When Migrating the Certification Authority can a new server name be used #windows #server #certification #path, #active #directory


When Migrating the Certification Authority can a new server name be used

You simply cannot change CA name once installed, its not supported. Maximum you can move CA server from one server to another by keeping same CA server hostname \ different CA server hostname

The CA server name is hardcoded in issued certificates CRL and AIA

How many certificates you have issued with this CA ?

If number of issued certificates are less, then I would suggest you to go for brand new CA with new CA name and new server host name and just uninstall old CA

But if this is not the case and if you want to retain old CA by any means, then there are two approaches

1 Migrate CA server to another server by keeping same CA name (You cannot change CA name) and same CA server host name (Recommended all time)

2 Migrate CA server to another server by keeping same CA name (You cannot change CA name) and different server name
http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/dn486797.aspx – All steps outlined here

With this approach you can migrate CA server on server with different hostname
Since CRL and AIA is hardcoded with old CA server name, you must provision IIS instance some where and put your CA root certificate and CRL there so that hardcoded location can resolved to that iis instance to get CRL and AIA

CRL is used to check whether client certificate is expired \ revoked against certificate revocation list (CRL)
AIA is used to verify issuer certificate authenticity (Authority information access (AIA)

If you skip above step, then your existing issued certificates will not work as expected because they will fail to check CRL and AIA and then you need to enroll new certificates to clients where new CA server name will get included

You cannot change CA name once deployed.
But you can have CA server name (not CA name) different from original CA server name if you wants

Only thing in that case your existing issued certificates by old CA will not be able to check CRL and AIA as these two are hardcoded in issued certificate properties with old CA server name
You can double click your existing certificate on client and go to details tab
you will find this info and also get feel what I am trying to say

So, in order to able to check CRL and AIA for existing certificate at new CA server location, you need to set URL redirection at DNS level so that those old urls will be resolved to new CA server CRL and AIA locations
Otherwise your existing certificates that are issued by old CA will become invalid

The above article is already mentioned in my 1st comment

My comment:
With this approach you can migrate CA server on server with different hostname
Since CRL and AIA is hardcoded with old CA server name, you must provision IIS instance some where and put your CA root certificate and CRL there so that hardcoded location can resolved to that iis instance to get CRL and AIA
if you followed above article and do the steps with DNS, then you can simply ignore this comment as this is required separate approach
In this comment what I am doing:
I am installing IIS on windows based server and create same path as my old CA CRL and AIA path and copy my .crl and +crl and CA root certificate at this location and update it manually periodically
Now my existing issued certificates will be able to resolve CRL and AIA locations as appropriate and remains valid

If you do not want any hassles, you can simply migrate CA from one server to another by keeping same server name at source and destination

Let me know if you have any confusion please

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    Nurse Aide Classes in Wisconsin

    Nurse Aide Training Programs in Wisconsin

    Do I become a certified nurse aide upon completion of a CNA training class? The answer to this question is no. To become state certified you need to pass the CNA competency exam. The Wisconsin Department of Health and Family Services has created a standard test which can be challenged by every person graduating from a nurse aide training program. Successfully passing both the written and skill components of the state test results in earning the CNA certification.

    A nurse aide is allowed to work for three months prior to becoming certified. To qualify for working as a nursing assistant for three months without a nurse aide certification you must: be a full-time employee, perform nurse aide duties under the supervision of a licensed practical nurse or registered nurse, and have already completed a CNA training program. For additional information regarding the nurse aide state exam you are encouraged to ask your instructor for a copy of the Wisconsin nurse aide candidate handbook. The average CNA wage in the state of Wisconsin is approximately $25,500 per year.

    Approved CNA Schools in Brown County

    Northeast Wisconsin Technical College – Green Bay
    P.O. Box 19042, Green Bay, WI 54307
    Phone: 920-498-7141

    Northeast Wisconsin Technical College- Ell – Green Bay
    P.O. Box 19042, Green Bay, WI 54307
    Phone: 920-498-7141

    American Red Cross – Lakeland Chapter – Green Bay
    2131 Deckner Avenue, Green Bay, WI 54308
    Phone: 715-271-9914

    Chippewa County

    Wissota Health and Regional Vent Center – Chippewa Falls
    2815 County Highway I, Chippewa Falls, WI 54729
    Phone: 715-720-9341

    Dane County

    Madison Area Technical College
    211 N Carroll Street, Madison, WI 53703
    Phone: 608-258-2479

    Madison Area Technical College – Portage
    211 N Carroll Street, Madison, WI 53703
    Phone: 608-258-2479

    Madison Area Technical College – Blackboard
    211 N Carroll Street, Madison, WI 53703
    Phone: 608-258-2479

    Madison Area Technical College – Watertown
    211 N Carroll Street, Madison, WI 53703
    Phone: 608-258-2479

    Neway Directions – Madison
    6400 Gisholt Drive, Suite102, Madison, WI 53713
    Phone: 608-221-1920

    Madison Area Technical College – Reedsburg
    211 N Carroll Street, Madison, WI 53703
    Phone: 608-258-2479

    Madison Area Technical College – Fort Atkinson
    211 N Carroll Street, Madison, WI 53703
    Phone: 608-258-2479

    Madison Area Technical College – Esl
    211 N Carroll Street, Madison, WI 53703
    Phone: 608-258-2479

    Ingleside Nursing Home – Mount Horeb
    407 N 8th Street, Mount Horeb, WI 53572
    Phone: 608-437-5511

    Waunakee Manor Health Care Center
    801 Klein Drive, Waunakee, WI 53597
    Phone: 608-849-5016

    Nursing assistant programs prepare individuals for challenging the nurse aide certification exam and for entry level positions in health care environments. Each state has the authority to decide how many hours of training a nursing assistant course must consist of, as long as the minimum federal requirement of seventy-five hours is met. Students interested in attending CNA classes have a wide array of choices when it comes to selecting a training facility.

    Nursing assistant courses are conducted at nursing homes, vocational schools, private schools, and community colleges. Program length, admission requirements, and cost of training vary depending on the policies of every training facility. Several states have implemented legislation which requires licensed long-term care facilities to reimburse CNA employees for the costs associated with training. An individual who has paid for nursing assistant training classes and who becomes employed by a nursing home within a year of obtaining certification, is eligible for financial reimbursement. Compared to other training programs in the health care field, nursing assistant classes are relatively short and inexpensive. Obtaining state certification as a CNA is the main requirement for securing a nurse aide job at a nursing home, hospital, rehabilitation or skilled nursing facility.

    CNA Training Schools and Programs

    Questions, Comments, Suggestions

    Name: Tara H. Date posted: August 02, 2013 – 05:28 PM
    Message: Can you give me information on when the Gunderson Lutheren Medical Foundation Inc. and the Western Technical College both in LaCrosse WI, start their CNA courses? Thank you.

    Name: Admin Date posted: August 03, 2013 – 12:25 AM
    Message: The Western Technical College offers upcoming CNA training classes in August, September and October of this year. Classes take approximately two months to complete and cost about $377. I don’t have any additional information about the nursing assistant classes at Gundersen Lutheren Medical Foundation but you may contact them by phone and inquire about the program. Good luck!

    Michelle M. on March 01, 2012 at 09:27 AM
    Who is eligible for placement on the Wisconsin Nurse Aide Registry?

    Admin on March 01, 2012 at 11:06 AM
    In order to be included on the Wisconsin Nurse Aide Registry. you must complete an approved nurse aide training program of a minimum of 120 hours and successfully pass both portions (written or oral examination and skills evaluation) of the competency test. Refer to the Wisconsin Department of Health Services website which indicates that only nurse aides who completed a training program of 120 hours or more are eligible to transfer to Wisconsin. You may get the Registry Out-of-State Application form via Pearson Vue. You must complete the first part of the application and attach verification of your personal identity including you name, date of birth, and social security number. You should mail the completed form to the Nurse Aide Registry in the state where you are currently listed. Nurse aide registry personnel in the state where you are currently listed must complete the second part of the application to verify your status in that state. The other state will mail the completed application to Wisconsin. If you are transferring from another state, you must NOT provide “hands on” care in a facility in Wisconsin until you have been placed on the Wisconsin Nurse Aide Registry. You can also see the Wisconsin Nurse Aide Candidate Handbook which indicates that if you are a nurse aide currently listed on another state’s nurse aide (or equivalent) registry as ACTIVE and in good standing (according to federal requirements), and have completed an approved nurse aide training program of at least one-hundred twenty (120) hours in another state, you may be eligible for placement on the Wisconsin Nurse Aide Registry. To apply for placement on the Wisconsin Nurse Aide Registry, you must complete the Nurse Aide Registry Out-Of-State Application. It is recommended that all out-of-state and reciprocity candidates apply as far in advance as possible, as multiple agencies must verify and process your application. If you are a certified nurse aide currently listed on another state’s registry, but have an INACTIVE status, and have completed an approved nurse aide training program of at least one-hundred twenty (120) hours in another state, you must successfully take the NNAAP Examination in order to be eligible for placement on the Wisconsin Nurse Aide Registry.

    CNA Resources

    CNA Training Requirements

    There is a wide disparity between CNA training requirements among the states. The difference lies in the mandatory number of total training hours necessary to complete state-approved CNA classes .

    While according to federal law each nursing assistant course should contain a minimum of seventy-five (75) instruction and clinical hours, individual states have the liberty to mandate extra training requirements for certified nursing assistants. The majority of states exceed the threshold federal minimum requirements for nurse aide training programs because they are considered insufficient to result in an optimal and safe level of care for clients.

    A review of nationwide state requirements for nurse assistant courses has found that the following states have mandated highest number of CNA program hours: Maine with a minimum of 90 hours of theory, 20 hours of laboratory skills and 70 hours of clinical instruction for a total of 180 hours; California with one hundred and sixty (160) training hours; Delaware and Oregon each requiring one hundred and fifty (150) hours; followed by the state of Alaska with one hundred and forty (140) hours; Virginia, Arizona, and West Virginia have a minimum of one hundred and twenty (120) training hours for state-approved classes.

    CNA Training Programs

    Nurse Aide Registries

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    What Does a Palliative Nurse Practitioner Do?

    Palliative nurse practitioners are advanced practice nurses who treat patients with life threatening illnesses. They assess patient needs and diagnose health challenges. Palliative care nurse practitioners are skilled clinicians who are knowledgeable about a wide range of medical conditions. They provide emotional support to patients and family members facing devastating diagnoses.

    Palliative care nurse practitioners provide primary care services to patients who have terminal diagnoses. They work in a variety of settings. Palliative care nurse practitioners provide services in hospitals, medical offices, patient homes and, inpatient hospice facilities. They assess, and treat symptoms to promoting maximum level of wellness and independence for patients with terminal illnesses. They prescribe medications within the scope of practice for their jurisdiction. Specific roles vary with jurisdiction and workplace setting.

    The majority of palliative care nurse practitioners work with adults. While palliative nurse practitioners may use their expertise to care for patients of all ages, they most commonly treat older adults and geriatric patients.

    Medical illnesses that are commonly encountered by palliative care nurse practitioners include: cancer, advanced heart disease, neurological disorders and dementia. Palliative care nurse practitioners also encounter patients suffering from advanced liver, kidney, respiratory illnesses and serious injuries on a regular basis.

    Palliative nurse practitioners develop treatment plans to relieve pain, nausea, and difficulty breathing. They treat people with seizures and serious wounds. Palliative care nurse practitioners arrange for comfort measures such as palliative radiation and palliative chemotherapy which are used to reduce pain and distress of patients with cancer. They employ multifaceted treatment plans which include mind, body, and spiritual interventions.

    Palliative care nurse practitioners are advanced practice registered nurses who complete specialized course work at the Master s or Doctoral degree level. A proposal has been made which would require future a Doctorate of Nursing degree as the minimal entry level for nurse practitioners by 2015. Individual state governments must make rulings prior to that proposal being adopted.

    Palliative care nurse practitioners order referrals for medical services, treatments, and diagnostic tests. They prescribe diets, exercises, and therapies for patients suffering from serious illnesses. Medication prescribing capacities vary depending upon individual state rules. In some jurisdictions, palliative care nurse practitioners have the option to work independently. However, in most areas palliative care nurse practitioners work collaboratively with physicians.

    Palliative care nurse practitioners are certified by the National Board for Certification of Hospice and Palliative Nurses. Educational preparation to become certified as a Palliative Nurse Practitioner requires that the advanced practice nurse be a clinical nurse specialist or possess a nurse practitioner license in the state that he or she seeks certification in. A minimum of 500 hours of supervised masters or post masters clinical practice in palliative care must be documented prior to sitting for the certification exam

    The Certification Examination for Hospice and Palliative Advanced Practice Registered Nurses consists of 175 questions, of which 150 are scored. It is a multiple choice test. Three and one half hours are allotted for taking the exam.

    The certification exam addresses multiple areas that palliative care advanced practice nurses must be expert at. Areas include: clinical expertise, scientific knowledge, evidenced based practice, education, and communication skills. Professional issues such scope of practice, resource utilization, and ethics are tested.

    Requirements for renewal of certification are obtained by providing proof of clinical hours and taking continuing education classes.

    Palliative care focuses on aiding patients with life threatening illnesses. Unlike hospice services. which are provided only when a patient has a life expectancy of six months or less, palliative care nurse practitioners aid patients with life threatening illnesses from the time that they are diagnosed.

    Palliative care nurse practitioners may make home visits to patients who are too ill to go to an office visit or serve as primary care providers within the community. They see patients in hospitals and specialized centers such as cancer clinics.

    Palliative care nurse practitioners use the nursing process to assess, diagnose, plan, provide and evaluate care. They formulate and prioritize differential diagnoses of patients who have serious illnesses. Palliative care nurses actively determine patient prognosis and provide and address issues of grief of patients and families.

    Palliative nurse practitioners conduct comprehensive physical examinations. They serve as patient and family advocates. Palliative nurse practitioners advocate for health care changes which have potential to improve quality of life for terminally ill people.

    In addition to advocating for individual patients, palliative nurse practitioners may be active within organizational and political arenas affecting health care policy change. Palliative nurse practitioners are part of multidisciplinary health care teams. They collaborate with other professionals and community members to ensure optimal wellness and comfort for patients.

    • Hospice and Palliative Nurses Association (www.hpna.org)
    • National Board for Certification of Hospice and Palliative Nurses (www.nbchpn.org)
    • Center for Advance Palliative Care (www.capc.org)

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