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Phage Display Platform

Creative Biolabs develops and commercializes a full range of integrated innovative services that are based on phage display technology. We have.

Protein Engineering Platform

Creative Biolabs can offer advanced protein engineering platform for your specific project, including high-scale expression, crystallization and characterization.

Membrane Protein Platform

Creative Biolabs has established custom membrane protein and membrane protein antibody production platforms for antibody discovery.

Hybridoma Platform

Creative Biolabs provides a full range of services based on our matured hybridoma platform. Our featured services involve the custom monoclonal antibody production, from.

Anti-idiotype Antibody Production Services

Creative Biolabs provides unparalleled custom anti-idiotypic antibody (anti-ID Abs) production and downstream assay services to support your study, preclinical and clinical trials and the development of monoclonal antibody drugs. Creative Biolabs is professional in developing high specificity and affinity monoclonal antibodies from various species (including rabbit, chicken, llama, camel, alpaca, cow, dog, mouse, rat, sheep and human). In addition to mouse and rat hybridoma production methods, we have phage display immune antibody library construction and screening methods which are the best method to raise monoclonal antibodies from species that do not have hybridoma technology available. We provide both custom anti-idiotypic antibody production services and products to meet our customers’ needs.

Figure 1. Antibody idiotope— the unique set of antigenic determinants of the variable region of an antibody. The idiotype represents the variable part of an antibody, including the unique antigen binding site, and the combination of epitopes within the idiotype (i.e. the idiotopes) is unique for each antibody (Figure 1). When one antibody binds to one idiotope of another antibody it is referred to as an anti-idiotypic antibody (anti-ID). These highly specialized anti-idiotypic antibodies can be used in a PK assay to measure the drug level in patient samples and as a positive control or reference standard in any immune response (IR) assay (Figure 2).

Figure 2. Image shows anti-ID full immunoglobulin in blue or green, drug target in red, drug in purple, anti-Fc antibody in gray, and HRP in yellow. (A) PK Assay Format 1: Antigen Capture Assay ; (B) PK Assay Format 2: Antigen Capture Assay with Complex-Specific Antibody; (C) PK Assay Format 3: Anti-Idiotypic Antibody Bridging Assay; (D) PK Assay Format 4: Anti-Idiotypic Antibody-Antigen Bridging Assay; (E) IR Assay: Anti-Idiotypic Antibody Bridging Assay.

Figure 3. Four types of anti-idiotypic antibodies.

Type 1. Anti-idiotypic antibody detecting FREE antibody. (paratope specific, inhibitory, neutralizing, detects free drug)
Type 2. Anti-idiotypic antibody detecting TOTAL antibody. (not paratope specific, not inhibitory, detects total drug)
Type 3. Drug-target complex specific antibody detecting BOUND antibody. (not inhibitory, detects bound drug exclusively)
Type 4. Anti-idiotypic antibody detecting T cell receptor.

• Antibody drug pharmacokinetic/pharmacodynamics (PK/PD) studies: the anti-ID capture Sandwich ELISA and anti-ID antibody bridging
• Antibody drug immunogenicity (immune response, IR) studies
• Preclinical research of therapeutic antibodies
• Anti-drug antibodies (ADA) for clinical development
• Controls in ligand binding neutralizing assays
• Controls in antibody blocking assays

Three approaches in developing anti-idiotypic antibodies:

Immunized phage display library technology:
Target antibody in the forms of whole IgG, scFv, Fab or F(ab’)2 or peptides designed according to the sequences of the variable domains is utilized to immunize animals. Isolated immunized antibody library is packaged to phage library and anti-ID antibodies can then be generated by biopanning for 3-4 cycles. scFv/Fab antibodies with an affinity of 10 -10 M could be obtained. In vitro selection allows us to use isotype-matching control antibodies as blockers, to avoid enrichment of antibodies that bind to other regions of the target antibody.

Premade non-immunized human phage display library technology: Phage display technology in the absence of immunization suits perfectly for the conformational epitope targeting anti-idiotypic antibodies, since in vitro selection well maintains the correctly folded conformation of target antibody.

Hybridomas technology:
scFv/Fab forms of target antibodies are utilized to immunize rats or mice in the presence of isotype matching control antibodies for counter-selection.

• Fast turnaround time: 8 weeks
• More than 98% success rate
• High specificity and binding affinity
• Convert to full length immunoglobulin as required isotype
• Long-term, secure supply from preclinical research through to clinical testing
• Readily integrated downstream antibody drug PK/PD and immunogenicity assay development

Creative Biolabs provides custom anti-idiotypic antibody production including but not limited to:

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Retail and Signage

Digital Content at your Control – Increase Attention with Intelligent Content Delivery Solutions for Internal and External Applications

NEC offers high performance display installations with a wide option of products for enhanced content delivery. Using an unrivalled network of installation partners we can offer signage solutions to support increased sales revenue and a single source for complete venue signage installations. Displaying the very latest offers and information at the point of sale has become indispensable for increasing customer satisfaction and acquiring new target groups.

In-store installations in shopping centres and retail establishments

Exterior installations like sports and concert venues or malls


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#Slatwall panels, hooks, shelf brackets, baskets and accessories

  • Display Showcases

    Wood display cases, metal frame glass showcases, register stands, wrap counters

  • Gridwall Panels Accessories

    Grid panels, hooks, shelf brackets, baskets and accessories

  • Hangers

    Shirt hangers, dress hangers, coat hangers, salesman hangers

  • Mannequins/Forms

    Mannequins, shell forms, jersey forms, flexible forms

  • Garment Racks

    Round racks, double rail racks, rolling racks, 4 arm racks, cap racks

  • Peghooks

    Pegboard hooks and accessories

  • Sign Holders and

    Floor signframes, countertop sign holders, plex card holders, wall mount sign frames

  • Jewelry Displays

    Necklace displays, ring displays, jewelry trays, t-bars, bracelet holders, hand and neck forms

  • P.O.P. Displays

    Countertop displays, floor shelf units, merchandise racks

  • Shelving

    Wood shelves, bullnose plastic shelves, acrylic shelves, glass shelving

  • Tables and Bins

    3 tier tables, dump bins, nesting tables, pedestals

  • Retail Fixtures & Displays from KC Store Fixtures

    Kansas City Store Fixtures is a leading online distributor of retail and display fixtures. We are a U.S. manufacturer and a direct importer providing you with the best prices on the widest selection of retail displays.

    At KC Store Fixtures we offer a variety of retail fixtures to ensure the best solution for your store environment. Whether you are looking at opening a new store, doing a remodel or making some merchandising updates we have the knowledge, store fixtures and selection to meet your needs. If you are looking for a way to merchandise a new clothing line, jewelry, or just organize your products, we can help.

    Order Retail Fixtures & Displays Today!

    As a leading supplier of store display fixtures and retail fixtures, Kansas City Store Fixtures knows how important it is to have quality products made of the best materials available. That’s why we offer a 30 day guarantee all the products we sell. So shop with the confidence that if you are not satisfied we will take it back and give you full credit. With our “Best Price Guarantee”. you won’t find a better value anywhere else. Let KC Store Fixtures be your one stop shop for all retail display fixtures & supplies. Shop online or call one of our friendly sales associates to assist you.

    KC Store Fixtures offers same day shipping

    and best prices on all your store display fixtures store supplies

    “If you can’t find what you need, please give us a call. 800-862-0899 We can help!”

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    Store Shelving and Displays

    Since 1997, Retailers Supply and Services Corp. has been a one-stop shop for commercial retail store shelving, racks and displays.

    We focus on the commercial liquor and wine industry. installing shelving in wine stores and liquor stores all over the continental U.S.

    We have performed hundreds of installations over the years, in stores ranging from small neighborhood wine shoppes to 30,000 square foot liquor mega-stores.

    We encourage you to browse our web site to learn more about all of the different shelving options we have, or just contact us by calling (386) 597-7884 or filling out our wine rack information form. We are always happy to provide personalized consultations about outfitting or retrofitting your wine or liquor store.


    Starting at: $6995.00

    We serve the nation with three regional sales offices.
    All of our products are proudly MADE IN THE USA.

    From concept to design, delivery, and installation, we can help make
    your business a success. Contact us today for a free consultation.

    Display of Return Policy by Retail Sellers: Legal Guide S-6 – California Department of Consumer Affairs #tire #retailers

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    Most retail sellers allow a customer to return purchased merchandise within a reasonable time for full refund or credit, or for equal exchange. In fact, these refund policies are so common that customers have come to expect them when retail sellers do not post notice to the contrary.

    However, some retail sellers do not post their return policy, but impose conditions on accepting returned merchandise or do not accept returns at all. Too frequently, customers who thought that they could return merchandise have been surprised to discover that the seller won’t accept returns or has a limited return policy (e.g. packages must be unopened or a restocking fee must be paid).

    Recognizing this, the legislature has enacted a law (Civil Code section 1723) which requires retail sellers to post their refund policy, if the policy does not meet certain common expectations. These common expectations are:

    • The retail seller gives a full cash or credit refund, an equal exchange, or some combination of these, and
    • The customer may return the merchandise for at least seven days following purchase, if it is returned with proof of purchase.

    When Return Policy Must Be Displayed

    If a retail seller has a return policy which does not meet these common expectations, the seller must conspicuously display its refund policy as described in the next section. This conspicuous display requirement applies to any retail seller which sells goods to the public in this state whose return policy as to any of those goods does not meet these common expectations.

    If a retail seller sells some goods under a return policy that meets these common expectations, but sells other goods under another return policy, the seller must comply with the conspicuous display requirement as to the latter goods.

    Location and Contents of Display

    If a retail seller is required to conspicuously display its return policy, the policy must be on signs posted at each cash register and sales counter or at each public entrance, or on tags attached to each item sold under the policy, or on the retail seller’s order forms (if the retail seller uses order forms). This display must state the retail seller’s policy, including at least all the following:

    • Whether cash refund, store credit, or exchanges will be given for the full amount of the purchase price.
    • Whether cash refund, store credit, or exchanges will be given for the full amount of the purchase price
    • The time period during which the customer may return the merchandise.
    • The types of merchandise which are covered by the policy.
    • Any other conditions which govern the refund, credit, or exchange of merchandise (such as requiring that the merchandise be returned with its original package and proof of purchase).

    Certain merchandise either is not returnable by its nature or is not considered to be returnable. The requirements of Civil Code section 1723 do not apply to any of the following kinds of merchandise:

    • Food, plants, flowers, and perishable goods.
    • Goods marked as is, no returns accepted, all sales final, or with similar language
    • Goods used or damaged after purchase.
    • Customized goods received as ordered.
    • Goods not returned with their original package.
    • Goods which cannot be resold due to health considerations.

    A retail seller which violates the requirements of Civil Code section 1723 is liable to the customer for the amount of the purchase. The seller also may be liable to the customer under the Consumers Legal Remedies Act (Civil Code sections 1750-1784). That act provides additional remedies, such as actual damages and injunctive relief, for unfair or deceptive acts in the sale of goods to consumers.

    NOTICE: We attempt to make our legal guides accurate as of the date of publication, but they are only guidelines and are not definitive statements of the law. Questions about the law’s application to particular cases should be directed to a specialist.

    Prepared by: John C. Lamb, Senior Staff Counsel, Legal Services Unit. Revised March 2010 by Claire Yazigi, Staff Counsel.

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    Gondola shelving. is the most common type of retail shelving in retail businesses that need display shelving (liquor stores, dollar stores, beauty supply stores, convenience stores). Our Business is helping small businesses, primarily “mom and pop” type of family owned businesses. We realize the entire process is confusing so we try to help resolve any issues and educate you in the process. We help set up thousands of new and established businesses who are remodeling existing locations every year.

    We encourage you to call our helpful salesmen to get a quote, or ask questions you may have 713-455-0700.


    What condition should I expect when buying used shelving? Our Shelving comes from major retailers who for one reason, or another, are no longer in business. We do not buy scrap metal shelving. We promise our customers a minimum of a 6 on a conditional scale of 1-10, with 10 being in like new condition. Usually, the shelving we ship out, on average is between a 6-8. Some of the parts might be a 6, some might be a 7, and others might be better. Once again, it is not new, so there will be some minor scratches, dings, dents, and minor discoloration.

    It does take us on average 1-2 weeks to process all orders. We are thorough about what we do, we oil all the adjustment screws, we pressure wash all pieces, we remove all the stickers, tags, gum, and anything else, not wanted, leaving it in a good, clean condition. We likewise perform two inspections. We separate, and evaluate all shelving pieces when dismantling, then again we thoroughly inspect, and evaluate all shelving pieces when preparing your order.

    Timing: As previously mentioned, it takes us on average 1-2 weeks to process orders. We are thorough, and inspect what you expect. We perform a lot of work to make sure it comes to you suitable for your business.

    We only sell two top performing Brands of Gondola Shelving, Lozier and Madix. In our opinion, it is the best on the open market.

    Used Retail Shelving comes in many colors, however, the standard industry color is Platinum Almond, which is also known as Sahara Color (off-white, light beige, tan). On occasion we do have black retail shelving. white, and grey, and other specialty colors, but remember, this is used shelving, and we are subject to what is available.

    Sizes: Gondola Shelving has many options to choose from. At this point, we prefer you call and speak with one of our salesmen about helping you with whats your best options are. Conversations are usually less than 10 minutes in length, and there is no commitment to buy from us.

    Location: We are located in Houston Texas. We ship all across the United States, Mexico, Canada, South America, Caribbean Islands, Africa on a daily basis. We are strategically placed in the middle of the United States and can ship to anywhere throughout the USA with very low shipping rates.

    Call us at 713-455-0700. We are fast, courteous, and looking forward to helping you with setting up of your business.


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    Jewelry Display Inc

    Display Sets

    Our selection of display sets includes rosewood and leatherette display sets, wood display sets, large display sets and even small jewelry display sets. Most sets come with Necklace displays, earring displays, ring displays, pendant displays, bracelet displays and showcase risers. Please feel free to browse our entire selection of jewelry display sets!

    shop the collection >

    Burlap Jewelry Displays

    Our burlap wrapped jewelry displays are our newest addition to our ever growing collection of jewelry displays. These displays are perfect for the jeweler looking for a natural linen look without having to wait for custom made displays. This collection includes, earring displays, necklace displays, t-bars and more!

    Shop >

    Chocolate Beige Jewelry Displays

    Our Chocolate and Beige jewelry display section is full of everything you need to supply your jewelry showcase. These displays come in all types including ring displays, earring displays, necklace displays, jewelry display forms, ring stands, pendant displays and more!

    Shop >

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    Retail Promotions

    With the evolution of retail market in India, we have initiated the Retail Promotions Division to give a focused contribution.

    We design customized retail display stands purely based on client needs. Our adherence to quality standards make our products sustain their utility value for years.

    All the stands are thoughtfully designed to make intelligent use of available space, enhance brand’s OTS & easy-to-handle product display.

    The easy to erect collapsible Insta booths, a Pull-up-banner can also be evolved with a customized design.

    Apart from Retail stands, Insta booth kiosks, our Retail Promotion Divisions has an infrastructure to carry out in-shop as well as external branding. The appropriate usage of digital media & eye-catching design attract attention of customers.



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    The basis of the LINEAR system is a simple speed frame, which is embedded horizontally into a wooden or acrylic glass panel. Along the profile, different kinds of fitting elements can be positioned flexibly on the display area. As you are used to other shop design systems by Frame Displays, your wall display can be redecorated quickly and effortlessly so that your merchandise display can be designed newly again and again.

    The LINEAR LED shelves offer an elegant design and a visible light at the front edge of the shelves and at the bottom surface. This allows for illumination of underlying products perfectly. The shelves’ surfaces are magnetic which allows for flexible and orderly positioning of magnetic displayers.

    The basis of the LINEAR system is a simple extrusion, which is embedded horizontally into a wooden or acrylic panel. The system’s Shelves have a built-in LED light at the bottom which illuminates underlying objects perfectly and elegantly.

    With its classy and timeless design our PUR 2 system provides the optimal preconditions for being integrated into the most different shop concepts and ambiances. The basic element is a sophisticated bar where system components can be clicked onto easily by means of a plastic adapter. For this reason PUR 2 is also extremely versatile for designing a display area and can be customized at any time with little effort.

    B-TWEEN is the new shop design system with integrated LED backlighting for new product presentation! A rail system can be plugged in above or below with assembly elements and is being screwed for fixing. Even interspaces can be utilized optionally: Other display elements can be easily inserted.

    Perfect for your precious high value products and accessories, merchandise is displayed and protected against theft and dust at the same time. The key advantage to this presentation unit is that after unlocking the display, only one product container is released at a time, leaving the others secured.

    The highly scalable modular display system for shop windows can be attached direct or via its mounting rails. Individual components can be mounted onto the railing in various possible configurations.

    VARIO is based on a narrow speed frame, which is embedded vertically into a wooden panel. The system components are snapped into the rail at the favoured spot. By means of a flexible arrangement and a selection of different accessories, versatile scopes for design develop.

    Due to our LED CUBE with integrated LED illumination your goods will be highlighted perfectly. Thanks to many possible combinations innovative and attractive product presentations can be created.

    The P.O.S.-system is available for horizontal and vertical mounting. This merchandising system offers maximum flexibility for wall and shop window displays. The P.O.S. bolt can be easily inserted into an acrylic glass panel or wooden plate.

    VARIO [MP] gives you the opportunity to divide the display area freely. The system components are quite simply fixed to a metal plate on the favoured spot. Therefore, the components can be arranged according to your wishes and demands again and again.

    We set your glasses presentation in motion! MOVE displays your products in a moving way. Shelves for glasses and other quality accessories move continuously on an oval track and thus creates a real eye-catcher either available as table or window option!

    CNS has been developing and producing cutting-edge wall mounted displays for more than ten years. We have succeeded in continuing the art of visual merchandising through innovative functions, unusual materials, pure and exquisite design, and absolute perfection down to the very last detail. Using modular acrylic panels, CNS Displays has developed several designs that provide unique next generation wallmount modular displays.

    Clean lines, Cutting-edge look & technology and Timeless design. Uncompromising quality but yet affordable. The completely flexible positioning of the retail display elements within the aesthetic frame work enables a wide range of possibilities. The use of various accessories such as plexiglass plates and graphic holders provides for a flexible display which may be rearranged regularly. Experience the newest display innovation and an attractive solution.

    CNS designed countertop display products can make your retail environment even more stylish. Our wide range of counter top displays are a perfect blend of aesthetics and innovative display ideas. Most products are made of brushed aluminum, stainless steel plus high grade acrylic and are a real eye-catcher. Exquisite, high-tech optics and various selected materials are indicative of this display collection.

    Perfect design. CNS’s floor standing modular retail display systems meet the high expectations of any high-end retailer in terms of expressive trends. Our exquisite, high-tech designs and various selected materials are indicative of this functional display collection. These floor standing displays are popular among commercial interior architects, store planners, creative designers and any one with a high expectation of aesthetics within the retail environment. Clear, sharp, unmistakable!

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    Planet Friendly Design/Build Products for Retail

    Reclaimed, Recycled, Responsible.

    Ecowood Retail Displays builds quality Eco-Friendly wooden fixtures from Reclaimed Wood for your retail store or restaurant. Made in America. our real wood retail displays add value to your customer experience. If you’re opening a new store, grocery, yoga center, spa, winery tasting room, outdoor shop. redoing your current store or just getting rid of some “Chrome”, we can supply wood fixtures, displays, cabinets, furniture and more. In addition to our stock designs we have full design/ build capabilities to meet your special needs or style. Reclaimed wood retail displays have a patina and look that hints at the story behind the materials. By purposely leaving nail holes and rust marks, the recycled nature of the wood is evident. Our raw materials are derived from sustainable sources that help to divert waste from the landfills. Be sure to check out our NEW Indu line of industrial inspired fixtures.

    Call us at 800-452-1679 toll free or contact us here for more information.