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Why sporting goods retailers are fumbling

In sports, it’s an asset if you can play multiple positions.

If you’re a sporting goods retailer, trying to do it all often ends in defeat.

Sport Chalet learned that the hard way, abruptly announcing Saturday that it was closing all of its 47 stores. The La Ca ada Flintridge-based chain spent years battling financial troubles and struggled to keep pace with changing consumer tastes that made for exceptionally fierce competition even by retail standards.

A perennial money-loser for nearly the last decade, Sport Chalet was in business 57 years but couldn’t withstand pressures now coming from all sides: larger sporting goods rivals, big-box discounters, online retailers and specialty high-end brands all ate into the company’s market share.

Sport Chalet had a humble start

Sport Chalet got its start in 1959 when German immigrants Norbert and Irene Olberz bought a tiny ski and tennis shop in La Cañada Flintridge for $4,000.

During the company’s first two years, the couple worked and lived in the store, sleeping on rollaway beds and showering with a garden hose. In.

Sport Chalet got its start in 1959 when German immigrants Norbert and Irene Olberz bought a tiny ski and tennis shop in La Cañada Flintridge for $4,000.

During the company’s first two years, the couple worked and lived in the store, sleeping on rollaway beds and showering with a garden hose. In.

As Americans become more health conscious and fitness focused, the sporting goods industry has grown steadily but also become increasingly specialized. If you want stylish $50 sports bras and $100 yoga pants, you go to Lululemon. Discount sporting equipment? Big 5. Top-notch customer service? REI. Cheap and casual workout clothes with a side of laundry detergent or toilet paper? Target or Wal-Mart will do.

Even mall staples such as Forever 21 and Gap have aggressively expanded their active wear offerings in recent years as they try to capitalize on the so-called athleisure market.

That left little room for Sport Chalet and similar chains. Its parent company, Vestis Retail Group, said Monday that it filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection. Vestis also owns Eastern Mountain Sports and the apparel retailer Bob’s Stores.

The big problem was that they weren’t focused on anything enough to carve a niche in the market, said Rory Masterson, industry analyst at IBISWorld.

Vestis’ brands aren’t the only sporting goods retailers to bow to those pressures. The much larger Sports Authority chain filed for bankruptcy protection last month, with plans to close 140 of its 463 stores nationwide and in Puerto Rico.

The U.S. sporting goods market totaled $63.7 billion in sales in 2014, the most recent year for which figures were available, according to the National Sporting Goods Assn. trade group. That was up 24% from 2009. Sporting goods retailers, excluding the mass merchandisers, employ nearly 315,000 people nationwide at 45,770 locations, according to the research firm IBISWorld.

Sporting goods’ total sales

About 1,200 jobs at Sport Chalet are now at risk with the chain’s closing.

Analysts said there were parallels between Sport Chalet and its beleaguered rival Sports Authority, including that both were saddled with debt after being acquired by other firms.

If a retailer’s got a lot of debt, it means they’re not spending money on stores, they’re not spending money on systems, they’re not spending money on the kinds of things they need to do to drive the business forward, said Matt Powell, an industry analyst at market research firm NPD Group.

Although Sport Chalet once marketed itself as being staffed by the experts, that customer help for specific activities has been matched by several of its rivals, Masterson said. And outdoor blogs and online reviews have also made in-store specialists less of a selling point.

Sport Chalet was known for catering to enthusiasts in winter sports, diving, marathon running and hiking, but ultimately it wasn’t enough.

In its fiscal year ended March 30, 2014, its last as a public company, Sport Chalet lost $10 million on sales of $344 million. Dick’s, with 645 stores, had sales of $7.3 billion in its fiscal year ended Jan. 30.

Dick’s and other industry leaders such as REI and Cabela’s Inc. also established stronger relationships with suppliers and developed the kind of leverage on the supply side that smaller operators like Sport Chalet were unable to match, Masterson said.

Those retailers were also ahead of the curve when it came to building an online presence, which put Sport Chalet at a disadvantage, he said.

Dick’s Chairman Edward Stack, who referred to the unique time in his industry during a conference last month, said Dick’s online sales jumped at a compounded annual rate of 39% from 2010 through 2015.

These smaller operators are kind of unable to keep up just because they don’t have the resources to be able to keep up, Masterson said.

Bob Chamberlin / Los Angeles Times

Sport Chalet couldn’t withstand pressures coming from larger sporting goods rivals, big-box discounters, online retailers and specialty high-end brands. Above, a store in La Canada Flintridge.

Sport Chalet couldn’t withstand pressures coming from larger sporting goods rivals, big-box discounters, online retailers and specialty high-end brands. Above, a store in La Canada Flintridge.

(Bob Chamberlin / Los Angeles Times)

The athleisure market for casual athletic clothing, which took off a few years ago, also has become increasingly crowded with big-box retailers such as Wal-Mart and Target, as well as fast-fashion brands joining the fray often at cheaper prices.

People are seeking out apparel and footwear as much for fashion as for actual activities, said Joseph Feldman, an industry analyst at Telsey Advisory Group.

That trend also isn’t showing signs of slowing down, said Diana Smith, senior research analyst for retail and apparel at the research firm Mintel Group Ltd.

All of that competition from a number of different retailers is putting pressure on the sporting goods stores, she said.

The consumer is smart enough to be able to shop around and know they can get some pretty quality athleisure [items] and they’re not confined to a sporting goods store, Smith said.

That’s a challenge for every sporting goods chain, including El Segundo-based Big 5 Sporting Goods Corp. which has 438 stores. Big 5 remained profitable last year, earning $15.3 million on sales of $1 billion.

But in its annual report filed with regulators last month, Big 5 noted that e-commerce has been a rapidly growing sales channel, particularly with younger consumers, and that if the chain was unable to compete successfully in online sales our operating results may suffer.


What Are Promotion Codes? #coupons #for #retail #stores

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What Are Promotion Codes?

For the latest version of Commerce Server 2007 Help, see the Microsoft Web site .

A promotion code, also know as a coupon code, is a code that is associated with a marketing discount. For example, a retailer might tell frequent customers to enter the promotion code “FX43B” to receive a 10% discount on their whole order. One or more unique promotion codes (may be numbers or strings) are associated with the discount. Promotion codes act as an eligibility requirement for the discount. When shopping, if the user enters a promotion code, the corresponding discount is looked up and applied if the all the conditions of the discount are met.

There are three types of promotion codes:

Public. Coupons that anyone can use. The coupons all use the same public coupon code.

You cannot export a public coupon definition or add coupons to a public coupon definition.

Private. Personalized coupons that you target to specific users. Private coupons have multiple coupon code identifiers.

Restricted. Coupons that are restricted to one user.

You must import the user list for restricted coupons. The associated coupon codes can also be imported, or they can be automatically generated.

Who are China – s top online retailers? Internet Retailer – s 2014 China 500

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Who are China’s top online retailers? Internet Retailer’s 2014 China 500 provides the answers

CHICAGO. Feb. 26, 2014 /PRNewswire/ — Internet Retailer , the leading publisher of strategic business information for e-commerce executives, announced today the release of its 323-page 2014 China 500 research publication. Available as a digital publication and as part of an online database, it provides previously unavailable competitive data and analysis on the 500 leading e-retailers in China, whose direct-to-consumer e-commerce sales grew 42% in 2013 to $305.5 billion from $214.8 in 2012, research firm iResearch estimates.

Released in both Mandarin- and English-language editions, the 2014 China 500 incorporates a half year’s worth of research conducted by Internet Retailer editors, furnishing scores of details on China’s fast-growing web merchants, including their 2013 and 2012 web sales, market rank, monthly web traffic, conversion rate, average ticket, payments and performance metrics, key company executives and more. This inaugural publication reveals 130 financial and operating metrics on each of the 410 Chinese and 90 non-Chinese web merchants in the China 500. Each profile also describes the e-retailer’s web-selling strategy.

These leading e-retailers spearhead growth in the world’s largest national e-retailing market, one dominated by Alibaba Group’s two big web shopping portals Taobao and Tmall which account for 80% of e-retail sales in China. The 2014 China 500 also provides details of the companies competing with Alibaba in building online portals where many merchants sell, as they do in the U.S. on eBay.com or Amazon.com.

While those marketplaces are dominant today, many China 500 retailers are carving out growing niches, aided by large capital inflows from abroad. For example, Wal-Mart Stores Inc. acquired a 51% stake in one of China’s largest e-retailers, Yihaodian, whose web sales increased 69.7% to $1.91 billion in 2013, according to findings from the 2014 China 500. Wal-Mart is just one example of the many Western retailers, consumer brand manufacturers and technology vendors drawn to the dramatic growth in Chinese e-commerce, growth that shows no signs of slowing.

“Our intent in publishing this inaugural research guide is to help our readers especially U.S.-based e-retailers and solutions providers looking to launch or expand their global e-commerce footprints understand the sheer scope of the opportunities and challenges awaiting them in China’s e-commerce landscape,” says Jack Love. publisher of Internet Retailer. “Make no mistake: no e-commerce market is going to impact American retailers, manufacturers and vendors more than China .”

The 323-page guide is now available in a digital version and all of its proprietary data can be accessed and customized by user preference through a subscription to Top500Guide.com. the world’s largest online database of competitive e-commerce information.

For media inquiries, contact Chaz McCrobie-Quinn. circulation manager, Internet Retailer, at 312.362.0107.


The flagship brand of Vertical Web Media, Internet Retailer provides comprehensive e-commerce business intelligence through print and digital channels, including a monthly magazine, several research guides, web sites, online databases and e-mail newsletters. Internet Retailer. launched in March 1999. is the largest monthly magazine in e-retailing with more than 44,000 subscribers. Launched in 2000 and completely revamped in 2010, InternetRetailer.com is the most visited informational web site in e-commerce. Featuring industry news that is updated daily, the site attracts more than 425,000 unique monthly visitors. IRNewsLink, an e-mail newsletter of daily e-commerce news, is sent out every weekday to more than 49,000 subscribers.


Vertical Web Media is a privately held, Chicago -based publisher that focuses on providing business intelligence for the e-commerce industry. Founded and led by journalists, the company aims to be the largest and most credible provider of objective business information on the market trends, technology, competitive practices and people shaping online retailing. Starting with Internet Retailer magazine, launched in 1999, Vertical Web Media has since introduced more than a dozen competitive data products and is now the largest publisher in e-commerce. Through its Internet Retailer brand, the company operates a monthly magazine, two web sites, a daily e-mail newsletter, and 12 research guides strategic content designed to equip e-commerce executives with the competitive data they need to help grow their online businesses.

SOURCE Internet Retailer

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T-Mobile retail stores are starting to close

We’ve spent a lot of time talking about what will happen to our T-Mobile contracts, and the overall U.S. wireless market when the AT T/T-Mobile deal is approved. But we’ve neglected to talk about what happens to the thousands of T-Mobile retailers and their employees. Apparently, many independent T-Mobile retailers are already throwing in the towel in anticipation of the acquisition.

One such retailer is Kirk Brundage, who owned 8 T-Mobile locations in Idaho and Utah. After he heard about the deal, he decided to sell his locations to an unnamed competitor, rather than wait for the hammer to drop. Brundage explains that there was “little hope for a dealer of [his] size” .

This sentiment is rightly shared by many T-Mobile retail owners. AT T has already promised to ‘rationalize’ their retail chains in order to make the acquisition more efficient. Combined, the two carriers have 9,200 retail locations, and given the waning performance of physical retail locations, that’s way too many. Forty-one percent of AT T stores are within one mile of a T-Mobile store. And those T-Mobile stores will probably be seen as redundant.

Even if retailers aren’t cutting stores, they are at least shelving their expansion plans for the time being. Unfortunately, those retailers aren’t allowed to discuss retail plans with AT T, while the deal is still being reviewed. That adds particular uncertainty to the smaller retail owners, that will likely be overlooked by the Ma Bell giant.



1. companyies suck! (unregistered) posted on 23 Jun 2011, 10:08 +3

this is a s**t sandwich no matter how you slice it! big company after big company gobbling up smaller ones. apple seeking patents to crush out competition and innovation so it can remain the dominate player. its all companies. sending jobs overseas, and expecting us to support them back home! pure evil. what will happen when we finally make wages on par with china? when we can no longer afford to buy the foreign made goods that these evil behemoths try to sell us? when we no longer innovate, and just graze on the land and food that they give us! boy i am scared! sheesh!

10. ibapposted on 23 Jun 2011, 12:52 +1

Another example of why I prefer phones with physical keyboards. I’m being kind in attributing the form of your comment to the lack of a keyboard, rather than a lack of knowledge in spelling and grammar.

Dominant is the word you wanted. The contraction for “it is” is written “it’s” with an apostrophe. The word is “companies” – no “y”.

No one is making you buy their products. But perhaps you should comment from a PC with a spelling and grammar checker.

2. antbed32 (unregistered) posted on 23 Jun 2011, 10:26 +0

Well well well. i work at t-mobile and dey announced tht we were closing in less than a month at the meridian, ms location along with one of the stores in jackson, ms, and, one of the stores in Louisiana. Soooooo. coincidence or no?

3. nylesagreat (unregistered) posted on 23 Jun 2011, 10:46 +1

This is great now att and tmobile have more customers which means cheaper deals

Why u guys complaining??

4. remixfaposted on 23 Jun 2011, 10:54 +1

ATT and VZW are already the biggest carriers by far. A bigger company does not mean a cheaper deal. They actually have LESS incentive to give you a great deal because there is less choices for you out there. When the most expencive carrier with the worst customer service buys the cheapest carrier with award winning service, thats only going to be a net “bad” for the industry, no matter how much ATT says they will improve.

Just wanted to point out in the article, Tmobile stores wont be the only ones shut down. ATT will shut down their stores as well. Why? Its going to come down to which one of those stores that are near eachother are in a prime location. If the Tmo store is in a better spot (or is bigger) it will probably be the one to stay and vice versa. Employees from both companies will be losing jobs in droves as they start shrinking out the work force.

19. anono (unregistered) posted on 24 Jun 2011, 10:25 +0

More T-mobile than ATT. ATT is union. Then, of course, management is fair game.

13. DV (unregistered) posted on 23 Jun 2011, 15:31 +0

I hope this is saracsm! If not you are completely delusional! Take a look at the industry for a moment. For one it is arguably the most overpriced commodity with 3 and a half national players. The companies with the most share of the market today do not offer the best deals. The competition is already minimal at best, price is all within reach of eachother and I am still wondering if you are serious how on god’s green earth you can support that comment.

5. The_Mizposted on 23 Jun 2011, 10:59 +2

The deal isn’t even finalized yet, and there’s no damn way the gov’t can approve this. Course, with the idiotic Democrats running with Obamanation, I am not surprised if it does happen. R.I.P. wireless industry

8. The Rooster (unregistered) posted on 23 Jun 2011, 11:33 +1

That comment is. AWESOME.

Retail Assistant Job Description: What Retail Companies Are Looking For #retail #consultants

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Retail Assistant Job Description: What Retail Companies Are Looking For

When you walk into a store, who is the first person you usually see or are greeted by? That would be a retail assistant. A job in retail is unique, rewarding, and very interactive. Just like any type of job, there are people that can thrive in this environment and others who are simply not fit for a retail experience.

If you are looking to get an assistant s job in retail, you are probably looking through dozens of retail assistant job descriptions to see which one is the best fit for you. For a better understanding of what a retail assistant job entails, we are going to help answer some of your basic questions about a retail assistant job description, the skills required, and how you can excel in your job with the right sales persuasion skills .

What is the general job description for a Retail Assistant?

  • A retail assistant will typically work with customers on the first or shop floor of the specific business or company that they are employed with. When met with customers, they will provide advice, recommend products, answer any questions a customer might have, and attempt to make sales. Sales are important in the retail industry, because without sales, a company will not have the resources to move forward. There are often sales targets that need to be met each month by sales people.
  • If a customer does make a purchase, generally the retail assistant will work the cash register and be able to ring up sales and deal with cash holding, or a debit or credit card transaction.
  • A retail assistant must also keep shop floors clean and presentable during the house the shop is open and operating.
  • A retail assistant must also have general product knowledge concerning whatever the store that they are working in is selling. This is going to help them be as responsive and helpful to their customers as possible.

What are some additional roles of a Retail Assistant?

  • A retail assistant will have to analyze the inventory in their store and memorize a lot of the items that are available for purchase. This will assist them if they need to order more stock or arrange for a specific product to be delivered.
  • Retail assistants may also need to know how to price a product correctly in line with the need or demand, as well as update and stock the shelves with new available items.
  • Keeping the store presentable and clean also means arranging the store’s window display to keep things attractive and presentable to customers.
  • In order to successful sell a product, a retail assistant must know how to offer demonstrations or showcase the store’s products in a way to entire and provide wonderful service to customers.
  • No matter what type of store they work in, there are bound to be customers who complain, and a retail assistant must be prepared to deal with, and help solve, customer complaints.
  • In case of emergencies such as theft or burglaries, sales assistants must also know what to do and how to deal with a case of theft.

What are the working hours of a retail assistant?

  • Retail sales assistants generally work between the hours of 9am to 5pm, Monday through Friday, as well as part-time, over-time, or weekend shifts.
  • Many retail assistants will work more hours during holidays and Christmas.

What is the average salary of a retail assistant?

  • In the United States, a retail assistant median salary is about $35,000 per year.

What are the retail assistant’s duties and skills?

The job duties of a retail assistant will differ depending on the type and the size of the company that they are working for. Generally, a sales assistant will be required to perform duties that are administrative or organization related. They must also know how to balance multiple responsibilities and wear different hats in their position while working until little supervision. Here are some of the seven main duties and skills that are required by a retail assistant.

1: Customer Relations

Naturally if you have customers, you will have to interact when this. This makes interacting with customers one of the primary duties of a retail assistant. In addition to in-store customers, the retail assistant will need to hand outside sales by taking customer phone calls and replying to emails. The retail assistant generally acts as the liaison between the customer and the sales manager or person.

2: Managing Schedules

As an assistant a retail assistant is expected to help make appointments, confirm schedules, assist in travel arrangements, and take care of any expense reports. A retail sales department can be stressful and busy, and the assistant is expected to help keep the flow organized and balanced.

Although most of their tasks require interaction, retail assistants also need to know how to use a computer. They will need to input data, manage customer files, and communicate information on their sales floor or to other members of the retail team. Thus, they need skills in Microsoft applications, spreadsheets, and data programs.

A retail department deals with a lot of sales, and a retail assistant will need to help with customer presentations and proposals. They must be familiar with software such as PowerPoint as well as other graphic related imaging programs.

A retail assistant may also need to help manage inventory for the company. This can include any marketing material, brochures, or product samples. They may be asked to help assist in sending out these materials to clients, creating brochures, and proofreading.

A retail assistant must also be flexible and be able to effectively respond and handle unforeseen challenges. When working in retail, it is essential for one to be resourceful and have quick decision-making skills.

7: Commercial Awareness

Commercial awareness can also be referred to as customer or business awareness. When working in retail, a retail assistant will notice quickly how fast-paced and quick businesses operate and how decisions are made. A retail assistant will need to develop commercial awareness over time to help in decision making and knowing what customers want.

Start Your Job Hunting Journey

Retail is a popular industry, and a job as a retail assistant will give you a great amount of knowledge, experience, and opportunity to excel in sales, business, or any other sectors of retail. Check out this course to learn professional retail and sales skills to help you land your ideal job .

What are Some Career Options in Retail Management? #free #discount #coupons

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What Are Some Career Options in Retail Management?

Though many individuals hope to earn retail management positions, doing so takes time, patience and experience. Read on for more information about job options that pave the way to a retail management career. Schools offering Retail Management degrees can also be found in these popular choices.

What is Retail Management?

Individuals with training in retail management can become retail managers. These workers typically oversee scheduling, recruiting and training of retail staff. They may also deal with customer complaints and work to improve business efficiency and sales. Retail managers work in many different sales industry areas, such as clothing, groceries and hardware.

Important Facts About Career Options in Retail Management

High school diploma, or equivalent (‘for all retail sales managers’); no formal education requirement (‘for all retail sales workers’)

Typically lasting a couple of months for retail sales managers, and a couple of weeks for retail sales workers

Customer focused, critical thinking, problem solving, close listening, clear communication, social nuance, negotiation

Clothing stores; building material and supplies dealers; other general merchandise stores

Retail Management Training Programs

While it is possible to move into a management position through work experience, degree programs in retail management are offered at the undergraduate level at community colleges and universities. Completing a degree program in retail management may help you move into a leadership position more quickly. These programs typically teach you about finance, marketing, merchandising and e-commerce, among other topics.

Working in Retail Sales

A career in retail management often starts on the sales floor, since most retail management positions require sales experience. Retail salespeople are expected to be knowledgeable about the product they are selling, and they must also be able to provide customer service, operate cash registers and help maintain the store’s general appearance, according to the BLS. Annual salaries may vary, but the BLS reports that, as of May 2014, the average earnings for a retail salesperson were $21,670 per year.

Working as a Retail Manager

Retail managers may find work in a variety of environments, including small, locally owned boutiques, large chain department stores or even the drug store down the street. Retail managers plan and direct the establishment’s everyday functions and earn an average of $43,126 a year, according to the PayScale.com as of September 2015.

To continue researching, browse degree options below for course curriculum, prerequisites and financial aid information. Or, learn more about the subject by reading the related articles below:

Who are the best online fashion retailers? #retail #jobs #in

#online fashion retailers


Asos.com :- ASOS was the most followed fashion retail brand in social media with a combined following of nearby 300,000 on twitter and facebook.

Polyvore.com :- Polyvore.com is a social shopping site that helps you make interactive fashion collages of with product photos and other pictures. If you love fashion and/or scrap booking you re going to love Polyvore. Here you get the opportunity to create and ensemble your own garment by dragging from the items given and you also get suggestions and appreciation from other customers.

Boutiques.com :- From the makers of Google.com. The visual-search technology behind the online fashion store uses complex algorithms that look for clothes in your style. On boutiques.com you can choose from wide range of garments and then seek for the visually similar garment to that particular dress and select from the one in your range.

Zappos.com :- The world’s largest online shoe store. Owned by Amazon.com and known for their terrific customer support, this is one store that should be in your bookmarks.

Newlook.com :- UK based online retailer that is known for its loyal following.

Yoox.com :-The company’s concept is to buy up overstock or unsold items from previous seasons in a direct relationship from renowned fashion houses including Dolce Gabbana, Diesel, Gucci, Armani and Cavalli. manufacturers or retailers and sell them on line at discounted outlet prices.

Net-a-porter.com :- An on line luxury fashion retailer. Since launching in June 2000, net-a-porter has established itself as a purveyor of luxury brands, successfully blending content and commerce. The site has a distinctive editorial format, features leading designers, iconic packaging and close attention to service and customer care.

Styloot.com – A new way to shop for fashion. Coming this Summer.

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The Bicycle Company – live to ride – Club registrations are open #norbest #turkey #retailers

#bicycle retailer


TBC Bestmed Club is a Community driven Club with unlimited possibilities. A family orientated club with a caring attitude. Our focus is mainly on cycling, but life is too short for only one sport, so we have included running, swimming, triathlons, on road and mountain biking. We cater for the beginner right through to the serious athlete.

The Bicycle Company (TBC) is the original bicycle retailer in South Africa driven by passion and concentrating on providing exceptional service, quality products and sound advice in the local cycling community. TBC originated from a passion for cycling and the goal to make cycling fun and enjoyable as the local bike shop by involving the whole family in the cycling life style.

The values we live by

  • Friendly Service
  • Passionate staff
  • Caring
  • Service Excellence
  • Knowledgeable
  • Proudly South African

TBC s Vision is to provide exceptional service, a variety of quality products and sound advice to all our customers in order to support and help assist them in living the healthy cycling life style.

TBC is committed to providing exceptional service to our clients by always being friendly, helpful and caring. We will always act with integrity by providing the best quality products and sound advice for the best possible price. We will continue to support our customers by giving exceptional after sale service as well. We will also support our customer s healthy cycling life style by providing an actively and socially involved club to be a part of.

Frequently Asked Questions

At the Bicycle Company we aspire to always provide the best quality products and advice to all our customers.
While we know that we have the best staff by far, we also realise that we might have missed some of your important questions.
Please feel free to navigate on the right and check out our FAQ s.
If we still haven t answered all of your questions please don t hesitate to drop us an email.

Over and out, Time to Ride

How do I know what type of bike to buy?

We suggest you visit one of our stores. We ve got great bike models for every type of cycling and we can explain the differences.

In making a selection, it helps if you can tell us how you ll use the bike, where you d like to ride and approximately how much you want to spend. Talk to friends who bike to find out what types they prefer, where they ride and what they recommend. If you plan to ride with these friends, you ll probably want to get the same type of bike that they ride.

Do I need a dual suspension bike to ride off-road?

Dual-suspension bikes or full-suspension bikes, as they re also called, are lots of fun and they can make your off-road rides more comfortable and provide additional control making you a better mountain biker. But, they re not absolutely essential and plenty of people ride even challenging trails on bikes with only front suspension.

Still, there are enough benefits for most mountain bikers that we recommend considering dual suspension if you enjoy trail riding often. We mentioned increased control and comfort. Having front and rear shocks also allows you to safely tackle technical terrain that you might have avoided before, so the feature can extend your riding. Maybe better, because these bikes reduce the beating you take, you re less tired during and after long rides and you re a lot less likely to suffer back and neck pain, a common problem for some mountain bikers.

How much air do I put in my tires?

Almost all tires have the maximum pressure written on the tire side wall, never inflate it more than the maximum pressure.

For road racing tires, pump it before every ride, tires and tubes is porous and will lose pressure over time. Most road racing tires perform the best under pressure of 8bar or 120psi. If you over inflate the tire, there is a risk of damaging the rim and tire sidewall. However, underinflated tires on the other hand slows you down on a road ride when more than necessary tire is in contact with the ground.

Mountain bike tubeless tires pressure can differ from 2bar to 1.1bar, it depend on the rider weight. The heavier rider usually should pump his tire harder while the lighter rider should run a lower tire pressure. In MTB’ing the more contact there is with the ground the better grip the rider have, the tire also serves as a second shock absorber for the rider. Also remember to pump your MTB tires every day and check the level of sealant every two to three months.

What are some retailers that sell Norbest turkeys? #retail #signs

#norbest turkey retailers


What are some retailers that sell Norbest turkeys?

What products are on the Costco online site?

A: Costco Wholesale has several products available for purchase through the company website. Appliances, electronics, hardware, furniture and groceries are a. Full Answer

Are Aldi grocery ads available online?

A: Aldi grocery ads are available on the company’s website. To browse through the weekly ads, visit the website, highlight the “Weekly Specials” tab at the to. Full Answer

What are some items sold by HoneyBaked Hams online?

A: The HoneyBaked Ham Company sells baked hams, meals, whole cooked turkeys and various cuts of cooked beef online. Hams from the HoneyBaked Ham Company are s. Full Answer

Can you buy pine nut oil online?

A: Many online retailers sell pine nut oil, including SelinaNaturally.com and CookingDistrict.com. Customers can also purchase extra-virgin pine oil, which me. Full Answer

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Where can you purchase lutefisk?

What are the main ingredients in Sriracha sauce?

What are some retailers of prepaid Wi-Fi?

Where can you buy salt herring?

What are some retailers that sell Sterilite containers?

Thanksgiving turkey prices: Here are the BEST and LOWEST prices in the region #about #retail

#norbest turkey retailers


Thanksgiving turkey prices: Here are the LOWEST prices in the region

CINCINNATI – Most Tri-State shoppers will be heading to the grocery store this weekend to buy their Thanksgiving turkey and trimmings.

Holiday food shopping can get pricey. That’s why if you normally don’t read store circulars, this is the one weekend you should.

Cincinnati-area shopping blogger Heather Tenney has told us in the past you can find sales, coupons and bonuses if you plan ahead.

“You want to look through and look for the things that are a good price and then go to something like a coupon database and match up where there might be coupons that match with it,” she said.

For a look at the latest rebates and coupons locally, check out our ShopSmart circulars section at wcpo.com/circulars .

And to make sure you don’t waste your money this Thanksgiving, here’s a breakdown of prices from shops in our region:

Kroger is selling its store brand turkey at 99 cents per pound with a Kroger plus card. Kroger’s Honeysuckle White turkey is selling for $1.19 per pound.

Remke actually has the best price on Honeysuckle White turkeys at 99 cents per pound with a $25 purchase. The market is selling Butterball all natural frozen turkeys at $1.49 per pound.

Target stores with grocery sections are selling Market Pantry turkeys for 89 cents per pound.

Jungle Jim’s International Market:

Jungle Jim’s is selling Fresh Amish turkeys at $1.69 per pound and Butterball frozen turkeys at $1.39 per pound.

Trader Joe’s is selling its all-natural, brined, fresh young turkeys (12-22 pound birds) for $1.99 per pound. The store is also selling Glatt Kosher, all natural, fresh young turkeys (12-16 pound birds) for $2.49 per pound.

Walmart’s turkey prices vary by store, averaging about 80 cents per pound. But Walmart said it matches other store prices if you bring in an ad.

Marsh is selling Norbest and Honeysuckle frozen turkeys for 58 cents per pound (limit one, with an additional $25 purchase). The supermarket is also selling Butterball all natural frozen turkeys at 78 cents per pound (limit one, with an additional $25 purchase).

And the best price is…

Meijer is offering 50 percent off all frozen turkeys with an additional $20 purchase. Meijer frozen turkey is 54 cents per pound after the discount. Meijer fresh turkey is 98 cents per pound after the discount.

Have a safe and delicious Thanksgiving and remember, don’t waste your money.

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