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Fashion Merchandising Schools near Austin

Austin, TX (population: 792,778) has four fashion merchandising schools within a 100-mile radius of its city center. Texas State University-San Marcos. the highest ranked school in this group with a fashion merchandising program, has a total student population of 30,803. It is the 204th highest ranked school in the USA and the 7th highest in the state of Texas (#1 is Rice University ). To learn more about fashion merchandising programs in Austin, has reviews of fashion merchandising professors at Texas State University such as Alyssa Adomaitis. Bobbie Moore. Sharon Pate. and V S Terry.

Fashion Merchandising students from Austin schools who go on to become fashion merchandisers, fashion designers, fashion models, fashion marketers, etc. have a good chance at finding employment. For example, there are 61,280 people working as merchandise displayers and window trimmers alone in the US, and their average annual salary is $28,480. Also, Commercial and industrial designers make on average $61,400 per year and there are about 29,170 of them employed in the US today. In fact, in the Austin-Round Rock area alone. there are ** employed commercial and industrial designers earning an average salary of $73,730. Merchandise displayers and window trimmers in this area earn $28,360/yr and there are 390 employed.

Austin lies in Travis county, which is one of the 154 counties in Texas. Overall, the Austin-Round Rock area has 769,370 total employed workers according to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, with a 2.3% unemployment rate, $21.72/hr average worker wage, and a $45,180 average annual salary. Thus, about 0.501 out of every 1000 jobs in Austin are held by merchandise displayers and window trimmers, and **/1000 are held by commercial and industrial designers.

Of the 4 fashion merchandising schools with a 100-mile radius of Austin, only 2 have a student population over 10k. After taking into account tuition, living expenses, and financial aid, Baylor University comes out as the most expensive ($26,444/yr) for fashion merchandising students, with Texas State University-San Marcos as the lowest, reported at only $9,816/yr.

Fashion Merchandising Programs near Austin

Texas State University-San Marcos

Program ID: 164338

Levels offered: Bachelors

Program ID: 19434

Levels offered: Bachelors

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Distance from Austin

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Subject id:1605, School id:”4374

601 University Dr, San Marcos, Texas 78666

Subject: 1605, School: 5362, Programs: Inspect below for program id

Show Fashion Merchandising Programs (1)

Program ID: 164338

Levels offered: Bachelors

Subject id:1605, School id:”4892

4301 Broadway, San Antonio, Texas 78209

Subject id:1605, School id:”353

500 Speight Ave. Waco, Texas 76798

Subject: 1605, School: 5362, Programs: Inspect below for program id

Show Fashion Merchandising Programs (1)

Program ID: 19434

Levels offered: Bachelors

Subject id:1605, School id:”2076

4511 Horizon Hill Rd, San Antonio, Texas 78229

Click Update Map to show all schools within the current map bounds (even after you move the map). Feel free to Change Subject to only show schools that offer a specific program. Learn more in our Feature Guide

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Apparel, Merchandising, and Design

ISU is the place to be for textiles and clothing. Our students, faculty, and staff are on the cutting edge of education in this industry. Here are some of reasons hundreds of students choose the ISU Apparel, Merchandising, and Design program:

New 2016 rankings by Fashion School show we re No. 1 in the Midwest for fashion merchandising, No. 2 nationally among public schools and colleges, and No. 2 nationally. In fashion design, we re No. 2 in the Midwest. No. 3 nationally among public schools and colleges, and No. 8 nationally.

Getting opportunities to model in, design for, or produce the annual Fashion Show — one of the largest student-produced fashion shows in the nation.

Learning in state-of-the-art facilities . such as a textiles conservation laboratory, detailed historical garment collection, apparel production center, and clothing museum expose you to new equipment and complex processes.

Using high-tech equipment like the 3-D body scanner , industrial-sized digital printer , and new design software . Hands-on experience with this equipment is hard to find at other schools and gives you an edge for internships, jobs, and graduate school.

Learning from some of the best experts in the field. Apparel, merchandising, and design faculty come from a variety of backgrounds (academic, industry, publications) that will help you learn what it takes to succeed in this field.

Bachelor of Science in Apparel, Merchandising, and Design

As an Apparel, Merchandising, and Design student, you will build a comprehensive base of knowledge about the textiles and apparel industry, including merchandising and marketing strategies, product development, and production processes. You’ll further define your career path by choosing from either the design or merchandising programs.


The design program focuses on the jobs and skills necessary to bring an apparel product to life. Within the design program, you will choose one of four concentration areas:

If you like to sketch out your ideas, doodle new designs, and envision a garment before it’s made, the creative design option may be for you. A background in textiles, pattern making, illustration, and aesthetics will give you the skills to create new looks and designs.

In the technical design option, you’ll build an understanding of industry assembly methods and quality assurance standards, such as differences in fabric coloration, performance, cost, and quality. Your skills will increase the quality in apparel products and the methods in which they re made.

Students in the product development option work to meet both the needs of consumers and designers. You’ll learn about trends and business demands and have the knowledge to plan, create, and present apparel products to fill niches within the market.

Production and sourcing management

If buttons come from Russia, and fabric comes from Indonesia, what does that mean for a consumer in the United States? Students studying production and sourcing management explore the latest technology and methods used to assemble garments in mass quantities from around the world. You’ll learn the fundamentals of production, including sourcing materials, timing deliveries, and managing cost.


If the role marketing plays in the apparel industry interests you, then the merchandising program may be right for you. Students in this option applying marketing strategies and entrepreneurial practices when buying, displaying, promoting, and selling products.

Curriculum requirements

Learning Communities

The transition to life at Iowa State University can be overwhelming at times. The freshman and transfer learning communities within AESHM provide new students with a core group of peers in similar classes. Learn more about these learning communities:

Clubs and Organizations

Connect with people who share similar interests across the ISU campus.

International Programs

Apparel, Merchandising, and Design study abroad programs

The Apparel, Merchandising, and Design program offers:

  • Summer programs in China and South Africa for international field experiences
  • A new Fu Jen Catholic University Exchange Program in Taiwan
  • Summer international internships

If you are looking for an international experience tailored to your major, contact your adviser to discuss what program fits best with your academic plan.

Study abroad opportunities

There are study abroad programs in a number of countries, and a visit to the International Programs Office can provide information for each.

Careers and Internships

An Apparel, Merchandising, and Design degree can lead to these types of careers:

  • Fashion buyer/purchasing agent/analyst
  • Marketing or product specialist
  • Showroom/sales manager
  • Trend/fashion forecaster
  • Fashion designer
  • Apparel engineer
  • Textile or clothing curator
  • Home furnishings designer

Product development/sourcing specialist

  • Product developer
  • Textile colorist or scientist
  • Materials buyer
  • Quality assurance specialist

Careers Services

Students and alumni are eligible to contact career services in the College of Human Sciences for assistance in these areas:

  • Job search materials such as resumes and cover letters
  • Job and internship search strategies
  • Interviewing skills

Internship Opportunities

Internships are available with corporate headquarters of retailers, design firms of all sites, stores, e-commerce agencies, showrooms, costumers, stylist, public relations firms, magazines, catalog companies, fair trade firms, forecasting firms, and shopping centers. For more information, visit our careers and internship page.

Past internship experiences

View previous apparel, merchandising, and design student internship experiences in Career Connections .


Facilities and Technologies

The following news stories feature some of the advanced equipment and outstanding facilities used by Apparel, Merchandising, and Design students and faculty:

Learn more about the technology and facilities we use:

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our story

In 1985, Northern Reflections opened our first store in Guelph, Ontario. Since that time we have become a trusted brand known for fashionable, unique women s clothing that is designed to flatter while also offering a comfortable fit. Today we have over 155 stores coast to coast.

How do we do it? Each time we design a new collection we are constantly thinking about what our customers want. Our goal is that each exclusive one of a kind garment is made to suit your busy lifestyle comfortably and fit you perfectly. Our women s apparel goes beyond age, occupation, ethnicity, and all other ways that define people. It is simply about attitude.

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As our business has grown and our fashions have evolved, our vision has remained constant: we are devoted to our customers, passionate about our brand, and inspired by our people. Visit us today to find unique quality ladies wear that will help you look and feel your very best.

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Fashion s revolving door continues to spin furiously, with Carven s designer duo the latest to depart after a short tenure. Alexis Martial and Adrien Caillaudaud presented their last collection for the brand at Paris Fashion Week last September and are now leaving by mutual agreement. Here, the duo posing backstage at the SS17 show. Read the full scoop on WWD, link in bio.

From the WWD Archive: Cornelia Guest at home with her dog in 1967. (: Tony Palmieri)

From the WWD Archive: Future philanthropist Angelina Jolie and her brother, James Haven, at the Seventh on Sale AIDS benefit in New York, 1990. (: Eric Weiss)

I am humbled and honored to have the opportunity to dress the First Lady of the United States Michelle Obama. Thank you Michelle for all of the things you have done for America and for the rest of the world, for the women in the United States and the rest of the world, said Donatella Versace in a statement about the rose gold chain mail gown she designed for the final State Dinner hosted by he Obamas tonight.

In honor of Bob Dylan winning the Nobel Prize in Literature, we took a look back at the musician s most iconic outfits. See them all at #TBT (: di Crollalanza)

What defines good and bad taste in fashion? The Vulgar: Fashion Redefined exhibition at the Barbican Art Gallery in London is exploring just that. For an exclusive inside look at the exhibition, click link in bio.

Who really delivered on the instant fashion promise? Check out this week s issue to find out. (: Fabian Öhrn)

The Desert Trip music festival proved that the classics – both the OG headliner acts and the clothes that inspired today s festival fashion – rule. Check out all the best festival looks at

Trolls stars, Anna Kendrick and Justin Timberlake make a surprise appearance at Macy s in NYC.

Photo Archive

Fashion Merchandising Careers #online #coupns



What is Fashion Merchandising?

Fashion merchandising is a rather broad term that can be used to describe the business side of the fashion industry. Professionals with a fashion merchandising career must still have an eye for style, but they should also have a head for business as well.

This field involves buying, pricing, marketing, displaying, and selling certain types of garments and accessories.

What Does a Fashion Merchandiser Do?

A fashion merchandiser may have several different duties.

Most fashion merchandisers must be able to predict future fashion and market trends. In order to do this, these professionals will often need to rely on their own research as well as current trend reports.

After predicting future fashion trends, fashion merchandisers will also determine which fashions and garments that a particular store should stock. The type of merchandise that a garment store will stock is not only determined by fashion trends, but also by the type of clientel that a store caters to. For instance, a chic boutique will usually stock high end expensive fashions, while a large chain retailer will typically stock trendy yet affordable fashions.

Buying different garments in order to stock stores is another responsibility of some fashion merchandisers. Buyers will usually need to travel often and interact with suppliers and manufacturers. When purchasing the different fashions, a fashion merchandiser must usually follow a strict budget. Finding the best deals for the merchandise usually requires a certain type of charisma and assertiveness.

Fashion merchandisers will also usually have a hand in setting prices and displaying the different types of fashion as well. Pricing garments can be somewhat difficult, as the prices must reflect the quality of the garment as well as be affordable for the intended clientele Some fashion merchandisers will also help create window displays and direct fashion photography shoots.

What is the Average Salary for a Fashion Merchandiser?

According to, fashion merchandisers can make anywhere from $40,384 to $124,728 annually. As with most professions, very successful and experienced fashion merchandisers are usually able to command higher salaries.

The salary of a fashion merchandiser might also be affected by her location as well. For instance, fashion merchandisers located in large “Fashion Meccas”, like Milan or New York City, will also usually make more money than merchandisers that live in small rural or suburban towns.

What are the Education Requirements for a Fashion Merchandising Career?

A degree in fashion merchandising is usually an intricate blend of fashion and business. Many traditional colleges and universities, as well as art schools, offer targeted fashion merchandising degree programs. Some individuals may prefer to specialize in specific areas of fashion merchandising, like marketing or buying, while others may prefer to do it all.

Some retail stores also offer special fashion merchandising training programs in lieu of a degree. In these training programs, individuals will often be able to learn the ins and outs of fashion merchandising while they earn money as well. Upon successful completion of this type of program, a participant will often be able to secure steady employment with the company that offered it.

What can I do With a Degree in Fashion Merchandising?

A degree in fashion merchandising is generally the one of the first steps toward a fashion merchandising career. Several different types of garment industries hire individuals with these types of degrees, including garment manufacturers, wholesalers, and retail stores. If you are more interested in high fashion rather than mainstream fashion, you can also try to secure employment with high end specialty boutiques or fashion designers.

Hard working fashion merchandisers will often be offered promotions and be able to take positions with more responsibilities as well as more generous wages.

Those interested in a fashion merchandising career may also want to consider opening their own garment store. This business move allows them to utilize their fashion merchandising degree, but also be in complete control of their career.

Featured Schools with Fashion Programs: Request information to learn more.

Learn about art schools accepting students now:

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Korean Fashion Online Shopping Website | Korean Clothing

Where Will Your Life Take You Today?

Here at KOODING we know you love up-to-the minute style. From play to work to travel and beyond, you need fashions and lifestyle products that go everywhere you do with beauty, comfort, and affordability.

Welcome to KOODING, the leading global provider of Korean fashion online.

Looking for Korean dresses. Korean skirts. Korean shirts and blouses. Korean jeans. or Korean sweaters. We feature authentic Korean fashion clothing from high quality brands you love…names like Cherrykoko, Dabagirl, Liphop, Sugarfun and Cherryville.

KOODING also carries a wide selection of clothing and accessories for special occasions. Come here first for cute maternity fashions, sleepwear and swimwear. We carry one of the most complete selections anywhere of innerwear and shapewear.

In addition to a complete line of women’s clothing. bags. shoes. accessories. we also offer styles for men, children and the home.

Need something special for your active life? You’ll find an inspiring collection of travel bags and tags, gifts, stationery, organizers, and tech accessories. We even have special clothing for your pet, so you and your furry friend can be the best dressed pair in town!

KOODING makes it easy to enjoy the best Korean fashion online shopping experience anywhere. We offer fast, free worldwide shipping and returns. We pride ourselves on our 24-hour, best-in-class customer service. For your convenience, we offer secure payment options including all major credit cards, Paypal, and UnionPay.

We are the total Korean fashion website. Our aim is to bring quality Korean fashions for everyone in the world. Check out our blog and other social media for inspiration.

So get a cup of tea, take some time and browse the offerings of Korean fashion online at KOODING. We think you’ll agree we have everything you need to live your best, stylish life.

From Our Blog

Say hello to fall, our favorite season to cozy up in soft, comfy knitwear. Warm clothes are essential when it comes to tackling the colder season, and snug knitted pieces are perfect to create anything from casual to stylish outfits. Knitwear is a perennial trend in Korean fashion, and here at we’ve got plenty.

There is one fabric we bet every fashionista has in her closet: denim. Super-versatile, easily dressed up or down, and always on trend- denim can be worn 24/7. So, since you already are a denim fan, here are the key Korean fashion pieces that will help you upgrade your fall wardrobe. Jeans This season is.

True fact: online shopping has improved our fashion lives considerably. Being able to purchase anything from women’s street fashion to haute couture whether it’s 3 a.m. and we are fighting insomnia, or on our lunch break, is amazing. A fantastic mood booster, online shopping is massive all over the world. If you happen to have.

Fast fashion is God’s gift to women. Trendy women, that is. The term refers to catwalk fashion designs that are quickly found in stores in order to capture the latest trends. This means that every spring and autumn Fashion Weeks from Paris to New York are the real inspiration behind fast fashion clothing collections. The.

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Indulge In Online Fashion With Zando!

If you’re searching for the latest fashion and accessories for your entire family, then you’ve clicked on the right place! Zando is the ultimate online shopping portal that offers fashion, home and beauty all under one virtual roof. Imagine a store that is open 24 hours a day and 7 days a week, with a multitude of safe payment options and a wide variety of local and international brands to choose from – and all this in the comfort of your home! Shop the best local and international brands and pay with your credit card, or via EFT, cash on delivery, in-store, or using eBucks. If you buy something and it doesn’t fit, no worries because Zando offers free returns within 14 days.

Stay On-Trend With Apparel For Men, Women And Children Online

Your every fashion dream comes true with Zando’s trendy clothing for ladies. men and children. Zando takes the latest high fashion runway trends and sources the best ready-to-wear interpretations, ensuring that you have the latest fashion at your fingertips. Ranging from jackets, jeans, sweatshirts, knitwear, T-shirts, and much more, you have a one-stop online fashion store where all your needs are met. Shop ladies fashion by local designers Chica Loca, Michelle Ludek, as well as international brands Elle Macpherson and many more. Men can get all their favourite lifestyle brands like Adidas, Nike, Billabong and more at the click of a button. Have your kiddies decked out in apparel and accessories from all their favourite superheroes and cartoon characters like Ben 10, Hello Kitty, Minnie Mouse, and Spiderman just to name a few. Browse our Fashion Glossary and find trendy clothing items and shoes.

Step Out In Style With Shoes Online At Zando

Make sure your shoe-game is up to standard with Zando’s wide selection of shoes. The online shoe store caters for men, women and the littlest members of the family too! Ladies are spoilt for choice with the wide assortment of heels on offer. From platform heels, to espadrilles, block heels, courts, peep-toes, and boots just to name a few, you’re in high heel heaven at Zando. The assortment of ladies shoes also offers trendy sneakers, flats, sandals and slippers.

They say one can tell a lot about a man from his shoes and now you can let your footwear do all the talking with Zando’s assortment of men’s shoes. Look ultra-suave for any occasion with the selection of men’s shoes on offer. Ranging from casual shoes, to formal, sneakers, sandals, and boots, the men’s shoes take you from work, to play and everything in-between!

Kiddies are not left out of the fashionable footwear equation! Buy children’s shoes from basic school shoes, to casual sneakers, boots, sandals and more, Zando has not forgotten about the tiniest feet in the family and all your family’s footwear needs are taken care of in a few simple clicks!

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Add a personal touch to your attire with Zando’s wide assortment of accessories. Accessories are an easy way to instantly transform an outfit and infuse your personal style as well as to have fun with fashion. Buy bags, jewellery, eyewear, belts, gloves and scarves and more small details that make a big difference to your attire!

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Now you can turn your house into a home with Zando’s home décor items and accessories. The homeware online features décor accessories, kitchen accessories, table linen and blankets, throws and quilts just to name a few. From the bedroom, to the bathroom, outdoors, kitchen, lounge and every other room, you can add special touches to your décor that reflect your personal style. Zando has a wide selection of trending home décor items and accessories in the season’s hottest hues. Who needs an interior decorator when you can give your house a complete home make-over without leaving the comfort of your home!

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about Expand +Close

The Online Fashion Store

KOOVS.COM is the one-stop online fashion destination for all your wardrobe needs. Inspired by international runways, celebrity looks and on-trend street style. KOOVS.COM offers exceptional fashion at pocket-friendly prices. delivered to your doorstep.

With the objective of providing our customers with a curated and on-trend edit, our buyers work round the clock from our offices in London and India to bring together the best Indian and international high street brands. A talented team of designers in our London fashion lab bring out an exclusive and trend-led KOOVS Collection every month for both women and men.

At KOOVS.COM, we ensure that you are spoilt for choice, with over 150 new products launching each week. In addition, we are also the only Indian e-tailer to collaborate on one-of-a-kind capsule collections with the biggest names in global fashion. Our key collaborations in the past include those with renowned British designers like Patrick Cox, Henry Holland, Giles Deacon and Mawi Keivom. Indian personalities who have collaborated with KOOVS.COM include DJ, VJ and RJ Nikhil Chinapa and designer duo Pankaj Nidhi .

KOOVS.COM offers easy navigation. catwalk videos and 360 product views to make your journey seamless. We provide inspiring fashion content in Style Stories. our feed of interviews, features and news on what s trending and what s hot. Our newsletter provides a weekly fix of new arrivals and what you should be wearing now.

When shopping at KOOVS.COM, look forward to an exciting edit of tops, dresses, jeans, skirts, jackets, scarves, lingerie and swimwear for women. Our menswear edit includes all wardrobe essentials, from T-shirts and shirts to chinos, jeans and outerwear. Our extensive Shoe Studio has offers a wide choice of footwear for both men and women. Also look forward to our jewellery, accessories, bags and beauty collections that span all the latest trends and styles.

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Fashion Retail Jobs

Urban Behavior Application

Urban Outfitters Application

Van Heusen Application

Vera Wang Application

Victoria’s Secret Application

Wet Seal Application

Fashion Retail Jobs: Within the clothing, shoe, and jewelry industry, nearly 1.5 million individuals find work on-the-floor and behind-the-scenes of the fashion retail industry. Of the total fashion retail workers within the U.S. 70,000 work as cashiers, about 160,000 perform supervisory tasks, almost 70,000 take on stock room roles, and close to 10,000 serve as tailors. However, a majority of positions available exist for job hopefuls seeking employment as salespersons, with more than one million sales associates nationwide. Nonsupervisory employees often receive about $12.00 an hour while workers holding management positions receive an average of about $16.00 an hour. Commission opportunities may also exist for sales associates.

Preferential Qualities: No formal education or experience proves necessary for fashion retail hire, in most cases. However, management positions may mandate high school and college completion and experience within a related field or supervisory role. Customer service skills, sales driven initiatives, and personable attitudes often suit applicants well during consideration processes. Associates may work up to management roles from entry-level occupations.

General Responsibilities: All fashion retail employees must balance the goal of ensuring client retention while attempting to reach sales goals. In addition, associates must represent brands well, prove trustworthy in order to perform transactions, and demonstrate the capability of standing for extended periods of time. Weekend, evening, and holiday availability often prove necessary, as well.

Application Process: To gain employment, job hopefuls may discover application opportunities by browsing listings on company websites or stopping by store locations of desired hire. Wearing company specific brands or attire of similar styles may aid applicants during in-person visits to stores or interviews with hiring managers. Fashion retailers often require employees to represent the brand by wearing current attire, so taking initiative to display garb during meetings may prove favorable. Upon hire, employees may gain access to clothing discounts so required working attire becomes more affordable.

Clothing Store Job Descriptions

Cashier – Responsible for leaving customers with a positive last impression of the store, people with upbeat personalities and lively customer service skills often receive favoritism for cashier positions. Duties of a cashier include scanning and neatly bagging items, handling all monetary and card transactions, socializing with the customer to ensure the individual remains satisfied with the service of the store, and, depending on the fashion retailer, opening store-specific credit cards to increase the chances of a customer returning. The nature of the position requires potential employees to endure long durations of standing, work with other associates of the store to please the customer, and maintaining a friendly persona. Generally, retailers do not require applicants to have experience or formal education, and most available positions persist as part-time engagements. Cashiers most often earn minimum wage.

Sales Associate – The position of sales associate requires individuals to be patient, organized, and manage time efficiently. Fashion retailers usually organize stores by department, and sales representatives may remain assigned to a specific section of the store, which allows the individual workers to focus knowledge of products and assist customers. Additionally, a large part of the position stands maintaining the cleanliness of the store, which entails returning items from fitting rooms to the proper place on the rack, picking up dropped merchandise, and straightening racks. Individuals who demonstrate sales savvy often excel as a sales associate. Like cashiers, sales associates do not need previous experience or formal education and receive minimum wage as compensation.

Customer Service Associate – Fashion retailers often set up customer service counters in each store to ensure all customer needs receive attention. The employees responsible for manning the counter should generally exhibit poise, patients, and remain friendly even in the face of dissatisfied customers. Customer service associates stand responsible for handling exchanges and returns, dealing with damaged merchandise, and answering customer questions. Due to the nature of the position, customer service associates should display knowledge of the inner workings of the retailer. Since customer service remains more intensive than other retail positions, most employers expect applicants to have earned a high school diploma or the equivalent. Customer service representatives earn an average of $9.00 – $10.00 an hour.

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Enroll in Merchandising and Fashion College FIDM #codes #and #coupons

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Merchandising & Marketing

At one of the top fashion marketing schools in the country, students learn from industry pros who provide mentorship, access to an incredible wealth of knowledge, and valuable networking connections. Executives from companies like Nordstrom, Bloomingdale’s, and Guess? Inc. visit regularly in classes that prepare grads for retail careers. Students have interned at companies like TJX, Halston, and BCBG and graduates leave the program with a portfolio of work that illustrates real world skills.

A Closer Look

The Merchandising Marketing Program prepares students for a wide range of careers in the global fields of fashion merchandising, marketing, and brand management. The curriculum emphasizes the development of creative, financial, technological, buying and promotional strategies that affect consumer behavior in the digital era. Core values of the program include critical thought, leadership, teamwork, management and effective communication.

For important information about the completion rate, educational debt, and earnings of students who attended this program, click here .

Video Overview
Latest Post

Merchandise Marketing Graduate Jeffrey Brumley, who is currently the Vice President of Merchandising and Planning at Fabletics. has recently returned to sunny California after nearly a decade in New York and Vancouver where he worked at VINCE and Lululemon, respectively. “My husband and I could not be more thrilled about this move,” Jeffrey reports. In his new role at Kate Hudson’s activewear company, he manages a team of nine that includes both merchandisers and planners. “We collectively work very closely with design to curate monthly collections that support our guest’s needs,” he explains. “We offer a variety of products for her but the primary focus is around active wear.”

Jeffrey says that the ever-changing landscape of retail is his passion, in addition to leading a team. “There is no better reward than shaping one’s career and building them into their desired role, as well as being a part of their career journey,” says Jeffrey, who planned to be an orthodontist before discovering FIDM. “FIDM was the best decision I could have made for my career,” he says. “The college surrounded me with peers with similar passions and professors that were generous enough to share their knowledge, expertise, and experience in the industry. My advice to all FIDM students: Use your timely wisely while going to school. Absorb it all in. Never downplay the significance of what you are doing, and most importantly, enjoy it.”

Jeffrey would ultimately love to be a CEO of a small company, but says, “At the end of the day, your title does not mean a thing; what’s most important are the relationships you build, the lives you change, and enjoying the fluid business of the fashion industry. Always live your passion.”

Grad is Vice President of Merchandising and Planning at Kate Hudson’s Fabletics
Merchandise Marketing Graduate Jeffrey Brumley, who is currently the Vice President of Merchandising and Planning at F
Read more