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Financial Aid

Welcome to the Student Financial Aid Office! Our goal is to help you secure the resources you need to attend the University of Wisconsin Colleges. We encourage you to explore the information available here to assist with your educational expenses.

Award Guides

Review the documents below for important information about your financial aid award.

Apply for Aid: UW Colleges’ code is 003897

Apply for aid by completing a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA ). Complete a 2016-2017 FAFSA for summer 2017 or a 2017-2018 FAFSA for fall 2017 / spring 2018 / summer 2018.

Beginning with the 2017-18 FAFSA , students (and parents, as appropriate) are required to report income information from an earlier tax year. With the change for the 2017-18 FAFSA, 2015 federal tax information is reported. rather than 2016 information.

Note. UW Colleges’ FAFSA priority application date is February 1, 2017 for the 2017-2018 academic year. Only students admitted as degree seeking are eligible for financial aid; students admitted as nondegree are ineligible.

Verification and Providing Income Information

If selected for Verification. a student may have to provide forms and tax documents to the Student Financial Aid Office. In order to provide tax and income information, students (and parents for Dependent aid applicants) may submit a signed copy of a Federal 1040/1040A/1040EZ tax return or request a Tax Return Transcript from the IRS if a copy of the return is not available. The FAFSA’s IRS Data Retrieval Tool is currently unavailable.

Students: Check Your UWC Student Email

On an ongoing basis, you are expected to check your UW Colleges student email account for information from the Student Financial Aid Office and other administrative offices. It is important that UWC email is reviewed, once a week at a minimum, so notices may be addressed in a timely manner.


About UW Colleges’ Financial Aid Office

The University of Wisconsin Colleges Student Financial Aid Office serves students attending:
UW-Baraboo/Sauk County, UW-Barron County, UW-Fond du Lac, UW-Fox Valley, UW-Manitowoc,
UW-Marathon County, UW-Marinette, UW-Marshfield/Wood County, UW-Richland, UW-Rock County,
UW-Sheboygan, UW-Washington County, UW-Waukesha, and UW Colleges Online.

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Finding Your First Financial Adviser After 50

Financial planner cincinnati

You’ve heard about financial advisers your whole adult life, professionals who reputedly combined the know-how of accountants with the money wizardry of seasoned investors. So how come you’ve never been to a financial adviser?

The possible reasons are many.

Why People Don’t Hire a Financial Adviser

“I think some folks believe they’ll be sold something they don’t need,” said Sterling Raskie, instructor of finance at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign. Others, Raskie said, may be apprehensive about dealing with their finances. In addition, “some are afraid a financial adviser might be too expensive, while others may not know where to look for one,” Raskie added.

People put off going to a financial adviser for “the same reason I put off doing my taxes: It’s boring and sometimes painful,” said Taylor Schulte, a Certified Financial Planner and founder of Define Financial in San Diego. “A research group once described financial planning as feeling like a mix between a dental visit, math class and marriage therapy.”

Some are afraid a financial adviser might be too expensive, while others may not know where to look for one.

— Sterling Raskie, University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign

“We often hear something along the lines of, ‘I’ve made it this far without a financial adviser, why do I need you now?’” Schulte said. “After 30 years of managing their own finances, it’s not always easy to turn the keys over.”

What a Financial Adviser Does and Charges

A recent Northwestern Mutual survey found that nearly seven in 10 Americans say they don’t have a trusted money adviser. And almost half (45 percent) don’t know where to get the help they need.

Ready to get a financial adviser? First be sure you understand what a financial adviser is and does. “For some, a quick talk with their broker counts as seeing a financial adviser. I disagree,” said Eve Kaplan of Kaplan Financial Advisers in Berkeley Heights, N.J.

Financial advisers should help you map a money plan based on your goals, discuss asset allocation options for your investments and help keep you on track with your plan. He or she shouldn’t try to predict the market or forecast precise returns on your investments.

Advisers generally charge a flat fee (either hourly or based on the percentage of your assets the adviser handles), earn a commission on products sold or work for some combination of the two. It’s important to decide what compensation arrangement meets your needs and your best interests.

Why People Look for Advisers After 50

A major life event often triggers someone over 50 to call a financial adviser for the first time: a death in the family, a divorce or an inheritance, for example.

The accountant of a retired couple recently referred them to Schulte after the husband’s mother died. “For the first time in their life, they had a seven-figure account balance. Along with cash distributions and retirement accounts, they also inherited fractional shares of both commercial and residential real estate,” he said. “The number of moving parts urged them to contact a professional to be sure they made smart decisions.”

In other cases, impending retirement is reason enough. “After 50, some folks are done funding college and they suddenly realize retirement looms – and perhaps they are woefully unprepared,” Kaplan added.

Bouncing From One Adviser to Another

Rita Jensen, of New York City, first saw a financial adviser a few years ago, after turning 66. “I had just sold my co-op and was flush with cash,” she said. “I wanted expert advice. I didn’t do it before because I was distracted: work, kids and so on.”

But Jensen wasn’t pleased with the firm. “What they really offered was to advise me for all sorts of fees to keep my crucial documents in their vault and then invest my money for me. Which they delegated to another firm. I was underwhelmed.”

Jensen found one adviser at her bank, “a youngish man … I think he churned my account, because it never really grew,” she recalled. “I got annoyed when he and his team couldn’t estimate for me how much my RMDs [required minimum distributions from retirement plans] would be.

Then she had a financial adviser from another bank. That didn’t work out well either. “I just picked her from the phone book because her office was near my office. I kind of liked her, an older woman, and I felt she looked out for me. But a large portion of my savings was in money markets and I didn’t really experience any growth.”

Jensen eventually found what she thinks is reliable adviser — through her niece. “I hope this one works out okay,” she said. “I am so busy that and so poorly informed that I just look at the bottom line once in a while and check that I haven’t lost money and hope I actually gained. But at least my current adviser was able to accurately estimate my RMD.”

Locating Local Financial Advisers

Discount brokerage houses such as Vanguard and Schwab will offer financial advice, but to find a self-employed adviser or small firm you can use your ZIP code to search the sites of the Certified Financial Planner Board or The National Association of Personal Financial Advisors, a group of advisers who charge fees and don’t take commissions on financial products.

Once you have the names of a few potential advisers (you might ask your friends and family for ones they’ve been happy using, too), you’ll next want to vet them to match your comfort level, goals and wallet.

Generally financial advisers hold designations that reveal much about their expertise. For example, a Certified Financial Planner (CFP) designation means the adviser passed requirements of the Certified Financial Planner Board of Standards. A Chartered Financial Consultant (ChFC) designation requires at least three years’ experience in the financial industry before passing finance courses at The American College.

You can vet an adviser using tools on the sites of the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission or FINRA.

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Core BackOffice Systems and FoxTrot Software Form a Strategic Alliance That Will Allow Their Products


Core BackOffice Systems and FoxTrot Software Form a Strategic Alliance That Will Allow Their Products To Interface and Share Data

San Diego, CA (PRWEB) October 20, 2006

Core BackOffice Systems and FoxTrot Software form a strategic alliance that will allow their products to interface and share data. Their software solutions will provide an entire, integrated solution for financial industry companies looking to automate their business.

Core’s Document Management System and Task Management Workflow System will be able to share data with FoxTrot’s Compliance Commission system. For example, this will allow Core BackOffice’s Document Imaging System to reference detailed FoxTrot client information when indexing documents for proper storage. In turn, FoxTrot system users will be able to reference all of the digital documents associated with each individual account. This will save valuable time, improve customer service, and reduce clerical errors for businesses that use both systems.

FoxTrot Software, based out of San Diego, is a leading-edge developer of Broker Dealer Back Office Management Software. Their system provides comprehensive compliance, commission and product management features. FoxTrot also gives brokers online access to review, print or download a variety of reports including their Commission Statements, Client Lists, Production Reports and Consolidated Client Account Position Reports. The latest addition to online access allows brokers to interactively fill-out any PDF form online with their existing client data.

Core BackOffice Systems is a San Diego based technology firm specializing in custom software creation, IT consulting, and hardware manufacturing. Core s software solutions offer complete document imaging capabilities, secure client database records, job ticketing – workflow tracking, and reporting features. Core BackOffice s web distributable solutions are built on the latest Microsoft.Net technology, and are priced substantially lower than other software industry competitors.

Core BackOffice’s clients range from small business offices to large sized corporations. Core currently provides business-wide enterprise software solutions to the Financial Broker Dealer, Insurance, Banking, Mortgage, and Legal industries. Core BackOffice Systems can be reached at (858) 613-1393 or on the web at .

For more information please contact:

Cliff Haskins, VP Sales and Marketing

Core BackOffice Systems, Inc.

11956 Bernardo Plaza Drive

San Diego, CA 92128

(858) 613-1393, x802

FoxTrot Software Systems, LLC

560 N. Coast Highway 101

Why Should I Care if My Financial Advisor is a Fiduciary? #financial #advisor #chicago #il


Why Should I Care if My Financial Advisor is a Fiduciary?

The Department of Labor recently released its final draft of their fiduciary rules mandating that financial advisors place their client s best interests first when offering advice on their retirement accounts. Here is a post I wrote just before the release. DOL Fiduciary Rules What Do They Mean For You?

Much has been written of late, and more will be written (including on this site), about the issue of financial advisors as fiduciaries under the new DOL fiduciary rules. The phase-in of the new rules begins in April of 2017, with full implementation on January 1, 2018.

At the end of the day, however, why should you as an investor care if your financial advisor is a fiduciary?

Definition of a Fiduciary

fi•du•ci•ar•yA financial advisor held to a Fiduciary Standard occupies a position of special trust and confidence when working with a client. As a Fiduciary, the financial advisor is required to act with undivided loyalty to the client. This includes disclosure of how the financial advisor is to be compensated and any corresponding conflicts of interest.

This is the definition of Fiduciary used by NAPFA (National Association of Personal Financial Advisors) the largest professional organization of fee-only financial advisors in the United States.

Why should you care if your financial advisor is a fiduciary?

Stock brokers are regulated by FINRA, who required them to make recommendations that are suitable for their clients. I’ve never come across a good definition of what suitable really means. Here is one definition I did find several years ago on the website of Clausen Miller a law firm with offices in major U.S. and international cities:

The suitability rule provides that when a financial representative recommends to an investor the purchase, sale or exchange of any security, a financial representative shall have reasonable grounds for believing that the recommendation is suitable for such investor upon the basis of the facts, if any, disclosed by such investor as to his or her other security holdings and as to his or her financial situation and needs.

This really doesn’t specify anything about loyalty to the client, disclosure or anything else. The word reasonable is quite vague at best.

This brings me to the reason that clients should care if their financial advisor is a fiduciary. As a client I would want to know that my financial advisor is acting with my best interests at heart, that he or she is making recommendations to me that are in my best interest. In fact, as you receive disclosures telling you that your broker, financial advisor or registered rep is now a fiduciary acting in your best interests a logical question is, Weren t you doing this in the past?

Several years ago Charles Schwab ran an ad depicting a brokerage office pushing the stock of the day and used the phrase “…let’s put lipstick on this pig…” While humorous (and perhaps exaggerated) I fear that it did reflect the mentality of many product pushing sales people calling themselves financial advisors.

Many investors don t understand

The worst part is that most of the investing public doesn’t really understand all of this. Many financial advisors who were previously subject to the suitability rules are competent and concerned with the welfare of their clients. They make recommendations that are in line with the best interests of their clients. Unfortunately, there are others who don’t and were not required to under the vagaries of the suitability rules.

While the final fiduciary rules were watered down a bit from prior draft versions, they none the less will change the landscape for financial advisors and their clients. Pay attention to any and all disclosures that you might receive from your financial advisor. Ask questions and don t settle for half-baked answers.

Approaching retirement and want another opinion on where you stand? Not sure if you are invested properly for your situation? Check out my Financial Review/Second Opinion for Individuals service.

Please contact me with any thoughts or suggestions about anything you’ve read here at The Chicago Financial Planner. Don’t miss any future posts, please subscribe via email. Please check out the Hire Me tab to learn more about my freelance financial writing and financial consulting services.

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Life Health Ward s 50 – Companies #ward #group, #ward #financial #group, #benchmarking #for #insurance


Life Health Ward’s 50 Companies – 2016

Life-Health Companies (listed alphabetically)

Aetna Life Insurance Company
Alfa Life Insurance Corporation
Allianz Life Insurance Company of North America
American Family Life Insurance Company

American Fidelity Assurance Company
American General Life Insurance Company
American Republic Insurance Company
Americo Financial Life and Annuity Insurance Company
Anthem Life Insurance Company

AXA Equitable Life Insurance Company
Bankers Life & Casualty Company
Berkley Life and Health Insurance Company
BMI Companies

Combined Insurance Company of America
Companion Life Insurance Company
EquiTrust Life Insurance Company
Farm Bureau Life Insurance Company
Farm Bureau Life Insurance Company of Michigan

Farmers New World Life Insurance Company
Fidelity Investments Life Insurance Company
Foresters Life Insurance and Annuity Company
Forethought Life Insurance Company
General Re Life Insurance Corporation

Great American Life Insurance Company
Great Western Insurance Company
Great-West Life & Annuity Insurance Company
HCC Life Insurance Company
HM Life Insurance Company

Integrity Life Insurance Company
Liberty National Life Insurance Company
LifeWise Assurance Company
M Life Insurance Company
Midland National Life Insurance Company

National Teachers Associates Life Insurance Company
Ozark National Life Insurance Company
Primerica Life Insurance Company
Principal Life Insurance Company
Protective Life Insurance Company

RiverSource Life Insurance Company
Standard Insurance Company
Standard Security Life Insurance Company of New York
Starmount Life Insurance Company
Tennessee Farmers Life Insurance Company

Thrivent Financial for Lutherans
United Insurance Company of America
UnitedHealthcare Insurance Company
USAA Life Insurance Company
USAble Life Insurance Company

Note: The companies listed above rank as the top performing life-health companies based on the Ward Group annual analysis of the insurance industry. They each have passed all safety and consistency screens and have achieved superior performance over the five years analyzed (2011-2015). Companies are listed alphabetically. An important objective is to benchmark their performance as a group. You can purchase individual company results compared to the Ward’s 50 benchmark from our website. Purchase a Ward’s 50 Comparison Report.

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Financial Plan

What is a ‘Financial Plan’

A financial plan is a comprehensive evaluation of an investor’s current and future financial state by using currently known variables to predict future cash flows. asset values and withdrawal plans. Most individuals work in conjunction with a financial planner and use current net worth. tax liabilities, asset allocation. and future retirement and estate plans in developing financial plans. These metrics are used along with estimates of asset growth to determine if a person’s financial goals can be met in the future, or what steps need to be taken to ensure that they are.

BREAKING DOWN ‘Financial Plan’

While there is no specific template for a financial plan, most licensed professionals include knowledge and considerations of the client’s future life goals, future wealth transfer plans and future expense levels. Extrapolated asset values determine whether the client has sufficient funds to meet future needs. A good financial plan can alert an investor to changes that must be made to ensure a smooth transition through life’s financial phases, such as decreasing spending or changing asset allocation. Financial plans should also be fluid, with occasional updates when financial changes occur.

Elements of a Financial Plan

• Financial goals: A financial plan is based on an individual’s or a family’s clearly defined financial goals, including funding a college education for the children, buying a larger home, starting a business, retiring on time or leaving a legacy. Financial goals should be quantified and set to milestones for tracking.

• Personal net worth statement: A snapshot of assets and liabilities serves as a benchmark for measuring progress towards financial goals.

• Cash flow analysis: An income and spending plan determines how much can be set aside for debt repayment, savings and investing each month.

• Retirement strategy: The plan should include a strategy for achieving retirement independent of other financial priorities. The plan should include a strategy for accumulating the required retirement capital and its planned lifetime distribution.

• Comprehensive risk management plan: Identify all risk exposures and provide the necessary coverage to protect the family and its assets against financial loss. The risk management plan includes a full review of life and disability insurance, personal liability coverage, property and casualty coverage, and catastrophic coverage.

• Long-term investment plan: Include a customized asset allocation strategy based on specific investment objectives and a risk profile. This investment plan sets guidelines for selecting, buying and selling investments and establishing benchmarks for performance review.

• Tax reduction strategy: Identify ways to minimize taxes on personal income to the extent permissible by the tax code. The strategy should include identification of tax-favored investment vehicles that can reduce taxation of investment income.

• Estate plan: Create arrangements for the preservation and distribution of assets with attention to minimizing settlement costs and taxes. Review and update estate panning instruments, such as wills, inter-vivos trusts, power of attorney, medical directives, and marital trusts.

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Language Translation Services

Axis Translations provides translation and other language services for all nature of requirements. This might be for legal documentation, medical information, financial statements, IT, marketing brochures, websites, etc. We have extensive language translation experience in all subject matters and serve both large international organizations as well as individuals.

We can also assist with transcription services for audio and video recordings. Our transcription service can provide evidence for the courts as well as forming part of your training material and sales presentations. We can even present the completed copy in a dual-language format with time-codes to assist with television and film.

Axis also offers the services of linguists on-site. If you require a linguist on location we can provide you with an interpreter for the courts, conferences and wide range of meeting formats.

We offer free no-obligation quotes and all you need do is contact us by email, phone or fax and we will respond. This site offers extensive information about our services, but why not contact us now to discuss your requirements and objectives.

We provide our services for more than 200 languages. This might be the translation of an Italian legal document into French or a technical manual for translation into Portuguese. Regardless of language combination or document type Axis Translations can fulfil your requirements. In fact, we also assist with many rare languages and so it is always best to contact us to discuss your project.

As part of our commitment to satisfy our clients’ requirements, we offer:

High quality translations: We provide translations by highly qualified and experienced professional translators. Your project will be completed by a human translator and not a software package.

Specialist linguists: We subdivide our linguists by area of specialist knowledge. This means that we can offer linguists with experience in a wide range of technical subjects, from legal terminology to engineering. Unlike other companies, we may propose a team of linguists for your assignment with the best person completing each document.

Free quotations: Regardless of the volume and type of material that needs translating, we are confident that our rates are highly competitive and offer free quotes so that you can assess our charges.

Highly competitive prices: We are committed to offering you the highest quality translations at the lowest rates on the market.

Extensive variety of languages: We are able to translate more than 200 languages. This could be a common European language or a rare African dialect. We encourage you to contact us even if the language is not shown on this website.

Confidentiality: Axis maintains that all our translations and assignments are completed confidentially. This policy applies regardless of whether the project is the translation of a legal contract or something much more general. In addition, we are happy to sign confidentiality / non-disclosure agreements proposed by our clients.
For all your language requirements, please contact Axis Translations.

What is sales performance management (SPM)? Definition from #financial #performance #management #software


sales performance management (SPM)

Sales performance management (SPM) is the practice of monitoring and guiding personnel to improve their ability to sell products or services.

Software programs are available to enhance the sales performance management process. These applications typically streamline various activities in the corporate performance management process and encourage behavior that drives sales.

Download this free guide

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A key objective of the sales performance management process is to educate and motivate salespeople to set goals and satisfy customers. SPM software typically includes components for goal setting and planning, feedback, skill development and performance review. SPM software can also be used to track information about such things as sales quotas, territories, incentive compensation, job evaluation and forecasting.

This was last updated in September 2013

Continue Reading About sales performance management (SPM)

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Pappalardo & Merrill – Tax Preparation, CPAs, Bookkeeping, NH and MA #new #hampshire #accountants,massachusetts #accountants,nh


Accountants: Tax Planning and Financial Solutions

for Businesses and Individuals

We are accountants and we do much more that just taxes! At Pappalardo Merrill. our mission is to provide unparalleled CPA (Certified Public Accountant) service and expertise to both our business and individual clients. We achieve this by employing the most knowledgeable accounting. tax planning and preparation. bu siness valuatio n. strategic business consulting. Quick Books and service oriented professionals, providing you with tax planning preparation, consulting, accounting services, tax return preparation, compilation review , bookkeeping and other accounting services.

Accountant Services in NH and MA We are Your Local Solution

It is important that you have the skilled and talented resources, and we offer them every opportunity to learn and grow in their positions. By supporting the career growth of our employees, we provide continually expanding service and value to our clients.

New Hampshire and Massachusetts Accounting Firm

As your local New Hampshire or Massachusetts tax accountant consultant, we pride ourselves in giving a wide range of services available to our NH or MA businesses and individuals. As a CPA firm and business consultant, we will provide you with advice to grow your business, reduce your taxes and deal with any IRS problems such as IRS audit resolutions. We offer Quickbooks training and payroll and bookkeeping services too.

For our individual clients, as tax consultants, our tax planning and yearly preparation guidance will assist you in reducing your taxes when you are required to file your federal or state tax forms. We send out yearly reminders, tax policy updates and forms to help you plan and prepare for our tax return service every year.

Contact us today for a FREE Consultation 603-382-8867

a id= href2 target= _blank href= img class= anchorImage alt= pappalardo amp; merrill pc src= /a nbsp; nbsp; a id= href3 target= _blank href= imgclass= anchorImage alt= pappalardo amp; merrill pc src= /a

Dollars and Sense

2017 Tax Law Changes
Planning out your 2017 tax strategy is essential to your financial health. Read More..

Affordable Care Act Planning
Are Your Tax Strategies Consistent with the Mandates of the Affordable Care Act? click here..

Credit – Collection Online Business Credit Magazine #credit # # #collection #magazine, #collection #skills #articles,


Our online webazine for the credit and collection professional which features articles and resources that cover content addressing specific management competencies with practical application to the workplace.


  • Read variety of articles written by accomplished practitioners and leaders in the field of Credit Management.
  • Articles and resources in consumer credit, corporate credit, international trade credit and risk management solutions.

Explore this section


  • Invaluable articles, resources, metrics and legal compliance articles for professionals managing credit and performing debt collection.
  • Articles on collection skills training, collection metrics and correspondence that will help Professionals and Organizations stay ahead of the curve

Proceed to this section


  • Collection of articles for understanding, reading and analyzing financial statements from the perspective of a creditor.
  • The section has online calculators and downloadable spreadsheets to calculate key financial ratios and perform insolvency prediction using Altman Z-Score.

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I N S O L V E N C Y & B A N K R U P TC Y

  • Featuring the latest in Insolvency news, statistics, latest rss feeds, information, articles on receivership, proposals, restructuring and other bankruptcy and insolvency related issues.
  • The section features an insolvency prediction Z-Score calculator from Edward Altman and more.

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  • Join the discussion with the credit and collection community on various topics related to credit and collection.

Join the discussion