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Dear Prospective Training Candidates,

CBS Information Systems, Inc. is fast growing software development and training company offering mission critical solutions to businesses through cutting-edge technologies since year 2000.

We are in the process of accepting candidates for various training programs. The training can be taken in class room style or remote (online) with live instructor.

If you are qualified, available, interested, planning to make a change, please RESPOND IMMEDIATELY. In considering candidates, time is of the essence, so please respond ASAP.

Here are our offerings:

  • Certified Trainer with real time experience.
  • Unlimited Lab Access during non-training hours.
  • Aggressive Placement Assistance.CBS will assist in job placement.
  • Fee Reimbursement upon successful placement by CBS.
  • No contract.
  • Real time Project Exercises and Step by Step Procedures with handouts.
  • Assistance in Resume and Interview Preparation.
  • Training from hands on consultancy experience.
  • Talk with experienced real time consultant available for comments and guidance.
  • Open for candidates with any visa status.
  • We provide the best possible trainer for each course
  • We offer most competitive pricing for our training programs.
  • We offer 100% online training with live instructors
  • You get trained from comfort of your place
  • We use state of the art learning management system
  • You are also connected via phone with live instructor during the class in a conference fashion

Control Systems for Home Automation, Campus – amp; Building Control by Crestron Electronics, home automation


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Home automation security system integration Download 0″> <> <>

Home automation security system integration Download 0″> <> <>


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Home automation security system integration

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Home automation security system integration

Now shipping! Crestron Mercury

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Crestron Named Official A/V, Lighting, and DigitalMedia™ Partner of the Pro Football Hall of Fame

The 100-acre Johnson Controls Hall of Fame Village in Canton, Ohio, a nearly $800M mix-used development, is set to be completed in 2020 to coincide with the National Football League’s Centennial.

Home automation security system integration

  • Get the InfoComm 2017 Recap

    Couldn’t make it to the show, or missed any part of our booth? We’ve got you covered. Visit our InfoComm 2017 Recap.

    Home automation security system integration

  • Crestron Mercury

    Our groundbreaking new room solution is easy to use, easy to deploy and manage, and supports any video conferencing application.

    Home automation security system integration

  • Crestron and Sonos® expanded partnership

    Now buy Sonos products direct from Crestron!

    Home automation security system integration

  • Now Shipping: DigitalMedia™ NVX Series

    The only 4K60 4:4:4 HDR 1Gb network AV solution

    Home automation security system integration

  • New Crestron Color Match

    Thanks to our exclusive new Color Match service, award-winning Crestron Shades are now available in any color you desire.

    Home automation security system integration

  • Now Shipping: Best-in-Class Modular Amplifiers

    AMP-1200 and AMP-2100 provide easy installation, professional audio, and Energy Star® certified efficiency.

    Home automation security system integration

  • DM-DGE-200-C

    The ultimate room solution: auto-switching, 4K scaling, auto-display on/off, custom graphics, room calendar display, control UI, H.264 video decoder.

    Home automation security system integration

  • Home automation security system integration

    Home automation security system integration

    Home automation security system integration

    Home automation security system integration

    • Home automation security system integration

    New Release of Crestron Pyng® Software Features Native Support for Sonos® and Amazon Alexa®

    Latest version elevates the user experience to an unparalleled new level while making integration even easier for Crestron Technology Professionals (CTPs)

  • Home automation security system integration

    Crestron Named Official A/V Automation, Lighting, and DigitalMedia™ Distribution Partner of the Pro Football Hall of Fame & Johnson Controls Hall of Fame Village

    Crestron to work together with Pro Football Hall of Fame and Johnson Controls Hall of Fame Village to develop the first-ever sports and entertainment ‘Smart City’ in Canton, Ohio.

  • Home automation security system integration

    Crestron Expands Partnership with Sonos

    Crestron dealers in the United States can now purchase Sonos® products directly from Crestron

  • Home automation security system integration

    Crestron Honors Montclair State University Teacher with Summum Bonum Award for Excellence in Teaching

    Professor of Secondary and Special Education receives esteemed teaching award

  • Using LabVIEW with RS232 or RS485 Data Acquisition Interfaces #labview, #labview #student #edition, #lm335, #temperature


    Using LabVIEW to Send Commands via RS232 to ADR Interfaces

    LM335 Temperature Measurement

    The following application demonstrates how LabVIEW can be used with ADR interfaces, or any ASCII based serial data acquisition and control interface. The application is a simple temperature measurement and plot using an ADR112 and an LM335 solid-state temperature sensor. It is assumed the user has a basic knowledge of LabVIEW, however, no prior experience with LabVIEW is required as long as the user manual is available to help with the generic tasks. Figure 1 shows our final operating panel for the application in operation. The panel allows adjustment of the sample rate via a rotary knob, and displays temperature vs. time in a graph format. A digital reading of present temperature is also provided. The hardware consists of an ADR112 connected to com2, interfaced to an LM335 temperature sensor connected to AN0.

    Figure 1: Final Operating Panel

    Start labview, and an blank panel will appear called untitled.VI. Save the VI as a file called START . We will now place various controls and indicators on the blank panel that will become the applications operating controls and indicators. Using the CONTROLS menu, place on the following on the panel;


    A numeric knob from CONTROLS/NUMERIC/KNOB


    A numeric indicator from CONTROLS/NUMERIC/DIGITAL INDICATOR.

    Arrange the items as shown in Figure 2 using the pointer to add labels by right clicking on each item and typing it in. Change the scale on the waveform chart vertical axis to 0 to 4095 using the hand icon.

    Figure 2. Initial Panel Layout

    Use the hot key, CTRL-F to show the control diagram. Arrange the items to the positions shown in Figure 3.

    Figure 3. Initial Control Diagram

    Before starting to build the program we must understand what we want the program to do for us. We should have a basic knowledge the application hardware and desired operating parameters. This application will require the software to send an RD0 command ( followed by a carriage return ) to the ADR112, causing it to respond with a four digit integer number from 0000 to 4095 representing the temperature data in 12-bit format. The data must then be scaled and displayed on the front panel in degrees Celsius in a digital display and in a waveform chart showing temperature history. The basic program will repeat this operation at a rate determined by our adjustable sample rate knob. For this we will start by selecting a WHILE LOOP using FUNCTIONS/STUCTSANDCONSTANTS/WHILELOOP. position the loop as shown in Figure 4.

    Figure 4. Adding the While Loop

    We will now add the components required to have the loop execute at an adjustable interval by adding a few more components. Add the following three components;

    A wait function timer from FUNCTIONS/TIMEANDDIALOG/WAIT

    A multiply function from FUNCTIONS/ARITHMATIC/MULTIPLY


    Position the items as shown in Figure 5 and wire them as shown using the wiring tool. The timer will now delay repeated execution of the loop by 1000 times the setting of the sample rate knob on the front panel.( in ms). If the knob is set at one, the sample rate will be 1 second ( 1000 X 1=1000ms ), if the knob is set at 0.5 the sample rate will be 0.5 seconds ( 1000 X 0.5 = 500ms), etc. The on/off slide switch is wired as shown to enable or disable the loop from running. It will serve as a simple enable/stop function on the front panel.

    Figure 5. The Delay

    The software in the loop must now be set up to send and receive ASCII data to the ADR112 via Com2. This is accomplished by using a sequencer and a number of serial port functions provided by LabVIEW. The sequence, as the name implies, allows the execution of code in a specific sequence similar to that of a PLC. The sequencer is a series of frames that code is placed into, that determines the actual execution sequence of the code. Add a sequencer to the control diagram using FUNCTIONS/STUCTSANDCONSTANTS/SEQUENCER. position the sequencer as shown in figure 6.

    Figure 6. The Sequencer

    5. Writing Data to the Serial Port

    The first frame will contain the actual serial write function. Also added in this step is the serial port initialize function. Place the serial write function inside frame 0 by selecting it from FUNCTION/SERIAL/SERIALWRITE. Place the serial initialize function outside the while loop as shown in Figure 7 using FUNCTION/SERIAL/SERIALINITIALIZE. Use a numeric constant to set initialize the port to Com2 ( port 1) and set the port for the write operation by wiring as shown. A command string of RD0 must be sent in the write operation and it must be followed by a carriage return for the ADR112 to respond. This is done by selecting a string constant using FUNCTIONS/STUCTSANDCONSTANTS/STRINGCONSTANT. Enter RD0 followed by a carriage return as the string constant and wire as shown in Figure 7.

    IMPORTANT ; The default termination character for an ASCII string in LabVIEW is a linefeed character which will not cause the ADR112 to return data. The linefeed must be changed manually to a carriage return. This is done by right clicking on the data and selecting \ CODES DISPLAY . When this is done, RD0\n will be the displayed string data. Use the text icon to change the \n to \r ( carriage return ). If successful, the string will as be shown as in Figure 7 with the \ CODES DISPLAY function enabled.

    Figure 7. Serial Write Function

    A second step is to be added to the sequencer where the serial read function will be placed. this is done by right clicking on the sequencer frame indicator and selecting ADD FRAME AFTER . The sequencer will appear as shown in Figure 8.

    Figure 8. Adding a Step

    The data returned from the ADR112 will be read using a serial read with timeout vi. This vi is included with LabVIEW in the samples directory. Place it in the frame along with a Format and Strip function from FUNCTION/STRING/FORMATANDSTRIP. Wire as shown in Figure 9 including, a numeric constant of 5 for number of bytes to receive ( 4 plus CR ), and a string constant of %d to identify the incoming data as integer format. Wire the output of the Format and Strip function to both the Present Temperature display and the Temperature Plot

    Figure 9. Reading and Formatting Data

    This would be a good time to test the program. Connect a potentiometer to AN0 on the ADR112 and run the VI from the Panel Window. Vary the pot and the display should look something like Figure 10. Vary the sample rate to become familiar with its operation. Do not forget to click on the ON/OFF switch to enable operation.

    Figure 10. First Run Through.

    Finalizing the application involves converting the ASCII data to Celsius. This is done with a one arithmetic subtraction and one division function added to the second step in the sequencer as shown in Figure 11. These functions are necessary to convert the 12-bit data to Celsius and are explained in the application note Using the LM335 Temperature Sensor

    Figure 11. The Final Code

    The display can then be customized to give the VI a more pleasing appearance. See your user manual for the various customizing options. The scale of the graph can also set using the hand icon to whatever range is to be measured in the application. Our final version was saved as ADR112.VI as appears as in Figure 12.

    Figure 12. Final Panel

    This was a simple application using only one analog input port of the ADR112 interface. Additional graphs or use of the digital ports for alarms can be facilitated simply by adding steps to the sequencer with additional write and read operations. All of the functions found on ADR interfaces including, counters, PWM, digital I/O, analog outputs, interuppts and stepper indexers can be utilized with LabVIEW. Programs can be as complex or as simple as the application requires. The people at National Instruments have done an outstanding job developing LabVIEW and it is easy to see why it has become so popular.

    Note. The VI used in this example can be downloaded in zip format using the following link;

    Ordering LabVIEW ( Students and Educators)

    LabVIEW student edition is available for around $100.00 direct from the publisher. This graphical programming software is designed for scientists and engineers who automate laboratories or take industrial measurements. When coupled with the low-cost ADR interfaces. an affordable data acquisition and control hardware/software solution is achieved.

    LabVIEW Student Edition, Author, Lisa K. Wells, National Instruments

    ORDERING USA 1-800-643-5506 CANADA 1-800-567-3800 ( VISA,MC,AMEX)

    ISBN 0-13-210709-0 Macintosh Version

    ISBN 0-13-210691-4 Windows Version

    Ordering LabVIEW ( Non-Educational)

    Contact National Instruments for pricing and delivery of full license versions.

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    ActiveDocs Document Automation Software #professional #services #automation #software


    The in-depth integration of ActiveDocs Opus with SharePoint resulted in rapid deployment of the solution, and the intuitive environment of Microsoft Word that is used for template design made the conversion of existing documents into templates an uncomplicated task.

    Bayer Healthcare Pharmaceuticals

    Seamless integration with existing systems and data sources dramatically reduced the time needed for deployment of the document automation solution. The business user can utilize data from SAP and other corporate repositories, and can create documents without the need to involve the IT team in the process of document generation or template creation.


    ActiveDocs Opus incorporates intelligent form building for data collection, alongside business rules and workflow to improve user experience, efficiency and accuracy.

    Easy to configure templates allow changes to critical content e.g. legal clauses to be dynamically updated across linked templates.


    Simplifying management and change control. Prevent errors before they happen and make your processes inherently more robust.

    It saves the sales people a lot of time. Eighty percent of the content they need is already created, so they just have to select and change it through the Opus system. They can customize proposals for each prospect, depending on what the prospect is interested in.

    Rick Petford, Communications Manager, Ricoh

    As we knew that document automation with ActiveDocs Opusgenerated documents could meet all the new standards we decided to integrate it with all of our banking systems that need to create electronic or printed documents.

    Rolands Citajevs, CIO at ABLV

    Popular features that will change your business:

    Dynamic web based forms

    Easy data collection

    Complex document creation

    Server or Cloud based options

    Context-sensitive reusable content

    Templates designed in Word

    Compliance audit reporting

    Simple data connectivity

    ActiveDocs Limited. All rights reserved.

    ActiveDocs and its respective components are all trademarks or registered trademarks of ActiveDocs Ltd. All other trademarks or registered trademarks are the property of their respective trademark holders.

    Marketing Automation – Act-On Marketing #act-on #marketing, #marketing #automation, #act-on #marketing #automation, #lead #generation #software,


    Improving Results with Marketing Automation

    InfoGrow partners with Act-On Software to streamline your customer s journey through lead generation, inbound and e-marketing, and lead nurturing. By seamlessly integrating Act-On s cloud-based marketing automation solutions with Microsoft Dynamics CRM, InfoGrow can deliver a powerful marketing engine that increases brand awareness, strengthens customer loyalty, increases productivity and eliminates marketing waste.

    Sales and Marketing, Simplified

    When paired with Dynamics CRM, Act-On provides the data and insights marketers need to ensure prospects receive the right message, at the right time, through the right channels. The result? More engaged prospects, higher conversion rates and better results across the board. Let s work together to create a marketing automation solution that helps you:

    Improve lead quality and better qualify prospects

    Enhance cross-channel communications

    Harness the combined power of email, social media and website pages and analytics

    Streamline execution of marketing campaigns

    Measure campaign effectiveness for continuous improvement

    Increase ROI while reducing costs

    Powerful Prospect Profiles

    Act-On makes it easy to nurture and track leads from click to close and take action at just the right moment. With its strong e-marketing platform for promotional campaigns and customer outreach, Act-On directs recipients to unique landing pages with specific calls to action. Then it monitors response behaviors and engagement levels as defined by your organization.

    Did the customer or prospect watch a video or download a whitepaper? Perhaps they attended a webinar or subscribed to future communications. InfoGrow will help you prioritize these types of activities so Act-On can calculate lead scores and proactively notify your team when it s time to engage and advance the sales cycle.

    Contact us to learn more about accelerating sales and improving results with Act-On marketing automation solutions.

    HP Quality Center #qtp, #webservices, #web #services, #soapui, #selenium, #automation #testing, #training, #qa #jobs, #online


    Это видео недоступно.

    HP Quality Center | QC | HP ALM|HP Application Life cycle Management | H2KInfosys| QA Tutorials

    Опубликовано: 26 дек. 2012 г.

    QA Testing Tutorial for Beginners HP Quality Center | QC | HP ALM|HP Application Life cycle Management | H2KInfosys| QA Tutorials for Beginners | QA Training Videos for Beginners

    HP Application Lifecycle Management
    In Software QA Testing, HP ALM – is for the alignment, visibility and collaboration.
    HP software — ALM was used to be Quality center. World’s most popular Test Management tool originally developed by Mercury corporation.
    Now HP is the worldwide leader in quality and test management – is releasing several new software solutions expressly designed to help you build quality assurance and testing.
    Importance of quality and performance testing needed to assure QA and testing success in the brave new world of Agile delivery, cloud and mobility.
    This new release of HP ALM products will increase speed and quality of delivery through improved automation, more capabilities for mobile devices to enable better organizational visibility and collaboration.
    ALM — Test management tool is the software solution for modern application testing.
    HP Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) is Test management tool to manage requirements, test cases, test plan, defects, reports, HP QTP / UFT automation test scripts, HP Loadrunner performance test scripts.
    HP ALM / Quality Center enable you to manage the application lifecycle from requirements through readiness for delivery from a single repository, consistent user experience and customizable dashboard. QA Test processes, progress tracking and reporting, and asset sharing across projects.
    HP ALM. HP Quality Center Dashboards and reporting capability let you track application readiness across the lifecycle, to analyze data about milestones you define.

    Key benefits of HP ALM — Application Life Cycle Management Tool (Well-known HP Quality Center) Manage requirements, test case, test plan, defects, reports, qtp automation test scripts, loadrunner performance test scripts, HP UFT automation test scripts, vb scripts, test data, QA Testing related information.
    Plan and track projects and releases from a single dashboard for predictability.
    Unify functional, performance, security, and quality management. Manage and create traceability between requirements, tests, defects, code changes and build management system tasks. Increase visibility with milestones and KPIs to better align business and IT. Allow testing teams to provision and deploy a test lab themselves in a hybrid delivery environment. Support DevOps by bringing development, testing and operations teams closer together. Synchronize ALM with our HP Agile Manager to empower teams to organize, plan and deliver Agile.
    Secure, cost-effective, cloud-based application lifecycle management.
    HP Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) on SaaS accelerates the move toward an integrated application lifecycle management process for the organization. While providing a proven and robust functionality, HP ALM on SaaS also offers built-in scalability and on-demand flexibility, simplified management and the support needed to focus on innovation.
    Learn more about HP ALM by vising HP.

    H2KInfosys provide training in HP tools, HPQTP, HP ALM, HP ServiceTest, HP Loadrunner, HP UFT — Unified Functional Testing



    Rankings of Best Marketing Automation Software June 2017 #marketing #automation #reviews


    Best Marketing Automation Software – June 2017

    Ease of Use Simplicity in Interface

    One of the most important aspects of our analysis of marketing automation software involves an in-depth analysis of the overall ease of use. One of the key benefits to marketing automation is being able to automate many marketing activities. If the software makes that process difficult to complete or difficult to comprehend, then it can actually cause the user to have to spend more time in configuration or debugging.

    Implementation Time Average Time to Implement

    One of the greatest frustrations many have with any type of software solution is the amount of time it takes to implement it. Our analysis ensures the vendors which we recommend make the process of implementing the marketing automation features into their marketing as simple and straight-forward as possible. The more efficient the setup process is for the end user the more of a benefit it will provide to them over time.

    API Expansive API and Resource

    It is important for a marketing automation solution to provide users with access to an API to allow them to be able to access information and control different features using their existing infrastructure. Since many businesses have their own CRM and other solutions, it is important to ensure they will be able to integrate the marketing automation software into all of the software solutions they are already using at the time.

    Support Quickly Responds to Clients

    Support is crucial in marketing automation just as it is with any other software solution. Our analysis delves into how well the customer support team handles contact requests and how technique support issues are addressed. We investigate whether the company outsources their support initiatives or if there are agents which are allocated directly to different types of support issues when users make a contact request.

    Integration Fast and East Integration

    The different methods for integrating the software into other office and sales solutions is important for businesses which use different various tools in their operations. It is important to ensure that the marketing automation software has built-in integration with the most-used software platforms out there for the benefit of teams of all sizes. Integration is a key element in our analysis of marketing automation software.