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Promotion code

What is a promotion code?

A promotion code entitles you to a partial discount on selected Ctrip hotel bookings. Only one promotion code can be redeemed per eligible hotel booking and the amount deducted from your booking fee will not be included on your invoice. Your promotion code is valid for a limited time only and cannot be exchanged for cash.

How do I get a promotion code?

You can receive promotion codes when purchasing selected flight tickets or by participating in a Ctrip promotion (follow CtripEnglish, our official WeChat account, or subscribe to our promotional email to receive special offers).

How do I add a promotion code to my account?

Click the “Add” button under “Ctrip Wallet” “Promotion Code” and enter your promotion code to add it to your account.

Where can I find out more about my promotion code?

For information on your promotion code’s discount amount and period of validity please refer to your promotion code offer. For the full terms and conditions of your promotion code, select “My account” “Ctrip wallet” “Promotion code.”

How do I redeem my promotion code?

Selected room types are eligible for promotion code discounts. A Promotion code icon ( ) on a hotel page indicates availability of special offers. Hover over the icon to determine which promotion code can be used to discount your booking. Simply enter the correct promotion code when making your booking or select a pre-added promotion code from your account. The amount deducted from your booking fee will be displayed automatically.

How long is my promotion code valid for?

Promotion codes are valid only during the period stated on your promotion code offer. You can check your promotion code’s period of validity and terms and conditions in your Ctrip account. Just click “My account” “Ctrip wallet” “Promotion code.”

What happens to my promotion code if I cancel or modify my booking?

a. If you cancel your booking, your promotion code will be returned to your Ctrip account automatically.
b. Promotion codes can be used to discount bookings that are modified online or via the Ctrip app. Promotion codes cannot be used to discount bookings that are modified via Ctrip customer service hotline, and the code will automatically be returned to the owner’s Ctrip account.

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