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What is a ‘Bailout’

A bailout is a situation in which a business, an individual or a government offers money to a failing business to prevent the consequences that arise from the business’s downfall. Bailouts can take the form of loans, bonds, stocks or cash. They may require reimbursement. Bailouts have traditionally occurred in industries or businesses that are perceived as no longer being viable or are sustaining huge losses.


Typically, companies in need of bailout employ a large number of people, leading some people to believe that the economy would be unable to sustain such a huge jump in unemployment if the business folded. Bailouts are normally only considered for companies or industries whose bankruptcies could cause a severely adverse impact to the economy as a whole, and not just to the industry.

Financial Industry Bailout

One of the biggest bailouts in history was the one offered by the U.S. government in 2008 to many of the largest financial institutions in the world that experienced severe losses resulting from the collapse in the subprime mortgage market and resulting credit crisis. Banks, which had been providing an increasing number of mortgages to borrowers with low credit scores, experienced massive loan losses as many of these mortgages went into default.

As well-known financial institutions such as Countrywide, Lehman Brothers and Bear Stearns began failing, the government responded with the Troubled Asset Relief Program (TARP). The program authorized the government purchase of up to $700 billion in toxic assets from the balance sheets of dozens of financial institutions. In the end, TARP ended up disbursing more than $426 billion to financial institutions.

Auto Industry Bailout

During the 2008 financial crisis, automakers such as Chrysler and General Motors needed a taxpayer bailout of their own to stay solvent. High gas prices at the time resulted in plummeting sales of these companies’ SUVs and larger vehicles. The difficulty in obtaining auto loans during the financial crisis further hampered auto sales. While intended for financial companies, the two automakers ended up drawing roughly $17 billion from TARP to stay afloat. In June 2009, both Chrysler and GM emerged from bankruptcy, and they remain among the larger auto producers today.

In the early 1980s, Chrysler was also in need of a bailout. The U.S. government stepped in and offered roughly $1.2 billion to the failing company. By 1983, Chrysler was able to pay back the entire loan. The company operates today as Fiat Chrysler Automobiles.

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Akwa Plumb, Plumbers Drainage Services are based in Milngavie, Glasgow and have now been established for over
27 years specialising in all types of plumbing, drainage and central heating, providing a full service to the domestic and commercial sectors.

Gas Boiler Replacement Services Glasgow
Akwa Plumb is Glasgow’s premier gas boiler installation and replacement in the Glasgow and surrounding areas, all at very competitive prices. Offering a free quotation service at a suitable time with you. Our qualified gas engineers will discuss a suitable boiler installation to suit your budget and specification.

It is very important to choose the correct boiler for your property as this can save you hundreds of pounds a year by choosing the right one. Akwa Plumb offer all our customers massive discounts on specified boilers and fittings and with most boilers now offering a 5 – 10 year manufacturers warranty on all parts and labour, it’s a great time to get a new boiler from Akwa Plumb.

The most common type of boiler we install is the combi boiler which provides both heating and hot water. We are Gas Safe Registered, Corgi Registered and members of SNIPEF.

We provide 24 hour emergency plumbing and drain cleaning and unblocking services across the Glasgow.
Akwa Plumb are proud to say that over a 95% of blockages are cleared within 1 hour! This is down to a combination of experience and specialist drainage equipment.

All our plumbers drainage engineers are fully qualified and insured and treat your home or commercial premises with respect and aim to cause you as little inconvenience as possible. We are Gas Safe Registered, Corgi Registered and members of SNIPEF.

Akwa Plumb Services include:
• High Pressure Drain Cleaning
• Sewers Downpipes Cleared
• Leaks Bursts
• Radiators Pipes
• Sinks, Baths Toilets
• Boiler Installations
• Shower Plumbing
• Boiler Breakdowns
• Manual Rodding
• All Blockages

• Pumps Valves
• Tanks Overflows
• All Gas Work
• Powerflushing
• CCTV Inspections
• Garden Drainage
• Drainage Installation
• Drainage Surveys
• Bathroom Installations
• Kitchen Installations
• WC Installations


If your
heating or
enquiry is of
an urgent
nature, please
contact us
directly on
07767 490377

AkwaPlumb Plumbers and Drainage Services covers a wide areas of Glasgow and Stirlingshire.

Tel: 0141 955 0921
Mob: 07767 490377

Akwa Plumb Plumbing Drainage Services Covers:- Glasgow, Milngavie, Bearsden, Glasgow West End, Blanefield, Killearn, Clydebank, Anniesland, Jordonhill, Kirkintilloch, Lenzie, Bishopbriggs surrounding areas

Akwa Plumb | Glasgow Plumbers | Plumbing Drainage Services Glasgow | Milngavie | Bearsden | Glasgow West End

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Zero-interest balance transfers credit cards can have sting

As many Australians struggle with credit card debt after a Christmas and holiday splurge, zero-interest balance transfer offers may seem like the answer.

Lenders promote these deals at this time of year and there are more than 100 on the market right now, according to Kirsty Lamont, a director of comparison site Mozo.

“Lenders dangle these balance transfer offers as carrots to try and entice consumers to sign-up to cards that, in many cases, can be very expensive,” Lamont says.

They can work for those who have the discipline to pay off the balance in full before the interest-free period ends. But those who continually struggle to pay off their credit card debts may be better off with a “vanilla” low-interest rate card or even a personal loan with a fixed repayment schedule.

Dennis Reddy, a 28-year-old accountant from Sydney, is making a balance transfer deal work for him.

Reddy was paying about $150 a month in interest on his credit card debt and finding it difficult to clear the debt.

At the end of last year he decided to make a fresh start and get the debt under control. So he checked online for a good zero-interest balance transfer card.

“I didn’t care who the provider of the card was as long as the deal was competitive,” Reddy says.

He then transferred his balance to a credit card from another bank with an interest-free period of 18 months.

The card had a balance transfer fee of 2 per cent, but the $99 annual fee was waived for the first year.

“I thought about hanging onto the my old card after transferring the balance to the new card, but thought that would lead to more debt so I cancelled that card,” Reddy says.

Even though his new card has an annual interest rate of more than 20 per cent after the interest-free period, his plan is to extinguish the transferred debt completely before that kicks in. He intends to keep his transfer balance card, but only for use in emergencies.

To make purchases, he has retained his debit card that is attached to the savings account with his original bank into which his pay goes.

“The lesson learned is that if you don’t have the money you don’t spend it [using credit],” Reddy says.

Caution needed

Sally Kirkright, chief executive of AccessEAP, a corporate psychology consultancy, says the start of the year is a time when many are particularly vulnerable to financial stress.

As the afterglow of the holiday period gradually fades, many face the reality of their holiday spending spree.

Australians spent nearly $10 billion on Christmas presents last year, according to extrapolation of results of a survey conducted by comparison site Finder.com.

And Roy Morgan Research, extrapolating from a survey it carried out on behalf of the Salvation Army, estimates that about two million people are leaving the festive season with worrying debts.

“Returning to work after the fun of the holiday period brings a dose of reality,” Kirkright says.

“Someone who has spent more than they planned can feel out of control and stressed that they haven’t managed their funds as well as they perhaps should have,” she says.

And for many people the financial stress will be first felt on their credit cards.

Finder estimates Australians are returning home from holidays with $7.5 billion of debt on their credit cards.

It also estimates there will be about $180 million in interest paid on the debt that was incurred on holidays in the first year.


Bessie Hassan, money expert at Finder, says interest-free balance transfer cards can be a lifeline for those who’ve splurged over Christmas.

But it is important to be aware of the length of the interest-free period on transfers, which typically ranges from 6 to 24 months, she says.

Interest is also charged on any purchases on the card, even if the purchases are made during the interest-free period.

Mozo’s Lamont says some balance transfer cards use a “revert” rate that is equal the cash withdrawal rate, which can be up to 24 per cent.

That’s why it is important to work out exactly how much you need to repay every month to ensure your balance hits zero by the end of the interest-free term.

The comparison sites show balance-transfer fees are usually between 2.5 and 3 per cent of the transfer amount and annual fees range between $50 and $250.

Lamont says lenders have a range of zero-interest balance transfer cards, including those with rewards points with often higher revert interest rates and annual fees than non-rewards balance transfer cards.

Somebody who takes a balance transfer offer to pay off their credit card debt really should not be transferring that debt to an expensive rewards card, Lamont says.

“Cards with rewards points encourage cardholder to spend more when they should be using a balance transfer card to pay off existing debt and not to make new purchases,” she says.

Competitive offer

Consumers need to look for a balance transfer deal that is competitive on the length of the interest-free period as well as on the interest rate and fees.

Otherwise, you risk racking-up new debt and getting nowhere, Lamont says.

“It’s up to the card-holder to work out the repayments that will pay off the card within the balance transfer period and to stick to that repayment schedule,” Lamont says.

“For those struggling to pay off their credit card debt the question is whether they are going to be able pay off the debt within the balance transfer period,” she says.

She points out that there are “vanilla” non-rewards cards with low annual fees and with relatively low purchase interest rates of 7 or 8 per cent.

She says for those who really struggle, a personal loan with a fixed schedule of repayments could be the best option.

“Those who struggle to pay off credit card debts would do well to avoid future temptation by cutting up their credit card and using a debit card instead,” Lamont says.

Kirkright says if you have debt in a couple places, such as credit cards and a personal loan, consider reviewing and consolidating these loans to get them under control.

“The credit card may be a good starting place given it may have the highest interest rate,” she says.

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Recovering the Maximum Value of Your Inventory

* Convert your inventory into cash
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Regardless of the size of your business, we
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POWER Retailing�s Solutions

Since 1984, we have provided cutting-edge liquidation and cash flow strategies to thousands of retailers across the United States and Canada.

Whether you’re planning to close your retail business, retire, or liquidate unwanted inventory, we offer two affordable, time-tested options to quickly and safely recover up to 100% – 160% the cost of your inventory.

1) Store Closing Tool Kit. Expert coaching and sales support, powerful advertising layouts, proven ads and special customer invitation formats, extensive collection of custom signs, banners and unique store displays, easy-to-use pricing charts, step-by-step sales manual, and much more!

2) On-Site Implementation Installation. In-store organization, expert coaching and sales support, powerful advertising layouts, proven ads and special customer invitation formats, extensive collection of custom signs, banners and unique store displays, marketing manual, and much more!

To help you succeed, you’ll have all the tools with one-on-one, personalized coaching using the most prosperous, exclusive, accelerated inventory liquidation strategy ever devised!

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Retail Interiors Design and Fit Out Experts

Seeking to utilise best practice from our range of sector expertise, we have taken the successful partnering approach of our office interior design and build projects into our retail design interiors and shop fit out .

Once again, the clients are blue chip companies, ranging from Adidas, Specsavers and Marks Spencers to Sheffield United FC and O2.

Interior Fit Out Specialists

We understand the relationship between landlords and tenants and work hard to meet the commercial objectives of both parties during the entire length of the interior fit out project. We seek to cause minimal disruption to trading throughout the project and seek dialogue with all stakeholders from the inception to completion to ensure everything goes as smooth as possible.

We also never lose sight of one key fact ‐ we are all consumers too. We’ve felt the frustration of standing in ill-conceived stores, unable to access or identify the products or services we crave. We’ve spent what seems like hours traipsing around identikit shops on wet weekends and emerged bored, frustrated and ultimately without a purchase.

However, we don’t just moan about it to our friends ‐ we note it down. We discuss it within the team and we work on how we might improve it ‐ shopping is field research for us and we’re happy to share our findings when discussing your shop fit out ideas .

For examples of some of the successful retail design interior fit out projects we’ve completed click here

6 Tips for Laying Out an Optimal Retail Store #television #retail #stores

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6 Tips for Creating an Optimal Retail Store Layout

Mom-and-pop shop owners may not realize the impact that a retail store’s layout can have on sales. But studies show that a less-than-ideal arrangement of product displays, check-out and service counters, or aisles influences consumer behavior in subtle but powerful ways. For example, when a customer avoids a crowded aisle or feels intimated by a clerk standing behind a tall counter, you may lose a sale.

Here are six tips for creating an optimal retail store layout.

1. Don’t place merchandise in the “decompression zone.” When U.S. consumers enter a store, they tend to turn to the right. Position merchandise with this in mind. A psychological shift also occurs when inside a store, so patrons typically don’t notice merchandizing displays within 15 feet of the entrance. say retail strategists Rich Kizer and Georganne Bender of Kizer Bender. They also recommend using “speed bumps” (attention-grabbing in-store displays).

2. Choose a store layout that fits your business. The grid layout used by most grocery stores steers customers up and down rows of aisles. A loop layout has a central grouping of displays, with a circular or square pathway around it. A free-flowing layout gives merchants opportunities to spur impulse buying. as shoppers can move the most freely through the store.

3. Minimize counters. Bob Phibbs, owner of the Retail Doctor. says store counters often separate the store owner or sales clerk from customers, at least psychologically. This doesn’t benefit merchants, because it creates an “us vs. them” mentality and sends the wrong signals. Phibbs suggests that owners ask unoccupied staff to wander the sales floor. posing as shoppers. This gives customers a sense of a bustling shop, which puts them at ease, he says. If a counter is essential for completing paperwork, he suggests sizing it down to no larger than a desk.

4. Beware the “butt-brush effect.” Paco Underhill. a consumer behavior expert, coined this term when he discovered that the typical customer will avoid perusing merchandise if it brings another customer’s backside into close proximity. That’s true even when the shopper is very interested in an item. Avoid this problem by ensuring aisles and floor space allow patrons adequate personal space.

5. Maintain good visibility. Reduce your inventory losses by keeping shelves low enough to enable good visibility. Take care to ensure that temporary store displays do not inadvertently provide cover for shoplifters .

6. Create a sensational entrance. Even stunning in-store layouts fail to woo shoppers if the storefront has little curb appeal. Invest in an eye-catching entrance. strategically placing signage to entice shoppers inside. Make sure that at least a few products are visible to people who pass by the shop’s windows.

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London’s best DVD shops

Spinal trap: there are always bargains to be found in smaller DVD outlets

Best for exports

The Cinema Store is still a hub for those wanting to get their mitts on Criterion edition DVDs, new-release foreign imports and hard-to-find box sets. A dream for film lovers with a bit of pocket money to spend. Cinema Store, Unit 4b, Orion House, Upper Saint Martin s Lane, WC2 (020 7379 7838) Leicester Square tube.

Best for artists film

Hang a sharp right at the main entrance of the ICA and you ll hit their shop, which sells all manner of books, mags and a decent selection of artists film on DVD and VHS. The Tate and Serpentine also have selections in their shops, and you can also pick up some of the more esoteric stuff at Dalston s Lux gallery.ICA, The Mall, SW1 (020 7930 0493) Charing Cross tube/rail.
LUX, third floor, 18 Shacklewell Lane, E8 (020 7503 3980) Old St tube/rail.

Best for world cinema

Situated in the main atrium of BFI Southbank is their Filmstore. Among the shelves of books is a very decent selection of DVDs. The shop is especially good for modern British cinema. Foyles on Charing Cross Road also complement their fine film books section with DVDs. BFI Southbank, Belverdere Rd, SE1 (020 7928 3232) Waterloo tube/rail.
Foyles, 113-119 Charing Cross Rd, WC2 (020 7437 5660) Leicester Square tube.

Best for secondhand

For those who don t mind a tattered casing or the odd scuff on the disc, Computer Exchange and Stage Screen in Notting Hill Gate (and Berwick Street) have a wide selection of secondhand DVDs. Beanos in Croydon (recently saved from closure thanks to public support) is also a great place to pick up a bargain CD or DVD in the burbs. CEX, 32 Rathbone Place, W1 (020 7636 2666) Tottenham Court Rd tube.
Stage Screen, 40 Notting Hill Gate, W11 (020 7460 6716) Notting Hill Gate tube.
Beanos, Middle St, Croydon (020 8680 1202) East Croydon rail.

Best for cheap (new) DVDs

We wept salty tears when the big Fopp on Tottenham Court Road closed its doors, but the original London store (based in Covent Garden) is still open for business. Most DVDs are either 5 or 10, making it hazardously easy for an impulse buy to develop into a binge.Fopp, 1 Earlham St, WC2 (020 7379 0883) Leicester Square tube.

Best for oldies

Lovejoys has a very decent range of rare golden oldies, musicals, films noirs and a wide variety of studio films among the racks of secondhand books. Oh, and there s a sex-film emporium in the back. Lovejoys, 99a Charing Cross Rd, WC2 (020 7437 1988) Leicester Square tube.

Best for selection

They may be overcrowded and unwieldy, but you can t knock the megastores (HMV and the quaintly named Zavvi ) for choice. Usually, if something has been released on DVD, they ll have a copy tucked away on one of their vast aisles. Also great for discount box sets. HMV, 150 Oxford St, W1 (020 7631 3423) Oxford Circus tube.
Zavvi, 14-16. Oxford St, W1 (020 7631 1234) Tottenham Court Rd tube.

Best charity shop

Most charity shops in London will have the odd DVD knocking about, but Help the Aged in Walthamstow has a good range, as does the Cancer Research UK shop in Islington and Oxfam on Drury Lane.Help the Aged, 36-44 High St, E17 (020 8520 9462) Walthomstow Central tube.
Oxfam, 23 Drury Lane, WC2 (020 7240 3769) Covent Garden tube.
Cancer Research UK, 34 Upper St, N1 (020 7226 8951) Angel tube.

Best for music DVDs

If there s a concert film or music promo compilation you can t find in one of the bigger stores, you may want to head to the big Rough Trade East record shop in Brick Lane. Sister Ray one of the last decent record shops on Berwick Street, has some good (cheap) discs alongside films and TV shows.RTE, Dray Walk, Old Truman Brewery, 91 Brick Lane, E1 (020 7392 7788) Liverpool St tube/rail.
Sister Ray, 34-35 Berwick St, W1 (020 7734 3297) Tottenham Court Rd tube.

Best for classical music DVDs

MDC Music Video on the South Bank is a dangerous place to go after few drinks in the BFI bar, as they have a variety of world cinema as well as lots of classical and jazz films. London stalwart Gramex also has a range of classical DVDs to accompany a world-beating range of CDs and vinyl. MDC, Royal Festival Hall, 25 Lower Marsh, SE1 (020 7620 0198) Waterloo tube/rail.
Gramex, 25 Lower Marsh, SE1 (020 7401 3830) Waterloo tube/rail.

Best for rentals

London has some great independent DVD rental shops. The best is The Film Shop (two locations), which has friendly staff and an extensive selection of mainstream and arthouse fare. Today is Boring on Kingsland Road is very decent, as is Close-Up on Brick Lane. Also, to complement its fine array of discs, Archway Video has a neat system of staff picks if a disc has a flower sticker on the front, it s been given the thumbs up. The Film Shop, 177 Stoke Newington Church St, N16 (020 72491762) Highbury Islington tube.
The Film Shop, 239 Liverpool Rd, N1 (020 7700 7170) Angel tube.
Close-Up, 139 Brick Lane, E1 (020 7739 3634) Old Street tube/rail.
Today is Boring, 15 Kingsland Rd, E2 (020 7684 1461) Old Street tube/rail.
Archway Video, 220 Archway Rd, N6 (020 8340 2986) Highgate tube/rail.

Author: David Jenkins

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  • How to Get Free Wifi Nowadays, everyone needs Wi-Fi, all the time; we need Wi-Fi for our phone, tablets, and computers to stay connected with work, school, family and.
  • How to Get Free Wi Fi Nowadays, everyone needs Wi-Fi, all the time; we need Wi-Fi for our phone, tablets, and computers to stay connected with work, school, family and.
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Retailers Are Missing Out On A $9 Billion Plus-Size Opportunity – Top Curvy Models #best #coupon #sites

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Retailers Are Missing Out On A $9 Billion Plus-Size Opportunity

Plus-size bloggers including Chastity Garner-Valentine were invited to the launch of Lilly Pulitzer for Target in New York City on April 15.

Retailers are largely ignoring plus-size women.

According to IBIS World, the market for plus-size women was worth $9 billion in 2014. The average woman in America is a size 14 (plus sizes are typically between sizes 14 and 34). Yet retailers barely cater to this crucial demographic.

Plus-size women have raised their voices, but that doesn t mean retailers are listening.

Earlier this year, Dana Drew created a petition on Change.org imploring Victoria s Secret to stock its stores with larger sizes.

I love Victoria s Secret so much that I even have their credit card, she wrote on her petition. My money and my credit are good enough for them, but the fact that I can only buy items like perfume, lotion, and body spray sends the message that my body is not. Every year I watch the Angel fashion show and would love to purchase the items I see on my screen but can t because Victoria s Secret doesn t sell plus sizes.

Many retailers send similar messages to plus-size women.

In 2013, Abercrombie was notoriously under fire for not selling XL and XXL women s sizes (the retailer still sold those sizes for men). Abercrombie s former CEO, Mike Jeffries, said he didn t want people wearing his company s clothes if he didn t think they were sexy.

In every school there are the cool and popular kids, and then there are the not-so-cool kids, he told Salon. Candidly, we go after the cool kids. We go after the attractive all-American kid with a great attitude and a lot of friends. A lot of people don t belong [in our clothes], and they can t belong. Are we exclusionary? Absolutely.

In 2013, Abercrombie gave in and started to sell larger sizes.

The popular teen retailer Brandy Melville sells only clothes for smaller women. Most of the clothes claim to be one size, but the one size is a small one (the clothes claim to fit size small/medium ).

In a passionate op-ed article in The Daily Trojan, the University of Southern California campus newspaper, student Rini Sampath described the key problem with this strategy.

One size does not fit most, she wrote. According to the Los Angeles Times, the average American woman is a size 14. The crop-tops and miniskirts that litter the shelves of Brandy Melville would barely cover the average American.

If the average American woman is a size 14, retailers are missing out.

Last year, ModCloth conducted a survey with the help of Paradigm Sample to highlight grievances of plus-size-women shoppers.

Unsurprisingly, 92% agreed with the statement I get upset when I can t find cute clothes in my size.

Sixty-five percent of all women agreed with the statement the retail industry ignores the needs of plus-size women. And only 28% of women agreed with the statement plus-size women are included in the fashion community.

More than half of the women sampled called plus-size offerings frumpy and shapeless. Forty-nine percent called the clothing boring.

It s not as if these women make up a sparse demographic. More than 50% of women Paradigm Sample spoke to wore at minimum size 16 in some stores, and more than one-third of the women combined regular and plus-size clothing. To highlight that statistic, Paradigm Sample pointed out that the number of women who wore a size 16 was more than the number of women who wore sizes 0, 2, and 4 combined.

Plus, these women are willing to spend.

Eighty-one percent of women said they would shell out the money if there were more options in their size. Eighty-eight percent said they would buy more clothes if there were trendier options in stores.

And plus-size women actually spend more than straight size women as it stands — 21% of plus-size women spend at minimum $150 a month on clothes and accessories, whereas only 15% of women in standard sizes do the same.

ModCloth notably sells clothing for plus-size women. In fact, when ModCloth was purchasing plus-size clothing from vendors, chief creative officer Susan Koger was confounded at how few vendors were willing to sell plus-size clothing at all. Out of 1,500 vendors she reached out to, only 35 responded.

So why are retailers avoiding an extremely profitable market?

It s likely fear.

This is only speculation, but the reason I would argue that why many non-plus-size designers don t go into plus size is fear, Amanda Czerniawski, sociology professor at Temple University, former plus-size model, and author of Fashioning Fat: Inside Plus-Size Modeling, told Business Insider. Now, there s two dimensions of this fear: It could be fear of [fat, like] Karl Lagerfeld — I don t want to be associated with fat people kind of thing because of the stigma maybe for some it could be this element, but I think overwhelmingly it s a fear of failure.

That failure to create flattering designs for these kinds of different bodies — and part of it is the fact many of these designers, when they go to design school, they re not taught to make clothes for plus-size bodies, she said.

It s fascinating why they re not being taught, why they re not being pushed, because there is such great potential, she added.

Kenyatta Jones, CEO of the clothing line Bella Rene (and a plus-size woman) told Huffington Post Live that the fashion industry had a serious misconception about the way plus-size women behave, and therefore shop, citing the false notion that they don t need clothes, all they do is eat Twinkies.

But some retailers are listening to these women. Target is tapping into this market with its line AVA + VIV, even if the clothing is meh, as Lindsay Louise of Jezebel put it.

There are, however, anomalies. Search plus-size clothing at Bloomingdale s, and clothing from designers such as Michael Kors, Eileen Fisher, and Ralph Lauren will appear.

But what Rachel Pally — of the designer plus-size collection Rachel Pally s White Label — told the Los Angeles Times in 2009 still rings true, based on ModCloth s survey. Fashion-forward plus-size women have no options, she said. They re so thirsty for the product It s like, Hello? Don t you guys want to make money?’ (Further suggesting that plus-size women will spend, in 2009 the Los Angeles Times highlighted that the White Label was one of the top-selling lines at Nordstrom.)

But some major mid-tier retailers do, in fact, sell plus-size clothing. The lingerie retailer Adore Me sells options for plus-size women. Fast-fashion giants Forever 21 and H M sell larger sizes, as well. But as the Los Angeles Times noted, plus size women are mostly restricted to online shopping.

To underscore that notion, plenty of popular brands are, in fact, selling larger sizes online — just not in stores, The Huffington Post reported. It seems as if retailers aren t willing to risk that plus-size women are willing to shop and spend money, even though there is evidence to the contrary.

One solution to solve this problem might be a shift in marketing.

One thing that would vastly improve visibility of the growing plus-size market is if designers who currently offer plus sizes invested more of their resources into publicizing and marketing their lines, offers Nicolette Mason, blogger and contributing fashion editor at Marie Claire, told Fashionista in 2013.