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Interested In Selling

Your Life Insurance Policy?

If you are selling your life insurance policy, then you want to get the best offer available. At Welcome Funds, that’s our only job. We know all the buyers and we conduct a formal auction to secure the best price for your policy. It’s fast, easy & free to determine eligibility.


How do you know if you will receive the best offer when you sell your life insurance policy? The only way to know for sure is to apply to every licensed buyer in your state, which could be 10-35 different companies. And those direct buyers do not have your best interest in mind, they represent their investors. At Welcome Funds, we’ve leveled the playing field for policy owners. We negotiate the best offer for you by conducting an auction with these buyers. One application, one company, it’s what we call. Life Settlements. Simplified.


Founded in 2000, Welcome Funds is a nationally licensed broker that represents policy owners who want to sell their life insurance policy in the secondary market. Our institutional buyers compete in an auction bidding process to ensure that we secure the highest offer from the market. We’ve negotiated over 10,000 offers and provided more than $450 Million in sales proceeds to our clients. Please review our website to learn more about how we can provide professional representation and expert advice on selling your life insurance policy.

  • It’s Absolutely FREE to Find Out if You or Your Loved One Is Eligible
  • There’s No Obligation at Any Time
  • Our Qualification Process is Completely Confidential
  • We Provide a FREE Personal Consultation & Appraisal Complete our Quick Online Qualifier or call us toll-free at 1.877.227.4484 to speak with a Client Care Advocate.


Curb Appeal Tips: Home Exterior #how #much #did #it #sell #for #house


Curb Appeal Tips: Home Exterior

You see your house every day, so it’s easy to get used to its looks — and to over look its exterior blahs and flaws. But if your house isn’t living up to its curb appeal potential, a few changes can add up to a fantastic front-of-house facelift.

Top Priority: Big Ticket Items’ Colors and Conditions

It’s not cheap, but the right (or wrong) roof or siding can change the entire look of your house. If you live in an all-brick house with a new roof, this won’t be a worry for you. But for existing homes, taking stock of these two huge parts of your home’s exterior can’t be overlooked.

Especially if your curb appeal concerns are rooted in a desire to sell your home, those shingles may create a make-or-break moment for potential buyers before they ever walk in the door. Once people get past the first impression, they check out the condition of the roof, says Pablo Solomon. an Austin, Texas-based artist and designer.

If the exterior of your home is painted, inspect it carefully. Peeling paint is one of those details you might not notice as much but people looking at your house for the first time will probably spot — and it will definitely color their opinion about your house. Check painted siding especially carefully; look not just for possible paint problems, but also issues like rotting or warped boards that may need to be replaced.

Curb Appeal Ideas: Home Exterior Makeovers

Good Idea: Windows and Doors

Windows and doors are the passages into the heart of the home, so it’s important to make sure they’re both in good condition and in good taste. The front door should be the star of the show with everything else playing supporting roles, says Gina Samarotto, principal of Samarotto Design Group in Poughkeepsie, N.Y.

Even if your front door is in good shape, sprucing it up can be an inexpensive, easy way to give your whole house a facelift. When Alan Hilsabeck Jr. owner of Hilsabeck Design Associates in Flower Mound, Texas, moved into his house, the front door was one of his first curb appeal projects. He not only painted the front door, but he also added a new front door handle set and coordinated the handle’s finishes with the house numbers. He also added new lighting. The neighbors thought we did a complete home makeover, he says. It just makes a huge difference to a home’s curb appeal.

Think about paint when it comes to your windows, as well, says Mary Mausser, owner of MJM Interiors in Chicago. If your window frames are somewhat wimpy, paint the trim around them so they appear chunkier, she says, adding that if you do this, color matching is essential. If the windows are white and the homeowner paints the trim off-white, it will look like a mistake.

Put Your Best Facade Forward

While overhauling a home’s exterior can be a big job, don’t get overwhelmed. Just remember that you’re going for one cohesive, inviting curb appeal impression. So after you’ve taken care of the bigger projects above, step back for a moment and reflect on the home’s look. One of the bigger curb appeal dangers people don’t think about is just going overboard. Don’t go wild with ornate details that will take away from the home’s overall curb appeal. Less is more when it comes to style, Mary says.

Finally, when you’re thinking about all these big ideas, don’t forget the simplest, lowest-cost curb appeal booster of all: Nothing beats a good cleanup, pickup, trim and unclutter, Gina says.

We buy houses Houston #sell #house #fast #houston


We Buy Houses
In Houston, Austin, Dallas, Fort Worth San Antonio, Texas!

Sell My House Fast Nationwide In Any Condition Price Range – Or Location. We buy houses Houston, Austin, Dallas, Fort Worth San Antonio Area
Sell your Houston House fast.

Need to sell your house fast in Houston and surrounding areas we d like to make you a fair all-cash offer. And we ll even GUARANTEE that offer and can have a check in your hand in as little as 5 days. Sell your house fast, Houston!

We buy houses in any condition as-is let us take over the burden of that unwanted property. Let Don McClain and the EZ House Buyers team help you TODAY!

There are lots of situations where we can help, including avoiding foreclosure . divorce, relocating. inherited an unwanted property, own a vacant house. upside down in your mortgage, behind on payments, owe liens. downsized and can t sell your house, needs repairs you can t pay for, fire damaged. bad rental tenants, and more.

Basically, if you have a property and need to sell it we d like to make you a fair cash offer and close on it when you re ready.

Do You Need To Sell Your House?

We can buy your house. Contact us today!

Sell Your House FAST, Houston You ve tried to sell your house but are running into roadblocks. You probably even tried calling a real estate agent. Sometimes selling a house the traditional way with a real estate agent is simply not the best for everyone. As you know, there can be lots of pitfalls when selling a house the agent route, including: having to clean up and repair the property so it shows well, finding an agent who you trust and who can deliver on their promise (selling your house quickly), signing a contract that binds you to an agent for a certain term, the piles of paperwork you have to sign, shuffling paperwork back and forth from buyer to agent to you and back.

The biggest issue with trying to sell with a real estate agent or selling it yourself is often times retail buyers will tie up a home for weeks and pull out on the deal at the last second or have their bank loan fall through.

It can all add stress, months to the process, and in the end after paying the agent fees, you may or may not be ahead of the game.

We at work differently. Don McClain and his team will provide you a fair all-cash offer on your house within 24 hours of submitting the short property info form below and can close when you want to close. If the house is in terrible shape and you don t want to (or can t) fix it up NO problem. we ll deal with it for you. If you need to get something done quickly, we can close in as little as 7 days because we buy houses with cash and don t have to rely on traditional bank financing. (Go here to learn about our process )

No matter the condition of your house your situation or timeframe

Don McClain Our goal is to help make your life easier and to get out from under that property that s

stressing you out while still paying a fast, fair, and honest price for your house.

Or Give Us A Call Now At: 877.529.5115

We help property owners just like you, in all kinds of situations. From divorce, foreclosure, death of a family member, burdensome rental property, and all kinds of other situations. We buy houses in Houston and surrounding areas. Sometimes, those who own property simply have lives that are too busy to take the time to do all of things that typically need to be done to prepare a house to sell on the market… if that describes you, just let us know about the property you’d like to be rid of and sell your house fast for cash .

If you prefer to talk to someone in our office before submitting your property information just give us a call today at 877.529.5115

We buy houses in. Texas and all surrounding areas in Texas. If you need to sell your house fast in Texas, connect with us we d love to make you a fair no-obligation no-hassle offer. Take it or leave it. You ve got nothing to lose

Hear What Others Have To Say…

Thanks to Don and his team, I was able to sell my home quickly with no commissions, repairs, or hassle. Thanks Don and the EZHouseBuyers team! – Jimmy D.

“Quite often investors are willing to pay cash for a home and with the recent tightening of financial restrictions, coupled with the growing number of complaints about low appraisals, having a cash buyer has become even more appealing.”

I had an investment property that needed a lot of repairs and was not able to be rented. I had to either sink a ton of money in the property, or sell it as is. Don McClain and EZHouseBuyers was able to buy my investment property, and they closed in a matter of days. They did exactly what they said they were going to do. I recommend them to anyone in need of a quick solution on a piece of property – Brian B.

Thanks Don and the EZHouseBuyers team, we were able to close on our property quickly, with no repairs, and no hassle. We have some friends we are going to send to Don and his team who also need to sell their property quickly. Thanks, Don! – Tricia B.

My parents had recently passed away leaving the property to me and my brother and sister. I contacted EZHouseBuyers and they closed the property very quickly. In spite of the amount of repairs needed, they were able to help and provided us exactly what we needed. Thank you guys! Carol M.

We are a real estate solutions and investment firm that specializes in helping homeowners through tough situations with burdensome property fast. We are investors and problem solvers who can buy your house fast with a fair all cash offer. No matter the situation, we can help. Call EZ House Buyers and get a fair, no-obligation quote on your house. We move FAST! Sell My House Fast Houston

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How To Sell Your Retail Job Experience On Your Resume #supply #chain #news

#retail experience


How To Sell Your Retail Job Experience On Your Resume

If you ever feel like your part-time retail experience won t impress a potential employer, chances are you re probably not emphasizing the skills you strengthened, your sales achievements or what you learned about running a business successfully on your resume.

And that means you re missing out on a huge opportunity.

Here’s how you can communicate what you did at these jobs on your resume:

Quantify your sales performance

Retail is a results-oriented business. While the numbers don’t tell an entire story, they don’t lie either. Retailers are looking to see what and how you will contribute to their sales team, so numbers help prove your skills.

If you excelled in a previous role, be specific about what you achieved and when you achieved it. You should include important performance metrics like total sales, average sale ($) and items per sale within a certain time period (either quarterly or yearly).

At my old part-time retail job. managers used to send emails to other stores in the district whenever someone had a big sale. Sometimes the Vice-President of Operations and other managers replied to the email. If you were ever a subject of an email like this, include this achievement on your resume and print out a copy to show off at job interviews.

Include the benchmark for each metric

How can a hiring manager compare how you performed to how you were supposed to perform if you only tell them what you did? They won’t know how impressive your metric figures are unless they know what you were being measured against.

Add context to your achievements by including the store’s benchmark or minimum requirements for each performance metric. This will prove that you really did excel in your role in relation to your colleagues.

This means you ll have to keep track of your performance. Record sales, print relevant emails and take pictures of significant projects you worked on. Not sure if you re allowed? Just ask your manager.

Display your commitment to learning

The top sellers tend to be the people with the most knowledge about products. If you attended any optional or mandatory product knowledge seminars during your employment, be sure to list how many and any key, transferable highlights from them.

This signals to a potential employer that you take retail seriously, you re open to learning new things and that you re able to adapt to new situations.

List your leadership roles

Were you responsible for training new hires? Did you lead a number of sales associates during peak times? Were you in charge of closing or opening the store? Were you a member of the store s health and safety committee?

If you were, it probably means that management trusted your abilities and judgment to meet company standards, lead a team and resolve any problems that may arise.

If you were called to perform tasks that made you a leader on the sales floor, include the most notable ones and any relevant details about each role on your resume.

Describe how your ideas were executed

Did you have a brilliant idea that positively affected sales, store procedures or your store s layout? Describe your idea, how it was implemented and what the results were. Be brief and specific.

For example: On Boxing Day in 2011, I suggested creating a sign for a one-day promotion that wasn t getting too much attention from customers and after the sign was printed, we sold 11 pairs of $100 boots. This situation clearly and concretely illustrates my problem solving and communication skills.

Share your retail resume-writing tips in the comments section below!

March 20, 2013 October 28, 2014

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Where to Sell Men s, Women s – Kid s Used Clothes #wholesale #retail

#clothes retailers


Where to Sell Used Clothes

  • Maternity clothing – Sell at a kids consignment sale; take it to Clothes Mentor ; list your stuff on eBay ; consign it on MotherhoodCloset ; or send it to ThredUp
  • Vintage clothing – List your stuff on Etsy or eBay. or consign it (check the phone book for consignment shops in your area). BuffaloExchange also accepts vintage clothing

Men s clothing – Put your clothing up for sale on Grailed ; take it to BuffaloExchange ; or list it on eBay

Designer clothing- List your items on Tradesy. TheRealReal or MaterialWrld (they offer store credit, rather than cash); or consign it at a high-end consignment store in your area

Plus size clothing- Sell your stuff through Clothes Mentor. ThredUp ; or search out a Facebook group that specializes in selling and trading plus size clothes.

As you re cleaning out your closet, be sure to go through your accessories, too. Most of these stores/websites also accept shoes, handbags, jewelry, scarves, belts and even perfume.

Not Sure Which Option to Choose?

High-end items (like vintage and designer pieces) tend to do best online. You ll get more eyes on your clothing, and you ll usually make more than you could locally.

For kids, juniors and maternity items, consider a kid s consignment sale. These usually take place twice a year — in the spring and again in the fall.

Pay Attention to the Fees

Almost all of the options listed above come with listing fees and/or commissions. Make sure you understand how much you re actually going to make before you agree to sell your items.

Trying to get rid of some things to make room for a new wardrobe? Then, consider accepting store credit, instead of cash. Most of the brick-and-mortar and online stores mentioned in this article offer store credit as a payment option, and will reward you with a bigger payout, if you decide to go that route.

Just want the closet space? Then, consider donating your used clothing to a local thrift store, or send them to Schoola. They ll mail the proceeds to a school of your choice.

Want to save more money. and get a fresh batch of tips delivered to your inbox each week.

Businesses For Sale Australia – Buy a business or Sell a business #birkenstock #retailers

#retail businesses for sale


Businesses For Sale

Selling a business? We can help you

Flexible packages or a limited free trial available

Featured businesses for sale

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Mid Market businesses for sale

Delicatessen In Shopping Centre For Sale Australia Supermarket- Franchise – Under Management – Potential Plus For Sale Australia 24hr Franchise Petrol Station And Convenience Store For Sale Australia Newsagency – Great Business For Sale Australia Plant Hire – Western Australia – For Sale Australia Butcher Shop With High Turnover In Inner West For Sale Australia See more Mid Market businesses

Featured Business Brokers

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Born out of one man’s need to sell a business, started in the mid-1990s as an online bulletin board.

Since those early days our passion for introducing people who want to buy a business to those who are selling a business has grown exponentially along with the site. has evolved into a truly global service that connects over a million business buyers and sellers each and every month.

For 20 years we have been helping business brokers and private sellers market their listings. From cafes to construction businesses, some of our most exciting business opportunities have included the makers of Big Ben’s clock, a Chinese toll road, a crocodile farm in Thailand and even a tropical island!

We have become the world’s largest marketplace advertising 68,193 businesses for sale in over 130 countries. The website is proudly run by our team of 32 based in London, Sydney, North Carolina and Mexico City.

We’re always looking to improve the site and our service so if you have any feedback or you are looking to sell your business, we’d love to hear from you. Contact Us

Other Great Stuff for Buying and Selling a Business

Businesses For Sale also offers:

Register as a Premium Buyer Contact new businesses for sale and let sellers know you are a serious buyer. Sell your Business We have millions of business buyers searching for businesses for sale every month. You could sell your business today! Business Wanted Reach thousands of sellers with a Business Wanted Ad. Email Alerts We’ll send you the perfect business opportunity the moment it appears on Find a business broker, accountant or advisor Directory of professionals dedicated to helping you buy the right business. Market Intelligence Centre Browse our survey responses and learn all you need to know about the state of the business transfer marketplace.

Our latest advice features

Raising finance to buy a business If you intend to buy a business, a number of financing options are available. Australian artisan bringing in the dough Australian consumers are switching their tastes to artisan breads and sophisticated bakes despite price drops in standard fare. How to be a successful cafe owner Knowing where your strengths and weaknesses lie is an essential part of running your cafe business. Buying a business in 10 steps Follow these strategic steps to a successful business acquisition. See more articles

Entrepreneur Resources

How to Buy a Good Australian Business at a Great PriceRecommended: Hundreds of strategies techniques to help you buy a business. Sell your business online today! Reach over 300,000 registered buyers Browse hundreds of Franchise Opportunities Buying a franchise can be a smart way into business

27, 894 Businesses For Sale – Buy or Sell a Business #retail #jobs #in #chicago

#retail businesses for sale


Search 27,894 businesses for sale or to let across the UK

Business for Sale Popular Searches on RightBiz

  • Accom, Licensed & Leisure Business (3566)
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  • Guest Houses & Bed And Breakfast (1164)
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  • Health, Fitness & Care Business (1867)
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  • What are some retailers that sell Norbest turkeys? #retail #signs

    #norbest turkey retailers


    What are some retailers that sell Norbest turkeys?

    What products are on the Costco online site?

    A: Costco Wholesale has several products available for purchase through the company website. Appliances, electronics, hardware, furniture and groceries are a. Full Answer

    Are Aldi grocery ads available online?

    A: Aldi grocery ads are available on the company’s website. To browse through the weekly ads, visit the website, highlight the “Weekly Specials” tab at the to. Full Answer

    What are some items sold by HoneyBaked Hams online?

    A: The HoneyBaked Ham Company sells baked hams, meals, whole cooked turkeys and various cuts of cooked beef online. Hams from the HoneyBaked Ham Company are s. Full Answer

    Can you buy pine nut oil online?

    A: Many online retailers sell pine nut oil, including and Customers can also purchase extra-virgin pine oil, which me. Full Answer

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    Where can you buy salt herring?

    What are some retailers that sell Sterilite containers?

    QuickBooks for businesses that sell products #promo #codes

    #retail accounting software


    Organize your sales and inventory in one place.

    View your quantities on hand

    When you buy and sell products, your inventory quantities are automatically updated, making it easy to see what’s selling and what to reorder.

    Get real-time inventory valuation

    Inventory values are automatically adjusted in your balance sheet as you go about your day. For advanced inventory needs, there are several inventory apps that work with QuickBooks.

    Stay on top of purchase orders

    Keep track of what you’ve ordered from each vendor. Organize contact information for multiple vendors in one place to make reordering easier.

    Need money to grow? Get the financing you need, when you need it.

    Money for what’s next

    Whether you’re opening a store or you need more inventory, QuickBooks can help connect you with the right finance options to help you grow.

    Applying couldn’t be easier

    We use what we already know about your business from QuickBooks to quickly and securely see what you qualify for with potential financial providers.

    Access funds right away

    Financial providers have streamlined the loan process to help you get approved in as little as a few minutes and get the funding in as little as a few days.

    How to Sell More Retail Products in Your Hair Salon #online #discount #codes

    #retail products


    How to Sell More Retail Products in Your Hair Salon

    Updated September 25, 2016.

    Retail hair products are a multi-billion dollar industry, and as hair stylists, we become ambassadors of these products. It s our job to introduce and inform our clients about the magical hair and beauty potions that are on the market. New technologies, and products that work better than ever, make it an exciting time to become a retail selling machine.

    Unfortunately, selling retail doesn t come naturally to everyone. In fact, many hair stylists find it difficult to go from the chair to the retail section without sounding like a product pusher.

    Luckily there are simple ways to seamlessly introduce retail sales into your service without sounding like a car salesman. Read on to learn easy tricks that will boost your retail sales, and make your pockets and your salon owner very happy.

    1. Begin at the Bowl

    Often times the easiest place to subconsciously prep your client for a sale is at the shampoo bowl. Glow Images, Inc / Getty Images

    A simple trick that takes the pushiness out of any sale, is making sure that the client is interested in the product before you even suggest they purchase it.

    Often times the easiest place to subconsciously prep your client for a sale is at the shampoo bowl. Comment on the how much you love the smell of the shampoo you re using (if your client hasn t already) and mention any other back-bar products that you re currently coveting.

    Let your client play, touch and smell the products. By activating pleasure centers in their sight and scent receptors, your client will subconsciously be thinking about these products throughout the rest of their service.

    Continue Reading Below

    2. Punch it Out

    Humans like having goals, and one of the simplest retail tricks will have your clients trying to reach the prize in no time. Punch cards are a fantastic incentive to get clients to buy more retail.

    These simple little cards (that are cheap and easy to produce) have scientifically proven their power when it comes to client loyalty, and that a customer will spend more money in the long-run when retailers use punch cards.

    3. Incentivize Your Staff

    Clients aren t the only ones who like goals. If you re a salon owner, incentivizing your staff is a fantastic and effective way to quickly boost retail sales.

    Create a contest and invest in a really nice prize for whoever sells the most retail. Your staff will be climbing over each other to reach their goals, and you ll be benefitting from the lasting effects that getting your staff comfortable with retail sales can create.

    You can also contact your local product rep and see if the manufacturers are offering any incentives to salon owners. Often times big product companies will offer deep discounts or extra back-bar products to their salons that sell the most retail.

    Continue Reading Below

    4. Throw a Product Party

    A fun and social way to boost retail sales is to throw a product party. Invite your staff and their clients to the salon after-hours, and throw a little cocktail hour to introduce your clients to your latest retail products.

    Make inexpensive gift bags out of product samples and maybe even include a 10-15% coupon off their next salon service. You could also hold a raffle and recruit someone on your staff to perform a styling demo with the featured product you re selling.