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  • Pioneer of web-based email marketing in India
  • Effectively delivering emails since 2012
  • Contented customers across India & abroad
  • Reliable email infrastructure across vendors
  • Used by entrepreneurs, sme & corporations
  • Profitable reseller & dedicated email platform
Leading Bulk Email Provider in India

Our enterprise class intelligent email delivery engine gives you better email delivery. Our business continuance plan ensures to provide reliable bulk emailing service and thus have helped us become the leader in bulk email service provider in India. India’s top brands and companies prefer us for bulk mailing.

Quick Video – How it Works

Stable Bulk Email Service

We started with less than 1,000 email addresses and now with more than 2,00,000 recipients, it works just as quick and easy as it was in the beginning. Functions are logical and you don’t have to have a degree in IT to understand the software. The statistics gives you a lot of in-depth information and it’s a tool that is used daily in our business.

  • Sanjay Mehta – Advertisement Agency, Mumbai
Get Started Quick

We recently needed to send out some large campaigns, and we got it setup with Mail Marketer in absolutely 30 minutes and was able to send these campaigns out on time.

  • Vikram Seth – Magazine Publisher, Bangalore
Cost Effective Email Marketing Plans

We switched to Mail Marketer a few months back after quiting on another email marketing product. I have found Mail Marketer to be easy, very cost effective and fitting with our requirements.

  • Ramachandran – Marketing Agency, Chennai
Good Bulk Email Provider in India

We switched to Mail Marketer a few months back after quiting on another email marketing product. I have found Mail Marketer to be easy, very cost effective and fitting with our requirements. I would recommend Mail Marketer for any SME looking to stay in touch with their customer on a regular basis.

  • Anirudh Sharma – Design Agency
Easiest Mass Emailing Tool

Of all the email marketing tools we’ve tried in the past, Mail Marketer is the most user friendly and cost effective system. The customer service and technical support that we are provided with is good. We look forward to continuing this positive and developing working relationship.

  • Anil Sunad – Marketing Agency
Best Bulk Email Service in India

Having Mail Marketer as our chosen vendor for the last few years has led to a series of sophisticated email programs that deliver targeted and timely communications to our guests and prospects. The team at Mail Marketer understand our business and what we are trying to achieve.

  • Rekha Choudary – Human Resource Management
Better ROI

By working with Mail Marketer for over a year we have been able to achieve improvements to our clients’ ROI. Mail Marketer is simple to use and makes it easier for us to manage multiple large scale campaigns. The reporting and statistics modules within Mail Marketer provide in-depth visibility on campaigns performance.

  • Nikhil Kulkarni – Payroll Company

Long term evolution (LTE) – Mobile terms glossary, evolution mail for windows.#Evolution #mail #for #windows


Long term evolution (LTE)

LTE is the next-step of the evolution of UMTS (3G) and HSDPA (3.5G). It’s the only wireless network technology that’s correctly called 4G. Some carries may market their high-speed HSDPA+ networks as 4G, but that’s not technically correct.

Some of the improvements LTE brings along over the currently used wireless mobile radio technologies are a better spectral efficiency, lower costs, higher transfer speeds, improved services, etc.

LTE networks are widely available in the USA by carriers such as AT

  • Band 3, 1800MHz (Australia, Belgium, Finland, Germany, Hong Kong, Hungary, Italy, Singapore, Slovenia, Slovakia, South Korea, United Arab Emirates, UK)
  • Band 4, 1700MHz (AT ?>
  • NEW YORK CRIMINAL ATTORNEY #manhattan #new #york #city #criminal #defense #lawyer, #new #york, #queens, #brooklyn


    New York City Criminal Defense Lawyer

    Jon Marks New York City Criminal Defense Lawyer

    The Law Firm of Jonathan Marks, P.C.

    The Law Firm of Criminal Defense Lawyer Jonathan Marks has been successfully defending clients facing criminal charges since 1978. Over the past 40 years, the Firm has earned an outstanding reputation for obtaining favorable results for its clients through all stages of the criminal justice process

    The Firm’s criminal cases range from complex white collar prosecutions to narcotics and violent crimes. In addition, the Firm handles cases involving police brutality and other instances of police misconduct. With 40 years of experience and dedication to the specialized field of criminal law, the Law Firm of Jonathan Marks can be trusted to maintain total confidentiality and to energetically pursue your legal rights and goals.

    Professional New York Legal Counsel for criminal defense

    The Firm believes that all of its clients deserve personalized expert legal services that are cost-effective and that efficiently resolve any pending criminal charges. The Firm treats each client as a partner in his or her case and emphasizes that the best defense results from a well-informed client and well-informed attorney. At the same time, the Firm remains keenly aware that its criminal clients are facing an inordinate amount of personal stress and that part of an attorney’s job is to do all things possible to minimize that stress.

    Hire one of the best criminal attorneys in New York

    Attorney Marks has received the highest rating (AV) for competence and integrity from Martindale-Hubbell for the past 40 years. He has taught trial advocacy to lawyers and at law schools in the New York area. Jonathan Marks is proud of the recognition and appreciation he has received from his clients for his devotion to their cases and the good outcomes that have resulted. One client even named his first son after Attorney Marks .

    Jonathan Marks has been a life member of the National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers and a member of the New York Council of Defense Lawyers, the New York Criminal Bar Association, and the Federal Bar Council.

    If you are facing criminal charges in New York City, Manhattan, Brooklyn or Queens and are looking for highly experienced and personalized legal assistance, please contact the New York City Law Firm of Jonathan Marks. P.C. We speak Mandarin Chinese, Korean and Japanese.

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    Change Healthcare Paper-to-EDI Conversion #outsourcing #mail #room #operations, #imaging #and #data #capture, #convert #claims #from


    Change Healthcare Paper to EDI

    Change Healthcare Paper-to-EDI Conversion offers state-of-the-art mailroom operations and industry leading scanning and data capture technology, allowing payers to outsource mailroom operations, scanning, imaging and data capture to Change Healthcare in order to streamline processes and focus on core business competencies.

    Change Healthcare Paper-to-EDI Conversion unites mailroom functions with world-class scanning and imaging tools, drastically reducing manual intervention and human error at the earliest point of entry into payers’ organizations. Automating mail sorting and scanning processes with Paper-to-EDI Conversion dramatically improves accuracy and productivity, while at the same time reducing expenses.

    Superior data quality and fewer pended claims are the result of data validation and editing tools that perform provider/member matching, eligibility verification and more. Change Healthcare’s electronic image repository makes document retrieval fast and easy, as well as eliminates the need to maintain a paper claim inventory.

    Want to reduce the administrative costs of mailroom operations, scanning, imaging and data capture? Let the healthcare efficiency experts review your business and apply our knowledge to your bottom line.


    • Compatible with all claim types and attachments
    • Reliable sorting and scanning
    • Data is verified, scrubbed and edited
    • Real-time viewing and document retrieval
    • Redundant systems eliminate downtime and insure business continuity
    • Comprehensive customer reporting


    • Significantly reduces administrative costs
    • Eliminates requirement for capital investments in technology and equipment
    • Improves accuracy and productivity with fewer FTEs
    • Supports auto-adjudication
    • Offers easy image search functionality

    Emdeon ePayment simplifies your claim reimbursement process to save you time and money.

  • We are working diligently to deliver solutions enabling our customers to meet HIPAA 5010 requirements seamlessly!

  • Uttara Info Tech #uttara #info #tech, #website #design #in #uttara #dhaka #bangladesh, #website #development #in


    Uttara InfoTech is a professional web design, Software Development, Brand SMS Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Search Engine Marketing, Email Marketing and Outsourcing Training company in Dhaka, Bangladesh. From 2010 have been providing best web development solutions for corporate or individuals interested in country. We have one of the best IT professional’s in the industry to ensure all kinds of IT support all over the world. Already we have successfully served thousand of National and International clients in this field.


    SEO, SMM & Brand SMS Marketing

    Out Sourcing Training

    What we do?

    In a world of fast paced business competition our designers and developers offer a state-of-the art designing and developmental facility which secures your presence online .Our skilled team.

    When you reach out to Uttara Computer Education you get the best. We propose comprehensive solutions that put you on the highest pedestal in the competitive world. from designing of HTML or Flash sites.

    If you are planning to host your own website, there will be many decisions that you will have to take. One of the most crucial decisions will be to select a web hosting solution for your website. This is a very important decision.

    Uttara Info Tech is a Leading Online Freelancing Earning Training Center in Uttara, Dhaka, Bangladesh. We are train up people how to work with Freelancing Market Place on O-desk, Freelancer, Elance, Script lance etc.

    Be it small or home based or a corporate establishment, Uttara InfoTech furnishes you with wide ranging solutions for your products that makes it stand out in market with speed, accuracy and precision. With internet.

    SMS stands for Short Message Service and are generally 160 character text messages sent between mobile phones. SMS uses a unique network that alerts the recipient the second the message arrives.MS is a very fast.

    Personal Package

    SME Package

    Corporate Package






    FaxFacts – Fax Server Software, Fax Broadcast and Enterprise Fax Software #fax #server, #network #fax,


    Since 1989, Copia’s FaxFacts fax software has set the standard for performance, reliability, and innovation in the faxing industry. FaxFacts is the last fax software system you’ll ever need to buy.

    FaxFacts provides automatic printing and routing for inbound faxes, load balancing, customized graphical cover sheets, extensive reporting capabilities, job administration, and the fastest fax broadcasting capabilities in the industry all from your desktop.

    Why does your business need FaxFacts?

    Even though email is the primary form of business communication today, fax still plays a vital role in many industries and is often the technology you still entrust your signed PO’s and invoices to. Fax is a reliable and ssecure form of communication and is still the only universal choice for legal and healthcare industires.

    Adding fax capabilites to your network can free up wasted resources used in maintaining old equipment or taking up room in your printer rooms.

    That’s why you want a system that allows you to fax directly from your desktop as easily as you can print. You also want the system to handle busy fax numbers and have extensive retries automatically so you can move on to your next task, confident that your fax will be delivered.

    Faxing no longer becomes a hassle to your employees. Their faxes are delivered straight to their desktop or e-mail inbox while your customers take notice of their personalized fax.

    Is your fax server just a glorified fax machine?

    There are many options for fax servers, but most lack the features that really make a fax server worth its weight in gold. If you want to integrate your fax operations with the rest of your business, you need a fax server that goes the distance. In addition to just sending and receiving faxes , here are a few things that a FaxFacts system is designed to handle:

    • Load Balancing between Unlimited number of Servers (that means unlimited line support)
    • Intelligent Fax Retry – Ability to only resend pages that failed
    • Exchange/Notes Fax Server Connector (SMTP Email-to-Fax)
    • Compatiable with any email client (Like Outlook, gmail, Notes, hotmail, etc)
    • SMTP E-Mail to Fax Engine – Fax from any e-mail account
    • Utilize existing contact manager/CRM address books – We can support nearly any CRM soltuion on the market (like GoldMine, ACT and SalesLogix, etc.)

    Enterprise solutions call for enterprise class platforms

    FaxFacts supports high-end fax and voice boards from Brooktrout, Dialogic (Intel Dialogic Boards, GammaFax, and Eico Diva Server family) and Commetrex. With the scalable architecture you start with as few as one phone line and add a virtually unlimited number, so you will never outgrow your system. For a list of supported hardware/software platforms check out the hardware section.

    Supplement your website with a Fax-on-Demand System

    Sometimes your customers call for a paper copy of a quote, data sheet or PO. The answer to that, even today, is fax!

    Fax-on-demand provides an easy way to deliver information at any time to anyone who can use a phone or a fax machine. Copia’s fax-on-demand systems have been in use since 1989 and have long set the standard for performance, reliability, and innovation.

    • Ability to charge caller’s credit card for requested information.
    • Limit access to subscribers using IDs and passwords (stored in the database of your choice)
    • Process and store touch-tone responses (like surveys or call logging)
    • Interface with OCR software to deliver and accept forms or other custom scans. (Requires licensing patent #54614880)
    • Accept alphanumeric input for names and documents from touch-tone keypad
    • Voice recognition capable

    Contact Sales for more information at 800.689.8898 or click here to request a quote .

    Professional Edition #professional #mail #server, #professional #webmail #server, #professional #email #server, #professional #mail #server #software,


    Professional Mail Server Edition

    MailEnable Professional Edition includes all features of MailEnable Standard Edition plus additional features such as Webmail, Mobile Webmail and Web Administration, 3rd party antivirus scanning, enhanced anti-spam features & IMAP4. Professional Edition provides the features and flexibility to make it the ideal mail hosting solution for small to medium sized organizations.

    Here are some key features of Professional Edition:

    Mail Services/Protocols

    MailEnable Professional Edition provides additional mail protocols to provide extra functionality and flexible mail access for end-users. Supported mail protocols include POP. POP Retrieval. SMTP. IMAP. Exchange ActiveSync. CalDAV. CardDAV. and HTTPMail.

    Exchange ActiveSync

    ActiveSync provides the highest level of integration for the latest mobile devices including iPhone/iPad, Android and Windows Phone 7. It is also available on most other mobile platforms.

    ActiveSync is able to negotiate changes and updates protocol uses a technology that is often referred to as “Push”. The “push” technology means that changes made on the mobile device are synchronized with the MailEnable server (and vice-versa) without requiring polling.

    ActiveSync is also a very efficient protocol and minimizes the amount of data that is sent over the mobile network.

    Exchange ActiveSync for MailEnable is licensed per mailbox per annum.


    Simple Mail Transfer Protocol. SMTP is a protocol for transferring outgoing email messages from one server to another and also to accept email messages from other mail servers and email clients. SMTP is used with both POP3 and IMAP4.

    POP POP Retrieval

    Post Office Protocol. This is a mail protocol that enables emails to be retrieved from a remote mailbox. That is, it allows you to collect emails from an hosted account that you have hosted on a server to your own email software, such as Outlook, Eudora etc.

    The POP Retrieval Service will download mail via POP from a remote POP server and deliver to a local mailbox. Users are able to configure their own settings from Webmail. This means you can retrieve your emails from different mail accounts and view it on their local mailbox without having to log in to each separate account.


    IMAP4 is a mail protocol that allows users to be disconnected from the main messaging system and still be able to process mail. Users can store messages on a local machine or on a server.

    IMAP has distinct advantages over POP because it allows you manage multiple folders on the server. Mail can be accessed from different machines, as the mail is hosted on the server (unlike POP which deletes mail from the server after being accessed) and allows the user to just download message headers and envelope information, until the user selects the email to download. This is useful when operating over slow speed dial-up connections.

    IMAP4 can break up and download specific parts of a multi-part email message (MIME). This means that instead of having to wait for an email with attachments to download, you can select only the text portion to download, and leave the attachments on the server.

    IMAP4 allows you to have server hosted folders and subfolders.

    CalDAV CardDAV

    CalDAV allows leading email clients and mobile devices (including the Apple iPhone), to access MailEnable mailbox calendars. CalDAV is ideal for mobile users who wish to access and update their calendar in real time.

    CardDAV allows mobile devices to remotely access and manage contacts stored on the MailEnable server. Changes made to the contacts stored on the mobile device are automatically sent to the server; and changes made on the server are received and updated on the mobile device. CardDAV is ideal for mobile users who wish to access and update their contacts in real time via their mobile device.

    Mobile Webmail

    An all-new Mobile Webmail was introduced in Version 7, a client designed exclusively for smartphones and tablets that is light-weight and supports swipe scrolling.

    The mobile client also allows you to automatically login, so you can access your inbox and contacts quickly. You can also tile the screens so they are readily available on your mobile device.

    Version 8 includes an updated version of the Mobile Webmail client which includes support for Tasks and Calendaring.

    Web Administration

    Web Administration provides an interface to allow you to manage various services remotely via a web browser. Web Administration allows you to delegate management of Postoffices to Postoffice administrators. This effectively reduces your administration load, especially if you are hosting multiple postoffices (for example, one per customer or company), each company can manage their own configuration. You can also restrict the number of mailboxes, lists created in each postoffice via the Web Administration interface.

    Enhanced Anti-Spam

    Guard your inbox from unwanted junk mail using anti-spam features including SPF, Bayesian Filtering and URL Blacklist Content Filtering, which prevents spammers ‘forging’ email addresses to send spam. Other anti-spam features include; DNS blacklisting, global filtering, PTR record checking and much more.

    Cloud Storage (WebDAV)

    It is now possible to use MailEnable as a cloud storage provider. Mailbox owners are able to access their “My Files” folder as a network drive over the WebDAV protocol. Mailbox owners can store photos and documents from their computer or phone (using products like NetDrive and other WebDAV clients). For example, a person can take a photo with their iPhone and immediately save it to MyFiles.

    Security Anti-virus

    Extensive security measures and authentication methods protect your mail server from unauthorised access. Includes SMTP authentication, integrated Windows authentication, relay control, SSL, NTLM & CRAM-MD5 support.

    Protect your system from viruses! Professional Edition integrates with a variety of third party antivirus solutions in order to scan and remove viruses on all incoming or outgoing messages.

    Country Code EHLO Blocking

    Administrators have the ability to block incoming communications from certain countries by targeting specific country codes. This allows the admin to block potentially harmful or unwanted data from suspicious sources.

    Users can specify strings for the SMTP service that will allow it to drop connections when connections use specific EHLO values.

    Pasadena Federal Criminal Defense Lawyer #pasadena #criminal #defense #attorney, #pasadena #federal #criminal #defense #lawyer, #pasadena,


    Los Angeles Federal Criminal Defense Attorney

    Federal prosecutions can, and often are, some of the most serious cases facing a defendant. The penalties for violation of federal law are always heavy.

    When you or a loved one is arrested and prosecuted in federal court, protection of your legal rights can only come from an effective and experienced lawyer. In a federal criminal case, a lawyer who has successfully challenged federal law enforcement and prosecutors can mean the difference between freedom (or shorter sentences) and long, harsh sentences. Federal law enforcement and prosecutors are always aggressive. They will try to obtain statements from the arrested person long before you had a chance to talk to a lawyer. These tactics must be met with an intelligent and equally aggressive defense.

    Established in 1976, our law firm has provided high quality, aggressive legal advocacy with outstanding results. In our criminal defense practice we have litigated against the United States government, and state and local agencies, in cases ranging from fraud to homicide to large drug conspiracies to extradition to foreign countries. Despite the large resources of the United States government, we have consistently provided skilled lawyering and leveled the playing field for our clients. The favorable results that we have obtained are the product of a simple philosophy: We truly care about our clients and defend their legal rights aggressively.

    Since that time, we have handled hundreds of trials, appeals and writs in criminal law, including federal and state cases involving major felonies such as mail/wire fraud and other white collar crimes, drug crimes, conspiracy, homicide, computer crimes, sex crimes, theft and related crimes and post conviction relief in state and federal courts. Our firm has represented clients in federal cases across the United States.

    We have also represented clients in federal court in extradition proceedings, that is, persons who are sought in foreign countries for criminal prosecution.

    In 2006, Michael Severo was selected as a criminal defense Super Lawyer.
    Can you trust your defense (actually your life!) to a lawyer with less experience?
    We offer you more. We give you a full defense team. In addition to experience, our firm hires veteran investigators and experts who can readily and effectively assist clients at any time.

    If you or a member of your family is charged with a federal crime, choosing the right lawyer may be the most important decision you will ever make.

    Call us toll free at 1-888-892-0018. We will accept emergency calls 24 hours a day. We will evaluate your situation, give you a no-nonsense legal opinion and set a fee that will be fair and reasonable.

    We accept credit cards

    How to Perform a Mail Merge in Word 2010 (with Pictures) #mail #merge #with #gmail


    How to Perform a Mail Merge in Word 2010

    How to Overline Characters in Microsoft Word

    How to Mail Merge in Microsoft Word

    How to Add Page Numbers or Page X of Y Page Numbers in Word

    How to Add Clip Art to Microsoft Word

    How to Insert a Line in Word

    How to Add Font in Microsoft Word

    How to Turn a Scanned Document Into Microsoft Word Document

    How to Rotate Text in Microsoft Word

    How to Add Backgrounds in Word

    How to Convert Excel to Word