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In the realm of fitness, three-month programs dominate the landscape. You’ve even seen plenty of them in this magazine over the years. Are they effective? Absolutely. But we’re going to let you in on an interesting secret: It doesn’t necessary take eight or 12 weeks to get your feet wet in the gym. Not that you’ll be a seasoned vet after four weeks, but if you can just get that first month under your belt, you’ll get yourself over the proverbial hump where so many fail and give up, and set the stage for a lifetime of gains.

Let’s just call this the accelerated beginner’s guide to bodybuilding. In this plan, your first month of training will be demanding, but not so demanding as to cause injury (or worse yet, burnout), and progressive in the sense that each week you’ll graduate to different exercises, higher volume, more intensity or all of the above. After four weeks you’ll not only be ready for the next challenge but you’ll have built a significant amount of quality muscle. In other words, one month from now you’ll look significantly better with your shirt off than you look now. (How’s that for results?)

This program isn’t just for the true beginner who has never touched a weight before; it’s also suitable for anyone who has taken an extended leave of absence from training. How long has it been since you went to the gym regularly? Six months? A year? Five years? No worries: The following routines will get you back on track in—you guessed it—just four short weeks. Let’s get to work.

Week 1: Whole in One

You’ll begin the program with a full-body training split, meaning you’ll train all major bodyparts in each workout (as opposed to “splitting up” your training). Train three days this first week, performing just one exercise per bodypart in each session. It’s important that you have a day of rest between each workout to allow your body to recover; this makes training Monday, Wednesday and Friday—with Saturday and Sunday being rest days—a good approach.

The exercises listed in Week 1 are a collection of basic moves that, while also used by advanced lifters, we feel are suitable for the beginner as well. Notice we’re not starting you off with only machine exercises; a handful of free-weight movements are present right off the bat. Reason being, these are the exercises you need to master for long-term gains in muscular size and strength, so you may as well start learning them now. Carefully read all exercise descriptions, starting on page, before attempting them yourself.

In Week 1 you’ll perform three sets of every exercise per workout, which over the course of the week adds up to nine sets total for each bodypart, a good starting volume for your purposes. With the exception of crunches for abs, you’ll do 8–12 reps per set. This rep scheme is widely considered ideal for achieving gains in muscle size (the scientific term is hypertrophy) and is commonly employed by amateur and pro bodybuilders alike.

Notice in the workouts below that your first set calls for eight reps, your second set 10 reps and your third set 12. This is referred to in bodybuilding circles as a “reverse pyramid” (a standard pyramid goes from higher to lower reps), where you decrease the weight each set to complete the higher rep count. For example, if on your first set of lat pulldowns you used 140 pounds for eight reps, try using 120 or 130 pounds on set two and 100–120 pounds on set three.

Week 2: Split Decision

You’re only a week into the program, yet you’ll begin to train different bodyparts on different days with a two-day training split (meaning the entire body is trained over the course of two days, rather than one as in the first week). You’ll train a total of four days this week; the split includes two upper-body days (Monday and Thursday) and two lower-body days (Tuesday and Friday), and each bodypart is trained twice. Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday will be your recovery days.

Several exercises from Week 1 are carried over to Week 2, but one move is added to each bodypart routine—with the exception of abs—so you can train all muscle groups more completely from multiple angles. Chest, for example, includes two exercises: One is a compound movement (dumbbell bench press) that involves multiple joints (both the shoulder and elbow) to work the largest amount of muscle possible, and the other is an isolation exercise (dumbbell flye) that involves only one joint (shoulder) and targets the pecs to a greater extent. (When doing presses for chest, the deltoids and triceps are involved to a degree, meaning presses don’t isolate the pecs as much as flyes do.)

You’ll again employ a reverse pyramid scheme of reps, though in Week 2 you’ll go slightly higher in reps (15) on your third set of each exercise. Fifteen reps may be just outside the ideal muscle-building range, but these sets will help you increase muscular endurance to provide a solid foundation on which to build size and strength going forward.

Week 3: Three on Three

In the third week of the program we step it up to a three-day training split: Train all “pushing” bodyparts (chest, shoulders, triceps) on Day 1; hit the “pulling” bodyparts (back, biceps) and abs on Day 2; and work your lower body (quads, glutes, hamstrings, calves) on Day 3. As in Week 2, you train each bodypart twice a week, so you’ll hit the gym six days this week.

One new exercise is added to each bodypart routine to provide even more angles from which to train your target muscles to promote complete development. You’ll hit each muscle group with two exercises of 3­–4 sets each: four sets for large bodyparts (chest, back, shoulders, quads, hamstrings) and three sets for smaller bodyparts (biceps, triceps, abs, calves). The result is 16 total sets for the week for large bodyparts and 12 sets total for smaller ones—again, working in the 8–15-rep range—which is a substantial increase in volume from Week 1.

Week 4: Turning Up the Volume

In the fourth and final week of the program, you’ll train four days in a four-way split that hits each bodypart just once (except for calves and abs, which are each trained twice). Four-day splits are common among experienced lifters because they involve training fewer bodyparts (typically 2–3) per workout, which gives each muscle group ample attention and allows you to train with higher volume. As you’ll see, chest and triceps are paired up, as are back with biceps and quads with hamstrings, each a very common pairing among novice and advanced bodybuilders. Shoulders are trained more or less on their own, and you’ll alternate hitting calves and abs—which respond well to being trained multiple times per week—every other workout. No new exercises are introduced in Week 4 so that you can focus on intensity in your workouts instead of learning new movements.

Rep schemes remain in the hypertrophy range this week, but overall volume increases by adding more sets to individual exercises: up to five sets per move for larger bodyparts, and even 10 sets of calf raises on Thursday. This bump in volume will ensure that your muscles are overloaded sufficiently to continue the growth they’ve already begun experiencing in the first three weeks. Completion of this four-week program now entitles you to go to the next stage.

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Security Risks of FTP and Benefits of Managed File Transfer #deep #web #search #engine, #hacker #news, #the #hacker #news, #kat #cr, #how #to #hack, #best #password #manager, #hack #facebook, #thn, #kickass #torrents, #latest #hacking #news, #tor #browser, #computer #security #breaches, #data #breach, #it #security #training, #android #hacking


File transfer services such as FTP or HTTP has been the most common way of file transfer for business requirements. Typically what a file transfer means is that a file transfer protocol such as FTP or HTTP is used to send the stream of bits stored as a single unit in a file system including file name, file size, timestamp and other metadata from one host to another host over a TCP-based network such as the Internet.

But this process is not foolproof. FTP, by itself, is not a secure file transfer protocol and it has a lot of security vulnerabilities. It s a known fact that FTP doesn t provide any encryption for data transfer. Most of the times, the requirement in any business is pretty simple: to transfer files between two endpoints in different locations, and the parties involved do not think much about how secure the file transfer process is going to be.

Using FTP for official file transfer can leave your data transmission exposed to many security attacks:

FTP Bounce Attack

Generally a file transfer happens when the source FTP server sends the data to the client which transmits the data to the destination FTP server. When there s a slow network connection, people often resort to using a proxy FTP which makes the client instructs the data transmission directly between two FTP servers. A hacker can take advantage of this type of file transfer and use a PORT command to request access to ports by posing as a middle man for the file transfer request; then execute port scans on hosts discreetly and gain access data transmitted over the network.

FTP Brute Force Attack

An attacker can carry out a brute force attack to guess the FTP server password by implementing a means to repeatedly try different password combinations until they can succeed in the break-in. A weak password and repeated use of the same password for multiple FTP servers can also help the hacker gain quick access. Once the password is guessed, your data is exposed.

Packet Capture (or Sniffing)

Because the data transfer via FTP is in clear text, any sensitive information such as usernames, passwords can be easily read network packet capture techniques such as packet sniffing. A packet sniffer is just a piece of computer program which can capture transmitted data packets and decode the packet’s raw data exposing data contained in the various fields of the packet.

When we restrict access to FTP servers based on the network address, it is possible that a cyber-criminal can use an external computer and assume the host address of a computer on the enterprise network, and download files during data transfer.

When operating systems assign dynamic port numbers in a particular order or pattern, an attacker easily decodes the pattern and identify the next port number which will be used. By illegally gaining access to a port number, the legitimate client trying to access the file will be denied and the hacker can steal files, or even insert a forged file or malicious file into the data stream which will be accessed by other legitimate users in the organization.

As we discussed above, there are a lot of devious means to intercepting an FTP-based file transfer and the chances of your data being exposed is also high. Networks that adhere to federal compliance norms such as PCI DSS, HIPAA, GLBA, etc. and those agencies and institutions that share government data, and customer records are at high risk if they just depend on FTP for file transfer. So, what s the optimum solution if not FTP?

Managed File Transfer Remedies the Vulnerabilities in FTP

Managed file transfer (MFT) is the best option for file transfer compared to all other file sharing methods such as using FTP, HTTP, TFTP, peer-to-peer file sharing and cloud drives. A managed file transfer server facilitates secure file transfer through the Internet by providing a high level of data security. The MFT server software provides secure internal, external and ad-hoc file transfers for both pull-based and push-based file transfers.

Though MFT also uses FTP for data transfer, this type of file transfer ensures the data is protected by using secure FTP (FTPS, SFTP, etc.) With B2B file transfers, especially in a DMZ environment when internal IP addresses need to be concealed, MFT server s authentication and data encryption methods help ensure secure, reliable and auditable file transfer.

MFT is widely used for securely transferring files over public or private networks and you can:

  • Perform secure file transfer via FTP, FTPS, SFTP, HTTP and HTTPS over IPv4 or IPv6 networks
  • Carry out ad hoc file transfer
  • Monitor the file transfer process in real time
  • Get notified of the status once the transfer is complete
  • Report on transfer activity and user access
  • Limit MFT access by user role and integration with Active Directory
  • Transport large wiles with integrity checks and protocol fidelity

When the secure file transfer is concerned at an organizational level, MFT server is the best option that ensures both security and endpoint management simplicity when compared to FTP.

Guest Post by:Vinod Mohan, Product Marketing Specialist Team Lead at SolarWinds with technical expertise in IT management and operations spanning IT security, SIEM, network management, application, systems, storage Virtualization management.

LASIK Surgery with Diabetes? #lasik #surgery #diabetes, #lasik #surgeon, #best #lasik #surgeon


Question: I have a question about having LASIK surgery if I have diabetes. I am a type one diabetic, would I be a good candidate for LASIK eye surgery?

Answer: Type I Diabetes is not an absolute contraindication for having LASIK Eye Surgery but there are several considerations to be aware of. Type I Diabetes is uusually diagnosed in children and young adults. As with anyone having LASIK or any type of Laser Eye Surgery for Laser Vision Correction your prescription must be stable. Typically refractive stability should be demonstrated over 1-2 years AND for anyone with Diabetes it would be important to make sure that there was refractive stability through the range of blood glucose levels experienced by the patient. That is, the patient should have pretty tightly controlled blood glucose levels.that do not cause any visual fluctuations. A thorough evaluation of the retina should document the presence and extent of any Diabetic Retinopathy so as not to confuse the visual results and outcomes of LASIK with any vision limitations caused by the retina. A careful evaluation of the cornea is done as part of any LASIK evaluation but specific observation of the corneal basement membrane is important in Diabetic patients as sometimes they have less than optimum basement membrane health and this might warrant recommendation of a different Laser Eye Surgery procedure for vision correction. MANY Diabetic patients elect to have LASIK and do so quite successfully. The key is to find the best LASIK Surgeon in your area and schedule a consultation. They will confer with your Internist or Endocrinologist to make sure that you get the best possible result.

Important Note: The information presented on the See With LASIK Blog or provided in response to a request for information in the Ask LASIK Surgeons section on is not intended to diagnose or treat eye problems, eye conditions or eye diseases including appropriateness of treatment, risks, complications or side effects as related to LASIK. In particular a response to an inquiry made on the Ask LASIK Surgeons section of is not meant to take the place of the professional medical care provided by your eye doctor, ophthalmologist and LASIK surgeon. Contacting us via e-mail or any other means is not a substitute for medical care.

Best free website builders – Our top 8 for ease of use & flexibility #best #free #website #builders, #free #website #design, #best #free #website #designs


Tartan guide: best free website builders

For any small business it has now become essential to have at least some sort of web presence.

If you don t embrace the digital age in 2014 you are literally throwing away money as customers move increasingly online when searching for products, services and information.

At Tartan, we re obsessed with getting people to make the move online but understand that in these troubled times many small business owners fear the costs involved.

We re so passionate about the need to get businesses online we d work for free if we could, but sadly we ve got bills to pay and overheads like everyone else

So what have we done?

We ve researched the market and found what we consider the eight best free website builders that money (can t) buy.

Importantly, they had to be easy to use and produce really good results.

If you don t mind doing a little DIY work they ll get you a web presence that you can control, getting you in front of potential new clients through some of the 400 million searches carried out each day.

(Sure by spreading the word about these free services we re probably going to lose some custom at the budget end of the market but you know what? The important thing is we get you online.

And besides, maybe one day you ll require some SEO, Online Marketing, or custom graphics.)

So, here they are Tartan Web Design s pick of the best free website builders:

Free Website Builder #1: Wix specializes in the creation of search engine friendly websites built using Flash (it used to be an issue with iPads but that s been fixed! ).

Wix isn t just for building personal pages either not many know you can build a professional online shop, mobile website or even a Facebook page. When you take advantage of a free website from Wix, you get a free second level domain (ie, and are limited to 500MB storage space and bandwidth, as well as having small Wix adverts on your website but you do get built-in Google Analytics and a quality support network.

If you re keen on upping your game there are a huge number of upgrades available at negligible cost.

Free Website Builder #2: Moonfruit offers an incredibly easy-to-use free website builder package with a great variety of attractive and professional templates. Getting a free website from Moonfruit consists of a single website with a maximum of 15 pages on a second level domain, with 20MB of storage and 1GB bandwidth. There is no customer support for free sites and as with other free website builders, you get adverts.

One of the real advantages of a Moonfruit site and it REALLY is a massive plus is that alongside your web version of your website Moonfruit software automatically creates a mobile optimized version and can even push your entire site onto Facebook with just a few clicks. For a socially connected mobile solution Moonfruit takes some beating.

Free Website Builder #3: Yola

Taking out a free package from Yola will give you 5 websites instead of the more common single site, it s uniquely banner-free hosting, with quality customer support, build-in website statistic and 1GB storage per site. As with all the free website builders your website will be on a second level domain.

Free Website Builder #4: Webs

A free website package on includes a single website with adverts, alongside a mobile version of your website, with the package being limited to 500MB bandwidth and 40MB storage space. If you decide to create an online store using using the free package the number of items you can sell will be limited to 5.

Free Website Builder #5: Jimdo

Running since 2004 free website builder also provides a useful opportunity to create a free website, from a personal page to an online store (although with the store there is a limited number of items you can sell with a small fee payable for any store sales.

Free Website Builder #6: WebNode

As with many of our chosen free website builders, offers free versions for personal websites and online stores. Both have similar limitations to the others such as 1GB bandwidth and a small storage space (10MB for on-line store and 100MB for personal website). Furthermore the number of products you are able to offer in your free online store are limited to 10.

Free Website Builder #7: Edicy are one of the less well known free website builders and offer a lifetime website with industry standard limitations on size and function: 100 MB storage space, standard design, basic statistic and 2 users.

Free Website Builder #8: WebStarts provides similar services to Wix but with a little more limitation in size and potential (at least using the free version). A free website from WebStarts will include 5 pages, limited web storage of 10MB and bandwidth of 5GB/mo and a WebStarts footer advert displayed on all pages of your website. It s great for small personal websites but is limited for those with more ambition.

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Best Online Payroll Services – Top Ten List #best #payroll #services #for #small #business


Best Online Payroll Services

Whether you’re managing an established company, a small business with just a handful of employees, or a small partnership, having a good online payroll service can save you valuable time, energy, and money.

Manually running payroll is tedious. When you add up all the time you spend cutting checks, preparing and filing tax documents, and making manual withholding payments to the IRS and state treasuries, payroll ends up being quite a chore. Especially if you are a smaller business who doesn’t have dedicated administration staff, time spent running payroll is time taken away from doing the things that actually make you money.

And this doesn’t even take into account what happens if you do something wrong. To err is human, but that doesn’t mean missing a deadline won’t be expensive.

Fortunately, there are a number of quality online payroll services out there to choose from. Services where, once you have set up your accounts, make running payroll as easy as clicking a few buttons each month. Then, depending on your preferences, they can make payments via direct deposit, calculate withholding, electronically file tax returns, and make payments directly to the IRS and your state tax commission – all at a price that almost certainly is less than the value of the time you would have to spend to do everything on your own.

If you don’t have a dedicated HR staff, and maybe if you do, signing up for an online payroll service is an obvious choice. To help you get started finding the right service for you, here we have provided the top ten online payroll services available today.

The Top Ten

1Big Fish Payroll

Big Fish offers flexible solutions that are accurate, secure and reliable.

Payroll Services include: Processing & Packaging, ACH/Direct Deposit, General Ledger, Employee Self Service, Pay Cards, Restaurant Payrolls, Tax Service and Time & Attendance.

Ancillary Services include: 401K Administration, Background Check & Screening, Employee Handbooks, HR Audit, HR Support, Unemployment Claims Management and Workers Compensation Insurance.

Big Fish takes the hassle out of payroll administration, and we work closely with each customer to make payday as simple as possible.

Come be a big fish with Big Fish Payroll Services!

W. Bigfishpayroll. Com – jaydefasc

Great customer service! They help me run my business better.

I love that that alway answer the phone on the second ring! Before I was with Big Fish I would be on hold for 20 mins before someone could help me.

Works like a charm, easy and lets me focus on more important areas of my business. I have 5 employees.

3Paylocity Web Pay

Best decision we ever made going with Paylocity.

100% cloud base system. Very simple and easy to use. Robust payroll and a very powerful HRIS system. Prices were 15-20% less than ADP and Paychex.

4Payroll Connected

This software is UNBELIEVABLY easy to use! I’ve gone from dreading the hour of payroll mayhem to looking forward to the few minutes this software takes. Only available in Canada though. – Xean45

Are you kidding? Customer service is laughable, at best. They provide no account representative to help you find the right resource. You are on your own trying to find competent help – somewhere on the globe. And if you find a good one – you can never speak with them again. You have to go through the main phone number, and explain all over to the next one. We’re looking to get out, but it’s a big job moving from one provider to the next (no matter what the salesperson says).

I voted for ADP on accident. They have very poor customer service. A comment below stated that if you got someone good, you wouldn’t work with them again. That’s correct. You do have to call in to the main customer service number and you get whoever answers the phone. We have an “Executive Relationship Manager” due to our spend with ADP. She isn’t responsive either, unless you ask if you can speak with/work with someone else. She suddenly becomes available.

Been with 3 different payroll services and ADP is the only one that I have never had a problem with. Super easy interface and so quick to run payroll. Price is also half of what I was paying with other services.

Great 24/7 customer service

Anytime I have questions in regards to my account, I always speak with a representative who helps me with the situation. The website is very user friendly and I highly recommend this company.

Cloud based workforce management features and ease of use are unmatched. Great customer support.

So far OnPay has been easy to use and everyone there seems extremely nice. Was with ADP run which is okay, just do not see how it is better than OnPay. I guess I miss the iPhone app I had with ADP sometimes, but I hardly ever used it and the guys at OnPay say they have one coming out soon. For me it came down to OnPay and zen and I went with OnPay because I felt more comfortable with the person on the phone. I would highly recommend trying one of the cheaper online companies like OnPay or zen before ADP or Paychex. You get about the same service and they are SO much cheaper.

Loved the easy navigation.

The Contenders

11Intuit Online Payroll

I was introduced to Intuit by my financial advisor who uses it to manage payroll for his office and so far it has been great. I’m only paying $40 a month which is more that worth it because of the time savings, but it has saved me even more in fees and penalties because, as it turns out, I sucked at withholdings. So long EFTPS. You won’t be missed.

Payficiency is an online payroll service for businesses of all sizes. We pay and file all federal and state taxes. Simple payroll you can run in minutes.

Not scared to show pricing on there website.

Payce is the largest payroll firm located in MD, and a leader in SaaS-based payroll and HR solutions. We focus on delivering customized solutions to allow even the most complex payrolls seem simple.

Have been using it for a year now. Everything is automated and works great!

17AdvaPay Systems

Family owned and operated since 1963, TelePayroll provides a range of business services for both small and large companies. We specialize in payroll, human resources, and employee benefits solutions that are scalable for businesses in Southern California and the rest of the country. Our mission involves building lasting relationships with our clients so we can support them in all stages of business growth.

There excellent service and attention to detail! You feel like you are family. I would recommend highly.

APS is a national workforce management and cloud-based HR solution provider committed to delivering value through flexible cloud technology and individualized support. Our cloud-based HR solution provides online payroll services, core HR, time & attendance, self-service, and mobile in a single platform which can adapt to meet changing customer needs.

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SSD Windows VPS


Best windows vps server

Best windows vps server

Best windows vps server

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Windows Hosting

Explore Shared Hosting, Reseller and VPS Hosting options

Best windows vps server

Website Hosting

With Latest Microsoft Web Tools

Looking to host a website on a Windows Server? This is the perfect starter option, including all the latest Microsoft Tools.

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$3.19 /mo.


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Powered by Pure SSD Storage

Achieve the same super user-level access of a dedicated solution for a fraction of the cost.

  • 100% Pure SSD Storage, Raid 6 Setup
  • Windows Server 2016 , 2012, 2008 OS
  • Quick Setup
$12.00 /mo.


Reseller Hosting

Easy, Inexpensive and Profitable

Start your very own Windows Hosting business with our cost-effective reseller hosting plans.

  • Windows Server 2012/2008, SQL 2012
  • Control all domains from One panel
  • All reseller a/c support PHP mySQL
$24.15 /mo.


Linux Hosting

The perfect option for hosting your WordPress & Magento websites.

Best windows vps server

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Business Hosting

Fast, Reliable and Secure Hosting

Start hosting your business website on our SSD powered servers.

  • Powered by CloudLinux & LiteSpeed
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$3.19 /mo.


Best windows vps server

VPS Hosting

Fully Managed Linux VPS Hosting

We have a decade of experience in exceeding the expectations of all our VPS hosting clients on Linux platform.

  • Truly powered by SSD Storage
  • Plans from 1 GB to 128 GB RAM
  • Fully Managed VPS Hosting
$12.00 /mo.


Reseller Hosting

Backed by Powerful SSD Storage

Generate revenue with our inexpensive white-label Managed Reseller Hosting. All backed by our powerful SSD Servers.

  • High Performance SSD Storage
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Best windows vps server

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Best windows vps server

Our cloud hosting truly unleashes hosting performance. Easily host your applications, websites, and store data on our highly available, fully managed and easily scalable cloud infrastructure.

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Cloud VPS

We offer Linux and Windows High Availability virtual servers (VPS’s) and private clouds. All managed by our seasoned experts, and offered at the most competitive prices.

  • Fixed Cost Private Clouds
  • Plan starts from 1GB to 128GB
  • Failover Protection, No hardware downtime
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Dedicated Hosting

Highly Configurable Dedicated Servers, Upto 256 GB RAM and 100 TB Storage

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US Data Center

Inexpensive Dedicated Hosting

Looking for a US based dedicated server? Our US based dedicated server plan starts at only $105/month. Upgrade your website to a dedicated server today!

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France Data Center

High speed Dedicated Hosting

Our inexpensive dedicated server plan with 32GB RAM starts at only $90/month. We have the wide range of high-end Dedicated servers for France location.

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Singapore Data Center

Explore Dedicated Hosting in Singapore

SSD Dedicated Servers are perfect for high performance applications and database hosting. We offer a range of low cost simple dedicated servers to complex configurations.

$120.00 /mo.


24 x 7 Guaranteed Support

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  • 14 + Years of Experience In Hosting Business
  • 15028 VPS Servers Under Management
  • 55107 Websites Under Management
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AccuWeb Hosting Blog

Best windows vps server

Top 10 Live Chat Software Solutions Compared

You know how, in normal business transactions, you speak to your customers? Either face-to-face or o.

Best windows vps server

15 Easy Tips For Securing a cPanel Server

Server security is a complex and multifaceted subject that can take years to fully understand and ma.

Best windows vps server

Top 5 High Availability Dedicated Server Solutions

What Is a High Availability Dedicated Server? A typical dedicated server is a powerful computer whic.

Data Center

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Our state of the art datacenter is located in Denver.

Spam Experts

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The most powerful anti-spam solution for Emails .

Your ultimate web hosting partner

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We pride ourselves in relentless support with a personal touch. Our goal is to “truly” get to know you, understand your requirements, and cater to each and every one of your hosting needs. Our tickets, online chats, and REAL phone support are answered in minutes and all available 24/7/365.

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We empower all of our affiliates the opportunity to earn generous commissions. We provide all the necessary tools to truly convert your existing traffic into sales. Checkout our Affiliate Program.

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It is of vital importance that our customers are hosted on the latest technology. Our infrastructure is based on only the best practices in the industry. Our offerings are built around technology, hardware and software that you can truly trust.

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Academics at George Fox University, best christian colleges in us.#Best #christian #colleges #in #us


Academics at George Fox

Ranked among the top Christian colleges in the U.S

George Fox provides an education that helps students grow academically, professionally and spiritually. Since our founding in 1891, we’ve made the integration of faith and learning central to our mission as a Christian college.

Here, you receive personal attention from professors whose first priority is teaching. Our 14-to-1 student-to-faculty ratio is among the lowest in Oregon and the region.

Best christian colleges in us

Best christian colleges in us

For a detailed description of our accreditations and memberships, visit our accreditation page.

Best christian colleges in us

Best christian colleges in us

For a detailed description of our accreditations and memberships, visit our accreditation page.

Majors Departments

Traditional Undergraduate

Items with an asterisk (*) are concentrations in a major.

  • Information Systems
  • Interdisciplinary Studies
  • International Studies
  • Journalism
  • Kinesiology (Exercise Science)
  • Kinesiology (Health Human Performance)
  • Literature/Writing (English)
  • Management
  • Marketing
  • Mathematics
  • Mechanical Engineering*
  • Missions*
  • Music
  • Music Education
  • Nursing
  • Organizational Communication
  • Philosophy
  • Physical Therapy (Exercise Science)
  • Politics
  • Pre-dental
  • Pre-law
  • Pre-medicine
  • Pre-pharmacy
  • Pre-veterinary
  • Professional Writing*
  • Psychology
  • Social Justice Inequality*
  • Social Work
  • Sociology
  • Spanish
  • Studio Arts*
  • Theatre
  • Youth Ministry*
  • To complement your major of choice, we offer more than 50 minors.

Best christian colleges in us

Adult Degree Programs





Physical Therapy



  • Master of Divinity (MDiv)
  • Master of Arts in Theological Studies (MATS)
  • Master of Arts in Intercultural Studies (MAIS)
  • Master of Arts in Spiritual Direction (MASD)
  • Master of Arts in Ministry
  • Spiritual Direction Certificate
  • Spiritual Direction Supervisor Certificate
  • Spiritual Formation Discipleship Certificate
  • Doctor of Ministry (DMin)
    • Leadership and Global Perspectives
    • Semiotics and Future Studies
    • Leadership and Spiritual Formation

Social Work

Newberg , OR 97132

  • Best christian colleges in us
  • Best christian colleges in us

2017, George Fox University. All rights reserved.

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Colorescience Anti-Aging Serum

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What I liked about my home buying experience with Trena is that she was very patient with me and on our very first phone call, I did not feel rushed. I laid out everything that I was looking for and she exceeded my expectations. Q. Marrow/ Charlotte, NC Homebuyers

Great experience from start to finish! Trena was wonderful to work with and all the partners (financing, closing, etc.) were professional as well. J. Bagley/ Mooresville, NC Homebuyers

My home buying experience was a good one. Trena listened to me, advised me and worked hard during the negotiation process. This was my first time purchasing a home, and I learned so much during the process. I got exactly what I wanted and more in my home! N. Bernard/ Charlotte, NC

Trena Miller and her office provided exceptional services to us during our home search and buying process. Trena made it her business to understand our situation and to make sure that our needs were met. She is a superb negotiator, and a very hard working professional. If we hear of anyone who is in need of a realtor, we would insist that they contact Trena Miller. Mr & Mrs Clark/ South Charlotte, NC Homebuyers

We will forever be grateful and will always hold a special place in our house for. Mrs. Trena and her team Donna and Tiffany. They made the impossible. Possible. Yayyyyyy we love our new HOUSE and we miss u guys already! Mr & Mrs Espinal/ Mint Hill, NC

Only wish I could have found Trena before I started the homebuying process. It was long and I wasn’t having any good luck. After meeting with Trena, she was able to find my dream home in just ONE WEEK and for this I am so happy. Thank you Trena! S. Caballero/ Charlotte, NC

Trena was great showing us homes and even being on top of things with handling the lender and builder. It was kind of stressful in the beginning. but Trena helped us through it all. Thank you Trena! CMPD Officer/ Charlotte, NC

Charlotte NC Area Real Estate & Home Buyer Programs

The real estate market is constantly changing, but one thing for certain, the Charlotte NC Real Estate Market continues to boom in home sales! Whether you’r e relocating to the Charlotte NC area . searching for houses for sale in Charlotte NC, looking for HUD homes in Charlotte NC for investment p urpose s or des ir ing to build a c ustom home in Charlotte NC, we can help.

This site is a one stop shop for all of your Charlotte NC real estate needs and with our easy to navigate up to date MLS Search tool . you’ll find an array of new and available listings to fit your need. Our site is full of informative articles and links to help you find what you need to succeed in one of the fastest growing areas in the nation.

Need help getting pre-approved to purchase?

Need the help of a Charlotte NC Relocation Specialist? Let us help you! Not only can we help you sell your current home to get here, but we also help you to line everything up to make your transition as smooth as possible.

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Whether you are a seller, first time home buyer, move up buyer, or investor, we can help! Feel free to browse through this site to discover all that Charlotte NC has to offer! Find new home builders in Charlotte, new home communities in Charlotte NC, HUD homes in Charlotte NC and properties for sale in Charlotte NC.

Are you looking to buy Charlotte real estate? For Buyers, we educate you through-out the entire process. Are you looking for something particular? Please let us assist you by filling out our VIP Home Request form .

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Buying or selling your Charlotte home or Charlotte real estate property can be the single most important transaction in your life, therefore it is important for you to work with someone who has the experience, professional expertise and integrity to make your next Charlotte real estate transaction pleasurable and stress-free.


GNND Program : If you are a Police Officer, Teacher, Emergency Medical Technician, or Fire Fighter, find out how you can save 50% on your home purchase.

House Charlotte Listings : Find out which homes are eligible for House Charlotte funds. Over 500 homes currently available!
(temporarily unavailable).

House Charlotte NC Program: Receive up to $10,000 in down payment assistance through the House Charlotte Program in Charlotte NC.

HUD homes in NC: Get a FREE list of HUD homes in Charlotte NC. Search HUD homes for sale in Charlotte. Purchase a HUD home for as little as $100 down!

Neighborhood Stabilization Program : Better known as the NSP Program which provides $14,900 to purchase a foreclosed home.
(Limited time only)

NC Bond Loan: Down payment assistance up to $8000 through the North Carolina Housing Finance Agency. Update, the NC Bond Program is now called NC Home AdvantageMortgage .

USDA Rural Development Loan: Determine if a property is located in an eligible rural area. Get pre-qualified for Charlotte NC USDA home loan. Apply Today!

The Pruitt Miller Realty Group is one of the leading real estate groups in the Charlotte NC area who specializes in Home buyer Down Payment Assistance Programs.

We can help you every step of the way! If you would like more information about one of these Down payment Assistance Programs in Charlotte NC or any of our professional real estate services we offer, please fill out the form below. You may also call us directly at 704-965-3319.

Charlotte NC