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Publicly archived mailing lists are critical to the operation of the Apache Software Foundation (ASF) and to our many Apache Projects. Apache projects use mailing lists to coordinate development of the software and administration of the organization. Mailing lists also serve as a primary support channel where users can help each other learn to use the software.

Mailing list participants are expected to abide by the well-established rules of “netiquette”, as well as the ASF’s published Code of Conduct. We also have Tips for email contributors .

Please be aware that email sent to Apache developer or user mailing lists will be subject to our Public Forum Archive Policy.

Subscribing and Unsubscribing

To get off a list, send a message to

[The list moderators can also do this.]

If you do not recall the address you are subscribed as, view the full headers of any email you received from the list and examine the Return-Path. Received. and List-Id headers; these should embed both the address you are subscribed as and the address of the mailing list.

Note: Spam filters don’t like messages with empty Subjects; just use e.g. “subscribe” or “unsubscribe”. Spam filters are also more likely to reject HTML-formatted messages; please use plain text.

After you send the subscribe or unsubscribe request, the list manager will send you a confirmation e-mail in reply. You must reply to this e-mail to complete the process. If you have not received the confirmation request, check that it has not been marked as spam.

Note: private lists generally require a moderator to confirm the subscription. This may take a day or two. If necessary, try again after a few days. For this reason it’s recommended to use the self-subscribe app instead (if you are a committer); that avoids needing to wait for the human moderators to check and green-light your subscription request.

To find out more about a list’s features, including how to contact the list owner (moderator), send a message to

Ezmlm lists also generally provide subscribers with a means of requesting specific past messages or ranges of messages; send mail to the list’s help address to find out more. This can act as a sort of ‘poor man’s archive’ if the normal archives are inaccessible or don’t exist.

All ASF committers can get a list of (a) what email addresses are known to the ASF as belonging to them (b) what mailing lists they are moderating, and (c) what mailing lists they are subscribed to by going to the following page:

Digest Subscriptions

To get off a digest list, send a message to

If you need to unsubscribe a different email or get help with a digest list the same instructions as for subscribing/unsubscribing above apply you simply need to remember to add -digest after the list name and before the -subscribe or -unsubscribe


Each mailing list generally has several moderators who look after the list. For further information, please see the Committers FAQ – Mail Questions

Mailing List Archives

Archives for public mailing lists are available at a number of locations, including:

Project Mailing Lists

Foundation-wide Mailing Lists

Apache News and Announcements

Apache Conference Announcements

Apache Conference Planning and Discussions

Community Mailing List

Foundation Infrastructure Mailing List

Repository Mailing List

Foundation Legal Discussion Mailing List

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TRACKOO® est une plate-forme de Marketing Direct Interactive Multilingue, qui permet via un outil simple et puissant, de créer, diffuser et analyser vos campagnes d’emailing et de SMS.

TRACKOO® est accessible, de façon sécurisée, par n importe quel utilisateur connecté à Internet avec un navigateur ayant souscrit un abonnement. Il ne nécessite aucune installation sur vos postes de travail et aucune configuration particulière.





  • Pas de frais de licence, vous choisissez votre forfait mensuel basé sur le volume d emails envoyés tous les mois.
  • Interface Intuitive.
  • Personnalisation dynamique des messages, moteur de segmentation
  • Editeur Drag n’drop en Responsive Design,
  • Générateur de newsletter iTrackoo®,
  • Analyse et reporting aisé et rapide.
  • Fonctionnalités puissantes. délivérabilité accrue, DKIM, possibilité d’une IP dédiée.
  • Support technique selon vos besoins d’accompagnement. argent, or ou platinium.

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How to send 40 thousand emails in a day #mass #emailing #services


How to send 40 thousand emails in a day

How to send 40 thousand emails in a day

Email is by far, one of the most powerful communication methods now. Whether you are planning to send 40 emails or 40,000 emails in a day, you are looking for an effective way to communicate with your customers, both current and perhaps potential customers. Thunder Mailer provides you with an easy and inexpensive way to send mass emails, especially if you are looking for a software for online marketing purposes.

Sending mass emails in a short span of time can be done easily through a good mass email program such as Thunder Mailer. It acts like a virtual postman, ensuring that your emails get delivered to the right address.

Thunder Mailer seamlessly integrates with various SMTP servers to help you send huge amounts of emails, quickly and effortlessly. It supports both premium and free SMTP server providers. One of the recommended SMTP servers is SendGrid.

Can I send emails for free using Thunder Mailer?

A valid question indeed and the answer: you most certainly can. I mean why should you pay for someone who provides something as basic as delivering emails, right?

You can make use of free email SMTP servers. Free email providers like Yahoo!Mail and Gmail allow you to send emails for free via their SMTP servers.

However, there are certain limitations to the number of emails that you can send in one day e.g. Gmail allows its users to send up to 500 unique recipients per day while Yahoo!Mail only 40 emails. Despite the generosity, Gmail s 500 emails limit rule is pretty arbitrary!

What if you need to send to more than 500 recipients?

This is when things get a little complicated. There are a couple of ways to go about sending a larger number of emails for free.

For one, you can try to spread your email campaign over a few days. For example, you have a Gmail account and your email campaign involves 1,820 recipients. Then you can divide the newsletters or promotional emails over 4 days with 455 emails per day. That s within Gmail s sending limit.

Alternatively, you can create a few email accounts with these email clients thus increasing the total number of emails that you can send in a day. For example, by opening 1,000 email accounts with Yahoo!Mail, you can send up to 40,000 emails per day. Save these email accounts into Thunder Mailer s Connection Settings and you are able to send out that many emails.

Will It Work?

Technically, yes. However, I have not tried it myself and will not do so .

Why Not?

Because I doubt the deliver-ability rate will be anywhere near good!

You see, because of the frequency and seriousness of spam, email providers like Yahoo!Mail and Gmail constantly monitor emails sent from IP addresses. Spammers generally try to blast out as many emails as they possibly can before these email servers realize that they are spamming. Hence, this is why they adopt a cautious approach towards IP addresses that send unusual amount of emails!

If a certain IP address is suspected of spamming, it triggers them to throttle the emails or more likely, to block their emails. Studies have shown that almost 20% of all permission-based emails go undelivered. Some end up in the spam folder but majority of them just go missing.

SendGrid and Thunder Mailer

When you are sending a lot of emails, you want as many of these emails to reach your recipients as possible. This raises your email open rate and the click-through rate .

The other thing you want from your SMTP server is reputation. If you are sending emails from your shared hosting account, you are subjected to your shared server s neighbors reputation too. If any one of them is identified as a spammer, it is likely that the entire server is blacklisted. Yes, and that includes yours.

You can definitely depend on SendGrid when you want to send emails at a large scale. They have wide knowledge and experience in sending emails that you can depend on them to deliver your emails. Thus, they are able to send your emails faster and as a result, a more efficient communication with your customers.


Emails sent via SendGrid SMTP are less likely to get dumped into spam folders or worst, disappeared. That s because SendGrid has anti-spam rules as well as other geeky stuff like DomainKeys Identified Mail (DKIM) and Sender Policy Framework (SPF) designed to prevent spams. Hence, emails are more trusted by email clients and ISPs and not seen as spam treats.


They have 4 plans with varying email limits. You can always start with the cheapest package should you require less than 40,000 emails in a month. As the number of your recipient grows, you can then upgrade to a higher plan. It s kind of like pay as you use. SendGrid sends out billions of emails every month so you know you can rely on them to handle your emails, regardless of the volume.


SendGrid is easy to setup, implement and upgrade. But if you need support, SendGrid has an amazing support system. They let you contact them through phone, chat and email, provides a huge online support portal and knowledge base library and has a 24/7 critical incident support service.

Does Not Rewrite From Records

Free SMTP servers like Gmail rewrites you from records. Your emails will show your Gmail account address. SendGrid does not change the sender s information but maintain the one that you had entered. This works perfectly well with Thunder Mailer, needless to say!

Free Trial

SendGrid lets you create an account where you can send up to 200 emails per day for free. There will be no expiration so if you do not have a large recipient listing, you can continue to use SendGrid s service for free.

How much does SendGrid cost?

SendGrid provides you with a scalable and reliable SMTP server option. and affordable too.

SendGrid s cheapest plan, the Bronze package cost only $9.95 per month. It allows you to send up to 40,000 emails per month. That s pretty adequate for a small and medium size business. Still a little out of your budget? No worries. You can get an awesome 25% off, giving you $7.46 per month via our special link. That s less than $2 for 10,000 emails per month!

No coupon code needed, just follow our link and you will see the discount reflected immediately.

Among SendGrid s 100,000 over customers are Pinterest, Foursquare and Spotify. So you know that they must be doing something right.

Thunder Mailer is designed to integrate effectively with all SMTP servers so that you can send large amount of emails without having to be tied to a single email company. Besides SendGrid. you can use MailGun. PostMark and yes, even free email servers like Yahoo!Mail and Gmail .

Anyway, in order to effectively and effectively send large amounts of emails, it is best to choose a more reliable SMTP server like SendGrid. You wouldn t want your emails disappearing in cyber space, would you?!

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