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5 Gallon Bucket Bracket by Hornet Outdoors – Polaris Ranger

Product Description

Applicability: All 2006-17 Polaris Mid Size and Full Size Rangers

Do you use your Polaris Ranger for hunting, fishing, or working around the farm? If so, the 5 Gallon Bucket Bracket by Hornet Outdoors could be your new favorite accessory. The bracket attaches to the side of the bed on your Ranger with the supplied two Hornet Twist Lock anchors and hold any standard five gallon bucket. You’ll have more room in the bed for more gear and you won’t have to worry about your buckets tipping over ever again.

If you use a bucket to carry tools, fishing equipment or outdoor gear, this bracket will allow for simple, no spill transport. Installation and removal is a breeze and takes seconds. The bracket is all steel welded and powder coated for extra strength and durability, plus, it’s made right here in the U.S.A!


  • Steel welded and powder coated
  • Mounts to the bed of your machine
  • No spill transport of 5-6 gallon buckets
  • Includes 2 twist lock anchors
  • Tool-less installation
  • Made in the USA

Hornet Outdoors
Hornet Outdoors
5 Gallon Bucket Bracket by Hornet Outdoors – Polaris Ranger
Applicability: All 2006-17 Polaris Mid Size and Full Size Rangers

Do you use your Polaris Ranger for hunting, fishing, or working around the farm? If so, the 5 Gallon Bucket Bracket by Hornet Outdoors could be your new favorite accessory. The bracket attaches to the side of the bed on your Ranger with the supplied two Hornet Twist Lock anchors and hold any standard five gallon bucket. You’ll have more room in the bed for more gear and you won’t have to worry about your buckets tipping over ever again.

If you use a bucket to carry tools, fishing equipment or outdoor gear, this bracket will allow for simple, no spill transport. Installation and removal is a breeze and takes seconds. The bracket is all steel welded and powder coated for extra strength and durability, plus, it’s made right here in the U.S.A! Features:

  • Steel welded and powder coated
  • Mounts to the bed of your machine
  • No spill transport of 5-6 gallon buckets
  • Includes 2 twist lock anchors
  • Tool-less installation
  • Made in the USA


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Hofstra University offers more than 100 dual degree programs.

Hofstra’s dual degree programs allow you to earn both an undergraduate and graduate degree in less time than if each degree was pursued separately. This could save you the cost of one or more semesters of tuition. Be sure to consult the Hofstra University Bulletins for complete program descriptions and admission requirements.

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*This is a highly selective program open only to students who demonstrate superior high school achievement and academic aptitude, and who apply to Hofstra as first-year, full-time students.

ILM Accredited Business Coaching Courses #business #coaching, #executive #coaching, #ilm, #business #coaching #courses, #accredited, #ilm #accredited, #mentoring, #programme, #business, #coach, #courses, #level #5, #qualification, #executive, #1 #to #1, #management #training


“The Business Coaching Foundation’s ILM Level 5 coaching programme is an excellent course for anyone involved with coaching. It teaches you theories and gives you practical experience of coaching. All felt very comfortable and I learnt lots of new skills. Thank you.”

Senior Trainer (Design) – Nationwide Building Society

“Overall I feel this experience will absolutely enhance my performance as a business coach. I love it when you come away from a development programme with lots of practical tips that can be applied in the workplace immediately. Worth taking two days out of the office; can see real return on investment. Well facilitated, informal, interesting with plenty of healthy discussions.”

Coaching Development Manager – Avon Cosmetics

“What an excellent course. I’ve been on many courses where you get tons of theory but it’s too much effort to put into practice. This is massively different – practical, fun and easy!”

Founder President – Professional Speakers Association

“The programme is a practical approach to coaching, and always referred back to what you can do in your business.”

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“Having been a practising coach for a few years, this programme was the first formal training I have attended. It enabled me to fine tune my current skills, practise some new ones, learn about different structures/techniques, and more importantly become a more rounded coach.”

HR Business Partner – Molson Coors


Here at the Business Coaching Foundation we are experts at delivering results. Coaching and mentoring help you and your business to achieve the tangible, measurable and instantaneous results that you desire. Let us give you the skills that will take you forward and make you stand out from the crowd.

All of our solutions are designed around the clients’ specific requirements; never losing focus on what the programme needs to achieve. By using our huge wealth of knowledge and expertise within the coaching, mentoring, learning & development and business arenas, we can build you a unique and ground-breaking programme that is guaranteed to gain the desired results and sustain long-term performance .

Either let us give you the skills to become a professionally qualified business coach and excel within your company, or let us give you the focus and drive to achieve all of your goals and aspirations via 1-2-1 or executive coaching. Choose from a highly bespoke intervention or a selection of Institute of Leadership Management (ILM) coaching options; for example, our widely recognised and well regarded ILM Level 5 Business Coaching Certificate Programme. Or, alternatively, choose from a range of non-accredited business coaching courses; all of which are designed to deliver you the desired skill-set for success. Every business coaching option that you require – bespoke or accredited – is catered for at the Business Coaching Foundation.

Other Expertise

Our expertise also expands into other areas of learning & development; or ‘Other Expertise’. Let us devise and build a programme that is specifically tailored to your organisation and its’ future goals and aspirations. For over 25 years, even before the inception of the Business Coaching Foundation, we have been creating and delivering bespoke learning & development solutions on a global scale for large corporate clients as well as individuals. Let us create a programme for you that will inspire, drive and deliver commercial results in areas such as leadership, management, interpersonal skills, sales, customer care and employee flexibility .

Coaching Articles

Please click on an article index below to browse our large library of business coaching and mentoring articles:

ILM Coaching

As an ILM approved centre. we offer a number of ILM courses in coaching mentoring, as well as ILM management and leadership qualifications. Our range of Level 3 and Level 5 courses offer ILM qualifications for team leaders and first line managers, right up to CEOs, directors, corporate executives and senior management.

To see the complete range of the accredited ILM qualifications we offer, please click here .

Management Training

As well as our business coaching programmes, we also offer a range of bespoke and ILM accredited management training courses for those new or existing managers who either need to sharpen their managerial skills, or, for those who are new to a management role, an introductory course such as First Line Management training.

As far as managers and executives are concerned, management training can often go hand in hand with business coaching provisions. This is because both have the goal of improving the effectiveness of the manager or executive in terms of satisfying the responsibilities which their role entails, albeit in a slightly different approach. Whereas business coaching with an external coach will comprise largely of discussions and the creation of action plans relying primarily on the lead of the manager themselves, management training courses will teach them information, and although it is likely to contain some exercises, is far less interactive than business coaching sessions will be .

Business coaching can have a dual advantage when it comes to improving the performance of managers. Firstly it can provide a forum for a discussion with the manager to identify the areas in which they can improve, either through their own admission or being recognised by the coach and pointed out to the manager or executive, and is quite often an issue which the manager never even considered but would be highly beneficial for their development. After identifying these areas, suitable management training courses can be identified for the manager to attend which will teach them information and tips which should greatly improve their knowledge and proficiency in this subject.

Afterwards, business coaching sessions can be utilised to create action plans regarding how the manager will implement and put into place their newly-acquired knowledge, as well as subsequent sessions to evaluate the success or otherwise of these changes, and to discuss possible alterations and revisions to the actions if necessary.

To find out more information regarding our management training provisions, please visit our dedicated management training site Management Training Courses UK which is located at www.managementtrainingcoursesuk.co.uk .


Read some of the wonderful feedback we have received over the years here at the BCF for our business coaching and professional development programmes

5 Important Transferable Skills You Gain In Retail Jobs #luxury #retail #jobs

#retail skills


5 Important Transferable Skills You Gain In Retail Jobs

When you work in retail, you don t (or at least rarely) get the luxury of a set schedule.

The customer is always right (even when they aren t).

You can spend a good portion of your shift cleaning up messes made by other people.

You may have to refold the same sweater 27 times in a single day.

It s easy to focus on the negatives, but that won t help your career, will it?

On the more positive side, working in retail allows you to gain some amazing experience and highly transferable skills that are valuable in any sector, which you can take with you as you move between roles or industries.

So, whether you really want a long-term career in retail, or are simply working in a part-time or seasonal retail job to keep yourself busy and make some extra cash, your time spent behind the counter at a store or bank branch might prove to be more beneficial than you realized.

Take a look at how those classic points that employers seek on resumes can be supported by your time working the kiosk in the mall.

Excellent interpersonal skills

First and foremost, working in the customer service industry gives you the chance to spend your entire day communicating with people. You learn to be helpful, but genuine. Friendly yet efficient. You also get the chance to work with quite a diverse group of people, allowing you to experience and deal with a mixture of personality types.

Perhaps most importantly, you learn how to fake a smile when you need to. Not sure how exactly to answer the question your interviewer is asking you? No problem you worked retail.

Effective time management skills

Your Monday 9 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. shift is followed by Tuesday’s 12:30-7 and Wednesday’s 5-close. A flexible schedule forces you to learn how to utilize your time to get everything done.

Perhaps you are on the prowl for a more permanent position or you re still trying to fit your badminton games in three times a week.

Working a job with ever-changing hours forces you to be ever-on top of things.

Ability to stay calm in stressful circumstances

You re behind the cash. The line is halfway through the store and you are ringing through one customer s purchase while someone else is wagging damaged items under your nose.

Every industry is going to throw situations at you which require you to multitask. Fast. Having this previous experience can only help. Remember the most challenging circumstances you ve faced in your retail career and how you overcome those circumstances they ll come in handy in a job interview one day.

Experience handling cash, debit and credit card transactions

Handling money indicates that you are trustworthy and able to count (which, believe it or not, is a skill in and of itself). A future employer will appreciate both of these things.

Ability to problem solve and think on your feet

If you’re working on commission (or aren’t but still have managers watching you like a hawk), you better sell meaning you better learn how to handle that customer who says she’s just looking . Coming up with creative ways to make sales and converse with customers is going to impress any future employer and in the meantime, maybe even make you that commission.

Which on-the-job retail skills have proved to be most beneficial in your career so far?

March 20, 2013 October 7, 2015

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Sites 3-5 – The 5 Best Online Electronics Retailers #promo #codes #for

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The 5 Best Online Electronics Retailers

Who visits the site: Tech enthusiasts, car lovers, and tech newbies.
What’s geeky about it: There’s an active community on the site, with more than 8,000 members. Here, customers can chat with other tech enthusiasts as well as ask the Crutchfield staff questions on electronics. To top it off, Bill Crutchfield, the founder, was inducted into the Consumer Electronics Hall of Fame!
Where to find deep discounts: The Specials page offers deals on popular home and car electronics at up to $700 in savings, including Blu-ray players, MP3 players, and car speakers.
Why it’s so cool: Tech-challenged folks don’t have to shy away from shopping for electronics, thanks to the site’s Learning Center. There you’ll find helpful articles, guides, and videos that will teach you how to use a digital-SLR camera, how to install an in-car navigation system, and more. Plus, the company has made efforts to go green by using biodegradable, starch-based peanuts to protect items against shipping damage and installing energy-saving light bulbs at its headquarters and warehouse.
When to order by: Larger items, including 40-inch-and-up TVs and select furniture and speakers, must be ordered by 4 p.m. EST on December 15 for free standard shipping; smaller items, including TVs up to 37 inches, must be ordered by 4 p.m. EST on December 16 for free standard shipping.

Who visits the site: Working professionals, students, and tech enthusiasts.
What’s geeky about it: Find ultralight laptops, mobile phones, digital watches, and other gadgets from Japan, Europe, and other countries. Several new products offered are the Toshiba RX2, a 12-inch laptop with a solid-state drive; the OQO Model 2, a tiny handheld computer powered by a 1.6-GHz VIA C7M ultra-low-voltage processor; and the HTC Touch Cruise, a touch-screen 3G phone with built-in GPS.
Where to find deep discounts: The Close-Out and Demo Sales section for like-new notebooks, phones, and gadgets. Currently, you can get the ASUS EeePC 900 for just $300.
Why it’s so cool: Besides the fact that you can purchase products that you can’t find here in the U.S. customers receive free tech support and a rescue service warranty. So, if your purchase requires repair, Dynamism will pay for FedEx shipping to ship the product back. Even more, if you purchased a product from Dynamism that needs an upgrade, you can trade it in for credit on your next purchase.
When to order by: Larger items such as notebooks may take up to four days to ship, so be sure to order your products by December 15.

Who visits the site: Geeks and tech toy enthusiasts.
What’s geeky about it: There’s no shortage of crazy tech toys and fun gadgets here, from the bizarre R/C Drinks Cooler and the alien-like Echo Bot to the USB Negative Scanner and the Glow Flow Faucet.
Where to find deep discounts: On the Gifts page. you can find deals for under $20, including underwater disco lights and electronic drumsticks.
Why it’s so cool: Only at Firebox will you find a category for geeky edible items! Plus, it lists the top 20 most sought after items, offers a step-by-step process on how to operate each item, and displays video reviews.
When to order by: Orders placed now should arrive in two to seven working days for standard delivery and one to three working days for express delivery.

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Target Coupons Promo Codes

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    About Target

    Save an average of $6 with 49 coupon codes & deals & 1 printable coupon for target.com. Target mixes the best of both worlds, offering chic and trendy styles at affordable prices. Popular products include clothing and shoes from their exclusive designer partners, electronics, the hottest toys and home furnishings and decor. And with Target coupons, get 10% off or receive Target free shipping offers for extra savings on your next purchase.

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  • 5 cutting-edge retail technology trends #retail #coupons #online

    #retail technology


    5 cutting-edge retail technology trends

    As retailers rev up for their busiest shopping season, they know some things never change: Holiday deal-seekers will race like mad through store aisles for the best Black Friday deals. Last-minute shoppers will wait until December 24 to make their purchases. Crowds will swarm stores the day after Christmas in a whirlwind of gift returns.

    The shopping experience itself, however, has undergone massive changes over the past two decades, especially as ecommerce has won over consumers and smartphones have become the must-have accessory. These days, retailers work around the clock to navigate a digital world that continues to evolve at a dizzying pace, while tech-savvy consumers have increased their demands for seamless experiences and personalized touches, wherever and however they shop.

    “In today’s increasingly connected world, brands and retailers are struggling to find ways to appeal to omnichannel shoppers,” says Mike Paley, executive vice president of shopper marketing at agency The Marketing Arm. “Technology advances have created an environment in which the line between brick-and-mortar and e-commerce is blurred and fading fast.”

    Here are five cutting-edge technology trends taking retail to the next level:

    1. Beacons

    With millions of shoppers toting smartphones in their pocket or purse, it’s no surprise that proximity marketing, through the use of location-based technologies such as Bluetooth-connected beacons, is becoming more than a flash-in-the-pan – as retailers look for ways to provide more personalized, real-time messages, offers and promotions. Macy’s, for example, recently rolled out beacons to 4,000 stores using Shopkick’s offering, and Swirl’s platform and hardware is being used by clients including Lord Taylor and Urban Outfitters. According to Business Insider, beacons will directly influence over $4 billion in U.S. retail sales this year and climb 10 times that next year.

    “Beacons were a novelty 15 months ago, but this year retailers are starting to take them more seriously,” says Scott Bauer, U.S. Retail Consumer Partner at consulting firm PwC. “There’s more experimentation about how to treat users in their stores with mobile phones.” The question is how to use them, he cautions, “so it doesn’t seem creepy or annoy customers.”

    2. Biometrics

    Biometrics, which uses technologies like fingerprint systems, facial recognition, iris scanning and voice identification, seems like a natural fit for retailers. Brands and banks that want to improve targeted marketing efforts and boost security. Biometrics Research Group predicts the global biometrics market to soar to $15 billion this year, up from an estimated $7 just three years ago. And, technology consulting firm Frost Sullivan forecast that nearly a half-billion people will be using a smartphone equipped with biometric technology by 2017.

    “iPhone users everywhere rejoiced when Apple added the passcode fingerprint scan,” says Paley. “Expect more in this area as marketers embrace the potential.” Ecommerce security can particularly benefit from biometrics, he says – MasterCard, for example, is working to allow customers to complete ecommerce transactions with just a selfie, he explains, while Visa has introduced a specification that can authenticate EMV chip card transactions using multiple forms of biometrics.

    3. Mobile ecommerce boom

    Mobile phones may not be no longer be cutting-edge, but the boom in mobile e-commerce certainly is, thanks to improved technologies and strategies. By the end of 2016, 25 percent of all retail ecommerce sales in the United States will take place via mobile devices, according to eMarketer.

    [Related:9 ways mobile and social tech improves the retail shopping experience]

    “The real estate on the device screen has gotten bigger, particularly in the iPhone 6, driving increased success for retailers,” says Elana Anderson, senior vice president of worldwide marketing at omnichannel commerce platform Demandware. Mobile smartphones – not tablets – drove 94 percent of the growth in shopping visits and 74% of basket creation growth, according to Demandware’s Q2 Shopping Index. “Also, retail strategies are now focused on a mobile-first consumer experience, whether it’s responsive design or increased speed,” she says. “All of that is contributing to the growth.”

    4. Social networks as shopping platforms

    Turns out social networks are about more than just spreading the word. Over the past year, social giants Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest have all experimented with direct “Buy” buttons on their website. For instance, Twitter tested their “Buy” button in September with a small group of sellers and are now said to be teaming up with Shopify, which has about 100,000 merchants, and other ecommerce software companies.

    Pinterest’s “buyable” button, launched with Demandware, recently launched on the iPhone and iPad, allowing users to purchase without leaving the Pinterest app. “We literally had our consumers lining up, there is a lot of excitement regarding social commerce,” says Anderson. “Retailers and consumers want to remove as much friction from the buying process as possible.”

    5. Digital in the store

    You don’t need to leave a physical store to get your digital fix. Instead, retailers are leveraging a wide array of in-store technologies meant to draw consumers in the door. “The physical store is on the cusp of significant transformation and disruption,” says Demandware’s Anderson.

    For example, retailers and brands such as Ugg Australia, Uniqlo and Neiman Marcus are using “magic” or “memory” mirror technologies, using RFID tags, which allow customers to try on virtual outfits in different colors and styles. Rebecca Minkoff has added text messaging and touch screen features in her stores that allow consumers to order drinks, browse the store catalog, and easily interact with store associates. Finally, Bloomingdale’s has experimented with mounting iPads in fitting rooms to allow customers to ask for help, read reviews and see what sizes are in stock.

    “There’s a ton of experimentation with digital across the board,” says Anderson. “It’s really about serving the customer from the online experience out of the store all the way through the store.”

    Sharon is an award-winning B2B magazine editor and writer (DMNews, COLLOQUY, Adweek, Shopper Marketing) with more than a decade of experience reporting in the retail and B2B space.

    Top 5 retail trends to watch in 2015 #online #shopping #sites

    #retail trends


    Top 5 retail trends to watch in 2015

    The retail landscape is changing more rapidly now than at any point in history. As technology and customer demands evolve, retailers and their supply chains must be increasingly flexible and adaptable.

    Let s take a look at the top 5 trends for the retail supply chain in 2015.

    1. This year will be omnichannel s time to shine.

    As much as the term omnichannel is overused and overhyped, there s no denying that the concept of integrated, silo-free customer experience is a reality that s here to stay. The difference in 2015? Retailers are getting smarter about it.

    The past few years have been full of instances of retailers scrambling to adopt so-called omnichannel strategies and capabilities, sometimes with less up-front analysis than such significant changes usually warrant. Often, goals were unclear and retailers were unsure how to accurately measure ROI or define success.

    In early 2014, almost two-thirds of retailers stated they had undertaken particular omnichannel initiatives solely because of a perceived customer expectation, rather than supporting data. The result was sometimes a patchwork quilt of roughly-executed capabilities, limited customer insight, and legacy systems ill-suited to enable the new approach.

    Fast forward along the learning curve to 2015: While no retailer would say it has this whole omnichannel thing entirely figured out, many leading retailers are now really hitting their strides. Those that are succeeding in the space have been figuring out what s working and what isn t, how to measure it and how to improve it. And others have been following that lead. The dust has begun to settle, and the early mania surrounding the buzzword of omnichannel has given way to the reality of data-driven, incremental steps toward the realization of omnichannel.

    2. Transportation issues will get worse before they get better.

    It s no secret that these days, retailers face challenges on virtually all fronts when it comes to getting products from origin to consumer.

    While many U.S. seaports moved record volumes of freight in 2014 an almost 7% increase over 2013 in many ways it was a troublesome year, with ongoing congestion issues and, in the case of the West Coast, ominous uncertainty surrounding labor negotiations.

    While negotiations between the ILWU and the PMA continue to drag on, larger port issues would remain even if a labor agreement could be reached immediately. Alliances, bigger ships, operational shortcomings, infrastructure limitations and more will continue to make for a rocky road ahead. While ports, carriers, and terminal operators realize the problems exist, figuring out the best way to address them and then actually addressing them isn t an overnight endeavor.

    Things aren t much easier once cargo begins its domestic journey, either. While highway infrastructure continues to age and the funding to improve it remains elusive, the shortage of truck drivers is increasingly acute. Though Congress recently voted to suspend the Hours-of-Service restart rules that FMCSA instituted in 2013, it s only a temporary stay, and will be revisited in September of 2015. The ever-tumultuous world of transportation will continue to keep retailers on their toes in 2015.

    3. Cyber-security and the supply chain grow closer.

    Retailers continued commitment to cyber-security was thrust into the spotlight over the past year, with a series of data breaches capturing the attention of the public and the media. Historically focused on maintaining the security of their own systems and networks, the scale of the threat has caused many retailers to look outside their virtual four walls.

    In 2014, several leading retailers reached out and joined forces to create the Retail Cyber Intelligence Sharing Center (R-CISC), an industry-wide entity dedicated to sharing leading practices and actionable intelligence in the fight against retail cyber threats.

    In 2015, expect to see retailers continued focus on their own systems, but also greater attention to the much larger ecosystem throughout the supply chain. An average mid-size retailer can have thousands of suppliers and vendors; larger chains have tens of thousands. Each of those suppliers has its own network of suppliers, creating an enormous web of electronic interdependency and data exchange.

    Often considered to be solely the purview of the IT guys, supply chain execs will find themselves playing a larger role in their companies cyber-security measures.

    4. Brick and mortar is back with a vengeance.

    After many years of pundits heralding the end of brick and mortar, the store is reasserting its importance as a vital part of retail commerce.

    A recent study indicated that 82% of consumers had made purchases online in the past year, and e-commerce sales have been growing by more than 19% a year.

    E-commerce is getting bigger, not going away, but it s not putting a stake in the heart of stores either. Instead, as retailers learn more about how to move toward true omnichannel integration, the physical presence and the online presence will be more intertwined. Previous years rampant fears about showrooming are giving way to success stories around leveraging stores in support of omnichannel strategies.

    Many chains have found big wins with pilot programs that employ their existing network of physical locations as order fulfillment centers, and retailers are really learning how to maximize the benefit of buy online pick up in store. Indeed, if omnichannel centers on a richer customer relationship, then in-store interactions are a critical component of the experience.

    Expect to see more tailored, personalized shopper experiences, enabled by technology. E-commerce isn t killing stores, it is compelling stores to get better and become more relevant, and we re finally beginning to see more results of that effect.

    5. Smaller footprints, greater impacts.

    Big boxes are getting smaller and moving to the city. Several major retailers have recently stated plans for smaller-format stores, usually in more urban locations.

    The U.S. Census Bureau announced last year that urban population growth continues to dramatically outpace the country s overall growth rate, as more people move to cities. Hand-in-hand with urbanization comes smaller household sizes; these and other factors have shifted many retailers focus to smaller stores in urban locations.

    Along with this move comes a new set of supply chain challenges, ranging from managing localized product mixes, to the urban distribution challenges of navigating an 18-wheeler through city traffic, tight docks, and vigilant parking enforcement officers.

    More than ever before, retail supply chain professionals will find themselves grappling with the usual challenges of moving product from origin to consumer now with an added layer of urban complexity on top. 2015 is shaping up to be an exciting year in retail supply chain, with many new developments.

    All these topics, and more, will be highlighted in sessions at the Retail Industry Leaders Association s upcoming Retail Supply Chain Conference in Orlando on Feb. 22-25. With a program developed by and featuring many of retail s top supply chain executives, the longest-running supply chain conference devoted to retailers is focused on top issues, leading practices and actionable takeaways. Visit www.rila.org/supplychain for more details.

    5 Retail Trends for 2015 #patagonia #retailers

    #retail trends


    5 Retail Trends for 2015

    New shopper generations like Millennials are reshaping the retail industry, and here’s five retail trends emerging in 2015.

    The convergence of digital and physical channels is critical for retailers who want to succeed in building their brands with their customer bases. The shopping experience must be accessible, available and deliverable all in the format and time that shoppers want it. Building multiple and consistent touchpoints across various channels is key to top line growth. Leveraging strong CRM and loyalty programs across digital and physical will deliver strong bottom line performance by engaging the most loyal customers.

    2. Optimization of the In-Store Shopping Journey

    The in-store shopping experience must be inspiring, captivating and relevant to the shopper. Gone are the days of keep her in the store as long as possible so she will spend more. The new mantra is, offer differentiated product in a captivating environment, and deliver in the most efficient manner.

    3. Enabling Technology to Inspire and Captivate

    Using in-store technologies to continue the customer touchpoint beyond the four walls is critical. The use of in-store messaging, iBeacons, social media, loyalty programs and personal associate communications before, during and after the store visit continues the shopping experience beyond the scope of the four walls. Understanding and measuring in-store shopper activities and engagement are key to building stores that transcend shopper exploration and leads to customer commitment.

    4. Location Format Redux

    Across all retail types, from size to channel, there is a paradigm shift for businesses engaged in the retail sector. Large format discount stores are investing in small, bite size elements of their footprint showcasing specific product categories, and online only retailers are opening up physical stores to showcase the branding experience for customers. Retailers are closing down unprofitable locations while investing deeply in store theatrics for locations in prime target areas of their customers. The bottom line is that retailers need to create both physical branding opportunities, and relevant shopping journeys across all channels.

    5. The Convenience Factor

    Convenience is the key deliverable for today’s customer and the future customer of tomorrow. Make it easy and relevant. Complex infrastructures might be in the background, but the front side has to be “easy.” Today s shopper has less money, less time and less infinitely patience for retailers to get it right.


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    Retail Analytics Market worth USD 5 #retail #website #design

    #retail analytics


    HOME Press Releases Retail Analytics Market worth USD 5.1 Billion USD by 2020

    Retail Analytics Market worth USD 5.1 Billion USD by 2020

    The report “Retail Analytics Market by Business Function (Marketing and Customer Analytics, Merchandizing and In-Store Analytics, Supply Chain Analytics, Strategy and Planning), by Type, by Solutions and by Services – Global Forecast and Analysis to 2020”. defines and segments the global retail analytics market on the basis of business function, solutions, services, deployment types, and regions along with providing an in-depth analysis and market size estimations. The supply chain analytics is expected to contribute the largest market share where as, merchandising and in-store analytics will play a key role in changing the retail analytics landscape during the forecast period. The report also covers the total retail analytics market by geographic regions.

    Browse 71 market data tables and 49 figures spread through 113 pages and in-depth TOC on �Retail Analytics Market – Global Forecast and Analysis to 2020
    Early buyers will receive 10% customization on reports.

    The retail analytics market size is estimated to grow from USD 2.2 Billion in 2015 to USD 5.1 Billion by 2020, at an estimated Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 18.9% from 2015 to 2020. Retail analytics solutions help retailers gain useful insights that can help them in making decisions from offers to the on-to-consumers to displaying the right product at right place at the shelf. These analytical solutions collect data from several data sources, integrate it, and further present it in a structured format, which enhances the data visibility and analytical capabilities. The retail analytics market is expected to gain traction in the next five years due to growth in digital data.

    Merchandising and in-store analytics solutions are expected to gain maximum traction during the forecast period

    The retail industry has evolved significantly in the recent years, in terms of infrastructure, utility, and technological advancements. Demand for the use of high-end technologies, such as the big data analytics has increased mainly to provide better customer experience. Furthermore, prevalent surge in in-store analytics solutions and services is driving the growth of the retail analytics market. In-store analytics solutions are becoming an innate part of today�s digital marketing and operational strategies as they help in analyzing numerous areas of business such as marketing, operations, merchandising, fraud detection, and loss prevention.

    Increasing demand for customized retail analytics solutions is stimulating the growth in the emerging economies of APAC and MEA. North America is expected to have the largest market share, however MEA will grow with the highest CAGR from 2015 to 2020, closely followed by APAC. The major vendors in the retail analytics market include IBM, Oracle, SAP, SAS, Microsoft, Tableau, Angoss, Information Builders, Adobe, and Qlik.

    Key vendors in the retail analytics ecosystem were identified and studied individually, to understand the solution/ software offerings and features, business models, pricing models, and their respective customer base. This data was collated and further scrutinized based upon individual company�s revenues, contributions from various regions/ countries, industries, and business segments.

    The scope of the report covers detailed information regarding the major factors influencing the growth of the retail analytics market such as drivers, restraints, challenges and opportunities. A detailed analysis of the key industry players has been done to provide insights into their business overview, products and services, key strategies, new product launches, mergers and acquisitions, partnerships, agreements, collaborations, and recent developments associated with the retail analytics market.

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