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What is the LAP-BAND ?

Weight Loss Without Invasive Surgery

The LAP-BAND System is a weight loss tool that can help you meet and exceed your weight loss goals. It is a gastric band that helps to limit the amount of food you can eat at once. Through healthy portion control and a healthy lifestyle, you can lose excess weight and keep it off too!

Minimally Invasive

The LAP-BAND System provides a weight loss solution that is minimally invasive. The LAP-BAND gastric band procedure is performed laparoscopically, so you can get back to your weight loss journey quicker.

Long-Term Weight Loss

After all the hard work and dedication that it takes to achieve your goals, you deserve to enjoy your results for years to come. The LAP-BAND program helps with healthy portion control, while care from your team of specialists gives you the techniques to keep the weight off.

An Effective Tool

The LAP-BAND gastric band is a tool that can help you not only achieve your weight loss goals, but exceed them too. You can utilize the benefits of the tool to progress your weight loss and maximize your results, while sticking to a healthy diet and regular exercise regimen.

Why does the LAP-BAND work?

Countless weight loss solutions are available to you. Chances are you may have tried a few of them. Unfortunately, many just didn t deliver the results you were looking for. Time and time again, the feeling of hope has been overcome with disappointment.

So, the question is, why does the LAP-BAND work? It s time to find out how you can change your life with help from the LAP-BAND .

Lose the weight and keep it off with a healthy lifestyle

Would you find it easier to stick to a healthy lifestyle if you weren t constantly hungry? The LAP-BAND System utilizes gastric banding to do just that. A safe and adjustable gastric band helps limit your hunger, ultimately reducing the amount of food you can eat at once. Throughout your aftercare program, you will be encouraged to live a healthy lifestyle with a well-balanced diet and regular exercise. The tools and techniques that you learn throughout the weight loss program will help you to live a long-term healthy lifestyle and keep the weight off for years to come.

Maximize your results with post-procedure support

The LAP-BAND is a tool that can help you lose excess weight, but maximizing your weight loss results by living a healthy lifestyle is up to you. The key to adapting to healthy behaviors is support from the right weight loss clinic. Your team of LAP-BAND specialists will provide you with the knowledge and practices that will help you adapt to a long-lasting healthy lifestyle. Genuine care and support will help you along your journey, especially if you are having a difficult time physically or emotionally. Your team will help you overcome obstacles and ultimately reach your weight loss goals.


“It feels wonderful knowing that your life has changed for the better .”

An embarrassing moment while at an amusement park with her family was a turning point for Denise. Now, she has a healthy relationship with food and strives to be a strong and healthy role model for her daughters. She has completely changed her life, with help from the LAP-BAND weight loss program.

Find a specialist that fits you.

The key to success with the LAP-BAND is finding the right weight loss clinic. Your team of weight loss specialists will provide you with care and encouragement throughout your weight loss journey. It s important that you find the right weight loss clinic for you.

Find out if you are eligible.

Are you ready to make a change? If you are tired of feeling self-conscious, hiding behind baggy clothing, or not feeling entirely comfortable in your own skin chances are, you re ready. It s important to begin by finding out if the LAP-BAND gastric band will be a safe choice for you.

Important LAP-BAND System Safety Information

Indications: The LAP-BAND System is indicated for weight reduction for patients with obesity, with a Body Mass Index (BMI) of at least 40 kg/m 2 or a BMI of at least 30 kg/m 2 with one or more obesity-related comorbid conditions. It is indicated for use only in adult patients who have failed more conservative weight reduction alternatives, such as supervised diet, exercise and behavior modification programs. Patients who elect to have this surgery must make the commitment to accept significant changes in their eating habits for the rest of their lives.

Contraindications: The LAP-BAND System is not recommended for non-adult patients, patients with conditions that may make them poor surgical candidates or increase the risk of poor results (e.g. inflammatory or cardiopulmonary diseases, GI conditions, symptoms or family history of autoimmune disease, cirrhosis), who are unwilling or unable to comply with the required dietary restrictions, who have alcohol or drug addictions, or who currently are or may be pregnant.

Warnings: The LAP-BAND System is a long-term implant. Explant and replacement surgery may be required. Patients who become pregnant or severely ill, or who require more extensive nutrition may require deflation of their bands. Anti-inflammatory agents, such as aspirin, should be used with caution and may contribute to an increased risk of band erosion.

Adverse Events: Placement of the LAP-BAND System is major surgery and, as with any surgery, death can occur. Possible complications include the risks associated with the medications and methods used during surgery, the risks associated with any surgical procedure, and the patient s ability to tolerate a foreign object implanted in the body. Band slippage, erosion and deflation, reflux, obstruction of the stomach, dilation of the esophagus, infection, or nausea and vomiting may occur. Reoperation may be required. Rapid weight loss may result in complications that may require additional surgery. Deflation of the band may alleviate excessively rapid weight loss or esophageal dilation.

Important: For full safety information please click here, talk with your doctor, or call Apollo Customer Support at 1-855-551-3123.

CAUTION: Rx only.

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CRNA vs. Perfusionist

Aug 27, ’11 by juan de la cruz. MSN, RN, NP Guide

Perfusion is a good career in my opinion. It’s definitely under the radar as far as a career option – very few programs in the US with small class size in most programs. The role goes beyond running the Cardio-Pulmonary Bypass machine in the OR, some work in Extra-Corporeal Life Support centers and provide expertise on ECMO use at the bedside. The pay is lower than CRNA. I found that they have a forum here: http://www.perfusion.com/perfusion/education.html #

I am currently in perfusion school, and will be starting CRNA school in the spring so I can give you some insight into what it takes to get into both. Perfusion programs are considerably easier to get into than CRNA programs mainly because it’s a little known profession and there are far fewer applicants. There are about 25 perfusion programs and 110ish CRNA programs nation wide. The perfusion program I’m in is 18mo and pre-reqs are a bachelors degree, 9 hours of chem including organic and biochem, 5 hours of pre-calc mathmatics, 4 hours of physics, and 7 hours of A+P. You don’t need any prior clinical experience, but I can tell you my experience as an ICU nurse and ECMO specialist put me way ahead of everyone else in my class.

CRNA school requires a BSN or bachelors with an ADN. Minimum 1 year ICU experience (few get in with only 1 year), biostats, physics, college level math class, organic/bio chem. programs nation wide are in the process of switching to the DNP plan of study and vary in length from 24-36mo.

I enjoy perfusion school. It’s challenging but I’ve decided to switch to CRNA for a few reasons: 1 it’s what I have always wanted to do and the reason I got into nursing in the first place. 2 there are about 3500 perfusionists in the US compared to 40000ish CRNAs way easier to find a job or change jobs. 3 CRNA’s are LIP’s perfusionists are not. 4 I see myself getting bored after 5 years or so. 5 Perfusionists starting salary 80000ish CRNA 130000ish.

Perfusion is a great career, and it is what I would be doing with my life had I not been accepted into CRNA this year. If you are interested in perfusion try and set up a time to shadow one. All of the perfusionists I know are smart, easy going, nice guys. If you have any other questions let me know.

Quote from piratenurse0226

Just a heads up, have you thought of going into a surgical or cvicu? Just asking because if you want to pursue CRNA, they will only take adult ICU exp no nicu exp. if you’re serious about applying I would find an adult unit in your hospital to get into.

Schools decide what experience they take. Critical care is the requirement. I attend school with a PICU and NICU nurse. Some places also allow ER.

Hmmmm, well that’s good news then. Most schools that I’ve researched as well as some websites I’ve looked up said most schools will only accept adult ICUs. Thanks for the heads up

You’re correct in that many schools will only accept adult ICU’s. I’m looking at a school in northern california (I’m working in socal at the moment) that takes NICU exp. I don’t see why schools such as Kaiser/CSUF and others don’t acknowledge NICU as critical care experience. Ridiculous, in my opinion.

Quote from bdoubleu

You’re correct in that many schools will only accept adult ICU’s. I’m looking at a school in northern california (I’m working in socal at the moment) that takes NICU exp. I don’t see why schools such as Kaiser/CSUF and others don’t acknowledge NICU as critical care experience. Ridiculous, in my opinion.

I’ll agree with you too. ICU is ICU, you need to do more drug calculations is seems for pediatrics/neonates than adults anyway. Best of luck!

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US- RN planning to transfer to Canada

Thank you loriangel! You have been a big help! Can you give me the site of the Canadian Forum youre telling me about? I want to read up on the forum under the International Nurses.

I was referring to the Canada section of allnurses. If you go to the top of this page and click on the regions tab and select international nursing you will find the International Forum( the one we are right now) and the tab for the Canadian Forum.

Hi. I am a US-RN and is thinking of trying to migrate to Canada. Can somebody give me advice if its true when they say that if you pass youre an NCLEX passer, you can just apply for a reciprocity in Vancouver? Is this true? Please help me.

Canada isn’t the 51st state. You can’t just transfer here.

The NCLEX isn’t worth anything up here. As an independent nation we have our own exams.

You need to go through the appropriate channels with the provincial college of RNs. Besides what is a US-RN ? Which state do you live in?

Posted by aubreytherese; (Hi. I am a US-RN and is thinking of trying to migrate to Canada. Can somebody give me advice if its true when they say that if you pass youre an NCLEX passer, you can just apply for a reciprocity in Vancouver? Is this true? Please help me.) To :aubreytherese You didn’t mention if you are presently working in USA. No more reciprocity between US-Canada RN. If you are from the Philippines who wanted to migrate in Canada. Under the Canadian Immigration skilled worker Registered Nurse is included. As you mention you are US-RN being RN in any States of US in Canada you have to take the CRNE in which provice you intend to work. Check also in your internet about Provincial nominee program in each provinces in Canada for RN. Before taking the exam there is requirement like in Vancouver if you are a Foreign Graduate Nurse and if your mother tongue language is not English you have to take TOEFL,TSE, or IELTS, then few days Clinical test at Kwantleen Polytechnique University. If you pass those requirement then you are already qualified to take the Test for CRNE. If you pass the CRNE There is a program for foreign graduate nurses to have clinical practise in any canadian hospital to have canadian experience before applying for a job. As you mention that you are US-RN if you work and live in US for several years you can apply to wave the English test but still not so sure if the nursing committee of CRNBC well approved to wave the english test. Inquire CRNBC this is in vancouver you google search :college of registered nurse of british columbia. Good Luck.

taken from the crnbc website:

[color=#333333]to practise as a registered nurse in british columbia, you must be registered with crnbc.
british columbia law requires that anyone using the title nurse must be a registrant of crnbc, the college of psychiatric nurses of british columbia, or the college of licensed practical nurses of british columbia.
new applicants for crnbc registration are required to write the canadian registered nurse examination (crne).

applicants may be required to undergo a substantially equivalent competency (sec) assessment.

[color=#333333]to be fair and equitable to all applicants, each application is assessed individually. as a result, the time required for registration to be established can vary significantly from applicant to applicant.
crnbc cannot fast track applications from individuals who have secured jobs in british columbia.

we strongly encourage that you do not move to british columbia or commit to an employment start date until your application for crnbc registration has been assessed and you are aware of the requirements you must meet to become registered.

i am planning on moving back to bc in a few years after i complete my degree and obtain some experience. it doesn’t seem as hard as everyone is making seem.

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About us

We are one of the UK’s leading general merchandise retailers, with a portfolio of own and exclusive product brands.

We offer a comprehensive range of over 60,000 products, including own and exclusive brands such as Habitat, Bush, Alba, Chad Valley and Odina.

Argos is the UK’s leading multi-channel retailer and has an outstanding offer of convenience, choice and value to meet customer needs. Its sells products through its 840 stores, website and mobile apps.

Argos.co.uk is the second-most visited retail website in the UK, with the website and mobile apps getting over 900m visits in our last financial year.

Our Financial Services business works with Argos to provide a range of credit products for our customers and maximise the profit from the transaction for Home Retail Group.

Our exclusive Habitat products are ranged in many Argos stores and, of course, our three Habitat stores in London and its transactional website, Habitat.co.uk .

Heart of House offers a wide range of more than 1,600 practical and stylish products, designed for real family life and lived in homes, no matter their shape or size.

Chad Valley has become one of the largest toy brands in the UK as well as being the top toy brand within Argos.

Key facts

WWD – Women – s Wear Daily brings you breaking news about the fashion industry,

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Fashion s revolving door continues to spin furiously, with Carven s designer duo the latest to depart after a short tenure. Alexis Martial and Adrien Caillaudaud presented their last collection for the brand at Paris Fashion Week last September and are now leaving by mutual agreement. Here, the duo posing backstage at the SS17 show. Read the full scoop on WWD, link in bio.

From the WWD Archive: Cornelia Guest at home with her dog in 1967. (: Tony Palmieri)

From the WWD Archive: Future philanthropist Angelina Jolie and her brother, James Haven, at the Seventh on Sale AIDS benefit in New York, 1990. (: Eric Weiss)

I am humbled and honored to have the opportunity to dress the First Lady of the United States Michelle Obama. Thank you Michelle for all of the things you have done for America and for the rest of the world, for the women in the United States and the rest of the world, said Donatella Versace in a statement about the rose gold chain mail gown she designed for the final State Dinner hosted by he Obamas tonight.

In honor of Bob Dylan winning the Nobel Prize in Literature, we took a look back at the musician s most iconic outfits. See them all at WWD.com. #TBT (: di Crollalanza)

What defines good and bad taste in fashion? The Vulgar: Fashion Redefined exhibition at the Barbican Art Gallery in London is exploring just that. For an exclusive inside look at the exhibition, click link in bio.

Who really delivered on the instant fashion promise? Check out this week s issue to find out. (: Fabian Öhrn)

The Desert Trip music festival proved that the classics – both the OG headliner acts and the clothes that inspired today s festival fashion – rule. Check out all the best festival looks at WWD.com.

Trolls stars, Anna Kendrick and Justin Timberlake make a surprise appearance at Macy s in NYC.

Photo Archive

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About Lifestyle Retail Recruiters

Lifestyle Retail Recruiters, a NYS formed company, was founded with the purpose of providing the highest quality retail candidates and professionals to premier retail brands throughout the nation. Our advanced technology recruitment methods coupled with our unparalleled customer service have created a new standard of recruitment focused on your success. By screening qualified retail candidates, we can focus on the perfect retail staffing solutions for your business.

Retail Staffing Solutions for Your Business

Lifestyle Retail Recruiters takes a personal approach to retail staffing. We do this to achieve the career goals of qualified candidates or to find the right talent for your retail staffing needs. By working one-on-one with qualified candidates and retail clients, we are able to secure a perfect match time and time again! Our services are truly incomparable!

Lifestyle Retail Recruiters Business Presentation

View a complete list of our retail staffing services, and contact us for any and all your staffing needs. Our dedicated staff will help you through the hiring process so you can focus on managing your business the way you want.

Lifestyle Retail Recruiters

To learn more about us and find out how we can grow your brand or find your next retail job, contact us today!

Russia Supply Chain – News and articles about Russian Logistics, Russian Customs, Transport in Russia

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• The new hub will manage a full range of postal products and will help optimise logistics within the Russian Federation and internationally; • The Italian Post Office and several other international customers have chosen Leonardo’s postal automation and logistics solutions, all based on cutting-edge technology and safety. A joint project between Leonardo-Finmeccanica and Russian [ ]

Russia s wish to attract Chinese investment knows no boundaries Russia’s Transport Ministry is considering the Elon Musk-proposed Hyperloop concept to connect China with the Russian Far East, built with Chinese cash. TASS reported that the high-speed Hyperloop would potentially be between China and the Russian port of Zarubino. The Russia-China intergovernmental council will convene in [ ]

MOSCOW (15 March 2016) — Alliance Rostec Auto BV today announced that Nicolas Maure will become CEO of AV`TOVAZ effective April 4. The joint venture between Renault-Nissan and Rostec State Corporation (Rostec), which oversees AVTOVAZ, also confirmed that Bo Inge Andersson will step down from the role on April 4. Maure, 55, is currently Managing [ ]

Will Japanese Bullet trains shoot to Moscow? A Russian trade delegation, headed by the Russian Minister of Industry and Trade Denis Manturov invited the Japanese to build Russia s high speed rail network. The Minister was taking part in the “Trade and Industrial Dialog Russia-Japan” conference on the 29th February 2016 in Tokyo. Organized by [ ]

The rail freight revolution is quietly gathering steam as yet another EU Rail Freight Corridor (RFC) was set in motion. On March 1st, 2016 Hungarian, Polish, Slovakian transport ministers signed a letter of intent to establish the new RFC Number 11. The rail freight agreement shows the importance of the ancient Amber Road, the historic [ ]

North South Transport Corridor cheaper and faster The North South Transport Corridor (NSTC) will be cheaper and faster connecting India with the European Union and the Baltics and avoiding the Suez Canal. The NSTC took a major step as the investors Azerbaijan, Iran and Russia agreed competitive transit rates not to exceed $3000 per [ ]

Russian cross-border e-commerce exploded in 2015 Whilst it is getting increasingly difficult for Russian business and logistics service providers to access European markets, evidence of the so-called ‘eastern-pivot’ are more pronounced. It is not just the mega amounts of cash the Chinese are pumping into Russia infrastructure projects like high speed rail links, oil and [ ]

Russian trucks cut off from Europe. A new Iron Curtain has descended. Unlike immediately post World War 2 and the Soviet Iron Curtain alluded to in Winston Churchill s famous speech, this curtain has been descended by a member of the European Union. Its drop was the penultimate move in stopping the free movement of Russian trucks [ ]

First Silk Road train from China arrives in Tehran A Chinese freight train loaded with 32 containers arrived in Tehran on February 15th, 2016. The latest new railway link is part of China’s overland Silk Road plan and follows hard on a series of other ‘firsts’. The rail-bridge connection with Iran revitalises the ancient Silk [ ]

China s Silk Road drive 21st Century Marshall Plan China s Silk Road drive is attracting investment from new players, eager to benefit from the new business opportunities. In a mixture of business acumen and geopolitics, new developments are springing up proving greater choice and, if to be expected, reduced pricing, as competition kicks in and [ ]

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In 2014, China established the Silk Road Fund, which has raised $10 billion so far. A year later, China set up the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank.

Serving as a juncture of the “Silk Road Economic Bedlt” and the “ 21st Century Maritime Silk Road”, Shandong is an important executor of China s.

The six-part series explores the impact of China s ambitious plan for a modern-day Silk Road on the people in the countries that it links up. The mining.


Oil held above $50 amid uncertainty over Russia s willingness to join OPEC. He gives Commodities his take on natural gas prices, oil and gold.

Skyland Petroleum Group Limited is an oil and gas exploration and. Exchange ( ASX ) and primarily focused on projects in Russia, Central Asia and.

Russia and Saudi Arabia have signed a joint memorandum of cooperation in the oil and gas sectors, Saudi Minister Energy, Industry and Mineral.

Forthcoming events


Recent Posts

Supply chain management: Latest News – Videos, Photos about supply chain management #trends #in #retail

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CII to launch MBA in supply chain management and logistics in collaboration with Amity University

CII is set to launch The CII School of Logistics, offering specialised MBA programmes, in collaboration with Amity University.

11 Apr, 2016, 04.40PM IST

TechM and SAP collaborate to create fresh food supply chain management platform

The platform is targeted at large retailers and food manufact.

18 May, 2016, 02.01PM IST

Global hotel chains like Kempinski and Premier Inn struggling with their projections of managed properties

Premier Inn is going through a pha.

25 Aug, 2016, 03.05AM IST

Crofarm secures $1.5 million in seed round; to expand supply chain network to 10 cities this year

Crofarm has a network of over 10,000 farmers from whom it procures produce directly and delivers to various organized retail players.

11 Aug, 2016, 05.25PM IST

Rocket launches with space station supplies

A rocket launched from Wallops Island, Virginia carrying supplies bound for the International Space Station.

18 Oct, 2016, 08.54AM IST

SSG Capital acquires 40% in Future Supply Chain

Private equity firm SSG Capital Management has picked up a 40% stake in Kishore Biyani-promoted Future Supply Chain Solutions from existing investors for Rs 580 crore.

8 Apr, 2016, 03.04AM IST

Invested $300 million in supply chain, logistics in 18 months: Snapdeal

Snapdeal has pumped in $300 million (about Rs 1,990 crore) over the last 18 months to strengthen its supply chain and logistics.

13 May, 2016, 01.07AM IST

Breaking barriers! Albania seeks to liberate chained bears

Displayed in cages in restaurants or shackled on beaches, the bears’ role is to amuse and attract tourists and well-heeled customers.

24 Sep, 2016, 09.02AM IST

Marriott buys Starwood, now largest hotel chain

Marriott International closed on its $13 billion acquisition of several of the best-known names in travel. In total, 30 hotel brands now fall under the Marriott umbrella.

24 Sep, 2016, 08.36AM IST

Hotel chains bank on ‘Chefs de Revenue’ to offer right price, dish out growth

Average room rate is the key marker for gauging a hotel chain’s business growth and experts reckon the function is becoming more critical than ever

18 Oct, 2016, 12.57AM IST

Binny Bansal plans to cross-sell Flipkart’s commerce, supply chain, advertising services

Chief Executive Binny Bansal has stitched together a plan to cross-sell Flipkart s commerce, supply chain and advertising services to its top-selling merchants.

31 May, 2016, 06.13AM IST

SSG Capital to buy 40% stake in Future Supply Chain Solutions

Future Supply Chain Solutions is a logistics company in which Future Retail holds 70.17 per cent stake.

6 Apr, 2016, 11.15PM IST

Port Talbot closure would tear hole in UK manufacturing supply chain

The closure of Tata Steel’s operations in Britain would leave a hole in manufacturers’ supply chains, dealing a blow to thousands of smaller firms.

4 Apr, 2016, 11.58AM IST

Delhi digs fast food chains, Mumbai prefers restaurants

Per capita spend on food services by urban population in India is less than one-tenth of the US and less than one-seventh of China.

25 Sep, 2016, 10.41AM IST

Government may push Jan Aushadhi via big retail chains

The Jan Aushadhi scheme was rebranded as the Pradhan Mantri Jan Aushadhi Yojana and received a push this year with a proposal for a rollout of 3,000 more stores.

22 Sep, 2016, 10.30AM IST

The 30 Worst Things About Working in Retail #retail #jobs #in

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The 30 Worst Things About Working in Retail

30 items 671k views 30k votes

List Criteria: Vote for your least favorite aspects of working retail and add your own pet peeves.

This list of the worst things about working in retail stores includes some of the awful things that happen to people employed in retail. The retail world is a tough place. Retail, for most, is not a fun job. In fact it can be down right miserable. There are many times retail employees are day dreaming about having one of these best jobs in the world or these fun jobs that pay well. Because when it comes to working retail, almost anything will make you say, “I hate working retail.”

Retail employees have a difficult job, and it’s hard to understand if you haven’t experienced it first hand. The expectations are always high and generally come from a corporate office that does not know what it is like to work on a sales floor. Not only do retail employees have to clean, stock, and maintain a store, they have to balance constant customer service, ringing a register, and some insane customers. While there are many positive things about a retail career and plenty of fun retail jobs, that’s another list – this is a ranking of the worst aspects of working in stores.
List Photo: uploaded by ejlinehan Collection Photo: uploaded by ejlinehan


Customers Who Keep Shopping Past Closing

No, please continue shopping. I love being here 45 minutes later than I should be because you want to keep looking and then spend $11.


Parents Who Let Their Kids Treat the Store Like a Playground

These are the type of parents who pretend to be shocked when their kid has an accident that makes the news.


Customers Complaining About Price

It’s a chain store. Not a mom and pop. Their prices are not negotiable. And if they do hook you up, it flags in the system and they are fired. But hey, you saved $5!


Leaving a closing shift and doing an opening shift the following day.


10% of customers are great people. The other 90% slowly force you to hate humanity.


Customer Says, It Didn’t Scan So It Must Be Free

Every time you have to make that fake smirk to avoid awkwardness, a small part of your soul dies.


Cleaning the Store

Approach endcap, fill, fold, organize by size, watch child throw 45 minutes of work on the floor, repeat.


At some point, every employee will face that moment where they have a line of mean muggin’ customers and no back up cashier. What makes it even better is every customer who says, Are you the only one here? Why don’t they staff more people?

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17 Truths About Working In Retail #british #retailers

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17 Truths About Working In Retail


1. Mystery shoppers give retail workers trust issues for life. Are you undercover? Is this a test? Are you wearing a wire? Blink two times if you’re wearing a wire. Oh, God, I don’t even know what’s real anymore!

2. The only thing more proficient at making gigantic messes than an unsupervised kid is said child’s careless parents. At least toddlers have small hands and undeveloped brains these grown, full-sized humans are capable of misplacing, unfolding and tossing aside at indefensible rates.

3. Contrary to popular belief, when customers request something and the employee tells them it’s not in stock without walking to the back, that doesn’t mean they don’t care. It s just that the back room is less like Willy Wonka’s factory and more like a janitor’s closet.

4. Sometimes you’ll play along, heading to the back and pretending to check on a product that you know isn’t there to make the customer feel better, using that five minutes as a bonus break to rummage through social media on your phone.

5. You repeat so many phone greetings, generic customer service lines and corny salutations that they’re embedded in your brain for life.

6. No good deed goes unpunished. You help the blatantly clueless customer with ten minutes left in your shift and they’ll have endless questions and requests that keep you 20+ minutes after. More often than not it seems to work out this way when you make an effort to be helpful and like, actually do what you re being paid for.

7. Stealth texting is a craft and you will master it until eventually you re a retail texting ninja who holds flawless, typo-free conversations with friends throughout shifts.

8. Your ability to withstand rejection is incredible because most of the time, pitching upsells or offering people special cards that’ll save them 10% on this purchase results in a quick, resounding “no ,” yet there you are, asking another uninterested customer 15 seconds later.

9. There are songs that others enjoy but you’ll hate for life because they’ve been playing on a loop every shift and are basically the soundtrack to your misery. Not to mention the fact that every December, thousands of retailers permanently ruin Christmas music for their employees.

10, Many nightmare customers simply won t ever understand how horrible they are. The only medicine for treating rude, impatient, unpleasant shoppers would be to force everybody to work retail for at least a year so they can experience the struggle in every season. Back to school retail is intense, but nothing compared to the cutthroat holidays. It’s a lot easier to be understanding and easygoing with employees when you’ve been on the other side of the spectrum.

11. You’ve got to have some guts to attempt stealing because good Lord, there are cameras everywhere. And it’s not just like 240p footage being taken; I’m talking high definition, capable of reading the tiny label on your shirt type recordings. Even if you get out with some goods, there’s a high chance your picture will be pasted for employees to lookout for. You d never try to stop these people yourself because:

  1. People stealing things tend to be desperate/dumb/unstable all scary traits.
  2. You don t get paid nearly enough to play security guard with someone else s money.

12. Wearing a nametag makes people think you have way more power than you do. Just because I fold the jeans doesn’t mean I can give them to you 75% off. Nothing more frustrating than people asking for hookups that you yourself don’t even get as an employee.

13. You won’t get paid like the CEO, but you will take complaints and verbal abuse for him/her. People will become hostile with you in regards to issues you have no hand in establishing or eliminating. Those responsible in corporate are probably on a retreat, golfing or laying in the sand listening to crashing waves while the common employee folds, lifts, hangs and cleans up to the sweet sounds of criticism and Bitter Sweet Symphony by The Verve for the fourth time today.

14. There’s a uniquely disrespectful, helpless feeling that is only experienced when a customer comes in a few minutes before closing and shops leisurely as if your personal time is worthless and you don’t mind staying late. They don’t realize you can’t even begin several closing duties until they’re done. Or even worse they know it but simply don’t care.

15, People will look down on you because of your job and they may not directly say it, but you can always identify when it’s happening.

16. Black Friday isn’t some fun, festive day to save a few bucks on a TV, it’s more of a showcasing of how terrible some humans can be and how low many will stoop for worldly objects.

17. It’s essentially impossible to be spontaneous or make plans during the months of November December because your employer wants your existence to revolve around pushing sales and being available at all hours. A social life is non-existent during the holidays.

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Working in retail makes you grounded in many ways. Not only does it give you a better understanding of your customer, how your brand is perceived and how operations is done, but it also helps you empathize with your team. You understand them better because you yourself have been there before. In a way, working from the bottom to top entitles you a big amount of respect because we all know how tough being on the floor is. I myself have been a victim of discrimination just because I was on the floor selling. Them making you look and feel stupid is an understatement. You won t believe how many customers think that since your on the floor you re worth nothing. With the constant emotional punches they receive trust me their one of the most tenacious people I know.

This is article expresses most of, if not all, the actual grievances and challenges working in retail.

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