

Warehouse Management Services

Today’s retail environment requires fast, flexible order fulfillment.

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Join SAS Retail Services

A company dedicated to helping the nation’s largest retailers enhance the customer experience and drive sales through unique merchandising solutions and state-of-the-art technology. Founded in 1991, our company is part of Daymon Worldwide, a leading expert in global retail strategies and services..

What we do

Unlike other retail positions you may be familiar with – such as manning the cash registers – we are the team behind the scenes. We support retailers in their efforts to drive sales by ensuring the latest products are on their shelves, setting up merchandise and promotions, analyzing what products are moving, and remodeling their stores. Some of the industries we support include grocery stores, drug stores, and home and hardware stores.

Who we’re looking for

To do this successfully, we’re always looking for self-motivated individuals who are customer-service oriented, enjoy using technology, thrive in a fast-paced environment, and love working with a team to solve our clients’ biggest challenges.

What we offer

We offer on-the-job training, career advancement opportunities, flexible hours, and full- and part-time benefits. Our associates are dedicated to delivering the best service to our clients and doing whatever it takes to get the job done, while at the same time having fun.

Ready to join our team?

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Ecofriendly Power Washing More

We’re saving water!

We have office locations in Georgia, Florida, and Texas!

Retail Services, Inc. currently provides Power Washing Services in the following states: Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, North Carolina, Oklahoma, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas and Virginia. Should there be any locations not listed above, please still feel free to contact us, as we strive to address all service needs, wherever they arise.

Should there be any locations not listed above in which you require service, please feel free to contact us as we strive to address all service needs, wherever they arise.

We’d love to work with you.

Allow us to make an appointment convenient for your schedule to discuss the specifications of your intended needs. Your requests will be provided convenient to your business hours when customer traffic would be least interrupted. Additionally, we are on call seven days of the week. We look forward to enhancing your customers’ experience and providing you with the highest quality of services.

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Transformation is sweeping the retail industry. Consumers today are much better informed and more connected. They want mobile shopping, personalized service and instant gratification. These changes are giving rise to a host of innovations around omni-channel retailing, mobile apps, customer data mining, responsive supply chains and cutting-edge in-store self-help technologies.

How Wipro Helps

Wipro’s Retail practice spans the complete retail enablement journey across:

  • In-Store Customer Experience
  • Merchandising Science
  • Channel Convergence

Areas Covered

  • Big Data and Analytics
  • Merchandising and Supply Chain Planning and Execution
  • Security and Compliance
  • Social and Mobile
  • BPO
  • Profitable Reverse Logistics
  • Enterprise Energy Management


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Qualification details

SIR20212 replaces, and is equivalent to SIR20207 as the intent of the qualification remains unchanged.

The total number of units required complete this qualification remains at 14 units.

The number of core units has decreased from 9 to 8 units.

The number of elective units has increased from 5 to 6 units.


This qualification provides the skills and knowledge for an individual to be competent in a range of activities and functions requiring basic retail operational knowledge and limited practical skills in a defined context. Work would be undertaken in various retail store settings, such as specialty stores, supermarkets, department stores and retail outlets. Individuals may work with some autonomy or in a team but usually under close supervision.

Individuals with this qualification are able to perform roles, such as:

  • provide product and service advice in a retail store
  • sell products and services in a variety of retail settings
  • work as a checkout operator
  • check stock and replenish shelves
  • organise and maintain work areas and displays.

Possible job titles

  • sales assistant
  • customer service assistant

Pathways Information

This qualification is suitable for an Australian Apprenticeship pathway and is also appropriate for VET in Schools (VETiS) delivery.

Pathways into the qualification

Individuals may undertake the qualification with little or no experience in the industry.

Pathways from the qualification

After achieving SIR20212 Certificate II in Retail Services, individuals may undertake:

  • SIR30212 Certificate III in Retail Operations
  • SIR30312 Certificate III in Retail Supervision
  • SIR30412 Certificate III in Business-to-Business Sales.

Licensing/Regulatory Information

No licensing, legislative, regulatory or certification requirements apply to this qualification at the time of endorsement.

Entry Requirements

Employability Skills Summary

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As a professional, superior quality, results-oriented company, M30 Retail Services sets the standard in the retail merchandising and sales industry.

At M30 Retail Services, we are committed to providing outstanding personal, superior customer service. We are dedicated to our goal of establishing an unsurpassed level of excellence in the retail merchandising and sales market from coast to coast. Our retail strategies are built on many years of industry experience, and we utilize technology to incorporate those strategies to their greatest potential.

We achieve success through the dedication of our company pillars- honesty and integrity, superior customer service, respect, and innovation. M30 Retail Services is built on a team of individuals with a vast array of industry knowledge and experience. Through this knowledge, and a dedication to our company pillars, we accomplish tremendous results for our clients.



Every member of the M30 Retail Services team brings extensive experience and a commitment to provide our clients with superior service and results.

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