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Pre-Physical Therapy Requirements


Prior to admission, a minimum of 90 semester hours of credit from an approved college or university is required. Students should be broadly educated in the sciences and humanities. The Department of Physical Therapy recognizes that, since physical therapy deals with people, an understanding of literature, art, history, ethics, and philosophy is an adjunct to a physical therapist. Science and humanities are both viewed as necessary for the practice of physical therapy.

Students who enter the professional program without a bachelor’s degree must complete the Essential Studies Requirements of the University of North Dakota. The courses and credits listed below indicate the core prerequisites all applicants must complete prior to admission to the physical therapy program.

Students may take additional electives from any field of study; however, the depth of the pre-physical therapy education should demonstrate that students have progressed from simple to complex studies in at least one content area. This requirement might typically be demonstrated by a discipline major, but in any case should demonstrate a basic comprehensiveness and integrity of study within a particular content area. This does not suggest that a separate undergraduate degree must be awarded; however, the breadth and depth in a discipline should be demonstrated. Course credits equivalent to an already recognized minor OR 20 credits of a cognate (credits in a particular discipline) with at least eight (8) of those cognate credits from upper level courses, i.e. 300 and/or 400 numbers, could accomplish this requirement.

Prospective students should review the UND PT Technical Standards to make sure they meet the requirements of the professional program. It is strongly recommended students are computer literate prior to entering the professional program.

Pre-Physical Therapy Curriculum at UND

Prospective students need 90 credits, including the following requirements:

  • English 110 College Composition I (3 cr.)*
  • English 130 Composition II: Writing for Public Audiences (3 cr.)*
  • Fine Arts and Humanities (9 cr.)*
  • Biol 150, 150L, 151, 151L. Introduction to Biology (8 cr.)
  • Chem 121, 121L, 122, 122L. General Chemistry I, II (8 cr.)
  • Social Science (3 cr.)*
  • Psy 111. Introduction to Psychology (3 cr.)
  • Phys 161, 162. Introduction to College Physics (8 cr.)
  • Anat 204. Anatomy for Paramedical Personnel (3 cr.)
  • Phy 301. Mechanics of Human Physiology (4 cr.)
  • Comm 110. Fundamentals of Public Speaking (3 cr.)*
  • Psy 250. Developmental Psychology (4 cr.)
  • Psy 270. Abnormal Psychology (3 cr.)
  • Statistics (3 cr.)
  • PT 101. Orientation to Physical Therapy (1 cr.) (recommended)
  • Electives (must have at least 20 credits in one discipline)

*Courses should contribute to completion of Essential Studies Requirements .

Pre-Physical Therapy Curriculum for Non-UND Students

Prospective students need 90 credits, including the following requirements:

  • Two semesters of General Biology (8 cr.)
  • Two semesters of General Chemistry (8 cr.)
  • Two semesters of General Physics (8 cr.)
  • One semester of Human Anatomy (3 cr.)
  • One semester of Human Physiology (3 to 4 cr.)
  • One semester of Introductory Psychology (3 cr.)
  • One semester of Developmental Psychology (3 to 4 cr.)
  • One semester of Abnormal Psychology (3 cr.)
  • One semester of a Public Speaking course (3 cr.)
  • Two semesters of English Composition (6 cr.)
  • One semester of undergraduate statistics (3 cr.)
  • UND Essential Studies requirements
  • Electives (must have at least 20 credits in one discipline, with 8 credits of 300 and 400 level courses)

NOTE: All of these courses must be completed or in process when a student makes application to the professional program.

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