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1. (also adverb ) buying and selling goods on a large scale, usually from a manufacturer and to a retailer. a wholesale business; He buys the materials wholesale. grootmaat بَيْع بالجُمْلَه продажба на едро venda por atacado ve velkém der Großhandel en gros-; en gros χονδρικός. χονδρικά al por mayor hulgi- عمده فروشى tukku- en/de gros מְכִירָה כְּלָלִית थोक veleprodaja nagykereskedelmi secara borongan heildsala all’ingrosso 卸売の 도매의 didmeninis; urmu vairumtirdzniecības- borong in het groot en gros hurtowy په غونډ ډول خر څول (خر څېدل: غونډ پلورنه (عمده فروشي،: غونډپلورنه (عمده فروشي،: غونډ خرڅونى: پراخ، عام venda por atacado (vânzare) en gros оптовыи; оптом veľkoobchodný, masový; vo veľkom na debelo trgovina na veliko grossist-, parti- ซึ่งขายส่ง toptan 批發的(地) оптовий تھوک خرید و فروخت bán sỉ 批发的

2. on a large scale. the wholesale slaughter of innocent people. op groot skaal مَذْبَحَة جَماعِيَّه، مَذْبَحَه بالجُمْلَه на едро indiscriminado hromadný Massen masse- ευρύτατος, χωρίς διακρίσεις en masa. indiscriminado massiline بطور يکجا joukko- systématique בִּקנֶה מִידָה גָדוֹל बड़े पैमाने पर sveopći általános besar-besaran fjölda-, heildar-, allsherjar- (in massa) 大規模な 대규모로 masiškas, didelio masto slaktiņš besar-besaran op grote schaal masse-. i stor stil masowy په غونډ ډول indiscriminado pe scară largă массовый masový masovno masovan utan åtskillnad, mass- ซึ่งขายส่ง büyük çapta 大規模的 масовий; у великих розмірах بڑے پیمانے پر trên quy mô lớn 大批的

a person who buys and sells goods wholesale. grootmaathandelaar تاجِر بالجُمْلَه търговец на едро atacadista velkoobchodník der/die Großhändler(in) grossist χονδρέμπορος mayorista hulgikaupmees عمده فروش tukkukauppias grossiste סיטונאי थोक विक्रेता veletrgovac nagykereskedő pedagang borongan heildsali grossista 卸売業者 도매상 didmenininkas, urmininkas vairumtirgotājs pemborong groothandelaar grossist hurtownik عمده فروش atacadista angrosist оптовик veľkoobchodník grosist trgovac na veliko grosshandlare, grossist พ่อค้าขายส่ง toptancı 批發商 оптовик تھوک فروش شخص người bán sỉ 批发商


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References in classic literature ?

The dry-goods stores were not down among the counting-houses, banks, and wholesale warerooms, where gentlemen most do congregate, but Jo found herself in that part of the city before she did a single errand, loitering along as if waiting for someone, examining engineering instruments in one window and samples of wool in another, with most unfeminine interest, tumbling over barrels, being half-smothered by descending bales, and hustled unceremoniously by busy men who looked as if they wondered `how the deuce she got there’.

The landlord was interrupted by one of the guests, a tall, grey-mustached man who worked for a wholesale grocery house.

He met some neighbors with whom Elzbieta had made friends in her neighborhood, and he set out to make Socialists of them by wholesale. and several times he all but got into a fight.

Tell them of cruel scourgings, of mutilations and brandings, of scenes of pollution and blood, of the banishment of all light and knowl- edge, and they affect to be greatly indignant at such enormous exaggerations, such wholesale misstate- ments, such abominable libels on the character of the southern planters

Here is a fellow, who, infected by the most pestilent and blasphemous code of devilry that ever was known, abandoned his property to the vilest scum of the earth that ever did murder by wholesale. and you ask me why I am sorry that a man who instructs youth knows him?

Here’s a gen’lm’n behind me, I’ll pound it,’ said William, ‘as has bred ’em by wholesale .

I was greatly dejected and distressed, but in an incoherent wholesale sort of way.

His earnings in his native town, where he worked for a wholesale dealer, had been after a lower rate; he had been paid weekly, and of his weekly earnings a large proportion had gone to objects of piety and charity.

After reflecting upon the matter for some time he decided to lay it out on glasses, bottles, and things of that sort, which he would buy from a wholesale merchant.

He consoled himself as best he could in the society of a dozen rich families, former manufacturers of the old point d’Alencon, owners of pastures and cattle, or merchants doing a wholesale business in linen, among whom, as he hoped, he might find a wealthy wife.

Well, sir, every day, ay, and twice and thrice in the same day, there have been orders and complaints, and I have been sent flying to all the wholesale chemists in town.

For one hour this wholesale massacre continued, from which the cachalots could not escape.

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Multichannel Marketing

Multichannel marketing refers to the practice of interacting with customers using a combination of indirect and direct communication channels – websites, retail stores, mail order catalogs, direct mail, email, mobile, etc. – and enabling customers to take action in response – preferably to buy your product or service – using the channel of their choice. In the most simplistic terms, multichannel marketing is all about choice.

The importance of multichannel marketing

Multichannel marketing is important for the simple reason that you must be where your customers are. And they are everywhere. If you need another reason, consider this: Multichannel customers spend three to four times more than single-channel customers do.

There’s no doubt that customers today have much more control over the buying process than marketers do. Thanks to the proliferation of available channels, customers have more choices than ever when it comes to how they want to get information.

Today there are more ways to reach customers – both in terms of number and variety of channels – than we could have imagined not so long ago. And as the number of channels continues to rise – and it will – the need to embrace multichannel marketing will become not only a good idea, but a critical one.


  • Targeted messaging. Thanks to the plethora of channels and choices facing customers, delivering the right message to the right audience isn’t enough. Not only must your customers receive your message, but they also must be attentive, receptive and willing to act – regardless of the channel.
  • Highly choreographed campaigns. Expecting customers to change channel or device preferences is unrealistic. As a result, marketers must constantly develop and coordinate highly orchestrated touch points and micro-campaigns that span multiple channels fluidly, in a way that the customer finds meaningful and trustworthy.
  • Marketing response attribution. It is increasingly difficult to know which channels, campaigns or sequence of touch points contributed to qualified conversions and sales. Knowing what triggered each response would enable marketers to assess whether or not their marketing efforts were getting the best results.

Video. multichannel marketing – what it is and why it matters

So what does it take to do multichannel marketing right? Here are three keys to success:

  1. Create and maintain a single view of the customer across all channels.
  2. Establish a multichannel marketing platform.
  3. Create consistent customer experiences across all channels.

Create and maintain a single view of the customer

Having a single view of the customer is critical. That’s because today’s customers often interact with your brand in a variety of ways that involve more than one touch point. It is vital that you understand how your customers behave across all channels, at each and every touch point, and that you also understand each customer’s value to you.

To get that single customer view, it may help to establish a centralized marketing data mart that consolidates all customer data in one place regardless of source. When creating and maintaining a single view of the customer, keep these points in mind:

  • Having a lot of customer data is not the same as having a single view of the customer. It’s not just the data itself that is important; it’s what you do with it.
  • Your customer view must evolve. Customers change. Businesses change. Your customer view must change along with them. That means bringing in new data, refreshing old data, building new models, updating old ones, etc.

Establish a multichannel marketing platform

You may have heard the saying, If all you have is a hammer, everything looks like a nail. The concept certainly applies to marketing, and that’s why it’s so important to establish a multichannel marketing platform. And by multichannel marketing platform, we mean one that includes processes and technology to support:

  • Campaign management. including capabilities for segmentation, workflow creation and campaign execution.
  • Advanced analytics. including predictive analytics and campaign optimization.
  • Advanced execution. including capabilities for content management, event triggering, real-time decision making and next-best-offer management for both inbound and outbound marketing programs.
  • Response attribution. including the ability to perform marketing mix optimization, scenario planning and marketing attribution analysis.
  • Digital marketing. including capabilities that expand marketing beyond traditional channels to newer channels, including the Web, email, mobile, video, etc.

By establishing a multichannel marketing platform, you will be able to integrate traditional and emerging channels. You will also greatly simplify the creation and execution of cross-channel campaigns by enabling marketers to create, in essence, a single campaign that can be replicated across various channels. And all this puts the holy grail of marketing within your grasp – reaching the right person with the right offer through the right channel at the right time, while reducing costs and improving the effectiveness and performance of your marketing efforts.

Create consistent customer experiences across all channels

Customer experience is one of the most powerful competitive differentiators. And while the quality of the customer experience is important, consistency is equally important. That’s because your customers experience your brand as a whole, whether their interactions with you are online, in a store, over the phone, or some combination of these. What value is there in a positive online experience if a customer’s in-store experience is negative? If you treat each channel as a distinct entity, you run the risk of turning customers against you if you fail to deliver consistency.

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Top Sources of Retail Shrinkage

Updated May 09, 2016

In the retail world, shrinkage, or shrink, is the term used to describe a reduction in inventory due to shoplifting. employee theft. paperwork errors or supplier fraud.

The common misperception is that retailers absorb shrinkage as part of the cost of doing business. While retailers have to factor loss into their bottom lines, it s a costly problem for all. The average shrink percentage in the retail industry is about 2 percent of sales. While that may not sound like a lot, consider that shrinkage cost retailers more than $44 billion in losses in 2014, according to the National Retail Security Survey on retail theft.

There are four major sources of inventory shrinkage in retail: Employee theft. shoplifting. paperwork errors and supplier fraud. And there s also a fifth category of shrinkage. which encompasses all the unknown reasons for loss.

According to the National Retail Security Survey, the number one source of shrinkage for a retail business is shoplifting. Customer theft occurs through concealment, altering or swapping price tags, or transfer from one container to another. Shoplifting used to be the second-most common reason for inventory loss source,behind employee theft, but recently moved into the dubious number one spot.

Stealing by shoppers continues to cost retailers billions of dollars every year. In 2014, it accounted for 38 percent of retailers shrinkage. Security measures such as cameras and digitized tags that set off alarms, have helped reduce the losses, but this is still a tough area of theft for retailers to handle.

Coming in at a close second to shoplifting in the shrinkage department is internal or employee theft. This can happen when company workers steal or misappropriate funds or goods. Some of the types of employee theft include discount abuse, refund abuse and even credit card abuse.

Unfortunately, this is one loss prevention area that generally doesn t receive as much monitoring as customer theft, even though 34.5 percent of shrinkage in 2014 was due to employee theft. Checking employees personal bags and belongings before they exit the store is one way to combat theft, but searching and monitoring workers is not the best way to build morale. It s a difficult problem for retailers to deal with effectively.

Administrative and paperwork errors make up approximately 16 percent of shrinkage. Simple pricing mistakes due to markups or markdowns can cost retailers quite a bit, so it s crucial to have good protections in place, and use simple, easy-to-understand accounting systems and programs.

The smallest percentage of shrink is vendor fraud, which is responsible for about 7 percent of shrinkage. Retailers report vendor fraud occurs most when outside vendors come into a store to stock inventory. Whether it s failing to provide as many units as invoiced, or stealing of other products, vendor fraud can cut into a retailer s bottom line.

The smallest and perhaps most frustrating segment of retail shrinkage are chalked up to unknown causes, according to the National Retail Security Survey. Roughly 6 percent of all losses are not able to be accounted for under any of the other categories.

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Loss Prevention LP Resource Center

The last several years have ushered in a seismic, technology led transformation in retail industries. Retail leaders are using technology to reimagine the traditional concept of the storefront as just one aspect of the omni-channel customer experience. As retail and CPG IT needs have changed, so have supporting technologies led by mobility, cloud, analytics, and cybersecurity.

Innovative Retail Technologies sat down with Jim Poteet, executive VP, sales and marketing at FireKing Security Group about the evolution of cash management and how it directly impacts the retailer s bottom line. Poteet provides specific and actionable insight that retailers concerned with cash management won t want to miss.

Innovative Retail Technologies caught up with Douglas Wong, vertical software applications product manager at March Networks, a global provider of intelligent IP video solutions, to identify the key considerations when using video for operations auditing purposes.


Loss prevention solutions for retailers include alarm monitoring, cash management, data security, EAS and RFID solutions, exception reporting, video analytics, and video surveillance. Alarm monitoring includes services and solutions that allow retailers to monitor and control different alarms that may be triggered by their security systems.

Cash management solutions encompass all available technologies that allow retailers to better manage cash in their stores including bill counters, safes, cash drawers, deposit solutions, and more. Data security solutions are systems designed to prevent unauthorized access to data retailers transmit both internally and externally.

EAS and RFID solutions include RFID tags, RFID readers, automated solutions, and more. Exception reporting solutions encompasses solutions that select and highlight events or objects that are different from what is expected or critical.

Video Analytics solutions provide automated and manual analysis of video streams to detect and prevent unwanted behavior in retail environments. This can include abnormal employee activates, theft, unauthorized access, and more. Video analytics can also be used to analyze customer movements and actions inside a store to better control traffic flow and determine store layouts. Video surveillance is an integral part of video analytics and consists of the physical cameras and control systems required to capture video in a retail environment. Solutions include CCTV cameras, IP / network cameras, DVRs, data storage systems, camera control software, servers, and more.

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Top 50 online retailers in the UK: Argos reclaims second place from Apple

Argos is the second most visited online retailer in the UK behind Amazon, reclaiming second place from Apple, according to new data. The research, from Experian Hitwise and IMRG, indicates that Electronics retailers Currys (ranked 15), Comet (30), and PC World (38) all rose up the Hot Shops list this quarter.

Currys and PC World were also ahead year-on-year, up two and three places respectively on February 2011.

This quarter’s five fastest movers in the Hot Shops list were all travel brands. First Choice (up 37 places), Thomas Cook (+23), TravelRepublic.co.uk (+20), Thomson (+15) and Expedia (+12) all climbed in the rankings. Outside of the travel industry the fastest movers were LoveFilm.com (+10), Currys (+6), IKEA (+6) and PC World (+6).

Travel’s winter peak in January saw eleven travel brands rise in the rankings within the top 50. Premier Inn broke into the top 50 for the first time this quarter, and TravelRepublic.co.uk climbed 20 places on November to come back into the top 50.

As expected, this was a strong quarter for travel brands with the five fastest movers of the last three months all coming from this sector. Much like last year, it was the multi-channel travel agencies First Choice, Thomas Cook and Thomson that were the fastest-growing travel sites, although the airlines easyJet, Ryanair and British Airways all rose in the rankings too. By this measure First Choice’s decision last year to switch to purely all- inclusive holidays seems to have paid off, as the travel agency was ranked four places higher this year than in February 2011.

Post-Christmas shopping this year produced the biggest ever day of online shopping, with 96 million UK internet visits going to retail websites on Boxing Day 2011. In January it was the electronics providers and home improvements retailers that saw big increases in online traffic as consumers sought out big ticket items such as TVs, laptops, sofas, wardrobes and bathrooms. Currys, IKEA and PC World all jumped six places in the Hot Shops list since last
quarter, while Homebase and Comet were also among this quarter’s rising websites.

Online-only brands also had a strong quarter. Four of the top 10 in the Hot Shops list this quarter are online-only, including fashion retailer ASOS which climbed two places to 10th position. ASOS was also one of four fashion brands including Next, New Look and Very.co.uk that improved on its position year-on-year. Video rental and streaming site LoveFilm.com climbed 10 places to 18th in the list.

James Murray, Marketing Research Analyst at Experian Hitwise commented: “Travel has done well this quarter despite some really challenging market conditions. In early December many of Europe’s ski resorts were struggling with a lack of snow and things were looking pretty bleak, but massive snowfall in mid-December restored confidence and this together with people planning spring and summer breaks has seen the market bounce back well.

“As we predicted, 2011 was another record-breaking year for online retail with 343 million hours spent shopping online in December. As with Christmas 2010 there is still a gap between multi-channel retailers and online-only retailers. For the last three years multi- channel retailers like Next, Argos and John Lewis have consistently received more traffic than the online-only specialists like Amazon and Play.com. However, some online-only brands are starting to level the playing field, as witnessed by the rise of ASOS, LoveFilm.com and the specialist travel brands in the rankings.”

Tina Spooner, Chief Information Officer at IMRG, commented: “These figures are consistent with what we’re seeing from the IMRG Capgemini Index, where sales in January for the travel sector were up 16% year-on-year, following what was a challenging year in 2011 for the online travel industry. The story is similar for the electronics retailers as well, where growth levels remained below average for the e-retail sector throughout 2011 but returned to fairly steady double-digit growth toward the end of the year.

“The November Hot Shops list coincided with the launch of the iPhone 4S and the passing
of Steve Jobs, which resulted in surges of traffic to displace Argos from second place for the first time. However, Argos has now climbed back to its familiar position, which is unsurprising for a retailer that now makes 40% of its sales online.”

The IMRG-Experian Hitwise Hot Shops List of the top 50 UK e-retailers* is the key indicator of online merchant performance. The List is published quarterly and tracks popularity, as indicated by visits, of those selling goods and services within the IMRG Capgemini Index Classification. This List is based on January 2012 data. The IMRG-Experian Hitwise Hot Shops List excludes eBay and price comparison / aggregator websites such as Kelkoo and Froogle.

** IMRG Capgemini Index Classification: Beer / wine / spirits; Books; CDs / tapes / records; Clothing / footwear / accessories; Computer hardware / peripherals / consumables; Consumer electronics; Digital downloads (e.g. music, software); Flowers; Food, beverages and household supplies; Furniture; Garden / DIY; Health and beauty; Home appliances (e.g. washing machines); Household goods (e.g. kitchenware, bedding); Jewellery / watches; Software; Sporting goods; Tickets (e.g. cinema, theatre, events); Toys; Travel (e.g. flights, holidays, hotels, car hire); Video games; Videos / DVDs

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Retail NZ

NZ Retail Magazine

As the official magazine of Retail NZ, NZRetail Magazine is dedicated to providing retail business news, trends and developments to its readers in a clear and comprehensive manner. Both large and small retail business owners and managers consider NZRetail compelling and useful. In a media environment that’s more and more cluttered with messages across a wide range of channels, this multi-award-winning title is delivered right into the hands of New Zealand’s retail decision makers.

As a Retail NZ member, your subscription to the Magazine (RRP $71.40 per annum) is FREE. If you’re not a Retail NZ member and you’d like to subscribe to the Magazine, please click “subscribe now” and you’ll be taken to the Tangible Media website.

Associate members are entitled to a 15% discount off standard advertising rates. For more information download the Media Kit here.

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Alan Morris refutes the common perception that ‘Multichannel’ is an entirely new phenomenon and discusses the opportunities and challenges this avenue presents to retailers.

Of late, multichannel retail has been discussed in a way that suggests it is something of a new phenomenon. This is largely due to the advent of online stores and mobile technology. Certainly, E-commerce and M-commerce are the latest additions to the multichannel mix and are fresh and interesting avenues for retailers to explore. However, the concept of multichannel existed long before the first online shopping basket or mobile app were twinkles in an excited developer’s eye. The simple way of defining a multichannel retailer is that they sell to the public via more than one distribution channel – through mail order catalogues, bricks and mortar stores, online, and via mobile technology; the latter two being the most recent, and currently fastest growing channels.

Another common misconception surrounding multichannel is that retail always starts with a bricks and mortar presence, but again that’s not true. If you look back at the history of Sears in the United States, who have long been established as a retail giant, they opened their first store in 1925 to complement their catalogue channel, which they launched in 1886.

The key benefit for retailers of being multichannel is that it gives them more opportunities to get their product in front of customers whom they wouldn’t have been able to reach with a single channel. This allows them to increase revenues and profitability, which is fundamentally what being in business is all about. Customer loyalty is one of the biggest challenges in today’s retail market regardless of whether you’re a single or multichannel retailer, therefore the more opportunities you have to get customers engaged with your product, the bigger your advantage. Consumers are now bombarded with so many messages persuading them to buy that, if retailers dont take this seriously, theyre effectively conceding defeat to the opposition.

Integration is one of the primary challenges to multichannel retailers in the eternal battle for customer loyalty. When a customers makes contact with a retailer-whether it be online, via a mobile application, via a catalogue, or in store- it’s important that they are treated in the same way; and that the high level of service that a customer receives face-to-face is replicated via other channels. To provide that service, the retailer must have the right product in the right place at the right time. That may be an old retailing clich , but its absolutely critical. For example, there’s no point in having a fancy website that seemingly allows the customer to buy products if the items never turn up. That bad experience wouldn’t just put off the customer from visiting the website again, it would probably also deter them from shopping in the retailers stores on the high street, or using their catalogue. So whilst multichannel retailers are able to get to more customers, the chance of getting it wrong is also greater.

Furthermore, retailers must either fully invest in each new opportunity presented, or not enter that route to market at all. For example, if a retailer with two hundred high-street stores suddenly thinks that adding a website is going to increase sales, it may be right, but it will need someone to manage that web site just as it would need a shop manager to manage a ‘bricks and mortar’ store. A transactional website has got to be seen as an integrated part of the business, and the nuances of that part of the business have to be understood.

It is by no means my intention to deter anyone from considering multichannel retailing. In terms of whether it is the right approach for retailers, I think it certainly is. However it’s

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Overstock Coupons & Promo Codes 2016

Since launched by Patrick M. Byrne in 1999, online discount shopping has seen dramatic changes thanks to Overstock. Making the most out of a bad situation, Byrne sold the surplus and returned merchandise of failed dot-com businesses through this online e-commerce marketplace. In 2011, Overstock began to sell new merchandise, rebranding themselves as a valuable online shopping space. The now multi-billion dollar company provides online shoppers with just about anything they .

Overstock carries items for the furniture, home décor, area rugs, decorative mirrors, kitchen, dining, and patio supplies, housewares, tools, and as their name would promise, they sell liquidated items from other vendors. They carry thousands of name brand products and offer some of the lowest prices that can be found on high quality items and regular everyday needs. Shoppers who love a good deal can trust that Overstock has compared prices of everything sold on their site with those of other retailers, and they guarantee the most affordable merchandise deals.

Overstock has acquired several sister companies since they began selling retail. Here are their affiliates:

  1. Worldstock. Online retail site that offers products produced by artisans where 70% of the profits go directly into the pocket of the person who made the product.
  2. Farmer’s Market. Online food retailer specializing in gourmet style delights like jams, cheeses, and baked goods all straight from the farm.
  3. Overstock Pet Adoptions. An online information hub that connects people looking to adopt a pet to rescue the newest member of their family from a shelter.


In short, Overstock offers just about anything you could need at an affordable, low price. Here are their top sellers:

  1. Furniture. office chairs, desks, bed frames, entertainment centers, sofas, bookcases and more.
  2. Electronics. DVD’s/Blurays, laptops, digital cameras, printers and scanners, tablets and accessories .
  3. Jewelry & Watches. luxury brand watches and accessories, necklaces, rings, bracelets, earrings.
  4. Home Décor. rugs, decorative accessories, mirrors, frames, throw pillows, window treatments and more.
  5. Apparel. for men, women, and children. If you can wear it, they have it!


  1. COUNTDOWN TO BLACK FRIDAY – Overstock is already celebrating the biggest shopping day of the year for the entire month of November. They guarantee the best deals of the year and that they will beat all competitors’ prices.
  2. JEWELRY LIQUIDATION VAULT – New deals daily on all stones and carats. Includes diamonds, rubies, sapphires, gold, white gold, silver, and platinum.
  3. MATTRESS SALE – Up to 55% off and a guaranteed EXTRA 10% off all mattresses.


Go to the “checkout now” box in the upper right hand corner. Once you sign in, either by creating an account or as a guest, you’ll be brought to the page with your order form. Look very carefully below the “payment options”. You’ll see an icon for PayPal, RewardsPay and Credit Card options. Directly beneath is a box you need to check off that’s labeled “I want to use a promo code”. Check the box, apply the discount and checkout with extra money in your pocket! BangGood.com. HSN and ShoppersChoice.com also offers such discounts on plenty of items to save more on your every purchase.

For knowing more about your favorite retailers, social media is always the more preferred option. Check what Overstock has to offer. Overstock was founded by good old fashion principles. With thousands of products, better prices and great brand names.


  • For the Home
  • Furniture
  • Bed and Bath
  • Men, Women, Children’s Apparel
  • Jewelry and Watches
  • Electronics
  • Worldstock
  • Gifts
  1. Memory Foam Mattresses by Serta Deluxe, Comfort Dreams, and Slumber Solutions.
  2. Furniture by Upton Home, Furniture of America, Bombay Outlet, Casual Home, Lexington Modern, and Christopher Knight Living.
  3. Health and Beauty Products by Clinique, Estee Lauder, Lancome, Christian Dior.

Mobile Application

Access thousands of great deals each week by downloading Overstock’s mobile app to your phone or tablet. Easy user interface allows you to browse each category and see images and descriptions of the items you want. You can shop and pay through the app, read customer reviews and trust you’re getting the best price.


Overstock is the ideal place for gift giving and gift card purchases, as they offer recipient so many shopping options. eGift cards, regular gift cards, and corporate gift cards are offered in from $10 all the way up to $1,000.

Club O Rewards Program provides free shipping on all orders no matter what, VIP access to exclusive deals, and up to 40% off select items.


Orders over $50 receive free shipping, unless you’re a Club O member in which you’ll receive free shipping on any order you ever make! Shipments are made to all 48 congruent states and Alaska and Hawaii. Free shipping does not apply to Alaska and Hawaii. You can track your order online or expedite shipping for a higher cost. Overstock offers international shipping to over 180 countries for additional costs.


Overstock offers top-notch customer support for all of your shopping, payment, and other needs. Whether you have a question about merchandise, cost, payment options, membership services, or shipping you can rest assured the online and telephone support staff will help.


With over a million followers on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and more, it’s no wonder why Overstock is one of the most successful retail spaces on the Internet. Connect with other Overstock customers through consumer reviews on all social media sites. Below are some features of Overstock’s social media presence.


6350 South 3000 East
Salt Lake City
UT 84121
Phone Number: (801) 947-3100

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Gabler Wirtschaftslexikon


I. Begriff und Merkmale Die Marktsoziologie oder auch Soziologie der Märkte ist ein Teilgebiet der Soziologie, in der Märkte den zentralen Erklärungsgegenstand bilden. Märkte sind zentrale Institutionen und Ordnungsformen moderner Gesellschaften, über die die Zuweisung und Verteilung von Gütern und. mehr

von Robert Skok

Corporate Governance bezeichnet den rechtlichen und faktischen Ordnungsrahmen für die Leitung und Überwachung eines Unternehmens. Unvollständige Verträge und unterschiedliche Interessenlagen bieten den Stakeholdern prinzipiell Gelegenheiten wie auch Motive zu opportunistischem Verhalten. Regelungen zur Corporate Governance haben grundsätzlich die Aufgabe, durch. mehr

von Prof. Dr. Axel v. Werder

Multi Channel Retailing


mehrgleisiger Vertrieb, mehrgleisige Distribution, Mehrwegabsatz, hybride Verkaufssysteme, Mehrkanal-Vertrieb, mehrgleisiger Einzelhandel, Mehrkanalsystem im Einzelhandel. Der Kunde kann zwischen mehreren Kanälen wählen, z.B. stationärer Einzelhandel, Katalogversand, Onlineshop oder via TV, um Leistungen eines Anbieters nachzufragen. Soweit neben den stationären Geschäften ein elektronischer Absatzkanal eingeschaltet ist, spricht man auch von Click Mortar. Multi Channel Retailing liegt auch vor, wenn der Händler allein im stationären Bereich (oder in einem anderen Bereich) mehrere Vertriebslinien führt, z.B. die Tengelmann-Gruppe mit Plus, Kaiser’s, Tengelmann und kd. Die Kanäle können integriert sein: Der Kunde kann den Kaufprozess auf mehr als einen Kanal verteilen, z.B. Information im Onlineshop und Kauf im stationären Geschäft, was u.a. bei Conrad Electronic, Douglas, Karstadt, Lands’ End, Otto, Plus, Tchibo und Schlecker möglich ist. Oder die Kanäle werden völlig separat geführt: Der Kunde hat nicht die Möglichkeit, mehrere Kanäle einer Handelsunternehmung (z.B. Saturn und Media Markt) bei einem Kaufprozess in Anspruch zu nehmen. Probleme beim Multi Channel Retailing können entstehen, wenn in den einzelnen Vetriebswegen unterschiedliche Strategien (etwa Preisstrategien) eingeschlagen werden, der Kunde aber zwischen den einzelnen Kanälen wählen kann.

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Multi Channel Retailing

ist im Gabler Wirtschaftslexikon folgenden Sachgebieten zugeordnet:

Informationen zu den Sachgebieten

Die Versicherungswirtschaft ist zum einen ein Wirtschaftszweig von großer volkswirtschaftlicher Bedeutung und zum anderen eine spezielle Betriebwirtschaftslehre – auch Versicherungsbetriebslehre genannt. Als Wirtschaftszweig mit Dienstleistungscharakter ist die Versicherungswirtschaft mit Aufgaben der Schadensverhütung und -regulierung und der Sammlung von Kapital betraut.. mehr

Durch eine internationale Rechnungslegung und damit internationale Harmonisierung der Rechnungslegung soll eine Vergleichbarkeit bzw. Interpretierbarkeit der Jahresabschlüsse international agierender Unternehmen, die ansonsten nach länderspezifischen, unterschiedlichen Rechtsnormen erstellt sind, erreicht werden. Diese Harmonisierung ist seit 2001 Aufgabe des IASB, des privatrechtlichen. mehr

Die Wirtschaftsinformatik als Wissenschaft von der Konzeption, Entwicklung und Anwendung computergestützter Informations- und Kommunikationssysteme (IKS) nimmt eine interdisziplinäre Schnittstellenfunktion zwischen der Betriebswirtschaftslehre und der Informatik ein. Jedoch bietet die Wirtschaftsinformatik auch zusätzliche Funktionen/Ergebnisse wie etwa Methoden und Modelle, anhand derer. mehr

I. Kurzübersicht Die Volkswirtschaftliche Gesamtrechnung (VGR) erstellt ein quantitatives Gesamtbild des wirtschaftlichen Geschehens. Hierzu erarbeitet sie ein aus der Logik eines Kreislaufschemas hergeleitetes Rechenwerk, das – aus mehreren Teilrechnungen bestehend – eine umfassende und hinreichend gegliederte Darstellung aller geleisteten Wirtschaftstätigkeit anstrebt. II.. mehr

Schwerpunktbeitrag von Michael Horvath, Prof. Dr. Robert K. Frhr. von Weizsäcker

I. Neoklassisches Basismodell Annahmen: Marktform der vollkommenen Konkurrenz (Ausschluss von Marktmacht) mit folgenden wichtigen Implikationen: Homogenität und vollständige Substituierbarkeit aller Arbeitskräfte und Arbeitsplätze (Ausschluss von Diskriminierung); vollkommene Information aller Wirtschaftssubjekte (Markttransparenz); vollständige Mobilitätsfähigkeit und -bereitschaft aller Arbeitskräfte; vollständige Flexibilität der Löhne. mehr

Schwerpunktbeitrag von Privatdozent Dr. Fred Henneberger, Prof. Dr. Berndt Keller

I. Begriff und Bedeutung Der Begriff Krisenmanagement entstand im politischen Bereich, wobei dessen erstmalige Verwendung dort umstritten ist, mehrheitlich aber Kennedy im Zusammenhang mit der Kuba-Krise 1962 zugeschrieben wird. In der Betriebswirtschaftslehre findet der Begriff Krisenmanagement erst seit den 1970er-Jahren Verwendung, wenn. mehr

Schwerpunktbeitrag von Prof. Dr. Ulrich Krystek

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