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Predictive Analytics World 2017: New York, San Francisco, Chicago and More – a data science and machine learning conference #predictive #analytics, #conference, #predictive #analytics #world, #events, #data #science, #machine #learning, #data #mining, #predictive #modeling


Predictive Analytics World

  • Predictive Analytics World

  • Predictive Analytics World

  • Predictive Analytics World

  • Predictive Analytics World

  • Predictive Analytics World

  • Predictive Analytics World

  • Predictive Analytics World

  • Predictive Analytics World

  • Predictive Analytics World

  • Predictive Analytics World

  • Predictive Analytics World

  • Predictive Analytics World

  • Predictive Analytics World

  • Predictive Analytics World

  • Predictive Analytics World

    Cross-Industry, Cross-Vendor Sessions

    The only conference of its kind, Predictive Analytics World delivers vendor-neutral sessions across verticals such as banking, financial services, e-commerce, entertainment, government, healthcare, manufacturing, high technology, insurance, non-profits, publishing, and retail.

    Why bring together such a wide range of endeavors? No matter how you use predictive analytics, the story is the same: Predictively scoring customers, employees, students, voters, patients, equipment, and other organizational elements optimizes performance. Predictive analytics initiatives across industries leverage the same core predictive modeling technology, share similar project overhead and data requirements, and face common process challenges and analytical hurdles.

    • Meet the vendors and learn about their solutions, software and services
    • Discover the best predictive analytics vendors available to serve your needs
    • Learn what they do and see how they compare.
    • Mingle, network and hang out with your best and brightest colleagues
    • Exchange experiences over lunch, breaks and the conference reception, connecting with those professionals who face the same challenges as you.

    If you’re new to predictive analytics, kicking off a new initiative, or exploring new ways to position it at your organization, there’s no better place to get your bearings than Predictive Analytics World. See what other companies are doing, witness vendor demos, participate in discussions with the experts, network with your colleagues and weigh your options! And in the meanwhile get started right away with the Predictive Analytics Guide.

    Analytical Worlds Blog

    by Conference Chair Eric Siegel, Ph.D.

      Wise Practitioner – Manufacturing Predictive Analytics Interview Series: Richard Semmes at Siemens PLM
    • By: Bala Deshpande, Conference Co-Chair, Predictive Analytics World for Manufacturing 2016 In anticipation of his upcoming Predictive Analytics World Manufacturing Chicago, June 19-22, 2017 conference.

  • Parabon Computation – High-Performance Grid Computing Software and Utility HPC Service #grid #computing, #ddos, #cloud #computing, #cloud #services, #migrating #legacy #apps #to #the #cloud, #high #performance #computation, #computation #on #demand, #sensor #placement #optimization, #hpc, #frontier, #parabon #frontier #grid #computing #services, #ddos #attack #testing, #ddos #testing, #programmatic #provisioning #of #virtual #machines, #vms, #software #as #a #service, #m #saas, #saas, #modeling # # #simulation, #service-oriented #architectures, #soa, #representational #state #transfer #(rest), #predictive #modeling, #infrastructure #as #a #service, #load #performance #testing #application


    Frontier 6Enterprise Computing Platform

    Frontier 6 . the latest version of Parabon’s industry-leading enterprise computing software platform, makes it even easier for organizations to transform existing IT infrastructure into a single, centrally managed virtual datacenter, able to provide dynamically provisioned cloud services, extreme-scale grid computing capacity, and system-wide resource profiling all while maintaining current operational capabilities.

    NEW! Now featuring Frontier CODE Collaborative Online Development Environment

    The new Frontier CODE development environment (PDF ) provides browser-based Platform as a Service (PaaS) tools for creating and hosting projects on Frontier: source code repositories, build environments, in-browser editors, user forums, wikis, and trouble ticketing systems everything you need to create vibrant code-centric communities around cloud- and grid-based software applications you can deploy with the click of a button and that can scale out across your entire enterprise and even tap into public computing resources over the Internet.

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    Parabon’s Frontier Grid Platform


    Solve More; Spend Less.

    Frontier provides Programmatic Provisioning of Virtual Machines,
    allowing you to host cloud services and launch grid jobs simultaneously

    Giving Crime Solvers a New Way to Use DNA

    George Mason University and Parabon collaborate on Compute Against Alzheimer’s Disease (CAAD) initiative

    M SaaS featured in NASA Spinoff magazine. (PDF )

    Parabon and GMU to develop new methods for accelerating molecular dynamics simulations and investigate molecular underpinnings of Alzheimer’s Disease.

    M SaaS enables scientists and engineers to interactively develop, execute and collaborate on modeling and simulation (M S) applications from any standard web browser.

    Parabon awarded Phase I SBIR to develop a software service to provide high-powered calculation capabilities for genetic research.

    Parabon NanoLabs’ Essemblix Drug Development Platform recognized for its ‘Drag-and-Drop’ Drugmaking capabilities.

    New features include Frontier CODE collaborative online development environment and integration with Apache Hadoop distributed filesystem.

    Thursday, April 26th, Annapolis Crossing, MD Topic: Beyond MapReduce – Next-Generation Software Architecture for Massive Analytics

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    Which Configuration is Right for You?

    Which Configuration is Right for You?

    Frontier in the Enterprise

    Workstations Desktops

    Whether you want grid power within a lab or datacenter, or wish to turn your entire IT infrastructure into a secure private grid, Frontier Enterprise enables grid and cloud services within your existing network.

    Frontier Enterprise is ideal for customers who want to get maximum return on their IT investments (ROI). And, it’s easy-to-use: Our turn-key COTS solution can be deployed in as little as 15 mins! Watch the video .

    Frontier unobtrusively harnesses the excess computing capacity of existing desktops and workstations across your enterprise to provide a high-performance computing grid for data-heavy. compute-intensive. and distributed command and control applications.

    Frontier in the Dedicated Datacenter

    Are you consolidating servers through virtualization, or simply wanting to make better use of existing servers? In either case, you can deploy the Frontier Compute Engine natively on popular operating systems, such as Windows, Linux, Mac OS X and Solaris, to get grid power while reserving the option of using the same machines for other purposes.

    Frontier can be deployed on existing servers to provide grid services without having to purchase and maintain costly dedicated cluster hardware.

    PCs on the Internet

    Pay as you go by purchasing computation “by the slice” in this first-of-its-kind online, brokered High-Performance Computing (HPC) utility service.

    Extreme-scale computation is available as an easy to use, pay-as-you-go utility service via our online Parabon Computation Grid .

    Frontier as a Virtual Private Grid

    Harness the computational capacity of your own enterprise, but leave the server management to us.

    Our Virtual Private Grid (VPG) model allows your organization or institution unrestricted grid access to the computing capacity within your enterprise or labs, but without having to stand up and administer an onsite Frontier Grid Server.

    A Virtual Private Grid lets you use your resources with our grid server. This low-cost, hybrid solution offers you unlimited access to your organization’s excess computing capacity, without having to purchase a Frontier Enterprise license.

    Run Frontier on Your Virtualized Cloud Servers

    Add or remove Frontier Compute Engines; clone hundreds of Virtual Appliances; provide your users with a novel computation service without impacting day-to-day production operations.

    Both the Frontier Grid Server and Frontier Compute Engine can be installed as VMware or Xen Hypervisor compatible Virtual Appliances, allowing you to easily deploy a grid computing service across a virtualized datacenter.

    The Frontier Virtual Appliance provides Grid Services on your Cloud Infrastructure. And, because Frontier can be configured to run as a low-priority, background process, it can run concurrently on cloud infrastructure without affecting cloud provisioning requests.

    Who Uses Frontier? (Widget)

    Who Uses Frontier?

    Grid Computing for Scientists Researchers

    “Frontier speeds discovery. Simulations finish in hours versus months, transforming the way we conduct research.”

    Grid Computing for ISVs Developers

    “Getting my application to run on Frontier was easy! Frontier’s computational power differentiates my products in the market.”

    Grid Computing for Systems Integrators

    “Frontier is a proven COTS solution. It’s secure, easy to deploy and requires little administration.”

    Grid Computing for Government Agencies

    “Frontier Enterprise increased our HPC capability without impacting the power, space, and cooling issues in our data center.”

    Grid Computing for Commercial Enterprises

    “Frontier greatly improved the ROI of our existing IT infrastructure. It’s a smart and cost-effective choice.”

    Parabon Computation Inc. 11260 Roger Bacon Dr. Suite 406, Reston VA 20190 | Phone: 703.689.9689

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    Hire Predictive Analytics Services and Consulting Company #predictive #analytics, #business, #research, #outsourcing, #services, #healthcare, #predictive #modeling, #software, #data #preparation, #trend #analysis, #data #cleaning, #reports, #data #mining


    Hire Predictive Analytics Services

    The more a business can predict the future, the better it can make intelligent business decisions. While the future remains uncertain, companies can benefit from a type of statistical modeling that allows them to assess the probability of future events, allowing them to make decisions that will ultimately earn them the best return.

    This type of research is known as predictive analytics. Predictive research analytics specialists use a variety of strategies – from predictive modeling to data mining to game theory and more – to make probability-based expectation judgments to identify risks and opportunities and improve organizational outlook. In short, with enough data, we can make very educated guesses as to how your business will perform in both the near and distant future.

    Research Optimus -Predictive Analytics Consulting Group

    Companies use predictive analytics in numerous fields. From science to financial services to insurance to healthcare companies use predictive analytics to identify patterns, recognize potential, prevent risk and improve financial reward. This is performed by going through datasets of historical, financial, or transactional data.

    The problem that most businesses have is that predictive analytics is complicated and time consuming. Few companies have the resources in place to navigate the complexities of predictive research, and even fewer have the tools or experience necessary to accurately craft effective predictive models and solutions.

    That s why dozens of companies like yours have outsourced their predictive business analytics needs to Research Optimus. We employ MBAs with years of research experience and considerable proficiency in predictive modeling, and we’re happy to show you how we ve helped countless companies analyze data and create valuable business recommendations.

    Benefits of Working With Predictive Analytics Research Company

    We use only state-of-the-art statistical software, including SPSS, SAS, R, and Microsoft Excel. The following methods are used to generate data for use in your business and to provide valuable predictive analysis that is relevant to your industry. We employ these techniques along with advanced reporting and data cleaning techniques.

    Methods Used by Research Optimus for Cutting Edge Predictive Analytics

    1. Data Preparation We will log and check data for overall accuracy; cleaning it if necessary before use.
    2. Data Layout and Quality Checking We will gather data and ensure it is clean and of high quality for future analysis.
    3. Decision Trees We will generate data-based diagrams for quick and easy decision-making.
    4. Segmentation We can create groups out of different types of data that correlates to your industry and the types of predictive analysis you need.
    5. Principle Component Analysis Using this method we can effectively analyze and understand the key components in the operation of your business.
    6. Customer Analytics We will research and analyze customer data according to your specific needs.
    7. Trend Analysis We will analyze large data sets to identify and analyze trends related to your industry, from customer behavior to shifts within the financial sector.
    8. Customer Intelligence We will gather data that represents your ideal customer demographic and gather key pieces of intelligence from it.
    9. Pattern Recognition We analyze data in your industry and your business to create models that present patterns that can be used in the decision-making process.

    Contact us today to get started, and see why so many companies have turned to us for their predictive analytics needs. Contact Us

    Other Business Analytics Services Offered

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