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Our Food & Drink Market Research supplies the food and drink industries with leading analysis and intelligence.

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From market assessment to portfolio evaluation, Mintel Consulting can give you a fresh viewpoint backed by rigorous data and insight you can trust.

We can call on a global network of more than 25,000 field associates in more than 130 countries to deliver the intelligence you need.

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Mintel’s global PR team are able to provide journalists with research and data to support articles, arrange interviews with Mintel’s expert analysts and provide press copies of Mintel reports.

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Retail market research

Who is it for?

Some retail market intelligence is just window shopping. Mintel’s retail clients need to go beyond that.

You want in-depth data on retail markets worldwide – sales performance, space allocation, store portfolios. Innovation in products, ranges, service and formats.

You need to benchmark your own business, with pricing or point of sale audit, mystery shopping and competitor intelligence.

You must keep up with fast-moving retail and consumer trends – multichannel, omni-channel, online and mobile. Automation and personalisation. Cultural, urban and societal change.

Above all, you need to understand how it fits together – to see your place in the bigger picture, global trends in the local context. What are the opportunities for your business?

How do we fit?

At Mintel, we deal in market retail science, not therapy. Four out of five of the world’s most successful retailers use Mintel to develop their offerings, understand their competitors’ shoppers and manage their suppliers.

We offer a rich combination of published and consulting services to give you the multi-layered market research and intelligence you need to succeed in the business of retailing.

Retailing market data. Information on size, segmentation and share. Robust and revealing retail consumer research. Bespoke fieldwork from more than 25,000 shoppers in over 130 countries worldwide.

Our international team of expert retail industry analysts pulls all those resources together and mine them for insight. We observe, question, test and assess. Then we tell you what it means. Powerful data, original thought.

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Handels-Immobilien Schubert




Einzelhandels-Immobilien wie Discount-Märkte, Fachmarkt-Center, Baumärkte, Shopping Center und weitere gewerblich genutzte Rendite-Immobilien in ganz Deutschland sind seit 1990 unser Spezialgebiet. Wir gehören zu dem überschaubaren Kreis der Experten in diesem Sektor, beraten zahlreiche Bauträger und Investoren und bieten nur Objekte und Standorte an, die wir genau recherchiert und beurteilt, meist selbst besichtigt und die Preise und Kaufbedingungen auf Marktfähigkeit verhandelt haben.

Diese schlüsselfertig mit langfristigen Mietverträgen von Top-Mietern übergebenen Märkte – Hauptmieter sind immer namhafte Konzerne – sind Anlage-Perlen, gelegen in den interessantesten Lagen, von Konzern-Standortplanern nach gründlichen Analysen als positiv und entwicklungsfähig bewertet. Sie unterscheiden sich von anderen Asset-Klassen wie Bürohäusern oder auch Fußgängerzonen-Objekten durch weitgehende Konjunktur-Resistenz. Sie haben langfristige Mietverträge und reagieren preislich nicht so sensibel auf Konjunktur-Dellen u.ä.

Daher ist es nicht verwunderlich, dass sie – im Gegensatz zur landläufigen Wahrnehmung, auch in der Fach-Presse – in der gründlichen Langfristbetrachtung vor allen anderen Immobilien rangieren.

Sie profitieren von unserem bundesweiten know-how, unserer Markt-Durchdringung, unseren Netzwerken.

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Omni-channel: transforming the retail landscape

Implications for retails’ real estate strategies

This approach defines the omni-channel environment and has implications for retails’ real estate strategies in terms of store locations, footprint, warehousing, logistics and fulfillment.

Retailers are embracing technology like never before to enhance both their brand and customer experience. Unlike the past, retailers position physical stores differently and consider them to be a part of the seamless omni-channel customer engagement model, rather that the ‘only channel’. Commonly referred to as concept stores, they blend physical inventory, online access and experiential retailing to customize and enhance the costumer experience. With the focus on converting existing stores into concept stores, real estate owners will have to support technology-enabled retailing.

Furthermore, retailers will also potentially benefit from continued increase in the use of mobile and social media. A projected 65 percent of the global population will be using a mobile phone by 2016 and an estimated 83 percent of internet usage will be through handheld devices. It is no surprise then that mobile retailing is expected to continue to grow aggressively.

Real estate owners need to understand technology needs

The conventional retail real estate approach is largely based on strategic locations; today, however, retail property owners need to continue evolving their “shopping experience through the addition of food, entertainment and a wide array of retail offerings. For this, real estate owners need to partner with tenants to understand their technology needs and incorporate them as integral to store redesign. And those technology needs extend to more than just the store front; understanding big data will be a key driver of long-term retailer prosperity.

From a real estate perspective, the retail industry is undergoing a profound change. Physical stores remain core to creating an innovative and long-lasting shopping experience, but they are no longer the sole touch point for a retail brand. Instead, stores are positioned as part of the omni-channel customer engagement model, combining physical inventory, online access and an environment that is customized to enhance the customer experience. Much of the real estate portfolio for retailers will not be expanding, but undergoing redevelopment as existing spaces are transformed to provide that unique store ambiance. It is a matter of not just reducing and reinvesting, but also reimagining and repurposing retail space.

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Top 25 Owners of Retail Real Estate #retail #definition

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Top 25 Owners of Retail Real Estate

The listing of the top 25 owners of retail real estate was first published in May. The ranking was compiled using responses to NREI ‘s top owners of retail real estate survey, earnings reports and company Web sites. It is based on the total size of the companies’ U.S. portfolio as of Dec. 31, 2011.

1. Simon Property Group
Total U.S. GLA Owned: 241.00 million sq. ft.
PH: 317.636.1600

2. General Growth Properties
Total U.S. GLA Owned: 136.00 million sq. ft.
PH: 312.960.5000

4. Kimco Realty Corp.
Total U.S. GLA Owned: 113.20 million sq. ft.
PH: 516.869.9000

5. Brixmor Property Group
Total U.S. GLA Owned: 91.97 million sq. ft.
PH: 212.869.3000

6. The Inland Real Estate Group of Companies
Total U.S. GLA Owned: 90.88 million sq. ft.
PH: 630.218.8000

7. CBL Associates Properties
Total U.S. GLA Owned: 80.19 million sq. ft.
PH: 423.855.0001

10. Weingarten Realty
Total U.S. GLA Owned: 58.49 million sq. ft.
PH: 713.866.6000

12. The Cordish Cos.
Total U.S. GLA Owned: 41.00 million sq. ft.
PH: 410.752.5444

13. Cole Real Estate Investments
Total U.S. GLA Owned: 38.98 million sq. ft.
PH: 602.778.8700

14. Pennsylvania REIT
Total U.S. GLA Owned: 33.10 million sq. ft.
PH: 215.875.0700

15t. Benderson Development
Total U.S. GLA Owned: 30.00 million sq. ft.
PH: 841.359.8303

18. Garden Commercial Properties
Total U.S. GLA Owned: 26.60 million sq. ft.
PH: 973.467.5000

19. Vornado Realty Trust
Total U.S. GLA Owned: 25.60 million sq. ft.
PH: 212.894.7000

20. Phillips Edison Co.
Total U.S. GLA Owned: 24.92 million sq. ft.
PH: 513.554.1110

22. National Realty Development Corp.
Total U.S. GLA Owned: 22.00 million sq. ft.
PH: 914.694.4444

23. Glimcher Realty Trust
Total U.S. GLA Owned: 21.50 million sq. ft.
PH: 614.621.9000

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Find your new place

Retail Solutions Advisors (RSA) specializes in commercial real estate leasing and property management throughout Florida. Our seasoned team members are well-versed in the market and value service over sales. We bring Industry,Knowledge,Accesbility and a solid work ethic to ensure the success of our clients located in Orlando, Miami, Tampa, and other areas of South Florida or anywhere else in Florida. Each client is different, but that’s what RSA is all about – finding specialized solutions that work.

Retail Solutions Advisors RSA Commercial Real Estate

Leasing Services

The Retail Solutions Advisors (RSA) team is heavily experienced in the leasing process in all areas of Florida such as Tampa and Miami to name a couple.

Property Management

Our Property Management team controls the operation and oversight of your assets.

Asset Management

Retail Solutions Advisors (RSA) is a third-party money manager in the commercial property, asset management sector.


RSA works with institutional owners, partnerships and individuals in both the acquisition and disposition of quality commercial real estate across the Southeastern United States.

Tenant Representation

Retail Solutions Advisors provides tenant representation and retail real estate consulting services to local, regional, and national retail tenants.

Commercial Brokerage

Looking to sell your commercial property? Or, perhaps the market has changed and you need assistance in repositioning it,


Retail Solutions Advisors’ team of professionals handles the property developement process from beginning to end. We coordinate with the contractors, architect, tenant and local governmental entities.

Financial Services

Retail Solutions Advisors (RSA) can accommodate all of your financial service needs in conjunction with property management services or as a stand-alone service.

Real Estate Blog

Your property has value. You want to make sure that you market the value that your property has. Often times this doesn t mean the price.

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What is retail real estate?

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Most of us have happily indulged in retail therapy, but how many of us have considered investing in a retail real estate?

Maybe you currently lease a shop or you want to diversify your investment portfolio. Either way, retail real estate is one of the largest and most diverse sectors of the commercial property market and well worth a look at.

What is retail real estate?

First things first, what actually is retail real estate? Put simply, retail properties are used exclusively to market and sell consumer goods and services.

They range from shopping centres, individual stores and pop-up shops to ‘big box’ stores like Bunnings and Masters.

Retail stores include everything from supermarkets, dry-cleaners, cafes, florists, pharmacies, bike shops, fashion stores and so on.

The good news about retail property investment

Retail property offers investors great opportunities for solid returns. Here are some of the key benefits:

Investors are often attracted to retail because of the high yields that it offers. Yields are calculated as a percentage of the annual rental income divided by the price you paid for the property.

Retail typically offers yields of 5%-6%. This is great for investors wanting an income-stream based investment (retirees for example) over capital gains growth (increase in the value of the property over time).

Unlike residential leases, retail leases are usually signed for at least five years. This gives tenants time to establish their business and offers landlords some security.

Most leases include annual rent increases, usually tied to the consumer price index (CPI).

Unique to retail are “turnover rents”, which give landlords a percentage of the gross revenue from a business. They can be a good incentive for retail investors.

Retail leases tend to be net leases where the tenant, not the landlord, bears a lot of costs such as real estate taxes, insurance, utility bills and maintenance costs.

If you are a business owner, buying your own retail space offers different benefits. Besides becoming an asset, owning your business home can have tax advantages and you can buy property through your SMSF .

Reasons for caution with retail property

So we’ve talked about some of the major benefits, but you need to be aware of the risks too. Here is an incomplete list of some of the main pitfalls to be aware of:

Retail can be a tough business

The retail industry is very sensitive to the state of the economy. If the economy is down, the retail sector suffers and businesses can fail.

As an investor, you must be prepared for the potential of long vacancy periods during economic downturns. You may also need to offer incentives such as internal fit-outs and reduced rents to attract tenants in difficult times.

It is critical that you find out as much as you can about your tenants before signing a lease. How secure their business is and how likely are they to fail are important things to consider.

Expensive to invest

A major obstacle to a lot of investors is that banks usually require at least 30% deposit and will also charge a higher interest rate.

Changing consumer patterns and demographics

Location is critical in retail property. It needs to be easily accessible (good parking, public transport options) with lots of foot traffic and the business type needs to suit the demographics of the area.

If any of these things change, a business can quickly lose business. In large shopping centres a good ‘anchor tenant’ is critical as they will draw the foot traffic – think of how many bakeries and pharmacies are located close to a Coles or Woolworths.

Who invests?

Retail property attracts a diverse range of investors. Private buyers, overseas investors and property trusts are all active. For small investors, A-REITs are the easiest way to start investing in retail property.

Retailers also find many advantages to buying instead of renting their own store.


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Top 10 Retail ETFs

NEW YORK ( TheStreet ) — Our goal in this profile is to help investors wade through the many competing ETF offerings available. Using our long experience as an ETF publication. and nearly 40 years in the investment business, we can help select those ETFs that matter and may or may not be repetitive. The result is a more manageable list of issues from which to view and make selections.

One strange thing you might discover is some popular ETFs have holdings and weightings which are surprising and not intuitive despite good looking charts. For many investors, knowing what you own or wish to own is important.

Retail and related consumer issues (excluding Consumer Staples) can offer dramatic examples of what’s under the hood and perhaps offer some surprises.

Let’s look at a variety of these ETFs with their top holdings and see if from a fundamental view they meet the test of what you think you’d find under the hood. Then we’ll view current technical market conditions and trends as they apply to each.

ProShares and DirexionShares have leveraged long and inverse issues for those investors wishing to hedge or speculate.

RTH (Retail ML HOLDRs) is not an ETF but a trust and was launched in May 2001. A move is currently in progress for Van Eck to assume control of these issues and convert them to an ETF structure. This would most likely alter some of the holdings and methodologies. As a trust the constituents or holdings don’t change, unless there’s a buyout or other event changing the component, but weightings can change over time based on market prices. The holdings below make the most sense intuitively when you think retail. AUM (Assets under Management) equal $124M and average daily trading volume, 1M shares. As of mid-September 2011 the annual dividend was unavailable and YTD return was 1.46%.

RTH Top Ten Holdings Weightings

XRT (SPDR Retail ETF) follows the S P Retail Select Industry Index which is an equally weighted index. The fund was launched in June 2006. The expense ratio is .35%. AUM equal $480M and average daily trading volume is 11M shares. As of mid-September 2011 the annual dividend was $.22 making the current yield .58% and YTD return of 3.52%.

XRT Top Ten Holdings Weightings

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Exclusively Retail.
Extensive Solutions.

Advisors to the Best Names in Retail

At SRS, retail is our passion, and helping our clients be successful is what we work for every single day. We are unique in that we offer four multifaceted retail-specific service areas that can be used together or separately to create the innovative, customized solutions to meet each of our clients’ unique needs.

Tenant Representation

SRS has a proven track record of identifying and securing new store locations that exceed sales forecasts thanks to our expert retail real estate brokers and senior research team. With more than 30 years of retail real estate experience we work with our clients to develop market plans, identify target sites, negotiate LOIs, prepare sites for real estate committee review, and negotiate lease terms.

Find the Perfect Retail Location

Start here to find flagship locations, institutional grade investments, and everything in between.

Find Your Retail Expert

Our professionals cover every retail category and are ready to help across North America and in select global markets.

Do you represent a great available site?

It just so happens we represent expanding clients looking for new locations.
Submit a site and we’ll let you know if they are a match.

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Retail And Consumer Goods And Services ETFs

  • These ETFs cover the provision of consumer goods and services and their distibution and retailing. The sector is often split into two: consumer discretionary (also known as cyclical) and consumer staples (also known as non-cyclical). An alternative is to split it into consumer goods and consumer services.
  • Sector ETFs come in four levels of granularity: (1) global, (2) US or international, (3) the main industry sub-groups that comprise the sector, and (4) narrower groups of companies within the sector.
  • Specialty ETFs are also available for the Retail and Consumer Goods Services sector, including leveraged, inverse, quant strategy, fundamental index and equal weighted ETFs. These ETFs are explained in their own sections of the ETF Finder ; you can find the relevant links in Further Reading below. They usually use the primary US sector index.

Why How To Use Them

  • Sectors go in and out of style but tend to trend upwards at the same rate, so rebalancing between sectors can provide attractive opportunities. Long term investors may therefore want to build a diversified portfolio with enough granularity to provide opportunities for rebalancing using one of the sector ETF families listed in Primary US Sector ETFs or Global Sector ETFs. For more on rebalancing, see Further Reading below.
  • If you believe that a particular sector will outperform, for example due to population aging or energy shortages, even as a long term investor you may want to overweight that sector. There are two ways to do that: (1) Assemple a diversified portfolio of broad ETFs (such as a total US market ETF. a broad foreign stock ETF and a broad bond ETF ), and then add one or more of the ETFs on this page to increase exposure to this sector. (2) Build your portfolio using US sector ETFs or global sector ETFs and overweight one sector.
  • Sector ETFs are popular with short term traders and momentum investors.

What to Look Out For

  • Sector ETFs tend to be more concentrated than broad index ETFs. That means they can be more volatile, and can involve greater long term risk if the largest stocks in the ETF performs poorly.
  • Sector ETFs tend to have higher expense ratios than broader index ETFs.
  • Avoid Merrill Lynch HOLDRs: they’re fixed baskets of stocks that become less and less representative of their sectors over time. The Internet HOLDRs ETF, for example, doesn’t include Google.
  • Articles on some Retail And Consumer Goods And Services ETFs: Claymore Targets Luxury Retail (Heather Bell).
  • Narrow sector and theme ETFs tend to have higher expenses and spreads than broader index ETFs. See Matt Hougan’s Watch Expenses Spreads For HealthShares, PowerShares, WisdomTree ETFs .
  • It’s generally agreed that expenses have a significant impact on long-run returns. However, Michael Krause argues that ETF Fees Are Largely Irrelevant and Roger Nusbaum agrees .
  • Rebalancing is discussed in How to Make Money By Rebalancing and Rebalancing Rules. The case for and against sector ETFs for long term investors is outlined in Should You Use Sector ETFs? .
  • For examples of sector-oriented commentary for short term traders and momentum investors, see articles by David Fry and Nick Perry .
  • Read more about equal weight ETFs. fundamental sector ETFs. quant strategy ETFs. leveraged ETFs and inverse ETFs .

This page is part of The Seeking Alpha ETF Selector which sorts ETFs by type, highlights how to use them and what to look out for, and provides links to articles that discuss key issues for investors.

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Wolford Retail Builders is a leader in providing general contracting and construction management to the retail industry. As a retail construction company, we have extensive experience working with many different retail building structures including freestanding buildings, enclosed regional malls, neighborhood strip centers and outlet malls.

The experience and value we provide to each project is evident by our strong record of completing projects within the budget and schedule. Each retail construction project utilizes the skills, techniques, and knowledge of our field personnel and subcontractor team to provide the service our Clients expect. At Wolford Retail Builders, our record proves we have completed all projects On Time. Every Time.


For maintaining the quality of a retail construction
project, our services include:

  • Scope of Work Development
  • Value Engineering
  • All Coordination of Client Vendors
  • Shop Drawing and Submittal Review
  • Experienced Construction Project Management
  • Highly Skilled Site Supervision
  • Maintenance and Monitoring of One-Year Warranty

Contact us today to find out more

Contact Info

Wolford Retail Builders, Inc

65 East Palatine Road
Suite 303
Prospect Heights. IL 60070