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Advanced Common Sense sm is the online home of Web usability consultant and author Steve Krug.

Upcoming events

Boston UXPA. Finally, I ’ m doing a new presentation! It ’ s called Questioning Picture-in-Picture: Why Showing the Participant May Not Be Such a Great Idea After All. and it ’ ll be at the always-worthwhile Boston UXPA conference on May 19th. (Hint: I may be wrong, but I tend to think that showing video of the participant to usability test observers is often an unnecessary distraction. Please come argue the point with me.)

UXPA 2017. With any luck, I ’ ll be attending the international UXPA conference in Toronto, June 5th-8th. I ’ ll be in tourist mode–not presenting (actually, they turned down the talk I ’ m doing in Boston )–which is the most fun: no pressure, just hanging with old friends, learning what everybody else is up to, and signing the occasional book. It ’ s always a great conference.

The Books

3rd edition! After 14 years, I’ve finally updated the book that’s become almost everyone’s introduction to Web usability (450,000 copies in 20 languages). Don’t Make Me Think, Revisited is still short enough to read on a plane ride, but now the examples are from the 21st century, and it talks about mobile sites and apps.

The how-to book. If Don’t Make Me Think convinced you that you should be doing usability tests, this book tells you exactly how to do them. Hint: It’s much easier than you’d think, as you can see in this video of a usabilty test that shows how I do them.

Recent Interviews

TheUXIntern (Wesley Noble) has posted our hour-long cha t (also available on iTunes podcasts ). We ended up talking about things like The Great Skeuomorphism Panic of 2013. has a pretty freewheeling two-part interview about the new edition of Don’t Make Me Think. (At one point, I can’t remember Geena Davis’s name.)

Or you can listen to Lou Rosenfeld and I have our usual good time discussing wearables. (Spoiler: I’m an Apple Watch fan.)

Sadly, the video of one of my favorite presentations (“Is Usability Taking a Nose Dive?” in Pasadena a few years ago) somehow got shredded by YouTube. If you happen to have a copy somehow, please let me know. (The slides are available on SlideShare .)

Tesla Model S P100D Dyno – Ludicrous Mode Horsepower and Torque #tesla,tesla #model #s,tesla #model


World’s First Tesla Model S P100D Dyno Run: 920 Lb-Ft of Torque at the Wheels

The Tesla Model S P100D is the current reigning champion of 0-60 times. With a recent software update to “Ludicrous+” spec, Motor Trend measured the top-dog Tesla at a 0-60 of 2.275 seconds. That makes this the quickest-accelerating stock production vehicle in history.

How does the P100D do it? Traction plays a huge role —but traction is nothing without power. And until now, nobody really knew how much power the P100D was putting to the wheels.

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That’s where Brooks from YouTube’s DragTimes comes in. Brooks has been active online for years, posting drag racing and dyno videos of the many supercars he has access to. And when he upgraded from a P85D to a P100D, it was only a matter of time before he strapped it to a dyno.

Now, granted, dyno-testing a Tesla is a little different from a conventional car. As Brooks explains, an electric motor’s all-the-torque-at-zero-RPM power delivery can wreak havoc on a dyno, since this equipment was designed to work with internal combustion engines that have to build up revs to hit peak power. As we saw back when Brooks dynoed his P85D. the Tesla’s instant torque delivery meant the car had traction issues, squealing its tires on the dyno’s rollers and making it tough to get an accurate reading.

Of course, the P85D had a smaller battery and no Ludicrous+ mode. The challenges were only going to get bigger with the jump to P100D.

So let’s cut to the chase: 588 horsepower and 920 lb-ft of torque at the wheels. in a bone-stock Tesla Model S P100D with Ludicrous+. But that might not be the final word: As Brooks explains, these dyno runs started from a roll, not a dead stop, due to the traction issues we mentioned above. Even then, the car briefly spun its wheels on the dyno rollers, meaning it momentarily made more power than the dyno could handle. Finally, these numbers came from the ninth consecutive dyno pull—meaning the car’s battery wasn’t at full charge.

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In other words, the P100D might actually make even more power than those numbers Brooks recorded. And it’s our belief that Tesla won’t stop there.

Watch the full dyno video below:

The 15 highest-paying jobs for business majors #make #it, #careers, #make #it, #make #it, #money,


The 15 highest-paying jobs for business majors

Business is a popular degree. In fact, it accounts for fully one-third of all bachelor’s degrees awarded in the U.S.

That’s according to database PayScale. whose 2016-2017 College Salary Report highlights the best jobs for business majors by salary potential. among other information, to help you choose the right degree and school for you. The ranking is based on the median salary of alumni with 10 or more years of experience.

Chief investment officer tops the list, with an impressive income of $187,000 a year. Chief accounting officer claims the #2 spot, with mid-career pay of $176,000.

Here’s the full list, including job descriptions, from PayScale:

15. Budget director

Budget directors are responsible for overseeing how budgets are implemented within an organization and attempt to balance the budget or even create a surplus.

Median salary 10 years after graduating: $113,000

14. Finance director

Finance directors generally lead a finance team in creating strategic plans regarding the company’s finances; this includes accounting duties, financial analyses and projections.

Median salary 10 years after graduating: $115,000

boonchok | Getty Images

13. Bank examiner

Bank examiners are a type of financial auditor that functions as part of a control system in the financial market. Their main responsibility is to ensure that banks and similar financial institutions are operating in a way that is ethical and legal.

Median salary 10 years after graduating: $117,000

12. Regional controller

The position of financial controller, or comptroller, involves managing financial departments of a company. These departments can include the accounting department, budget department, audit department, and any other finance-related departments.

Median salary 10 years after graduating: $118,000

11. Stock plan administration manager

Stock plan administration managers play a vital role in helping businesses provide compensation, bonuses, and incentives to encourage employees and create and maintain a motivational reward system based on the company’s success.

Median salary 10 years after graduating: $120,000

Hero Images | Getty Images

10. Director of accounting and financial reporting

Directors of accounting and financial reporting are in charge of managing a team of financial professionals to complete all accounting and finance-related tasks for their company.

Median salary 10 years after graduating: $122,000

9. Chief credit officer

A chief credit officer is a senior company executive whose job is to develop and manage a company’s overall credit strategy.

Median salary 10 years after graduating: $131,000

8. Chief financial officer (CFO)

Chief financial officers (CFOs) oversee financial operations. Their work is essential to project a favorable company image while also saving the company money.

Median salary 10 years after graduating: $136,000

courtneyk | Getty Images

7. Internal audit director

The internal audit director works with internal company resources and employees to evaluate and optimize financial functions.

Median salary 10 years after graduating: $140,000

6. Director, financial planning and analysis

Directors of financial planning and analysis supervise the development, implementation, and subsequent ongoing maintenance of financial data reporting to ensure the overall accuracy of that data.

Median salary 10 years after graduating: $141,000

5. Vice president (VP), finance

Vice presidents of finance are typically near the top of a business hierarchy. They keep their business profitable and keep an eye on spending.

Median salary 10 years after graduating: $147,000

Tom Merton | Getty Images

4. Tax director

A business tax director is responsible for creating, planning, and implementing a cohesive business tax strategy. Their primary responsibility is the preparation and completion of tax reports.

Median salary 10 years after graduating: $159,000

3. Partner, accounting firm

Typically, there are two types of accounting firm partners: equity partners and salaried partners.

Equity partners are the highest-level individuals in the business, as they have usually invested some of their own money. Salaried partners are those who have not invested directly in the business but who are eligible for profit-sharing.

Median salary 10 years after graduating: $168,000

2. Chief accounting officer (CAO)

Chief accounting officers (CAOs) are in charge of the accounting departments of their institutions. They are responsible for their company’s accounting operations and financial reporting functions.

Median salary 10 years after graduating: $176,000

AndreyPopov | Getty Images

1. Chief investment officer (CIO)

Chief investment officers (CIOs) are in charge of raising capital and negotiating investment deals on behalf of their companies.

Median salary 10 years after graduating: $187,000

MakeUp Pilot ( Plugin) – photo retouch portrait software #plugin, #photo #retouch, #photo #retouching, #digital


MakeUp Pilot (+ Plugin) – portrait software for photo retouching

Your photo cosmetic kit

MakeUp Pilot is a portrait software that allows you to apply makeup directly onto your photos.

Don’t be upset if your skin doesn’t look perfect on a photo. If you have the MakeUp Pilot program, it means you have a cosmetic kit built into your computer. Use it to retouch any spots on the skin (moles, warts, pimples, heat-spots, etc.). The program will make any photo into a perfect portrait to send to friends or save in the family album.

With this makeup software you’ll be able to make your pictures look even better than they do!

Photo copyright Alexander Saltykov

To make photo correction:

1. Place the cursor on the spot you want to remove.

2. Using the mouse wheel or cursor keys set the size of the cursor slightly larger than the size of the spot you are about to remove.

3. Click-drag the cursor through all the area of the spot you want to remove then release the mouse button.

Now MakeUp Pilot can be used as a standalone version and as a plug-in in your favourite photo editor. More.

MakeUp Pilot allows you to:

  • Remove various small imperfections of the skin
  • Change eye color
  • Makeup lips
  • Makeup skin with Rouge and Eye Shadow
  • Create a clear eye contour
  • Powder a face
  • Remove unnecessary objects from a photo
  • Diminish the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles directly under and around the eye area
  • Bleach teeth
  • Restore old photos
  • Change the brightness and contrast of an image
  • Resize an image
  • Revert certain parts of an edited image to their original appearance
  • Rotate and flip an image

Download free demo

Limitation of the trial version: the software allows you to save the image in a special format (.tpi). After purchasing, you will be able to open your TPI images in the full registered version of the program and save them in any of the JPG, TIFF, PNG, and BMP formats.

If you have any problems with the ordering link above, try this
Order MakeUp Pilot alternative.

The program is included in photo software packages at a substantial discount!

Technical support via email and upgrades for the first 12 months after purchase are included. If your free upgrade term has expired, you can buy the new version of the program at a 50% discount.

July 20 2016. Version 4.10.2

+ Adobe Photoshop CC 2015.5 support has been added;
+ Bulgarian localization has been added;
+ Arabic localization has been added.

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Preview Flashcards

“When level premium insurance is renewed, the premium amount rises to reflect the increased mortality risk of the insured’s older age.” What phrase best describes this approach to increasing premiums?
A. Variable rate
B. Targeted rate
C. Step rate
D. Seniority rate

Which of the following statements describing whole life insurance is correct?
A. The face amount of the policy gradually increases the longer the policy remains in force.
B. The shorter the premium period, the slower the cash value will grow.
C. Whole life insurance is designed to mature at age 100.
D. The policy’s cash value decreases each year the policy is in force.

All of the following statements regarding basic forms of whole life insurance are correct except
A. generally, straight life premiums are payable, or least annually, for the duration of the insured’s life
B. the owner of a 30-pay life policy will owe no more premiums after the 30th year the policy is in force
C. limited payment life provides protection only for the years during which premiums are paid.
D. a single-premium life policy is purchased with a large one-time only premium

Which of the following statements regarding modified endowment contracts (MECs) is correct?
A. a 1988 revenue act, commonly known as TAMRA, greatly increased the popularity of MECs
B. Congress has granted the MEC the most favorable tax status among all life insurance policies
C. To avoid being classified as an MEC, a life insurance policy must satisfy the “7-pay test.”
D. According to the “t-pay test,” if the total amount a policyowner pays into a life contract during its first 7 years is less than the sum of the net level premiums that would have been payable to provide paid-up future benefits in 7 years, the policy is an MEC.

Which of the following whole life insurance policies attempts to make insurance premiums more manageable by offering lower premiums during the first few years following issue?
A. Minimum deposit whole life
B. Indexed whole life
C. Modified whole life
D. Indeterminate premium whole life

Beginner Beans: Homemade Tea Tree and Coconut Oil Deodorant, make deodorant.#Make #deodorant


make deodorant

Make deodorant

Homemade Tea Tree and Coconut Oil Deodorant

Make deodorant

Note: I am not a healthcare professional or scientist or chemist or anything worthy of giving guarantee on the information shared here. Just a gal sharing my personal experience, take it or leave it for what it is.

Make deodorant

Homemade Tea Tree Deodorant Recipe

2 | Heat coconut oil 15-30 seconds until liquefied, add tea tree oil and mix.

3 | Combine oils with powders, and store in an airtight container. Full recipe fits in a 1 cup container.

Make deodorant

How to Store Homemade Deodorant

Deodorant Stick or Glass Jar

Refrigerator or Bathroom

Make deodorant

How to Apply and Use Homemade Deodorant

If the mixture is solidified in a deodorant stick, then you can apply as you might store-bought deodorant. You could also use a q-tip or some other “scoop.”

Make deodorant

Does Homemade Deodorant Work?

Yes, it works! This recipe is great.

Make deodorant

Why Tea Tree Essential Oil?

You are not limited to tea tree essential oil. That happened to be what I had on hand. (I found this one on clearance at The Body Shop. You can also find essential oil options on Amazon if you can’t find them locally.) I love the fresh smell of tea tree, and it blends nice with the tea tree soap we get from Trader Joe’s.

Does Too Much Protein Affect Your Bladder, how much does a dietitian make.#How #much #does


Does Too Much Protein Affect Your Bladder?

How much does a dietitian make

Different versions of high-protein diets have cropped up on the market for years. The Atkins Diet and the South Beach Diet are two major players in the world of weight loss. Protein powders, bars and shakes are easy to find in grocery and supplement stores. Although some protein is important for general nutrition and muscle building, too much may put a strain on vital organs. For instance, increased urinary output from high-protein diets directly impacts your bladder.

High-Protein Diets: Initial Water Loss

If you have ever followed a strict high-protein diet, you may have been delighted to see how quickly the pounds disappear after just the first week or so. This is because the metabolism of protein increases urinary output and water loss. Diets high in animal protein raise uric acid levels in the blood. In order to filter this out, your body excretes more water as urine, helping the kidneys filter the byproducts of protein digestion. Too much protein in your diet increases the workload of your kidneys and the amount of urine directed to your bladder.

Urinary Effects of Excessive Protein Intake

The compounds present in your urine are determined, in part, by what you eat. Ketones are an acidic byproduct of high-protein intake. Protein is also about 16 percent nitrogen. As a result, the urine produced by a high-protein eater is acidic, with a higher nitrogen content. Although your bladder is designed to handle any type of urine, it is a good idea to increase your water intake if you are eating a lot of protein. This will help you stay hydrated and dilute urinary substances to protect your bladder in the long run.

Soy Protein and Bladder Cancer

Animal protein is often pinpointed as the toxic offender of the body. However, even diets high in soy protein may influence your risk for bladder cancer. A Chinese study published in 2002 in Cancer Epidemiology, Biomarkers Prevention found that both men and women showed an increased risk for bladder cancer associated with high soy protein consumption. If you are trying to protect your bladder from toxic effects of animal protein in the diet, overloading on soy may not be such a good idea.


Eating protein in excess will affect the concentration of urine in the kidneys and the urinary output by the bladder. Whether high-protein diets cause significant bladder problems has yet to be determined, but there is an association between bladder cancer and soy protein intake. It is important to eat a well-balanced diet with adequate carbohydrates and healthy fats. Focusing too much on protein can put added stress on your body and deter you from getting vital nutrients from other important foods, such as fruits and vegetables. Talk to your doctor or a registered dietitian to learn more about how much protein you should aim to consume every day.

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RPC-Sales Invoice Billing:
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How much do android developers make MainFrameActions #how #much #do #android #developers #make, #how #much


26.08.2015 Public by Angela

How much do android developers make

Examples includeThe how much do android developers make you are

As long as each individual version element does not exceed the multiplier, this scheme ensures each version name generates a unique code how much do android developers make higher versions get higher codes. Attributes Attribute Description Required code If set, the hwo value of the versionCode attribute. If set to “auto”, the code is generated based on the dotted-decimal version name and the codemultiplier.

Example Building From Source If you would like to modify the runner, or build it yourself for any other reason, you will need A JDK, version 1.

Make sure to generate local. ios app developers RunCommandLineProgramAndThrowOnError(String WorkingDire MainFrameActions Packaging (Android (ETC1)) ctory, String Command, String Params, String OverrideDesc, Boolean bUseShellExecute) MainFrameActions Packaging (Android (ETC1)) in UnrealBuildTool.

See the section Creating a test project. Note If you change the Android package name of the application under test, you must manually mmuch the value of the attribute within the AndroidManifest. Running android update test-project does not do this.

If the operation is successful, android lists to STDOUT the names of the files and directories it has created.

Have updated how much do android developers make includes

In Ant, you make the JAR target depend on the compile target. Ant doesn’t give any guidance on how to structure your project. mobile development in australian SDK Tools, Revision 5 (March 2010) Dependencies If you are developing in Eclipse with ADT, note that this version of SDK Tools is designed for use with ADT 0.

The following class defines some constants that can be referenced within the application. And how could I change the package names using ant, so the android market would accept both packages (Full and Lite). Thank you, for your suggestions, but I still have some mkch. So I have two directories with the same content.

Only see the how much do android developers make the

Added more than 15 new Lint checks, including checks for overriding older APIs, XML resource problems, graphic asset issues and manifest tags. make portable apps Make sure to generate local. Now i want build multiple version of project with difference resources.

Make sure to generate local. Using Ant, I’m trying to build an Android application in release mode for distribution. My problem is at the signing process.

Was wondering how much do android developers make Tools, Revision

Be sure to expand the appropriate archive, android in this case, within an empty directory. how make apps for iphone DoBuildCookRun(ProjectParams Params) MainFrameActions Packaging (Android (ETC1)) in BuildCommand.

Gradle’s Compelling Feature Set Let’s take a closer look at what makke Gradle apart from its competitors its compelling feature set (see Figure 3). To summarize, Gradle is an enterprise-ready build system, powered by a declarative and expressive Groovy DSL. It combines flexibility and effortless extendibility with the idea of convention over configuration and support for traditional dependency management.

Backed by a professional services company (Gradleware) and strong community involvement, Gradle is becoming the number-one choice build solution for many open source projects how much do android developers make enterprises.

Can how much do android developers make your Ant

SDK Tools, Revision 23. If you are developing in Eclipse with ADT, note that this version of SDK Tools is designed for use with ADT 23. facebook application developer tutorial SDK Tools, Revision 24.


Become A Salon & Spa Manager Today! Career Options & Info #salon #manager #job #description,


Salon & Spa Manager Job Description

Want to manage a salon or spa?

Many licensed cosmetologists and other beauty professionals decide to take their careers to the next level and either open their own or begin managing a salon or spa. This is a forward-moving career path for those beauty pros with the entrepreneurial spirit. This is a job well-suited to people who love to help a business grow, enjoy managing day-to-day business needs, like helping others develop their skills and are comfortable handling all types of customer service needs. Beauty Schools Directory has created this resource for people just like you, who are considering taking the next step in their careers.

Simply enter your zip code and choose the “Salon Management” program from the box on the right to find classes near you to train for this career.

Jump to Your Question:

What is a salon, spa or barbershop manager?

The salon, spa or barbershop manager plays a very important role in the daily operations of the business. He or she ensures that the business is running efficiently, the customers are tended to and satisfied, and the business is operating at a profit. Salon and spa managers also have to make sure that the business is operating according to the laws of the state and that all staff members have the appropriate licenses and abilities to perform their jobs. The managers are often responsible for hiring, maintaining and firing staff if necessary, and coaching employees to be successful at the salon, spa or barbershop.

The manager is a critical player when it comes to running a successful, profitable beauty or grooming business. This person essentially juggles all the moving parts to ensure satisfied customers, happy employees and a profitable business.

The managers can work in hair and beauty salons, day spas, hotel and hospitality management, beauty and skin care companies, or tanning salons. Top salons seek skilled directors that can oversee all operations of the business, including having knowledge of bookkeeping and financial concepts.

What are the typical duties of the salon or spa manager?

Managers in the hair salon and spa business are in charge of all things staffing. Aside from interviewing, hiring, promoting and firing employees, they also schedule the employees so that staff is always available to provide the right mix of services to meet customer demand.

They often oversee staff training and development and make sure that advanced training opportunities are available to employees, such as conferences, workshops or continuing education units . Your staff should always strive to stay current on the latest hairdressing and other techniques, and be knowledgeable about the latest trends in beauty. This is ideal for a business to have a motivated staff that is always reaching for their maximum technical and professional potential, and it s good for the clients as well.

The managers will also manage and supervise non-creative staff such as receptionists, schedulers and maintenance staff to keep the business running smoothly and on time. Communication is a core component of the manager or owner job, including communicating to the entire team about company policies and procedures, major staff changes, sharing customer feedback, the vision for the future of the company, and employee reviews.

Salon and spa managers must create an atmosphere where customers are comfortable and are satisfied, leading to repeat visits and referral business. This may sometimes mean fielding customer service concerns, or implementing sweeping changes in how the salon is run to better meet the needs of the community.

The managers ensure that all equipment is operating safely and optimally, and that the hair salon or spa appearance is one that creates an inviting, relaxing environment for customers. Clients should always feel they are entering a safe and sanitary environment when getting beauty services from your business, and you may need to regularly review and maintain the utmost client service standards.

Salon, spa and barbershop owners and managers are usually responsible for daily banking, budgeting, expenditures and other financial duties. This can range from managing petty cash for small maintenance tasks around the shop, to managing payroll and overseeing employees to accurately report their tips for tax purposes.

They are responsible for the ordering of supplies for the business, as well as ensuring retail operations remain stocked. Product sales are a critical component of the business s revenue. This can include developing inventory control methods, creating major sales and promotions and other marketing activities to increase sales.

Salon, barbershop or spa owners and directors may be responsible for marketing activities for the salon. This could mean deciding on advertising campaigns and budgets to draw in more business in the community, choosing charities or events to sponsor on behalf of the salon or barbershop, or implementing an e-mail marketing campaign to past salon clients. They may also be expected to attend demonstrations, fundraisers or other events to keep the business involved in the community.

What type of training is required to become a salon or spa manager?

These are managerial positions that a person generally works their way up through the ranks to obtain. Salon or spa managers usually start out as creative technicians before going into management, so they can have a solid grasp on how the business works on the ground floor.

A hair salon manager would need to understand exactly how the salon business works, so they generally have completed beauty school and are licensed in their area of expertise. They often have several years of experience as a hairstylist, barber, esthetician, nail technician or other beauty professional before advancing their career into a management or ownership position.

The stylist interested in becoming a salon manager could take business courses at a local college or even pursue a business degree at a traditional 4-year university. However, many have reported that this is a broad, generic business degree. More and more schools are starting to create a specific training program dedicated specifically to running salon, spa or barbershop businesses. There are many online or in-person spa and management training courses to gain knowledge about business concepts.

What is the average salon or spa manager salary?

The salary a barbershop, salon or spa director or owner can earn varies on a number of different factors, including the size of the salon or spa, the number of employees and overhead costs of the business, the region of the country, years of experience and more. The Bureau of Labor Statistics (2015) reports that first line supervisors earn a mean annual wage of $38,240. Salon, spa and barbershop owner salaries are likely highly dependent on how profitable and successful the business is.

News About Salon Spa Management Careers