Small Business Loan Application Example #business #loan #application #form


Bank Loan Application



New Relationship Branch:_____________________

Existing Relationship Officer:__________________


  • Business Name_______________________________________
  • Address_____________________________________________
  • Telephone ( )______________ Tax I.D.____________
  • Individual Name(s)__________________________________
  • Address_____________________________________________
  • Telephone ( )_______Social Security #_______Date of
  • Birth:_____
  • Proprietorship______ Partnership______Sub-Chapter S_______ Corporation_____________ Non-Profit________ Individual_________ LLC_________

Ownership Distribution: (List stockholders, partners, owner names) Note: Attach separate sheet if additional space needed.

  • Name__________Title________# of Years______%___ SS#_____
  • Name________Title________# of Years_________%___SS#_________
  • Name________Title________# of Years_________%___SS#_________

Nature of Business__________________Year Established_______ Number of Employees________

  • Years at Present Location_________[ ] Own[ ] Lease
  • Accountant__________Telephone ( )
  • Insurance Agent____________Telephone ( )
  • Attorney_____________Telephone ( )


Bank of Account______________Account Number_____________

Credit Relationships: Please provide details of your business credit relationships below:

Original Loan Amount____________Maturity____________
Name of Creditor_____________Purpose of Loan___________
Amount___________Presently Owing________________
Repayment Terms______________Date_______________
$ $
$ $
$ $


Amount of Loan Requested______________ Type of loan_________

Requested term of loan:___________________

Specific Loan Purpose (Check all that apply)

  • [ ] Working Capital
  • [ ] Finance Purchase of Inventory
  • [ ] Finance Purchase Equipment
  • [ ] Finance Purchase of Real Estate
  • [ ] Finance Purchase of Business
  • [ ] Refinance Existing Loan or Debts
  • [ ] Other

    Collateral Available* (Check all that apply)

    • [ ] All Assets (accounts receivable, inventory, machinery and equipment)
    • [ ] Specific Equipment (Please attach equipment list, including serial numbers or description of equipment, and invoices for new equipment.)
    • [ ] Real Estate (Please attach property address, legal description and a copy of most recent tax bill.) Square Feet Acres
    • [ ] Cash on Deposit at (name of bank) Branch Account #
    • [ ] Personal Assets (As described in Personal Financial Statement.)

      *Collateral: Loans are secured by collateral, which is property in which a security interest is granted to secure repayment of the loan. The loan collateral may include business assets, stocks, bonds, certificates of deposits, or personal assets. Consider (1) the value of the loan collateral must be equal to or greater than the amount of the loan, (2) expected economic life of collateral will be considered by the Bank in evaluating the collateral offered for the loan, (3) formal collateral appraisals may be required, and (4) a pledge of personal assets may be required as additional collateral for the business loan requested.

      [ ] Guarantors** (Please list)

      • Name__________Social Security #_________________
      • Address__________________________________ Name___________________Social Security #________________ Address__________________________________ Name___________________Social Security #________________ Address__________________________________

      **Guarantors: For incorporated borrowers, guarantees of owner(s) is usually required, unless secured by Bank deposits or marketable collateral. If personal assets are in joint names, a sole proprietorship, and/or partnership, the Bank may require all parties to pledge collateral.


      Please provide a brief history of your business, future plans and projections, and describe your products and/or services and competition.


      If you have been in your present business for under five years, please describe your previous business experience. (Include business background, management experience, and training, or include a resume.)


      The undersigned certifies that, to the best of his or her knowledge and belief, all information contained in this loan application and in the accompanying statements and documents is true, complete, and correct. The undersigned agrees to notify the Bank immediately of any material changes in this information. It is further agreed that, whether or not the loan herein applied for is approved, the undersigned will pay or reimburse the bank for the costs, if any, of surveys, title or mortgage examinations, appraisals, etc. performed by non-Bank personnel with the consent of the applicant.

      The undersigned authorizes the Bank to contact any bank and trade creditors it deems necessary without further notice, including, but not limited to, Dunn Bradstreet reports or information from TRW Credit Data.

      • Business Name (print):
      • Applicant Signature: Date:
      • Applicant Title:
      • Guarantor(s) Signature: Date:
      • Guarantor(s) Signature: Date:


      Please be sure all of the following documentation has been included in order for your business loan application to be processed.

      • [ ] Business Loan Application
      • [ ] Accountant-Prepared Business Financial Statements (Profit and Loss, Balance Sheet) for the past three fiscal years
      • [ ] Business Federal Tax Returns for past three fiscal years
      • [ ] Interim Financial Statements (if available)
      • [ ] Most Recent Federal Tax Returns for each principal owner listed in the first section of the Business Loan Application
      • [ ] Personal Financial Statement
      • [ ] Organizational Papers (Articles, dba papers, etc.)
      • [ ] OTHER:

      Bank Loan Application Review Example
      Reviewed by:___________________________

Regional Dermatology of Durham, LLC #how #to #form #llc


Our focus is skin health

We strive to create a pleasant professional experience.
Please complete our Patient Survey so that we may continue to improve.

Office Hours

If there is a possibility of inclement weather, always call the office prior to appointment to confirm we are open/closed or on a delayed opening.

Monday Thursday: 8:15 am – 5 pm
Friday: 8 am– 4 pm
Front desk is closed from 12 pm 1 pm daily

For appointments call 919-220-7546 or complete the online request form. Our office visits are by appointment only, and we make every effort to stay on time.

Minors must be accompanied by an adult to all appointments (even teenagers). If an adult (listed on the minor release form ) is not with the minor the appointment will be rescheduled. The minor release form must be filled out by a parent or legal guardian in the office (no faxes or emails allowed) and a copy of the legal paperwork provided so a copy may be added to the chart.

Online Services

You can manage many of your RDD services online beginning with an appointment request .

The Patient Portal gives you access to update your demographics and health history, see upcoming appointments, send receive messages with staff (24 hr. turnaround), as well as view your clinical summary pathology reports

Access your lab results online. Just choose the company used for your lab tests:

Missed Appointments

We will try to notify you with a reminder call or email at least 48 hours prior to your scheduled appointment. We require a 24 hour business day notice in advance if you are unable to keep your routine appointment, a 48 hour business day notice for surgery appointments and a 2 week notice for laser appointments. The fee for late cancellations and no shows are typically $50.00, $100.00 for surgery appointments and forfeiture of prepayment for laser treatment or consult.

Payment for cosmetic procedures is NON-REFUNDABLE if canceled within 4 business days of the scheduled procedure. For unforeseen emergencies, payment may be applied to treatment at a later date.

Call 919-220-SKIN (7546)

Patient Portal

Use the PATIENT PORTAL to pdate demographics, health history, see upcoming appointments, send & receive messages with staff, clinical summary & pathology reports

4321 Medical Park Drive Suite 102, Durham,NC 27704
Phone: 919/220-7546
Fax: 919/220-5805

RDD in Heath Healing

RDD Photos

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Forming an LLC in Nevada – Form an LLC Online in Nevada State #form #an #llc #nevada, #forming #an #llc #nevada, #how #to #form #an #llc #in #nevada, #why #form #an #llc #in #nevada, #form #an #llc #online #in #nevada, #llc #fomration #nevada, #form #an #llc #nv, #forming #an #llc #nv, #how #to #form #an #llc #in #nv, #why #form #an #llc #in #nv, #form #an #llc #online #in #nv, #llc #fomration #nv,


Nevada LLC Formation

New Entrepreneurs considering LLC formation in Nevada will be in for a pleasant surprise. An LLC is a bit of a hybrid entity nestled somewhere between a partnership and a corporation. Nevada LLC formation includes the best of the other three business structures (sole-proprietorship, partnership, S- and C- corporations) within a highly flexible, accommodating entity. LLC formation offers the option for having the single-tax, flow-through status enjoyed by partnerships with the added protection of a corporation. This effectively limits a member�s liability through clever, legal tactics.

LLCs may be managed by a Managing-member or a Member-partner. Members partners of LLCs benefit from the same limited liability protection as limited partners in a limited partnership (LP or LLP), but the LLC formation allows for all members to actively engage in managing the company without losing their limited liability status the way managers can in an LP.

LLC formation in Nevada allows members to enjoy the privilege of receiving distributions without regard to investment or capitalization contributions, and without regard to the amount of percent ownership. In other words, owners can receive a distribution in any amount they wish without regard to the amount other owners might receive, and without regard to the percent they own.

Nevada LLC formation also allows for the option to be taxed as a partnership. This eliminates potential double taxation that sometimes occurs with corporations. This is referred to as a flow-through tax election that is combined with the benefits of limited liability protection.

Other Nevada Business Resources:

Learn More:

  • Form an LLC Online
  • How to Form an LLC
  • What is a Limited Liability Company (LLC)
  • Cost to Form an LLC
  • Why Form an LLC
  • Forming an LLC in Your State
  • LLC Formation in Each State
  • LLC vs Corporation
  • LLC Publication Requirements

LLC Resources | Sitemap
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Form an is an affiliate partner of Hermeris, Inc..

North Carolina Accident Guide – Steps After An Accident #north #carolina #accident #information, #north #carolina #accident #forms, #north #carolina #file #accident #form, #north #carolina #if #you #have #an #accident, #north #carolina #car #accident, #north #carolina #car #accident #form, #north #carolina #car #wreck, #north #carolina #report #car #accident


Accident Guide in North Carolina

What to Do

If you’re involved in a crash, how you react afterwards can go a long ways towards saving you money and, depending on the situation, saving lives.

  • If you’re involved in an accident, don’t flee. You will be wanted by the law, regardless if you were at fault.
  • Take precautions to prevent other cars from adding to the accident. If possible, remove all the vehicles involved from the road. And then stay at the side of the road.
  • Offer assistance to the injured. Do not move an injured person unless there’s immediate danger, like a burning vehicle.
  • Contact the nearest law enforcement agency.
  • Exchange information with all involved parties. Be sure to provide your name, address, driver license number, vehicle registration number and vehicle insurance provider.
  • Try to get the names and numbers of witnesses.

The Law

Make an immediate report to the police if anyone is killed or injured, or if the total damage to cars and personal property tops $1,000. Failure to report the accident could balloon into legal hassles and result in a suspended license.

Parked Car Collisions

If you hit a parked car and leave a ding, try to find the owner. If you can’t, leave a note with your name, number, and insurance information on the windshield. Then, report the collision to the local police (campus police if you’re on a college campus) or to the highway patrol. If the note blows away, it’ll be considered a hit-and-run, unless it’s been reported.

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Join 1,972,984 Americans who searched for car insurance rates:


Benchmark Foam: Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) Foam Manufacturer #benchmark #foam, #foam, #eps #foam, #expanded #polystyrene, #coolers, #benchmark, #eifs, #architectural #accents, #insulation, #heated #flooring #insulation, #insulating #concrete #forms, #packaging, #storm #shelter, #sips, #insulated #concrete #forms, #roofing #insulation, #geofill, #geofoam, #lite #deck, #fold #form, #litedeck, #peanuts, #recycled #eps, #insul-skirt, #signs, #foam #signs, #composite #signs, #foam #forms, #cake #dummies, #thermo-snap, #thermosnap, #in #floor #heat,, #green #building, #eps360, #skirting, #concrete #forms, #concrete #form, #rv #skirting, #foam #shapes


Located at 401 Pheasant Ridge Drive, Watertown, South Dakota, Benchmark Foam, a manufacturer of Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) foam and other specialty plastics. Our products are used in building envelope applications essential to achieving energy savings in new construction and building renovations. Our skilled team is innovative, constantly working to solve your current and future needs. Visit our Products page for more information.

We know that your business depends on our product arriving on time. Our service response is so dependable, we back it with Benchmark Foam s On-Time Guarantee. Your product will be shipped and arrive by the agreed-to arrival date or we will discount your invoice 10 percent. We work to accommodate customer needs, giving you confidence when you place an order, even if it needs to be rushed. And we do not have truckload quotas, so no matter how large or small, your order will be shipped on time.

To learn how our products may qualify for federal tax credits and obtain our Manufacturer s Certification Statement, click here . Our goal is to be a benchmark of teamwork, quality and service.

Call Benchmark Foam for your EPS foamproduct needs: 800-658-3444 or 605-886-8084

401 Pheasant Ridge Drive, Watertown, South Dakota 57201

Phone 605-886-8084 Toll-free 800-658-3444 Fax 605-886-8099

Products Made In The USA!

EPS is a lightweight, versatile, economical, recyclable material that can be tailored to meet changing and complex requirements. Select one of the following topics to learn more:

How to Form an LLC in Nevada #form #llc #nevada


How to Form an LLC in Nevada

Here are the steps you need to take to form an LLC in Nevada. For more information on how to form an LLC in any state, see Nolo’s article on How to Form an LLC .

1. Choose a Name for Your LLC

Under Nevada law, an LLC name must contain the words: “Limited-Liability Company,” “Limited Liability Company,” “Limited Company,” “Limited,” or one of these abbreviations: “Ltd.,” “L.L.C.,” “LLC,” or “LC.” The word “Company” may be abbreviated as “Co.”

Your LLC s name must be distinguishable from the names of other business entities already on file with the Nevada Secretary of State. Names may be checked for availability on the Nevada Secretary of State business name database .

You may reserve a name for 90 days by filing a Name Reservation Request form with the Nevada Secretary of State. The application may be filed online using Silverflume. the Secretary of State’s web-based business filing portal, or by mail. The filing fee is $25.

2. File Articles of Organization

A Nevada LLC is created by filing Articles of Organization Limited-Liability Company with the Nevada Secretary of State. The articles must include: the LLC’s name and address; the name, address, and signature of the LLC s registered agent; the LLC’s dissolution date, if any; whether the LLC is run by mangers or members; the name and address of each manager or managing member; and the name, address, and signature of each organizer. The articles may be filed online using Silverflume. the Secretary of State’s web-based business filing portal, or by postal mail. The filing fee is $75.

All of the paperwork and procedural steps to start a limited liability company in Nevada can be done online using Nolo’s Nevada Online LLC Formation application.

3. Appoint a Registered Agent

Every Nevada LLC must have an agent for service of process in the state. This is an individual or business entity that agrees to accept legal papers on the LLC s behalf if it is sued. The registered agent may be a Nevada resident or a business entity authorized to do business in Nevada. The registered agent must have a physical street address in Nevada. A list of registered agents is available at the Nevada Secretary of State website.

4. Prepare an Operating Agreement

An LLC operating agreement is not required in Nevada, but is highly advisable. For help creating an LLC operating agreement, see Form Your Own Limited Liability Company. by Anthony Mancuso (Nolo) or use Nolo s Online LLC. If an operating agreement is created, it need not be filed with the Articles of Organization.

5. Publication Requirements

6. Comply With Other Tax and Regulatory Requirements

Additional tax and regulatory requirements may apply to your LLC. These may include:

EIN: If your LLC has more than one member, it must obtain its own IRS Employer Identification Number (EIN), even if it has no employees. If you form a one-member LLC, you must obtain an EIN for it only if it will have employees or you elect to have it taxed as a corporation instead of a sole proprietorship (disregarded entity). You may obtain an EIN by completing an online EIN application on the IRS website. There is no filing fee.

Business Licenses: As a general rule, all businesses doing business in Nevada must obtain a state business license from the Nevada Secretary of State which must be renewed annually. The license and renewal fee is $200. A license is obtained by filing Nevada State Business License “Other” Application. You may file online at the Nevada Secretary of State State Business License Only webpage, or by mail.

Department of Taxation. In some cases, for example if you have employees, you ll need to register with the Nevada Department of Taxation (DOT) and the Nevada Employment Security Division (ESD). For more information on state LLC tax registration, check Nolo’s article, LLC Annual Report and Tax Filing Requirements: A 50-State Guide .

7. File Annual Reports (Annual List)

All Nevada LLCs and foreign LLC authorized to do business in the state must file an annual report listing their officers, directors, and registered agent. The state calls this report an “annual list.” The first annual list is due by the last day of the first month after LLC’s articles of organization (or Application for Registration of Foreign Limited-Liability Company) were filed. Subsequent annual lists are due by the last day of the month in which the anniversary of the LLC’s organization falls–for example, if you created your LLC in June, each subsequent annual list is due by the last day of June. The filing fee is $150. The report may be filed online using Silverflume. the Secretary of State’s web-based business filing portal, or you may download the form and file by postal mail.

8. Foreign LLCs Doing Business in Nevada

To do business in Nevada, all LLCs organized outside of the state must register with the Nevada Secretary of State. Foreign LLCs must appoint a registered agent for service of process physically located in Nevada. To register, file an Application for Registration of Foreign Limited-Liability Company. The application must be filed by mail. The filing fee is $75.

Talk to a Business Law attorney.

Stock transfer form J30 template and guide – Inform Direct #share #transfer #form


How to complete a stock transfer form in 10 Steps

10 Certificate 2

Certificate 2 of the stock transfer form should be completed in the following scenarios where stamp duty is not chargeable :

  • Shares you receive as a gift and that you don’t pay any money or other consideration for;
  • Shares you receive from your spouse or civil partner when you marry or enter into a civil partnership;
  • When any shares are transferred to you as a security for a loan;
  • Shares that were held as security for a loan that are now transferred back to you when you repay the loan;
  • Shares held in trust when they are transferred from one trustee to another;
  • When any shares are transferred to you as a security for a loan;
  • Shares that were held as security for a loan that are now transferred back to you when you repay the loan;
  • Any transfer made by a liquidator as settlement to shareholders when a company is wound up;

However, if any of these conditions apply and the consideration for the shares is stated as nil on the front of the stock transfer form, neither certificate needs to be completed. In that case, the stock transfer form does not need to be sent to HMRC and there will be no stamp duty to pay.

Some transactions are exempt from stamp duty and also covered by Certificate 2. You should therefore complete this certificate if:

  • Shares have been left to you as part of a Will;
  • Shares are transferred if you get divorced or if your civil partnership is dissolved; or
  • Exempt stocks such loan notes, permanent interest bearing shares or debentures are being transferred.

Once again, where Certificate 2 applies you should delete “I” or “We” as appropriate in each place they appear and the certificate should be signed and dated as appropriate.

Where these exemptions apply and Certificate 2 has been fully completed, the stock transfer form neither needs to be stamped or sent to HMRC. There will be no stamp duty payable.

There are also some types of transfer which can qualify for relief to reduce the amount of stamp duty due or eliminate it entirely. You can find out more about these specific reliefs, the circumstances in which they apply and how to make a claim in the stamp duty section of HMRC s website .

If you want more information on how a stock transfer form is used, when stamp duty applies or other aspects of the share transfer procedure, check out our handy guide to transferring shares .

Web EDI – Types of EDI #web #edi,edi #through #an #internet #browser,web #form



Web EDI is simply conducting EDI through an Internet browser. It replicates paper-based documents as a web form. The form will contain fields where users can enter information. Once all the relevant information is added, it is automatically converted into an EDI message and sent via secure Internet protocols such as File Transfer Protocol Secure (FTPS), Hyper Text Transport Protocol Secure (HTTPS) or AS2.

The ease of rolling out a Web EDI solution facilitates the participation of all your trading partners. This can be especially beneficial when working with partners in countries where IT and EDI skills are limited. Companies are not required to install any EDI software or manage a complex EDI environment.

In its simplest form, Web EDI enables small- and medium-sized businesses to create, receive, turn around and manage electronic documents using a browser. Simple pre-populated forms enable businesses to communicate and comply with their trading partners requirements using built-in business rules. Trading partners anywhere in the world can connect without dedicating IT resource to their EDI implementation.

Web EDI is traditionally based around the hub and spoke model, in which the major trading partner acts as the hub and the smaller partners as the spokes. In this model:

  • The hub organisation implements EDI and develops a web forms option for use by its small and medium-size trading partners.
  • These web forms may be hosted on the hub s site or that of an EDI network service provider.
  • Trading partners connect to the web forms via web browser to exchange documents as forms that are converted to EDI documents behind the scenes for subsequent processing by the hub.

Sainsbury – s Job Application Form – Find Sainsbury Jobs Vacancies Near You – Job Application Form #coupons #and #codes

#sainsburys jobs


Sainsbury s Job Application Form – Find Sainsbury Jobs Vacancies Near You

Everyone wants their works could be recognized and valued. There is a workplace committing about this, Sainsbury s. It means Sainsbury s job application form is your way to make your dream to work at one of the oldest retail chain come true. Moreover when you know that your prospective workplace is exciting, rewarding and enjoyable workplace.

Briefly, if you are looking for a great environment for placing your skill and talent in the proper place, then Sainsbury s could be that place. Sainsbury s is an established supermarket chains. In addition, many people said that Sainsbury s is like the combination of upmarket supermarkets such as M S and Waitrose as well as more price focused retailers like Tesco and Asda.

Description of Sainsbury s

Sainsbury s was initially begun from a small fresh foods retailer in Holborn, London more than a century ago. In 1869, John James Sainsbury and his wife Mary Ann were opened the fresh food retailer. In line with it s growth, the store was expanding from just fresh food retailer into groceries retailer. Several years later, the store chains keep growing. When it was incorporated as a private company, soon after, it became the UK s largest groceries group.

Sainsbury s was also pioneering a self-service supermarket in the United Kingdom. And it has been transformed into well-known supermarket chain that offers high quality of nationally branded goods with a lower price.

Nowadays, Sainsbury s operates in more than a thousand locations, including Convenience or Forecourt Store, Hypermarket/Supercenter/Superstore, and Supermarket. Considering numbers of stores as well as market share, Sainsbury s is recognized as third largest retailer chain in the UK. In addition, over 150,000 employees were involved in order to support their retail business.

Sainsbury s Corporate Office address

Sainsbury s Headquarters
33 Holborn,

Sainsbury’s Careline: 0800 636 262
Sainsbury’s Online: 0800 328 1700
Sainsbury’s Bank: 0500 40 50 60
Sainsbury’s Energy: 0800 316 0316
Sainsbury’s Mobile: 0870 990 9694
Sainsbury’s Switchboard: 020 7695 6000
Sainsbury’s Gift Cards: 0800 636 262
Nectar card enquiries: 0844 811 08 11
Sainsbury’s Business Direct: 0870 0101 351

Sainsbury s Jobs

Sainsbury s offers wide range jobs. You can find Sainsbury s jobs as Sainsbury s Stores positions, Store Management Careers, Store Support Center employment, Logistics Jobs, Pharmacy Opportunities, even jobs vacancies for graduates.
You can easily find Sainsbury s jobs by checking out Sainsbury s careers site regularly. That s right, Sainsbury s will provide new listed jobs from stores, as well as home office jobs. So, when you visit that site and you cannot find even a single position on the nearest local Sainsbury s stores, it means you have to check back couple days later on regular basis.

The most common position that you can easily find at Sainsbury s careers site are Groceries Online Shopper, General Assistant, Customer Service Assistant, Counter Assistant, Code Controller, Petrol Customer Service Assistant, Convenience Customer Service Assistant, Team Leader-in-Training, Team Leader-in-Training. Sales Assistant, Warehouse Assistant, Counter Assistant, Groceries Online Driver, Mini Bakery Assistant, Pharmacy Manager, Dispensing Assistant, Pharmacist, Hospital Dispensing Technician, Supply Chain Data Analyst, Senior Systems Administrator, Price Analyst and others.

Please find further info about those jobs on Sainsbury s careers webpage. Before you send Sainsbury s applications, make sure you take a look at the location carefully. And please consider these things as well. Sainsbury s is always looking for candidates that have great passion, enthusiasm, commitment, respect, service as well as performance. So, if you think that you are one of them, you could simply search Sainsbury s job vacancies and are welcome to send Sainsbury s Job application form online .

How to Send Sainsbury s Job Application Form

In order to apply Sainsbury s job vacancies you can use Sainsbury s job application online. And it is the recommended way for every applicant. Commonly, each Sainsbury s jobs will be listed on it s careers webpage. Applicant must check it regularly. For better compatibility, you are recommended to use popular browser like Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox to access Sainsbury s careers site.

When you look at Sainsbury s careers site, you will find that it is one of comprehensive online recruitment system. Sainsbury s give you a clear guidance regarding how to apply or how to establish careers with them.

So, if you are more than 18 years old and have the right to work in United Kingdom, then please do not hesitate to prepare your own Sainsbury s job application form online. At the beginning, you should visit Sainsbury s careers site on On that careers page, you can simply search Sainsbury s jobs either in Stores, Store Management, Store Support Center, Logistics, or Pharmacy. Once search results appears and you see position you looked for, then you can view the details by clicking Detail and How to Apply link. Once short job overview appears, then find and click apply button. It will bring you to advance jobs description for respective jobs. If you think you met that job s requirements, click Apply Now button to begin preparing step by step Sainsbury s job application form online. However, to apply Sainsbury s jobs, you must register and have an account.

Human Resources: and PeopleAnswers, Inc, form Partnership #total #jobs


# and PeopleAnswers, Inc. form Partnership to provide Employers and Recruiters with Assessment Services

North Miami Beach, FL. – November 28, 2007 –, the leading online job board designed for the retail community, today announced a partnership with PeopleAnswers, Inc. which will provide behavioral assessment solutions for employee selection.

“This new service will provide our clients with behavioral assessments for retail job applicants and existing employees,” said Don Firth, president CEO of “The service will assist our retail clients to fill positions with employees who will be more productive and stay employed longer.”

Now in its seventh year of operation, continues to be the leading retail job board, with more than 550,000 monthly visits from retail candidates seeking employment.

“PeopleAnswers is keen to launch this partnership as it enables us to further maximize our value to our key retail clients,” said Gabriel Goncalves, president and CEO of PeopleAnswers.

PeopleAnswers is an industry leader in the behavioral assessment marketplace and differentiates itself by providing highly predictive technology that scales to any size retailer. PeopleAnswers customers experience reduced turnover and increased sales by hiring employees recommended by its software. is the leading online retail specialty career and recruiting job board and winner of the Weddle’s User’s Choice Award for 2007 for ‘Best Job Board.’ Weddle’s is the recognized expert on Internet recruiting sites. is a Charter Member of the (IAEWS) International Association of Employment Web Sites . The IAEWS acts as a reliable source of timely and accurate information about the services, practices, and status of the global online employment services industry.

About PeopleAnswers, Inc.:

PeopleAnswers’ web-based software uses proven and validated Industrial Psychology principles to gain an unprecedented level of insight into the future capabilities of each potential hire. Clients such as Macy’s, Neiman Marcus, Famous Footwear, and Michaels’ Stores are leveraging PeopleAnswers to consistently increase their quality of hire and reduce their unwanted employee turnover across the board. To find out more, please go to .

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