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Health care professionals who serve as officers in the U.S. Army Medical Department enjoy a wide range of opportunities and financial incentives. There are benefits, tangible and intangible, available to officers who choose to serve fulltime in the Army. These benefits are also conferred upon those who choose to serve when needed and maintain careers in their communities as part of the Army Reserve.

Active Army professionals are members of a multidisciplinary team focused on providing the best health care possible. Here, there aren’t any concerns about running a practice, hiring employees, processing insurance, purchasing equipment, stocking supplies or paying malpractice insurance.

You’ll also have opportunities to develop even more specialized skills than those you already have. From continuing education courses and seminars to clinical research and teaching, you’ll be able to enhance your level of expertise.

Plus, the U.S. Army offers scholarships and student loan repayment assistance to students and recent graduates in many health care fields.

You have many career options. Learn more about the benefits that come with serving your country.


  • Training to become a leader among your peers
  • Paid continuing education, including clinical specialization courses
  • Travel opportunities, including humanitarian missions
  • No-cost or low-cost medical and dental care for you and your family
  • Noncontributory retirement benefits with 20 years of qualifying service
  • 30 days of paid vacation earned annually
  • No premiums for malpractice insurance
  • Rank and privileges of an officer in the U.S. Army
  • Commissary and post exchange shopping privileges
  • A flexible, portable retirement savings and investment plan similar to a 401(k)


  • Paid continuing education, including specialized training courses
  • Training to become a leader among your peers
  • Travel opportunities, including humanitarian missions
  • Low-cost life and dental insurance
  • Noncontributory retirement benefits at age 60 with 20 years of qualifying service
  • Networking opportunities
  • Rank and privileges of an officer in the U.S. Army
  • Commissary and post exchange shopping privileges
  • A flexible, portable retirement savings and investment plan similar to a 401(k)



  • Dental Officer Accession Bonus of $75,000
  • Variable Specialty Pay of $3,000 to $12,000 annually, based on length of service
  • Board Certified Pay of $2,500 to $6,000 annually for board-certified dentists
  • Dental Additional Special Pay of $4,000 to $15,000, based on creditable service
  • Dental Officer Multiyear Retention Bonus of $13,000 to $50,000 annually, based on specialty and length of contract
  • Provides up to $120,000 to pay down qualifying dental school loans through the Active Duty Health Professions Loan Repayment Program; participants receive $40,000 per year for three years


  • Special Pay of $75,000 for general dentists, comprehensive dentists, prosthodontists and oral surgeons, paid in yearly increments of $25,000 for three years
  • Dental school loan repayment of up to $50,000 over three years through the Healthcare Professionals Loan Repayment Program; participants receive $20,000 per year for the first two years and $10,000 the third year



  • Variable Special Pay of $1,200 to $12,000 annually, based on length of service
  • Board Certification Pay of $2,500 to $6,000 annually for board-certified physicians
  • Medical Additional Special Pay of $15,000
    Incentive Special Pay of $12,000 to $36,000 paid annually
  • Multiyear Special Pay of $6,000 to $14,000 annually, based on specialty and total number of contract years served
  • Provides up to $120,000 to pay down qualifying medical school loans through the Active Duty Health Professions Loan Repayment Program; participants receive $40,000 per year for three years.


  • Reserve physicians are eligible to receive the Health Professions Special Pay of $75,000, paid in yearly increments of $25,000 for three years
  • Medical school loan repayment of up to $50,000 over three years through the Healthcare Professions Loan Repayment Program; participants receive $20,000 per year for the first two years and $10,000 the third year.



  • Pharmacist Accession Bonus of $30,000, paid in lump sum at first duty assignment
  • Provides up to $120,000 to pay down qualifying pharmacy school loans through the Active Duty Health Professions Loan Repayment Program; participants receive $40,000 per year for three years
  • Specialty Pay of $2,000 to $5,000 available to board-certified, nonphysician health care providers, including occupational therapists, physical therapists, dietitians and physician assistants
  • Physician assistants can receive up to $120,000 to pay down qualifying student school loans through the Active Duty Health Professions Loan Repayment Program; participants receive $40,000 per year for three years


  • Optometrists are eligible for Health Professionals Special Pay of $45,000, paid in $15,000 increments over three years
  • Clinical psychologists are eligible for Health Professionals Special Pay of $45,000, paid in $15,000 increments over three years
  • Entomologists, microbiologists, clinical laboratory, and nuclear medicine are eligible for Health Professionals Special Pay of $30,000, paid in $10,000 increments over three years
  • Qualifying optometrists, clinical psychologists, microbiologists, clinical laboratory, nuclear medicine, and entomologists are eligible for student loan repayment of up to $50,000 over three years through the Healthcare Professionals Loan Repayment Program; participants receive $20,000 per year for the first two years and $10,000 the third year



  • Active Army Nurse Accession Bonus of $20,000 or $30,000 (up to $10,000 if combined with loan repayment program)
  • Active Duty Health Professions Loan Repayment Program provides up to $120,000 for the repayment of qualifying educational loans; participants can receive $40,000 per year for up to three years
  • Nurse anesthetists can receive Active Duty Special Pay of $15,000 to $40,000 annually, depending on the length of your agreement
  • Nurse anesthetists, family nurse practitioners, clinical nurse specialists and nurse midwives are eligible for Board Certification Pay of $2,000 to $6,000 per year. This incentive is based on active duty experience in specialty.


  • Community/public health, critical care, medical-surgical, perioperative and nurse anesthetists are eligible for student loan repayment of up to $50,000 over three years through the Healthcare Professionals Loan Repayment Program; participants receive $20,000 per year for the first two years and $10,000 the third year
  • Special Pay of $30,000 ($10,000 per year for three years ) to nurses with a BSN, MSN, DNSc or Ph.D. in nursing



  • Diplomate Board Certified Pay of $2,000 to $5,000 annually for veterinarians who have received a diploma in a specialty recognized by the American Veterinary Medical Association
  • Provides up to $120,000 to pay down qualifying veterinary school loans through the Active Duty Health Professions Loan Repayment Program; participants receive $40,000 per year for three years


  • Special Pay of $75,000, paid in three yearly increments of $25,000
  • Veterinarians are eligible for student loan repayment of up to $50,000 over three years through the Healthcare Professionals Loan Repayment Program; participants receive $20,000 per year for the first two years and $10,000 the third year

Sexual Harassment: Rights of the Accused by My Employment Lawyer #employment,labor,law,legal,discharge,fired, #employee,employer,severance,job,wage, #pay, #non-competition,noncompete,labor,employee #law,at-will #employment,family #leave,employee #benefits, #sick #leave,discrimination,termination,whistle #blowing,retaliation,disch


Sexual harassment and the Rights of the Accused

By Neil E. Klingshirn

Sexual harassment and the Rights of the Accused

Federal and state laws protect employees from harassment because of sex in the workplace. As a result, almost all employers today have policies that

  • prohibit sexual harassment
  • encourage employees to complain about sexual harassment;
  • provide for prompt investigations into sexual harassment complaints; and
  • require appropriate corrective action for violations of the sexual harassment policy.

In many cases, corrective action means immediate termination of the accused.

What happens if the accusation is false?

Employers can take no corrective action against the accused and can even discipline the complainant for a false complaint. However, the employer runs the risk that, if the accusation was true, the victim of the harassment can take it to court. Thus, employers often take no chances. They opt for firing the accused, who has limited rights under federal and state laws to challenge their termination.

Do the Wrongfully Accused have Any Rights?

Not directly. An employer is free to terminate an employee for no reason or even a bad reason, so long as it is not a reason prohibited by law. Discharging an employee based on a suspicion of improper behavior is not unlawful, even if the suspicion is not correct. Thus, the law does not prohibit an employer from taking the easy way out of a difficult situation by terminating the accused.

However, if the real reason for the discharge is unlawful, covering up the real reason with a false accusation of harassment can lead to employer liability.

When will an employer become liable for a false accusation of harassment?

A case in Wisconsin illustrates what can happen when an employer discharges a falsely accused employee for the wrong reasons. In the case of Mackenzie v. Miller Brewing Company:

  • A male manager told a female co-worker about a racy Seinfeld episode. In the story Jerry forgot the name of his date. Her named rhymed with a female body part. He eventually remembered that his date’s name was Dolores.
  • The female co-worker “didn’t get it,” so the male showed her the body part in an anatomically correct dictionary. She later complained to his supervisor that she was offended. He apologized. Company attorneys questioned him and the company fired him two hours later.
  • At trial, the jury (10 women, 2 men) did not believe that the female co-worker was actually offended by the Seinfeld discussion. Instead, the jury found that she had made similar and more graphic references at work; and
  • She had learned that she would soon report to him and did not want to do that. Moreover, the supervisor that she convinced to fire McKenzie had earlier intentionally interfered with McKenzie’s ability to obtain a promotion by telling upper management that he was not suitable for promotion, then lied to McKenzie about it.

The jury based its award on some unique features of Wisconsin law and the facts of this particular case. However, the resulting large verdict received significant media coverage. As a result, careful employers believe that they should respect the rights of the accused.

What should careful employers do to respect the rights of the accused?

First, someone accused of workplace misbehavior has the same rights as anyone else to be free from discrimination. An employer thus cannot punish the accused more harshly than someone outside of the accused’s protected class. In other words, if the accused is a 50-year-old manager and the owner has condoned the same or similar behavior by a younger member of management, the owner runs the risk of an age discrimination suit if it treat the 50-year-old manager more harshly.

Second, conduct a thorough investigation. An employer should not conduct a “Kangaroo Court” unless it wants a jury second guessing what the employer might have found if it had looked at all of the facts.

Third, an employer should act on a good-faith belief that the allegations are true before taking adverse employment action. If the employer does not believe that the accusation is true, a jury probably will not believe it either. Since a jury can base a finding of discrimination or retaliation on proof that an employer’s stated reason for termination is false, a false accusation can lead to discrimination or retaliation liability.

Fourth, an employer may not defame an employee. Although employers generally have a defense against defamation suits for disclosing an employee’s performance related information, the employer can lose that defense by maliciously publishing false information or by disclosing the false information to people who do not “need to know” the results of the investigation.

Fifth, an employer cannot conduct a criminal background check using an outside agency without an employee’s prior consent to the background check. Similarly, an employer cannot take action on a background check by by an outside agency before it notifies the employee of the result of the investigation. The right to consent to an investigation and to see the results of the investigation do not, however, apply to investigations conducted in-house by the employer or its attorney.

What should I do if I am wrongfully accused of harassment?

We suggest that you:

  1. Hire experienced employment counsel.
  2. Insist on a thorough, unbiased investigation.
  3. Object strenuously to witch hunts;
  4. Ask to see evidence or other support for a “good faith belief” that you engaged in sexual harassment or other inappropriate conduct;
  5. Obtain assurances that the investigation into the allegations are disclosed only on a “need to know” basis;
  6. Question whether the punishment, if any, is evenly applied.

What’s the bottom line? Will the laws protect me against a wrongful accusation?

Not always. At best, most safeguards against wrongful accusation are procedural or offer little actual protection.

However, if you are accused of sexual harassment, know your rights. Fortney Klingshirn has successfully represented hundreds of Cleveland, Akron and Northeast Ohio individuals and employers in sexual harassment and other employment matters. Contact us to see if we can help you.

Rochester VA Outpatient Clinic #search #va #facilities, #facility #locator, #grave #locator, #national #cemetery #administration, #veterans #benefits #administration, #veterans #health #administration, #vaco, #vha, #vba, #nca



Veterans experiencing an emotional crisis should contact the Veterans Crisis Line or call 1-800-273-8255 press 1.

Veterans in need of medical advice after normal clinic hours can call TelCareat 1-888-838-7890.

  • Primary Care Services for Veterans in the Rochester area.
  • Behavioral Health Practice: Offers individual and group counseling to veterans, as well as wellness workshops on a variety of topics including stress management, sleep hygiene.
  • Home Based Primary Care: Certain patients with relatively short-term problems. These patients need healthcare services, home training, and home adaptation. Services are provided until the patient can be properly cared for in an outpatient clinic.
  • Laboratory: Blood drawing and analysis services available.
  • Prescriptions: As prescribed by VA providers, routine prescriptions processed through the mail. Emergency medicines provided.
  • Radiology: Chest, abdominal, and extremity x-rays available on premises.
  • Parking: Free parking on premises.
  • Handicapped Accessible: full and easy access for all veterans.
  • To provide easier access for Veterans being treated at the Rochester VA Outpatient Clinic some specialty care services are available at Clinton Crossings Medical Complex Building B at 919 Westfall Road Rochester, NY 14618 .

Services Offered Medical Services

(Please see Driving Directions for Clinton Crossings and Mt. Hope Ave Facilities)

  • Audiology
  • Cardiology (Clinton Crossings Facility)
  • Chiropractic (Clinton Crossings Facility)
  • Dental
  • Dermatology (Clinton Crossings Facility)
  • Dietetics
  • Eye Clinic (Clinton Crossings Facility)
  • Gastrointestinal
  • Home Based Primary Care
  • Internal Medicine
  • Laboratory
  • Neurology (Clinton Crossings Facility)
  • Ophthalmology
  • Pharmacy
  • Physical Rehab Medicine
  • Podiatry (Clinton Crossings Facility)
  • Primary Care
  • Prosthetics Sensory Aids
  • Radiology
  • Respiratory Therapy
  • Social Work
  • Urology
  • Women’s Wellness
  • Group Individual Psychotherapy
  • Substance Abuse Treatment
  • Day Treatment Center (Mt. Hope Ave.)
  • Partners Support Group
  • Skills Training (i.e. Relaxation Techniques)
  • Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PSTD) Counseling
  • Sexual Trauma Counseling

Geriatrics and Extended Care Services

  • Home Based Primary Care

Parent Facility: Canandaigua VAMC
Phone: (585)394-2000

Travel Insurance, International Health – Medical: All Aboard Benefits #travel, #health, #insurance, #medical, #international, #all, #aboard, #benefits, #plans, #quotes, #affordable


All Aboard Benefits

International Travel Insurance Quote

AAB International Travel Health Insurance

National Weather Service
US and International Weather Reports

At All Aboard Benefits, we have you covered. You’ll find all your travel health insurance needs. There are so many things that can go wrong when planning a trip, and most of them you have no control over. With the assistance of travel insurance, there are things about your planned vacations and business trips that we can help take charge of to put your mind at ease. Shield yourself from the inconvenience of any unfortunate occurrences waiting to happen. In this age, even the most polished trip and the most expensive holidays can become jeopardized by events that can be attributed to health concerns, misplaced luggage, car accidents, theft or the inability to seek assistance from local channels in the event of a natural disaster. We provide comprehensive insurance packages that satisfy every need and concern when it comes to your travel and health needs abroad and even on your local trips. At All Aboard Benefits our vision is to focus on critical assistance for your travels, with our extensive experience in providing world class health services and travel assistance.

All Aboard Benefits provides you with support services that are exactly what you need to get your problem solved and cover the expenses involved with no worries on your end. We provide an unmatched service that is composed of reliable assistance networks established within several locations around the globe. Contact one of or specialized agents today for a custom quote designed to meet your exact requirements.

Short Term Travel Insurance for Straightforward Coverage

We have an extensive list of short term international travel health insurance packages that will cover all your important medical benefits for US citizens and worldwide customers who are planning to make a short term visit abroad. Our coverage package includes insurance premiums that will shoulder your travel and medical protection for trips that have a minimum of two days and a maximum of up to three years. Our short term travel medical insurance options are extensive and cover you regardless of age. Find the appropriate short term travel health insurance plan that will suit your needs.

Long Term Travel Insurance for Living Abroad

Living and working abroad can present itself with challenges when trying to gain coverage for both travel and medical expenses out of your conventional HMO and local insurance policies. Our long-term travel coverage gives you the freedom to revel in comprehensive health and travel insurance protection when you are planning to stay abroad for a prolonged period, whether it is for business or pleasure. We provide this kind of insurance plan for all international and US citizens who are looking for permanent traveling insurance. Long term travel medical insurance is guaranteed renewable and is issued in a yearly period, special conditions apply for U.S. citizens looking to avail themselves of long term insurance (must reside abroad for at least six months in a year to qualify).

Senior Travel Insurance for Ages Up To 99

We look forward to the opportunity to provide you with comprehensive insurance that doesn’t discriminate against age, you can leave the country anytime you want with the assurance that our insurance policy will cover your medical and travel requirements. Peace of mind and the passion to live life to the fullest is what we can offer you through our helpful senior travel insurance policies. You won’t need to worry about spending a small fortune or tapping into your retirement fund for medical expenses that result from traveling. Enjoy your nest egg as it should be and take advantage of our plans that take care of you while you have the time of your life.

Student Travel Health Insurance

Studying abroad presents its risks and the constant challenge to find the right insurance package that will care for your entire medical and travel related problems. As an international student you are entitled to a generous and fully covered travel insurance protection that looks after your well-being. At All Aboard Benefits we extend our insurance policies to look into the bare minimum to meet our insurance criteria, making it a breeze for you to acquire a student travel insurance policy. We provide several insurance plans that have flexible terms and a wide selection of coverage systems that will truly make you feel at ease as you study in the school of your dreams.

Trip Cancellation Insurance

With the help of trip cancellation insurance you can feel save that your plans to attain trip cost settlement won’t run into any snags if you end up cancelling on vital trip plans in the event of health related issues, accidents and other events during your travels. Our trip cancellation insurance packages will provide you with recompense in events like a cruise interruption and in cases of cessation of services for a number of trip scenarios that may become an inconvenience for your business trip or paid vacation.

Travel Insurance Quotes

At All Aboard Benefits we provide you the safest way to get the quote that you need to make the right decision about the kind of insurance that you are considering. With free travel insurance quotes you won’t run into any risk and can have the flexibility to compare and see that our rates are the best in the business. All Aboard Benefits provides you with the best products with a detailed offering of insurance packages that details what you need to know and what fits best for your kind of trip. You can easily get an insurance quote from us online whenever you choose.

Here at All Aboard Benefits, we don’t just offer you the basics in travel and health insurance. We want to make sure that your enjoyment and peace of mind is at our top priority at all times which is why we have gone through extreme lengths to provide you with manageable rates that maximize the benefits and features of a great insurance quote. Our insurance plans make sure that you are equipped with the best possible insurance options wherever you are going. Your health and safety is what fuels our team to constantly innovate and come up with insurance plans that cover you from the time you step out of the international airport all the way till you get home safe.

2004 – 2017 – All Aboard Benefits Travel Insurance

Captain James A #search #va #facilities, #facility #locator, #grave #locator, #national #cemetery #administration, #veterans #benefits #administration, #veterans #health #administration, #vaco, #vha, #vba, #nca



The Captain James A. Lovell Federal Health Care Center (FHCC) vision is, Creating the future of federal healthcare through excellence in world-class patient care, customer service, education and research. The FHCC consists of 199 operating beds, 195 nursing home care beds and 149 Mental Health Residential Rehabilitation Treatment Program (MHRRTP) beds for patients requiring residential treatment for substance abuse, homelessness, post traumatic stress disorder and psychosocial rehabilitation. The new FHCC is a landmark project that provides a transformational opportunity for federal health care, and represents the first known total integration of the health care delivery and operations of two distinct and separate health care organizations owned by different cabinet level departments within the federal government.

The integration has dramatically changed the services and programs now available in North Chicago, IL. The Captain James A. Lovell Federal Health Care Center provides care to all eligible Veterans, active duty and their dependents. As a result of integrating Veteran and DoD patients, the total number of patients seen in the ED has more than doubled. FHCC Active Duty and civilian staff now provide inpatient and outpatient ENT, orthopedic and general surgical services, including pediatric procedures. Our residency programs have plans for a new residency program or expansion of existing residency programs in surgical services, internal medicine, and ophthalmology. We have established a new training position for a Hospitalist program. As a result of our VA/DoD partnership, our Emergency Department developed a Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner Program (SANE) Program. This program completes the forensic evidence packages for sexually assaulted patients, thereby minimizing trauma for these patients. FHCC has developed a successful Mental Health Rapid Response Program. This program specifically focuses on patients at risk for suicide or depression. Our TBI Poly-Trauma Team is functioning and serving patients with Traumatic Brain Injury which is particularly important for our recently returned OEF/OIF Veterans. The Tumor Registry Board was initiated and we have trained staff now running this program. FHCC has a state of the art, permanent MRI serving our patient population. The 3-Telsa MRI has been functional since March 2007. The Oncology Program has expanded and now offers inpatient/outpatient services in conjunction with new Oncology/Hematology Infusion Center.

Outpatient Clinics / Vet Centers:

Evanston, Illinois Vet Cent
Evanston, Illinois CB
Kenosha, Wisconsin CBOC
Fisher Clinic (East campus)
USS Red Rover (East campus)
USS Osborne (East campu
USS Tranquillity (East campus)

FHCC is part of the Veterans Integrated Service Network (VISN) 12, which includes Jesse Brown VA Health Care System; Hines VA Hospital; North Chicago VAMC; Milwaukee VAMC; Madison VA Hospital; Tomah VAMC; and Iron Mountain VAMC. These facilities make up a regional health care system that provides a full spectrum of health care.

FHCC has an affiliation with the Rosalind Franklin University of Medicine and Science, which is located adjacent to the facility on land leased.

FHCC provides training in health services administration, audiology/speech pathology, biomedical engineering, dental assisting, medical technology, pharmacy, nursing, physical therapy, podiatry, psychology, social work and many other areas. Over 400 residents, interns and students are trained each year.

The research programs at FHCC and Hines VA Hospital were consolidated during FY 1997. The primary objective of the amalgamation was to augment patient care by increasing the quantity and quality of research while reducing administrative cost. Biomedical and clinical research is ongoing in such areas as molecular biology, cardiology, oncology, alcoholism, immunology, diabetes, substance abuse, spinal cord injuries, speech pathology, aging, pulmonary, health care outcomes, infectious diseases, vision, psychiatric illness, rehabilitation medicine and behavioral sciences.

Certified Nursing Assistant Salaries in Florida and by education, experience, Location and more #certified #nursing #assistant #education, #certified #nursing #assistant #unemployment #insurance #benefits #compensation #unemployed #salary #range #job #search #career #education #salaries #employee #assessment #performance #review #bonus #negotiate #wage #change #advice #california #new #york #jersey #texas #illinois #florida


Florida Certified Nursing Assistant Salaries

  • What is the average Certified Nursing Assistant salary for Florida?

      How much does a Certified Nursing Assistant make in Florida. Florida Certified Nursing Assistant salaries vary greatly from town to town. See below for Certified Nursing Assistant salaries, bonus and benefits information for 26 cities in the Florida area.

      Performs various direct patient care activities under the supervision of a Registered Nurse. Assists patients in dressing or undressing, bathing, or eating. Collects non-invasive body fluid specimens or gathers vital signs but does not start or administer intravenous fluids. Aids physicians and nursing staff members with procedures if needed. Documents patient interactions as needed. Requires a high school diploma and certification from an accredited nursing assistant program. Familiar with standard concepts, practices, and procedures within a particular field. Relies on limited experience and judgment to plan and accomplish goals. Performs a variety of tasks. Works under general supervision. A certain degree of creativity and latitude is required. Typically reports to a registered nurse or manager.

      Alternate Job Titles: CNA, Certified Nursing Assistant
      Categories: Healthcare — Nursing

    What is a Traditional IRA – Restrictions and Benefits #traditional #ira #tax #benefits


    What is a Traditional IRA Restrictions and Benefits

    A Traditional IRA is very much like a Roth IRA except for the tax treatment. The Traditional IRA s key advantage is that it allows an individual to make annual tax-deductible contributions to one s retirement fund, but unlike the Roth IRA. the traditional IRA does not allow for earnings to grow tax-free. Ultimately, it comes down your personal financial situation when determining which IRA account is better for you.

    Let s go into a bit more detail regarding the Traditional IRA:

    Traditional IRA Eligibility

    Here are the rules to be eligible to fully contribute to a Traditional IRA:

    • All United States taxpayers that are not active participants in an employer sponsored plan are eligible to make contributions to a Traditional IRA plan.
    • The maximum annual contribution is $5,000 per person. Married couples can contribute $10,000. If you are 50 or older you can contribute $6,000 per person annually due to a catch-up provision.
    • Your contributions are tax deductible up to 100%.

    Traditional IRA s are a great way to save money and get a tax deduction at the same time. If you invest $5,000 annually into a Traditional IRA, you can claim a $5,000 tax deduction. This tax deduction will lower your adjusted gross income which lowers your tax liability. You do not have to pay any taxes on your contributions until you withdraw funds or at the age of 70 .

    Traditional IRA Benefits

    Tax Deductions All contributions are fully tax deductible as long as your employer doesn t offer a qualified retirement plan. If you are covered by an employer s plan, you may still be eligible to receive a tax deduction depending upon your filing status and if you fall within certain income thresholds. Single filers that participate in their company s retirement plan and earn $56,000 or less are eligible for a full deduction. Married filers that are active participants in their company s plan and earn $89,000 or less are also eligible for a full income tax deduction.

    No Income Limits On Participation Everyone is eligible to enroll in a Traditional IRA but not everyone is eligible to receive a tax deduction.

    Lower Tax Liability Contributions can grow tax deferred and withdrawals can be taken in later years to reduce your tax liability. Since income is often lower during retirement years, funds withdrawn may be subject to lower taxes.

    Multiple Retirement Accounts A Traditional IRA can be set up even if you have another retirement plan. Contributions may not be fully tax deductible if you have enough qualified retirement plan.

    Bankruptcy Protection Contributions are protected from creditors.

    Inheritance You can pass assets onto beneficiaries after death.

    Traditional IRA Restrictions

    Minimum Withdrawal Requirements There are required minimum distributions unlike in a Roth IRA. Withdrawals must begin at age 70 . If you fail to withdraw your required minimum distribution, the amount not withdrawn is taxed by the government at 50%.

    Limited Contribution Period You cannot make any contributions to a Traditional IRA after age 70 .

    Choosing the right retirement plan depends upon a number of factors including suitability, eligibility, and the plan s ability to meet your financial needs. A Traditional IRA is a good plan for those looking to reduce their taxable income and save money for their golden years. What is your favorite retirement plan? Do you prefer a Roth IRA or a Traditional IRA?


    Social Security Disability Attorney – SSD SSI SSDI Lawyer – Apply for Disability Benefits #power #of #attorney #for #social #security, #social #security #disability #ssd #ssdi #ssi #apply #benefits #appeal #denied #denial #disabled #disability #child #children #qualify #lawyer #attorney #law #firm #lawyers #attorneys #law #firms #advocates #representation #medical #doctor #mental #physical


    Social Security Disability | Social Security Disability Benefits | SSD | SSDI | SSI

    When your poor health prevents you from working, Social Security disability benefits can prove a crucial financial lifeline to help you support your family. The Social Security Administration provides cash support to millions of Americans who suffer from physical and mental conditions that prevent them from working.

    While this help is available, the process of applying for Social Security Disability Benefits can be quite complicated. We recommend hiring an experienced Social Security lawyer or Social Security attorney to help you with your application. This website can connect you with a Social Security attorney in your area who can help you win your claim for disability benefits. Finding a lawyer to represent your Social Security claim is the first step you can take towards being approved for monthly Social Security disability benefits.

    In 1935, the Social Security Act passed Congress, but it was not until 1956 that the Social Security disability program was created. The Social Security program is intended to provide at least a subsistence level of income to the nation s most vulnerable citizens. The Social Security program has been praised by both Republican and Democratic presidents, who have called it a crucial safety net for America s workers.

    Social Security reflects some of our deepest values the duties we owe to our parents, the duties we owe to each other when we re differently situated in life, the duties we owe to our children and our grandchildren. Indeed, it reflects our determination to move forward across generations and across the income divides in our country, as one America. William J. Clinton.

    Some 8 million Americans who suffer from mental or physical disabilities receive Social Security disability benefits each month, along with some 34 million retired workers who receive Social Security retirement checks.The Social Security program is funded by payroll taxes. Over 20 percent of the federal budget is devoted to the Social Security program.

    We can connect you with experienced Social Security attorneys lawyers who can help you navigate the often confusing bureaucracy that is the Social Security Administration. These Social Security lawyers are licensed around the country and will fight to get you the Social Security benefits that you are entitled to.

    Don t just hire ANY Social Security lawyer

    Applying for Social Security disability? We can put you in touch with a qualified Social Security attorney in your area. We have developed a network of Social Security lawyers and Social Security law firms that have decades of experience handling both kinds of disability claims, from Supplemental Security Insurance (SSI) to Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI).

    Many initial claims for Social Security Benefits are denied. In fact, statistics show that up to sixty percent of applications are initially denied. However, a Social Security lawyer well versed in handling SSDI and SSI appeals can help you win your case at all levels of the appeals process .

    Navigating the bureaucracy of the Social Security Administration can be a nightmare for an ordinary person. A Social Security benefit lawyer, who is well versed in the policies and procedures of the Social Security Administration, will know how to present your case to the agency in a timely and well organized fashion. A Social Security claims attorney can make sure you file the necessary applications at the correct times. This is essential in making sure that your Social Security application and SSD claims are handled in a timely manner.

    We can connect you with skilled SSD benefits lawyers who can help ensure your Social Security Administration (SSA) application for disability benefits is approved swiftly and with ease. Social Security disability payments can be key to helping you, and your family, stay financially solvent after you become disabled and are unable to work. This website addresses the following issues, among others:

    Applying for Social Security Disability

    Social Security Disability (SSD) benefits can help people who cannot work due to a medical condition that is expected to last at least a year. SSD benefits are paid each month on either a long-term or permanent basis, depending on whether a person s disability is expected to last permanently. For more, visit this page on applying for SSDI and SSI benefits.

    Social Security Disability Insurance is only paid in a cases of total disability. The Social Security Administration only handles cases of total disability and never provides benefits in instances of partial disability or short-term disability. The Social Security system is funded by payroll taxes and as a worker you have spent years having money deducted from your paycheck and deposited into this public trust fund. To be eligible, a disabled worker must have worked for a certain length of time in a position where he or she paid Social Security taxes.

    The Social Security disability lawyers that handle your case are accustomed to serving clients who are in difficult financial straights because of their disability. Therefore, these attorneys understand the time-sensitive nature of the Social Security application and will do everything in their power to expedite the process to ensure you can start receiving Social Security payments as soon as possible.

    When helping you apply for Social Security benefits, your disability lawyer will have to ask you the following questions.

    1. What medical condition do you suffer from?
    2. When did your medical condition set in?
    3. What have your medical tests shown about your condition?
    4. What treatment have you received?
    5. How does your medical condition restrict your ability to work?

    Your SSD lawyer needs this information when filing a claim with the Social Security Administration and representing you in your Social Security Disability or Supplemental Security Income claim. Your lawyer may also want to speak to your doctor or mental health professional to receive his or her assessment of how your illness impacts your ability to engage in work-related activities.

    Social Security Laws

    For more information on the federal laws governing Social Security, DotCO has provided Title 42 Chapter 7 of the United States Code. to help you understand how the Social Security system functions. A lawyer is best equipped to help you understand these laws and how you can use them to your benefit and avoid having your application for disability benefits denied.

    U.S. Social Security Lawyers | Social Security Disability Overview | Social Security Disability Benefits

    Social Security Disability Attorney | Social Security Disability Lawyer

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    Project Manager – Construction Salaries

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            This chart describes the expected percentage of people who perform the job of Project Manager – Construction that make less than that salary. For example 50% of the people who perform the job of Project Manager – Construction are expected to make less than the median.
            Source: HR Reported data as of June 2017

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        About Us

        Our mission is to assist veterans of North Dakota and their dependents in obtaining all benefits to which they are entitled, both federal and state, either by direct contact or through the assistance of County Veterans Service Officers. Tribal Veterans Service Officers. or National Service Officers. We designed this website to provide a comprehensive resource directory to assist veterans, service members, and their dependents with questions about healthcare, employment, financial assistance and much more! We hope it meets your needs! Please contact us if you have any questions, concerns, or comments.


        You can visit this page to view our current and previous newsletters. The purpose of our newsletter is to inform veterans and their families of veteran-related news and local events that benefit veterans and their families. Feel free to contact us with any comments on our newsletter, or if you have an idea for a story we could feature, tell us here !

        Grant available for ND Veterans with PTSD

        North Dakota Veterans suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) may now apply for a grant which may provide them with a specially trained Service Dog. These service dogs are trained right here in North Dakota to assist Veterans who suffer from PTSD. The dogs provide the special needs of the veteran they are to serve whether it is calming anxiety attacks, providing comfort and assurance in public settings or waking a veteran from a nightmare. PTSD service dogs have proven to greatly assist Veterans in returning to a more normal life and reintegrating back into their community. Service Dogs for America has several of these highly trained service dogs ready to be placed with a veteran in need.

        To meet the minimum qualifications for a PTSD service dog the Veteran must be a North Dakota resident, have a diagnosis of PTSD, be engaged in counseling or therapy and have a doctor’s recommendation for a PTSD Service Dog. All qualified Veterans are urged to apply. The grant is made possible by the 63rd ND Legislative Assembly and private donors.