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St. Petersburg
North Port
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Ft. Myers
Naples & beyond.

We cover the West Coast of Florida including: Pinellas, Hillsborough, Manatee, Sarasota, Charlotte, Lee, Desoto, Highlands & Collier.

Commercial and Residential Dirt, FIll, Trucking and More.

Serving the Entire West Coast of Florida and Beyond

BAM offers a new concept in providing materials to Contractors, Homeowners, Local Governments and Large Projects on the west coast of Florida, now with one phone call all your material needs can be met. Save your entity time and money by calling Sherri Swenson, the Material Girl, for the best prices and service for ALL your material needs today and find out why BAM is one of the fastest growing material providers on the West Coast.

Unlike a single mine or quarry we have materials located in the following areas:

Tampa, St. Pete, Bradenton, Sarasota, Venice, Nokomis, Osprey, North Port, Englewood, Port Charlotte, Punta Gorda, Ft. Myers, Bonita, Naples & beyond.

We cover the west coast of Florida. Some of the counties we sell material in are:
Pinellas, Hillsborough, Manatee, Sarasota, Charlotte, Lee, Desoto, Highlands & Collier.

Location alone, is not what distinguishes Bulk Aggregate Materials from other materials sources. It’s location, competitive pricing and a vast selection of materials that sets Bulk Aggregate Materials apart. Bulk Aggregate Materials is your one-stop shop for premium construction, site development and road construction materials.

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Toyota Maintenance: CV Axle Replacement on 3rd Generation 4Runners and Tacomas #4×4,offroad,off-road,axle,cv,half-shaft,4 #wheel,4runner,tacoma,joint,truck,4wd,parts,maintenance,toyota


By: Jeff Bathke – 5/2005

This article applies to ’96-’02 (3rd generation) Toyota 4Runners and 1st generation Tacomas. The replacement of a front axle (half-shaft) can be done by most home mechanics. I’ve seen the parts and labor for this procedure easily add up over $500 if done at a dealership. In contrast, most car parts stores will supply a replacement half-shaft for a little more than $100 as long as you return your used axle to them. Please read through the instructions first to make sure you understand them and that you have all the tools available. These are detailed steps to make things easier for you.

A couple of CV axles

Replacing a CV axle is required if one of the CV joint boots split, if one of the joints or axles was broken while off-roading, or simply from wear if one of the CV joints is clicking loudly while 4 wheel drive is engaged. In any of these cases, a car parts store should accept your old axle as a “core” return when you buy a new axle from them. Left and right axles are identical and interchangeable.

1) Make sure the vehicle is in park or in gear with the parking brake firmly set. Chock the wheels to ensure it wont move. Dont jack it into the air until step 4.

2) On whichever side youll be replacing the axle, disconnect the swaybar endlink on just that side so the wheel will later be able to fully droop.

3) While still on the ground, barely loosen that wheels lug nuts.

4) Jack up the vehicle and support the frame securely on a jack stand. You’ll soon be prying and pounding on the vehicle while it’s in the air, so you need to be confident that it’s secure.

5) Remove the wheel.

6) If you have aftermarket manual hubs, jump to step 12. If you have the stock ADD/permanent flanges continue to step 7.

For Stock ADD/permanent hub flanges:
7) Using a flathead screwdriver, work the large black dust cap off the end of the hub. This is best done by tapping on the end of the screwdriver as you work around the cap to pry it off.

8) Using a pliers, bend the safety cotter pin straight. Pull out the cotter pin and the star-shaped lock cap.

9) In order to remove the hub nut, youll need a friend to sit inside and stand on the brakes. The hub nut torque is spec’ed to 174 ft-lbs at the factory, which is a LOT. This nut requires a 35mm socket and a hefty torque bar or impact wrench for removal. The thread direction is normal , so you loosen it counter-clockwise. Left and right axles are identical. Tip: A few years ago I had a very hard time finding a true 35mm socket. The only place I ever found one was at a Checker Auto Parts store. Note that a 1 3/8 socket might also fit this nut, although itll probably be a tight fit since itll be 0.003 too small.

10) Congrats on removing the nut. All that holds the axle in place in the spindle now are splines. Use a hammer to hit on the end of the axle to loosen it from the splines in the hub assembly. Just loosen it now — it wont come all the way out. Tip: The stock ADD/permanent flange basically uses a semi-floater design, so the outer CV is absolutely necessary to be in place to hold the hub/spindle against the wheel bearings. Do not drive without the outer CV properly bolted into place to hold everything together!

11) Jump down to step number 16.

For aftermarket manual hubs, continue here from step 6:

Step 12 remove nuts at base of manual hub

Step 22 – pieces to transfer

22) With the entire half-shaft removed, there are 2 or 3 items you’ll most likely need to transfer from the old axle to the replacement axle. Use a flathead screwdriver to gently pry these off. Use a rubber or plastic mallet to tap the dust shields back onto the other axle. Try not to bend them. Note the orientation of these seals before you remove them from the old axle. These “dust shields” ARE important to keep contaminants out and fluids or grease in. They definitely do more than their name implies.

  • Outer dust shield ring
  • Inner dust shield ring/fluid seal
  • The snap ring at the extreme end of the axle that goes inside the front diff.

Step 23 – grease and snap ring

23) Put a small amount of grease on the splines at both ends so it all goes back together easier. Also add a little bit of grease to the inner snap ring that’ll go inside the diff.

24) Make sure the end of the axle that has that snap ring goes toward the diff. As you insert it into place, it greatly helps to rotate the snap ring so the open section is on top. Based on experience, this is just so that gravity works with you as the snap ring flexes into place. It has been repeatedly proven to go in easier this way for me.

25) Slide it into place as far as it’ll go. Then place the crowbar on the end lip of the inner joint. Use a large hammer and hit it solidly for it to pop into place. Examine after every hit whether you have hit it hard enough to move into place. When you examine it, first try to push the inner joint by hand further into the diff, and then make sure it won’t pull out. You might feel it slide in across about an inch of splines and you’ll hear a click when you are successful. Do not continue hitting it after it is in place, since that could relocate the other surface of the inner dust/fluid seal, which could cause some fluid to leak later. After multiple unsuccessful hits to get the snap ring into place, take it out again and make sure the snap ring looks undamaged, is slightly greased, and the gap of the snap ring is still on top.

Step 25 looking down prybar at lip on inner joint

The Sims 4 City Living Expansion Pack PC CD Key, Key #sims #4 #city #living


Product Description


Note: Requires base game available here

Do your Sims long to leave the suburbs behind? Fulfill their dreams in the diverse city of San Myshuno, where they can discover exciting neighborhoods, move into a new apartment, check out fun festivals and more. In The Sims 4 City Living your Sims can experience the joys and challenges of sharing close quarters with other Sims. Work your way up from a starter unit to a penthouse as your Sims launch new metropolitan careers!

Explore the bustling city of San Myshuno.
This densely populated city has enough unique neighborhoods to give your Sims plenty to explore. Get creative in the Arts Quarter or sing your heart out at the Karaoke Bar in the Fashion District. Head over to the Spice Market to shoot some hoops, or invite a few friends over to play video games after a long day at the office in Uptown.

Discover lively cultural festivals.
Festivals are great opportunities to enrich your Sims. Let them watch street performers, enter competitions and meet a wide variety of folks from every walk of life. Check out the Curry Challenge at the Spice Festival or light fireworks with a hot date at the Romance Festival.

Live in apartments and get closer with your neighbors.
Lots of new neighbors mean all kinds of opportunities for relationships, both good and bad. Your Sims might make a new best friend or fall in love, then debate giving them a key to their place. And what about those noisy neighbors and their late night dance parties? You’ll need to decide how to handle them – if you can’t beat them, maybe you should join them.

Work your way up from starter apartment to penthouse.
Choosing the right apartment for your Sims can be a challenge. You’ll need to balance the charm of your first starter unit with possible setbacks, like cockroaches, leaky pipes or electrical problems. Help your Sims work their way up to living in a Skyscraper Penthouse, with panoramic views and even a Talking Toilet!

Embark on new, metropolitan careers.
There are all kinds of new opportunities in the city so make sure your Sims take advantage of them. As a Politician, your Sims can make dramatic speeches while fighting for a good cause. Maybe they’d prefer a more refined career as a Food or Art Critic. Or they could inspire the masses working in Social Media.


OS: Windows XP (SP3), Windows Vista (SP2), Windows 7 (SP1), Windows 8, Windows 8.1, or Windows 10
CPU: 1.8 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo, AMD Athlon 64 Dual-Core 4000+ or equivalent (For computers using built-in graphics chipsets, the game requires 2.0 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo, 2.0 GHz AMD Turion 64 X2 TL-62 or equivalent)
RAM: At least 2 GB RAM
HARD DRIVE: At least 3 GB of free space (14 GB if installing with The Sims 4) with at least 1 GB additional space for custom content and saved games
VIDEO: 128 MB of Video RAM and support for Pixel Shader 3.0. Supported Video Cards: NVIDIA GeForce 6600 or better, ATI Radeon X1300 or better, Intel GMA X4500 or better.
DIRECTX: DirectX 9.0c compatible
SOUND CARD: DirectX 9.0c Compatible
INPUT: Keyboard and Mouse
ONLINE REQUIREMENTS: Internet connection required for product activation

OS: 64 Bit Windows 7, 8, 8.1, or 10
PROCESSOR: Intel core i5 or faster, AMD Athlon X4
VIDEO CARD: NVIDIA GTX 650 or better
HARD DRIVE: 15 GB of Hard Drive space

OS: Mac OS X 10.7.5 (Lion)
CPU: Intel Core 2 Duo 2.4 GHz Processor or better
RAM: At least 4 GB RAM
HARD DRIVE: At least 3 GB of free space (14 GB if installing with The Sims 4) with at least 1 GB additional space for custom content and saved games
VIDEO: NVIDIA GeForce 9600M GT, ATI Radeon HD 2600 Pro or better. Video RAM of 256MB or better.
INPUT: Keyboard and Mouse
ONLINE REQUIREMENTS: Internet connection required for product activation

OS: Mac OS X 10.9 or later
PROCESSOR: Intel Core i5 or better
VIDEO CARD: NVIDIA GTX 650 or better
HARD DRIVE: 15 GB of Hard Drive space

Product Information

Release Date: 3rd November 2016
Platform: Origin
Region: Worldwide
Language: Chinese Traditional, Czech, Danish, Dutch, English, Finnish, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Swedish

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* Your purchase is for a digital copy only..
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Impressed Review by Kitty

Tennessee State University #tennessee #state #university, #university, #tennessee, #nashville, #tn, #hbcu, #black, #college, #4-year, #4


You have unlimited possibilities for success at Tennessee State University. We’re a leading institution of higher learning and provide students with the opportunity to experience academic and personal growth. You’ll receive instruction from top-notch faculty and be immersed in research, service learning, and student life activities, including internships, cultural, and study abroad opportunities.



Our world-class faculty will teach you how to apply what you learn in the classroom to real-world situations. As a student, you will become a problem solver and critical thinker. You may begin the admissions process by submitting your application. The university also assists in providing information on financial aid services, work-study, fellowships and scholarships based on eligibility and other rules and regulations established by the agencies.

Tennessee State University students go by the motto: “Think. Work. Serve.” But we also realize a little fun should be part of the collegiate experience to create a holistic approach to learning. With a variety of social, professional and civic clubs for students to participate in, there are many opportunities for you to share your time and talents and enjoy connecting with your fellow students to create the work-life balance needed for success in college and beyond.

Tennessee State University counts on the generous contributions of alumni and friends to fulfill our mission of providing a top-notch, affordable education to the best and brightest students. Every gift, no matter the size, makes a difference. When you support TSU, you help provide critically needed scholarships, departmental support and other special project funding that benefits our students.

Tennessee State University is engaging in cutting-edge research to address critical challenges in our society. Our research arm supports faculty and students by taking their ideas from conception to fruition in critical areas such as biotechnology, homeland security and agriculture, to name a few. Our Centers of Excellence encourage collaborative and experimental learning opportunities and help expand the boundaries of science, education and technology.

Tennessee State University Athletics is part of the Ohio Valley Conference (OVC) NCAA Division Ⅰ and offers football, men’s basketball, women’s basketball, track and field, golf, tennis, softball and volleyball. We provide student-athletes with a positive academic and social environment to excel on and off the field. Our mission is to blend physical, emotional and intellectual development into one experience. We not only build winning-teams, but leaders in the classroom, in the community and in your profession of choice.

Tennessee State University is a world-class university known for academic excellence, incredible students, inspiring faculty, exceptional value and an amazing campus and community. We invite you to learn more about TSU and our academic programs, admissions process, tuition and financial aid, campus visits, student housing and more.

Tennessee State University is dedicated to helping students develop the skills needed for the real world. Our vibrant campus life, leadership opportunities, rigorous academic programs, access to scholarships and student services are just a few of the student services we offer. We are preparing career-ready professionals today for knowledge-based jobs tomorrow. The Tiger legacy continues with you.

TSU loves parents! And we encourage you to stay involved with your Tennessee State University student. We strive to make the transition to college and beyond flow as smoothly as possible for everyone. We’ll keep you up-to-date on campus happenings through a monthly eNewsletter, a helpful Parent Guide and through many other programs and events. We’re here to help you and your student make the most out of your TSU experience.

At Tennessee State University, our blood runs blue! We enjoy connecting, socializing and sharing news about the great things our alumni are doing across the globe. From our annual Homecoming celebration to donor events and volunteer activities, TSU alumni always find time to celebrate what it means to be a Big Blue Tiger. We welcome you back to campus anytime to rekindle your most memorable experiences.

Welcome to Tennessee State University, located in the heart of Nashville, one of the nation’s most progressive cities! Whether you are here for your first visit, planning a campus tour or returning after many years away, TSU welcomes you to enjoy our facilities, hospitality and our unique history and contributions.

Tennessee State University is proud to have 1,200 distinguished administrators, faculty and staff members as part of our team. With outstanding reputations for teaching, research and service, these professionals make valuable contributions to our community of scholars and ensure that TSU is a thriving public institution of higher learning.

Congratulations Class of 2017!

New Executive MBA!

World Class Research

Scholarship Recipients Say ‘Thank You’

250-Mile Radius Discount Tuition

Excellence is our Habit

TSU by the Numbers

Useful Links

Cheapest In Florida – Florida s Cheapest Online Traffic School #cheapest #traffic #school, #4 #hour


Traffic Law and Substance Abuse Education (TLSAE)

The Traffic Law and Substance Abuse Education (TLSAE) seminar is required of any person who has never held a regular driver’s license before they can apply for a driving permit in the state of Florida. We offer a choice of a 4-hour classroom course or a 4-hour Internet course. Both formats are easy to complete, and the informative materials will make you a safer and more aware driver. And our traffic-related jokes and trivia make it fun to learn about these serious subjects. (read more)

Online Driver’s Permit Test

You’ll love the ease and convenience of completing your driver’s permit test online! There are no long lines and no waiting, making this a huge time saver. Plus, there’s far less pressure taking a potentially nerve-racking test when you’re not huddled in a crowd inside a congested government building. Instead, relax and pass the test from the comfort of your own home. You’ll be licensed to drive in no time! (read more)

We know the licensing process can be overwhelming. That’s why we’re here to help!

Our Florida Driver Licensing Checklist gives you a simple overview of the licensing procedures so you’ll understand the roadmap. Then we guide you, point-by-point, every step of the way sharing only the details you need to know when you need to know them. We take out the confusion, so you can relax and get your license ASAP!

Teen-Driving Book – Teach Your Teen to Drive. and stay alive is a fun and informative book that helps parents and teens to fulfill the practice driving requirements. Order your copy (via Amazon) today and learn to drive the easy way!

Car and Truck Tires, Custom Wheels and Rims – Peerless Tires 4 Less #video #game

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Peerless Tires 4 Less

At Peerless Tires 4 Less, we understand that not all tires are created equal. Even when considering that different makes and models of cars and trucks will naturally require different tires, you also need to consider the quality and climate of the roads. Whether you live in Colorado, Kansas, Nebraska, New Mexico, South Dakota, Texas, or Wyoming, Peerless Tires 4 Less has the kind of tires that will make your car run smoothly and safely.

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2016 Peerless Tire Co.

Working at T-Mobile: 4, 361 Reviews #online #watch #retailers

#tmobile retail stores


T-Mobile Employee Reviews

Operations Specialist (Former Employee) Leominster, MA October 20, 2016

Working at T-Mobile as an Operations Specialist I would come in early for auditing and submission of daily sales paperwork from the night before. Daily inventory counts and audits of any discrepancies. Shipping and receiving inventory. Maintaining store records of daily sales paperwork audited and filed away. Store supply orders. Assure that all employees follow company policy and procedures.

monthly bonus compensations

Sales Coordinator (Current Employee) Parsippany, NJ October 19, 2016

The people of T-Mobile are caring and hard working individuals. They do their best to help you maintain a healthy work life balance. Some days are fast paced and and deadline driven and some are at a more manageable pace. Management does their best to help you manage your workload and succeed in the company

The people of T-Mobile

Technical Care Representative (Current Employee) Albuquerque, NM October 17, 2016

T-Mobile is a great company as a whole to work for. The work environment is very competitive but welcoming, the benefits are fantastic and the pay is wonderful. But! Being a customer service representative for roughly about 5 years now, room for advancement is welcomed. With T-Mobile because there are so many great employees there is not much opportunity to advance your career.

discounts on phone service, reasonable benefits and great pay

Retail Sales Associate (Current Employee) Atlanta, GA October 16, 2016

Typical day at work would consist of a check-in list which explains our daily goals and new promotions.
I have learned patience, and different more new and improved sales tactics.
For the most part all of management is fair and great leaders.
My coworkers work very hard which establishes great team environment because everyone works together.
The hardest part of the job is trying to close on time.
The most enjoyable part of this job are the perks, team builders and potlucks, allowing us to build an even stronger bond with each other.

Free Lunches at times, good company, clean breakroom

Sales Associate (Current Employee) South Elgin, IL October 15, 2016

The company is absolutely amazing. Money and benefits are great as well. If you re in a store that doesn t fit you, then you ll be miserable. You re definitely going to be at work more than you are at home, if you re doing your job correctly and if you take pride in your work, so if you re at a store and you don t get along with management or staff then you re not going to be happy at all. If you find a store where everything is working and the management and staff are productive and respectful, you ll thrive and soar and be happy with the company.

Great money, Great Company

4 ways retailers can improve supply chain management #retail #security

#retail supply chain


4 ways retailers can improve supply chain management

Retailers and their suppliers are under more pressure than ever before to deliver more goods to more destinations faster.

To stay competitive, “retailers need to know where things are at all times so they can redirect shipments, rebalance inventories and respond to new demands on the fly,” says Rich Becks, general manager, Industry Value Chains, E2open. which delivers cloud-based supply chain collaboration solutions.

And if there is a problem with their supply chain, and they can’t get products to stores and/or consumers, retailers (and their suppliers) risk losing customers.

So what steps can, and should, retailers take to make sure their supply chain operations are running smoothly? Following are four suggestions from retail supply chain experts.

1. Use cloud-based software that can track and manage inventory in real time. “Retailers struggle to balance uncertain consumer behavior and long, complex supply chains,” explains Kurt Cavano, vice chairman CSO, GT Nexus. a supply chain technology company.

“These two challenges make it harder than ever to align supply with demand, which can quickly impact margins and sales,” Cavano says. “A solution to this is to implement a supply chain network in the cloud that tracks inventory and demand changes, and allows retailers to respond to the latest demand signals in near-real time.” This way, “retailers can adapt to things like seasonal trends and other fluctuations in demand on the fly.”

2. Use source tagging and RFID to keep track of inventory and stock levels. “To improve supply chain management from the moment product leaves the manufacturer’s warehouse all the way through to the point-of-purchase, retailers should deploy a source tagging solution,” says Steve Sell, director, North America Marketing, Retail Practice, Tyco Integrated Security. “With an increased awareness of the volume and location of merchandise available across all channels, source tagging helps inform inventory management and supply chain operations at all levels to better inform business decisions.”

“For example, warehouse stock levels can be continually monitored so that stocks can be replenished whenever sensors detect a near out of stock situation,” says Mark Morley, director, Industry Marketing – Manufacturing, OpenText. an enterprise information management provider. “Tagged goods in a warehouse can [also] help to guide pickers to their exact location,” making for faster fulfillment.

To gain further visibility into the supply chain, “implement RFID,” says Melanie Nuce, vice president, Apparel General Merchandise, GS1 US. a supply chain standards organization. “A more precise level of inventory visibility ensures the retailer knows where their product is in the supply chain. Standards, such as Electronic Product Code (EPC) enabled Radio Frequency Identification (RFID), are allowing leading retailers to pinpoint their inventory in real time,” she explains. “By using RFID, a retailer can inventory 20,000 items per hour at 99 percent accuracy or higher. All of this means a simpler, more efficient way to deliver on the promise to the consumer.” Furthermore, “by combining RFID-enabled inventory and source tagging with smarter, more sophisticated electronic article surveillance (EAS), retailers gain real-time insight into the supply chain, from what is available to sell via online and in-store channels to how much is needed on the shelf,” adds Sell.

3. Become a part of a B2B e-procurement network. “B2B [or e-procurement] networks can help companies predict supply chain disruptions and act quickly to adapt business processes,” says Sundar Kamakshisundaram, vice president, Procurement and Business Network Solutions, Ariba. an SAP company. “Businesses need to know their entire supply chain – not just their suppliers, but their suppliers’ suppliers, too,” he says.

Using a B2B procurement network can “help [retailers] move from responding to risk to proactively predicting it to create advantage and get ahead of supply chain disruption,” he says. That’s because “business networks, and the cloud-based technologies underlying them, have made it possible for more efficient buyer/supplier collaboration.”

4. Make sure your marketing and supply chain teams are in sync. “When executing a promotion, a lot of retailers overlook the alignment of the supply chain and marketing teams, which is crucial [if you want] to successfully launch a promotion,” says Pat Sullivan, senior vice president, Promotions Management, HAVI Global Solutions. a consulting company. By having marketing alert the supply chain team ahead of time that a big promotion is coming up, “the supply chain team can determine how much product is needed to prevent falling short [and] how the product will be shipped,” minimizing, or avoiding, delays or disruptions.

Jennifer Lonoff Schiff is a business and technology writer and a contributor to She also runs Schiff & Schiff Communications, a marketing firm focused on helping organizations better interact with their customers, employees and partners.

The 4 Retail Training Essentials #online #coupon #deals

#retail training


The 4 Retail Training Essentials

T here is simply no denying the fact that properly trained retail staff deliver better results for the retailer. Unless your staff is better trained than the competition, armed with more product knowledge and strategies to solve customer problems, your retail operation will be competing primarily on price. That s not a good position for a retail specialty store to be in, because it s next to impossible to compete on price with the big box retailers and national chains given their huge buying power and economies of scale.

Unfortunately, I too often see retailers investing in advertising and marketing campaigns designed to drive people into their stores only to encounter staff members who don t have the right training. If the people on your retail sales floor can t speak knowledgeably about your products and help customers feel confident they are making a smart purchasing choice, they will leave without buying. And that s an outcome no retailer can afford for long.

Here are the four areas of training that are essential for your staff:

Product knowledge

Your staff must know what they are selling in order to be effective salespeople. They should know the features and benefits of all the products sold in your store. Mix this knowledge with enthusiasm about the product and a desire to help people and you will have a winning combination. Are you lacking information on the products you sell? Maybe you have been lax in this area. Call up your product vendors and reps and get them to provide the information you need. Next, start reviewing this information with your staff and make it mandatory that every one learns it.

How to sell effectively

Here are a few issues that should be covered in your weekly training sessions (notice, I said weekly):

What are the best qualifying questions to ask a customer?

How do you determine customer needs?

How do you overcome customer objections?

What are the best ways to ask for the sale?

How do you use scarcity and urgency to close the sale?

How do you create add-on sales by recommending products that complement other items?

Role-playing with staff is an excellent way to give them the answers to these questions in a real-world context.

In-Store Procedures

In-store procedures comprises a range of often mundane tasks, but your staff members need to be trained on them in order to keep your retail operation running smoothly. Here are some of the most important issues:

Receiving and storing merchandise in your store

Pricing merchandise

Safely and effectively stocking and merchandising the sales floor

Handling special orders

Identifying merchandise for markdowns

Procedures for opening and closing the store.

Processing cash, credit card and cheque purchases

Handling cash and sales receipts

Store security procedures (including the in-store alarm)

Customer Service

Customers turn their backs on businesses that don t deliver value. There s no way around it: good customer service adds value. There are no shortcuts. Customers demand value for money or they are out the door.

Properly trained employees convert more shoppers into buyers, promote repeat business and establish your store as an expert in your niche. So start your seasonal staff off right and keep your permanent staff engaged with regular training in the four areas I have shared with you.

Many retailers don t see themselves as trainers and educators in their business, but that s the role you must take on. And if you feel you can t do it on your own, hire a professional. Proper employee training will pay for itself, and employees that are well-trained will be an ongoing asset to your business.

Barbara Crowhurst is an internationally recognized retail consultant and business coach and CEO of Toronto-based and Retailmakeover Web Services.

Car and Truck Tires, Custom Wheels and Rims – Peerless Tires 4 Less #retail #pharmacy

#tire retailers


Peerless Tires 4 Less

At Peerless Tires 4 Less, we understand that not all tires are created equal. Even when considering that different makes and models of cars and trucks will naturally require different tires, you also need to consider the quality and climate of the roads. Whether you live in Colorado, Kansas, Nebraska, New Mexico, South Dakota, Texas, or Wyoming, Peerless Tires 4 Less has the kind of tires that will make your car run smoothly and safely.

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