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7 Breathtaking Retail Spaces

There’s never a dull moment in retail design. From pixelated wall shelving based on the human eye to “rolling stone” display cases and faceted surfaces resembling cut gems, here are seven retail design projects attracting shoppers with an appetite for innovation.

Standout: The facade and asymmetrical entry of this luxury department store is distinguished by glass panels overlapping to create a ribbon-like effect. Inside, all furnishings and fixtures are custom, with detailing including white-oak ceilings in the men’s department and walnut stained veneer.

Location: Duisburg, Germany

Standout: A dramatic pixelated wall in shades of blue-and-gray lacquered MDF functions as an eyeglass showcase in the 2,200-square-foot sales, consulting, and reception area of this optometry office. Pristine white custom furniture, walls, and cabinetry ensure the pixelated wall which references the color pigments of a human eye takes center stage. Oak veneer accents the ceiling and walls of the consulting area, where chairs by Charles and Ray Eames pull up to custom oak tables.

Project: Boutique Las Chicas

Location: Belo Horizonte, Brazil

Standout: Inspired by gemstones, the matte fuchsia-lacquered wall panels in this women’s clothing and accessories boutique encourage shoppers to take a non-linear path through the 1,400-square-foot space. Composed of triangular MDF polygons, the faceted wall panels conceal two dressing rooms, while the the form of the cashier’s desk embraces the same abstract language.

Location: Budapest, Hungary

Standout: Oak panels form a sleek suspended ceiling resembling the underside of a wooden boat and flow down to touch the ground at the 22,000-square-foot flagship of supermarket chain Spar, positioned on the ground level of shopping complex MOM Park. Furniture is carved from sleek white solid surfacing, which is both easy to clean and complementary to the flowing lines of the oak detailing. Accent lighting includes lamps made from recycled wine bottles in the wine section and plastic pendant fixtures in the dairy aisle.

Project: Graz Tourismus information center

Location: Graz, Austria

Standout: In the former cannon room of Landeszeughaus. Graz’s historical armory built in 1644, four lacquered MDF “stones” roll through the 3,600-square-foot gift shop. Actually CNC-milled display cases for museum information and merchandise, the rolling stones reference the city’s ancient cobblestones.

Project: Yael Sonia showroom

Location: New York, New York

Standout: Wood accents, a gold-leaf plaster wall, and a custom chandelier combine to make this 2,000-square-foot SoHo loft more residential apartment than jewelry showroom. With a few notable exceptions such as a sofa by Holly Hunt and an oval meeting table by Egg Collective, all furnishings are custom just like the handmade jewelry on display. Sonia specifically requested the dark-stained oak floors. Laid over concrete, they help create a relaxed setting for clients browsing eight oak-and-glass display cases.

Project: Alexander Wang

Standout: Recessed LEDs on the black marble facade call attention to this 5,000-square-foot, three-level flagship necessary since the store sits at the far end of a street in Aoyama, Tokyo’s entertainment and shopping district. Inside, marble walls and pedestals, area rugs in wool and silk, and mostly custom furnishings create a white backdrop and black accent frame for collections.


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A Store is Born

The most exciting time for a new retail store, restaurant, cafe, spa, etc. is opening day when your first customers arrive filled with expectations and excited about what they will find inside. They walk in and are compelled to explore each section of your visually stunning layout. Just steps inside, they re inspired by your jaw-dropping product displays and immediately feel connected to your brand. This is how a new customer is born.

We understand what it takes to create the perfect retail space. We work with you to seamlessly combine showcase displays, merchandise departments, functional spaces, traffic flow, ambiance, lighting and so much more all to make your customer feel like they are at home. Our team of architects, designers, engineers and construction crews will be there every step of the way so you can focus on the rest of your business.

Jaw-dropping product displays.

Showcase your merchandise and attract new customers.

Bars & Restaurants, Retail Shops, Fitness Centers more.

Floor to ceiling customization.

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September 6th, 2016

We had the opportunity to create the best sportswear store in Denmark, and we did. At a large retail space, in one of the biggest shopping centers in Denmark, we designed, developed, and built this very special sport and fashion store. Great efforts in layout and creativity concerning function, materials, and visuals have made this shop simply unique.

September 1st, 2016

In addition to the temporary retail space, the latter has taken over the store windows and the atrium space of the women s department to make an unprecedented brand statement on the premises.

The FEELING MYSELF space features black walls along with illuminated mirrors and fixtures, while intricate wire weaving adorns the ceiling, giving the space an industrial and slightly futuristic feel.

From this perspective, the constraints of the existing retail design became opportunities: where a shopping centre would say hallway, AIM could say island, a natural place to meet while using the home-style kitchens or sitting at the communal table.

The structure is framed by two 3-dimensional walls, distinguished by the use of crinkle-cut concrete surfaces and the linear or asymmetrical cutouts that function as illuminated niches for the display of products.

A grainy texture softens the sharply cut angles and cast a dark shadow; resembling a picture in itself rather than a retail space. The dark tones eliminate distractions and focus an angle on displayed imagery.

Natural materials and a warm, light palette reflect the retailer’s sensibility. Contrasting terrazzo floors were used in the shop and salon-spa to differentiate these two areas.

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Markets Retail

Have Questions?
We can help.

The retail marketplace is highly competitive and diverse; as a result, it presents unique challenges for manufacturers.

Plastic Ingenuity helps its customers present their products in the most favorable light not only to consumers, but also to retailers who stock and sell their products. By taking into account the retail stocking and restocking processes that can affect product placement and resulting sales, PI helps customers ensure that they get the most advantageous treatment by retailers throughout the process. Additionally, PI’s durable and easy to open retail packaging products are designed in such a way as to limit damage to the package and the encased product during storage, transit, and delivery. Furthermore, PI’s custom designs also help reduce pilferage of the customers’ products and provide added value to consumers by reducing the effort needed to open the products after purchase.

Retail Stocking

At Plastic Ingenuity, we’ve done the research on how retailers determine product placement.

Our retail packaging solutions are designed to fit peg hooks or sit on shelves easily and with clear visibility of both the product and the graphics card. Our highly visible retail packaging products offer a combination of outstanding protection and eye appeal for consumers. This can enhance branding efforts and increase sales due to the improved visibility our custom retail packaging can provide.

Innovative Design and Speed to Market

The skilled and experienced professionals at Plastic Ingenuity are proficient in creating designs that get products noticed.

Our customers enjoy fast turn-around times, superior packaging integrity, and significant flexibility as to the size and timing of every project. Because virtually all facets of the project are controlled in-house by Plastic Ingenuity staff, we can offer turn-around times on designs of about three to four days, and first prototypes are often available within the week they were ordered. This exceptional speed of service allows us to serve our customers better and respond more quickly to changes in the marketplace or in the product lines offered by our customers. We are confident nobody in the plastic thermoforming industry has faster turn-around times than Plastic Ingenuity.

At Plastic Ingenuity, we are committed to innovative design and constantly strive to improve our production techniques and processes. From wet wipes containers to sporting goods packaging, we aim to provide the best possible retail packaging products for our customers with exceptional service.

“We came to PI with a unique design challenge, and we had an incredibly tight deadline. Not only did they beat our deadline, they gave us a product that solved problems we never knew existed.”

Joe Jacobus, Manager of Packaging Development

spectrum brands

Plastic Ingenuity has been a valued partner of Wahl Clipper Corporation for many years. They have brought competitive pricing, good service, creatitve ideas and an always friendly disposition to the relationship.

Steven Yde, Senior Product Manager


Paul S. Ritchey, Manufacturing Process Engineer


I would like to thank Plastic Ingenuity for everything they have done for our company. Everything was exceptional and went smoothly. The employees at PI were very conscious of our needs and very helpful. They not only provided a package that protected our product, but presented it in a superior fashion. I was very impressed with everything they followed through with. Thank you Plastic Ingenuity.

Tony Balistreri, Owner


Plastic Ingenuity 1017 Park Street. Cross Plains. WI. 53528 | Phone: (608)-798-3071 | Fax: (608) 798-4452
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The Florida Mall Dining Pavilion

The Florida Mall is a major international shopping destination. Its close proximity to Disney World makes it a uniquely family oriented center. To accommodate the huge volume of shoppers, the 96,000SF Saks Fifth Avenue space was transformed into a unique, fashionable and family-friendly food destination with a large outdoor dining patio, 16 new food tenants and 9 retail tenants.

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Top Retail Design Firms of 2014

Twenty years and still going strong, the Retail Design Firm Resource Guide offers you the latest comprehensive list of designers and firms to call upon for all those projects in the pipeline. International submissions this year took a dip while domestic and North American entrants were up slightly – more firms from the U.S. and Canada are fulfilling the need for renovations and prototype roll-outs compared to last year. International firms, from Croatia to India to Mexico, remain industry staples.

Each listing includes the firm’s contact information and notable projects completed in 2013. To see the full table, visit page 28 of the May issue .

Check out the Rankings by Design Fees chart on page 36 of the May issue and below, derived from total retail design fees disclosed by participating companies.

Information for this guide, including fees where applicable, was provided by individual firms and has not been verified by VMSD .

Rankings by Design Fees *
Rank Company (Headquarters)

1. Gensler (San Francisco)

2. Callison (Seattle)

3. Stantec Architecture (Seattle)

4. MulvannyG2 (Bellevue, Wash.)

5. RSP Architects (Minneapolis)

6. GreenbergFarrow (Atlanta)

7. MBH Architects (Alameda, Calif.)

8. Big Red Rooster (Columbus, Ohio)

9. Chipman Design Architecture (Des Plaines, Ill.)

10. Shremshock Architects (Westerville, Ohio)

11. Chute Gerdeman (Columbus, Ohio)

12. CMA (Minneapolis)

13. Herschman Architects (Cleveland)

14. Bergmeyer Associates Inc. (Boston)

15. GH+A (Montreal)

16. JGA Inc. (Southfield, Mich.)

17. ACS Architectural Construction Services (Costa Mesa, Calif.)

18. (tie) KLH Engineers (Ft. Thomas, Ky.)

18. (tie) RGLA Studios (Chicago)

19. Gruskin Group (Springfield, N.J.)

20. Aedifica (Montreal)

21. BKA Architects (Brockton, Mass.)

22. Jencen Architecture (Cleveland)

23. Reztark Design Studio (Cincinnati)

24. Phase Zero Design (Simsbury, Conn.)

25. Cowan + Associates (Worthington, Ohio)

26. King Retail Solutions (Eugene, Ore.)

27. Kraido (San Francisco)

28. DMD Ltd. (Toronto)

29. Richardson Design (Cleveland)

30. Foremost Interiors (Salt Lake City)

31. Jerry Birnbach and Associates (Somers, N.Y.)

32. Retail Rehab (Santa Monica, Calif.)

33. Retail Habitats (San Diego)

34. Chris Rossi Studio (Tampa, Fla.)

* Information for the VMSD Retail Design Firm Resource Guide was provided by individual firms and has not been verified by VMSD magazine.

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Autumn Design
‘Autumn Design based near New Delhi. creates new experiences that are meaningful for thecustomers and help in capturing the right mindshare for a Brand’

. Product Design
. Packaging Design
. Brand Design
. Exhitbition Design
. Retail Display

Incubis Consultants
‘Based in Delhi -specialising in industrial and transportation design, product development, engineering, architecture, Corporate identity, Interactive media and operations management’

. Industrial Design
. Retail Design
. New Media
. Architecture
. Management

Ray and Keshavan
‘Design Firm based in Bangalore – Brand Identity, Print, Exhibition Design and Interactive Design – help customers build path-breaking brands through the strategic use of design.

. Identity Design
. Brand Design
. Retail Design
. Print Design

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About Us

We are the retail industry’s creative professionals and we were founded in 1961 to be a collaborative community where ideas, knowledge and passion would be shared at a local level and enable our members to fulfill the fast-paced planning and design needs of retail. Today, our membership includes architects, graphic designers, lighting designers, interior designs, store planners, visual merchandisers, resource designers, brand strategists, educators, trade partners, editors and publishers, and students.

Latest News

The Institute s 35th annual student design competition focused on the growing category of c-stores as many operators are currently redesigning.

This year s Iron Design challenge was for students to design a pop-up shop to drive sales of products to support HMI s Back to School mission.

The Retail Design Institute s Board of Directors met for its semi-annual Board Meeting September 18 in Chicago. Topping the agenda was executive o.

Job Board


Member Blog Posts

I was recently asked What do you enjoy most about being an Architect ? The answer to the question is easy: Drawing! Sometimes, as architects we get lost in the fog of running a business or managing a complex project or dealing with screaming contractors and demanding clients. We often.

ACQUISITION ALLEVATO has become the Boston office of HFA, a 220+ person, multidisciplinary retail design firm based in Bentonville, AR with over 25 years of experience providing comprehensive A/E services for a variety of nationally recognized clients. We are dedicated to providing.

What are the top 5 retail design trends that aim to attract and retain the millennial customer? One of the most common conversations you hear today across media channels, professional societies, and even municipal planning discussions is about how to deal with the
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Top Retail Design Firms of 2015

Now in its 21st year, VMSD ’s Retail Design Firm Resource Guide offers a comprehensive listing of design, architecture and construction firms, independent designers and consultancies from around the world.

Each listing includes contact information and notable projects the companies completed in 2014. To view the full table, visit page 30 of the May 2015 issue. Check out the Rankings by Design Fees chart on page 36 of the May issue and below, derived from total retail design fees disclosed by participating companies.

Rankings by Design Fees*

3. Stantec Architecture

4. MG2 (Formerly MulvannyG2 Architecture)

6. RSP Architects

7. Big Red Rooster

8. FRCH Design Worldwide

9. MBH Architects

10. Shremshock Architects

11. Chipman Design Architecture

12. Bergmann Associates

14. Sargenti Architects

15. CASCO Diversified Corp.

16. Herschman Architects Inc.

17. Chute Gerdeman Inc.

19. BHDP Architecture

21. Watt International

22. RGLA Solutions Inc.

23. Bergmeyer Associates Inc.

24. Gruskin Architecture and Design P.C.

28. Jencen Architecture

29. Horst Design Intl. Inc.

30. Phase Zero Design Inc.

31. (tie) Architectural Design Guild

32. Cowan + Associates

33. The McKinney Partnerships/Architects

34. (tie) Retail Solutions Colombia

35. Richardson Design

36. Connor Architecture

38. Alvarez-Diaz Villalon

39. Architecture Design Collaborative

40. Studio McCormack

41. Jerry Birnbach and Associates

42. Hambrecht Oleson Design Inc.

44. Bruce and Tom (BAT)

45. Retail Habitats

46. Rawlins Design

47. Smart Associates

49. Destree Design Architects Inc.

* Information for the VMSD Retail Design Firm Resource Guide was provided by individual firms and has not been verified by VMSD magazine.
**Fees from outside the U.S. are converted into U.S. dollars using average exchange rates from Dec. 31, 2014, as reported by the Internal Revenue Service.

Due to an editorial error, Architecture Design Collaborative was incorrectly listed as Architectural Design Collaborative. The company’s name has been corrected in the listing above.

Due to an editorial error, the company FRDC was unintentionally left out of the 2015 Retail Design Firm Resource Guide. Their information is as follows:

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Deliver successful product ranges and campaigns tailored to your and your customer’s needs.

Trendstop is a vertical consumer research, trend analysis, creative concept & product development agency. We help you increase sales and ROI through clear consumer understanding and effective product development support.

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