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It’s true, variety IS the spice of life and my job is filled with it!

Kurt | Distribution Team

I tell my friends we run the most complex ‘pick and pack’ operation imaginable. One day it’s Xbox displays, the next bathroom suites and the next collating the parts for a new cosmetics unit. Our stock-control software, POPsysApp, is invaluable in my role.

I always know what s coming in and where to locate it, and what s heading out and where to find it and the minimum order function prompts clients to re-order stock when required.

It s satisfying to know that what I do really helps our clients.

Charlotte | Field Marketing Project Manager

I love the variety that is part of Field Marketing – from Merchandising or Sampling to Mystery Shopping – every project is a challenge. Sometimes I m working closely with the client to create a questionnaire that drives client decision making

so it has to be right or I might be checking promotional compliance in-store for a new product launch. Whatever the project I like to feel I m personally making a difference.

Everyone calls me the efficiency geek!

Anita | Audits Surveys Manager

Hello, I m Anita. I see our Audits and Surveys service as all about efficiencies – time, materials and money. Take the survey we recently completed for ASDA; our team surveyed 6,292 fixtures and 100,672 mods,

we answered 351,494 questions and created a pick list for 486,200 SKUs of shelf fixtures. It was the most precise audit ever undertaken and meant that ASDA could deliver exactly what each store needed – no waste, no overspend.

No matter what we do, we never forget the most important person is you.

Just some of the people who we work for

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Retail Displays & Store Fixtures – Countertop and Floor Standing Merchandising

Retail Store Supplies & Fixtures – Marketing and Merchandising Tools to Improve Advertising & Increase Impulse Purchases

Retail displays & store fixtures make your business more appealing for consumers so they want to stay and shop! Owners of any sized business needs to invest in retail store display fixtures. Countertop shelving and merchandising is one of the easiest ways to increase product sales. Help customers make the purchase they didn’t know they wanted to make with effectively placed impulse stands. Placement is crucial in merchandising your products and services. Whether you’re working with a limited amount of countertop space or have 1,000 square feet to cover, it’s important to effectively use every able inch. Store fixtures allow users to create beautiful exhibits to draw customers’ attention while still saving money. Getting a small business off the ground can be very expensive, but Displays2go has the tools you need to get started.

What makes these store supplies stand out from other companies’ product lines?

  • Retail displays offered in our product line are for a variety of purposes including POP sales & Labeling Tags
  • Clothing racks allow retailers to set up an arrangement for their entire store
  • Countertop wire shelving is a great merchandising tool to increase sales at checkout counters

Visual merchandising and marketing are essential for driving customers to make impulse purchases. Store layout has a huge impact on how customers purchase and navigate through a store. A retail store fixture placed on a countertop is an effective way to sell small trinkets, like key chains or ornaments, that the consumer had not origingally intended to purchase. Cardboard bins and risers take up little space, while being an affordable tool to display sale items. A retail display designed for countertop use is easy to maintain and restock. By showcasing items near the checkout counter, it is easy to maintain and restock special inventory. Sales can be placed in a much more prominent location and clearance items can be easily moved. By placing clearance items on countertops, customers will quickly notice the incredible value and low price point, increasing the likelihood they make a purchase.

Slatwall, gridwall and pegboard displays provide great options that allow retailers to customize their entire store. Wall mounted panels, free standing kiosks, and gondolas all come with different hooks, shelves and baskets to create unique setups. Gridwall and pegboard offer generic silver and black finishes while slatwall features a bunch of different wood finishes.

Have a local artist your business is trying to support? Use an acrylic countertop showcase designed specifically for CDs and DVDs. These stationary or spinning racks are often seen at places like Starbucks® to help sell featured music and artists. Other countertop fixtures that are effective for sales are acrylic bins, easels and sign pedestals. Advertise sales, specials and events with sign pedestals. Advertise upcoming concerts and open mics at your café or bake shop right at the check out counter so all paying customers will take notice.

Top store fixtures available in this category:

  • Spinning Merchandising Racks – Rotating POS racks are ideal for blister packs or CDs and DVDs
  • Jewelry Displays – Spinning racks and acrylic stands display necklaces and earrings.
  • Countertop Risers – Make special sale items more promiment with acrylic or metal display risers.

Complement larger store displays for retail with some of smaller and more manageable fixtures. Smaller display and showcase items are much easier to move around and reposition throughout any retail store. Whenever a new line of clothing or accessories like hats roll in, it’s important that you have the tools to quickly adapt your visual merchandising setup to accommodate and increase sales. Catchy advertising and clever product placement is crucial to increase the amount of customers viewing displays.

Various retail supplies for countertop display, like jewelry displays and counter racks, improve POP sales. Fancier displays like boutique fixtures are great for stores looking for more of a chic look. Pair countertop jewelry displays with wrought iron dress forms or mannequin busts to display jewelry and clothing accessories. Mirrors are also a great way for customers to check out the products that they are using. This retail collection offers an expansive selection of items for any fixture setup.

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Custom Merchandising Displays That Make Your Brand Stand Out In-Store

KDM P.O.P. Solutions Group can design, engineer and manufacture custom in-store merchandising and point-of-purchase displays to showcase your products in any retail setting. It is our business to identify your unique needs and challenges and create the precise solution for your product. Our experienced craftspeople precision bend, form, glue, polish,bevel, drill, shear, route, die cut, mill, assemble and package.

  • Single, full scale mocked up prototypes to full production runs
  • 2D and 3D integrated structural design and engineering
  • Corrugate, cardboard and foamboard
  • Plastic fabrication
  • Wood and laminates
  • Glass
  • Metal and wire
  • Vacuum forming
  • POP printing including large format litho labels up to 78
  • Displays blended with interactive technology

Temporary, semi-permanent and permanent merchandising display solutions

We are well versed in every retail industry segment, creating custom solutions for merchandise such as sunglasses, wine or candy. We work with many different consumer packaged goods manufacturers to integrate their in-store merchandise displays with accompanying P.O.P. printed materials, as well as their packaging needs. All produced at KDM to help you drive sales at the point-of-purchase.

5 Measures to Success at Retail

Cut through the clutter and improve category performance. Download this free whitepaper Winning the In-Store Purchase Decision Game.

Case Study

SERTA MATTRESS: Better merchandising display engineering provides durable, hands-on results

It is your dedication to my projects and the quality of the work that keeps me coming back to KDM for all my printing and kitting needs.
Display Coordinator
HeathCo LLC

Merchandising Displays Showcase

View KDM POP Solutions Group’s merchandising display project gallery

View all merchandising display examples

How Can We Help You?

Put our proven, retail industry expertise to work for you. Ask us a question, discover new solutions or request a competitive quote now.

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Show and sell.

As the leading point-of-purchase display company in the U.S. we offer you greater efficiencies than anybody else so you can get more bang from your merchandising budget. We continually invest in our services, equipment and capabilities to deliver better insights, more innovation and greater efficiencies.

There are very few companies in our industry that provide our scope of service. WestRock offers display design, manufacturing, co-packing, fulfillment and distribution of both promotional and permanent merchandising programs to top brand Marketers and Retailers.

Our Concept to Checkout® approach combines high impact creativity with smart value chain management to get your products to the shelf with the right measures of speed, cost and flexibility.

Temporary Displays

Temporary display. Lasting impact.

Our expertise and experience in designing and producing promotional temporary displays is unsurpassed in the industry. We offer award-winning creative and mixed-media capabilities so your brand makes an impact with consumers and retailers — the first time and every time.


Leave a lasting impression.

Make WestRock your single source partner for your entire permanent display program.

Comprehensive permanent display assets include in-house engineering, production-quality prototyping, testing and manufacturing. And, our talented team of engineers, model and mold makers have expertise in wood, metal and plastics to ensure quality solutions in any material. We control the total upfront development process to avoid production issues are committed to providing excellent service through installation and beyond.


Full concept development capabilities powered by the latest in graphic and industrial design software.


Complete design development and mechanical engineering driven by Pro-E and SolidWorks.


We produce some of the largest and most complex campaigns, because we have the project management team and state-of-the-art equipment to take your visuals from concept to consumer.

Our priority is to produce eye-catching, high quality signage on a wide variety of materials. Whatever your project requires; mounting, laminating, die-cutting, hardware, kit packing and/or assembly, we have the resources needed to produce and distribute.

Point of purchase

Connect with consumers. Whatever your project requires — mounting, laminating, die-cutting, hardware, kit packing and/or assembly — we’ve got you (and your space) covered.


Out-of-home but definitely not out of sight — sometimes bigger really is better. We’re your partner for billboards, banners to building wraps (and everything in between).


Solutions to connect with consumers

WestRock Merchandising Displays received 23 Design of the Times awards at this year’s P2P Expo sponsored by the Path to Purchase Institute.

Photo courtesy of the Path to Purchase Institute

Displays Portfolio

This temporary display brings Sharpie’s “50 Ways” campaign to point of purchase, encouraging shoppers to create something new with their pens.

Our interactive inline display for EA Sports encourages shoppers to demo new gaming titles.

This permanent display has a clean, organized design so DIYers can easily choose among Valspar’s full range of colors and curated lifestyle palettes.

Colgate’s Optic White endcap display showcases the launch of their new pen.

Our PDQ display was the ideal vehicle for the launch of Gillette’s Fusion ProGlide with FlexBall technology.

It’s easy to see why this McCormick simply Asia pallet display was a POPAI Creative Award Winner.

Fulfillment Services

We start what you finish.

We offer contract packaging and fulfillment resources to help you reduce your program costs, improve efficiencies, and get to market faster. And we’re located nearby with 14 centers in our network.

Comprehensive services

Our portfolio of services to help get you over the finish line include:

  • Contract Packaging
  • Display Assembly and Packout
  • Warehousing and Logistics
  • Fulfillment
  • POS Distribution
  • Blistering
  • Shrink Banding
  • Bagging
  • Flow wrapping
  • Shrink wrapping
  • Skin packaging
  • Over wrapping
  • Liquid filling
  • Sampling
  • Promotion packs
  • Gift sets and signage


Ready to learn more?

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Retail Graphics

Retail Graphics

Stand Out from the Competition with Retail Graphics by E E Graphic Innovations

Let’s face it; competition is fierce, especially in the world of retail. Consumers have more choices than they can ever explore so your retail display signage has to grab their attention.

Consumers need to see a marketing message multiple times before it really connects that they want to learn more. Your retail display signage needs to be attention grabbing, professional quality and have eye-popping colors and images that stop shoppers in their tracks.

Grab them at the door with your retail graphics

Comprehensive custom retail graphic design includes:

Every component of your retail graphic design needs to reflect your brand and logo along with the retail promotion of the season.

E E Graphic Innovations has a team of graphic design professionals and production specialists that will create and produce everything you need to effectively communicate your retail marketing message.

Call or email us today and we’ll get started on developing a retail graphic design plan that will transform your retail store without the stress and high cost remodeling.

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Jewelry Display Inc

Display Sets

Our selection of display sets includes rosewood and leatherette display sets, wood display sets, large display sets and even small jewelry display sets. Most sets come with Necklace displays, earring displays, ring displays, pendant displays, bracelet displays and showcase risers. Please feel free to browse our entire selection of jewelry display sets!

shop the collection >

Burlap Jewelry Displays

Our burlap wrapped jewelry displays are our newest addition to our ever growing collection of jewelry displays. These displays are perfect for the jeweler looking for a natural linen look without having to wait for custom made displays. This collection includes, earring displays, necklace displays, t-bars and more!

Shop >

Chocolate Beige Jewelry Displays

Our Chocolate and Beige jewelry display section is full of everything you need to supply your jewelry showcase. These displays come in all types including ring displays, earring displays, necklace displays, jewelry display forms, ring stands, pendant displays and more!

Shop >

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Shop by Designer

Salon Retail Displays and Display Furniture

Gamma Bross Salon Retail Displays are designed to improve sales areas and increase client puchases. Stand alone displays are used to enhance product visibility, while wall modular systems are used to create cost effective modern retail areas. The use of light is quite important to increase bottles and brands visibility. Some displays include storage. Retail Area usually needs to be adapted according to specific salon layouts so our team is available to design custom furniture according to any specific needs in terms of shapes, dimensions and finishes.

Retail Furniture, Cheap Shop Display Counters, Greeting Card Displays, Checkouts Glass Display Counters in the

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Retail Furniture

All our counters, display cabinets,greeting card displays �and all our other retail furnitue �are manufactured�from�heavy duty materials and finished with high impact edging or laminate surfaces you can be sure of a quality finish.
If you are looking for something different, just let us know as we can manufacture to your exact requirements and bespoke units are available. Take a look at our standard range below or contact us with your exact requirements, all at very competetive prices with a 12 month warranty.

Our retail shopfitters are confident that we can supply our shop�furniture ,�shop counters and�display counters. display cases and greeting card displays �at the best prices within the UK.

We can beat any like-for-like on-line price within the UK, please contact our sales team of you find the same product cheaper elsewhere

Free Installation Available, please contact our sales team for more details.

Abacus Prestige Retail Display Range

Castle Range

Loxley Range

Sherwood Range

Card and Gift Displays

Checkout Counters

Corner Counters

Display Counters

Epos Counters

Impulse Counters

Sales Counters

Till Stands

Showcases – Counters

Bakery Displays

Wall Display Cases

Wine Display Stands

Slatwall Displays

Completed Project Gallery

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Window Displays from Xtracs Limited

If you are looking for a new window display or simply trying to improve an existing display, Xtracs has the solution. With over 2000 products and components to choose from, it’s no wonder that Xtracs is the number one choice for many users. Our products service blue chip o r g a n i s a t i o n s such as Glaxo Smith Kline, NFU, BMW, Halifax, Barclays Bank, Laura Ashley and Wa t e r s t o nes.

Cable Displays in the UK

Unlike some competitors, our stylish estate agent type window displays, are contemporarily designed and our components are manufactured from high quality Anodised Aluminium. The suspended cables displays are seven strand stainless steel. The display products from Xtracs not only look great but are also made to last.

Cable Suspended Light Pockets

Our ultra-bright Lumi Light Pockets are an effective way of grabbing the attention of passers-by and your customers. Incredibly slim, frameless and flawlessly illuminated the light pockets will transform any office, shop, beautician or restaurant and draw in business.

7 Tips to Create Winning Window Displays #coupons #code

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7 Tips to Create Winning Window Displays

Ladles, sponges, ping-pong balls and lightbulbs were used to create this whimsical farmers market window at Cole Hardware in San Francisco.

Photo by Noelle Nicks

Your window displays are like billboards for your store. They can be the make-or-break factor in whether a customer enters your shop or walks on by.

Yet too often, small retailers create windows that are boring, cluttered or poorly lit. If you just put some thought in it, it doesn t cost much, says Noelle Nicks, who oversees visual merchandising for Cole Hardware s four stores in San Francisco. Although she has never spent more than $100 on a single design, her windows rarely fail to get attention. Her displays have included a farmers market with light bulb carrots and radishes and a beach setting complete with real sand.

Nicks and other design experts offer these seven tips on how to create affordable window displays that will lure customers into your store.

Cole Hardware in San Francisco takes a spin on the witch-on-a-broomstick theme with this Halloween window display.

Photo by Noelle Nicks

1. Tell a story. When Valentine s Day rolls around, you might be tempted to grab every red item off your shelves and cram them in your display. That s too simplistic. Start with a theme first, Nicks says. Then plug in the pieces. One Valentine s Day, she chose the theme, how to mend a broken heart, painting a black jagged line down a giant plywood heart and attaching hinges, chains and other hardware. For Halloween, she hung more than a dozen types of brooms against an orange backdrop with the words, Which broom? across the glass beneath them. The display not only played on the traditional witch-on-a-broomstick theme, but it also showcased the store s large broom selection.

2. Think in visual planes. Before arranging a display, Nicks runs a line of blue tape across the window to mark eye level from the street. That isn t something you can simply estimate from inside a window because the floor often isn t at street level. You want to concentrate the key pieces where the tape is, Nicks says. At the same time, you may not want to keep everything at eye level. Susan Jamieson, a Richmond, Va. interior designer, suggests suspending items from the ceiling or lowering them close to the floor, while maintaining a focal point at eye level.

A windmill-themed window at Tilde in Portland, Ore. draws attention with it s giant red and blue decorations.

3. Surprise customers. If you want to get noticed, avoid the predictable. Debbe Hamada, owner of Tilde, a Portland, Ore. gift shop, likes to incorporate unexpected, whimsical objects in her windows. She has used large papier-m ch acorns, forest animals cut from foam board, and giant lockets made of muslin and heavy chains to catch customers attention. People come by to look at the window. We get a lot of people [who] take pictures, she says. It also brings them into the store.

Bright colors make this window display at Cole Hardware in San Francisco pop.

Photo by Noelle Nicks

4. Use bold shapes and colors. You don t have to be crafty to be good at window design. It s all about bold colors and shapes. In her next window display, Hamada plans to hang giant fuchsia and grey puffs of tissue paper around a few display tables of jewelry–something customers can see from a distance, even though the showcased products are tiny. Two out of every 10 people come in because they ve seen something colorful in our windows, says Hamada, who usually spends less than $30 on a window arrangement.

5. Keep it clean. You don t want to clutter your windows with an assortment of products. We ve found that less product fits with a better quality product, Hamada says, as opposed to a discount window where you might see a whole bunch of stuff crammed in. That said, you might consider using mass quantities of a single product, says Jon Schallert, a marketing consultant in Longmont, Colo. A single or a double of anything is not going to get someone s attention. But if you put a dozen of something out, it s going to get anyone to look. A Christmas tree made of tennis balls, for example, is bound to draw more attention than a lone canister of them.

6. Update your displays. You want to change your windows as often as possible, but it doesn t have to be a costly, time-consuming effort. Schallert suggests printing a dozen large photographs that represent your store–images of your products or customers using them, for example–and rotating one or two of them in your window every few weeks. At the very least, update your displays every one to two months, says Linda Cahan, a West Linn, Ore.-based retail design consultant. The more often you change your windows, the more people will look at your store.

7. Use lighting to stand out. Window lighting shouldn t be an afterthought. You can really draw a customer in if you just have the correct angle of light on your product, says Schallert, who advises against hanging lights directly above a product to avoid creating shadows. Instead, use lighting to highlight focal points. Cahan recommends investing in a few spotlights you leave on after you close for the night. If you are the only place with your lights on, you will be the only store people see, she says. You will be like a beacon of visual stimulation.