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Innovative & Integrative Treatment by Design for Delivering Evidence-Based Results

What distinguishes APEX Rehab among addiction treatment centers in San Diego is that we offer a holistic, integrative psychological approach that utilizes evidence-based treatment approaches. Our core treatment program includes components of Motivational Interviewing and Cognitive Behavioral Therapies. Holistic treatment services include yoga, meditation, peer group recovery, organic dietician consultation, fitness classes, and esthetician services.

In our striving to create the most therapeutically effective treatment, we rely on regular feedback from clients to ensure that both our clinical services and the rest of the program are meeting clients’ needs. In all of our individual therapy, and group therapy sessions, we have each client rate the session using a quick 4-item scale to let us know how we did. These rating scales are known as the Session Rating Scale, and Group Session Rating Scale, developed by psychologist Scott Miller and colleagues, under the heading of Feedback-Informed Treatment, have been granted status by SAMSHA as Evidence-Based Practice.

In addition, we solicit feedback from clients about the quality of their interactions with all staff in the program, to ensure that we are attentive to client needs, and treating clients with the utmost respect. This feedback also encourages clients to take an active role in suggesting programmatic changes that will meet their unique needs.

Our feedback-informed approach works to create a spirit of collaboration, so that we can develop and grow as an effective program, as we help our clients to grow in their personal development.

  • Medication Detox
  • Chemical Dependency
  • Dual Diagnosis Therapy
  • Cognitive Behavior Therapy
  • Holistic Healing Therapy
  • Dialectical Behavior Therapy
  • Relapse Prevention Therapy
  • Family Therapy
  • LGBT Therapy

Upscale Luxurious & Comfortable Environment For Residential Treatment

APEX Rehab is proud of our upscale residential alcohol and drug rehab in San Diego. Our programs are integrative, holistic, and evidence-based. We offer boutique services and accommodations to help comfort, heal, and restore our participants’ minds, bodies and spirits. Clients of APEX Rehab can feel free to take a leisurely swim in the pool or a comforting soak in the spa, unwind with yoga lessons or enjoy a massage in the garden. We also offer facials and spa treatments with a licensed esthetician, to help rejuvenate the body and mind.

  • Residential Rehab
  • Treatment Therapy
  • Rehab Environment

Receive Professional Clinical Help

Speak with an APEX Rehab Clinical Professionals

Clinical Reputation

  • Providing Our Patients The Best Clinical Psychologists

APEX Rehab is proud to offer some of finest doctoral and licensed professionals in the rehab clinical field. Our staff is hand selected for their ability to provide and promote an integrative treatment approach.

  • APEX Rehab Executives

    Our executives believe in breaking the mold of San Diego alcohol and drug rehab, with a vision to create the very finest in addiction treatment; to make the experience life changing and affordable, and to successfully bring this healing to people from all walks of life.

    APEX Rehab is proud to offer some of finest physicians, psychologists, and licensed professionals in the alcohol and drug rehab, clinical field. Our staff is hand selected for their ability to provide and promote an integrative treatment approach, and is ready to help. All of our clinicians are highly vetted and must have high levels of expertise in working with dually diagnosed clientele.

    Dr. Matthew Bruhin,

    APEX Recovery Rehab’s CEO. discusses addiction on…

    Accepted Insurance Plans

    Our goal is to make addiction recovery accessible and affordable to anyone seeking alcohol and drug rehab in San Diego. In addition to individual financing options, we accept most PPO insurance plans. We work with in-state and out-of-state providers to provide the best treatment we can for all of our clients.

    We also provide the best billing and utilization review staff to work diligently to get the best coverage possible, based on the benefits you have. Read more on our Insurance Information page.

  • Multiple sclerosis, definition of multiple sclerosis by Medical dictionary, new multiple sclerosis drug.#New #multiple #sclerosis


    multiple sclerosis


    Causes and symptoms


    • Muscle weakness, causing difficulty walking
    • Loss of coordination or balance
    • Numbness, pins and needles, or other abnormal sensations
    • Visual disturbances, including blurred or double vision.



    New multiple sclerosis drug

    Alternative treatment





    Key terms


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    mul ti ple scle ro sis (MS),

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    multiple sclerosis (MS)

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    multiple sclerosis

    Onset in younger, often female adults, affecting 1:2500 (US), commonly associated with HLA-A3, B7 and Dw2 haplotypes. MS is increased in a south-to-north gradient in the Northern hemisphere (i.e., more common in colder climates).

    Waxing/waning or slowly progressive neurologic changes with paresthesias; gait and visual defects; muscular weakness; absent abdominal reflexes; hyperactive tendon reflexes; cerebellar ataxia; retrobulbar neuritis; loss of proprioceptive sense; spastic weakness of legs; vertigo; the “classic” Charcot’s triad (dysarthria, nystagmus, intention tremor) is rare.

    Clinical history, multiple brain defects by CT, MRI (without and with contrast), oligoclonal increased IgG in CSF (present in 90% of patients), evoked potentials by EEG in visual cortex and brainstem. All tests are non-specific and must be correlated with clinical findings; definitive diagnosis requires a brain biopsy.

    Treatment of acute optic neuritis (AON), a common precursor of MS (20% develop MS within two years of AON), with high-dose IV methylprednisolone and prednisone may reduce the incidence of subsequent MS. TNF-alpha levels in the CSF may correleate with disease severity and be used to monitor response to therapy.

    Worse if male, age 40 at presentation, rapidly progressive, with motor dysfunction (i.e., with cerebellar or corticospinal activity).

    No therapy is consistently effective.

    multiple sclerosis

    without and with contrast, oligoclonal IgG in CSF present in 90% of Pts, ‘evoked potentials’ by EEG in visual cortex and brainstem; all tests are nonspecific and must be correlated with clinical findings; definitive diagnosis requires a brain biopsy Prognosis Worse if , age 40 at presentation, rapidly progressive, with motor dysfunction eg, with cerebellar or corticospinal activity Management None consistently effective. See Cop-1, Faroe Islands, Holstein cow pattern, Oligoclonal bands, Shadow plaques.

    mul ti ple scle ro sis

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    sclerosis, multiple (MS)

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    multiple sclerosis

    n a progressive disease characterized by disseminated demyelination of nerve fibers of the brain and spinal cord. It begins slowly, usually in young adulthood, and continues throughout life with periods of exacerbation and remission. The first signs are paresthesias, or abnormal sensations in the extremities or on one side of the face. Other early signs are muscle weakness, vertigo, and visual disturbances.

    Patient discussion about multiple sclerosis

    Q. does multiple sclerosis cause mood swings seem like i have changed. I ‘ve become very irritable towards my family. Seems like I’ve become a mean person, and that has not my charactor.

    Q. What is MS? I am 14 years old and my best friend has been diagnosed with MS. What is it? What causes it? Can I catch it?

    Turning Point Addiction Treatment In Southaven MS #turning #point #drug #rehab


    Find your Turning Point

    There comes a turning point when everything changes. You find the inner strength to cast a new beginning – and the right expertise to get healthier, more resilient. The chaos of cycling through addiction and pain is over. Our sole priority at Turning Point in Southaven, Mississippi is to help you attain lasting freedom from drug and alcohol addiction and or mental health. You’ll have our lifelong support for your recovery and expert guidance from physicians and psychotherapists with proven mastery in addiction and behavioral health care.

    To ensure the best outcomes, we emphasize research-proven treatment such as our medically-managed Suboxone program to help detox from opiates, Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT), which teaches practical skills to help you thrive in recovery, and Cognitive counseling to help build self-esteem and confidence. Our individualized counseling with some of the top therapists around sets us apart from most rehab centers that only offer group counseling.

    Turning Point has empowered hundreds of families to restore hope and balance in their lives. We invite you to join our growing recovery community and rediscover the possibilities for a happier, more abundant life.

    Our brand new facility not only offers cutting-edge medical treatment but also focuses on holistic care as well. By offering healthy diets, yoga, spiritual counseling and an exercise room, you will feel the Turning Point difference.

    Evidence-Based Recovery Care for Adults Struggling with Drug or Alcohol Addiction

    • Dialectical Behavior Therapy Cognitive Counseling
    • Suboxone Therapy
    • Safe, Medically-Supervised Detox
    • Care for Co-Occurring Disorders
    • Relapse Prevention/After Care
    • Intensive Outpatient Program/ Partial Hospitalization
    • Addiction Intervention Services
    • Family Support Program
    • Inpatient Treatment Network

    We Specialize In DBT

    A Proven Addiction Treatment

    Dialectical behavioral therapy (DBT) is a proven treatment for substance addiction and effectively addresses self-destructive behaviors, aggression and depression by focusing on strengthening one’s ability to regulate his or her emotions.

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    Alcohol And Drug Rehabs That Accept Aetna Insurance

    Treatment Programs for Substance Abuse: What Does Aetna Cover?

    Aetna offers health insurance options in a number of states, but the extent to which your plan covers substance abuse treatment programs will vary. Whether or not your Aetna plan covers treatment programs will depend on your state’s regulations and whether you have employer provided insurance or an individual plan. For employer provided insurance plans, federal regulations may impact the level of coverage your plan provides for mental health and addiction treatment.

    Whether or not your plan covers substance abuse treatment programs, you will most likely need to get your treatment and treatment services approved prior to enrolling in a program. Knowing what services are covered and how to get pre-approval can be challenging, so your best bet is to work with an experienced substance abuse treatment professional or facility. A professional can ensure that paperwork is submitted properly and develop a treatment program that will suit your needs and finances.

    More On Aetna’s Coverage of Treatment Programs for Substance Abuse*

    Most employers see the benefit of having mental health and addiction treatment coverage for their employees. If your Aetna insurance is provided by an employer who has mental heath and addiction options, then your treatment can probably be covered at levels similar to other hospital care. This is due to provisions that went into effect in 2010 under the Mental Health Parity and Addiction Equity act of 2008, which requires companies who cover more than 50 employees and who offer mental health and addiction benefits to cover these conditions in the same way they cover other medical conditions. Some companies also have Employee Assistance Programs that provide additional resources to assist you with recovery above and beyond treatment coverage.

    Most of Aetna’s individual and family insurance options do not include coverage for mental health and addiction treatment. However, some states require health insurance to cover some addiction treatment expenses. The extent to which coverage is mandated varies and the best way to find out if your treatment is covered under state provisions is to check directly with Aetna.

    Work with Aetna and Providers of Treatment Programs for Substance Abuse

    Help is available on your path to recovery, but the first step is getting a clear picture of the resources to available to you. You may want to check with Aetna to find out what options your plan provides. Key questions to get started with are:

    • Does my insurance plan cover substance abuse treatment?
    • What substance abuse treatment facilities will accept my insurance?
    • Is there a daily maximum coverage for inpatient stay at a drug rehab center?
    • What services will my insurance cover at a drug rehab center?

    Even if your insurance provider does not cover treatment for substance abuse, there are other resources to help you find the right program, financial aid, and other support. Contact us today for free information.

    * Disclaimer: Rehabcenter.net is not affiliated with or endorsed by Aetna. Details about Aetna’s coverage are intended for informational purposes only. The specific details of your plan may vary and the specific treatment services you require may or may not be covered.

    Help Us Save Lives – Please Share

    Mississippi senior resources – Housing, finance, financial planning and Insurance pointers #senior #resource, #housing, #seniors,


    On this state page you will find resources, senior housing, and senior lifestyle opportunities. Such items address Seniors’ needs from Active Communities to Assisted Living along with Insurance, Medical and Financial Planning information.
    We attempt to keep the state unique information current. To accomplish this we encourage individuals to become a state guru .

    If you are aware of any changes that need to be made or might want to become a guru with its related rewards, please let us know via the email or address at the bottom of this page.

    After Mom Moves

    Are you trying to manage the resources from afar?

    You may benefit from Seniors Real Estate Coordination

    – Property preparation for sale – Estate clean out – No hassle transitions

    – Communication with family professional advisors – Home sale and closing

    To contact a Seniors Real Estate Professional click HERE

    NO extra fees or obligation

    Agencies on Aging

    Div. of Aging and Adult Services
    750 North State Street
    Jackson, MS 39202

    Alzheimer’s Communities Regulations

    Alzheimer’s Unit Requirements set by
    Department of Health, Health Facilities
    Licensure and Certification Division

    Facilities are only permitted to house persons with up to stage I I Alzheimer’s disease.

    Assisted Living Communities

    Your retirement planning should be based on understanding the options associated with Assisted living. As part of a retirement plan these options combine housing, support services and health care, as needed. Assisted living is a retirement service for individuals who require assistance with everyday activities such as meals, medication management or assistance, bathing, dressing and transportation. Some residents may have memory disorders including Alzheimer’s, or they may need help with mobility, incontinence or other challenges of senior life. Residents are assessed to determine the level of service they may need. These retirement services generally include: 24/7 supervision, 3 meals a day, housekeeping, transportation, minor medical attention, personal care assistance, security and emergency call, exercise programs, social and educational activities. In addition some Assisted living communities may provide: gardens, libraries, and chapels.

    Assisted living communities are operated by both profit and non-profit organizations. Pricing can range from $1000 to over $4,000 per month based on your location. There may be extra fees for special services.

    Learn more about Assisted Living Communities here .

    Assisted Living Regulations

    Department of Health, Health Facilities
    Licensure and Certification Division

    Personal Care Homes may provide assistance with activities of daily living that may extend beyond providing shelter, food, and laundry. Assistance my include but is not limited to: bathing, walking, toileting, feeding, personal grooming, dressing, and financial management. Facilities may provide assistance with the self-administration of medication. Persons admitted must be ambulatory.

    Adult Day Hospice Care

    Adult Day Care is a life senior service for frail, physically or cognitively impaired, seniors and their caregivers. Numerous stand alone adult day care facilities and adult day care centers are available in urban and suburban areas to provide elderly care. Check your state here. A large percentage of Adult Day Care Centers are operated on a nonprofit or public basis. Many centers are affiliated with multi-service entities such as home care, assisted living, nursing facilities and hospitals

    Congregate, assisted living or nursing care communities may offer elderly care as an outpatient service to the neighboring population on a per day basis. Those that do, may also offer respite care for a weekend, or a week. Senior centers may also offer senior day care as one of their life senior services.

    Learn more about Adult Day Care HERE

    Senior Apartments

    You may choose to spend your golden years in a community designed especially for mature adults. Senior living facilities come in many sizes and shapes. Senior apartments are one such chose. A Senior Apartment allows you to take advantage of many amenities and personalized services without having to maintain a house and yard.

    Senior apartments should be a consideration for older adults that can take care of themselves. Aside from age-restrictions these apartments are usually developed the same as standard apartments. Some of these apartments are also equipped with items such as hand rails and pull cords to make getting around and living easier. Also these apartments provide a community of elderly neighbors without the hassles of a larger home to manage. Properties can vary in terms of services but typically offer apartment living and services designed specifically for independent active seniors 55 and older. Since many of these residences are designed for active seniors, most do not offer meal service, housekeeping or medical services. Senior apartment complexes are usually located near senior centers, parks, shopping malls, golf courses and public transportation. Some provide van services to nearby shopping and needed services.

    Senior apartments can be found in many communities, some are under federal housing guidelines and will only accept low income seniors, but most are privately owned. Many of the privately owned properties offer reduced rents to low-income tenants with assistance from Dept. of Housing Urban Development (HUD). You should be aware that senior apartments usually have a captured audience with a significant waiting lists period. The following table provides a listing of senior apartments in your state; those that may have subsidized units are identified with an S in the right hand column

    Health Insurance Counseling, Advocacy, and Medicare Help

    Need help with the Medicare Maze?
    Every state has a Health Insurance Counseling and Advocacy Program
    to help understand Medicare coverage, payments and Medigap Insurance options.
    Note: Toll free numbers often work only from within the state.
    From out of state Use the other number, when provided.
    For more counseling information visit www.medicare.gov

    Insurance: Automobile

    Interested in Buying or Selling
    a Home or Condo?

    Aging in place is growing older without having to move. Aging in place with supportive services is one of the most desirable ways of aging. Aging in place can achieve efficiencies enabled by the customized care. Successful aging in place approaches focus on the provision of the most appropriate care for the specific individual. Thus avoiding wasted costs brought on by a generic care model.

    An aging in place scenario, creates housing and health care options to provide support as defined by an individual s wishes and efforts to live independently. Aging in place can work best when it is employed as a part of a comprehensive plan for retirement and aging. A key step in implementing aging in place is to make your home aging friendly. As we age we don’t hear so well, we sometimes forget or get confused and we can even outlive doctor’s predictions about our longevity. So as long as we persist in growing older, why not arrange our homes to accommodate our reality. Incorporate memory triggers into the way we arrange cabinets and counters, add soft fabrics to muffle background noises, change appliances to better accommodate our short-comings.

    Here is a book to help you make your homes senior-friendly.

    Universal Design: A Step-by-Step Guide to Modifying Your Home for
    Comfortable, Accessible Living

    by Barbara Krueger and Nika Stewart is a good place to start.With the book as a guide you can plan ahead for years before you critically need the advantages offered by the ideas in the book.

    Alcohol treatment centers in pa #alcohol #treatment #centers #in #pa, #drug #alcohol #treatment #rehab #pa


    Drug and Alcohol Treatment Services

    A leader in the addiction treatment and recovery services field since 1968, Gaudenzia offers programs to best serve the needs of our diverse and ever-changing client population.

    Adult Residential Services

    Short, intermediate and long term substance abuse and mental health services are available for adults, women with children, homeless individuals, and HIV symptomatic substance abusers.

    Traditional counseling is provided in outpatient settings including Intensive Outpatient Programs (IOP), Partial Hospitalization, and diversified prevention programs.

    For teens seeking recovery from chemical dependency, Gaudenzia offers both residential and outpatient programs.

    Mental Health Residential Services

    Specialized services to treat individuals whose chemical dependency co-occurs with mental disorders.

    Specialized programs for individuals involved in the criminal justice system including services for substance abuse and co-occurring disorders.

    Transitional and Permanent Housing

    Gaudenzia operates affordable, drug-free housing to help clients stabilize their recovery following treatment.

    To find the program best suited for your treatment needs, please visit our Get Help Now section.


    “Gaudenzia saved my life. The changes that took place while I was in Gaudenzia are what have allowed me to become the person I am today. They taught me honesty, personal accountability, responsibility, and how to be truthful with myself.”

    Gaudenzia Corporate Headquarters | 106 West Main Street Norristown, PA 19401 | (610) 239-9600 | Fax (610) 239-9195

    Drug Rehab Centers Lexington (859) 448-5450 Alcohol Treatment #lexington #rehab #center, #drug #rehab #centers #lexington


    Find a drug rehab center in Lexington, KY. Call Us Today! (859) 592-3324

    Drug Rehab Centers Lexington (859) 448-5450

    An addiction the compulsive desire to enact some behavior, whether it is drinking, drug abuse or gambling is a multi-spectrum disease with many causes, both social and biological. To overcome an addiction, it s often necessary to undergo Drug Rehab Centers Lexington to be able to treat all the facets of the disease through therapy and medical intervention.

    There are many different types of programs offered at Drug Rehab Centers Lexington Kentucky from a 12-step program to something as creative as art therapy. The 12-step program for Drug Rehab Centers Lexington KY might be faith-based and involve prayer, meditation and a reliance on a Higher Power. In comparison, an art therapy program may include creative activities without any need to focus on religious beliefs for recovery.

    Explore your options for recovery at Drug Rehab Lexington. all calls are kept confidential at (859) 448-5450 .

    Not Everyone Exposed to Drugs Gets Addicted

    One of the mysteries of drug addiction is why some people land in Drug Rehab Centers Lexington. while others don t. Some drugs are more addictive than others, like heroin. It can hook a person quickly because of the way it affects the brain s chemistry instantly. However, some people drink all their lives and never become alcoholics.

    Those with a family history of alcoholism have a higher risk of becoming one due to hereditary predispositions. Social factors like difficult life events can cause some people to self-medicate with drugs or alcohol because they are not taught early how to deal with life stresses. Even socioeconomic forces can play a role as those with less income may not have the resources to seek help when they begin to spiral into drug addiction.

    Different Methods Treat Different Causes of the Disease

    Cognitive/Behavioral therapies can help patients with poor coping skills to understand the triggers that drive them to substance abuse. They are also taught how to adopt new behaviors so that they can deal with stressful situations. Abstinence is always promoted for people who end up hooked on drugs or alcohol. Drug treatment centers also educate patients on how to include activities that will lead to lifelong sobriety, like group meetings and counseling.

    For those that can t manage withdrawal symptoms and need to detoxification there is hope with medical detoxing services that might substitute one less addictive substance for another to wean someone off an addiction gradually. An assessment of individual situations can start with motivational interviewing and incentives put in place to help change behaviors.

    Lexington Inpatient and Outpatient Addiction Treatment Centers Are Available

    Persons needing 24 7 monitoring or medical detox can check into inpatient drug and alcohol rehab centers Lexington, for 30-, 60-, or 90-day stays. Those who can handle a less rigid environment can make use of outpatient rehab centers that offer many of the same services with the option to live independently outside the rehab center.

    You can count on Drug Rehab Centers Lexington for effective drug and alcohol treatment. Call us today at (859) 448-5450 .

    About Lexington KY

    Lexington is a city in Kentucky and with a population of around 709,000, making it the 61st largest city in the U.S. Well known for being the “horse capitol of the world,” Lexington has to three major horse racing tracks, The Kentucky Horse Park, The Red Mile, and Keeneland. However, Lexington is also where the largest Basketball specific sports arena lives.

    Lexington is delightful for many reasons such as its large open land, downtown city, and affluent community. In the past years Lexington has prospered in real estate, population, building, and economical expansion. For those looking to visit or move to Lexington there are numerous activities to get you involved in the community as well as a number of important places to see.

    *Not all insurance policies are the same. Insurance coverage varies based on individual policies. All logos and trademarks are the sole and exclusive rights of their respective owners.

    Drug Rehab Cost – Alcohol Rehab Cost, How Much Is Rehab, palmer drug abuse program.#Palmer


    How Much Does Rehab Cost?

    Cost of Inpatient Rehab

    Inpatient addiction treatment is a treatment setting where patients live full-time at the facility while participating in a recovery program. It offers several advantages over other types of programs including continuous medical care, removal of distractions and regular access to addiction treatment providers.

    A good way to look at the cost of an inpatient rehab program is in terms of the level of care: basic, standard and premium/luxury. Inpatient programs can last anywhere from 30 days to 60 days to 90 days or longer.

    Basic low-cost, 30-day residential – $2,000 – $7,000

    Standard 30-day residential – $10,000 – $20,000

    Premium/luxury 30-day residential – $25,000 and up

    Cost of Outpatient Rehab

    Palmer drug abuse program

    The cost of outpatient programs will vary based on the type of care offered and the length of time you spend in treatment.

    Types of outpatient care include therapy and counseling, partial hospitalization and intensive outpatient care.

    Therapy and counseling – Free – $1,000

    Partial hospitalization – Cost depends on your medical needs

    Intensive outpatient care – $3,000 – $10,000

    Cost of Detox

    • A doctor’s assessment.
    • Around-the-clock medical supervision.
    • Proper medications used for detox, including medications used to ease the withdrawal process.

    Detox treatment costs anywhere from $300-$800 a day. This estimate is based on Recovery.org’s experience working with hundreds of treatment centers around the country.

    Detox is the process of removing all drugs and/or alcohol from the body, while managing withdrawal symptoms. Many inpatient and some outpatient programs include detox as part of treatment.

    Detox is not actually treatment. If you are dependent on alcohol or drugs, you should consider an inpatient or outpatient program after completing detoxification.

    A treatment support specialist is available 24/7 to help you find the right detox program. Call 1-888-319-2606 .

    Factors that Affect Cost of Rehabilitation

    Comparing Benefits to Cost of Rehabilitation

    While recovery programs can be expensive, keep in mind that the costs of an addiction will likely outweigh the cost of treatment in the long run.

    Health Care Costs from Addiction

    Alcohol and substance abuse can significantly increase your risk of numerous health problems and their associated costs (medical bills, lost work productivity, etc.). These may include:

    Financial Costs from Addiction

    Addiction can also be financially crippling, costing anywhere between $20,000 and $100,000 per year, depending on the substance and severity of your dependence. These costs come not only from obtaining the drugs themselves, but from the countless external factors that accompany addiction:

    Costs to Society

    On average, substance abuse treatment costs are far outweighed by their benefit to society, with an overwhelming 7:1 benefit-to-cost ratio. 1 In fact, substance abuse treatment for 60 days or more can save over $8,200 in healthcare and productivity costs. 2

    Find a Treatment Program

    Addiction treatment programs can be an important investment in your health and well-being. If the quality of your life or that of a loved one has been impaired due to drug or alcohol abuse, help is available.

    Call a treatment support specialist at 1-888-319-2606 for more information on drug or alcohol recovery options, as well as methods of paying for treatment.


    [1]. Ettner, S. L., et al. (2006). Benefit-cost in the California treatment outcome project: Does substance abuse treatment “pay for itself”? Health Services Research, 41 (1). 192-213.

    [2]. Jordan, N., Grissom, G., Alonzo, G., Dietzen, L., Sangsland, S. (2007). Economic benefit of chemical dependency treatment to employers. Journal of Substance Abuse Treatment, 34. 311-319.

    [3]. Weisner, C. et al. (2000). The Outcome and Cost of Alcohol and Drug Treatment in a HMO: Day Hospital Versus Traditional Outpatient Regimens. Health Services Research 35 (4). 791-812.

    [4]. Sources consulted for intensive outpatient costs:

    • Drug and Alcohol Services Information System. Alcohol and Drug Services Study (ADSS) Cost Study.
    • National Institute on Drug Abuse. (2012). Is drug addiction treatment worth its cost? In Principles of Drug Addiction Treatment: A Research-Based Guide (Third Edition). 12-13.
    • Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation, “Top 5 most frequently asked questions,” available at https://www.hazelden.org/web/public/top5questions.page

    You Only Get One Body – Get Clean Sober

    Outpatient Drug and Alcohol Treatment #intensive #outpatient #program, #drug #and #alcohol #treatment, #drug #and #alcohol


    Addiction Treatment Outpatient Services in Greenville, South Carolina

    Benefits of Outpatient Treatment:

    Pavillon’s outpatient drug and alcohol treatment programs do not require that the individual be confined to a treatment center or hospital for supervised care. This allows clients to lessen the impact on their work and home life. Throughout the program, our clinical and medical staff help clients learn how to:

    • Live free from substance and alcohol abuse
    • Come to terms with the disease of addiction and honestly accept the need to work toward change
    • Improve the quality of their relationships
    • Develop spiritual strengths for feeling good about self and how to obtain a more balanced lifestyle
    • Take the time needed to integrate recovery tools into daily living
    • Return and re-integrate into the community as a healthy, vibrant member

    Programs include:

    • Relapse prevention programs
    • Family education programs and support sessions
    • Gender responsive approach
    • Aftercare support groups
    • Treatment that is affordable and billable to insurance

    All of our outpatient programs are designed to address problems associated with substance use disorders and, if applicable, related mental health disorders. The goal is to help clients integrate a workable recovery program into daily life by combining the convenience of weekly outpatient services with the dedicated approach necessary to ongoing recovery efforts. Families are also encouraged to participate in our outpatient programs by utilizing family counseling sessions and attending Pavillon’s Family Program. For more information about the Family Program. call 828-694-2300 ext 231.

    To learn more about our outpatient services in Greenville, S.C. contact Pavillon Greenville today.


    Greenville Outpatient Services is in network with BCBS United Health, IOP is in network with Cigna.

    Pavillon works with all insurance companies, whether in-network or out-of-network, to maximize reimbursement for our patients. This effort begins prior to the admissions process with insurance verification and does not end until every claim has been filed and resolved, well after the patient has completed the program. The staff at Pavillon will work closely with the patient’s insurance company throughout their program by providing documentation and performing utilization reviews that result in maximum insurance coverage for each patient. Even though we cannot guarantee any amount of insurance coverage, we will work hard to maximize reimbursement our patients deserve.

    Patients are responsible for committing to a financial agreement for all program costs prior to admission. All claims filed and paid by the insurance company become a reimbursement to the patient. Pavillon does not participate in, nor do we file claims for patients covered under the Medicare, Medicaid, and Tricare programs. Please call us today and allow us to tailor a financial plan for you.

    Club SOBA #drug #detox #los #angeles


    You Are Not Alone

    Struggling with addiction is hard. Trying to do it alone is almost impossible. Misuse of drugs and alcohol hides the underlying causes of your addiction and these will continue to cause harm in your life until they are uncovered and addressed. We are located in the heart of Los Angeles, with facilities in Santa Monica, Culver City Malibu. Our treatment is affordable and effective, we accept most PPO insurance plans.
    Click Here

    Drug Alcohol
    Treatment Program More Info

    Detox / Residential
    More Info

    Intensive Outpatient More Info

    Sober Living More Info

    Welcome Home

    At Club Soba our well trained staff understands all of the needs of being newly sober and strives to create an environment where our clients can blossom into the person they have only dreamed of becoming. Caring for you or one of your loved ones is our passion. Whether addiction has left you confused with a purpose or goals in life or you are a student or professional struggling with life’s stressors, Club Soba can get you on the right path.

    Through our well rounded treatment approach encompassing multiple levels of structure and numerous treatment techniques you can be assured there is much to be learned. Club Soba strives to give clients ALL of the recovery tools necessary to seamlessly transition to life upon completion of the program. The first step is reaching out and letting us begin this new journey with you.

    Day Treatment

    Each aspect of our treatment plan is interwoven to develop a program that covers ALL areas that substance abusers need in order to have the greatest chance at continued success.

    The SOBA Philosophy

    We provide 24/7 care for our clients who require a highly structured environment to begin their journey. Soba’s proven program is staffed by some of the finest professionals in the world.

    Intensive Outpatient

    Our outpatient facility is just a few blocks from our living facility where we offer daily groups, counseling, and sober activities. We offer different levels of outpatient structured so that as the client progresses through their recovery their outpatient criteria adjusts to meet their needs.

    Sober Living

    Our men’s and women’s sober living facilities are located in West Los Angeles and Santa Monica. Our sober community ensures the long term success of our clients and helps the healing process take place at an accelerated rate with routine accountability measures.

    We Help Find The Person You’ve Lost

    If you or a loved one is locked in the bondage of dependency to prescription drugs, alcohol, or a combination of addictive behaviors call today. Let us help stop the cravings and start healing the suffering you have felt for far too long. Over the course of 10 years, Club SOBA has helped thousands of people regain their lives through our proven model.

    Get Help Now!

    At Club Soba we do not believe in the saying “one size fits all”. Like the individual, our plans are unique and must be customized to fit each person’s needs. We all have different triggers and responses and it is critical to identify these differences. We provide the necessary tools and support to ensure the best opportunity to maintain long term sobriety.

    Our team will guide to help you to develop the tools necessary to overcome addiction issues that have been plaguing your life. Once you learn how to successfully identify them, your likelihood of living drug and alcohol free, in addition to being happy, increases exponentially.