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Developing and Connecting Cybersecurity Leaders Globally

Whether you are exploring a career in cybersecurity, honing your technical expertise or an established security executive, the ISSA offers you a network of 10,000 colleagues worldwide to support you in managing technology risk and protecting critical information and infrastructure. Enhance your professional stature, expand your peer network and achieve your personal career goals. Your local chapter and ISSA International will provide you with a wealth of resources to keep you current with industry trends and developments in our ever-evolving field. What can we do for you today?

If you currently hold certifications, you can earn CPE credits by attending chapter meetings, ISSA Web Conferences. reading or contributing an article to the ISSA Journal or volunteering for activities associated with putting on educational meetings or conferences.

Developing and Connecting Cybersecurity Leaders Globally

Through involvement with your chapter and access to ISSA International resources, you can turn that value statement into a roadmap for your career and a vision for driving our own destiny as cybersecurity professionals. This is a growing field with a shortage of qualified professionals to fill out our security teams. Together we can use our collective knowledge and expertise to enhance our stature and influence within our companies and organizations.

“As IT security professionals, we are often called upon to advise a wide spectrum of issues. By being fully engaged in a peer organization that shares information, our abilities are enhanced to adapt and respond appropriately.”
Mike Godsey, Central Ohio Chapter

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  • Enhance your professional stature and advance the field of cybersecurity by sharing your expertise as an event speaker or contributor to the ISSA Journal .
  • Attend the international conferences. local chapter meetings and seminars that offer educational programs. training and valuable networking opportunities
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Joining the Metro Atlanta ISSA Chapter has been the best career move I have made on many fronts. As a chapter member I have expanded my network within the profession, widened my circle of influence and increased the breadth of my knowledge. As a chapter officer, I have received excellent training and experience in leadership, teaching and vendor relationships.”
Damien Suggs, Metro Atlanta

Partnering with ISSA International is a great opportunity to reach a targeted audience of information security professionals. Our members value your support and educational contributions in advancing the information security community.

Reasons companies that support ISSA reach a targeted audience of information security professionals

  • 81% of members come from companies with more than 1,000 employees
  • Web marketing programs reach all 10,000 active members around the world
  • 53% of members have an annual IS budget of more than $5 Million
  • 60% of members are CISSP Certified
  • 95% of members make, influence, or support purchasing decisions
  • Customized sponsorship packages designed to fit into your marketing strategy

Please contact Vendor Relations for a copy of the Media Kit: +1 703 234 4077 (local/international).

Security Risks of FTP and Benefits of Managed File Transfer #deep #web #search #engine, #hacker #news, #the #hacker #news, #kat #cr, #how #to #hack, #best #password #manager, #hack #facebook, #thn, #kickass #torrents, #latest #hacking #news, #tor #browser, #computer #security #breaches, #data #breach, #it #security #training, #android #hacking


File transfer services such as FTP or HTTP has been the most common way of file transfer for business requirements. Typically what a file transfer means is that a file transfer protocol such as FTP or HTTP is used to send the stream of bits stored as a single unit in a file system including file name, file size, timestamp and other metadata from one host to another host over a TCP-based network such as the Internet.

But this process is not foolproof. FTP, by itself, is not a secure file transfer protocol and it has a lot of security vulnerabilities. It s a known fact that FTP doesn t provide any encryption for data transfer. Most of the times, the requirement in any business is pretty simple: to transfer files between two endpoints in different locations, and the parties involved do not think much about how secure the file transfer process is going to be.

Using FTP for official file transfer can leave your data transmission exposed to many security attacks:

FTP Bounce Attack

Generally a file transfer happens when the source FTP server sends the data to the client which transmits the data to the destination FTP server. When there s a slow network connection, people often resort to using a proxy FTP which makes the client instructs the data transmission directly between two FTP servers. A hacker can take advantage of this type of file transfer and use a PORT command to request access to ports by posing as a middle man for the file transfer request; then execute port scans on hosts discreetly and gain access data transmitted over the network.

FTP Brute Force Attack

An attacker can carry out a brute force attack to guess the FTP server password by implementing a means to repeatedly try different password combinations until they can succeed in the break-in. A weak password and repeated use of the same password for multiple FTP servers can also help the hacker gain quick access. Once the password is guessed, your data is exposed.

Packet Capture (or Sniffing)

Because the data transfer via FTP is in clear text, any sensitive information such as usernames, passwords can be easily read network packet capture techniques such as packet sniffing. A packet sniffer is just a piece of computer program which can capture transmitted data packets and decode the packet’s raw data exposing data contained in the various fields of the packet.

When we restrict access to FTP servers based on the network address, it is possible that a cyber-criminal can use an external computer and assume the host address of a computer on the enterprise network, and download files during data transfer.

When operating systems assign dynamic port numbers in a particular order or pattern, an attacker easily decodes the pattern and identify the next port number which will be used. By illegally gaining access to a port number, the legitimate client trying to access the file will be denied and the hacker can steal files, or even insert a forged file or malicious file into the data stream which will be accessed by other legitimate users in the organization.

As we discussed above, there are a lot of devious means to intercepting an FTP-based file transfer and the chances of your data being exposed is also high. Networks that adhere to federal compliance norms such as PCI DSS, HIPAA, GLBA, etc. and those agencies and institutions that share government data, and customer records are at high risk if they just depend on FTP for file transfer. So, what s the optimum solution if not FTP?

Managed File Transfer Remedies the Vulnerabilities in FTP

Managed file transfer (MFT) is the best option for file transfer compared to all other file sharing methods such as using FTP, HTTP, TFTP, peer-to-peer file sharing and cloud drives. A managed file transfer server facilitates secure file transfer through the Internet by providing a high level of data security. The MFT server software provides secure internal, external and ad-hoc file transfers for both pull-based and push-based file transfers.

Though MFT also uses FTP for data transfer, this type of file transfer ensures the data is protected by using secure FTP (FTPS, SFTP, etc.) With B2B file transfers, especially in a DMZ environment when internal IP addresses need to be concealed, MFT server s authentication and data encryption methods help ensure secure, reliable and auditable file transfer.

MFT is widely used for securely transferring files over public or private networks and you can:

  • Perform secure file transfer via FTP, FTPS, SFTP, HTTP and HTTPS over IPv4 or IPv6 networks
  • Carry out ad hoc file transfer
  • Monitor the file transfer process in real time
  • Get notified of the status once the transfer is complete
  • Report on transfer activity and user access
  • Limit MFT access by user role and integration with Active Directory
  • Transport large wiles with integrity checks and protocol fidelity

When the secure file transfer is concerned at an organizational level, MFT server is the best option that ensures both security and endpoint management simplicity when compared to FTP.

Guest Post by:Vinod Mohan, Product Marketing Specialist Team Lead at SolarWinds with technical expertise in IT management and operations spanning IT security, SIEM, network management, application, systems, storage Virtualization management.

Work at Kelly Services #kelly #services #it


Kelly Services

It all began when William R. Kelly—founder of the temporary staffing industry—established Kelly Services® in 1946. The company’s traditional expertise started with office services, call center, light industrial, and electronic assembly staffing. Through the years, we expanded our expertise and established a proven record of successfully matching job seekers to opportunities in disciplines such as science, engineering, law, education, healthcare, IT, and finance. As a Fortune 500® company, Kelly® has evolved into a global workforce solutions leader, making employment connections for nearly half a million people around the world every year. Since our founding, we have embodied the true spirit of social responsibility. Our character and values resonate through our culture. Inherently—through our core business focus—we seek to improve the quality of life for our employees, their families, and their communities, as well as society at large. We embrace the role we play and the value we contribute to society—whether ensuring equal opportunity to employment, promoting safer workplace conditions, advocating for healthcare reform, or adhering to sustainable business practices. Together with our employees and our customers, we will continue to work toward ensuring that our legacy will remain strong for generations to come. For more than 60 years, people have trusted Kelly Services to help them reach their career goals. We are your proven link to employment opportunities that will pave the way for a successful future. Whoever and wherever you are—and with the right skills and attitude—Kelly can help you find a job, expand your career, and build your future.


Competitive pay and great benefits Kelly Services offers a comprehensive benefits package. Ask your Kelly representative about the benefits available in your area, such as:

  • Insurance options including medical, dental, vision, prescription drug, group life, and short-term disability
  • Vacation and holiday pay
  • Direct deposit
  • 401(k) enrollment
  • Skills enhancements and free training courses
  • Referral and other bonus programs


To be the world’s best staffing services company and to be recognized as the best.

To serve our customers, employees, shareholders and society by providing a broad range of staffing services and products.

To achieve our Mission.

We will develop innovative staffing services which meet the needs of our customers and contribute to their success

We will foster an environment which stimulates professional excellence and encourages contribution by all employees.

We will provide our shareholders a fair return on their investment.

We will demonstrate good corporate citizenship through the ethical conduct of our business.

Our Shared Values.

  • Integrity, Honesty and Ethical Behavior
  • Commitment to Quality and Customer Satisfaction
  • Dedication to Service and Personal Responsiveness
  • Professional Excellence and High Performance
  • Innovation, Creativity and Open-Mindedness
  • Employee Participation, Contribution and Teamwork
  • Diversity, Individual Dignity and Mutual Respect
  • Growth, Profitability and Industry Leadership


Terence E. Adderley
Chairman and Chief Executive Officer

Carl T. Camden
President and Chief Operating Officer

Michael L. Durik
Executive Vice President and Chief Administrative Officer

William K. Gerber
Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer


We invest in people At Kelly, we are dedicated to matching your skills and work preferences to the job that is right for you. By working with you to discover your likes, dislikes, and work preferences, we can pair your individual skills and personality to the perfect job. Quality jobs just for you We’re your connection to the world’s most-respected companies. We have got nearly 60 years of experience and a Rolodex of jobs with more than 200,000 entries to back it up. Flexibility to suit your lifestyle Whether you are looking for a full-time position or prefer the variety and flexibility of temporary work, we have the jobs that fit your lifestyle.


How long does it take to get a doctorate? Back to College Blog, how long does it take to get a doctorate degree.#How #long #does #it #take #to #get #a #doctorate #degree


How long does it take to get a doctorate?

How long does it take to get a doctorate degree

How old are you? 40? 45? 50? 54? Somewhere in between?

It’s taken you two, three or more decades to become as successful in your career as you have. And while you probably didn’t think too much about where you’d be 20 or 30 years from when you started your career, well, here you are.

The years of effort and professional growth have been worth it.

And just when a lot of people would be on the downswing or at least in coasting mode, you’re thinking of taking it to the next level, challenging yourself, growing in your discipline and transforming your career by reaching your highest professional level. You’re ready to earn your terminal degree.

What you’re doing is reflective of something champion-boxer Muhammad Ali once said, “He who is not courageous enough to take risks will accomplish nothing in life.”

It is a bold and courageous thing you’re about to do, but what an achievement it will be.

Some people may even try to talk you out of it. Some may shake their heads in disbelief. Others may secretly wish they could do what you’re doing. And still others will cheer you on and support you to completion.

The most important thing, however, is that you’re committed to reaching your goal. Of course, the right professional doctoral program designed for the working adult can help. But, ultimately, you’re the one who has to put in the effort and do the work required.

The question, then, is how long will it take to earn your doctorate degree?

Statistically speaking, a Ph.D. takes twice as long as a bachelor’s degree to complete. In fact, according to a CBS Moneywatch report , the average student takes a very long 8.2 years to go through a Ph.D. program – and that’s if they finish.

However, if your career objectives make the applied doctorate a good option for you , the completion time conundrum becomes a completely different equation.

So here’s the short answer for how long it takes to earn an applied doctorate degree:

Now here’s the long answer:

Because the truth is:

  1. Every doctoral program has its own structure.
  2. Every college or university has its own program requirements.
  3. Every educational institute has its own transfer-credit policies.
  4. Every student has his or her biases and circumstances that can impact outcome.

Each of these four factors will determine, in part, how long it will take to finish your doctoral studies.

For example, as designed, Franklin University’s three applied doctoral programs (Doctor of Business Administration or DBA in Management ; Doctor of Professional Studies or DPS in Instructional Design Leadership ; and Doctor of Healthcare Administration or DHA ) should take about three years to complete.

However, with up to 24 hours of previously earned doctoral coursework or professional certifications transferred toward the degree, at Franklin, it could take less than three years to earn your doctorate.

Of course, lots of other factors specific to you and your situation can also come into play when determining how long it will take for you to earn your doctorate.

So, how ready are you? Take this quick quiz to find out.

How much time do you have to invest in pursuing your doctorate?

  • None – but I’m doing it anyway.
  • I’m all in!
  • I’ll make it work on a part-time basis.

Quick tip: The more time you invest, the quicker you could finish.

Will you take any breaks from the program?

Quick tip: Taking a breather can be good medicineas long as you get right back to it.

What will be the subject of your dissertation?

  • I have several already in mind.
  • I want to consult with my advisor.
  • I don’t have a clue at this point.

Quick tip: Choose a relevant topic of interest with plenty of research fodder.

Will finances play into the amount of time you have to spend?

Quick tip: Don’t let financing get you down. Investigate the options, such as installment payment plans.

Will you take advantage of any available support resources?

  • I’m a self-starter so I don’t need it.
  • Everything I can.
  • Maybe some.

Quick tip: Student resources and faculty support can help you stay motivated and on track.

How self-motivated, ambitious and driven are you?

Quick tip: Know your capabilities and limitations, as well as be realistic about your expectations.

Did your answers make you think? Good. They were supposed to.

This little quiz isn’t so much about how you answered the questions, rather it’s to help you recognize that YOU have a lot of control over how long it will take you to earn your doctorate.

Want to accelerate your completion time? Try one or more of these ideas:

  1. Maximize your transfer credit. Ask the college or university about their policy on accepting previously earned credits or certifications. For example, did you start and stop a doctoral program already? If so, ask if they will they honor your prior credits. Will they give you credit for what you already know, thanks to professional experience or relevant credentials? Transfer credit can help you earn your applied doctorate degree faster, as well as reduce your overall tuition expenses.
  1. Choose the right program. While most programs require a year (or more) to complete the dissertation, an embedded dissertation process integrates the dissertation within the course framework so you have a head start when it comes time to focus on the dissertation. Online classes, an embedded dissertation process, faculty-supported mentoring, and the availability of student resources and learning communities can impact the length of your time in a doctoral program.
  2. Leverage all the support you can. Whether it’s help on the home front, on the job or through your chosen university, it truly takes a proverbial village to press on during times of difficulty or stress. Such things as faculty mentoring to guide your topic interests, a personal librarian to help with research resources, vibrant learning communities, peer support and more can really help to keep you motivated and on track for completion.

So, how long do doctoral programs usually take? If you pick the right program, work hard and remain focused, you can finish in about three short years.

Find out if Franklin University’s applied doctorate programs are right for you.

OEC – Philippines (PHL) Exports, Imports, and Trade Partners #it #companies #philippines



The Philippines is the 39th largest export economy in the world and the 57th most complex economy according to the Economic Complexity Index (ECI). In 2015, the Philippines exported $77.9B and imported $76.8B, resulting in a positive trade balance of $1.06B. In 2015 the GDP of the Philippines was $292B and its GDP per capita was $7.39k.


In 2015 the Philippines exported $77.9B, making it the 39th largest exporter in the world. During the last five years the exports of the Philippines have increased at an annualized rate of 1.3%, from $71.1B in 2010 to $77.9B in 2015. The most recent exports are led by Integrated Circuits which represent 26.5% of the total exports of the Philippines, followed by Computers. which account for 7.52%.

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In 2015 the Philippines imported $76.8B, making it the 37th largest importer in the world. During the last five years the imports of the Philippines have increased at an annualized rate of 2.8%, from $66B in 2010 to $76.8B in 2015. The most recent imports are led by Integrated Circuits which represent 12.3% of the total imports of the Philippines, followed by Refined Petroleum. which account for 5.47%.

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Trade Balance

As of 2015 the Philippines had a positive trade balance of $1.06B in net exports. As compared to their trade balance in 1995 when they had a negative trade balance of $6.34B in net imports.

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Economic Complexity of the Philippines

Product Space

The product space is a network connecting products that are likely to be co-exported and can be used to predict the evolution of a country’s export structure.

The economy of the Philippines has an Economic Complexity Index (ECI) of 0.298 making it the 57th most complex country. the Philippines exports 214 products with revealed comparative advantage (meaning that its share of global exports is larger than what would be expected from the size of its export economy and from the size of a product’s global market).

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Complexity and Income Inequality

In this version of the product space products are colored according to their Product Gini Index, or PGI. The PGI of a product is the level of income inequality that we expect for the countries that export a product. For more information see: Linking Economic Complexity, Institutions and Income Inequality and The structural constraints of income inequality in Latin America .

Explore on Visualizations page

Economic Complexity Ranking

The Economic Complexity ranking of the Philippines has increased by 5 places over the past 51 years from 62nd in 1964 to 57th in 2015.

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More on the Philippines from our other sites

Brazilian Municipalities that import from the Philippines

This treemap shows the municipalities in Brazil that imported products from the Philippines.

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Brazilian Municipalities that export to the Philippines

This treemap shows the municipalities in Brazil that exported products to the Philippines.

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Globally Famous People of the Philippines

This treemap shows the cultural exports of the Philippines, as proxied by the production of globally famous historical characters

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Globally Famous People of the Philippines by City

This treemap shows the cultural exports of the Philippines by city, as proxied by the production of globally famous historical characters.

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North Korea

Work Management Software, Web Based Work Management Solution #work #management #software, #project #management, #purchasing, #time #reporting, #hr, #it, #help #desk, #crm


Work Management Software

TrackerSuite.Net provides integrated Web applications that simplify Project Management, Time, Purchasing, HR, IT, CRM and more.

Experience TrackerSuite.Net! Would you like a hands-on evaluation of TrackerSuite.Net? Register today for immediate access to a demonstration site.

TrackerSuite.Net Web work management applications are accessed via Microsoft Internet Explorer, or through Firefox. TrackerSuite.Net can integrate with other project management software applications including Microsoft Project, most popular CRM applications and virtually any other Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) compatible enterprise platform.

TrackerSuite.Net is well suited for organizations seeking high-speed, Web based solutions over WANs, or as a powerful component of an enterprise Intranet strategy.

Advantages of TrackerSuite.Net

TrackerSuite.Net offers several competitive advantages for organizations looking for Web based work software solutions for project management, billing, CRM, HR and reporting. It provides customers with a flexible licensing model and the ability to better capitalize existing IT resources and applications. These key advantages include:

  1. INTEGRATED, MODULAR APPLICATIONS. Select the applications you need to cost-effectively assemble the solution you want. Licensing is based upon the number of modules deployed and the number of named users. Hosting options are also available .
  2. SOURCE CODE INCLUDED WITH LICENSE. TrackerSuite.Net utilizes non-proprietary, established Web technologies, including LDAP, SOAP and XML. Utilize your own IT resources to customize Tracker applications to your needs. Customization services are also available from Automation Centre, the creator of TrackerSuite.Net.
  3. INTEGRATES WITH EMAIL. TrackerSuite.Net leverages email to streamline workflow, with automatic reminders for late timesheets and project status reports, as well as approval routing for timesheets, expense reports and vacation requests. TrackerSuite.Net integrates with leading email platforms, including Lotus Notes and Microsoft Outlook, as well as Web based email services such as Gmail.

Automation Centre News

Read our news and press articles to learn more about Automation Centre and our product, TrackerSuite.Net.

Project Portfolio Management, Job Costing, Sarbanes Oxley and More

The modular, integrated nature of TrackerSuite.Net work management software allows organizations to assemble a wide array of business process solutions. including Project Portfolio Management, Time and Billing, Sarbanes Oxley Compliance, Project Financial Management, IT Service Management, DCAA Timesheet Compliance, Improving Resource Pool Visibility and much more.

TrackerSuite.Net is also capable of integrating with other software applications, including QuickBooks Online Edition, Lotus Notes, Microsoft Outlook, Great Plains and Oracle.

Role Based Solutions

TrackerSuite.Net applications provide a role based experience. with a configurable interface that provides users with the tools and information they need to work efficiently and effectively.

Executives: TrackerSuite.Net provides dashboards for projects, services and resources, and facilitates the organization’s EVM and SOX initiatives.

IT Administrator: TrackerSuite.Net provides solutions that deploy without a massive reorganization of IT and associated down-time. Administrators can better track and align projects and resources, and streamline and secure processes for time, expenses and purchasing.

Project Managers: Tools to managing projects and teams effectively. Simplified workflow with centralized project information and automated routines for status reporting and tasks.

Purchasing Managers: Streamlined, secured procurement that ensures projects and operational routines run smoothly, uninterrupted by delays.

Accounting: A system that streamliens and secures time and billing, and simplifies customer invoicing.

General Users: Easy to use applications that can be configured to personal preferences and needs, that integrate easily with workflow.

435 East 9th Street | Tucson, AZ 85705 | 520.882.9287 | Email Automation Centre

Copyright 2017 Automation Centre.

TrackerSuite.Net is a trademark of Automation Centre.

New York City IT Consulting & Support Solutions #new #york #city #it #support, #it #consulting, #computer #consulting, #local #area #networking, #help #desk


NYC IT Consulting & Support Since 1987

Since 1987, we have been working with New York’s top companies, working in diverse and unique projects as well as providing quality IT Consulting and IT Business Solutions. From designing and building large infrastructure projects to testing individual office computers for viruses, we have dealt with the complete expanse of IT Consulting related problems and hurdles. With Tech Alliance, you can be completely confident that we have the knowledge, expertise and experience to deal with even the most unusual projects or problems.

IT Consulting Services Include:

Keeping Up With IT

Times change. With it, so do technologies and the way these technologies interact in helping you achieve your business goals. Here are Tech Alliance we pride ourselves in staying on top of the latest IT technologies to further increase efficiency, cost savings, and ease of use for our clients. Our technicians are trained certified by the leading manufacturers so you have the confidence that the job gets done right the first time. Tech Alliance is the place for all your IT Consulting needs .

IT Consulting Services:

Need Help? Just click on the button below to get in touch with us!

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IT Asset Inventory Management Software for Software and hardware asset management- ManageEngine AssetExplorer #it #asset #inventory #management #software, #it #asset #discovery, #itam, #it #asset #management, #it #asset #inventory, #software #inventory, #hardware #inventory, #software #compliance, #software #asset #management


IT Asset Inventory Management

The first and the most important part of IT Asset Management (ITAM) is to be able to scan/discover all the assets in your network. Only when you have discovered all the assets can you efficiently monitor and manage them. AssetExplorer gives you a wide range of asset scanning methods to make sure that you get them all.

Asset Management

All the assets in the network are broadly categorized in AssetExplorer as IT Assets, non-IT assets, asset components, software and groups.

Product and vendor details

AssetExplorer Asset Management helps you create Product Types and list various products under this. You can fill various fields for ease of identification during addition of a product. You can also add the vendor details for a particular product such as vendor name, warranty period, price and much more.

Group assets and manage them easily

Grouping your assets lets you manage the assets and understand the context easily. Static grouping lets you add resources by selecting them as you wish. Dynamic grouping lets you create criteria for adding resources to this group. In the latter, whenever a new resource with that criteria is added to your network, that resource will be automatically placed in the respective group.

View software compliance with Flash charts

Software Asset Management helps you keep track of all your software assets and licenses. You can group the software through various categories such as Software Type, License Type, vendor name etc. The flash charts gives a easy-to-understand view of software compliance in your network. Read more about Software Asset Management in AssetExplorer.

Relationship between your business critical resources

Configuration Management Database (CMDB) lets you configure and monitor the various relationships of every business critical asset in your network. This helps during a change in the network infrastructure or during root cause analysis of a problem. Read more about the CMDB in AssetExplorer here.

Asset Scanning and Discovery

If you got it in your network, its got to be on your dashboard! To do that, following are the various scanning methods available in AssetExplorer:

The two primary ways to scan all the Windows machines in your network are:

Agent-less scanning

This scanning mode is set in AssetExplorer by default. In this method the scanning is done through Windows Management Instrumentation (WMI).

Agent scanning

In this method, an agent is installed in the workstation (in the same network or remote location) to be scanned. The first time, agent sends all information about the asset inventory to the AssetExplorer, after which it will send only the changes in the inventory.

More scanning methods:

Windows domain scans

Any assets coming under the Windows domain can be scanned using this method.

Network and network range scans

This method of asset scanning can be used for all IP devices, such as, routers, switches, printers and assets running Linux, Solaris and MAC OS. Enter the Network or the network range and AssetExplorer takes care of rounding up the assets to the dashboard.

Individual asset scan

You can also scan the assets individually by providing the IP address of the asset.

When all else fails or if you have a csv file of all your assets and want to import that file, you can just import the file and add all the assets to AssetExplorer.

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Software – Test, software for it.#Software #for #it


Software im Test

Software for it

Riesige Powerbank f r kleines Geld: 10.000 mAh im kompakten Geh use f r 13 Euro

CHIP Online – berblick

Test Kaufberatung – berblick

Software im Test – berblick


Software for it

H tten alle User weltweit bereits auf Windows 10 upgegradet, h tte der Verschl sselungstrojaner WannaCry keine Chance gehabt. Das glaubt zumindest Microsoft und unterstreicht damit die Bedeutung der automatischen Verteilung wichtiger Updates. Abhilfe soll die spezielle Windows-Version 10 S schaffen. CHIP hat das Super-Sicher-Windows ausprobiert und kommt zum Schluss, dass diese Version in der Tat gut gegen Angriffe gesch tzt ist. T glich nutzen w rden wir es allerdings trotzdem nicht, denn die S-Variante hat eine entscheidende Einschr nkung, die bisher haupts chlich Apple-User kennen. . mehr

Software for it

Zwei WhatsApp- und Facebook-Konten auf einem Smartphone – das will Samsung nun ganz einfach auf seiner Galaxy-J-Reihe erm glichen. Ein Kaufargument f r die Mittelklasse-Handys? . mehr

Software for it

Virenscanner sind wie Autos: Wer den Herstellerpreis bezahlt, ist selbst Schuld. Es gibt selbst bei brandneuen Versionen praktisch von Tag 1 an jede Menge Sparpotenzial und mit ein paar Tricks kriegt man Top-Schutz mit kompletter Sonderausstattung zum Schleuderpreis. . mehr

Software for it

eBooks kostenlos: Wir zeigen Ihnen die besten Anlaufstellen, um eBooks kostenlos herunterzuladen. So verschenken Amazon und Google t glich ausgew hlte eBooks, mit denen Leseratten ihren Kindle Co. bef llen k nnen. . mehr

Software for it

openSUSE und SUSE Linux Enterprise Server sind nun im Microsoft Windows Store zum Download erh ltlich. Damit sollte es jetzt relativ einfach sein, die Distributionen zu installieren und im Windows Sbsystem for Linux (WLS) laufen zu lassen. Allerdings d rfen noch nicht alle Nutzer darauf zugreifen. . mehr

Software for it

Lassen Sie sich nicht vom Namen t uschen, das Creators Update f r Windows 10 ist nicht nur f r Nutzer gedacht, die mit 3D und Virtual Reality unter Windows experimentieren wollen. Microsoft stellt zwar mit dem Update die Weichen rund um diese Hype-Themen, die meisten Neuheiten sind aber sehr bodenst ndig und f r alle Nutzer einen Blick wert. Microsoft verbessert Windows 10 an vielen Stellen, liefert interessante Neuheiten und entsch rft die Datenschutzproblematik. . mehr

Software for it

Beim Amazon Market Place stapeln sich die Windows-10-Keys – Das Microsoft-Betriebssystem gibt’s f r unter 20 Euro. Doch Vorsicht: Viele Nutzer berichten, dass die Keys bei Ihnen nicht funktionieren und sie sich ber den Tisch gezogen f hlen. . mehr

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Es ist schnell passiert: Wenn sich in der berweisung bei der langen IBAN-Nummer ein Fehler einschleicht geht das Geld womoglich an einen falschen Empf nger. Was k nnen Sie dann tun? . mehr

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Die Stiftung Warentest hat die die wichtigsten Steuerprogramme f r die Steuererkl rung 2016 getestet mit einem berraschend g nstigen Testsieger. Wir stellen Ihnen die Top 3 vor. . mehr

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Kostenlose PC Cleaner machen Schluss mit Datenm ll auf Festplatte und SSD. Sie m ssen mit dem Aufr umen zwar nicht auf den Fr hling warten, aber wenn Sie Wohnung, Auto und Garten in Schuss gebracht haben, werden Sie sich freuen, wie leicht das PC-Reinigen mit CCleaner & Co. von der Hand geht. . mehr

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Windows 10 ist das beste Release des Betriebssystems seit Langem – aber hat auch ein paar Haken. Hier finden Sie zu Windows 10 den Test, alles ber Redstone, Tipps & Tricks, neue Funktionen, Release, Infos, Preis und Download. . mehr

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Chrome und Firefox dominieren den Browser-Markt: Microsoft hat seinen Internet Explorer aufs Abstellgleis geschoben und wechselt unter Windows 10 mit Edge einen neuen Standard-Browser ein. CHIP hat getestet, welcher der beste Browser ist. . mehr

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Firefox hechelte bei den Innovationen lange hinter Chrome her. Doch abschreiben muss man den Mozilla-Browser noch nicht, denn er erfindet sich gerade neu. Auch bei Ausstattung und Bedienung ist er vorne dabei. CHIP hat Firefox im Test. . mehr

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Chrome hat sich ber die letzten Jahren einen festen Platz unter den Top-Browsern gesichert. Mit coolen Features und schneller Arbeitsweise h lt er die Konkurrenz in Schach. CHIP hat Google Chrome im Test. . mehr

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Bei den Steuern ist der Staat schnell und macht keine Kompromisse. Unter dem Strich werden Steuerzahler erst einmal abkassiert. Steuersoftware 2017 holt Ihnen zumindest einen Teil der gezahlten Steuern zur ck. CHIP zeigt die Steuersoftware 2017 im Vergleich und was WISO Sparbuch, Taxman und Steuersparerkl rung an Steuertricks drauf haben. . mehr

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