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The Lazy Seller: 15 Minutes a Day to Run an Amazon Business

Think of an entrepreneur, and it’s likely your image will be of someone who is extremely busy: taking calls, responding to emails, and dealing with dozens of problems that come up every day. It’s a manic life, or so we’re led to believe.

One entrepreneur who takes a more relaxed approach, but still manages to be extremely successful, is private label Amazon seller Adam Hudson.

In this interview, Adam talks about how he built a business with annual sales of one million dollars and a really high profit margin. He puts about 15 minutes a day into the business. This is how private labeling is supposed to work, but very rarely does.

Adam also bucks the private label trend for low cost, low quality products. He doesn’t try to screw his Chinese suppliers on price either. In fact, when he receives a quote, he asks them to charge him 20% more. Why would anyone do that? Read on to find out.

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Our Top Ten Alternative Marketplaces in Europe from Allegro to Zalando

This post is by Craig Agutter, EMEA Ecommerce Manager at international currency transfer provider World First .

Online sellers know that marketplaces are a good bet for selling internationally, offering a safe and easy way to reach customers abroad.

But there s no reason to limit yourself to eBay and Amazon. Europe is full of diverse online marketplaces with large and loyal customer bases.

So in this post, I ve outlined my top ten alternative marketplaces to consider when trying to sell across Europe.

Loans for Amazon and eBay Sellers: Your Questions Answered

This post is by Radoslav Albrecht, the founder and CEO ofBitbond. Based in Berlin, Bitbond is a peer-to-peer lending platform that specializes in providing loans to online sellers and small businesses. The platform uses bitcoin as a payment network and is therefore available to everyone who has access to the internet. Previous to starting Bitbond, Radoslav was advising banks at Roland Berger Strategy Consultants and has worked for Deutsche Bank in London.

As a seller on eBay and Amazon you’ve doubtlessly thought about driving the growth of your online business. Whether its financing new inventory, hiring new staff, or keeping up with increasing demand, growing your business can be an expensive endeavor.

At Bitbond, we’ve helped finance 1,400 loans worth more than €740,000 to small businesses and online sellers. We operate globally, and often receive questions from international online sellers unsure whether a loan is the right choice for them. Our community is over 40,000 strong, but we recognize that many eBay and Amazon sellers still have doubts about growing their business with external financing.

Below, I have given detailed answers to the most commonly asked questions. We will cover all important aspects of financing for online sellers located in the US and abroad. With the information in this post, you will be able to decide if external financing is right for you, and what your next step should be.

7 Challenges Selling Health, Beauty and Nutritional Products on Amazon

This post is by Michael Butcher, a Senior Account Manager atSellerEngine. His career in ecommerce dates back to 2001, taking in both online retailers and digital marketing agencies. Michael has been with SellerEngine since 2011, and has helped dozens of health and beauty sellers grow their revenues on Amazon, while avoiding the many pitfalls of selling in this challenging category.

The health and beauty market is a huge force in retail, both online and off. It incorporates a wide range of products including health and personal care, nutritional supplements, medicines and creams, as well as beauty and cosmetics. Sales are high. In the US, health and beauty accounts for $300bn a year in sales, beaten only by groceries.

Amazon is the dominant online retailer for health and beauty products, as it is for many categories. I’ve seen a huge influx of sellers going into health and beauty on the Amazon marketplace, particularly in the last three years.

Its popularity among sellers is somewhat surprising, because health and beauty is one of the most challenging categories to sell in. These are products that go on or in the body, so safety and quality are of paramount importance. Brand names drive a lot of buying decisions, so counterfeiting is a big issue. And many items are liquids or creams, and contain organic ingredients, so they are fragile and can go bad if left in storage too long.

In this post, I’ll look in detail at the health and beauty market on Amazon, particularly the challenges that are unique to this category. I’ll cover what those challenges are, why they matter, and how you can overcome them to become a successful health and beauty seller on the Amazon marketplace.

Multiple Amazon Accounts: What’s Happening and What You Should Do

This post is by Chris McCabe, a former Amazonian and founder of ecommerceChris.com. For Amazon sellers, having their merchant account suspended means losing time and money trying to get back in business. ecommerceChris shows sellers how to keep their accounts healthy, or, if the worst should happen, how to get their account back from a suspension.

If your household only has one account, total, then this won’t apply to you.

Do you have anything to declare?

This is what travelers are asked whenever they pass through Customs at airports around the world. Amazon is asking you this too, if you have more than one account. Which one is it? What’s the email associated with it, so we can have a look and decide if you need it?

If you don’t declare items to customs and they find them later, you pay more, right? The same principle applies here. If Amazon sends this message now they’re doing more than looking for a confession. They’re sending a warning shot prior to taking more aggressive actions, if past policy matters are any guide.

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How to Become an Online Retailer

  • An idea
  • Appropriate merchandise
  • Vendors
  • PPC campaigns
  • Search engine optimization
  • Internet access
  • And a ready-made store

Step 1 Check out your idea Decide what type of store you want. Toss around your idea with others to make sure it is viable.

Step 2 Sell appropriate merchandise Plan to carry merchandise you have some experience with but be open to what you will offer. If you sell only products you like, your business may be too limited to be sustainable.

Step 3 Find vendors Establish good relationships with vendors. Plan not to carry any inventory at first. When you get an order, send it to the manufacturer and have them send it directly to the customer.

Step 4 Learn about PPC campaigns Read up on pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns before you start your store. PPC allows you to start bringing in instant traffic. Use search engine optimization techniques to ensure your business pops up in search engine results.

In a PPC campaign, you only pay for qualifying clicks to the destination site based on a prearranged per-click rate.

Step 5 Try out PPC Try out a pay-per-click campaign to assess market demand and advertising competition. Run the campaign for a week, testing various ads at different times of day.

Step 6 Start your store Build your site or hire somebody to do it for you. But be aware that hiring a web developer to build your store can be expensive. As an alternative, consider purchasing a ready-made store. That way you ll be up and running before you know it.

In 2009, online sales on Cyber Monday, which is the Monday after Thanksgiving, totaled $887 million.

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How Retail s Best has helped businesses grow through a unique type of event

Retail’s Best organises the perfect environment for a handful of non-competing businesses (the partners) in order to get to know potentially new customers better, understand their requirements, make a great impression, achieve improved relations and generate warm leads by inviting people to this attractive event. In our experience, the best use of this format is achieved when a partner invites and combines a handful of existing customers in order to share their positive experiences regarding how the partner’s product or service can make a positive difference to their business. The results are measurable and the direct impact on the partner’s sales can be impressive.

In addition, one is also guaranteed to meet a large number of potentially important new customers attending the event with the added knowledge that your sector is exclusively represented by your business .

Our intimate ‘Smart Exhibition’ segment also remains extremely popular within the industries we operate. It is perfectly timed during the event to provide a great platform for Retail’s Best partners and for the event exhibitors to demonstrate their products and services in person, meet with prospective and existing customers, and to maximise the creation of new business leads.

Take a look at how Retail s Best can work for you

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reTails is an organization devoted to ending the death of pets in shelters. We don’t operate a shelter. All of our adoptable pets are housed in foster homes until adopted.

If you are interested in having reTails help rehome a pet, please help us by providing as much of the information below as possible. Since our adoptable pets are kept in foster homes, our ability to accept pets depends on a number of factors, including the size/breed of a pet, how well it gets along with other pets or children, and it’s spay/neuter and medical status.

Even if we don’t have a foster home available to accept the pet, we can still provide free courtesy postings on our Petfinder listing and our Facebook page, and may have other resources available for helping.

PLEASE NOTE that we do not have any ability to provide temporary foster care for owned animals. Only animals that need to be placed in NEW HOMES are eligible for our services. If you need temporary housing for pets, please contact a boarding facility.

If you have a picture (4MB or less, please), please upload it with this form. Uploading pictures is very much encouraged!

Please remember that we are a small organization that doesn’t receive government funding and every pet we rehome requires valuable resources and volunteer effort. We may not be able to assist when there are incomplete forms, forms lacking full name and contact information. or requests for rehoming with only a couple days notice .

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It was one of our most compelling and heartwarming stories — a dog missing from his owner for 5 years was returned thanks to an implanted microchip 10 days before Christmas. The video had over 90,000 views on YouTube and touched viewers around the planet!

So what happened after they left? We got a visit from Mike and Bandit at our adoption center and Mike updated us. He spent a lot of time getting mats groomed out of Bandit’s underside when they got home and shortly after coming home, Bandit went to the vet where he got a thorough examination, catch-up on his vaccinations and his senior blood panel. The little guy has a clean bill of health!

Mike is recovery from back surgery for several ruptured discs and still undergoing physical therapy. Although he is restricted to lifting no more than 10 lbs. he assured us that he checked and Bandit weighs in at 9.5 lbs. He admits that the injury and the time off have been a blessing in disguise as it has given him much more time to be with Bandit and try to make up for lost time!

He confided that he really didn’t want all the attention and media interviews, being a pretty private guy. But he touched thousands with his story, never giving up holding out hope for Bandit’s return. He also was the perfect example of the value of microchips for pet identification.

To this day, Mike is still moved when he recounts that evening when he received the call about Bandit and still gets teary-eyed. Bandit, on the other hand, is just happy as long as he’s with his dad!

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RSI Executive Search Firm Industries
Retail Apparel Executive Search

The RSI Executive Search Firm has expertise in the Retail Apparel Executive Search Industry and with 50 locations we can help our Employers Candidates get started with their Retail Apparel Executive Job Search across the globe. When a Need Arises. We React!


Welcome to Reaction Search International we are here to help you with all of your retail employment needs between our work ethic and our energetic and highly dedicated executive search consultants. We can guarantee your business and successful candidate placement. Our retail executive search recruiters attract retail professionals in capacities of the following retail positions;

Senior Vice President


Our retail executive search firm makes a point to thoroughly evaluate and recruit the top retail professionals. The professionals we provide you with will be able to provide instantaneous results and improve your company in no time! Rest assured that when you choose RSI you are choosing quality.


Reaction Search International maintains a nationwide network for our recruiting purposes. In every major city across the United States our retail executive recruiters are waiting to assist you with your staffing concerns and needs. Our recruiters are retail savvy and know the “ in ands outs” of the business which helps them find the premium applicants for your position. Our retail services extend to the following areas;

Logistics and Distribution

Research and Development

When you work in retail you should have a rudimentary knowledge of business, sales, marketing and customer service. Along with these qualities a candidate should be the following;

A retail associate needs to remain professional at all times. If an angry customer is raining down insults, they need to maintain their composure. As the old adage says, “the customer is always right.”

Retail associates work a wide variety of hours. There needs to be coverage for every hour that the store is open, so that can mean a different schedule every week. In order to make it in the retail industry, candidates need to be reliable and open to work a variety of shifts

In the retail industry the best associates are those who have some sales experience. However your background in sales does not have to be in retail.

Although it is important to sell the products in your inventory that cannot be the only motivation. you must be honest with your clients otherwise you will lose clientele and earn your store a poor reputation.

Your retail associate should be pleasant, greet everyone with a smile and try to bring levity to a situation. They need to be someone that people feel comfortable talking to, and that gives an air of confidence that will make what they say believable to customers.

Though these traits are the traits needed to succeed as a retail sales associate, they are the stepping stones becoming a great retail company CEO or Manager or whatever other executive level professional you need. If a candidate cannot make it as a retail sales associate, then they are likely not right for your company.


RSI’s Retail Executive Search Firm team specializes in specific careers. By determining which career path a candidate wants to take, and whether or not they have what it takes to succeed in such a career, RSI can successfully wrap up the search for your new Retail professional.

RSI Retail Apparel Executive Search Locations

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You will get an email and SMS with the tracking details as soon as the product is shipped. You can also track your order by logging into you Craftsvilla account.

We deliver to over 100 countries globally including USA, UK, Australia and Canada

We have a 100% Buyer protection policy wherein you can return the product for any reason whatsoever. You can ship it back to us within 7 days and get a full refund

Just email us your complaint with order number within 7 days of receipt of the product. You can also login to your account and raise a dispute from there. We will pickup up the product from your doorstep if the pincode is serviceable. In case we can’t pickup, our team will reply to you with an email, containing instructions and return shipping address to which you need to send back the product within 10 days.

If you wish, we can offer you a redeemable voucher worth the refund amount for future purchases. Else we can also refund the entire amount back to your bank account without any deductions along with Rs. 100 for return shipping.

Cash on Delivery

Net Banking, Debit cards/ Credit Cards (Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Diners Club cards accepted)

International Credit Cards

Immediately after you make a purchase, an invoice with your payment details and a unique payment ID will be sent to you. In case of any issues, our customer care would be happy to help you.

You pay through our secured Payment Gateway and all data is transferred through high level encryption technology. We guarantee your payments are 100% safe with us and the details are never shared with anyone during the payment process.

Craftsvilla — your destination for all things ethnic

Craftsvilla celebrates everything ethnic and is designed to capture the essence of India by connecting local artisans and designers directly to global customers. We believe in catering to the diverse preferences of our customers and ensuring a great online shopping experience. Craftsvilla.com helps customers discover and buy products that are not easily available to them today. We, at Craftsvilla — the largest online ethnic store. take pride in our roots. So, if you are looking for anything Indian that is top quality, yet affordable, Craftsvilla.com is the best online marketplace for you to shop from. We cater to the masses with an enviable collection of ethnic products including Sarees . Lehengas . Salwar Suits . Men’s Kurtas . Kurtis . Jewellery and Accessories .

If your heart beats for the timeless saree, you can feast on our rich collection of Designer Sarees . Kanchivaram Sarees . Wedding Sarees and Bollywood Sarees . We also boast of an exquisite collection of Lehengas including Designer and Bridal Lehengas. Those who are comfortable with salwar suits need not lose heart. Craftsvilla.com lets you choose from a treasure trove of elegant Anarkali Suits . trendy Palazzo Suits and stylish Straight Suits. Since we believe in fashion inspired by ethnic style, we also boast of a wide collection of Men’s Kurtas. Party Dresses . Gowns. etc.

To complete your look, choose from our to-die-for-collection of stylish accessories. We also bring to you an assortment of fashionable ethnic jewellery online from a collection of traditional and contemporary Earrings . Necklaces . Mangalsutras and more. Your look is never complete without that perfect bag that carries all your essentials. You can pick up whatever suits your needs from our impressive collection of Clutches . Designer Bags. Pouches and Eco-Friendly Bags. A good shoe goes a long way and our range of Men’s and Women’s footwear brings you closer to finding that perfect fit. Craftsvilla.com not only caters to your fashion needs, but offers a complete online shopping experience with its range of Kitchen Accessories and Home Décor . We also bring you closer to nature with our range of organic Body and Hair Care products.

Staying true to our commitment of taking Indian ethnic fashion to every corner of the world, we have launched the Craftsvilla shopping app for those who love to shop on the go! Craftsvilla.com is not just about a memorable shopping experience, it also offers customer-friendly services so that you can enjoy the best deals and awesome discounts on all products. Customer satisfaction is something we swear by and that is why we offer free shipping and CoD facilities on most of our products. We also ensure 100% security on payment gateways. We make online shopping a dream with multiple payment options, timely delivery and a prompt customer care service. We also offer reverse pick-up services and easy refund policies. So, hangout on Craftsvilla.com, your one-stop destination for ethnic shopping in India.

Top 50 E-Commerce Sites Ranked by Checkout Usability – Baymard Institute #retail #agency

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Top 50 E-Commerce Checkouts

A usability benchmark of 50 e-commerce sites ranked by checkout usability performance

  • This benchmark database is based on usability reviews of 6,000+ checkout elements on 50 sites across 18 themes.
  • Each site s overall checkout usability is reflected in the list below while the scatterplot shows site score distributions within the 18 themes.
  • Click on a site in the graph or the list to see its full checkout process and performance.
  • Tip: you can also navigate by checkout step type.
  • Former benchmark years: 2012

B H Photo #1

Usability Score: 754

Pay special attention to their:

Field Design Features

Payment Flow Methods (Incl. 3rd-Party)