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How to Get Preapproved for a Home Loan

Loan preapproval begins with finding a good lender and culminates with a letter stating your buying power. It s a must-have in many markets. Real estate agents request it because they know many sellers won t take you seriously without having a mortgage lender sign off on your credit and finances. The scope and accuracy of a preapproval varies based on the lender and the information you provide. A preapproval is usually considered more reliable than the less involved prequalification letter, which requires fewer details upfront.

Couple meeting with a loan officer

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Doubling Your Effort With Two Lenders

A mortgage broker or bank loan officer can initiate the preapproval process with you in person, over the phone or online. Online mortgage lenders provide relatively quick results with minimal time investment on your part. You can answer the lender s questionnaire using your computer and upload supporting documents. However, if you prefer to speak with and interview a single point of contact, work with a loan officer at a reputable bank or mortgage brokerage. To get a second opinion of your loan qualifications, get preapproved with at least two lenders.

Factors Analyzed for Preapproval

Guidelines, loan terms and conditions for loan preapproval vary by lender and your individual financial circumstances. However, there are a few generally accepted rules you must meet to gain preapproval. To determine whether you qualify for preapproval, the lender analyzes your:

  • debt load as represented by a debt-to-income ratio
  • minimum credit score and history
  • employment history
  • assets

These aspects of your finances work hand-in-hand. While you may not excel on every front, having a healthy debt load and a 20 percent down payment, for example, can get you preapproved despite less-than-excellent credit, with some lenders.

General Guidelines To Meet

Your DTI ratio for housing costs, known as a front-end ratio. should range between 28 percent and 31 percent. Total monthly obligations, including housing, are expressed as a back-end ratio. The back-end ratio is usually no more than 36 percent, but may be as high as 43 percent. Lenders typically require FICO scores of at least 620 or 640. However, you may be able to gain preapproval despite low credit with a higher down payment. That s because the amount you contribute from your own funds to buy a home offsets the lender s risk. Down payments range from 3 percent to more than 25 percent, depending on the loan type and property type.

Documentation Needed for Preapproval

Provide your lender with recent income and asset information. Exact paperwork needed depends on your circumstances. However, you usually must provide:

  • one month of paystubs
  • past two years of tax returns and W-2s
  • two months of bank statements and three months of investment account statements
  • recent profit and loss statements and business licenses, if self-employed

Most lenders must know precisely where your down payment comes from to ensure that it s not borrowed. They check for large or unusual deposits and may require written explanations to document the source of your funds.

Preventing Preapproval Problems

Cooperation with your lender and honesty are essential to a solid loan preapproval. A preapproval isnt a commitment to lend and it s subject to subsequent verifications and documentation, such as a home appraisal. Should the home or any aspects of your finances fall short of the lender s requirements, you may no longer qualify for a loan. Be completely up front with your lender and avoid making the following mistakes:

  • not fully disclosing additional income, employment, funds or tax write-offs
  • failing to disclose debts not on your credit report, such as alimony or child support
  • overspending, financing consumer purchases or taking on new credit lines
  • borrowing money from friends, family or other lenders
  • misrepresenting any aspect of your financial situation

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Star Net Plus Insurance

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How long does it take to get a doctorate?

How long does it take to get a doctorate degree

How old are you? 40? 45? 50? 54? Somewhere in between?

It’s taken you two, three or more decades to become as successful in your career as you have. And while you probably didn’t think too much about where you’d be 20 or 30 years from when you started your career, well, here you are.

The years of effort and professional growth have been worth it.

And just when a lot of people would be on the downswing or at least in coasting mode, you’re thinking of taking it to the next level, challenging yourself, growing in your discipline and transforming your career by reaching your highest professional level. You’re ready to earn your terminal degree.

What you’re doing is reflective of something champion-boxer Muhammad Ali once said, “He who is not courageous enough to take risks will accomplish nothing in life.”

It is a bold and courageous thing you’re about to do, but what an achievement it will be.

Some people may even try to talk you out of it. Some may shake their heads in disbelief. Others may secretly wish they could do what you’re doing. And still others will cheer you on and support you to completion.

The most important thing, however, is that you’re committed to reaching your goal. Of course, the right professional doctoral program designed for the working adult can help. But, ultimately, you’re the one who has to put in the effort and do the work required.

The question, then, is how long will it take to earn your doctorate degree?

Statistically speaking, a Ph.D. takes twice as long as a bachelor’s degree to complete. In fact, according to a CBS Moneywatch report , the average student takes a very long 8.2 years to go through a Ph.D. program – and that’s if they finish.

However, if your career objectives make the applied doctorate a good option for you , the completion time conundrum becomes a completely different equation.

So here’s the short answer for how long it takes to earn an applied doctorate degree:

Now here’s the long answer:

Because the truth is:

  1. Every doctoral program has its own structure.
  2. Every college or university has its own program requirements.
  3. Every educational institute has its own transfer-credit policies.
  4. Every student has his or her biases and circumstances that can impact outcome.

Each of these four factors will determine, in part, how long it will take to finish your doctoral studies.

For example, as designed, Franklin University’s three applied doctoral programs (Doctor of Business Administration or DBA in Management ; Doctor of Professional Studies or DPS in Instructional Design Leadership ; and Doctor of Healthcare Administration or DHA ) should take about three years to complete.

However, with up to 24 hours of previously earned doctoral coursework or professional certifications transferred toward the degree, at Franklin, it could take less than three years to earn your doctorate.

Of course, lots of other factors specific to you and your situation can also come into play when determining how long it will take for you to earn your doctorate.

So, how ready are you? Take this quick quiz to find out.

How much time do you have to invest in pursuing your doctorate?

  • None – but I’m doing it anyway.
  • I’m all in!
  • I’ll make it work on a part-time basis.

Quick tip: The more time you invest, the quicker you could finish.

Will you take any breaks from the program?

Quick tip: Taking a breather can be good medicineas long as you get right back to it.

What will be the subject of your dissertation?

  • I have several already in mind.
  • I want to consult with my advisor.
  • I don’t have a clue at this point.

Quick tip: Choose a relevant topic of interest with plenty of research fodder.

Will finances play into the amount of time you have to spend?

Quick tip: Don’t let financing get you down. Investigate the options, such as installment payment plans.

Will you take advantage of any available support resources?

  • I’m a self-starter so I don’t need it.
  • Everything I can.
  • Maybe some.

Quick tip: Student resources and faculty support can help you stay motivated and on track.

How self-motivated, ambitious and driven are you?

Quick tip: Know your capabilities and limitations, as well as be realistic about your expectations.

Did your answers make you think? Good. They were supposed to.

This little quiz isn’t so much about how you answered the questions, rather it’s to help you recognize that YOU have a lot of control over how long it will take you to earn your doctorate.

Want to accelerate your completion time? Try one or more of these ideas:

  1. Maximize your transfer credit. Ask the college or university about their policy on accepting previously earned credits or certifications. For example, did you start and stop a doctoral program already? If so, ask if they will they honor your prior credits. Will they give you credit for what you already know, thanks to professional experience or relevant credentials? Transfer credit can help you earn your applied doctorate degree faster, as well as reduce your overall tuition expenses.
  1. Choose the right program. While most programs require a year (or more) to complete the dissertation, an embedded dissertation process integrates the dissertation within the course framework so you have a head start when it comes time to focus on the dissertation. Online classes, an embedded dissertation process, faculty-supported mentoring, and the availability of student resources and learning communities can impact the length of your time in a doctoral program.
  2. Leverage all the support you can. Whether it’s help on the home front, on the job or through your chosen university, it truly takes a proverbial village to press on during times of difficulty or stress. Such things as faculty mentoring to guide your topic interests, a personal librarian to help with research resources, vibrant learning communities, peer support and more can really help to keep you motivated and on track for completion.

So, how long do doctoral programs usually take? If you pick the right program, work hard and remain focused, you can finish in about three short years.

Find out if Franklin University’s applied doctorate programs are right for you.

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CashOne how to get prequalified for a home

“Student personal debt CashOne how to get prequalified for a home can be a various dog with assorted rules,” explained Diane Swonk, founding father of DS Economics in Chi town. “It has some good outcomes, however, not always.” Alyssa Pascarosa, 26, owes $100,000 linked to the bachelor’s education in sociology she acquired from the University of Pittsburgh in 2013. Your debt shapes almost all of her economic selections. Ms. Pascarosa initially planned to attend law university but modified her mind following realizing that seeking that career path would double or triple her personal debt weight. As an alternative, Ms. Pascarosa transferred way back in along with her mother in Easton, Pa. where she functions as a visual designer. “I wish to shift out eventually in the near future,” she stated, “but with my personal loans, I cannot warrant investing in rent payments.”

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Economists have discovered indicators that great college student personal debt levels have contributed to a slowdown in youthful adults’ household CashOne how to get prequalified for a home development along with a decline during early homeownership. There are lots of positive aspects, needless to say, on the boom in pupil lending. A lot more Americans currently have college or university degrees, which will possibly boost opportunities and earnings as time passes. Staff with a four-year school degree make far more as opposed to those with out them, in aggregate. And borrowing cash to acquire a college or university degree often turns out to be a greater expenditure than getting a home loan to buy a home. But just how that plays out can differ commonly in individual geographic places and profession fields.

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School loans are not the only place where financial debt continues to grow swiftly. The Latest York Fed CashOne how to get prequalified for a home statement also demonstrates how increase in car financing within the last ten years has created up for more slowly house loan lending. Car loans totaled about $1.1 trillion, or 9 % of all the family financial debt, inside the first quarter of 2017, up from 6 % inside the 3rd quarter of 2017. Defaults have crept up in car loans, among the couple of market sectors where loan companies were prepared to lengthen credit rating to subprime borrowers once the 2017 crisis. Label Zandi, key economist at Moody’s Google analytics, stated defaults on university student and auto loans were actually a “financial blemish” on usually healthful home balance bedding.

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“It will not be an existential threat to families CashOne how to get prequalified for a home and the economic climate,” Mr. Zandi mentioned. “It is definitely an place and then there is a few pressure.” More largely, the economic snapshot appears far less precarious than it performed in late 2008. The volume of month-to-month revenue that People in america need to devote repaying their debts is smaller sized, and career is flush. That created recently think that an opportune time for Caitlin Farrell, 34, and her hubby to purchase their initial residence, a 1,500-sq .-foot, two-room property in Sacramento. Ms. Farrell, who works being an education and learning coverage specialist, got her house loan from SoFi, a start off-up on-line lender that relocated to the home loan market place this past year. “We was booking and shifting through our 20s,” Ms. Farrell said, “and now looked like the proper time to get in.”


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Online Classes and Programs

Taking online classes provides you with the same quality learning opportunities as traditional campus programs, often at a fraction of the price.

With over 200 accredited universities offering online degree programs in a wide-range of fields, you now have the option to pursue your college dreams with unprecedented convenience and flexibility. Earning your college degree from the comfort of home can give you the best of both worlds when it comes to fulfilling your educational goals. In the past five years, the number of students opting to take online classes has nearly doubled, jumping to over 45 percent!

Explore the most in-demand majors being offered by accredited online schools.

Flexibility. Convenience. Anytime. Anywhere. You’re just 1 click away from your dream school.

Online Classes vs. Traditional Classes

Comparing the benefits (and limitations) of online classes vs. traditional, on-campus classes takes place from a variety of different angles and viewpoints. Sifting through these pros and cons does take some time and effort, but the process is well worth undertaking as it can directly impact whether or not you make the right decision regarding your educational future.

On the traditional side of the equation, taking classes on-campus allows you to immerse yourself in the “college experience” and interact with other students on a regular basis; two things that are highly important to many prospective students who are entering the world of higher education.

However, the importance of this traditional experience is rapidly fading away as more and more students realize just how convenient it is to engage in classes from the comfort of their homes. Working on a degree via an online program gives you the freedom to learn at your own pace and operate within the constraints of an already rigid or overflowing personal schedule. In addition, more and more accredited universities are recognizing that important learning opportunities take place outside of the classroom. As a result, a number of colleges now award college credit for life experience. a tremendous advantage for students with prior work or military experience.

The Benefits of Online Classes Programs

Taking your learning into the digital world isn’t just about tapping into the enhanced convenience of this process and getting to stay in your pajamas while working through classes online – even though many students do enjoy these perks. This approach comes with a wide array of advantages that translate well into a variety of life experiences and personal situations.

For working professionals, completing a degree online is all about flexibility and fitting their educational goals into a rigid or uncompromising schedule. The same holds true for stay-at-home parents and other individuals who simply can’t afford to spend hours and hours locked into classes on a traditional campus.

In many cases, online degrees are the most affordable way to earn your college degree. Whether you’re paying for college on your own, or tapping into an education reimbursement plan offered by your employer, it’s hard to beat the affordability that comes with enrolling in many of the online universities currently operating in the digital world.

When paired with the other benefits covered here, it doesn’t take much to see why over 5.5 million students have opted to enroll in online degree programs.

Choosing an Online College

Choosing an online college is all about pairing your educational goals and needs with a program or university that matches these criteria. The best place to start is by deciding what it is that you want to study in college. Without this ‘big picture” viewpoint guiding the way, it’s impossible to sort through the vast amount of potential online degree programs waiting for you in the digital world.

Of course, it’s also a good idea to ask yourself, “Is taking an online class really right for me?” Yes, there are numerous benefits that come with learning from home, but you have to be willing to give up the on-campus experience – student body interaction, campus atmosphere, etc. – if you decide to travel down this path and forego the traditional on-campus route.

When it comes to filtering through your online options, there are three key considerations that can guide you through this sometimes complex and confusing process: The accreditation credentials of the school, how you plan to pay for your education, and the degrees offered by the target institution. Being accredited by one of the major regional accrediting bodies will ensure that the online college you’re considering is legitimate and capable of providing you with a proper education. Once you ve decided on a college, you can then explore the scholarship and loan opportunities offered by the institution. Finally, the university in question will need to offer a degree program that fits your needs.

Search Online Colleges by Major

Finding the right online college for your learning needs is a lot like scouting out universities and colleges in-person; certain schools rise above the competition thanks to “flagship” majors and exemplary specialized learning programs, while others provide assistance and resources to incoming students that make the transition into distance learning a considerably smoother and more manageable affair.

If you’re truly serious about getting the most out of your time in school, it’s a good idea to start your search for the perfect online college by zeroing in on the majors and areas of study that pique your interest. Institutions that focus on psychology or engineering, for example, are more likely to provide incoming students with the unique digital tools and framework needed to match – or exceed – the traditional learning experience, while also setting these future graduates up for success in the real world via relationships with established professional organizations and work-placement programs.

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Drive-by shooting victim from Rolling Meadows gets rehab help from friends

Video: Quadriplegic after shooting

Chelsea Black, 20, of Rolling Meadows, was the victim of a drive-by shooting in November that has left her a quadriplegic. Above, Chelsea asks her mother, Liz Black, to put a blanket around her head.
Daniel White | Staff Photographer

Chelsea Black can use the internet with special technology controlled by her eye movements. Here she scrolls to a Facebook page and shows a photo of herself singing, a sign of happier times.
Daniel White | Staff Photographer

Chelsea Black, 20, the victim of a drive-by shooting in November that has left her a quadriplegic, hopes some day she will gain use of her limbs. She is being treated at RML Specialty Hospital in Hinsdale.
Daniel White | Staff Photographer

Chelsea Black, 20, continues her rehabilitation after being the victim of a drive-by shooting back in November. Above, her mother Liz Black frequently assists Chelsea, who hopes to gain some sort of limb function at RML Specialty Hospital in Hinsdale, before she is transported to the Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago.
Daniel White | Staff Photographer

Chelsea Black, 20, the victim of a drive-by shooting back in November that has left her a quadriplegic, is always happy to see her sister Tamara Black, right. Chelsea is rehabbing at RML Specialty Hospital in Hinsdale.
Daniel White | Staff Photographer

By Eileen O. Daday
Daily Herald correspondent

Liz Black of Rolling Meadows has graphic memories of the night last November when she learned her daughter, now 20, had been hit by gunfire while riding with friends in a car on the Northwest Side of Chicago.

“It was at 2 a.m.,” Black recalls. “They told me my daughter had been shot, and that it was serious. When I got there a chaplain met us, and the doctors told me she had been shot in the worst possible place.”

Monetary donations can be directed to: Chelsea Black Trust, MB Financial Bank N.A. Attention: Trust Department, 1400 Sixteenth St. Oak Brook, IL 60523.

For donations in a form other than a check, contact MB Financial at (630) 203-2742.

Her daughter, Chelsea, had been taken to Loyola University Medical Center in Maywood, where she was admitted as Yazmine Doe, since medical personnel could not immediately find any identification. Once hospital officials found her wallet, they called her mother.

Within days, Chelsea underwent surgery to reroute her nerves and insert pins in her spine. Doctors told her mother she would be a quadriplegic, with no movement from her chest down.

Chelsea was a member of the Rolling Meadows High School class of 2015, and she played basketball, tennis and softball, and sang in the variety shows. She is being treated at a rehabilitation facility in Hinsdale that specializes in weaning patients off a ventilator.

Chelsea Black, the victim of a drive-by shooting in November that has left her a quadriplegic, can use the internet with special technology controlled by her eye movements. Here she scrolls to a Facebook page with her mother, Liz Black. – Daniel White | Staff Photographer

Some of her former high school friends try to visit, but she mostly keeps in touch with the outside world through a specialized computer she operates with her eyes.

Doctors first told Chelsea she never would be able to breathe without a ventilator. She now is able to breathe on her own for short amounts of time, allowing her to speak softly.

“It’s just so awful that no matter who you are or where you’re from, that you’re not safe from a drive-by shooting that could take your life or paralyze you at any moment,” said Sue Dungan of Arlington Heights, whose daughter, Bridget, is a close friend of Chelsea’s.

Dungan and her husband, Chris, and Chelsea’s former tennis coach, Carol Martini of Arlington Heights, have established a trust fund for the family held by MB Financial Bank in Oak Brook, where supporters can donate to the family’s needs.

They also are organizing fundraisers to rally community support, including a live performance by Michael Ingersoll of “Jersey Boys” and his wife, Angela, on June 11 at the Metropolis Performing Arts Centre, and a women’s tennis tournament at Forest View Racquet Club.

“The family doesn’t have a support network, so we’re trying to do everything we can to help them,” Martini said, adding details of the fundraisers are still being finalized.

Liz Black said Chelsea describes having tingling sensations in her arms and a burning feeling in her legs, giving them hope she may one day regain some movement.

Martini, who coached Chelsea in tennis and badminton, said she has her relative youth and athleticism going for her.

“I’m sure that fierce determination I saw in her as a tennis player is getting her through each day,” Martini said. “I know she just wants to go home.”

According to Liz Black, Chelsea, then 19, had gone to hang out with a friend from Chicago whom she had met when the girls lived in the same apartment complex in Arlington Heights.

Chelsea Black, 20, a graduate of Rolling Meadows High School, was the victim of a drive-by shooting back in November that has left her a quadriplegic. She is rehabbing at RML Specialty Hospital in Hinsdale. – Daniel White | Staff Photographer

The two were riding with a third person in a car about 1 a.m. Nov. 4, a few blocks from The Brickyard shopping center in the Belmont Cragin neighborhood, when four shots rang out. One bullet ripped through Chelsea’s neck, tearing through her spinal cord and the nerves in her neck, and another hit her friend, an 18-year-old woman, in the abdomen, Chicago police said. The friend was also taken to Loyola, while the vehicle’s third occupant was not injured.

Police said the circumstances of the shooting are not known, and no one has been charged. The investigation is ongoing, police said.

Liz Black has worked as a driver for the Pace Suburban Bus Service for the last 15 years. Her husband died of a drug overdose in 2010, and the family lives in a rented house in Rolling Meadows.

Liz Black dreams of one day bringing Chelsea home, but she would need to move to a place that is handicapped accessible and obtain a vehicle equipped to transport her daughter and her wheelchair.

“My daughter has always been headstrong and determined,” Liz Black said. “She will get through this. There is no option other than to get through this.”

One of Chelsea’s dreams is to strengthen her voice and vocal chords enough to sing again. Back in high school, she was known for her singing and she even tried out for “American Idol” and “America’s Got Talent.”

Her mother remembers waiting in line with her for more than five hours with thousands of other potential singers, at Chicago’s McCormick Place.

On the spur of the moment, Liz Black said, Chelsea chose the song she would sing: “My Heart Will Go On,” from the movie “Titanic.”

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1. An extended narrative poem in elevated or dignified language, celebrating the feats of a legendary or traditional hero.

2. A literary or dramatic composition that resembles an extended narrative poem celebrating heroic feats.

3. A series of events considered appropriate to an epic: the epic of the Old West.

1. Of, constituting, having to do with, or suggestive of a literary epic: an epic poem.

2. Surpassing the usual or ordinary, particularly in scope or size: “A vast musical panorama. it requires an epic musical understanding to do it justice” (Tim Page).

3. Heroic and impressive in quality: “Here in the courtroom. there was more of that epic atmosphere, the extra amperage of a special moment” (Scott Turow).

[From Latin epicus. from Greek epikos. from epos. word, song ; see wek w – in Indo-European roots .]


1. (Poetry) a long narrative poem recounting in elevated style the deeds of a legendary hero, esp one originating in oral folk tradition

2. (Poetry) the genre of epic poetry

3. (Art Terms) any work of literature, film, etc, having heroic deeds for its subject matter or having other qualities associated with the epic: a Hollywood epic.

4. an episode in the lives of men in which heroic deeds are performed or attempted: the epic of Scott’s expedition to the South Pole.

5. denoting, relating to, or characteristic of an epic or epics

6. of heroic or impressive proportions: an epic voyage.

[C16: from Latin epicus, from Greek epikos, from epos speech, word, song]

ep ic

1. of or pertaining to a long poetic composition, usu. centered upon a hero, in which a series of great achievements or events is narrated in elevated style: The Iliad is an epic poem.

2. resembling or suggesting such poetry: an epic novel.

3. heroic; majestic; impressively great.

4. of unusually great size or extent: a crime wave of epic proportions.

7. a novel, film, etc. resembling or suggesting an epic.

8. something worthy to form the subject of an epic.


A long narrative poem usually concerning a central character of heroic stature, or incidents of national or tribal importance.

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1. a long poem telling a story of great deeds. heldedig قَصيدَه ملْحَمِيَّه епопея epopeia epos das Epos epos έπος epopeya. poema épico eepos حماسه؛ رزم نامه runoeepos épopée אפוס महाकाव्य ep, epska pjesma eposz epos söguljóð, hetjuljóð poema epico. epopea 叙事詩 서사시 epas eposs epik heldendicht epos epika رزمى شعر:، حماسه epopeia poem epic эпическая поэма epos ep ep epos, episk dikt โคลงเล่าเรื่อง destan 史詩 епічна поема افسانوی کرداروں کے شجاعت بھرے کارناموں پر مبنی طویل نظم thiên anh hùng ca 史诗

2. a long story, film etc telling of great deeds especially historic. epies مَلْحَمَه епос epopeia epopej das Epos heltedigt; stor film έπος epopeya epopöa هر داستان یا فیلم بلندی که دارای ویژگی های حماسی باشد eepos épopée סֶרֶט אֶפּוֹס वीरगाथा epsko djelo epikus mű epos löng og efnismikil skáldsaga, leikrit eða kvikmynd epopea 大作 서사시적인 내용(이야기) epopėja vēstījums par vēsturisku tēmu agung epos epos epika جنګى بولله يا حماسه، رزمى شعر epopeia epopee эпопея epopeja epopeja ep epos มหากาพย์ destansı 敘事史詩 епос رزمیہ پر مبنی کوئی کتاب یا فلم thiên sử thi 叙事史诗

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The British Constitution was to Montesquieu what Homer has been to the didactic writers on epic poetry.

He related his fishing, and his combats, with natural poetry of expression; his recital took the form of an epic poem, and I seemed to be listening to a Canadian Homer singing the Iliad of the regions of the North.

People do, indeed, add the word ‘maker’ or ‘poet’ to the name of the metre, and speak of elegiac poets, or epic (that is, hexameter) poets, as if it were not the imitation that makes the poet, but the verse that entitles them all indiscriminately to the name.

In this epic of which I have spoken, Buddha sees the lovely and virtuous Lady Aruna coming to greet him, says to his disciples:

A far-sighted Boston reporter slid away for a full copy of the epic and an interview with the author; so that earth had nothing more to offer Captain Bart Edwardes, ex-whaler, shipwright, master-fisherman, and poet, in the seventy-third year of his age.

It follows from all this that the ultimate, aggregate, or absolute effect of even the best epic under the sun, is a nullity: — and this is precisely the fact.

It topped the crest of cliff, black against the sun, like a battle-chariot rushing to destruction in some wild epic .

The pairing of the birds is an idyl, not tedious as our idyls are; a tempest is a rough ode, without falsehood or rant; a summer, with its harvest sown, reaped, and stored, is an epic song, subordinating how many admirably executed parts.

Theresa’s passionate, ideal nature demanded an epic life: what were many-volumed romances of chivalry and the social conquests of a brilliant girl to her?

I fancy, also, that I must by this time have read the Odyssey, for the “Battle of the Frogs and Mice” was in the second volume, and it took me so much that I paid it the tribute of a bald imitation in a mock-heroic epic of a cat fight, studied from the cat fights in our back yard, with the wonted invocation to the Muse, and the machinery of partisan gods and goddesses.

The poetry of the sun has something of the epic in it; that of fog and mist is elegiac and religious.

All Barsoomian dances are stately and beautiful, but The Dance of Barsoom is a wondrous epic of motion and harmony–there is no grotesque posturing, no vulgar or suggestive movements.

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Post grad internships

If you’re a new college graduate, you already know how difficult the entry-level job market is. And if you graduated without picking up any work experience, your job search may be even tougher.

But here’s something you may not know: You can still do an internship even though you’ve already graduated, and it may give you a better shot at landing a full-time job later.

If you’ve graduated or are about to and are struggling to find a job, a postgraduation internship is an option to explore right now. Don’t be put off by the myth that internships are for current students only. Consider these approaches.

Look for Programs That Offer Internships to Graduates

Sometimes companies and organizations develop internship programs aimed specifically at people who have already graduated from college. For instance, several areas of Children’s Memorial Hospital in Chicago — especially those with severe labor shortages in this tight medical care market, according to spokesperson Chris James — have created internship programs geared to recent grads.

Similarly, the Public Interest Program developed by Princeton Project 55, a nonprofit organization established by members of Princeton University’s class of 1955, helps recent grads and current students do internships with nonprofit public interest groups across the United States.

Develop Your Network

People you already know in organizations large and small can tell you about informal postgraduation internship opportunities. School alumni are particularly good resources, notes Brandi Baran, associate director of career counseling and planning at Hobart and William Smith Colleges in Geneva, New York.

We’ve had a lot of students reaching out to our alums via our Career Network to get advice and try to set up opportunities, Baran says.

Get a Job to Pay the Bills

Internships that are open to graduates often don’t pay much — or anything at all. That doesn’t mean you can’t or shouldn’t pursue them, says Nick Crounse, an assistant account executive for Sawchuk, Brown Associates, a public relations firm in Albany, New York.

After having trouble landing a job immediately out of college, due partly to lack of practical job experience, I began looking for internship opportunities, Crounse says. After interviewing and being offered a temporary gig, I realized I couldn’t afford to take an internship.

Crounse took a survival job for a year to earn and save money. He then contacted the person who had made him the internship offer the year before, and she made the same offer again, which he accepted.

So, one full year after I graduated college, I started my internship, Crounse says. Three-and-a-half months later, after my internship had ended, the company brought me back to work as a full-time employee.

Create Your Own Internship

Andrea Dine, assistant director of the Career Development Center at Macalester College in St. Paul, tells of a 2002 grad who wanted to work in government. The student was passionate about the environment and had strong communication and persuasion skills.

He researched political officials who had successfully campaigned with a proenvironment platform, Dine says. He then contacted a state senator who fit the profile. This senator had never had an intern before, but my student successfully convinced the senator to hire him to research and write position papers on environmental issues and handle constituent correspondence.

An internship might not be your first choice for postgraduation employment. But in this job market, it may be the best way for you to build the experience and personal connections you need to land the job you want — eventually.

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How to Get Off Junk Mail Lists

How to Get Off Junk Mail Lists. It’s one of the biggest pet peeves of nearly everyone with a mailing address: junk mail! Not only does it irritate the recipient, junk mail also wastes valuable resources and becomes a beast that takes on a life of its own. There is a way to end the torment of junk mail.

Register for a list. It may sound counterintuitive, but by contacting the Direct Marketing Association’s Mail Preference Service, you are putting yourself on a “Do Not Mail” list for their members. It does cost $1, but that will be a buck well spent.

Make some calls and send out letters. For those advertisements that usually come as flyers, or in bulk mailings packaged together, look for the contact information from the sender. This type of junk mail is normally sent to “Resident” or “Occupant.” Most catalogs have websites or toll-free numbers. Request to be taken off their mailing lists.

Stop credit offers. These offers come when you are lumped into a category that the credit company likes and are often preapproved. Contact the three major credit bureaus and request to be taken off their mailing lists.

Become unlisted in the phone book. If you do not wish to incur a monthly fee, ask that the phone company list only your name and phone number, leaving out your address.

Opt out when you can. All of your credit cards or any other companies or organizations you are associated with should have an option on their bill or website that will keep your information private. If not, enclose a note with your correspondence asking to be taken off any mailing lists they are associated with.

Beware of entries, registrations, contests and surveys. Each time you enter one of these, it’s likely that they will hand over your information to their affiliates.

Pay someone to get your name off those junk mail lists. If time is a concern for you, there are organizations that promise to reduce unwanted mailings for a fee. Green Dimes (see Resources below), whose focus is on how junk mail affects our environment, will plant a tree every month for every member they have. Green or not, there are several companies out there to choose from to help get your name off those lists.

Tips Warnings

  • You must reregister with Direct Marketing Association and the Mail Preference Service every 5 years: Mail Preference Service, Direct Marketing Association, P.O. Box 643, Carmel, New York, 10512.
  • It may take several weeks to be taken off mailing lists, so be patient and keep track of who you have contacted. Report any noncompliant companies.
  • For sexually explicit mailings, the post office has a form that will stop these. Visit your local post office and ask for form 1500, or you can download instructions and the form online (see Resources below).
  • Many consumers confuse new product registrations with warranty registration. Most often a card is not required to make a warranty effective; it is implied with the purchase.
  • Although these steps are designed to get you off those lists, there is no sure-fire way to eliminate all advertisements from arriving at your door.

How to Help an Alcoholic Family Member #how #to #get #help #for #alcohol #abuse


How to Help an Alcoholic Family Member

When a family realizes that one of their members’ “drinking problem” is actually alcoholism, this is a big step forward in handling the situation. Perhaps a “drinking problem” is something you talk to a person about, you ask them to improve their behavior for their own good. You suggest they cut back, not go out to bars as often. Then you wait to see what happens. And hope. But alcoholism, by definition, is a very different matter.

When there is no improvement over time, then family members – it could be a wife, a father, a brother or children – realize that the problem is really alcohol addiction. That is a problem that requires a deeper kind of help.

When a person is alcoholic, they are out of control of their drinking. When they have a glass of alcohol, they have to finish it. When there is a bottle of alcohol, it must be emptied. When a person is truly an alcoholic and they have already been given chances to stop on their own, then it is not time for more chances. It is time for an alcohol rehabilitation program.

How can family members help a person who is out of control of their drinking?

Stop hiding the problem. If you have been keeping it a secret, stop doing so. Tell other close family members, the family doctor, your family priest, others in a good position to provide real help and support. If everyone close to the scene or who can provide real help knows about it, then the problem can be faced.

Assemble support. Plan to talk to the alcohol-addicted person with whichever family members they respect the most and who can be the calmest.

Don’t try to talk to the person when he or she has been drinking or when they are highly stressed. Find a time when they are sober and as untroubled as possible. For most drinkers, this is early in the day.

As a calm, non-accusative team, confront the person with the damage being caused to the person. the family and other areas (job, business, finance, community, career) by the drinking. Be specific but as patient and uncritical as you can be. However, do not back down or sympathize.

If this is the first time you have confronted the alcoholic on their behavior. then you can consider whether or not to give them a chance to quit drinking on their own. If the drinking has gone on for some years, it is practically certain that the body of the alcoholic will be so addicted to alcohol that the person will be unable to quit on their own.

If the person has already been given a chance to quit and has failed and perhaps also provided plenty of excuses as to their failure, then this is the time to talk about an alcohol rehab facility.

If the alcoholic refuses to talk about going to rehab. the family will have to agree on the next steps to take. They may include refusing to bail the person out of legal, financial, professional or personal problems. If the person has been being housed for free, the family may have to agree to refuse to provide this support if there’s no trip to rehab.

If these steps fail, then consider if there is someone else that the alcoholic considers an authority. See if that person can help convince the alcoholic to seek help.

If all these steps fail, the next step the family should take is to contact an interventionist with experience working with an addicted person. Bring the interventionist in and give him or her all they help they request, to get your loved one to agree to get help.

These steps all lead up to one thing: The arrival of the addicted person at an alcohol recovery program. Alcoholism cannot be treated at home. It is best treated at a facility where the addicted person cannot get their hands on alcohol, where they have 24-hour supervision.

The Narconon Alcohol Recovery Program

In some 40 locations around the world, the Narconon drug and alcohol rehabilitation program helps alcoholics recovery a lasting sobriety. The Narconon program offers much more than just an environment where a person learns to discipline themselves to not drink. At a Narconon drug and alcohol recovery center, alcoholics have a chance to really handle the causes of their addiction.

Narconon centers have interventionists they work with to help bring in a person who needs alcohol rehab to save their life. Contact Narconon to find an interventionist who can help in your area.

Starting on the Road to Recovery

Recovery starts with remedying the poor nutritional state of most alcoholics. When a recovering person starts receiving calming minerals and vitamins to replace those destroyed by alcohol abuse, they start feeling healthier and even hopeful that recovery is possible.

Recovery then moves on to the next phase: helping the addict flush out all the residual alcohol and drug toxins that become lodged in the fatty tissues of the body. Normal measures like eating well or just taking vitamins do not cause this type of detoxification. The Narconon New Life Detoxification is a precisely controlled program of nutrition including healthy oils, vitamins and minerals, plus exercise and a dry heat sauna. The synergistic effect of these factors creates an environment in which the body can flush old toxins that have been shown to be involved in triggering cravings.

When detoxification is complete, the former alcoholic normally feels he or she has taken a large step forward in their recovery. They normally feel younger, fresher and more alert.

With these improvements in hand, they can proceed with counseling and life skills training to restore the integrity and good sense that will keep them alcohol free for a lifetime.

Contact Narconon to find an alcohol rehabilitation center near you today.

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Alcohol Rehab