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Win new business with a positive customer experience

Unlock valuable customer intelligence in your data to:

  • Develop a personalized customer experience offering
  • Acquire new customers
  • Build high-value relationships, retain customers and reward loyalty
  • Focus loyalty initiatives on high lifetime value customers

Our advanced analytic solutions harness the power of your data to provide you actionable insight that helps you craft a tailored experience to your customers.


Big Data is forcing retail marketers to stay savvy

With increased competition biting at your heels, our advanced analytics solutions will help you:

  • Understand customer purchase behavior and predict your customer’s likelihood to purchase
  • Determine optimal communication channels to reach customers and prospects at the right time
  • Make smarter product offer decisions that improve overall propensity to respond
  • Develop optimal promotional strategies that maximize revenue

By predicting customers’ incremental response, advanced marketing analytics will help you make smarter product offer decisions that greatly improve overall marketing ROI.


Improve confidence in the management of your store brand credit card

Our advanced risk analytics solutions mine big data to help you assess customers and new applicants to:

  • Develop credit scorecards to improve your decisioning at the individual level
  • Reduce transaction costs and time-lags associated with decisions to extend credit
  • Grow market share by uncovering valuable growth opportunities
  • Create actionable and predictive rules that drive continuous business improvement across all portfolios

Discover valuable insights to improve your credit decisioning, reduce decision time, mitigate risk, and reveal valuable growth opportunities with our credit risk scoring solutions.


Give your customers what they want, where they want it

With one opportunity to convert an in-store purchase, our predictive analytics solutions will help you:

  • Identify and predict trigger events for effective demand planning
  • Select which products should be allocated to specific stores
  • Identify products that should be co-merchandized in-store
  • Establish a unique merchandizing strategy for online versus in-store

Customers are getting smarter stay ahead of your customers using predictive analytics to effectively merchandize and allocate products to your store.


How do you best detect, prevent, and manage loss?

Our predictive models can detect subtle patterns of unusual or suspect activity in your data, so that you can:

  • Reduce inventory shrinkage through proactive fraud deterrence
  • Introduce fraud and abuse detection that adapts with predictive rules and evolves with changing patterns
  • Identify patterns and predict indicators of loss
  • Flag suspicious behaviour for escalation and further investigation

Our analytic solutions arm you with meaningful insights to decrease fraud and abuse, detect and prevent anomalous transactions, and help you respond proactively to mitigate loss.

“We receive over 300,000 emails per year. With KnowledgeREADER™, we are able to analyze customer email, and find consistencies. Through weekly reporting, it will help us let our Customer Sales and Services see which are the hot themes of the week and how they change week over week, so they can take the appropriate action.

– Joe Elke Advanced Insights Scientist Business Intelligence, American Girl LLC

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Powerful insights for any retail professional

Traffic 2.0

Using an outdated people counter? It’s time to reinvent

  • Add texture to your traffic
  • True traffic measurement
  • Optimize staff

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Deliver magical retail with proven in-store marketing

  • The in-store journey – start to finish
  • Optimize window and displays effectiveness
  • Smarter mobile marketing

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Execute corporate retail operations’ strategies to create a friction-free retail experience

  • Benchmark your stores with Traffic 2.0
  • A ‘virtual’ view into your store and trends
  • Direction mapping
  • Optimize fitting rooms

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Loss Prevention

Beyond video management. Investigate faster. Reduce shrink

  • Pinpoint investigations with security and POS events tied to video
  • Save time on investigations with robust video management
  • Remotely investigate with web and mobile applications
  • Identify risk early with POS exception reporting and Search
  • Save money with an all-in-one solution cross-departmentally with Operations and Marketing

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Leverage omnichannel retailing data for in-store engagement

  • Map activity offline to online
  • Online activity in the store

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Retail Labs

Retail Labs to innovate and test concepts prior to rollout

  • Simple A/B testing
  • Understand the full shopper journey
  • Test new store concepts

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Brands we work with.

Helping over 300 retailers succeed every day.

Featured Customer: Marine Layer

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Retail Banking Analytics Europe 20 – 21 June 2016 | Grange Tower Bridge Hotel | London, UK

Data Driven, Customer Oriented, Analytically Motivated: The Future of Retail Banking

Registered this week:

Featuring expert speakers from Europe’s leading banks and most exciting challengers, including:

Europe’s top analytics professionals address key challenges to ensure a competitive advantage

A Unique Meeting of Analytics Minds

This Summit is a Must-Attend For:

The audience is made up of people who are committed to driving their data and analytics strategies forward

C-Suite, SVP, VP, AVP and Heads of:

  • Analytics, Insights
  • Intelligence, Innovation
  • Data, Architecture
  • Technology, IT
  • Marketing, CRM, Customer Experience, Acquisition and Retention
  • Financial Crime, AML and Fraud
  • Credit Risk, Operations and Compliance

What our Delegates are saying

Engaging event with opportunity to share ideas and problems with other analytics leaders

Laughlin Consultancy

Very good mix of topics and presentation. Unlike other events, this conference provided lots of opportunities for networking


FCBI events bring together a suite of knowledgeable and inspiring speakers that give you so much food for thought, you would need to prioritise where to upgrade first!

Mediworx Software Solutions

Overall excellent, challenging and inspiring!

BNP Paribas

Great info sharing forum with plenty of opportunity to learn from others in the Financial Services retail space


Very good organization and very qualified speakers, their experience and knowledge is going to be very useful in the implementation of a data analysis strategy


Our Financial Services Legacy

FC Business Intelligence has been around for about 20 years and provides news, reports and events services across 30+ industry verticals. Our Financial Services department has now run several different events in the space in the US and UK including Customer Analytics in Financial Services, Credit Risk Analytics and Insurance which have attracted over 150 delegates and which were extremely well received. If Analytics is of key importance to your organization, this event is a must attend for your 2016 calendar.

Andrew Foot

Financial Services Project Director
FC Business Intelligence


You missed the Event!

Retail Banking Analytics Europe 20 – 21 June 2016


FC Business Intelligence Finance is a trading name of FC Business Intelligence Ltd. Registered in England and Wales no.4388971. Registered address 7-9 Fashion Street, London, E1 6PX, UK

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Improve Service Levels Enhance Visibility
Accurately Forecast Demand Optimize Inventory
Execute An Efficient Network Transportation Strategy

Pressured to maximize service levels and profitability, retailers and CPGs are increasingly relying on data analytics to streamline complex supply chains and enhance customer satisfaction.

At Retail Supply Chain Analytics 2016 you will hear how predictive analytics can drive inventory decisions through more precise and accurate demand forecasting. You will also learn how data has optimized the location of DCs to reduce trucks on the road and how the tracking of orders has led to early detection of out of stocks and record-high service levels.

Critically, you will also discover how retailers and CPGs have adapted organizational structures, managed data and proved the business case for supply chain analytics.

Join VPs, Directors and Senior Managers at the only forum to focus on supply chain analytics specifically for the retail and consumer goods industry, and walk away with the tools to drive out cost and improve visibility of your supply chain.

The work Hanson Wade does is greatly recognized in our industry. I had the pleasure of recently attending a technical workshop you organised, and it was extremely well done.

At the Hanson Wade events we have attended we were impressed by the balance of speakers and subject.

Previous Hanson Wade attendees

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Loss Prevention Strategy and Analytics (LPSA)

Cross-functional assessment

We help organizations understand where their loss prevention function is today and how to move closer towards the goal of continuous improvement by performing a cross-functional analysis of the processes that impact loss or operational performance. We listen and observe, and then work closely with you to arrive at a plan that will help you meet your goals.

Advanced analytics model

We help you gain clarity about which metrics are statistically valid indicators of loss by identifying areas of operational risk and creating custom dashboards that highlight and track outlying variables.

Retail analysis services

We help reatilers focus on getting ahead of problems before they arise and mitigating loss when it happens. Our framework encourages the integration of loss prevention activities across the enterprise-not just in stores-and features a dynamic risk-based approach to better align resources allocation. Addressing root causes in audit programs is part of our focus on visibility into the essential components of retail loss.

Strategic execution

We deliver an end-to-end approach to asset protection, helping you identify and deploy key metrics as well as strategize and prioritize your resources to improve profits and mitigate risks. If desired, we can arrange custom sourcing agreements to supplement your in-house capabilities.

A recent National Retail Security Study revealed that inventory shrinkage represents 1.47% of retail revenues, which equates to more than $44 billion in annual losses for US retailers.

To guard against new and chronic sources of retail loss, today’s retailers need advanced strategies, analytical methods and a proactive approach to identifying the potential for loss. Retailers who get it right reduce overall shrink, use resources more effectively, reduce exposure to other risk factors and enjoy meaningful bottom-line benefits.

PwC’s Loss Prevention Strategy and Analytics (LPSA) team brings real-world experience in the retail industry to address these challenges. Through our strategic approach to loss prevention based in data and analytics, we help deliver sustainable competitive advantage.

At the core of our approach is a client-specific advanced risk/analytical model that helps establish the variables indicative of loss in your organization. This proprietary maturity model allows us to analyze an organization’s loss prevention capabilities against a continuum of industry practices. Our team will help answer key business questions, such as how to design and use advanced data analytics in risk mitigation and loss prevention efforts.

Key areas of focus:

  • Shrink/loss reduction consulting services
  • Loss prevention/asset protection functional transformation (including decreased audit redundancy and risk-based resource allocation)
  • Development and integration of compliance initiatives to mitigate business risks while improving organizational performance
  • Supplementary in-house loss prevention resources, co-sourcing or outsourcing of the loss prevention function

If you’re ready for a thorough and transformative approach to loss prevention and the management of retail assets, PwC can help.

Root cause diagnostics

Identifying the root causes of shrink is one of the most important factors in being able to effectively prevent loss. Our retail experience has shown that risk diagnostics must reach beyond store-level operations to include a holistic view across the enterprise of key factors that are highly correlated with and believed to be causing loss. Non-traditional retail channels, including e-commerce, mobile point-of-sale, self-check-out and emerging omni-channels make root cause diagnostics more dynamic and challenging.

Our root cause analysis examines risk factors across key functional areas of the organization as well as the internal and external drivers of physical shrink, uncovering indicators unique to each. We then work closely with you to establish ongoing controls to mitigate losses.

Theft vs. operational sources of shrink

It is essential to distinguish among shrink caused by theft versus other types of shrink, such as data integrity and operational execution gaps, which involve operational considerations. Each is important in understanding the total picture of loss throughout the organization. Our framework not only helps identify and categorize the various causes of shrink, but also assists in establishing important benchmarks that can help set the stage for problem resolution, continuous improvement and resource allocation.

A sustainable advantage

Our goal is to help clients achieve a dynamic and proactive approach to loss prevention. Our insight and technology-driven methodology guides you from a clear understanding of your current state to the development of transformational process improvements and the creation of an end-state roadmap to achieve a sustainable advantage. Central to our approach is the development of a client-specific advanced analytical model that statistically helps establish the variables indicative of risk in your organization. Some of the sustainable advantages that can be achieved with this approach include: overall process efficiency, dynamic monitoring and reporting, and mitigating controls for the root causes of risk. Our goal is to help clients proactively identify current and emerging operational risks, thereby enhancing their business planning through optimized resource allocation.

Loss prevention metrics at a glance

To monitor loss prevention efforts across today’s complex, omni-channel, and potentially global retail operations, a dashboard of up-to-date information is mandatory. Many companies, however, find themselves data rich and information poor.

Our proprietary maturity model and enhanced dashboard analytics help you focus on the metrics that matter most, and present them in a clean, clutter-free environment. We provide dashboard design and technology to make the tracking of these indicators easier for both home office and store personnel. This actionable retail loss prevention intelligence can help achieve the continuous improvements and benchmarks of your future-state vision as well as shorten the interval from detection to resolution of factors leading to loss.