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Cloud Infrastructure and Management Services

Cloud computing is a key enabler of digital business transformation. Delivering high-quality, cost-effective, and secure application services on-demand is how industries are being disrupted worldwide, but how do you get there?

Microsoft Services can help you achieve your desired cloud computing state across hybrid cloud environments and software-defined-datacenters. We can help you improve IT management capabilities and analytics, providing your business with tangible value demonstrated in lowered cost of ownership, and improved asset flexibility.

  • IT as a Business Enabler
    • Plan, implement and optimize environments that support scalable and agile services.
    • Deploy net new private, public and hybrid cloud solutions that enable new capabilities.
    • Influence and educate decision makers, end-users and other stakeholders in IT, business units and other groups across your organization to drive successful cloud adoption.
    • Optimize your existing cloud solutions to improve performance, contain costs, streamline management, introduce automation and increase security measures.

  • Enterprise Modernization
  • Several events such as software end of support and datacenter consolidation can be opportunities to modernize your business. Microsoft Services can help you transform your business into a modern enterprise that delights customers, empowers employees, and simplifies your operations.
  • Enterprise Modernization Datasheet
  • Learn more about Enterprise Modernization Services

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  • Agile Cloud Adoption
  • Envision how your business can achieve speed, scale and economic benefits from the cloud. With our cloud adoption framework and experience migrating to the cloud, Microsoft Services can help you harness the power and agility of the Microsoft Hybrid Cloud.
  • Agile Cloud Adoption Datasheet
  • Learn more about Agile Cloud Adoption Services

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  • Cloud Optimization
  • Empowering your development teams with cloud computing was just the beginning. Now you can go further with multi-cloud integration, financial management, DevOps practices, and new technologies such as containers. Let Microsoft Services get you there and beyond.

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The promise of Microsoft Services

Enpower customers to accelerate the value imagined and realized from their digital experiences


innovating with new business models, services and products that differentiate.


    improved business performance, accelerating time to market and increasing value.


    differentiated digital services built for your needs.

    Contact your Account Representative for more information about our Cloud Infrastructure and Management Services

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    Services Overview

    DataBank is a leading provider of enterprise-class business solutions for Data Center, Cloud, Interconnection, and Managed Services. We offer customized deployments that can be tailored to your specific business needs to effectively manage risk and improve technology performance. Below you’ll find a breakout of the DataBank core services. Please make a selection below to learn more about our services and solutions.

    DataBank builds and operates highly secure, enterprise-class data center facilities with the infrastructure needed to enable 100% uptime for our client’s critical IT equipment and applications. Our top-tier facilities provide business solutions for customized IT deployments, and industry compliance regulations which are coupled with unmatched support that allows outsourcing for IT management, maintenance and operations at any level you require.
    >> More About

    DataBank’s Cloud services are built upon and leverage the same security and reliability that our rock-solid data center infrastructure provides. Our best of breed platform delivers both the scalability and flexibility needed to maximize your use of the cloud. Whether you need IaaS, PaaS, a Hybrid solution, Data Virtualization, DRaaS, or a full-blown Private Cloud, clients of DataBank can fully utilize the best aspects of a Cloud solution to meet business needs.
    >> More About

    DataBank recognizes that providing high-end connectivity and interconnection goes hand-in-hand with any top-tier data center solution. All DataBank facilities are truly carrier-neutral, carrier-friendly and carrier-rich. Which is why we own and operate �Carrier-Hotels� in almost every data center market. Whether simple connectivity to the Internet, a carrier point-to-point, or MPLS circuits to a service provider, DataBank has the resources to get your business connected.
    >> More About

    To complement our unrivaled data center facilities, we offer clients a full suite of Managed Services to ensure they are maximizing the effectiveness of their data center deployments. These services can be tailored to increase connectivity, management, monitoring and the overall security of your valuable IT assets. We can provide your business with a number of solutions, including Infrastructure Services, Data Services, Network Services, and Security Services.
    >> More About

    GULGONG GOLD RUSH TOWN NSW – TOURS ATTRACTIONS – ACCOMMODATION, HERITAGE BUILDINGS #accommodaton, #tourist, #attractions, #gold, #goldfields, #fields, #deposits, #maps, #walking, #tours, #operators, #guides, #coaches, #heritage, #buildings, #henry, #lawson #centre



    When Tom Saunders found almost 15 ounces of gold (400gm) on Red Hill on 14thApril 1870 it led to a gold rush that swelled Gulgong’s population to over 20,000 people and became the largest alluvial goldfield in NSW, producing over 15,000 kgs.

    Around 1872 Bernhardt Otto Holtermann . a miner who was also interested in photography, financed Beaufoy Merlin and his apprentice, Charles Bayliss for a series of photographs, which included Gulgong’s gold rush days and became known as the “Holtermann Collection” . (zoom in and out on photos for incredible clarity and details)

    Today, Gulgong is held up as “one of the finest preserved towns from bygone gold rush days” and is classified by the National Trust. With a close-knit community of 2,500 the town still boasts more than 70 heritage buildings. including the oldest continually operating Opera House in Australia.

    The Gulgong Pioneers Museum takes up two entire blocks and contains some of the greatest gold mining, colonial living and old machinery displays from these times. Walk through entire rooms ; theschoolhouse, barber shop, hospital wards, blacksmith and see the dress styles, tools and transport of Australia’s early days.

    As your drive around, take note of the many local roads and areas named after the ‘gold leads’ ie. Home Rule, Canadian Lead . Black Lead, Adams Lead, Barney’s Reef etc.

    The Poet, Henry Lawson lived around Gulgong and his 1889 poem “Roaring Days” was in direct reference to the town’s gold rush days. Lawson and Gulgong were once featured together on Australia’s original ten dollar note. Gulgong celebrates annually with the Henry Lawson Festiva l in the June long weekend and the town comes alive with old horse carts, vintage cars and parades to celebrate Lawson’s Grenfell to Gulgong pilgrimage

    Holtermann’s Panoramic View
    Gulgong GoldfieldMap (DPI)
    Life on the Goldfields (DPI)
    Gulgong’s White Gold – Clay
    More Gulgong History
    Hill End Gold
    Visitors Guide
    Entertainment Guide
    BOOKGulgong Walking Tours
    Chapmans’ Bus Coach Hire

    Self Contained

    Cherry Lane Cottage
    183 Black Lead Lane Gulgong
    Telephone 02-6374 2289

    Eric’s Worrowong Cottage
    45 Bayly Lane Cooyal
    Telephone 02-6373 5484

    Fig Tree Cottage
    90 Belmore Street Gulgong
    Telephone 02-6374 1000

    Goulburn River Stone Cottages
    “Gleniston” Cassilis Road Ulan
    Telephone 02-6373 4650

    Hensley House
    21 Lynne Street Gulgong
    Telephone 02-6374 0428

    Matilda’s on Mayne
    128 Mayne Street Gulgong
    Telephone 0429 997 596

    Owl Head Lodge
    241 Bergalin Road Gulgong
    Telephone 02-6374 2744

    The Telegraph Station
    5 Robinson St Gulgong
    Telephone 0439 928 524

    Willowvale Cottage Farm Holiday
    Mebul Road Gulgong
    Telephone 02-6374 1446

    Caravan Parks

    Henry Lawson Caravan Park
    Mayne Street Gulgong
    Telephone 02-6374 1294

    Gulgong Showground Camping
    Power, hot water, shower facilities
    Telephone 02-6374 1255

    B Bs

    Gulgong B B
    “The Old Wesleyan Chapel”
    64 Medley St Gulgong (pic left)
    Telephone 0458 487 706


    Goldfields Motor Inn
    212 Mayne Street Gulgong
    Telephone 02-6374 1111

    Gulgong Motel
    71 Medley Street Gulgong
    Telephone 02-6374 1122

    Ten Dollar Town Motel
    Cnr Mayne Medley St Gulgong
    Telephone 02-6374 1204

    Hotels Clubs

    Commercial Hotel
    104 Mayne Street Gulgong
    Telephone 02-6374 1206

    Centennial Hotel
    141 Mayne Street Gulgong
    Telephone 02-6374 1241

    Post Office Hotel Brasserie
    97 Herbert Street Gulgong
    Telephone 02-6374 1031

    Prince of Wales Hotel
    97 Mayne Street Gulgong
    Telephone 02-6374 1166

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    A-Z Directory

    The DATACENTRE.ME directory provides information regarding organisations that offer services and products specifically within the Global Data Centre industry.

    By using this data centre directory, you can find out who is doing what, who you can partner / network with, buy from, sell to, etc as well as list your own organisation. You may search by company name, sector and / or geographical location.

    The Bronze data centre directory listings are completely free of charge. All we ask is that you start using the site as one of your daily reference tools and that you help to spread the DATACENTRE.ME word by encouraging your colleagues, associates and peers to do the same please.

    HOW TO ADD YOUR LISTING: Click here for full instructions – this will open a new tab in your browser

    Search results to follow.

    Search results to follow.

    Find companies that begin with:

    Counterintelligence Courses and Briefings – CI CENTRE #counterintelligence,counter-intelligence, #counterintel,counterespionage,spy, #espionage, #spies, #spying, #counterintelligence #training,ci, #ci #centre, #education, #training, #courses, #briefings, #awareness, #consulting, #database, #cases, #spy #cases, #espionage #cases, #security #cases, #leak #cases, #illegal #export #cases, #homegrown #jihadists #cases, #terrorism #cases, #defectors, #foreign #intelligence #officer #cases, #venona #spies, #encyclopedia,research, #analysis, #counterterrorism,counterterrorism #training,investigations #training, #opsec #training,interview #skills, #security,security,inspections,inspectors,interviewing #training,security #awareness,spydrive,intelligence,national #security,defense,fbi,cia,military #intelligence,counterintelligence #academy,gsa #schedule, #economic #espionage, #foreign #intelligence #services,law #enforcement,intelligence #speakers #bureau, #homeland #security,cross #cultural #awareness, #commercial #off #the #shelf #training, #cots, #history, #quotes, #calendar, #events, #videos, #podcasts, #membership, #community,cyber,cyberespionage,kgb,svr,insider #threats, #centre, #opsec, #cicentre, #ci #news, #ci #center,news,intelligence #history,


    The CI Centre has over 50+ already-developed commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) training courses and briefings which can immediately be provided to your organization. They are conveniently on the GSA Schedule for quick, easy and immediate ordering at the best price already negotiated by the US Government.

    Since 1997, we have provided this training to over 70,000 Intelligence Community, Military, Law Enforcement and Corporate clients—and have consistently received the best course feedback by these attendees.

    We can provide the courses at your organization’s location or at a third-party facility.

    Your employees will benefit by learning directly from our world-class team of experts who each have 25-40+ years of real-world experience and expert knowledge to share in the counterintelligence, counterterrorism, investigations and security fields.

    As a manager, you will benefit from the rave course reviews, increased interest and buy-in to CI, CT and security, and a valuable workforce that is more aware of potential threats. Plus, the CI Centre is a turnkey company, meaning you can let us handle everything from registration to certificates.

    Let’s talk about how your organization can receive immediate, needed training by scheduling one or more of our courses and briefings for your employees. Call us at 1-800-779-4007 or 703-642-7450 or use our Contact Us form.

    Counterintelligence Strategy, Tactics and Skills

    COTS Training Courses and Briefings


    CI Centre’s Commercial Off-the-Shelf (COTS) training courses taught by our expert instructors offer significant savings in procurement and maintenance to federal/state/local government and corporate organizations and we offer easy and efficient ordering.

    • Our COTS training courses have already been fully designed and developed. Your organization does not pay for the design and development costs because these are COTS courses.

    • Our instructors are ready to deliver them to your organization—right now. You don’t use your own time, personnel and resources.

    • Our COTS courses are proven, successful entities, many of which have been delivered since 1996. You are purchasing a vetted course whose feedback from attendees has been consistently positive.

    • The information in COTS courses are kept up-to-date by the CI Centre. Your organization is not charged this maintenance.

    • Courses can be delivered by our expert instructors at our facility in Falls Church, VA (outside Washington, DC, at a third-party facility, or we can come to your location (travel expenses extra).

    • With set prices for the COTS courses, ordering is quick, easy and efficient. No need to write or issue Statements or Work, Request for Proposals or Bids, or conduct surveys—GSA has already negotiated the best price for the US Government. GSA Contract Number: GS-02F-0210R. Schedule 874 Mission Oriented Business Integrated Services (MOBIS) under name of parent company David G. Major Associates, Inc.

    • Government credit cards are accepted as a form of payment for all purchases. We have the ability to meet your end-of-year money training requests.

    With COTS courses ready-to-go, your organization can fulfill your training requirements right now.

    For modified, tailored and customized courses (content, length) and training solutions, please give us a call.

    To schedule one or more courses for your organization, use our Contact Form or call us at 1-800-779-4007 or 703-642-7450.

    Training cannot be provided without your Contracting Officer’s official approval and signature on our training contract agreement. No other person/official, however senior, may approve of the funds released for the training except the Contracting Officer. (Note: the Contracting Officer is different from the COTR)

    Centre for Retail Research, Nottingham UK #specialty #retail #industry

    #retail theft


    The Global Retail Theft Barometer 2011


    • Shrinkage rises to $119 billion in 2011, up 6.6% since 2010.
    • Shrinkage an average of 1.45% in 43 countries compared to 1.36% in 2010.
    • 35.9% of retailers reported that actual and attempted shoplifting rose last year and 24% suffered higher employee theft.
    • The costs of retail crime-plus-loss prevention were $128 billion in 2011 equivalent to $199.89 per family. ($66.27 per individual).

    Key Results
    After a dip in shrinkage last year (2009-10), shrinkage has risen in the 12-months ending June 2011 as a result of increased shoplifting, higher employee fraud, and organized retail crime (ORC). Total global shrink in 2011 cost retailers $119.092 billion, an average of 1.45% of global retail sales. The shrinkage rate was an average of 6.6% higher than 2010. Last year shrinkage was $108.092 billion (1.36% of sales), adjusted for the inclusion of South Korea and exchange rate changes. ‘Shrinkage’ or ‘shrink’ is inventory loss caused by crime or administrative error. In this report it is measured as a percentage of retail sales value.

    The Survey
    The GRTB 2011 survey of major retailers in all business sectors in 43 countries provided 1,187 useable responses, 25%. with combined sales of $984 billion.
    The results are grossed up to be equivalent the size of every national retail market surveyed

    Causes of Shrinkage

    The causes of shrinkage reflect retailer perceptions of the causes of shrinkage in their own businesses. Internal error including mispricing, invoicing errors and administrative failure cost $19.4 billion, representing 16.2% of total shrinkage.

    Dishonest employees were thought to cause $41.7 billion (35.0% of shrinkage) of losses and customer theft, including shoplifting and organized retail crime, cost retailers $51.5 billion in 2011 (43.2% of total shrinkage) compared to $45.4 billion in 2010. This was a year-on-year increase of 13.4% in customer theft.

    Sources of Shrinkage Loss by Continent

    Organised Retail Crime 2011

    Shrinkage by Country (percentage of sales)

    Shrinkage Losses of Most Vulnerable Lines

    Loss Prevention Spending 2011

    Retail jobs in Birmingham City Centre, West Midlands

    #birmingham retail jobs


    8 Retail job ads in Birmingham City Centre, West Midlands

    Luxury Sales Assistant – Designer Exchange Birmingham

    Birmingham City Centre, West Midlands

    Designer Exchange is a pre-loved designer handbag company located in London’s Knightsbridge, Birmingham and Manchester. It is an incredible opportunity for anyone interested in the designer and fashion industry who, can not only reach goals, but exce

    • Contract type Temporary

    Ad posted 31 days ago

    Team Leader Vacancy within our Bullring Store!

    Birmingham City Centre, West Midlands

    Turn your career into a passion! At Ann Summers we work hard so our customers can play hard. We love what we do and because we have been the market leader for over 40 years we want the very best experts on our team. We are looking for a Team Le

    • Contract type Permanent

    Ad posted 32 days ago

    Sales Associate needed! – Hair Styling Products! – Competitive package! – Bull Ring Centre

    Birmingham City Centre, West Midlands

    Aria Beauty is an international hair care brand. We specialize in hair straighteners, curlers and human hair extensions. We are looking for full time Sales Representative to work in our retail stand for our busy location at the Bullring Shopping

    • Contract type Permanent

    Ad posted 41 days ago

    Customer service assistants required in our KFC restaurant located in Birmingham city centre

    Birmingham City Centre, West Midlands

    We are recruiting for crew members for our KFC branch in Banbury city centre. If you are hardworking honest and have a passion for up selling then you are exactly what we are looking for. The job role will consist of serving customers, food preppi

    • Contract type Permanent

    Ad posted 51 days ago

    Work From Home Flexible Home Based Jobs Full Time Part Time Work Admin Online Research

    Birmingham City Centre, West Midlands

    Work from home and earn big. All areas in UK Can you use a computer and have a valid email account? If so click APPLY asap And you could be earning today. 10 – 30 hours per week All training provided 25 positions that nee

    • Contract type Temporary

    Ad posted 94 days ago

    Bicycle store staff (summer job)

    Birmingham City Centre, West Midlands

    Do you have a passion for selling bicycles? Then here is your opportunity for a summer job. The ideal candidate will currently be working in a retail sales environment, preferably but not necessarily within a bicycles sales environment. This is

    • Contract type Temporary

    Ad posted 132 days ago

    Advertising Retail Assistant – Recruiting NOW!

    Birmingham City Centre, West Midlands

    Role: Advertising Retail Assistant Location: Birmingham City Centre Hours: Full time/Part time (Negotiable) Salary: £250-£300 (Weekly Pay) What we offer: * Full inhouse training * Support in the programme * Great progression opportuniti

    • Contract type Permanent

    Ad posted 136 days ago

    Assistant Retail Manager needed for Doddle in Birmingham – £18,000 per annum

    Birmingham City Centre, West Midlands

    Do you have the determination of Bear Grylls? Can you support a team like David Beckham? Do you have the dedication of Jessica Ennis? If so, the Doddle team is searching for the next generation of inspiring Assistant Retail Managers to be the face of

    • Contract type Permanent

    Ad posted 153 days ago

    We found 52 adverts 15 miles outside of your search area

    Job Centre Plus – Newport City Council #chinese #retailers

    #jobs centre


    Job Centre Plus

    Jobcentre Plus

    Jobcentre Plus promotes work as the best form of welfare, helping unemployed and economically inactive people of working age to find work while providing help and support for those without work.

    For Jobseeker’s Allowance, Employment and Support Allowance or Income Support, visit the Gov.UK website

    Telephone: 0800 055 6688 (Monday – Friday, 8am – 6pm )

    To enquire about benefits

    Visit the Gov.UK website

    Telephone: 0345 608 8545 (Monday – Friday, 8am – 6pm)

    Visit the Gov.UK website

    Telephone 0845 606 0234 (Monday – Friday, 8am – 6pm, Saturday 9am – 1pm)

    Maternity allowance applications

    Telephone 0845 608 8610 (Monday – Friday, 8am – 6pm)

    Bereavement benefit applications

    Telephone 0345 608 8605 (Monday – Friday, 9am – 5pm)

    Other Department for Work and Pensions benefits

    Carers Allowance applications: telephone 0845 608 4321

    Disability Living Allowance applications: telephone 0845 712 3456

    Newport Jobcentre 2 – 6 Charles Street Newport NP20 1JR Telephone: 0845 604 3719

    Please note, appointments are required for advisory and benefit enquiry services

    Not the service you need? Try again

    Andover Job Centre #weekend #retail #jobs

    #jobs centre


    Andover Job Centre

    O M Coordinator
    Southern-Andover, O M Coordinator Temporary position (4-8 weeks work) Monday – Friday Full time Competitive rates of pay Andover Role information: O M Coordinator would be responsible for updating the Operational Maintenance (O M)manuals at the end of each project. The Contracts team would issue a sheet to the O M Coordinator containing information from sub-contractors for each section of the job. You would creat

    Internal Sales Executive / Telesales
    Southern-Andover, Internal Sales Executive / Telesales – An opportunity for an Internal Sales or Telemarketing professional to join an award winning business at the key time of starting the growth of the internal sales team, which will complement the successful external sales division in the UK and Ireland. SALARY: £25,000 to £30,000 plus bonus! BENEFITS: 25 days holiday + Additional Group Benefits incl. Health Car

    Night Production Operative
    Andover, Production Operatives Andover Varied shifts 9pm- 5am £6.95 – £8.51 We are currently recruiting for Food Production Operatives to work for our client who is a busy Organic Food Company in Andover. Your working week will be Saturday through until Wednesday. You could be doing various takes from feeding the Production line, packing on the line, grading the fruit and vegetables and punneting. You must

    Bookkeeper / Finance Manager
    Southern-Andover, Bookkeeper, Finance Manager, Accountant, Andover, Hampshire Your new company: You will be joining a growing, family run SME business based in Andover, Hampshire. This company has an impressive, award winning track record of delivering excellent customer service and providing a quality all-round experience to their customers based throughout the south of England. Your new role: Working as the sole

    Production Operative
    Southern-Andover, Production Operatives Andover Varied shifts 5.30am – 2pm. £6.95 – £8.51 We are currently recruiting for Food Production Operatives to work for our client who is a busy Organic Food Company in Andover. Your working week will be Sunday through until Thursday. You could be doing various takes from feeding the Production line, packing on the line, grading the fruit and vegetables and punneting. You mu

    Stock Control/ Warehouse Supervisor
    Southern-Andover, Are you looking for a career within distribution and possess leadership skills within a fast paced environment? Manpower are currently for a Stock Control/ Warehouse Supervisor based in Andover within our well-established client. You will be required to supervise the day-to-day operation of the stock control team and ensure all deadlines are met, alongside producing daily/weekly/ monthly reports f

    B2B Telemarketing Executive
    Southern-Andover, B2B Telemarketing Executive Permanent Position 37 hours per week £21,000 pa plus Commission Andover Role Overview: To support our clients Marketing and BD Solutions Departments by generating revenue through developing ‘qualified’ sales leads. This position will lead/coordinate various offline and online approaches, and the progress of these towards opportunities by generating ‘qualified’ sales app

    Jobs centre #retail #sector

    #jobs centre


    Three exclusive titles.
    Three times the audience.

    For the professionals
    by the professionals.

    Get inspired.
    Get creative!

    From scratch
    to finish.

    Our Products


    ‘GlamStar’ is our exclusive Hindi title, catering to the Indian salon industry and is backed by C E Media’s 12+ years of experience and knowledge in the salon field. GlamStar aims to be THE language magazine of choice

    Read more

  • Nailathon

    StyleSpeak NAILATHON is India’s first professional nail championship for nail art and design which offers a unique platform for nail technicians to showcase their skills and creativity.

    Stylespeak Cut
    Style dvd

    To mark the 10th anniversary issue of StyleSpeak magazine C E Media had made a recent foray into the multimedia specialization with a unique hairdressing.

    The Contemporary
    Indian Bride

    ‘The Contemporary Indian Bride’ is StyleSpeak‘s endeavour to provide the best in BRIDAL hair and make-up inspiration to salon professionals. It has something for everyone.

    Read more

  • Spa Mantra

    Spa Mantra is the premier magazine for the Indian Spa Industry, and acts as the preferred source of information for this fast growing industry. The Indian Spa Industry is growing at the rate of 15-18% every year

    Read more

  • StyleSpeak The Salon Spa Journal

    C E Media’s most successful title, StyleSpeak, the veteran of the salon industry, enters its 13th year this November. Launched in 2002, StyleSpeak is India’s first trade magazine.

    Conferences and Exhibitions Private Ltd is born

    Image India launched

    C E Media formed

    India Boating debut

    Spa Mantra debut

    Cut Style DVD released

    NAILATHON launched