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Hospice Nurse: Job Description Career Requirements

Job Description for a Hospice Nurse

Hospice nurses work to maintain the comfort and quality of life for those who are diagnosed with terminal diseases. They work in private homes, residential care facilities, nursing centers and other hospice care environments. They may also supervise licensed vocational nurses (also known as licensed practical nurses) and nursing aides in hospital settings.

They must be capable of compassionate communication with patients and their families. Hospice nurses need to have keen observation skills, high ethical standards and knowledge of when to alert doctors and others about changes in patient conditions. They must be resilient and sympathetic, and they should have emotional and physical stability to deal with the challenges of severe illness and death.

Find schools that offer these popular programs

  • Clinical Nursing
  • Critical Care Nursing
  • Direct-Entry Midwifery – LM, CPM
  • Licensed Vocational Nurse Training
  • Mental Health Nursing
  • Neonatal Nursing
  • Nurse Anesthetist
  • Nurse Assistant or Patient Care Assistant
  • Nurse Midwife
  • Nurse Practitioner or Family Nurse Practitioner
  • Nursing Administration
  • Nursing for Adults and Seniors
  • Nursing Science
  • Occupational Health Nursing
  • Operating Room and Surgical Nursing
  • Pediatric Nursing
  • Public Health Nurse or Community Nurse
  • Registered Nurse

Job Requirements

Educational Background

Obtaining a career as a hospice nurse requires becoming a registered nurse. RN prospects must complete an undergraduate education and gain relevant work experience. Options include earning an Associate Degree in Nursing (ADN) or a Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN). A combination of classroom education and training in a clinical environment is required. Common class topics include:

  • Health assessment
  • Anatomy and physiology
  • Pharmacology
  • Nursing skills and fundamentals

Licensing Requirements

In order to become a RN, individuals must pass the National Council Licensing Examination for Registered Nurses (NCLEX-RN). This is required by all territories and states in the U.S. Passing this exam proves nurses have the knowledge and skills necessary to conduct treatment in the real world. Additional requirements vary by state and employer.

Further Training and Certification

Hospice nurses often pursue a master’s degree in hospice and palliative nursing, according to the Hospice and Palliative Nurses Association. Those with a master’s degree are typically considered advanced practice nurses rather than RNs. Training for advanced practice hospice nurses includes taking classes in medical and biological ethics, acute care, geriatrics and psychology.

Employers or state laws may require additional certification in order to provide hospice care. The National Board for Certification of Hospice and Palliative Nurses offers nationally recognized certification across a variety of levels for hospice nurses. Hospice experience and a current RN license are required in order to take these certification exams. Renewal is necessary every four years.

Salary Information and Career Outlook

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, BLS, (www.bls.gov ), predicts that jobs will increase by 16% for registered nurses between 2014 and 2024. The BLS also reports that the median annual salary for registered nurses was $67,490 in May, 2015.

With 16% job growth expected from 2014-2024, the job prospects for qualified hospice nurse applicants are excellent. Those interested in hospice nursing may be required by their state or some employers to obtain national certification in hospice nursing. Those who complete internships or practica working with the elderly or terminally ill should experience improved job prospects.

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While many nursing degree programs may include training in hospice care for terminally ill patients, certificate and master’s.

Learn about the education and preparation needed to become a hospice residential nurse. Get a quick view of the requirements as.

Students interested in studying to become a nurse in Sacramento have a few schools from which to pick. Read about the top local.

Nurse practitioners (NPs) keep current in their fields and meet state licensure requirements by completing continuing education.

  • Doctorate
      • Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP)
      • Doctor of Nursing Practice with an Emphasis in Educational Leadership
      • EdD in Organizational Leadership – Health Care Administration
  • Master
      • MBA and MS in Nursing: Nursing Leadership in Health Care Systems (dual degree)
      • MS in Nursing: Nursing Leadership in Health Care Systems
      • M.S. in Nursing: Nursing Education
      • MBA: Health Systems Management
      • MS in Health Care Administration
      • MS in Nursing: Nursing Education
  • Bachelor
      • BS in Nursing (Registered Nurse – R.N. to BSN)
      • BS in Health Care Administration
      • BS in Health Sciences: Professional Development & Advanced Patient Care
      • Bachelor of Science in Behavioral Health Science

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5 Indiana Wesleyan University

Minimum eligibility requirements:
  • Must be a high school graduate or have completed GED
School locations:
  • Doctorate
      • Doctor of Nursing Practice
  • Master
      • M.S. Nursing – Primary Care
      • M.S. Nursing – Associate to Master’s – Nursing Administration
      • M.S. Nursing – Nursing Administration (Post-MBA)
      • M.S. Nursing and Master of Business Administration
      • Master of Business Administration – Health Care Administration
      • M.S. Nursing – Associate to Master’s – Nursing Education
  • Bachelor
      • B.S. Nursing – Post Licensure (RN-BSN)
      • B.S. General Studies – Life Sciences
      • B.S. Healthcare Administration
  • Associate
      • A.S. General Studies – Life Sciences
  • Non-Degree
      • Post-Master’s Certificate – Primary Care
      • Post-Master’s Certificate – Nursing Administration
      • Post-Master’s Certificate – Nursing Education

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6 Capella University

Minimum eligibility requirements:
  • Must complete an application online and submit transcripts for their highest degree earned.
School locations:

  • Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP)
  • Doctor of Nursing Practice with an Emphasis in Educational Leadership
  • EdD in Organizational Leadership – Health Care Administration
  • MBA and MS in Nursing: Nursing Leadership in Health Care Systems (dual degree)
  • MS in Nursing: Nursing Leadership in Health Care Systems
  • M.S. in Nursing: Nursing Education
  • MBA: Health Systems Management
  • MS in Health Care Administration
  • MS in Nursing: Nursing Education
  • BS in Nursing (Registered Nurse – R.N. to BSN)
  • BS in Health Care Administration
  • BS in Health Sciences: Professional Development & Advanced Patient Care
  • Bachelor of Science in Behavioral Health Science
  • View more
    • Doctor of Nursing Practice
    • M.S. Nursing – Primary Care
    • M.S. Nursing – Associate to Master’s – Nursing Administration
    • M.S. Nursing – Nursing Administration (Post-MBA)
    • M.S. Nursing and Master of Business Administration
    • Master of Business Administration – Health Care Administration
    • M.S. Nursing – Associate to Master’s – Nursing Education
    • B.S. Nursing – Post Licensure (RN-BSN)
    • B.S. General Studies – Life Sciences
    • B.S. Healthcare Administration
    • A.S. General Studies – Life Sciences
    • Post-Master’s Certificate – Primary Care
    • Post-Master’s Certificate – Nursing Administration
    • Post-Master’s Certificate – Nursing Education
    • View more

  • Sexual Harassment: Rights of the Accused by My Employment Lawyer #employment,labor,law,legal,discharge,fired, #employee,employer,severance,job,wage, #pay, #non-competition,noncompete,labor,employee #law,at-will #employment,family #leave,employee #benefits, #sick #leave,discrimination,termination,whistle #blowing,retaliation,disch


    Sexual harassment and the Rights of the Accused

    By Neil E. Klingshirn

    Sexual harassment and the Rights of the Accused

    Federal and state laws protect employees from harassment because of sex in the workplace. As a result, almost all employers today have policies that

    • prohibit sexual harassment
    • encourage employees to complain about sexual harassment;
    • provide for prompt investigations into sexual harassment complaints; and
    • require appropriate corrective action for violations of the sexual harassment policy.

    In many cases, corrective action means immediate termination of the accused.

    What happens if the accusation is false?

    Employers can take no corrective action against the accused and can even discipline the complainant for a false complaint. However, the employer runs the risk that, if the accusation was true, the victim of the harassment can take it to court. Thus, employers often take no chances. They opt for firing the accused, who has limited rights under federal and state laws to challenge their termination.

    Do the Wrongfully Accused have Any Rights?

    Not directly. An employer is free to terminate an employee for no reason or even a bad reason, so long as it is not a reason prohibited by law. Discharging an employee based on a suspicion of improper behavior is not unlawful, even if the suspicion is not correct. Thus, the law does not prohibit an employer from taking the easy way out of a difficult situation by terminating the accused.

    However, if the real reason for the discharge is unlawful, covering up the real reason with a false accusation of harassment can lead to employer liability.

    When will an employer become liable for a false accusation of harassment?

    A case in Wisconsin illustrates what can happen when an employer discharges a falsely accused employee for the wrong reasons. In the case of Mackenzie v. Miller Brewing Company:

    • A male manager told a female co-worker about a racy Seinfeld episode. In the story Jerry forgot the name of his date. Her named rhymed with a female body part. He eventually remembered that his date’s name was Dolores.
    • The female co-worker “didn’t get it,” so the male showed her the body part in an anatomically correct dictionary. She later complained to his supervisor that she was offended. He apologized. Company attorneys questioned him and the company fired him two hours later.
    • At trial, the jury (10 women, 2 men) did not believe that the female co-worker was actually offended by the Seinfeld discussion. Instead, the jury found that she had made similar and more graphic references at work; and
    • She had learned that she would soon report to him and did not want to do that. Moreover, the supervisor that she convinced to fire McKenzie had earlier intentionally interfered with McKenzie’s ability to obtain a promotion by telling upper management that he was not suitable for promotion, then lied to McKenzie about it.

    The jury based its award on some unique features of Wisconsin law and the facts of this particular case. However, the resulting large verdict received significant media coverage. As a result, careful employers believe that they should respect the rights of the accused.

    What should careful employers do to respect the rights of the accused?

    First, someone accused of workplace misbehavior has the same rights as anyone else to be free from discrimination. An employer thus cannot punish the accused more harshly than someone outside of the accused’s protected class. In other words, if the accused is a 50-year-old manager and the owner has condoned the same or similar behavior by a younger member of management, the owner runs the risk of an age discrimination suit if it treat the 50-year-old manager more harshly.

    Second, conduct a thorough investigation. An employer should not conduct a “Kangaroo Court” unless it wants a jury second guessing what the employer might have found if it had looked at all of the facts.

    Third, an employer should act on a good-faith belief that the allegations are true before taking adverse employment action. If the employer does not believe that the accusation is true, a jury probably will not believe it either. Since a jury can base a finding of discrimination or retaliation on proof that an employer’s stated reason for termination is false, a false accusation can lead to discrimination or retaliation liability.

    Fourth, an employer may not defame an employee. Although employers generally have a defense against defamation suits for disclosing an employee’s performance related information, the employer can lose that defense by maliciously publishing false information or by disclosing the false information to people who do not “need to know” the results of the investigation.

    Fifth, an employer cannot conduct a criminal background check using an outside agency without an employee’s prior consent to the background check. Similarly, an employer cannot take action on a background check by by an outside agency before it notifies the employee of the result of the investigation. The right to consent to an investigation and to see the results of the investigation do not, however, apply to investigations conducted in-house by the employer or its attorney.

    What should I do if I am wrongfully accused of harassment?

    We suggest that you:

    1. Hire experienced employment counsel.
    2. Insist on a thorough, unbiased investigation.
    3. Object strenuously to witch hunts;
    4. Ask to see evidence or other support for a “good faith belief” that you engaged in sexual harassment or other inappropriate conduct;
    5. Obtain assurances that the investigation into the allegations are disclosed only on a “need to know” basis;
    6. Question whether the punishment, if any, is evenly applied.

    What’s the bottom line? Will the laws protect me against a wrongful accusation?

    Not always. At best, most safeguards against wrongful accusation are procedural or offer little actual protection.

    However, if you are accused of sexual harassment, know your rights. Fortney Klingshirn has successfully represented hundreds of Cleveland, Akron and Northeast Ohio individuals and employers in sexual harassment and other employment matters. Contact us to see if we can help you.

    Network Administrator Job Description – King University #network #security #administrator #job #description


    Network Administrator Job Description

    It’s no secret that tech-based professionals are in demand.
    As businesses rely more and more on technology to stay relevant, employees who are trained in information technology are becoming an increasingly important asset. Though most IT careers, from computer systems manager to desktop support specialist, are experiencing growth, network administrators enjoy an impressive salary as well.

    According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, network and computer systems administrators earn an average of $72,560 per year. Because this career also has a steady job outlook (12-percent growth through the year 2022), it’s a great choice for students interested in IT. But what is a network administrator? This network administrator job description will give you the basics about this lucrative and growing career option.

    Roles and Responsibilities

    In today’s digital economy, computer networks are a central part of all types of businesses. Because of this reliance on network technology, companies need network administrators (also called network managers) to oversee operations and monitor for effectiveness. These information technology professionals organize, install and support all of a company’s computer systems. This can include wide area networks (WANs), local area networks (LANs), intranets, network segments and other data communication systems.

    The daily responsibilities of network administrators include the following:

    • Determining the network and computer system needs of an organization
    • Installing network hardware and software
    • Making necessary upgrades and troubleshooting
    • Maintaining network security standards
    • Collecting data to evaluate the network’s performance
    • Training users on hardware and software

    Network administrators also manage the servers, desktop and mobile equipment used by businesses. They make sure that employees can use their workstations and stay connected to the central network, along with ensuring that email and data storage are maintained. Some of these professionals also work with network architects to design and analyze network models. Network administrators may also supervise computer support specialists in the solving of user problems.

    To become a network administrator, you’ll first need to earn your degree. Though a bachelor’s in general information technology is enough, specializing your studies will make you even more employable. For example, King University offers a concentration in network management that is ideal for students looking to pursue this career.

    The network management concentration teaches students to manage the computer networks that power businesses. The coursework you complete will develop your skills in key areas including security, performance and network reliability. It teaches you about the various types of network systems, as well as the software and hardware you’ll use in your work as a network administrator.

    Though the coursework you complete as part of your information technology degree will prepare you for a career as a network administrator, getting extra experience is helpful to getting hired quickly after graduation. You can get real-world experience in two ways: completing an internship and earning industry certifications.

    IT internships are invaluable in terms of honing your practical skills and preparing for the demands you’ll encounter on the job. A quick Google search can give you an idea of opportunities in your community.

    When it comes to certifications, software vendors like Microsoft and Cisco offer programs for IT professionals to gain extra qualifications. Just select a program, train for the exam online and complete the test. Most certification programs can be completed online, making them easier than ever to achieve.

    The Skills You Need

    Earning your Bachelor of Science in Information Technology at King University will help you get the skills you need to get hired. The online IT degree is designed for professionals who are interested in administrative and management careers in information technology. It develops both your technical and business skills you need to become a qualified network administrator. These skills include:

    • Problem-solving
    • Communication
    • Project management
    • System administration
    • Operating systems
    • Network configuration
    • Domain name system (DNS)

    Add a specialization in network management and you’ll be ready to graduate and get started in the information technology job market. Aside from network management, your other concentration options include cybersecurity and programming, both of which are also helpful expertise areas for network administrators. And because the degree is online and designed for working adults, it can be completed when and where you want.

    Your network administration career starts with the right education. Learn more about information technology degrees online at King University and get on track today.

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    Dear Prospective Training Candidates,

    CBS Information Systems, Inc. is fast growing software development and training company offering mission critical solutions to businesses through cutting-edge technologies since year 2000.

    We are in the process of accepting candidates for various training programs. The training can be taken in class room style or remote (online) with live instructor.

    If you are qualified, available, interested, planning to make a change, please RESPOND IMMEDIATELY. In considering candidates, time is of the essence, so please respond ASAP.

    Here are our offerings:

    • Certified Trainer with real time experience.
    • Unlimited Lab Access during non-training hours.
    • Aggressive Placement Assistance.CBS will assist in job placement.
    • Fee Reimbursement upon successful placement by CBS.
    • No contract.
    • Real time Project Exercises and Step by Step Procedures with handouts.
    • Assistance in Resume and Interview Preparation.
    • Training from hands on consultancy experience.
    • Talk with experienced real time consultant available for comments and guidance.
    • Open for candidates with any visa status.
    • We provide the best possible trainer for each course
    • We offer most competitive pricing for our training programs.
    • We offer 100% online training with live instructors
    • You get trained from comfort of your place
    • We use state of the art learning management system
    • You are also connected via phone with live instructor during the class in a conference fashion

    Sample Call Center Job Description #call #center #job #description,call #center #employment,free #job #descriptions


    Call Center Job Description

    The call center job description provides a clear understanding of the call center agent’s role in both outbound call centers and the inbound call center.

    The call center function varies from one industry to the next but there are tasks and skills common to most call center jobs regardless of company specifics.

    This detailed job description can be adapted to suit your specific job requirements.


    Inbound Call Center Job Description

    Answer incoming calls from customers to take orders, answer inquiries and questions, handle complaints, troubleshoot problems and provide information.

    Main Job Tasks and Responsibilities

    • answer calls and respond to emails
    • handle customer inquiries both telephonically and by email
    • research required information using available resources
    • manage and resolve customer complaints
    • provide customers with product and service information
    • enter new customer information into system
    • update existing customer information
    • process orders, forms and applications
    • identify and escalate priority issues
    • route calls to appropriate resource
    • follow up customer calls where necessary
    • document all call information according to standard operating procedures
    • complete call logs
    • produce call reports

    Education and Experience

    • high school diploma or equivalent
    • proficient in relevant computer applications
    • required language proficiency
    • knowledge of customer service principles and practices
    • knowledge of call center telephony and technology
    • some experience in a call center or customer service environment
    • good data entry and typing skills
    • knowledge of administration and clerical processes

    K ey Competencies

    • verbal and written communication skills
    • listening skills
    • problem analysis and problem solving
    • customer service orientation
    • organizational skills
    • attention to detail
    • judgment
    • adaptability
    • team work
    • stress tolerance
    • resilience

    Outbound Call Center Job Description

    Interact by phone with outside parties to solicit orders for goods or services, request donations, make appointments, collect information or conduct follow-up.

    Main Job Tasks and Responsibilities

    • contact businesses or private individuals by phone
    • deliver prepared sales scripts to persuade potential customers to purchase a product or service or make a donation
    • describe products and services
    • respond to questions
    • identify and overcome objections
    • take the customer through the sales process
    • obtain customer information
    • obtain possible customer leads
    • maintain customer/potential customer data bases
    • follow up on initial contacts
    • complete records of telephonic interactions, orders and accounts

    Education and Experience

    • high school diploma or equivalent
    • proficient in relevant computer applications and call center systems
    • good typing skills
    • knowledge of sales principles and methods
    • proven track record in sales
    • required language skills
    • communication skills
    • persuasiveness
    • problem solving
    • adaptability
    • tenacious
    • negotiation skills
    • stress tolerance
    • high energy level

    Do you need some help with your resume? Use the sample call center resumes to help you develop a winning call center resume.

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    Certified Nursing Assistant Salaries in Florida and by education, experience, Location and more #certified #nursing #assistant #education, #certified #nursing #assistant #unemployment #insurance #benefits #compensation #unemployed #salary #range #job #search #career #education #salaries #employee #assessment #performance #review #bonus #negotiate #wage #change #advice #california #new #york #jersey #texas #illinois #florida


    Florida Certified Nursing Assistant Salaries

    • What is the average Certified Nursing Assistant salary for Florida?

        How much does a Certified Nursing Assistant make in Florida. Florida Certified Nursing Assistant salaries vary greatly from town to town. See below for Certified Nursing Assistant salaries, bonus and benefits information for 26 cities in the Florida area.

        Performs various direct patient care activities under the supervision of a Registered Nurse. Assists patients in dressing or undressing, bathing, or eating. Collects non-invasive body fluid specimens or gathers vital signs but does not start or administer intravenous fluids. Aids physicians and nursing staff members with procedures if needed. Documents patient interactions as needed. Requires a high school diploma and certification from an accredited nursing assistant program. Familiar with standard concepts, practices, and procedures within a particular field. Relies on limited experience and judgment to plan and accomplish goals. Performs a variety of tasks. Works under general supervision. A certain degree of creativity and latitude is required. Typically reports to a registered nurse or manager.

        Alternate Job Titles: CNA, Certified Nursing Assistant
        Categories: Healthcare — Nursing

      Online Marketing Degree – Learn Traditional and Online Marketing #bachelor #degree #in #psychology #job #listings


      Create Groundbreaking Integrated Marketing Campaigns

      Earn Your Marketing Associate’s or Bachelor’s Degree

      Our online marketing degree courses provide a well-rounded education to prepare you to succeed as in-demand marketing and sales professional. Through market-relevant curriculum in our Associate’s or Bachelor’s degree, you’ll learn about traditional and online marketing channels, market research, public relations, search engine optimization and product management.

      With Flex Choice® Learning Options, choose your blend of traditional courses and online, self-directed assessments in Marketing at the Associate degree level. At the Bachelor’s degree level, take advantage of competency-based education (CBE), which focuses on efficiency and relevancy by combining self-paced courses, project-based assessments, and real-world scenarios.

      To see how this program can help you achieve your goals:

      • Course plan customized for you
      • Support and financial aid planning
      • Career path guidance with no obligation

      Read more about this program
      and then request information specific to you

      Gain In-Field Marketing Skills Employers Seek

      Through career-focused curriculum and practical, hands-on opportunities in your courses, you can prepare for a successful marketing career across a wide range of businesses. Our program is designed to help you gain relevant marketing skills employers seek, including:

      Marketing Campaigns

      Gain a comprehensive understanding of marketing campaign execution, utilizing creative marketing solutions that integrate both traditional and online marketing channels.

      Public Relations and Advertising

      Examine the similarities and differences between public relations and advertising to learn how to differentiate between a target audience and a target market.

      Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

      Explore SEO marketing strategies and techniques to effectively optimize marketing initiatives for engagement and conversion.

      Product Management

      Understand how marketing and product management come together by developing a marketing plan that focuses on product lifecycle and management of customer relationships.

      Hands-On Experience to Prepare for Your Career

      As a marketing student at Rasmussen College, you gain valuable hands-on experience to further help you prepare for success in your career.

      Our Bachelor’s degree is designed so you also have the opportunity to solve a real-world business problem in our Capstone course and develop a business plan helping you gain even more confidence as a marketing professional.

      Our Grads Work Across Industries

      Graduates from our School of Business programs are working for leading industries, including:*

      • Accounting
      • Finance and Banking
      • Healthcare
      • Insurance
      • Local and State Government
      • Property Management
      • Retail and Hospitality

      117 Years of Successful Graduates

      At Rasmussen College, we’ve been dedicated to our mission of preparing students for career success since 1900.

      *Industry information reported by Rasmussen College graduates. This list does not constitute an endorsement of Rasmussen College by the industries shown above. Listing does not guarantee or imply that future employment opportunities within these industries will be available.

      Need more detailed information about our program?

      Program Entry Requirements

      Entrance requirements at the Rasmussen College School of Business vary depending on the program. We do not require enrolling students to submit standardized test scores; however, every entrant must have at least a high school diploma or the equivalent.

      Our Marketing Bachelor’s degree is an accelerated degree-completion program. To be considered for admission, students must hold a conferred Associate’s degree from an accredited institution as recognized by the Department of Education, or students must have successfully completed 60 quarter or 40 semester credits with a grade of C or higher.

      RN to BSN Expected Program Outcomes*

      1. As contributors to a global community, 90% of the Program graduates will remain employed as a Registered Nurse or advance their career within the Scope of the BSN Generalist Role, as measured within one year of graduation.
      2. In support of lifelong learning, the Program graduates will be prepared to further their education in the fields of Nursing or Health Care.
      3. In support of service to students, 85% of the Program graduates will indicate that the Program fulfilled their expectations and that they would recommend the Program to others.
      4. Of the responding employers, 70% will indicate satisfaction with the Program graduates’ preparedness and knowledge, skills, and attitudes necessary to serve diverse communities, as measured within one year of graduation.
      5. Consistent with the goals of an institution of higher learning, 70% of students who enroll in the Program will successfully complete the Program on an average time to completion of eight academic quarters.
      6. The Program will employ appropriately credentialed and experienced faculty who demonstrate commitment to lifelong learning through ongoing professional development and educational opportunities.

      *CCNE defines Program Outcomes as “Statements of levels of achievement, which encompass student achievement, faculty achievement, and other program-selected indicators of achievement. Program outcomes may be expressed in the form of overall program goals, end-of program outcomes, curricular outcomes, and/or faculty outcomes.”

      Ready to Start Your Path in Marketing?

      You’ll receive support and financial aid planning, a customized course plan and career path guidance—with no obligation.

      How Much Could You Earn as a Marketing Professional?

      Bureau of Labor Statistics, U.S. Department of Labor, Occupational Employment Statistics. [salary data accessed August 9, 2016] www.bls.gov/oes/. Bureau of Labor Statistics, U.S. Department of Labor, Occupational Outlook Handbook. [career information accessed February 25, 2016] www.bls.gov/ooh/. BLS salary data represents national, averaged earnings for the occupations listed and includes workers at all levels of education and experience. This data does not represent starting salaries. Employment conditions in your area may vary.

      How Much Will it Cost?

      See how affordable your degree of choice is:

      We Help Make College Affordable

      At Rasmussen College, we believe higher education should be a successful investment. That’s why we offer affordable options that make earning your degree attainable. See how you can save:

      Important information about the educational debt, earnings, and completion rates of students who attended this program:

      • Associate’s
      • Bachelor’s

      How Much Will It Cost?

      Custodian job with Utah Valley University # #jobs, #inside #higher #ed #careers, #job #search



      Position Category. Staff – Full-Time

      Under the direction of Custodial Services, this position performs custodial
      maintenance duties including dusting, mopping, finishing and buffing floors,
      vacuuming and shampooing carpets, and cleaning and restocking restrooms.
      Also implements the safe use of hazardous chemicals and products and their
      disposal, the safe and proper way to handle blood and body fluid cleanup.

      Required Qualifications:
      Graduation from a standard senior high school or the equivalent AND any
      combination of post high school education and/or full-time paid experience
      related to the summary of duties, totaling six months.

      Knowledge, Skills and Abilities:
      Knowledge of proper use and disposal of hazardous chemicals and products.
      Knowledge of body fluid cleanup and proper protection.
      Knowledge of proper radio communications.
      Knowledge of pest control.
      Knowledge of all floor types, such as terrazzo, cement, wood, vinyl, and
      ceramic tile as well as carpet fibers, weaves, and backings.

      Skills Good interpersonal communication skills.

      Ability to withstand strenuous and adverse working conditions.
      Ability to follow oral and written instructions.
      Ability to perform skilled custodial duties, equipment maintenance, and minor

      Physical Requirements:
      -Considerable physical activity. Requires heavy physical work; heavy lifting, pushing, or pulling required of objects up to 50 pounds. -Physical work is a primary part (more than 70%) of job.
      -Work environment involves some exposure to hazards or physical risks, which require following basic safety precautions.
      -Work may involve moderate exposure to unusual elements, such as extreme temperatures, dirt, dust, fumes, smoke, unpleasant odors, and/or loud noises.

      Benefits Summary:
      UVU offers an excellent benefits package which includes a generous leave policy, 12 paid holidays, affordable medical and dental insurance options, life and AD D insurance, tuition waiver (undergraduate resident) for employee and dependents and substantial employer contribution to a retirement plan.

      Pay Range: $18,720 to $23,400 annually

      Advertisement Number: ST03217
      Open Date: 06/07/2017
      Review Start Date: 06/13/2017
      Close Date: 6/15/2017
      Open Until Filled:

      Special Instructions to Applicant: Under Reference s Letter please list a minimum of one contact. References may be contacted at some point during the screening and selection process.

      Utah Valley University is an Affirmative Action/Equal Opportunity/ Equal Access Employer and committed to fostering a diverse workforce. As an inclusive community, we actively seek diversity among our applicants for this position. Candidates who can contribute to that goal are particularly encouraged to apply.

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      Resume Cover Letter Sample

      Referring to a sample letter is a nice way to start especially when you are not able to express your intentions clearly through writing. However, the problem with going through sample is that it may or may not match with your qualification, skills, and experience. Nevertheless, you must still refer them to spark your own ideas and imaginations.

      It is an unhidden fact that many people fear when writing cover letter. Hence, they take help of professional writers. While it is a good practice to get it written by someone who can help you in expressing your intentions and interest through writing, you can at least start practicing on your own by going through this sample resume cover letter.

      Cover Letter Sample

      Justin Anderson
      1234, Dark Lane
      Carlisle, MA 01741
      (123) 456-7899

      Richard Holloway
      Hiring Manager
      Thinking Minds High School
      1234 Archer Road
      Gainesville, FL 32607

      Re: Application for the position of teacher.

      Dear Mr. Holloway,

      I am a teacher by profession who loves imparting knowledge to students so that they can contribute in making the society a better a place to live. I am in the teaching profession for the last seven years. Recently, I have heard of a vacancy for a teacher’s position in your esteem school. I am delightful and would very much like to get associated with a reputed school like yours and contribute my qualities for the betterment of the students.

      I am presently employed with St. James High School. I have the following abilities which can be of great use to your school:

      Work with students of all age and mental levels. Create course curriculum and other co-curricular activities for development of students. Monitor skills inside the classroom and on the ground. Personalize curriculum according to the difference in perception levels of students. Interview student in groups and individual to understand their problems Interact with students’ parents Work as a team with other staff members

      Working as a full-time teacher, I have learned how to be organized and utilize one’s time to the maximum. I will bring this strength when educating your students. I am also good in communication, and classroom management skills. I am excellent in keeping daily records and submitting reports in time. I believe that my creativity in incorporating fun elements in education will help students in learning topics faster and remember them for a long time.

      I have been taming a desire of working with your school for a long time. I would love to be called for an interview and meet your selection team in person. Thank you for your time and consideration. I am available at (123) 456-7899 after school hours anytime of the day.

      Some writers believe that impression is best created by writing a lengthy letter. In fact, more often a long letter is not read at all since nobody has that much time to read in full. Therefore, cover letter must be short and up to the point so that the readers’ time is saved, and it can be finished off in maximum 25 seconds.

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