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E-commerce sales by region, sales by product category, holiday data, online spending by shopper and as percentage of household income, and more.

Consumers now spend more time with online retail on mobile devices (smartphones and tablets) than desktop and laptop PCs. Read key data on mobile commerce sales, traffic, conversion, devices, marketing and more.

Sales and traffic to online retailers by category and merchant type, data on Amazon and other leading e-retailers, comparisons of leading web retailers, site performance data, more.

Technology spending plans of online retailers, deployment of technology on e-commerce sites, mergers and acquisitions among e-commerce technology vendors, and more.

E-retailer spending by marketing category, leading e-retailers in paid and natural search marketing, social media data, how consumers respond to online marketing.

Online consumers by country, age, activity, income; how consumers pay online; data on online shopping patterns.

Internet penetration by region, income, age and other factors; web browser market share; time spent on social networks; country rankings by Internet population.

B2B e-commerce is larger than retail e-commerce in transaction volume. Read key data on industry sales, trends in marketing and web content, technology investment, and more.

Largest Online Retailers

Alibaba Overtakes Amazon as Most Highly Valued Online Retailer #pantaloon #retail

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Alibaba Overtakes Amazon as Most Highly Valued Online Retailer

Alibaba Group Holding Ltd. is knocking Inc. off its perch as the world s largest online retailer by market capitalization, signaling the ascendance of a global rival for investor and consumer dollars.

Alibaba begins trading on the New York Stock Exchange today after pricing its initial public offering yesterday at $68 a share, putting the Hangzhou, China-based company s valuation at $167.6 billion. That exceeds Amazon s market capitalization of $150.2 billion, as of its closing price in New York yesterday of $325.

Alibaba s pricing marks a milestone in the e-commerce market, where the center of gravity has long resided in the U.S. Amazon is the most prominent U.S.-based Web retailer, disrupting bricks-and-mortar rivals including Wal-Mart Stores Inc. and parlaying its success into cloud computing, smartphones and grocery delivery.

As a publicly traded company, Alibaba now presents an alternative for investors who want to benefit from growing global demand for online shopping. The IPO also gives Alibaba new cash that it can use to expand into areas — including possibly the U.S. — where it can vie with Amazon for customers.

This means that there s a new kid on the block that can give Amazon a run for its money, said Kirthi Kalyanam. director of the Retail Management Institute at Santa Clara University.

Ty Rogers, a spokesman for Seattle-based Amazon, didn t return a call for comment. Justin Dini, a spokesman for Alibaba, declined to comment, citing the quiet period ahead of the IPO.

By Revenue

Amazon remains the world s biggest e-commerce company by revenue, with sales totaling $74.5 billion last year. Alibaba s sales are a fraction of that, with 52.5 billion yuan ($8.6 billion) for the fiscal year ended March 31.

Alibaba is projected to increase revenue faster than Amazon. In 2015, Amazon sales are anticipated to rise 20 percent from a year earlier, according to data compiled by Bloomberg. By contrast, Alibaba revenue is estimated to increase 33 percent for its fiscal 2016.

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Those growth rates will partly be driven by the different trajectories of Alibaba s and Amazon s respective home markets. China is set to overtake the U.S. in online spending by 2017, according to researcher EMarketer Inc. Web sales in the U.S. totaled $263.3 billion in 2013, compared to China s $132.6 billion, EMarketer said. Developing countries such as China are seeing faster e-commerce growth as their populations go online to make purchases for the first time, the researcher said.

China Potential

China is a bigger country and it also has better e-commerce penetration, said Hany Nada, managing partner with GGV Capital, a venture capital firm in Menlo Park, California, which invested in Alibaba.

Alibaba and Amazon also have vastly different profit trajectories. Alibaba s profit last year totaled 23.1 billion yuan, which was helped by its relatively low cost structure. The company doesn t buy the products it sells, nor does it pay for the warehouses where goods are stored, or the delivery and logistics infrastructure to get a package to a person s doorstep.

Instead, Alibaba s main websites — Taobao Marketplace, Tmall and Juhuasuan — serve as an intermediary to connect buyers and sellers. Alibaba collects fees on some sales or sells advertising for merchants who want to get featured higher when a customer searches for products.

Amazon Spending

Amazon, by contrast, produced just $274 million in profit last year. The company has a vast network of fulfillment centers where it keeps inventory of products that it ships. Chief Executive Officer Jeff Bezos is also spending on new initiatives, including tablet computers.

Alibaba has positioned itself to hold onto the Chinese market and grow, said Michael Tudor, president of Ripen eCommerce, an online retail consulting firm in Princeton, New Jersey. It has also shown an ability to turn a profit, which is something Amazon has had a difficult time doing.

Investors have criticized Amazon for the lack of profit, pushing the company s stock down more than 18 percent this year through yesterday — another reason that Alibaba now holds the crown as the world s most highly valued e-commerce company.

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The Lazy Seller: 15 Minutes a Day to Run an Amazon Business

Think of an entrepreneur, and it’s likely your image will be of someone who is extremely busy: taking calls, responding to emails, and dealing with dozens of problems that come up every day. It’s a manic life, or so we’re led to believe.

One entrepreneur who takes a more relaxed approach, but still manages to be extremely successful, is private label Amazon seller Adam Hudson.

In this interview, Adam talks about how he built a business with annual sales of one million dollars and a really high profit margin. He puts about 15 minutes a day into the business. This is how private labeling is supposed to work, but very rarely does.

Adam also bucks the private label trend for low cost, low quality products. He doesn’t try to screw his Chinese suppliers on price either. In fact, when he receives a quote, he asks them to charge him 20% more. Why would anyone do that? Read on to find out.

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Our Top Ten Alternative Marketplaces in Europe from Allegro to Zalando

This post is by Craig Agutter, EMEA Ecommerce Manager at international currency transfer provider World First .

Online sellers know that marketplaces are a good bet for selling internationally, offering a safe and easy way to reach customers abroad.

But there s no reason to limit yourself to eBay and Amazon. Europe is full of diverse online marketplaces with large and loyal customer bases.

So in this post, I ve outlined my top ten alternative marketplaces to consider when trying to sell across Europe.

Loans for Amazon and eBay Sellers: Your Questions Answered

This post is by Radoslav Albrecht, the founder and CEO ofBitbond. Based in Berlin, Bitbond is a peer-to-peer lending platform that specializes in providing loans to online sellers and small businesses. The platform uses bitcoin as a payment network and is therefore available to everyone who has access to the internet. Previous to starting Bitbond, Radoslav was advising banks at Roland Berger Strategy Consultants and has worked for Deutsche Bank in London.

As a seller on eBay and Amazon you’ve doubtlessly thought about driving the growth of your online business. Whether its financing new inventory, hiring new staff, or keeping up with increasing demand, growing your business can be an expensive endeavor.

At Bitbond, we’ve helped finance 1,400 loans worth more than €740,000 to small businesses and online sellers. We operate globally, and often receive questions from international online sellers unsure whether a loan is the right choice for them. Our community is over 40,000 strong, but we recognize that many eBay and Amazon sellers still have doubts about growing their business with external financing.

Below, I have given detailed answers to the most commonly asked questions. We will cover all important aspects of financing for online sellers located in the US and abroad. With the information in this post, you will be able to decide if external financing is right for you, and what your next step should be.

7 Challenges Selling Health, Beauty and Nutritional Products on Amazon

This post is by Michael Butcher, a Senior Account Manager atSellerEngine. His career in ecommerce dates back to 2001, taking in both online retailers and digital marketing agencies. Michael has been with SellerEngine since 2011, and has helped dozens of health and beauty sellers grow their revenues on Amazon, while avoiding the many pitfalls of selling in this challenging category.

The health and beauty market is a huge force in retail, both online and off. It incorporates a wide range of products including health and personal care, nutritional supplements, medicines and creams, as well as beauty and cosmetics. Sales are high. In the US, health and beauty accounts for $300bn a year in sales, beaten only by groceries.

Amazon is the dominant online retailer for health and beauty products, as it is for many categories. I’ve seen a huge influx of sellers going into health and beauty on the Amazon marketplace, particularly in the last three years.

Its popularity among sellers is somewhat surprising, because health and beauty is one of the most challenging categories to sell in. These are products that go on or in the body, so safety and quality are of paramount importance. Brand names drive a lot of buying decisions, so counterfeiting is a big issue. And many items are liquids or creams, and contain organic ingredients, so they are fragile and can go bad if left in storage too long.

In this post, I’ll look in detail at the health and beauty market on Amazon, particularly the challenges that are unique to this category. I’ll cover what those challenges are, why they matter, and how you can overcome them to become a successful health and beauty seller on the Amazon marketplace.

Multiple Amazon Accounts: What’s Happening and What You Should Do

This post is by Chris McCabe, a former Amazonian and founder of For Amazon sellers, having their merchant account suspended means losing time and money trying to get back in business. ecommerceChris shows sellers how to keep their accounts healthy, or, if the worst should happen, how to get their account back from a suspension.

If your household only has one account, total, then this won’t apply to you.

Do you have anything to declare?

This is what travelers are asked whenever they pass through Customs at airports around the world. Amazon is asking you this too, if you have more than one account. Which one is it? What’s the email associated with it, so we can have a look and decide if you need it?

If you don’t declare items to customs and they find them later, you pay more, right? The same principle applies here. If Amazon sends this message now they’re doing more than looking for a confession. They’re sending a warning shot prior to taking more aggressive actions, if past policy matters are any guide.

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How to Become an Online Retailer #promo #code #for

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How to Become an Online Retailer

  • An idea
  • Appropriate merchandise
  • Vendors
  • PPC campaigns
  • Search engine optimization
  • Internet access
  • And a ready-made store

Step 1 Check out your idea Decide what type of store you want. Toss around your idea with others to make sure it is viable.

Step 2 Sell appropriate merchandise Plan to carry merchandise you have some experience with but be open to what you will offer. If you sell only products you like, your business may be too limited to be sustainable.

Step 3 Find vendors Establish good relationships with vendors. Plan not to carry any inventory at first. When you get an order, send it to the manufacturer and have them send it directly to the customer.

Step 4 Learn about PPC campaigns Read up on pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns before you start your store. PPC allows you to start bringing in instant traffic. Use search engine optimization techniques to ensure your business pops up in search engine results.

In a PPC campaign, you only pay for qualifying clicks to the destination site based on a prearranged per-click rate.

Step 5 Try out PPC Try out a pay-per-click campaign to assess market demand and advertising competition. Run the campaign for a week, testing various ads at different times of day.

Step 6 Start your store Build your site or hire somebody to do it for you. But be aware that hiring a web developer to build your store can be expensive. As an alternative, consider purchasing a ready-made store. That way you ll be up and running before you know it.

In 2009, online sales on Cyber Monday, which is the Monday after Thanksgiving, totaled $887 million.

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Размести фото на или чтобы получить шанс попасть в нашу галерею. | Посмотреть ещё

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2016 Eminent, Inc. Все права защищены. CUSTOMER CARE: 1-888-442-5830 УСЛОВИЯ КОНФИДЕНЦИАЛЬНОСТЬ

Использовать мою скидку 10%!

побалуй себя новыми покупками:

Какой магазин Вы предпочитаете?

Женщинам Мужчинам Оба

Получить мой купон Нет, спасибо, я только хочу совершить покупку

подходит для получения 10% off ваша первая покупка с этим кодом:

Продолжить на Revolve

Предложение действительно в течение 30 дней. Предложение не распространяется на предыдущие покупки, подарочные карты, доставку и обработку или налоги. Могут иметь место другие ограничения. REVOLVE оставляет за собой право прекратить или изменить акцию в любое время.

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You will get an email and SMS with the tracking details as soon as the product is shipped. You can also track your order by logging into you Craftsvilla account.

We deliver to over 100 countries globally including USA, UK, Australia and Canada

We have a 100% Buyer protection policy wherein you can return the product for any reason whatsoever. You can ship it back to us within 7 days and get a full refund

Just email us your complaint with order number within 7 days of receipt of the product. You can also login to your account and raise a dispute from there. We will pickup up the product from your doorstep if the pincode is serviceable. In case we can’t pickup, our team will reply to you with an email, containing instructions and return shipping address to which you need to send back the product within 10 days.

If you wish, we can offer you a redeemable voucher worth the refund amount for future purchases. Else we can also refund the entire amount back to your bank account without any deductions along with Rs. 100 for return shipping.

Cash on Delivery

Net Banking, Debit cards/ Credit Cards (Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Diners Club cards accepted)

International Credit Cards

Immediately after you make a purchase, an invoice with your payment details and a unique payment ID will be sent to you. In case of any issues, our customer care would be happy to help you.

You pay through our secured Payment Gateway and all data is transferred through high level encryption technology. We guarantee your payments are 100% safe with us and the details are never shared with anyone during the payment process.

Craftsvilla — your destination for all things ethnic

Craftsvilla celebrates everything ethnic and is designed to capture the essence of India by connecting local artisans and designers directly to global customers. We believe in catering to the diverse preferences of our customers and ensuring a great online shopping experience. helps customers discover and buy products that are not easily available to them today. We, at Craftsvilla — the largest online ethnic store. take pride in our roots. So, if you are looking for anything Indian that is top quality, yet affordable, is the best online marketplace for you to shop from. We cater to the masses with an enviable collection of ethnic products including Sarees . Lehengas . Salwar Suits . Men’s Kurtas . Kurtis . Jewellery and Accessories .

If your heart beats for the timeless saree, you can feast on our rich collection of Designer Sarees . Kanchivaram Sarees . Wedding Sarees and Bollywood Sarees . We also boast of an exquisite collection of Lehengas including Designer and Bridal Lehengas. Those who are comfortable with salwar suits need not lose heart. lets you choose from a treasure trove of elegant Anarkali Suits . trendy Palazzo Suits and stylish Straight Suits. Since we believe in fashion inspired by ethnic style, we also boast of a wide collection of Men’s Kurtas. Party Dresses . Gowns. etc.

To complete your look, choose from our to-die-for-collection of stylish accessories. We also bring to you an assortment of fashionable ethnic jewellery online from a collection of traditional and contemporary Earrings . Necklaces . Mangalsutras and more. Your look is never complete without that perfect bag that carries all your essentials. You can pick up whatever suits your needs from our impressive collection of Clutches . Designer Bags. Pouches and Eco-Friendly Bags. A good shoe goes a long way and our range of Men’s and Women’s footwear brings you closer to finding that perfect fit. not only caters to your fashion needs, but offers a complete online shopping experience with its range of Kitchen Accessories and Home Décor . We also bring you closer to nature with our range of organic Body and Hair Care products.

Staying true to our commitment of taking Indian ethnic fashion to every corner of the world, we have launched the Craftsvilla shopping app for those who love to shop on the go! is not just about a memorable shopping experience, it also offers customer-friendly services so that you can enjoy the best deals and awesome discounts on all products. Customer satisfaction is something we swear by and that is why we offer free shipping and CoD facilities on most of our products. We also ensure 100% security on payment gateways. We make online shopping a dream with multiple payment options, timely delivery and a prompt customer care service. We also offer reverse pick-up services and easy refund policies. So, hangout on, your one-stop destination for ethnic shopping in India.

IMRG is the UK – s industry association for online retail #retail #signage

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Latest Insights

IMRG questioned 23 senior ecommerce professionals (Heads of Ecommerce, CEOs, Managing Directors and Marketing Directors) between 6th and 8th July, two weeks after the EU referendum. The respondents include both multichannel and online-only merchants. The retailers were asked if they have experienced any slowdown in sales following the Brexit vote and also whether they have seen any increase in traffic and/or sales from international customers.

We know you are very busy people – so each month we now provide a summary of the recent trends we’ve been tracking to ensure you didn’t miss anything. This edition is July reporting June data.

What logistics trends can we expect to impact peak this year? We recently published our preview report for peak 2016, supported by Salmon.


Featured Events

9:00 AM on 19/10/2016 Various

IMRG is hosting a delegation from our Chinese partner organisation, the China International Electronic Commerce Centre (CIECC), in London on the 19th and 20th October 2016 and invites you to join us.

9:30 AM on 23/02/2017 1 America Square

This Fashion Connect will have a special focus on lifetime customer value and how to determine it, including identifying what loyalty actually means and understanding cross-channel behaviour.

6:30 PM on 08/12/2016 TBC

Our annual Christmas drinks held in central London. Our way of saying thanks to the membership.

Media Comment

Latest Press Releases

Comexposium Group and IMRG, the UK’s online retail association, are today announcing the launch of a new UK-focused edition of a Monaco-based exclusive business summit for e-commerce heads.

Online retail order growth was up 18.2% year-on-year in August, according to the latest data from the IMRG MetaPack UK Delivery Index, as shopper confidence appears to be showing some resilience following the Brexit decision.

The IMRG Capgemini eRetail Sales Index has revealed online sales growth of +16% year-on-year (YoY) in September. The September performance tops off a strong quarter, with the Index recording the highest quarterly growth (+17%) since Q1 2014, and notably coinciding with the period following Brexit.

Understand and improve your online retail performance

A membership community offering neutral and unique resources for online retailers

– Performance benchmarking
– Data insights
– Community events

IMRG membership is for

SME retailers

  • Learn from experts
  • Move your business forward
  • Discover best practice
  • Large retailers

    • Build winning strategies
    • Optimise your performance
    • Keep ahead of the pack
  • Solution providers

    • Build brand profile
    • Inspire through thought leadership
    • Grow your network
  • Subscribe to our free newsletter

    Why join IMRG?

    IMRG s benchmarking data helps us understand market trends and gives us deeper insight so that we can have strategies that are set up for success

    Mark Felix, Director of Online Trade, John Lewis

    Working with the IMRG Team has been fantastic, the fact that they re an independent body that truly care about bringing the e-community together is great

    Mark Thornton, Marketing Director, Maginus

    The benchmarking IMRG gives us is really useful – it gives us a chance to see other trends happening in the industry

    David Williams, Director of Online EMEA, Deckers Brands

    It s important for us to be involved with IMRG, a credible brand and an authority in the marketplace, and attend events networking with eCommerce professionals

    Andrew Fowler, UK Country Manager, Apptus Technologies

    IMRG membership has been incredibly useful across the business – the reports are great for benchmarking our performance and the events cover a wide range of relevant topics

    Jenny Lovell, Market Research Manager, eBay

    The IMRG conferences provide access to a much wider range of retailers than we see anywhere else – both online and bricks mortar

    Roger Morris, Head of Royal Mail Parcels, Royal Mail

    We find the IMRG an invaluable daily resource for our company and team members. Their data helps drive our business and ensures we stay in touch with industry standards

    Mark Bodoano, Managing Director, Digivate

    Retailer benefits

    • Benchmark your performance
    • Access industry-leading data and insight
    • Network with your peers

    More info

    Solution provider benefits

    • Become part of IMRG s voice
    • Advance your market strategy
    • Share thought leadership

    More info

    Join these great brands and many more at IMRG

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    Offers You Can’t Resist

    Online Shopping Store India

    India’s Asli Online Shopping Hub

    Back in 2011, when people were hopping from one Store to another for best bargains on an overall household’s monthly bill, Sandeep Aggarwal (the Founder Mastermind of ShopClues) was realizing his vision of a budget-friendly online bazaar in India. was then given a shape and strategy in 2012 as the India’s First Largest Fully Managed Marketplace.

    Ting se Leke Tong with Aflatooni Products!

    ‘What you Think is What you Get’ isn’t just a saying at ShopClues. With over 8.5 million products, you can get just about everything that you can imagine at ShopClues. From usual products in Electronics, Fashion, Home Kitchen, to unusual products like cow dung cakes, Knife Sharpeners, etc. ShopClues tops in everything. So, you see what we mean when we say Aflatooni Products? ShopClues has revolutionized the conceptual. online shopping in India with initiatives such as Ghar Wapsi Sale, Bigger than the Biggest Thank You Sale, #EkZeroKum Sale, etc. Amongst many other shopping sites, ShopClues is the leader in unstructured categories like Daily Utilities, Garden Needs, Hardware, Kitchen Storage, and others.

    Every day, ShopClues delights millions of discount-hunters with Paisa-Vasool Shopping Experience with prices as low as Re.1. We are the first ones to introduce the idea of ‘Sab Kuch Wholesale Ke Rate Par’ on an online platform with shopping options to both wholesale as well as retail seekers.

    Experiencing the neighbourhood Local Bazaar

    ShopClues brings the experience of India’s Flea Markets online, in the form of its two weekly properties – Sunday Flea Market, and Wednesday Super Saver Bazaar. Another property capturing the essence of regional Indian shopping is called NRH (National Regional Heritage), which gives a sneak-peek into India’s Cultural Gullies at very reasonable prices. These online markets showcase products with range so wide, and prices so low, that they beat the real neighbourhood markets of India. The concept especially works incredibly well with the middle class population habituated in tier 2 3 cities.

    An Online Selling Space for SME Merchants

    Working as a marketplace, ShopClues has been well-supported by a bourgeoning community of certified merchants in India. Unlike various other online shopping sites, ShopClues has achieved the largest merchant base of over 3.5 Lakhs. This online shopping website is creating history by empowering local and regional merchants, primarily from Tier 2 3 cities and making them a national enterprise at ShopClues. Check out our diwali sale, Diwali Dhamaka deals campaign Ghar Lao Diwali with Diwali Offers Online Shopping at

    The 10 best online shopping sites #retail #jobs #in

    #online clothing shopping


    The 10 best online shopping sites

    The 10 best online shopping sites

    Based in: New York; prices listed in Canadian dollars and ships to Canada.

    Our web editor Noah Lehava s previously well-kept secret, AHAlife is a curated art, fashion and lifestyle e-commerce site curated by global tastemakers (the likes of Diane von Furstenberg and Tim Gunn) from all walks of style.

    Our go-to for:
    Stumbling upon aha! finds we didn t know that we needed to know: one of a kind home d cor pieces, a Swarovski crystal-embellished clutch handcrafted in Italy and Argan gift soaps.

    READ MORE: 10 NEW ways to wear white for spring

    Based in: New York; ships to Canada.

    How do the stylish set get dressed in the morning? Peek inside their enviable closets with this carefully curated invitation-only shopping site for designers, editors and well-heeled New Yorkers. ELLE Canada readers can temporarily bypass the line by visiting

    Our go-to for:
    Luxe consignment finds, including the latest designer duds, accessories and pieces from limited-edition capsule collections that have serendipitously resurfaced. Plus satisfying our voyeuristic curiosity of what our favourite fashion personalities are offloading.

    Online shopping site: Polyvore

    Based in: Mountain View, Calif.; prices listed in Canadian dollars and ships to Canada.

    The online shopping go-to that pulls every look, style and colour from the Internet when your only starting point is Oxford shoe. The Silicon Valley brainchild also curates runway and street style-inspired looks and how to shop the outfit for less.

    Our go-to for: The online shopping equivalent of Saturday afternoon browsing inspiration, sales and window-shopping for ideas on what to pair with floral trousers this season. Then clicking enter and waiting for the entire look to arrive.

    Based in: Based in Toronto; prices listed in Canadian dollars and ships across Canada.

    An edited collection of the latest luxe finds from around the globe with all the personal touches of a brick-and-mortar equivalent: enlist the complimentary service of a virtual stylist by phone for tips on creating your own perfect look .

    Our go-to for:
    An all-encompassing luxe lifestyle, from a designer wardrobe to well-dressed tech products, plus beauty essentials and a range of pastel wellies.

    READ MORE: Celebrities who rock the jumpsuit on the red carpet

    For more of our favourite destinations for luxe online shopping. read on to the next page.

    Based in: U.K.; prices listed in Pounds Sterling and ships to Canada.

    This spotlight on pioneers in contemporary fashion first shone in 2008, and has since swelled to a roster of designers from around the globe that includes Black Sheep (promising fashion influencers) to local favourites (hey, AMANDALEWKEE!) in womenswear, menswear, shoes and accessories.

    Our go-to for: Perusing the looks and lookbooks of hidden gem-designers emerging onto the fashion scene out of every corner of the globe.

    Online shopping site: Net-a-Porter

    Based in: New York; prices listed in U.S. dollars and ships to Canada.

    The curated runway shopping site-cum-nouveau fashion editorial outlet, Net-a-Porter has revolutionized the online shopping experience to the refined prestige and ease of perusing an art gallery.

    Based in: London; prices listed in Pounds Sterling and ships to Canada.

    An IRL girlfriends shopping experience online, Motilo allows users to shop and share the deets of their purchases in real time. Match the wardrobes of your favourite shoppers by peeking into their finds, then making a few edits to your outfit.

    Our go-to for: A truly social network of shoppers. Plus guest posts by Anna Dello Russo and regular runway livestreaming.

    Read on for our favourite online outlet and vintage shops.

    Based in: Sourced from all over the globe; prices listed in Canadian dollars and ships to Canada.

    An oldie but goodie, EBay has been an early online stand-in for that fabulous great aunt who nonchalantly showers us with vintage Chanel that we all wish we could have. Bid on new and used luxe pieces . as well as electronics, art and an Audrey Hepburn Breakfast at Tiffany s evening gown Barbie doll.

    Our go-to for: The thrill of the hunt and the exhilaration of bidding on vintage designer duds. As with any worthwhile online find, patience and lighting-fast clicking are virtues.

    READ MORE: 9 Canadian designers who are killing it

    Online shopping site: The Outnet

    Based in: New York; prices listed in U.S. dollars and ships to Canada.

    Like a ridiculously lucky younger sister, The Outnet (Net-a-Porter s outlet site) receives fabulous and brand new hand-me-downs and retails them at significantly slashed prices. Likely the most vibrant and heady collection of discounted designer goods around.

    Our go-to for: Alexander Wang pumps (we ll take any size!) and the online-exclusive Oscar de la Renta collection for

    READ MORE: The history of our obsession with denim

    Based in: New York/Paris/U.K; prices listed in U.S. dollars, Sterling Pounds and Japanese yen.

    A stylish blast from the past, Byronesque curates vintage finds from top fashionable locales and arranges them in delectable editorial spreads, including one inspired by the flamboyant look of Boy George.


    “ELLE Canada Sex and Relationship Survey” Contest

    “ELLE Canada Sex and Relationship Survey” Contest

    Must-watch: Police officer’s impromptu Beyoncé choreo at a pep rally

    Must-watch: Police officer’s impromptu Beyoncé choreo at a pep rally

    Chanel’s dreamy Cruise Cuba campaign is here

    Chanel’s dreamy Cruise Cuba campaign is here

    Chanel brought a taste of Cuba to St. Tropez for their new Cruise campaign, and we’re in love.

    Models Stella Tennant and Mica Arganaraz pose in the breathtaking images, shot by Karl Lagerfeld himself in the South of France.

    The colours and landscapes perfectly evoke the island mood of the collection, and the photos have us daydreaming about our next getaway.

    Take a look at all of the stunning images from the campaign.

    10 Halloween-inspired manicures

    10 Halloween-inspired manicures

    Jabong Coupons Official, Online Sale Offers, Discount Deals #retail #pos #systems

    #online shopping sites


    Copyright © 2016 All Rights Reserved

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